A Momentary Lapse of Reason settings and setups

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Keep in mind that all effect settings and setups are based on pictures and video from a certain date and/or interviews and 3rd hand transcriptions that are subject to interpretation. David often make adjustments and may not even be consequent in how he’s using the equipment. This feature should therefore only be used as a guideline for your own setup and not as a gospel. It’s also wise to acknowledge that technique, place and time, studio trickery and who knows what plays a role in David’s tones in addition to the equipment.

Boss CS-2
– level 11:00, attack 11:00, sustain 1:30 (o’clock)

Boss HM-2
– level 2:00, colour L 2:00, colour R 12:30, distortion 12:30 (o’clock)

EH Big Muff
– sustain 70%, tone 30-40%, volume 50-60%

– distortion 1:00, filter 2:00, volume 2:00 (o’clock)

Boss CE-2
– rate 11:00, depth 1:00 (o’clock)

Note: I have not listed any delay settings as David would use multiple settings for each song. Still, 440ms should cover the basics.

Please note that very little from the recording sessions is confirmed. I have sticked to using generic terms as overdrive and distortion, rather than guessing which pedal David’s using unless confirmed info is available.

Signs of Life
Fender Stratocaster, neck pickup
– solo; CS-2, CE-2 and delay

Note: All guitars are recorded straight into the mixing desk.

Learning to Fly
Fender Stratocaster
– rhythms (bridge pickup); overdrive and CE-2
– solo/fills (neck pickup); overdrive, CE-2 and delay

Dogs of War
Steinberger GL
– solo; distortion and delay

One Slip
Steinberger GL
– verse guitar loop; clean signal with CE-2 and delay
– rhythms; distortion

On the Turning Away
Steinberger GL
Acoustic steel string guitar
– rhythms; acoustic guitar
– bridge riff; distortion
– rhythms (vers 2 and solo); distortion, CE-2 and delay
– solo; distortion, CE-2 and delay

Yet Another Movie
Steinberger GL
– solo/fills; CS-2, Big Muff, CE-2 and MXR digital delay
– ending slide solo; CS-2, Big Muff, CE-2 and MXR digital delay

Round and Around
Gibson Les Paul gold top
solo/picking (two tracks); clean signal fed into a digital amp simulator

New Machine part 1 & 2
– no guitars

Terminal Frost
Acoustic steel string guitar
– rhythms; distortion, CE-2 and delay
– solo; distortion, CE-2 and delay
– picking/fills; acoustic guitar with chorus (or harmonizer)

Steinberger GL
– intro; the guitar was recorded with a Big Muff into a Fender Concert combo and fed through Floyd’s Quad PA system at the LA Sports Arena.
– rhythms/fills; distortion and CE-2
– fade in effects; clean signal with CE-2 and delay
– mid section delay effects; distortion, CE-2 and delay, using a volume pedal to create swells – solo; distortion, CE-2 and delay

Distortion signal for rhythms and solo; Steinberger guitar/ Boss HM2/ Boss digital delay/ Fender Super Champ combo (clean)/ Gallien Krueger amp using its distortion channel (David Gilmour interview, Guitar World july 1988)