Hey Hey Rise Up 2022

It was do doubt a big surprise to all to not only see a new single from David Gilmour but also that he chose to do so under the Pink Floyd banner. In this feature we’ll look at David Gilmour’s gear used on the new track Hey Hey Rise Up. 

Since Christmas 2021, David’s wife, Polly Samson, has been posting pictures from what appears to be recording sessions. David is playing a variety of guitars and piano, with members of his family and Guy Pratt, Pink Floyd’s bassist since the mid 80s, has also been present. 

These sessions seem to have had no relation to the sudden announcement and release of Pink Floyd’s new single, Hey Hey Rise Up, which also feature Nick Mason on drums. Recent pictures from David’s recording studio, showing what appears to be a list of song working titles or references, has also sparked rumours of a new album. 

David Gilmour playing a Fender Custom Shop replica of his 1955 Esquire “Workmate”. Behind him is the Alessandro head on a bench, with the Alessandro 2×12″ speaker cabinet next to it. On the floor in front of Gilmour is the Pete Cornish MkI All Tube pedal board, with a Source Audio Programmable EQ on top of it.

Hey Hey Rise Up was recorded at David Gilmour’s barn studio in Sussex, England in late March and early April 2022. Although the video footage isn’t synced with most of the sound, based on the audio and mix, it appears that the band was recorded live, with additional overdubs and possible retakes done in the studio later that same day. This was also confirmed by Guy Pratt in a recent episode of his podcast Rockonteurs.

Pete Cornish All Tubes MkI pedal board and additional effects

Pedal board effects listed as in chain

Demeter Compulator
Pete Cornish G-2
Electro Harmonix Big Muff (Ram’s Head)
Pete Cornish SS-2
Chandler Tube Driver
Pete Cornish Tape Echo Simulator
Pete Cornish Custom Stereo Chorus (modified Boss CE-2)

Additional units

Source Audio Programmable EQ
Ernie Ball volume pedal

Note: There are no confirmed sources on what David might have used for effects. The PC MkI was used for the performance and it is seen on studio footage from the recording. He might have used other effects too. Either pedals or in post production. 

Pete Cornish All Tubes MKI pedal board

The pedal board dates from 1999 and was requested by David to be used for future guest appearances etc. The board featured Cornish custom tube preamps between each effect to ensure minimum signal loss. It could also perform in both stereo and mono.

The Pete Cornish MkI All Tubes pedal board main unit, with a Source Audio Programmable EQ laying on top of it and an Ernie Ball volume pedal next to it.

Additionally the board was designed not to allow two distortion pedals to be engaged at once, only distortion+overdrive. The board was brought on a backup on the On an Island 2006 tour and later used for 2010 guest appearances.

It is not known whether the board has been modified either prior to or for the session. Footage suggests that it is the same number of effects, although it appear to be some new markings or notes glued to the board. 

David Gilmour intereviewed by BBC in his recording studio at the barn in Sussex, UK, in early April 2022. The track and overdubs were recorded and mixed here on March 30th 2022. Note the Pete Cornish MkI All tubes pedal board and the Alessandro amp David also used on the performance for the video. Note also the Yamaha RA-200 rotating speaker cabinet, with the Alembic F-2B preamp ontop to the right behind the reporter.

Guitars and amps 

Fender Esquire
– Fender Custom Shop 1955 Esquire replica
Acoustic steel string

Alessandro tube head
Alessandro 2×12” speaker cabinet

Note: David is seen having at least three Alessandro amp heads in his studios combined. It’s not confirmed what model he is using at this performance and recording, although it appears to be either a Redbone Special or Bluetick Coonhound.

The Alessandro amp is used for the performance and seen in David’s studio during the recording session, which indicates that it was used for the sessions. David might have used other amps as well. 

The Fender Custom Shop Esquire

David is playing a replica of his old 1955 Fender Esquire – often referred to as the Workmate after Black and Decker’s work bench. The replica was featured on the 2017 Pink Floyd Exhibition and presumably ordered by David for display. David is also seen playing the replica at the Richard Thompson 70th Anniversary gig at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, on September 30th 2019. 

The original 1955 Equire Workmate to the left and the recent Fender Custom Shop replica to the right. (images from the David Gilmour Gear Forum)

David is wearing the Jimi Hendrix strap he got from his wife, Polly, for his 60th birthday in March 2006. The strap has until recently been used exclusively with the Black Strat, which was sold at the 2019 Christie’s auction. David wore the strap at the Richard Thompson gig mentioned above. 

Thoughts on the guitar solo

The guitar solo can be divided into three parts. One and three sounds to me like it’s the bridge pickup, possibly with a Tube Driver and a Yamaha RA-200 rotating speaker on slow speed. It’s that boxy, almost hollow character of a rotary speaker on slow setting. The Yamaha, with teh Alembic F-2B preamp, is also seen in his studio during the session.

The second part of the solo sounds to me like it’s the neck pickup, with compression and a Tube Driver. Compression can be tricky to determine, as it most certainly added in the mix but it could be a pedal in addition to that too. 

Acknowledgements and credits
All information is gathered from the audio and video of Hey Hey Rise Up, BBC news feature and interview with David Gilmour April 8 2022, Polly Samson Instagram, Youtube footage from the Richard Thompson 70th Anniversary gig at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, on September 30th 2019 and the David Gilmour Gear Forum