The UniVibe is perhaps one of the most unique effects ever created and its hypnotic tone still fascinates new generations of guitarists. In this feature we’ll look at a handful of models and how to incorporate these in your rig, with David Gilmour’s tones in mind.

The UniVibe was designed in 1968 by Japanese company Shin-ei. The idea was to replicate the doppler effect or the sound of a rotating speaker but the result turned out to be very different sounding. The circuit is basically a 4-stage phaser based on a pulsating light bulb surrounded by four photo cells (see this excellent article for technical details). The original UniVibe featured an expression pedal for adjusting the speed but lacked true bypass switching and it was quite noisy.

As Pink Floyd premiered and toured their new suite, Eclipse, in early 1972, Gilmour upgraded his pedal collection (they were still lying straight on the floor) with a couple of new items, including a UniVibe. The pedal was featured on almost all the songs, adding a haunting texture to his tone. Later, when Dark Side of the Moon was released in 1973, the UniVibe was featured on only a couple of songs, including Breathe.

The UniVibe was featured in David’s pedal boards between 1973-77 although rarely used. In 1994 David got a custom rack unit of the UniVibe and the effect was featured on live performances of Breathe and Time. The unit is still in David’s rig.

UniVibe or phaser?

It’s always a matter of taste but in general I would say that in terms of recreating Gilmour’s tones, you’re probably better off with a vintage style 4-stage phaser – if you have to choose.

A phaser can easily cover songs like Breathe and Any Colour You Like but a UniVibe on Shine On or Have a Cigar doesn’t quite cut it. That being said, nothing sounds quite like a UniVibe and if you’re into Trower, Hendrix and all the other UniVibe masters, then you should seriously consider getting one.

UniVibe on the pedalboard

There are different opinions about where the UniVibe and modulation effects in general should be placed on a pedal board. Of course, it’s your choice but in my opinion, the UniVibe sounds best before gain effects. The reason for this is that UniVibes tend to make heavier overdrives and fuzz sound harsh and thin, when these are placed in front of the UniVibe. Placing the UniVibe first, creates a warmer and more natural sounding effect.

Gilmour always used the UniVibe with a clean sounding amp and perhaps just a very mild overdrive. Hendrix, on the other hand, would place a Fuzz Face before the UniVibe but he also cranked his Marshalls for dark overdrive tones. This combo did often produce some very strange and wild sounds, but on songs like Machine Gun, you can still hear that creamy, warm UniVibe and the cranked Marshall controlled by the guitar volume control.

Unlike other modulation pedals, UniVibes needs a bit of volume to really open up for that liquidy, swirling tone. On low volume levels and perhaps even a dark sounding amp, the UniVibe can sound muffled, thin and flat. Try increasing the volume on your amp or use a clean booster for a bit more bite and the UniVibe will sound much more dynamic and characteristic.

I also find that UniVibes sound more authentic and natural when paired up with vintage style low output single coils like CS54, CS69 or Texas Specials (or similar from other brands). Perhaps this is because most of the UniVibe tones we know, were recorded with a Strat but personally, I think that humbuckers doesn’t suit the effect that well.

Which UniVibe is the best?

Everyone seem to have their own opinion of UniVibes and how they should sound. Perhaps it’s because very few of us has actually played an original unit but instead have all those classic recordings as a reference. However, what you hear on those recordings is a manipulated tone. Amp settings, mics and mic positions, mixing techniques etc is all a part of the tone we all love.

The overall sound quality of all the UniVibe clones I’ve played is very high. Which model you should choose comes down to personal preference and how well a unit fits your rig. Some have more mid range and others might have a more pronounced throb at lower speeds. Unlike Big Muff clones, which vary from dark overdrive to screaming mid rangy fuzz, a UniVibe clone is pretty much a UniVibe – peirod. It’s down to nuances.

All pedals listed below were tested on a Stratocaster featuring D Allen Voodoo 69 neck and middle pickups and a Seymour Duncan SSL5 bridge pickups and a Radix Deluxe PRS model with Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90s into Reeves Custom 50 and Laney Lionheart L20h tube stacks.

Effectrode Tube-Vibe

Effectrode has one philosophy – making the best pedals possible and base them all on tubes. The Tube-Vibe feature an all tube preamp stage and the classic controls of the original unit. Of all the UniVibes I’ve played, this is by far the warmest and most dynamic sounding. It’s pure sweetness and you want to leave the pedal on all the time. The tube preamp aslo makes it possible to boost the volume and drive the front end of your amp for a bit of that tube punch. This doesn’t affect the vibe effect as the TubeVibe as tons of headroom. One slight drawback in terms of recreating Gilmour’s tones is that the pedal doesn’t do those deep tremolo sounds at high speeds. See my full review here.
Bedroom setups: 10/10

Mixed with gain effects: 10/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 10/10

Gilmourish.com score: 10/10

MXR M68 Uni-Vibe

MXR UniVibeMXR’s new Uni-Vibe is based on the original Shin-ei unit from the late 60s, even with matching looks and the usual controls for speed, level and depth (intensity). Like the original, this one’s got that noticeable low-fi throb and a vintage flavour, which some might find a bit too thin sounding but that’s kind of the nature of the true Uni-Vibe. There are better units out there and among the vintage sounding ones, I think the MJM 60s Vibe and Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe does a far better job but the MXR is definitely worth checking out and perhaps easier to come by than some of the clones.
Bedroom setups: 10/10

Mixed with gain effects: 8/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 8/10

Gilmourish.com score: 8/10

TC Electronics Viscous Vibe

TC Electronic Viscous VibeThe Viscous is a fully digital recreation of the original late 60s Uni-Vibe. It’s got the classic speed, intensity and volume controls, as well as switchable chorus (Uni-Vibe), vibrato and Tone Print. TC has done an impressive job with this one and you can definitely hear the classic tones. The Tone Print also allow you to fine tune the tone and create some really nice custom sounds. It’s not quite up there with the best, in my opinion, as it sounds a bit too clean and pristine, but it’s definitely worth checking out and the price should fit most budgets.
Bedroom setups: 10/10
Mixed with gain effects: 8/10
Vintage Uni-Vibe tones: 8/10

Gilmourish.com score: 8/10

Buyer's Gear Guide - Gilmourish Pick

Dry Bell Vibe Machine V-2

The Vibe Machine houses a unique 4-photo mini cell circuitry in a pedal board friendly chassis. This unit is packed with features, which, in my opinion makies it the most versatile vibe on the market. The Vibe Machine produce well pronounced phasing even at the lowest speed settings, smooth and deep throb at higher speed and dead silent operation. The Vibe Machine also tackle heavier gain and fuzz without getting thin and fissy. Compared to the Tube-Vibe, the tone is slightly brighter and perhaps a bit more defined. The smaller footprint is definitely a pluss but this is one of the most lush and sweetest sounding UniVibes on the market. See my full review here.
Bedroom setups: 10/10

Mixed with gain effects: 10/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 10/10

Gilmourish.com score: 10/10

Buyer's Gear Guide - Gilmourish Pick

Electronic Orange MoonVibe MkII

The MoonVibe got a facelift recently and the result is an even better sounding UniVibe with some very cool new features. The classic four photo cell circuitry delivers everything from haunting lo-fi phasing to heavy throbbing rotary. In addition to the usual speed, intensity and volume controls the new Moon Vibe also feature a Symmetry control allowing a fine tuning of the low and high throb. This is a slightly darker UniVibe but also one of the most dynamic and musical out there. High speed settings are clear and defined thanks to the Symmetry control – excellent for Any Colour You Like. See my full review of the MoonVibe MkII here.
Bedroom setups: 10/10

Mixed with gain effects: 10/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 10/10

Gilmourish.com score: 10/10

MJM Sixties Vibe

The Sixties Vibe was one the first UniVibes I owned and it’s still a favourite. Very similar to the MoonVibe, this one delivers creamy and smooth classic tones from Hendrix to Gilmour. Of all the typical vintage sounding UniVibes, I find this to be the best companion for fuzz pedals and germaniums in particular. Thumbs up for a silent circuitry and deep throbbing on even the lowest speed settings. It’s also worth mentioning that MJM now offer a much smaller chassis than the one pictured on their website. See my full review here.
Bedroom setups: 9/10

Mixed with gain effects: 9/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 10/10

Gilmourish.com score: 9/10

Fulltone Mini DejáVibe

Fulltone boldly claim that the Dejá is the only exact replica of the original 1968 UniVibe. That may be and the Dejá does sound vintage and authentic. It has that same slightly lo-fi character and a fat throb on the lower speed settings as well. Still, it doesn’t quite make it in my opinion. Perhaps it just too authentic, I don’t know, but to me it sounds a bit thin and it doesn’t blend as well with heavier overdrive and fuzz as some of the other clones listed here.
Bedroom setups: 7/10

Mixed with gain effects: 7/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 9/10

Gilmourish.com score: 7/10

Sweetsound MojoVibe

The MojoVibe feature all classic controls and a nice pedal board friendly footprint. The tone is unmistakably UniVibe-ish with a vintage character true to the original. Personally I find the vibe or throb a bit too…erm… throby (in lack of a better word) and not as smooth as some of the others. The Mojo Vibe has also a bit of mid range and a bit too much noise for my taste. Still, a great sounding unit that gets a lot of praise.
Bedroom setups: 8/10

Mixed with gain effects: 7/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 8/10

Gilmourish.com score: 7/10

Voodoo Lab MicroVibe

The MicroVibe is pretty much a scaled down UniVibe but the classic tone is still there and this should be an easy choice for tight budgets. The pedal has a slight volume boost and a quite a bit of mid range but the MicroVibe is one of the better vibes for your typical bedroom setup. Even at the lowest amp volume levels, this pedals sounds creamy and warm. The MicroVibe also blends very well with gain effects because of its slightly darker character. 

Bedroom setups: 10/10

Mixed with gain effects: 9/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 6/10

Gilmourish.com score: 7/10

Dunlop RotoVibe

The RotoVibe has been treated a bit unfair in my opinion. This is not a UniVibe but rather a mix between a UniVibe and 4-stage phaser (score below is based on this and not that the pedal is a UniVibe). The RotoVibe easily produce all the classic tones and the fact that the pedal is a sweep unit, allows you to easily control the phase speed. It also blends very well with high gain effects. If you’re having doubts about whether to get an UniVibe or phaser, then look no further.
Bedroom setups: 10/10

Mixed with gain effects: 10/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 6/10

Gilmourish.com score: 9/10

MXR Phase 45

This little gem is actually a two-stage phaser but sounds more like a very subtle UniVibe. Much like the RotoVibe the Phase 45 blends very well with all types of gains and adds a haunting texture to your tones. The recent 1975 reissue from MXR’s Custom Shop is spot on the original but I also recommend checking out the excellent Ripple from Jam Pedals, which has a slightly more pronounced effect and true bypass switching.
Bedroom setups: 10/10

Mixed with gain effects: 10/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 6/10

Gilmourish.com score: 8/10

Lovepedals Pickle Vibe

Technically, the Pickle Vibe is a phaser and not a UniVibe. Still, Lovepedal has managed to tweak the circuit and come up with a remarkable little unit that both fits nicely on any pedal board and delivers a pretty convincing tone. In addition to the visible rate control, there are several trimpots inside allowing some fine tuning of the tone. The Pickle Vibe got a slight volume boost and quite a bit of mid range allowing the pedal to cut through and tackle the more demanding setups.
Bedroom setups: 8/10

Mixed with gain effects: 7/10

Vintage UniVibe tones: 6/10

Gilmourish.com score: 7/10

Feel free to use the comments field below and share your experience, recommendations and tips!

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  1. Help me, which one to choose: Electronic Orange MoonVibe MkII, Dry Bell Vibe Machine V-2 or Effectrode Tube-Vibe ?

    1. MoonVibe for authentic vintage vibe, Vibe Machine MkIII for classic tone, with a modern twist. The Tube Vibe sound great but it’s closer to a Phase 90 than a UniVibe.

  2. Hi Bjorn, thanks for your great work.
    I don’t have a univibe pedal, planning to buy my first!
    As of May 2023, can I ask which is your favourite univibe pedal?

  3. Hi bjorn, do you prefer the v2 or the v3 version of the drybell vibe machine for gilmour tones?

    Thanks for your incredible work!!

  4. You’re the absolute BEST, my friend. Thank you for all you do.

    Just wondering, is there a review of any of the Sabbadius Uni-Vibe products in the near future? I think those boxes are likely fantastic, maybe the apex of Uni-Vibes, but would obviously feel a lot better about my enthusiasm if you shared it. Either the Funky Vibe or Fillmore East have been on my radar for a year now, they just seem like something seriously special.

    Hope that’s on the horizon, and wishing the best for you and yours, Bjorn!

    1. Hi David! I haven’t tried them nor been contacted by Sabbadius. My favourite UniVibe is the Vibe Machine from DryBell. The MkIII is just phenomenal IMO :)

  5. Another great article, Bjorn. I recently pulled my MXR Uni-Vibe out and am considering adding it back to my chain. However, over the years I’ve never placed the Uni-Vibe first in the order; which may be why it never stayed on my board for too long. I’m working on a long concept thing, and at the point where the guitar tone, particularly the rhythm guitar tone, is the is the foundation for all that follows. On one song, I’m running a delay into a delay with an Electric Mistress in between. I’m thinking of adding the Uni-Vibe at the beginning of the chain for this song. Both your youtube channels are inspiring. Keep doing the Great Work.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! I like to have UniVibe and phasers in front of dirt pedals. They just sound more natural IMO.

  6. thos osullivan

    Hey Bjorn … have you tried JAM PEDALS RETROVIBE MKIII .. Would like to hear your opinion .. thanks T .

      1. thos osullivan

        Hey Bjorn , thanks for getting back to me , I appreciate it ..I ordered one .. :) .you have a very cool site , very informative and entertaining .. thank you for all your effort .. T

  7. Thank you for sharing your research and knowledge, Bjorn, very interesting and appreciated. I owned an original Uni-Vibe back in 1970-72 (sadly, no longer have that one). Interestingly enough, every original UV I’ve played (quite a few) each sounded different from one another. There certainly are many reasons for that which I won’t address here, but you get the idea. I Have been searching for years for something that doesn’t break the bank and while I do have a Mojo vibe (great size for a pedal board), it is lacking in certain aspects, but I do like it for the most part. The other one I have which I didn’t see anyone mention is the Unique-Vibe. I’d be happy to post a pic if there’s any way of doing so. It not only looks like the original, it totally sounds like the original and comes with the speed control pedal, just like my original one had. Just thought I’d mention it. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the tip Craig. I’m not familiar with those. There are so many great sounding UniVibes out there and I’ve listed some of my favourites here.

  8. I just purchased a Sabbadius Funky Vibe 69 and it is incredible. Not cheap, but well worth it. I would highly recommend. It is very chewy, very articulate, and very very quiet.

  9. Wayne Nicholson

    Hi Bjorn, I have a micro vibe and was going trade up to a deja vibe, might leave it now, as there’s no way of playing the deja! Thought it was supposed be way better than the microvibe.


    1. They both have a distinct character so I don’t thibk anyone can claim that one is better than the other. Personally I prefer vintage sounding Vibes, like the Deja, for some stuff, and the more modern sounding phaser-like Vibes for other stuff.

  10. Hey Bjorn!

    Long time fan, first time commentator. Highly recommend checking out the Earthquaker Devices vibe called the “The Depths” if you haven’t already. I was on a steady quest for the best vibe since I heard Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs” and The Depths really nails the whole Univibe vibe we all know and love.

    Would love to see you take a deep dive into The Depths.


  11. Hi Bjorn! Any update for the KingTone 1968 vibe pedal? Would be cool to get your take on that one I hear it is awesome.

  12. Hi Bjorn! I read through the entire thread but still cannot narrow it down. I have a 1968 Fender Twin Reverb drip-edge tube ac568, and I’ve just ordered a Jimi Hendrix silicon mini fuzz face. I’m looking to get both jimi live tones (Maui) and gilmour Dark Side (Breathe, any colour) stuff. I really would like something as faithful as possible to the original, and would prefer non-digital. Budget is around 100-150 USD. Would be thrilled for a reply on this!

    1. I think most of these will provide the tones. Obviously, the most authentic sounding being the MJM, Fulltone, Electronic Orange and DryBell. My favourites are the Electronic Orange and DryBell. An older favourite is the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe. A bit underrated IMO.

  13. Thanks
    I was just about to swap out my MXR for Fulltone Deja Vibe when I read your review. I have calmed down now.

  14. Salut Bjorn

    Congratulations on your website which is a huge reference for me and for many people! I strongly encourage you to continue like this and for a long time. Thanks to you I managed to make the right choice of several pedals (without trying them out because they were not available in shops).
    At the moment I’m wondering about a UniVibe and my decision is between the Effectrode TubeVibe and the Electronic Orange MoonVibe MkII, so I’m looking forward to your precious advice and comments
    Thanks Bruno

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Bruno. The Effectrode is great but closer to a Phase 90 in my opinion. The MoonVibe is a favourite of mine and do check out the DryBell Machine Vibe as well.

      1. Not sure which version of Effectrode you’ve heard/tried but the latest 5? model is clear and liquid. I had a version 3 or 4 and it was more hazy sounding.

        1. Maybe they modified the cirquit. Mine is an early model. It sounds very nice, no doubt, and it can do a very authentic UniVibe on slow speed but it’s loosing some of its definition on higher speed settings.

  15. Hi Bjorn,

    If you were to choose one pedal for phaser and univibe tones, would you suggest an EVH phase 90, or a phase 95? Thanks!

  16. Regarding the Rotovibe – where is the best place for it? FX loop (where in the chain) or out in front?

    1. I have mine first in the chain as I prefer having phasers and UniVibes in front of gain effects. Also, it seems to react badly to my wah wah, so I keep it first.

  17. Hi Bjorn – First of all I wanted to add my profuse thanks for this website, the deep and extensive knowledge and information you generously share, and the amazing insights you provide. I cannot adequately express how helpful your posts are and how enjoyable it is to see your videos – you’re such an amazing guitar player; I am jealous :-)

    Just a note/question about your pedal recommendations and reviews (all of which are appreciated). For univibe have you had the opportunity to play an Earthquaker Devices The Depths pedal? I have it and absolutely love the pedal. It offers a lot of tweaking capabilities and I’ve had some success in dialing in “Gilmourish” sounds (regrettably I am not the player you are, so that’s a definite limitation).

    As you have said elsewhere, vibe seems to be a somewhat personal choice in terms of tone and the sound we hear, or chase, in our head.

    Separately, based on your recommendations and the positive feedback of other posters, I’m finally getting the Mooer eleclady flanger; looking forward to trying it soon.

    Tusen takk, Bjorn! Best, Doug

    1. Hi Doug! Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoy my site :) Thanks for the tip too! I haven’t had the chance to check out the Depths.

  18. Hello Bjorn,
    Do you thing it’s better to put the Uni-Vibe in the effects loop of the amp, or just after the guitar, before the fuzz?
    Thanks for your advice

  19. Hello Bjorn I first want to say I love your website, and I have used it multiple times over the years to help me buy pedals and other gear. I love the in-depth reviews you do on Uni-Vibes, but I was wondering if you could revisit how to re-create David’s Any Colour You Like sounds. I think he’s not using a leslie or Uni-vibe on the album but the waw setting on the Hi-fli which can be recreated using an auto-wah. If this is the case have you ever used an Auto-wah before?

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jeremy! Sorry for the late reply. I have never been able to tell for sure what David’s using on the studio version of Colour. There are no official records and they probably did a lot to manipulate the sound in the studio. My best tip is a UniVibe. Obviously I’ve never played a HiFli but I don’t think he used it that much on the recording sessions. Auto wah sound very different anyway.

  20. By chance have you had a chance to try the Fulltone Custom Shop Deja Vibe Mini CS-MDV-MkII Univibe. I am looking for a good Univibe that preferably runs on 18v as I have one 18v outlet left on my power supply.

  21. Hey Bjorn,

    Just thought I’d say that I love your wesbite and it’s given me a lot of inspiriation. I’d also like to say that you should check out the Zvex Vibrophase. I have one and it is by far my favorite among my phasers/ vibes. It can be tweaked to do most anything and cops Gilmour tones pretty well.


  22. Hey Bjorn,

    I purchased a SoniCake 5th Dimension multi modulation pedal earlier this year. not sure if you’ve ever tried any of their stuff, but its all pretty good to my ear, especially for the price point. That said, I could not get the UniVibe/ phaser sounds I wanted… until I took your advice and placed the pedal before all my dirt and boost pedals. It deviates from what I was normally told about pedal chain (all modulation at the end of the chain). It made a huge difference. I still have my e-Lady and a chorus towards the end of the chain, but putting the phaser/Univibe in the front made a big difference. thanks for the advice!


  23. Hey Bjorn

    For a univibe sound to use for any colour you like but at a really low as cheap as possible budget, what would be you recommendation as the above models seem to be more expensive.

    Joshua Jacob

  24. Hi, Bjorn

    I would dig through the feed for this but it would take forever. Do you happen to have a suggestion for the settings on the MXR M68. The volume knob is also throwing me off a little. How would you set each knob for something like breathe?

    Thank you very much,

    1. A good place to start is probably level 12 or 1 o’clock, speed 1 and depth around 1 or maybe slightly higher.

  25. Weird- I have both the Microvibe and the Vibemachine- and my careful testing found quite the opposite of your observations- the Microvibe does NOT add mid-range, where as the Vibemachine has a distinctive peak between 500hz and 1.5khz- test it with an EQ pedal, you can get both to sound identical by EQing one- either scooping the Vibemachine, or adding mids to the Microvibe. The other test is to simply play a single chord and engage the pedal- then it’s quite obvious. Please test this yourself, and report. Me- I think the Microvibe is off the bat more natural and warm per it’s flat response, versus the Vibemachine- despite all the adjustments bells and whistles on the Drybell pedal.

    1. On further testing- the ORIGINAL setting on the Vibemachine adds that mid-range boost, and others have identified this as well. The BRIGHT setting is more flat, without the boost present in the Original setting. This mirrors the same thing on the Fulltone CS MDV3- Bright Vibemachine=Fulltone Modern Original Vibemachine=Fulltone Vintage (Mid boost)

      1. After even further exploration, I have to admit, the Microvibe is not a flat response either- it doesn’t add the midrange, but it does seem to be a bit low end heavy. Still, for the money, very hard to beat- in fact, you can’t beat it- it given it’s a true analog and photocell univibe. You can tweak it with the internal trimmer (carefully!!), and if the tone shaping bothers you a little, an inexpensive EQ pedal will make it perfectly flat or whatever you want.

      2. PSS- ultimately, I sold the Drybell and splurged on the handmade NovaVibe MKIV from the UK. Big, but covers every original Univibe from Honey to Resley perfectly. Kept the Microvibe as well.

  26. Excellent article Bjorn! I have one question, I have an old MXR phase 90, how can it set it to get a faux U-vibe sound ? thanks a lot!

    1. Thanks! It has one knob so it depends on how fast you want the phasing. For Breathe I would start somewhere around 11 or 12 o’clock.

    1. There is a New-ish Vibe Pedal that is Possibly the Most Authentic One built-to-date. “The Shiftee Vibe” by Unique Vibe Pedals. Trust Me . . . just listen to it. You will be Blown Away. I have a Drybell which I love, but you have to Hear this thing.

  27. Hey Bjørn, it’s me again haha
    I’m looking for a budget and compact Uni-Vibe pedal and I chose the TC Electronics Viscous Vibe and the MXR M68 Uni-Vibe. Which of those two is better for a bedroom set-up? I have a Laney Cubhead with a Laney LT212 cabinet (G12H speakers)
    Thanks you and greetings from Chile!!

  28. pedro henrique ruzão

    Hello Bjorn! How are you?
    I currently have the updated version of the BBE Soul Vibe. They say that is a photocell circuit. It sounds really good but i think i want a more “original vintage” tone but i can´t afford the best ones…
    Having the BBE, do you think i need a VL Micro Vibe? In the demos they seems to sound very close, with nice midrange and throb. Another budget options are the digital TC Viscous Vibe and MXR new Univibe, that uses LFO. Do you think they nail better the classic univbe sound that the Vodoo and the BBE? or i just keep the BBE and someday look fore a more authentic pedal?

    1. I think the BBE sounded pretty good but I haven’t tried the latest one. The Voodoo Lab is really nice but it has a noticeable mids boost. The TC is also nice and you can use the Tone Print feature to tweak it further but between all these three it sounds more modern I guess.

  29. Hi Bjorn. I just bought Leslie rotary speaker simulator: Hotone Roto, I’m waiting for it to come to me. It is very small and cheap, between 80 and 90 euros, compared to Leslie simulators of brands such as Strymon, EHX, Neo or Pigtronix, but I have read very good opinions to several guitarists looking for Gilmour tones, surprised of what something so small can do.
    My question is: in the chain of pedals where do you think these rotary speaker simulators are better, before the Delay or later? Thank you very much.

  30. Hi is the Fulltone CS MDV mk II an improvement or just a smaller version, what have you heard or have you tried it, Thanks.

  31. Hi Bjorn,

    What’s you’re opinion on the ELECTRO HARMONIX mod. GOOD VIBES ?


  32. Hey Bjorn. Did you use a phasers or a rotovibe on lullaby in a car crash. I hear that tone on several solos and have been wanting that pedal . Thanks.

    1. Both! The main rhythm guitar on the verse sections is the Rotovibe, while the solo following the second chorus was done with a Tube Driver and a ’74 reissue Phase 90 placed infront.

  33. Hello Bjorn, how would you advise me to use the following effects? This is the way I like the most: 01 Cali 76 Compact Compressor, 02 Effectrode Tube Vibe, 03 Vox Wah 846-hw. I use a Vox Ac30 C2 and use only the amp drive and only the Providence Chorono Delay DLY-4 Loop. That is correct. Acopanha to years I know site. Very good job, I hope it continues for a long time …

    1. Hi Danilo! Not sure I understand the question… you mean settings or where you want to place them in a chain?

      1. If you have an opportunity to audition it’s a must. I had a chance to compare it to an original and to my ears it is as good or better. My tube cibe colors the sound in comparison. Highly recommended!

  34. I understand that the Uni-Vibe needs to go first in the chain, right after the guitar.
    But the same applies to the Fuzz Face. It needs to come right after your pickups, correct?
    So, in that case, what should be first on the board, Uni-Vibe or Fuzz Face? My question is for a Gilmour type setup, not Hendrix.

    1. Germanium fuzz should always come first because they sound so much better when they can “see” your pickups and interact with your picking technique, volume control etc. Silicon fuzz aren’t that sensitive but they usually sound best first. David would always have his UniVibes after fuzz or distortion pedals. I like UniVibes and phasers first because they sound more natural that way. Try different setups and listen to how that works for your rig.

  35. Sold my Drybell V1 and got a MojoVibe and it’s perfect, it’s all about trying it with your rig. I didn’t let board friendly and hype cloud my judgement something just wasn’t right.

    1. UniVibes can be a challenge with some amps, so it’s always a good idea to try a couple of models to hear the difference. Subtle differences in character, mid range etc can make a big impact.

    2. I agree, I’ve had a fair few uni vibes as well and my MojoVibe is still on my board. I think if your going for a more pronounces vibe, it’s better than it is rated above!

  36. I have had the fortune of owning two original units at the same time.
    Almost every Uni Vibe; be it Univox or Snin-Ei branded, have individual voices.
    They really vary on how deep the throb is, noise and just overall sound.

    I use a very linear buffered outboard bypass box to remove from the chain a real Uni Vibe does degregate/tone suck when inserted in the signal path.

    I have blown through many clones and my favorite and closest was a Black Cat vibe made by hand by Fred Bonte in Texas.
    These half rack units are in many racks of heavy hitter clients of CAE (Bob Bradshaw) Fred made ALL of these units for CAE.

    It is very difficult to find these anymore because nobody wants to get rid of them.
    I don’t think the new owners of Black Cat incorporate his original design and are not the same as the early ones.

    Sweetsound makes a really good unit, Bob’s earlier versions will hang in with the best there is also.

  37. Check out the Jam Pedals Retro Vibe – I’m curious to know what you think of it. I love mine – worth its weight in gold.

  38. Greetings Bjorn,

    I have my signal chain as follow:
    tuner, cry baby, univibe, compressor overdrive, muff, fuzz, modulation, delay, volume.
    Is that good for Gilmour tone, or should i change, or add something?
    I appreciate your help very much.
    Thanks in advance

  39. Hi Bjorn, love your website!! I was wondering if you’ve tried the univibe pedal Viberator from Dawner Prince and how does it compare to the other pedals? Best regards, Marco

  40. Hi Bjorn,
    Thanks a lot for all the great information.
    Have you tried the JAM pedals Retro Vibe?
    If yes, how it compares to the Dry Bell Vibe Machine?

        1. It sounds good but it’s a bit hard to set the sliders right for that authentic late 60s tone… I didn’t try it that long so I’m sure you’ll figure it out if you spend some time with it.

          1. I have had one, and did a lot of experimentation. I was able to get an authentic original tone from it, and I did very much like the ability to shape the waveform any which way I liked, for more, or less asymmetry in the wave form. This adds a lot of personality. I am particularly fond of Univibes that have an irregular wave form. To get the really slow speeds, you have to adjust the internal trim- less than 10 minutes work disassembling and re-assembling. Instructions are found online. Engaged, it barely makes unity gain, and no way to push it louder. Very quiet however, no noise. Nice that it runs on 9volts and batteries optional. Big box, about the size of the original Univibe, maybe a little smaller. However, unless you can get a really good deal on one- under $250, I think you might be better off with another pedal. Compared to my NovaVibe, it wasn’t quite as rich sounding- something about it, a bit flatter sounding…? A good second vibe pedal, but maybe not your first and only one, especially if the price is not a bargain. I actually found a good deal on one today, so I’ve replaced the one I sold a while back, and will experiment some more. Might be fun to run in stereo with a second mono-univibe.

            1. It’s easy to overcome the perceived volume drop which is caused by the Nuvibes low 47k input impedance. Change R17 which is next to the input jack from 47k to say 1Meg. This will also brighten up the tone as well. Hope this helps!

              1. One day I discovered that the Kork NuVibe came alive simply by putting a buffer pedal (any one will do) in front of it.( I wasn’t running long cords, so that wasn’t the problem.) Instantly more volume, more than unity gain, which doesn’t happen without a buffer.pedal in front. I believe
                its better overall tone with the buffer as well. Now the NuVibe is a complete- and unique- contender.
                DAVE- maybe that’s whats happening when I put a buffer pedal in front! I’ll have to try the resistor swap though—

                1. I swapped the resistor and yes it brings the volume up like a buffer pedal in front, but yes, it also makes the pedal brighter just a bit, and I’m not sure I like that part of it. I’ll experiment back with the 47K resistor and the pedal- if that makes the pedal more neutral, I might think that adding a buffer pedal is a better solution to the small volume drop.

                  1. I put back a 47K resistor, and I think this maintains the tonal character, and retains a tiny bit more of the warmth, despite the fact of putting another buffer pedal in front. I’m sticking with this combination. Even without the buffer pedal, there is very very little if any noticeable loss in volume when engaged. It might very well be mind over matter given the effect.

                    Compared with my NovaVibe, the Nuvibe doesn’t have quite the low end throb ummph of the NovaVibe when listening very closely when engaged. The low end of the Novavibe is really nice. Splitting hairs though… Albeit the NovaVIbe doesn’t allow the waveform tweaking- so as said before, slightly different pedals- either is pretty outstanding.

                    1. Hi Neil,

                      Yes a buffer sorts out the level issue quite nicely as well and of course leaves the unit unmodified and close to the original design in terms of input impedance.

                      It’s variable (medium) output impedance is also close to the original which helps retain low end when feeding something like a fuzz face with a very low impedance input.

                      Interestingly the RM Voodoo Vibe has a very low output impedance (ok for driving long cables etc) but its output coupling cap (only 100nF 1995 version) not surprisingly causes extreme low end loss when driving a fuzz face….

                      I think the Nuvibe is a cracking example of innovative (and fairly complex) analogue design and does go to some lengths to mimic quirks of the original.

                      Have you noticed the speed pedal uses a dual gang pot? One gang is for the speed whilst the other gang with a custom taper decreases the depth as the speed slows down just before the lfo is ‘bypassed’. This simulates the behavior of the original lfo – and the high pass effect of the lfo/driver coupling capacitors.

                      Very clever!

                      Interestingly enough I’ve found the Nuvibe works great in a typical amp series fx send/return loop.

  41. Gerard Smulevich

    Bjorn, LA Here..
    Have you ever tried a Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe? You know, I have the Vibe Machine, I have the MXR Phase 45 +90/ Script switchable mini pedal….and this $50 thing I bought used on Reverb NAILS the sound of Breath/album version. Mine has a simple mod that keeps it from boosting the volume when engaged. Any experience with this effect pedal? I still can’t believe how accurate it is to “that” exact sound…….

    1. Tried it years ago. It’s not up there with the moe expensive ones, I think, but it’s definitely well worth checking out and at least from what I remember, you would have no problems getting some really nice Gilmour tones with it.

  42. this is a cool utube vid on danelectro cool cat vibe-the diner series rocky road pedal is supposed to be good to,with ramp up/down footswitches too,giving u a nice performance trick-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WZPhTjxLrg

    1. Gerard Smulevich

      Dan: I just got my Cool Cat Vibe in the mail today. It has an :FX Doctor mod” that eliminates a volume jump when engaged. MAN! I must say that it sounds more accurate to the Breath/ DSOTM album version than my dryBell Vibe Machine does. This is an amazing Univibe clone. Quiet too and has a third Level control for the wet/dry mix. I am truly surprised…astounded really….

  43. not read all,but have you heard the danelectro cool cat vibe? I opened it up to find another trim knob to alter wave shape,it works kind of backwards It has 4 bulbs around one ldr Works in a very analogue style and has many sounds and shades of sound-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkUclh-irtk

    1. A UniVibe is basically a phaser, with a dark throb kind of tone. A flanger is a delay effect, which is often brighter and it’s got an almost jet-like character. Hard to explain but Breathe is UniVibe and I guess Police’s Message in a Bottle is the best flanger/Mistress example. Eddie Van Halen also used flanger a lot on the early stuff.

  44. Hi Bjorn, phenomenal analysis as ever.

    I have a TC Viscous Vibe, can get some great Hendrix and Trower sounds, but still can’t seem to find the sweetspot on the settings for classic DSoT tones, nor toneprints at a glance.

    Any guidance greatly appreciated.

    HK Greg

    1. Thank you Greg! I don’t own one myself, so I can’t really help you out there. I did try it for this review and I got some really nice tones that at least sounded nice on my gear but again, I don’t remember any settings. I would imagine that chorus mode, intensity around 1:00, speed around 9:00 and the volume at unity gain would be a good start. Keep in mind that modulation effects and the UniVieb in particular, will be coloured by the pickups and amp you use. UniVibes often want a bit of mid range and top end boost to sound lush and creamy.

  45. Hi Bjorn,

    When you mention the MJM sixties vibe working well with germanium fuzz pedals, is that using the vibe before or after the fuzz? and with an amp set clean or dirty?


    1. I found that it didn’t sound as good as some of the others with fuzz. That be with the fuzz both before and after. I’m not sure why but the 60s has a more lo-fi character and perhaps less mids than some of the other Vibes out there. It also depends on the amp and how that combines with the fuzz and Vibe.

  46. Just got a Voodoo Lab micro vibe. £65 off eBay. You’re right. It sounds fabulous in a home setup. Better than the mini dejavibe 1 to my ears so I’ll be selling the mdv1 on eBay.

    1. Those are great! The slight mids hump makes it blend better with gain pedals and it doesn’t get as thin and bright as other vibes on lower volume.

  47. Hello Mr. Bjorn! This is a great and very informative article that covers so much info that has needed to be put out there for the public for a very long time! Very tricky subject these vibe pedals! Although I do have one quick question in regards to pedal placement. In my personal experience I have always struggled with that thin sharp harsh fuzz sound whenever I combined a vibe with a fuzz or even an overdrive, until one day I accidentally discovered how much better it sounds with the fuzz behind the vibe. I’ve also had the same similar age old issues with a fuzz and wah, which leads me to my question. I know fuzz pedals sound best first in the chain, closest to the guitar, but sound better after the vibe but then what about the wah-wah!? Ahh! The wah always sounds better in front of the fuzz as well (IMHO) from my experience anyways.

    So in other words would you go from guitar to wah – vibe – fuzz? Or maybe vibe – wah – fuzz? It seems to me like the fuzz (especially a Germanium fuzz pedal) would lose it’s character being that far back in the chain. Any thoughts, recommendations, advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jeremy! My best tip is to have all three pedals and just move them around. Try different configurations and try not to be too focused on what’s recommended. I prefer this: wah > vibe > fuzz but that may not sound right to you or with your rig. Experiment and trust your ears :)

      1. Thank you very much Sir! That is very helpful tip. It’s all about experimentation to see what works. Wah > vibe > fuzz sounds like a good combination though because wah always sounds better in front of fuzz IMHO and in my own personal experience I’ve never been fond of wah after fuzz, and then vibe before fuzz def sounds better as obviously proven in this post. So yeah, that’s sounds like a good start! Did Gilmour or Hendrix (or Trower for that matter) use fuzz and Vibe together? I’ve always had bad experiences with the combination of the 2 on at the same time for some reason. Also wondering what are your recommendations on using a Germanium fuzz, a Silicon fuzz (BC109) and a Big Muff style fuzz on the same board and placement etc. etc.? I’ve alwys wondered where to place things when you’ve got more than one fuzz in the same chain. Any suggestions?

        Thanks again man! I’ve learned SO MUCH awesome stuff from this website! You’re doing a really cool thing here!


        1. Hi again, sorry for my late reply. I wouldn’t stack high gain pedals, as you get a lot of noise and feedback, so in that regard it doesn’t really matter how you place them. Big Muffs can go before or after fuzz pedals but again, you should be careful with the placement of the fuzz. A good tip is to arrange gain pedals after how much gain they have. Fuzz/Big Muff/distortion > overdrives > boosters.
          David usually had his UniVibe after the fuzz and into a clean amp. This made the UniVibe sound pretty bright. Hendrix Usually had the UniVibe after the fuzz but into a craked Marshall, which made it sound much darker. I like UniVibe and phaser pedals before all the gains, including fuzz. This makes them sound more creamy and darker.

  48. Hi Bjorn!
    I picked up a Shin ei vibe bro a few months back and have to tell you I am very impressed. I had a chance to compare it to an original univibe and could not tell the difference! Most importantly, it does not change my tone! I found it sounds best when I use a boss ls2 line selector to isolate it from my other pedals when not in use.

  49. With all respect to your work, it seems to me that you rate the units in a way that make truer (to the original) sounding Vibes less desirable and you seem to favor shallower options, closer to phaser stuff.

    1. Well, I give the Moon-Vibe, Sixties Vibe and Tube-Vibe the highest score. All of which are VERY close to the original tone. Personally I tend to favour the more phaser-like Vibes, like the RotoVibe and Phase 45, as I think they blend better with high gain pedals.

  50. Adam TX-o-Caster

    Hi Bjorn, great vibe info! I’m building a board to get both Trower and Hendrix sounds. Since they placed their vibe pedals in different order in relation to their dirt pedals, I’m thinking about running the vibe pedal in the middle between 2 different dirt pedals. In order: a Fulltone Catalyst (fuzz), then the vibe pedal for that Jimi sound, then an OCD after the vibe for the Trower sound. Now I just have to decide on which vibe pedal to get!

    I’ve been looking at the Vibe Machine (if I can score one on the cheap, unlikely). Also looking at TC Viscous Vibe, VL Micro Vibe, BBE Soul Vibe, MXR Uni-Vibe. Trying to stay around $100US neighborhood. Ironically, not interested in DejaVibe. LOL.

    Because my board has 8 pedals in front of a Traynor YGL1 (15watt tube combo) that are all true bypass, I’m thinking the option of buffered bypass may be valuable.

    Your comments would be valued on all of this. THANKS!

    1. Hi Adam! My personal favourite for those classic UniVibe tones, is the MoonVibe from Electronic Orange. It goes extremely well with high gain pedals. Other UniVibes can often sound harsh and fizzy with fuzz. It also depends on your amp. Fender amps tend to make the UniVibes, and fuzz, sound very bright but Marshalls, Hiwatts etc, which are perhaps better for Hendrix and Trower anyway, makes the UniVibe and fuzz sound creamy and smooth. The TC and VL are also worth checking out but really, all the ones I’ve listed here sounds really nice.

  51. Bjorn, thanks for writing this buyer’s guide!

    I would suggest you to try out a Shaky Jimi or Jimi Nova (basically the new version of the Shaky Jimi). It’s extremely cheap at around 60 usd and sounds fantastic. I’ve tried it against a Micro Vibe and a Viscous Vibe and there was no comparison. It could probably become the top choice for a budget vibe in this list.


  52. You forgot the Strymon Mobius. Definitely worth mentioning. I had a Lex (obviously not a univibe) for a while but sold it because I wanted something with a dry blend since I was using it in mono. I also had the JHS unicorn and it was cool but I wanted to “downsize” my modulations and went for the mobius since it covers almost everything and it is incredible and tweakable. You can really dial in things to your preference. My favourite feature is the Pre/Post setting which lets you put the effect pre drives or post on a per preset basis. This is great for experimenting. Even though it’s digital it really sounds incredible.

  53. Hello Bjorn,

    As always, love the site. As I was looking up different pedal options, I came across an article that suggests that Shin-ei has relocated to Austin, TX (a few miles up the road for me) and they are making a new Uni-vibe pedal called the Vibe-bro. The pedal is pretty expensive ($699US) and the expression pedal added brings the total to close to $900US. Have you seen this, played one, or heard it? Your thoughts?


    Congrats on the upcoming release.

    1. Thank you Carlos! I just read about that and I don’t have any more info than what’s on their site. The price is ridiculous but it will be interesting to see the reviews.

      1. The best univibe pedal… Have you checked out the korg nuvibe? Korg hired the original maker of the univibe to recreate it without the parts that are outlawed now. And it’s dead on! I love it! Thanks for making this a discussion.

  54. Hey Bjorn,

    Have you thought about reviewing the Skreddy swirl? I’d love hear what you think of it.

    Keep up the solid advice.


  55. Hey Bjorn!

    Just wondering mate, can the vibe machine get close to the rotovibe with the Bright mode enabled?

    Thanks l


    1. Not really. The bright mode just adds a bit of high mids to the UniVibe tone. The RotoVibe has a much thicker tone. A Phase 90, with the a UniVibe swirl. The closest would be a Phase 45 but it’s very subtle. The Electronic Orange Moon Vibe has an extra control for shaping the depth and contour and you can tweak it for something very similar. The Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe is also somewhat similar, with more mids and an overall darker tone.

  56. Fantastic Stuff as always Bjorn! I was wondering how you felt about the TC Viscous Vibe? Personally, I dig the tone, but I’ve never been able to use it in a Gilmour-rig setting. If you have, what are your thoughts?

    1. It’s OK but a bit too clean or modern sounding for my taste. I prefer UniVibes and phasers in front of the gain effects. Maybe that will help :)

  57. Hi Bjorn how are you?

    I recently bought the TC Viscous Vibe!

    It have a nice fixture, the tone print but I can’t really put the pedal with a fine vibe tone! Between this one and the SmallStone that I have I prefer the SmallStone to “emulate” the Univibe.

    What are your thoughts about the TC ViscousVibe? In youtube I can listen some good vibetones off this pedal in the music Breathe for exemple.

    I play a strat with a Hiwatt T20 and the vibe is after the compressor and before the dirt pedals.

    João Bicudo

    1. I’ve tried it only very briefly so I can’t really comment on it. The stock setup sounded OK but a bit too pristine perhaps. I’m sure you can dial in some nice tones if you dig into the the Tone Print.

  58. Hi Bjorn!

    Big fan of your work! I’ve tried all sorts of vibe clones in the past and while they nail the jimi, gilmour sound, it doesn’t really work for my own sound\material. I also use humbuckers which make it sound too dark. I’ve noticed that some of my favourite musicians (josh homme, jason simon and jack white) use a rotovibe and so do you! I love the half phaser – half vibe sound and the foot controllable aspect. However everybody seems to be complaining about the buffered bypass and its affect on the tone. What other alternatives to the rotovibe are there? Would the grand orbiter get close, or should I get the rotovibe modded for true bypass?



    1. Hi Matt, yes the RotoVibe is a great alternative for heavier sounds and humbuckers. I prefer that one myself, mainly because I’m a huge Zakk Wylde fan :) I haven’t really noticed any issues with the buffer but I always keep it first, before wah wahs etc. Otherwise, the RotoVibe it self seems to sound darker. You might not want to pair it with vintage circuit fuzz pedals though. Highly recommended for that super thick phasing sound.

      1. Hey Bjorn! Thanks for the reply. Hmm thats a problem because I mainly play with vintage fuzzes :( Ill ask around to see if anybody can do a mod or something! Thanks for the info :)

  59. Hello!
    I am to buy a modulation pedal. Phasing is what I need for some covers I do and some stuff I write, especially those fat throb sounds of a Univibe! With the money I can spent I can get either the MoonVibe or the DejaVibe. The second is available to check in a nearby store too, while the first has a 2month waiting list.
    In a comment a year ago you replied you hadn’t check the new black version of the Deja. I think it has some resistor and photocell changes too. Have you tried yet, any opinions?
    PS. The previous cream version, didnt’ sound that appealing to me too, although I havent tried many more, only the VoodooVibe (not excited) as a reference.
    Gearwise, Strat, silicon Fuzz, Overdriver…60s n’ 70s style! ☺

    1. Hi Dimitris. Sorry for my late reply… I haven’t tried the new Fulltone but I can’t really praise the MoonVibe enough. Well worth the extra wait!

      1. I guess the fact that, as you said, “no one of us hasn’t played an original UniVibe” makes the decision, which to buy, harder.
        Earlier this morning I tried the Fulltone MDV newest 18V black version. Still not what I expected, or imagined. I also tried the MXR 74 Phase90 on a different amp -Fender style both though. The Phase90 had a more pronounced phasing, a quite intense/dramatic effect, more than the MDV. The MDV was reaaally subtle and gentle.
        And the way they interracted with my VA Overdriver; this also played an important role in my opinion.
        I liked the Phase90 more, I must say. But it wasn’t the lovely UniVibe style phase though, so I guess MoonVibe! I hope it produces those heart-felt throbs at various speed I am looking for!
        PS. Most important thing…If you don’t try a new piece of gear with your amp, at the volumes you use to play, you can’t really get an honest idea. Many dealers aren’t helpful, or pacient to let you open up even a lower wattage amp to examine every detail of a product you use. But they insist you MUST buy this or that…
        Conclusion? MoonVibe! ☺
        Thanks for the help and the information, have a nice day!

  60. Hello Bjorn, How are you?

    Do you ever tried the TC Electronic Viscous Vibe? Do you think it’s something to consider to guilmour tones?.


    Joao bicudo

    1. Haven’t tried it… Like everyone else, they claim it’s THE tone but what is THE tone? In my opinion, the Electronic Orange MoonVibe and the MJM 60s Vibe are the closest to the original Shin-ei but that’s just my opinion :)

  61. Hi Björn,

    Did you compare the Drybell Vibe Machine to the Neo ventilator?
    Did you see the new Ehx Lester G and K Demo?
    I am planning to buy the Vibe Machine, but would like to be sure it’s still a good choice.


    1. Yep, I say those… sounds promising :) Keep in mind that the Lesters and the Neo are Leslie rotary simulators, while the Vibe Machine is a UniVibe phaser. Two very different sounds :)

  62. Bjorn, I own a Earthquaker devices vibe but I’m not really happy with it. I’m thinking of buying a Tube Vibe, is it worth the investment since its a little bit pricey?

    1. It is pricy but since you’re already considering it I would say that it’s well worth the extra. It sounds really beautiful. Perhaps not as vintage sounding or authentic towards the original UniVibe as some of the others, like the Electronic Orange MoonVibe, but it has a lush and almost 3D character that none of the others have.

  63. Hey Bjorn! What do you think of The Depths by Earthquaker Devices? A friend of mine is selling his and I’m thinking about buying it. Do you think it is worth the buy or are there better pedals?

    1. It sounds pretty good. It has a more modern sounding UniVibe character, with a slightly brighter phasing. Worth checking out but if you want a more vintage tone then check out the Electronic Orange MoonVibe or the Sixties Vibe from MJM.

  64. Not a question but just a friendly FYI. I just purchased the MXR M68 UniVibe after waiting a whole year to decide if I really wanted one. Now I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants a affordable DSOTM pedal. It really drills the Breathe and Us and Them sound. Having the level control on it really helps as it allows you to set it to unity gain. I have it in front of my DG-2 and Keeley BD-2. It’s not as pronounced but it’s much smoother. After them it became a little too fizzy for my tastes. It probably sounds more like a Vibe/Phase 90 hybrid so I think it could pull off some WYWH tones as well. Perhaps you can get a copy and add it to the section as I think it represents the UniVibe name well. As always awesome stuff Bjorn!

  65. Hi Bjorn!

    i’m interesting to recreate the sound of breathe, time (solo) and us and them. I have low budget for the pedal, in you’re opinion, is better phase 45 or voodoo lab micro vibe? (i have fender strat emg-dg20 pickups, hiwatt amp, custom muff costalab, costalab compressor, tube driver bk. butler, electric mistress deluxe, mooer chorus esemble and tc alter ego delay)
    thanks a lot!

  66. Ho Bjorn!
    In You’re honest opinion for the song breath and US and them is Better a SOVTEK SMALL STONE PHASER VINTAGE STONED MOD MR.T ELECTRO HARMONIX T-PEDALS VIBE or a voodoo lab micro vibe?
    I have hiwatt t20hd with strato USA dg20 pick-up.

    Thanks a lot

    1. David used a UniVibe on the album and recent tours, so you probably want to look into a UniVibe. The Voodoo Lab is reasonably priced and it sounds great. A phaser, however, might be a more versatile pedal and you get to cover more of David’s tones, as he used one on WYWH. Both the MXR 74 reissue and the current EHX Small Stone will fit nicely for Dark Side tones and nail the WYWH stuff perfectly.

  67. Hey Bjorn,
    Thanks for your suggestion about the Phase 45 2 stage phase type pedal as a decent Univibe substitute. It led me to buy a yellow DOD 2 stage phasor from 1979 last week for $40 used…and wow! This thing is awesome. Not true-bypass, so I definitely colors your tone somewhat. I run it with a Crowther Hotcake od to minimize tone loss. This yellow biscuit delivers DSOTM and WYWH tones big time! Thanks again Bjorn!

    1. I’ve only tried it a couple of times but it sounds quite nice. The stock setup is OK but the tone print feature allows you to do all sorts of things. Well worth checking out.

    1. Yes, I did years back. I liked it then but it broke down and I haven’t replaced. Hard to tell how it compares to some of my favourites, like the Moon Vibe and Machine Vibe but well worth checking out I think.

  68. Hello Bjorn,
    Many thanks for all these tests, very useful for any guitarist who want to buy some pedals. I’m looking for a vibe not too expensive too have a more deeper sound in clean (I like especially Shine and Us & them clean sound) and a better sound with my overdrive for solos, so if you had the choice between Mxr m68, Mxr phase 45, tc electronics v vibe and pickle vibe, what would you choose ? (I play on strats with fat50 or EMG vintage active pickups)
    Thanks for your help !

    1. The Viscous is probably your best buy. It sounds pretty good all stock but you can also dial in a wide range of tones with the tone print feature. You might also want to check out the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe. Very deep throb and a nice mids boost, which is great for cleans.

      1. Ok many thanks for your quick answer Bjorn, I will check out both then, the VV and the MV. And thanks again for this huge work, very useful because there are so many pedals, it is really difficult to choose one or another, and when you are non-professional guitarist, this is complicated to try all of them !
        Bye !

  69. Hi Bjorn , I posted this question earlier, but I don’t think it went thru, anyway I’m building my pedal board I hav a rat an a plexi-drive & a tu-2…for my next pedal, should I get the echosex or the tube vibe? I will buy both eventually, I just love these effectrode pedals..thank you for taking the time to answer, I don’t buy anything without your thumbs up(I wish u was around when I was a kid reviewing video games) you saved me from buying alot of crap… and even tho it hasn’t been reviewed by you yet, I feel the echosex is gonna be a good pedal. Thanks for all you do..Chris

    1. Hi Chris! You seen my review of the Echosex? It’s really a stunning echo pedal and as much as I love the Tube-Vibe, since you don’t appear to have a delay unit at the moment, I really recommend the Echosex first. Delay or echo is a must for replicating David’s tones :)

      1. Thanks, hey should I try to get the LT edition, or will the regular one be good enough, I mean I’m just a bedroom player..the gold one does look pretty nice tho….echo sex tubevibe, an an evo, I should be set right?

      1. I wouldn’t ask you to share your tone print, but.. can you give any tips on getting those classic tones? :) I find it to be a little harsh and I still haven’t gotten into the editor on this pedal…

        1. I’d be happy to share my Tone Prints but I don’t own one. I just tried it at the local store and got some nice tones.

  70. Björn, your buyer guide is great in helping me seek out potential gear. I’ve been thinking about getting the MJM Sixties Vibe especially after reading that you gave it good marks here. But then after getting a JHS Firefly Fuzz (awesome Tonebender MkIII sounds) I noticed that JHS makes a Uni-Vibe too, the Unicorn Uni-vibe Photocell Modulator w/ Tap Tempo. It sounds good on the demos I listened to. Do you have any opinions on the JHS Unicorn? Thanks and keep up the great reviews!

    1. Never tried it so I can’t really tell. The 60s Vibe and the Moon Vibe from Electronic Orange are possibly the most authentic UniVibes I’ve played but JHS makes some really nice stuff so I’m sure their vibe is great :)

  71. I just picked up a Viscous Vibe from TC. I’ll admit I’m a fan of the Flashback X4 and the Toneprint editor.
    So far, I like the V Vibe and can get some good tones from it. Although I don’t have a lot of experience with other Univibes. I had a Shaki Jimi for a minute, but wasn’t that impressed. The V Vibe seems easy to get a good sound. And with a fast rate with the intensity set low, it makes a decent fast rotating speaker sound…
    I haven’t gotten into the Toneprint editor on this one yet.

  72. The new EHX Good Vibes is fantastic, particularly in its price range. photocells, expression pedal compatibility. Sounds awesome.

  73. Hi bjorn, first of all thanks for your web with a lot of useful information!. I am spanish speaker, i do my best with english.

    Well i want to know how important is the univibe preamp and “cancel” feature in the sound, i want a univibe to replicate sounds like “breathe” and my options are the Classic Amplification Vibe Baby and Fulltone MDV-3.

    I read a lot, that many Hendrix fans love the Vibe baby because it has the “Cancel” feature and the pedal preamp is always on. But how important is that in Gilmour sound? I mean, when Gilmour uses the univibe in the Pete Cornish pedalboard, the univibe is not always in the effect chain, so the preamp neither.

    what do you think? , cheers!

    1. Hi Dani! Sorry for my late reply. I’m not that familiar with the technical aspects of the UniVibe so I can’t really tell. David has a custom built rack unit – it’s not in the Pete Cornish board. I’m sure it’s modified but I’m not sure how different to the original Shin-ei it is. Tonewise, I’ve found the MJM 60s Vibe and the Electronic Orange Moon Vibe to be the closest to the vintage UniVibes.

      1. After some further reading it seems like its not a recreation, AnalogMan just sells the Black Cat vibe, which were made in lieu of the non-operational Black Cat company by another guy in Connecticut. However, when I checked up on Black Cat today it looks like their site is operational again and you can buy it direct from them.

  74. Fulltone MDV-1 is the only one worth buying. NOTHING else is made today that is so authentic to the original circuit in every way. With everyone else it’s all smoke and mirrors. If you have a Deja Vibe you have what the original Uni-Vibe was on stage at Woodstock with Hendrix. I have an electronics engineering degree and have played guitar for 30 years. I’ve seen the rise of the uni-vibe clones since the Captain Coconut came out. The Fulltone is the only real Uni-Vibe you can buy. There is no argument to be made for choosing something else if you want what the original Uni-Vibe was. As used by Hendrix and then Trower who took his style as a basis for his sound then you need a Deja Vibe.

    1. Fair enough but I don’t agree that the MDV-1 is the only UniVibe out there that’s worth having. For years, Fulltone has claimed that only they make THE UniVibe clone but I would say that both the Black Cat and MJM 60s Vibe are, if anything, very close competitors for that title. Also, pedals are all about what tones you need or want and what works with your amp and guitar. The Fulltone, or any other UniVibe, doesn’t sound like Hendrix with a Les Paul into an AC30. You need the Strat and the JTM45 or Super Lead to get that tone. No disrespect but playing guitar for 30 years only make you a specialist on the tones you like. Not mine :)

        1. I haven’t tried the CV2 but from what I’ve read it’s supposed to be very close to the original, which the clip on their site seems to confirm.

      1. I have a UV-1 Dunlop. Of all the reviews I saw on youtube, this KR Megavibe seems the most faithful to the original Shin Ei. The oscillation is deeper in the lower strings and sounds fatter.
        I use the UV-1 drives before, but I know that Jimi used after the fuzz. If I do that, the sound is very wheezing.

        1. I think Hendrix switched back and forth but anyway, I like phasers and UniVibes in front of the drives. It just sounds more natural. Having it after fuzz pedals can sound very fizzy on bright amps but it works OK on darker amps and amps with a lot of mids.

  75. The Mojovibe has an internal dipper to change from a vintage to a modern buffered input (which makes the pedal a touch brighter. not a huge change but it does make a difference depending on your rig.

    1. Sounds pretty good. Not as authentic sounding as the MoonVibe, Machine Vibe and others that are more true to the original specs but well worth checking out.

  76. Hi Bjorn! Your site is absolutely fantastic and I read it very often but never write. Thank you.
    I’m looking for inexpensive Uni-Vibe and tend to try (by many reasons) TC’s Viscus Vibe.
    Since this pedal is digital and we use to put the vibe in the very beginning of the chain, will this pedal, beeing in purely analog chain,kill the tone or spoil it in any way?
    Digital delays and reverbs are a bit different story since they work as a “send effects”
    I know you haven’t try it yet but I’d like to know your thoughts, so to speak, “in general”.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Alexey! The TC pedals has a switch inside for either true bypass or buffered bypass. For a big pedal board it is recommended that you switch over to buffered. That way the pedal won’t colour your signal. I haven’t tried the vibe yet so I can’t really tell how authentic it sounds but the tone print feature gives you pretty much a limitless operation. The UniVibe has a complex circuit, which is part of its mojo so I’m always a bit sceptical when this is simulated digitally but TC usually gets things right. The new MXR UniVibe may also be an option and you may also want to check out the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe.

  77. Hi Bjorn,

    one more question :) I am hesitating between Effectrode Tube Vibe and Vibe Machine Dry Bell, I read and re-read your comments and I do not make up my mind, knowing that there is a significant price difference between the two.

    Thank you for your help

      1. Hi Bjorn,
        I will certainly take the most versatile and my banker will be happier when I have received my new pedals, I’d make a post to give my advice to friends who seeks his Gilmour.
        All that remains is for me to find a store that sells the fingers of David :-)

  78. Appreciate you seem to have a real problem with the RM, but really I didn’t find it that tricky and it can get you an authentic vive sound as well as a lot more besides.

    I think most people reading this site would think nothing of spending 5 mins tweaking a few settings.

    If 4 or 5 producers couldn’t get the right sound from it, I think you should ask for their fee back….;)

    1. Like most UniVibes I think. Having it after the gain pedals makes it sound pretty harsh but place it in front and it sounds creamy and warm. Actually, it’s the gain pedals that changes character and not the vibe sounding bad.

        1. Overdrive or fuzz? Depending on your amp and what tones you want I would say that almost any model works but I recommend placing the overdrive or fuzz after the vibe. That way the vibe sounds much more natural and not as fizzy.

          1. I have a Marshall JVM 210h and some of my pedals are the lovepedal roadhouse eternity, musket fuzz, wampler ego comp, Vox wah wah, echo rec delay, wet reverb, pickle vibe and the deja vibe. Im using a 2013 strat maple neck and its similar to the black strat. Im going for a mid career PF tone like Pompeii, Dark Side, and Wish you were here kind of era. Im looking into another fuzz pedal and or overdrive that can give me that kind of tone, I was wondering what you recommend for me… Thanks

            1. I was also thinking about adding a chorus pedal, do you think it is necessary? If so, what do you recommend? thanks

              1. If chorus is what you want then it is necessary. It’s perhaps not a must have when it comes to Gilmour’s tones although he did use chorus extensively from 1981-2005. The Mooer Ensemble King is a very nice clone of the old Boss CE2.

            2. I haven’t tried that particular Marshall model but the Musket should give you a tone close to what you want. You might also want to check out a fuzz, like the MJM London Fuzz (red) for tones in between a typical germanium and silicon fuzz or one of the BC models from AnalogMan. If you’re on a budget, then it’s well worth checking out the moor grey fuzz or the grey or blue mini Fuzz Face pedals from MXR. If you want to go for something versatile then check out the Buffalo FX Evolution or Mooer Black Secret.

  79. Hey brother!
    I sure do love my Effectrode Tube-Vibe. Extraordinary, really. Almost 3-D, liquid, swirl goodness. I can’t wait to get an expression pedal for it. Hendrix, Floyd, But especially Trower. I definitely agree, Tube-vibe or Uni-vibe before the fuzz, OD, distortion, etc, Keep up the good work.

  80. Hello Bjorn,

    I’d like to get rid of my old big box MJM 60’s vibe.
    I love the tone but it’s a really big and heavy box.

    I’d like to know your opinion about Tc electronic Viscous Vibe and EHX Good Vibes… will they rock as good as MJM 60’s vibe for hendrix / Trower tones?



    1. None of them are out yet so I have no idea. I doubt they will sound as authentic as the 60s but based on the clips I’ve heard they sound promising and close enough to the real deal. The best MXR-sized UniVibe I’ve come across is the DryBell Machine Vibe (see my review). It’s got the original circuit and tone.

  81. Bjorn,

    New site is killer! Even better then the old site and I thought that site was a unbelievable source of information. Question for you. I already have the moor electric lady, mojohand fx nebula IV phaser, and a boss RT-20. Do you think its worth adding a chorus and/or univibe to my board? If so which do you recommend? On the univibe side I was contemplating the dry bell vibe but then saw TC electronics is getting ready to release the vicious vibe. On the chorus side I’m not sure. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Kris! I’m not a big fan of chorus myself but the Mooer Chorus Ensemble is very nice and close to the old Boss CE2. David hasn’t used the UniVibe that much but it’s essential for Breathe and Any Colour and of course if you want to play Hendrix, Trower etc :) The Machine Vibe is awesome and the small footprint is a bonus. I’m very much looking forward to try the TC. It’s a modelling pedal, meaning that it doesn’t have the photo cell circuit that the Machine Vibe and other authentic vibes has. The clips I’ve heard are promising though :)

  82. Elijah The Silkie

    “The way to set it is to turn down the intensity to zero, then play a note and sweep through the range with the bias knob – you will hear a point where it changes…” etc.

    Hmmm, concerning the Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe, I’ve never tried this method exactly but I have used the pedal on about a dozen different sessions and had 4-5 different “producers” sit and play with the knobs while getting the guitar sound but always to no avail. (To no avail in the sense of getting the “univibe sound”.) Like I said ealier, the pedal by no means sounded bad and was of top quality. It just sounded decidedly “modern”, for lack of a better term. While many complain about Univibe clones being too “phasey”, this pedal just wasn’t “phasey” enough, even with the intensity cranked.

    Plus, in relation to Ian’s described method of using the Voodoo Vibe, if you have to work that hard with any pedal, chances are it isn’t what you need.

    1. I’d have to agree that Mayer’s Voodoo Vibe Plus is not a pedal I’d want to put on a gigging pedal board. Physically it’s Large, and as you point out, the multiple knobs make it a difficult pedal to tune in on the fly. The one exception I can think of is if you had the room on the board and only used one setting per song, then you might get away with it.

      Mayer has a newer, smaller Vibe pedal with just a couple of control knobs that comes in a white box. It imparts a similar vibe (chorus) tone as the Larger black pedal.

  83. Hey Bjorn, Have you tried the Strymon Mobius? It has both vibe and rotary algorithms.

    [Very briefly. As all Strymon pedals it sounds very impressive. – Bjorn]

  84. The Voodoo Vibe gets VERY warbly so you have to treat it with respect. I change the settings depending on the amp used/other effects. Bear in mind i always run mine AFTER dirt as i find it sounds too harsh before.

    Really the key is in the intensity and bias knobs.

    The way to set it is to turn down the intensity to zero, then play a note and sweep through the range with the bias knob – you will hear a point where it changes which is where it will have the most noticeable warble when you turn the intensity up. That is a good start point BUT it might produce too much of a wobble. I find that turning UP the bias cures this a bit sometimes. But you can just tweak the bias to taste really.

    In terms of intensity, i find lower settings sound more natural (especially on the vibrato setting). But if you want to go crazy just crank up the intensity. You can mess with the wave shape and symmetry but on chorus and vibrato its a pretty subtle change on all but very low speeds.

    I would both agree and disagree with the guy earlier who said that it doesn’t sound authentic – the sounds are in there but i agree it is also an evolution of the effect. But it is not thin and subtle though, so it you want a really trebly thin vibe either look at the deja vibe or other, or EQ it.

    Lastly, the tremolo on it is absolutely brilliant and almost worth the price on its own so don’t give up on it!!

  85. Hi there, great thread, has been very useful to me over the years in my quest of the perfect vibe tone…

    Ian, would you care to please share your vibe settings for the vibe sound? I gave up on it long ago… Thanks!

  86. Hi bjorn I have looking into univibes and I came across the MxR univibe. Have you gad a chance to check it out? If you have let me know Thx

    [Sounds pretty good but it’s a bit brighter and not as smooth sounding as UniVibes with the classic photocell circuit. – Bjorn]

  87. The newer black Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe sounds better, closer to an original than the cream color one. If you haven’t tried the new black one, give it a try.

    [I will! – Bjorn]

  88. Very useful thread.

    I’ve owned the Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe Plus for around 12 years. It is a fantastic sounding pedal . However, it does not, and I repeat DOES NOT, sound like the uni-vibes of yesteryear. This may seem counter-intuitive since Roger Mayer worked with The Maestro himself bVoodoo-Vibe Plus is the most expensive uni-vibe clone on the market, trumping even the very costly Korg Nu-Vibe. New, the Voodoo Vibe Plus goes for over $600 and that’s not counting the expression pedal. For that amount you may as well just save your pennies and get an original Shin-Ei which I’ve seen go for as low as $1,200.

    The Voodoo Vibe Plus is actually three seperate effects in one, Chorus (univibe), Vibrato and Tremolo. Ironically enough, I usually use mine for the tremolo setting which is pretty stellar. Also, if it’s of any use, the RM gives a HUGE boost to the volume at anything over the 12 o’clock point on the output knob, which can be useful or annoying depending on the situation. Another strange thing about the design of the pedal is that it has two separate but identical outputs. That is, the pedal is NOT stereo but houses two output jacks. If someone can explain the usefulness of this, please enlighten me.

    In short, if you can find the Voodoo Vibe Plus for $400 or less, it might be useful if you are looking for an innovative spin on the uni-vibe sound. If you’re looking for the closest replica you can find to the original, I’d look elsewhere.

    1. A good buffer doesn’t cost little, let alone a buffered splitter.

      AFAIK this pedal sounds more modern in part due to Mayer’s pourpose of giving it a top quality buffered signal in the input section + the intended fuller bandwidh it works with. Mr. R.Mayer used to tweak Hendrix’s Vibes to work better in his signal chain and this one is his ultimate evolution of the tweaking that he performed formerly for Jimi (according to his own words).

      Funnily enough the two identical and Buffered Outputs are one of the main reasons I’m getting this one pretty soon.

      It will serve me as a studio quality Buffer, Preamp and signal Splitter as well as an actual Vibe. And because it’s going to be first in the signal chain, it allows me to use different drive pedals for the left and right amps or to use the 2nd out put for D.Injection duties.

      Using different drive pedals/settings on a stereo rig can be crucial if you use 2 amps with very disimilar character.
      For instance, the pedals that used to cut it with my tweed Deluxe usually are too bright or bass lacking in my AC-15. At the very least they need differen’t tone settings to work with such different amps.

      I plan to use the R.M. vibe’s out put section mainly like this:

      Out1 –> dirt pedals –> delays –> amp

      Out2 –> Tech 21 Blone with it’s own drive setting –> Reberb –> L&R channels of the “post amp” Reverb used to create a nice stereo field via PA and DI-ed into recorder.

      Heck, given that the pedal is all discreet circuitry and top notch I’m dreaming of overdriving it’s input with synths and all kinds of audio sources and use it also as a wide band frequency overdrive machine and analog preamp for digital stuff. I just hope it lives up to my expectations…

      If R.Mayer was good enough for Jimi, SVR and Clapton, I hope it will do it for me ;)
      Judging for the sound samples and demos I’ve heard the Vibe effect sounds deep and lush like “the sound in my head”. Now I only need to try and see if it works un my rig and if it does just as well at preamp duties.

      As a side note I want to add that he tone is in the hands and Jimi (like many others) didn’t have true bypass pedals, but well, he indeed had Mr. Mayer custom re-engineering his pedals for him (like many others have with different electronics men).

  89. I’ve owned the Danelectro Chicken Salad (1), then the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe (3), a Fulltone Deja Vibe (3), a Mojohand Luna Vibe (1), a Wilson Effects Haze (1), a Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe (2), a BBE Soul Vibe (2), a Sweetsound Mojovibe (1). So I’ve gone back and tried the same pedal up to 3 times in some cases but currently have the BBE Soul Vibe. In the followup comments you say it’s too wobbly. I find if you set the intensity control to about 10 o’clock it’s quite smooth at that point. It also sits in the mix very well, like it’s voiced so it comes out in the mix. As you have said I also found the Deja Vibe to be a bit thin sounding, better at mid-speed settings, and it doesn’t sit well in the mix with heavy overdrive. The last two vibes I had were the new black Deja Vibe along side the new metallic brown BBE Sould Vibe and I really noticed the shortcomings of the Deja Vibe. The Soul Vibe is actually a 2 stage phaser design and as far as I know the only two stage vibe in production. People often site the 2 stage Phase 45 as being more Vibe like than the 4 stage phase 90. I have a DOD reissue 201 Phasor which I love but it’s nothing like a Vibe really. For a real vibe sound you need a vibe, and for me the Soul Vibe does well. I think partly because it’s a 2 stage unit and I prefer the DOD 201 over the 4 stage EHX Small Stone or MXR Phase 90 I may prefer the 2 stage BBE Soul Vibe for some reason. I’m tempted to try another Deja Vibe mainly because of the boast that it’s the only authentic circuit but really looking at it another way, is every chorus pedal based on a CE-1 sound? No they’re not. So I think on paper the Deja Vibe seems like the best choice, but it falls down soundwise because every demo of a real original Uni-Vibe is just so much thicker sounding than a Deja Vibe. So something doesn’t seem to ring true with the claim that it’s just like the original, because it doesn’t sound like an original.

    [Thanks for sharing! – Bjorn]

  90. Matheus Ferreira Bastos

    Hello Bjorn, how are you doing?

    I’m really into vibeish sound nowadays, and I’m looking for one, I already have a MXR Phase 90, which I love, but I’m wanting a “real” univibe clone, or something like that.

    That said, I have in mind the Earthquaker Devices The Depths, the Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe and the Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe. Which one would you recommend to those lush tones, and for live purposes, one that cut well through the mix. Thanks again, greetings from Brazil!


    [Hi Matheus! I’d go for either the Fulltone or the Voodoo Lab. The Fulltone is no doubt a more accurate reproduction but I also like the darker sounding Micro Vibe. I also want to recommend the excellent sounding DryBell Machine Vibe. Hard to beat that one in terms of tone, versatility and foot print :) – Bjorn]

  91. For univibe sounds the Roger Mayer Voodoo vibe is incredible. A guy locally was selling one along with a Déjà Vibe. I tried both and the Voodoo Avibe just blew the fulltone away. The bottom end on it is unbelievable.

    Another you might like to try is the Pigtronix Envelope Phaser (newer version). You can get very vibey sounds with the LFO side mixed with the envelope. Also does amazing phasing, and it’s an envelope filter too. Would cover all pink Floyd bases i think.

    I also have the Boss Rt-20 which sounds great – agree it is more of a chorus variant although you can get good rotary by tweaking the settings. The univibe on it gets a bad rap, but if you adjust the balance it sounds ok. Not like the Roger mayer but a different, lighter flavour.

    One more I have that can do leslie tones is the BBE Mind Bender. It is a dual vibrato and chorus pedal but really it gets quite decent leslie tones. The depth knob goes way up to warped so you can get some crazy ray gun 50s sci fi tones or sweeping chorus with the speed turned down.

    Great site by the way!

    [Thanks for the tips! – Bjorn]

  92. Hey Bjorn–
    As I’ve mentioned, your Sorrow jam, the combo of effects, and your advice has really gotten me interested in the Pulse era tones. So, as you cab imagine, I’m watching the DVD and listening to Delicate and Division Bell a lot. Not to harp on it but I have a whole new understanding of some of my pedals and I have finally begun to get what my EMG Strat replica is supposed to do and spun like. And most of all just totally digging my new tone! So, as always, many thanks. My question is, since your such a fan of the UniVibe and it’s one in particular that has eluded me all these years, do you think the studio phasing effect during the outro solo for Great Day can be replicated with a univibe? Oh, I’d also like to add for those of you who’ve asked about the MXR UniVibe, I got one and it’s not really doing it for me. It ain’t got that mojo. Thanks! All best

    [Hi John! Either a UniVibe or Phaser would do the job on Great Day. I would place it in front of the gain pedal, to get a more natural sounding phasing. – Bjorn]

  93. Sorry, I forgot the Pickle Vibe from my options. Strangely(?) I like it the best when judging purely on demos. Some people really seem to love it and some people dismiss it as a phaser and nothing like a vibe. Hmmm.

  94. This might be a bit repetitive, but I’m looking for a vibe effect and appreciate your views on the matter so – have you, by now, had a chance to try out the new MXR M68?

    I’m pondering between Voodoo’s Micro Vibe, the MXR one and Villanova. I have a somewhat dark setup as it is and understood that Micro Vibe is rather dark sounding so I’m afraid it could be a overkill. Villanova on the other hand has tone and mix controls. MXR just sounds good on demos, so tough decisions, tough decisions…

    [I haven’t tried the Villanova, so I can’t comment on that one. The Micro Vibe is dark sounding but it works really well on most amps and it blends nicely with gain effects. The Micro Vibe is kind of a phaser sounding more like a UniVibe. It’s on the brighter side but it definitely worth checking out. I’ve tried the MXR very briefly and it sounds pretty good. It doesn’t have the classic photocell circuit but it replicates the tones well. Perhaps not as dynamic and warm sounding as many of the others. Hard to pick one. There really isn’t that big difference between these. – Bjorn]

  95. Have you had a chance to try out the newer Fulltone Mini Dejavibe 3? I don’t find it to be thin at all. I’d be interested in seeing what you think compared to some of your favorites. A comparison video would be awesome! Thanks for the great work you do!

    [Well, send me one and I’ll have a video up :) No, I haven’t tried it. Need to check it out. – Bjorn]

  96. I used to have the complete Hendrix rig way back in the early seventies, including the Univibe (with pedal). I have yet to hear any imitator that sounds like it. All the wannabes I’ve heard are waaaay too digital. The thing I really liked about the original was the deeper, earthier tone. You simply cannot do Machine Gun justice unless you have the real thing. I ended up rarely using the FuzzFace – switching to a Boogie IIc gave me a far better tone (apoligies to Jefferson Airplane and Big Brother, but I prefer tube distortion to the fake stuff) and the CryBaby didn’t have the intonation I prefer in a wah. The Univibe with a compact Ibanez multieffects rack worked well for me for years.

    When I was moving overseas in the mid-eighties I sacrificed a lot of gear to help pay the bill and selling that UniVibe was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. (Selling the Mark IIc when I got back and moving to a thermonuclear window smashing Boogie III 300W coliseum for my intended leap to stardom was another.)

    I still carry a torch for that UniVibe. It was a fantastic little box and sold my Hendrix sound. Back then, at a time when fans were familiar with Hendrix’ non-pop tunes (all you ever hear in rotation these days – Foxy, Haze and watchtower – whenever I kicked it on the Univibe and did my Hendrix set people would instantly pay attention.

    [Thanks for sharing :) – Bjorn]

  97. Check out the pickle vibe by lovepedal great for shine on you crazy diamond, Breathe , have a cigar, Us and them, Brain damage, Eclipse, Pigs three different ones, and a whole lot more!!

    [Yep! Great sounding pedal :) – Bjorn]

  98. Any thoughts on the korg nuvibe?

    [To be honest… I don’t see the point. There are so many great sounding UniVibes on the market and this one seems a bit too complicated and redundant… if you ask me… – Bjorn]

  99. I love my Drybell and they are great people to deal with. I still find that my Sweetsound Ultra Vibe II has a touch more mojo but it is also almost 3 times the size. For the price, the size, tweekability, and over all quality, the Drybell is a top notch vibe! :) I have heard great things about the MJM Sixties Vibe as well… I have yet to try one though.

  100. That’s called Marketing! Not a Mad Men fan? I actually think saying one makes the only “true clone” is kind of meaningless and harmless–in other words, it’s not the most egregious claim one can make from a marketing standpoint. It calls for a subjective determination about what he means by “true”–really not that far from claiming you make the “best x.”

    He was one of the first to offer the real circuit in true bypass on a scale so many could get their hands on it, so maybe that is a claim that was more true a time ago. In any case, he certainly seems like a man with some opinions, and quite a personality. What goes along with that is that some are gonna love ya, and some are gonna hate ya. Although I wouldn’t put the previous cream version of his vibe in the same class as the dry bell, I confess to be looking forward to his EP-3 clone with bated breath!



    [Well said, Brad. The thing is though that people are easily fooled. If not, marketing wouldn’t work. How many Vibes has Fulltone sold because they claim to offer the real deal? How many buys a US Fender based on reputation alone? If you scream loud enough people will always listen. The downside of the internet is that these claims are more easily heard. The good thing is that with a bit of research you can get much more info and make up your own mind on what to get. It’s also much easier to discover the smaller companies. The ones with (often) a great deal more honesty and devotion. – Bjorn]

  101. Regarding Drybell, just the experience of dealing with Martina, and the man behind, and inside the machine, Zvonch was enough to make the pedal worth every penny. However, as far as Fulltone gies, I wouldn’t pay half of the very reasonable amount I paid for my Vibe Machine. Regardless of any new Photocells, That company has a reputation for stretching the truth about how they make the only exact clone of the original, and the two Fulltones I tried, were plain shite! DryBell makes one hell of a UniVibe, and I can’t wait to see what Zvonch has up his sleeve for other mods,( he mainly is a modulation guy.). I told him we needed a better EM clone, and he laighed, in a “maybe you’ll get one!” kind of way. If he ever stops trying to improve the VM, I’m sure whayever his next project is, will be phenomenal!!!
    Peace, Love, and Gilmourish, Keith

  102. Daniel,

    Amen on the Vibe Machine! I’ve had one for about 3 months now and it is one impressive unit! Expensive for one pedal, no doubt, but an authentic univibe clone is one of the few effects, in my opinion, it makes sense to spend some money on. The real circuit isn’t cheap to make, and apparently, isn’t necessarily as good as it could be with just any off-the-shelf photocells. Dry Bell and Fulltone (as of recently, if I read Mike Fuller’s blurb correctly) now have their own photocells made to their specs. If I didn’t already have the Dry Bell, I would have looked hard at Fulltone’s latest black mdv. Absolutely no regrets on getting the Vibe Machine, though.My interactions with the Dry Bell folks were great. My pedal was held up in customs for a while and they even looked into it for me, to the extent they could, from Croatia.

    Warble on!


  103. Hey Bjorn,

    The Mooer Soul Shiver looks promising. Will we get a video review of it done by our favorite Gilmourish guitar wizard? I hope we do because you opinion usually sways mine :-)

    [I’ll try to get my hands on one. It definitely looks promising :) – Bjorn]

  104. Hi Bjorn!

    I just saw that Mooer website was updated, with the brand new Soul Shiver pedal. This is a modulation effect with three modes (chorus, vibrato and rotary), and the name’s font is very similar to the font of the Uni-Vibe. Very few informations about it, but some commercial websites sell it as a Uni-Vibe clone (seems to be in accordance with the three modes).

    Knowing the quality of Mooer effects, and as the MXR Uni-Vibe was launched few months ago (really great sound imo), I was wondering if this new Soul Shiver could compete with. Maybe yes, if the chorus and vibrato sections are identical, and if the rotary effect is convincing enough. Price could be a selling point too.

    But for the moment, we have to keep informed about it! =)

    Cheers, Alexis

    [Interesting! – Bjorn]

  105. Hi Bjoern,

    I purchased the DRY BELL VIBE MACHINE after doing quite a bit of research and ultimately was really making a decision after reading and seeing and more importantly hearing your review. The quality of the pedal itself is superb, and (as you know) the sounds the pedal is producing are simply amazing! It is super-quiet as well. I personally love the small footprint (on my crowded pedalboard), and the features (bright switch / switch between chorus and vibe). Personally, I like the clarity of tone it is producing. Lastly, the fact that it can be used with an(y) expression pedal is another plus (apparently the newer models allow use of most or all expression pedals per dry bell’s website). It is not per se cheap, but in my opinion well worth the price.

    Thanks for all your great work! I will keep checking back to your site :)



    [Cheers, Daniel! – Bjorn]

  106. Hey Bjorn, played the b9 at the music store, and it blew my mind how absolutely close to a real b3 sound you get. If I were in a band without a keys player, and wanted to play some Deep Purple, or any old rock n roll that featured b3 like say, the Zombies, My rhythm player could provide the b3 perfectly. The official EHX b9 video is no BS, I tried it through a ’65 Twin RI, with a little reverb, an a bit of overdrive just like the guy in the video, and the results were exactly the same. It does exactly what they say it does!!! A must have for my studio work, as my keyboard skills aren’t up to snuff.
    Peace, KC

    [Cool! I’ll give it a try. – Bjorn]

  107. Hey Bjorn, have you had a chance to try out the new Fulltone DejaVibe, the black MDV-1? It’s a drastic improvement over the previous creme colored one.

    [Nope. – Bjorn]

  108. OK, thanks, Bjorn.
    the thing is that those pedals you mentioned are extremely hard to find and very expensive when you find one…
    Between Fulltone Deja Vibe and Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe, which one is the best to get near “any colour you like”?

    [Could go either way. The Deja is the most vintage sounding while the Micro sounds warmer and has a tad more mid range. Both can do fast rotary pretty well. – Bjorn]

  109. Hi, Bjorn.
    Is it possible to get a great “any colour you like” sound with an auto wah pedal?? Unfortunately, I don’t have one to try and it’s very hard to nail that song with a phaser or univibe clones… Cheers.

    [An auto wah will give you that deep modulation on high speeds but it won’t quite be the right tone. A phaser is a better option. SOme UniVibes won’t do deep enough modulation at high speeds but the Machine Vibe and Moon Vive will. – Bjorn]

  110. The Univibe, my all-time favourite effect. Recently, I had the chance to play through a zoom multieffect’s vibe setting and even that was heavenly. I have a very tight budget and it is very difficult to choose between the BBE Soul Vibe, the Dano Cool Cat, and the Moen Shaky Jimi. I’ve never gotten to play the Moen, but it looks quite promising.

    I would love to hear your thoughts. Can’t wait till the next guide comes out.

    [Both the Soul Vibe and Cool Cat are nice. Haven’t tried the Moen. It’s also worth checking out the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe, if that’s within your budget. – Bjorn]

  111. Hi, Bjorn
    Behringer has launched the pedal RM600 ROTARY MACHINE. I really don’t know how it is regarding to Gilmour tones but it seems quite nice, based on what I heard on some few videos. Unfortunatelly I can’t test it or even buy it here in Brazil because there is NONE of it in all over the country!! LOL. Cheers.

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  112. Hello Bjorn,

    Thank you for this awesome site – very helpful.

    I would like to add two recommendations to the list, as my effects range from dirt cheap to boutique.

    My jam pedal-board features a Joyo Classic Phaser and a Danelectro CoolCat Vibe.
    Both are excellent at what they aim to deliver – which brings me to my point of ultra affordable tone. They are true bypass and deliver analogue tone pur sang. I don’t want to list prices – but you know, these are truly gems for the price paid.

    Ideal for the young player with a Gilmourized mind. Where were these pedals when I was younger?

    Kind regards,

    (yes, also)

    Keep up the good work!

    [Thanks for the tips! – Bjorn]

  113. Hi Bjorn,

    Not long ago I purchased the MXR Jimi Hendrix Anniversary Uni-Vibe and while it’s more of a budget focused pedal compared to some Uni-Vibe’s i find it great sounding and usable whether clean, with fuzz or OD/Dist! Depending on the set-up, I’ve had it sound dark, chewy with a satisfying throb to open, bright and chimey. Sounds great on my Pompeii/Dark Side…/WYWH era inspired set-up!

    All the best,


    [Thanks for sharing, Ben! – Bjorn]

  114. Love what you do here.

    I, like many here, are shopping and there’s such great stuff out there.

    I haven’t seen mention of Mojo Hand Fx’s Villanova. Curious if you’ve had a chance to check out and your thoughts?


    [Thanks! I haven’t had the chance to try that one yet. – Bjorn]

  115. Hi Bjorn, what is the difference between a rotary speaker sim like the Lex Strymon and the effectrode tube vibe?Never owned any of these types of modulations. Thanks

    [The Tube-Vibe and UniVibes in general does not sound like rotating speakers at all. They’re basically phaser pedals, which sounds very dark and creamy, with a swoshing kind of tone. David’s using UniVibes and phasers on songs like Breathe and Shine On. A rotating speaker sounds much more liquidy, with a brighter character and more definition. The Lex is a rotating speaker simulator and not a phaser. It’s confusing because the UniVibe was originally intended to simulate a rotating speaker like the Leslie, but the result ended up being something else. Still, by setting the speed high, you get a fast modulation, which can, with some imagination, sound like a Leslie but the similarities is basically just the fact that they both are able to do modulation in different speeds. – Bjorn]

  116. Hello Bjorn!
    Sorry to bother you again, but was wondering if you have looked at the EarthQuaker Devices The Depths? Would love to hear what you think of this one.
    Thanks again!

    [Haven’t tried it so I can’t really tell… sorry :) – Bjorn]

  117. Hi Bjorn!
    What would you say is the best rotary speaker simulator pedal other than the boss rt-20? I heard the dunlop rotovibe is good, would you say this is true?

    [The RotoVibe is one of my favourite modulation pedals but it’s more of a phaser and not a Leslie sim. I’m using the RT20 more as a chorus and a Strymon Lex for authentic rotary tones. That one seemed to be the closest match to my ears. It’s also worth checking out the Mini Vent from Neo Instruments. – Bjorn]

  118. I’d like to throw another great Uni-Vibe into the mix that you could probably pick up for cheap. The Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory. It is discontinued now, but you can probably find one around. This thing does Wah, Whammy, a bunch of weird stuff and has a bunch of stomp box models in it but I use it solely for its Uni-Vibe model which it really does very well. And the foot pedal controls the speed, which I use a lot for the leslie-style slow-to-fast changes. It also has a rotary speaker emulator which is pretty good but I pretty much never switch it off the UniVibe. Just point all the knobs to noon, put on the vibe model, and push the pedal down until it just engages, slowest setting. There is the “Breathe” vibe sound pretty much perfectly nailed.

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  119. Hello Bjorn,

    I’m the owner of an MJM sixties vibe, same as yours, old big model. I’ve never tried the drive bell vibe machine, but I’d really like to know if the MJM stands in comparison. Do you still use it, and still think this is the best univibe with gains and in particular germanium fuzz pedals?

    thanks for sharing your opinion,


    Best regards

    [It’s pretty much covered in the Buyer’s Guide. The 60s has a more vintage flavour with more of that low-fi character. The Machine Vibe has a more distinct phasing and cleaner tone. Hard to choose and it also comes down to what pickups and amp you’re using. The VM seems to work great on smaller amps and low volume while the 60s needs a bit of volume to really open up. – Bjorn]

  120. Bjorn, have you tried the new MXR uni vibe (2014) and will it fill the use for a gilmour era?

    [I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but judging by the clips I think it would fit his tones very well :) – Bjorn]

  121. Hi Bjorn,

    Do you have a review of the Jam Retrovibe yet? Couldn’t find it…. I think it’s down to that or the Drybell. Not for Gilmour per se (I am ashamed :) but similar mild rotary. Lex is, as you say, too domineering, and I hate the dual function controls; preparing to dump my Fulltone MDV — too authentic? Anyway, don’t like the sound.

    Thoughts on the Earthquaker Depths? Doesn’t seem in the same ballpark as Jam or Dry. What say you?


    [Haven’t done a review of the Jam yet. It’s very good and sounds pretty authentic. Personally I prefer the Machine Vibe. Apart from the beautiful tone, it’s one of the most musical vibes on the market. The pedal sounds creamy and fat on slow settings and deep on higher speeds, which most vibes aren’t capable of. Haven’t tried the Earthquaker so I can’t really comment on that one. – Bjorn]

  122. Hello again,

    What do you think about the Bearfoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe. What do you think of it?

    [Never tried it. – Bjorn]

  123. Hi,
    have you tried the new MXR uni-vibe?
    Thanks for an Amazing web-page!

    [Hi Henrik! Haven’t tried it yet. It’s based on a FET circuit, which makes me a bit hesistant but the clips I’ve heard so far are promising :) – Bjorn]

  124. Hello Bjorn,

    I really appreciate your work on this page! Thanks.
    Have you tried the new MXR Uni-vibe (the black one the same size as a phase 90). Any comments?

    [Haven’t tried it yet. It’s a FET-based UniVibe, which makes me a bit hesistant but the sound clips I’ve heard sounds pretty good. – Bjorn]

  125. Any experience with the humble Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe?

    [Sounds pretty good and hard to beat for the price. – Bjorn]

  126. My search is still on for a suitable vibe. The new Fulltone MDV-3 looked promising as the on/off switch of the MDV-2 was a PITA. But alas, the MDV-3 is too low in volume even with it cranked all the way. And the MDV-2 also beats it in that it seems to boost your signal and I really liked that. The Drybell EQ was just too flat for my ears, even with the bright switch on. The next two to try will be the Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe+ and the Earthquaker Devices “The Depths” for their added features. I still haven’t tried the Sixties Vibe or the Moon Vibe but since they don’t have EQ adjustments, I’m hesitant. Bjorn, can you recommend a vibe that you’ve tried that can nail the tones but can also be adjusted for better EQ?

    [I think both the MoonVibe and Machine Vibe has the tone spectrum and EQ that’s needed. A UniVibe is what it is and in most cases you’ll get the options you’ll need by tweaking your amp or using a booster with the UniVibe. – Bjorn]

  127. Earthquaker Devices “The Depths” is definitely worth checking out. Small footprint, true photocell circuit, infinite tweakability with 5 controls (intensity, rate, level, voice & throb). The controls are very interactive and can go from deep, lush, syrupy, bubbly, fluid…very subtle to in your face. It easily captures Shen-ei and can get thicker/deeper than modern déjà vibe, etc.

    The extended controls/tweakability are both + and – depending on whether you like fiddling with knobs or not. The only other minuses: no tap tempo or external rate control (not a problem for me, though I may add an enlarged extension to the rate knob so I can adjust it with my toe). My he case is aluminum and very sturdy, but the switch is mechanically ‘snappy,” and with the aluminum case makes quite a loud noise unless it’s carefully pressed.

    Made in USA, solid build,great packaging and case candy. I give it 10/10 for home/bedroom use and 10/10 for stage use in terms of sound/interactive feel. I don’t ever want to turn it off when I play…makes me smile every time I hear how much depths and dimension it gives my sound. I put it in front of all my dirt with only the compressor and wah in front of it.

    Wah>compressor>overdrive>fuzz>clean boost>blackstar ht-40 input>ht-40 effects send>post gain modulations>boss gigadelay>rotochoir>lexicon modulated reverb>effects return/ht-40 power section (second output on lexicon goes to input of my ht-5r mini-stack input (amp dialed in clean) since everything in the loop is stereo and connected as such. I use the channel switching on the ht-40 to take the dirt to another level (dirt channel dialed to crunch with modern voice and mid boost. Gets me that nice mid-rangy glassy sound that Gilmour gets on the Gdansk cd/DVD. Best rig/sound I’ve ever had.

    [Thanks for sharing! – Bjorn]

  128. Hey Bjorn, i was looking for a good univibe-4stage phaser and i found this one (it is recorded with a fender strat with cs 69 and a fender hot rod amp, i think it’s pretty good (for the price here in chile 70 bucks is like really cheap, you can get an phase 90 vs used for 300 bucks, and a new block phase 90 for 200)


    [Never tried it but based on the clip it sounds very nice and close to the MXR Phase 90. Should be able to nail David’s phase and UniVibe with this one. Check out the Mooer Ninety Phaser as well :) – Bjorn]

  129. Hi Björn
    Once again, – thanks for your great great work. It is really amazing to read all your stuff.

    Regarding your article on Tone, I really enjoying reading it. My favorite Gilmour Tone must be, Shine on your Crazy Diamond (Experience Edition) 1975.

    The guitar is so rough and “simple” and the phase/vibe is sooo cool.

    I’m trying to hit that feeling but what would you suggest for a small bedroom set-up?
    I like the Machine Vibe and MXR phase but a Dry bell is quit hard to get and expensive. Do you think that a Rotovibe would be the best solution?

    I have a 5 watt Lionheart and a fender vintage series Tele.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge


    [Hi Mathias! Thanks for your kind words! The Rotovibe would do the job. It’s kind of a mix between a phaser and UniVibe but it nails those Dark Side tones perfectly. You might want to check out a UniVibe as well though. Most of the models available are great. You’d need an overdrive too. The Boss BD2 is close to the Colorsound PowerBoost that David used. The modified Keeley model is recommended. Check out similar pedals like the Throbak Overdriveboost, Buffalo Powerbooster etc. Delay or echo is also essential. David used a Binson echo machine at that point. Catalinbread has released a replica in a single pedal, the Echorec. It’s also worth checking out the TC Flashback for a versatile tones. Hope this helps :) – Bjorn]

  130. First, I want to thank you for creating this very useful web site. Second, is that the Phase 45 ’75 reissue is an appropriate pedal to reproduce the Univibe tones in Dark Side of the Moon?

    And congrats for The Greatest Show on Earth… Lovely music!

    [Thank you! The Phase 45 is a lovely pedal. Very subtle but a nice alternative for a UniVibe. – Bjorn]

  131. Hi
    what do you think about TRex Viper ?
    Some people says the sound is a bit too clear, edgy and so could’nt fit whith a clear chain (strat, clean amp…)
    Thanks for your fantastic job.

    [I haven’t tried the Viper myself but judging from the clips I’ve heard it sounds a bit on the brighter side. But I need to try one to be able to tell. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  132. HI, I have a Versa Vibe from DLS and I would like to read a review about this pedal. I have experienced some noise fluctuations in the output of my pedalboard. It appears that the oscillations are amplified. I placed it between a sweet honey from mad professor and floorQ Compressor from Joe Meek. Any idea what about is happening? Thanks

    [Could be some conflicting impedance perhaps or a power issue? I really have no idea. – Bjorn]

  133. I get a nice sound out of the Digitech EX-7.
    I’m not sure it can get into the Trower territory, but “Breathe” it does nicely.

    [Never tried it but it looks very interesting :) – Bjorn]

  134. @Jay, I’m not familiar with the Oxvibe, but have you heard the November issued version of the Vibe Machine? Bjorn gave the original a 10/10, so I reckon it must be about a 12/10 by now! Much improved in every way!
    Peace, Keith

  135. Hi guys, one that is not so famous is the Guitarsystems Vibetool….you might want to check it out.
    Unfortunately it’s quite expensive, but it is the closest Vibe that gets the Shin Ei Univibe sound as Tony Spinner said….

    There’s a cool Michael Thompson video on youtube…very musical,,,,

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  136. Hi Bjorn
    Thank you for awesome shootout. Gotta throw a couple of coins about Jam-RetroVibe. There are two versions – standard and custom shop. The first is like a univibe in vibrato mode, without volume on the top. The second got exact features as MJM 60s vibe or Mojo Vibe. I said that if your are going to order one :) But we are all here for the vibrato mode, so both of them sound indentically. As for me it kills most of univibe clones and absolutely nails phase 45. Somebody said that it even may be better than even an original UV, yeap, that`s true , cause it has such a wide range of DEPTH and SPEED controls , so it doesn`t matter what are you going to play – Gilmour/Hendrix or just some trippy hippy stuff, easy chords phasey noodling or what – that will suit, I promise. Btw, mixes perfectly with drives/fuzzes, no matter the chain order. Love this thing even on zero settings, It jast makes something with your sound, don`t know what, but its amazing. The only minor issue – it has no input for speed control pedal, but maybe it is possible to make a special CS order, i don`t know. MUST HAVE pedal :)

    [Thanks for the info, Alexey! – Bjorn]

  137. Bjorn, you’re the man! I did what you told me to do: I put the BBE Soul Vibe BEFORE my DG-1 and Tube Driver and now it sounds fantastic! With gain off, I still have that “Breathe” tone on my strat with EMG kit. With gain on, I have “Comfortably numb” or “On the turning away”! Great!

    [Great! – Bjorn]

  138. Hey guys, and gals, my Vibe Machine hit the door at 8am this morning, and I’m more impressed with Zvonch, Martina, and the folks at Drybell because of how they handle their business, than I am with the perfect vibe they make. The pedal shipped from Croatia on Friday, a day after paying for it, and was at my door by 8 am 3 days later, in Virginia! For those of you who haven’t purchased the VM (Yet), it arrived, in a sleeve, that had a box, within a box, a bill of sale, the leather keychain pick holder, the rubber feet come unattached, so you don’t have to take them off to put it on your board. The bottom of the pedal has more info, than most companies manuals, and although the manual hasn’t caught up to all the changes to this batch, it should be on line in a few days. However, the nicest thing in the box, was a handwrriten note, from Zvonch, the creator, and builder of the Vibe Machine, personally thanking me for my business. I have not only had a great experience, but have learned a valuable lesson, and if UNCLE EBB’s Guitars ever gets off the ground, I promise that I will put the effort into my products delivery, and presentation, as Drybell showed me, and will include a personal note of thanks to each, and every customer. If you haven’t gotten a Vibe yet, but plan to, you can’t go wrong with the Vibe Machine, and the great crew at Drybell.
    Peace, Love, and Gimourish, Uncle Ebb!

    [Hear hear! Excellent customer service :) – Bjorn]

  139. My new, and improved Vibe Machine should arrive Monday! This batch they finally got rid of Mission’s monopoly on speed pedals, the vibe machine now works on all expression pedals from 10k-250k, so the boss, and Roland EP’s will work. The Leslie jumper I spoke of may be on all of them, but the concept is really cool. If you leave the jumper in, the rotary sound speeds up, and slows down with the rate you change the pedal, with the jumper removed, it doesn’t respond immediately, but slowly ramps up, and down like a real Leslie. Probably take some getting used to, but it may function well enough to use instead of the RT-20. I know a vibe is way different than a Leslie, but the way they talk about it, it sounds like you can get some very good rotary sounds. If I find that it is close enough, the switch from DEM, to ElecLady, and getting the RT off my board, would make my board the perfect size. What say you about that possibility Bjorn?
    Thanks, Peace to all, Keith

    [Hi Keith! Looking forward to check out the new batch! In regards to leslie VS vibe… Depends on how accurate you want to be. It’s certainly not the same thing and if you’ve ever had the chance to play through a leslie you’d know what I’m talking about. It’s VERY different. That being said, the UniVibe was designed to capture the essence of the Leslie. They didn’t succeed and in terms of what they set out to do, they fail miserably but made a very cool sounding phaser instead. You can tweak it for some pretty convincing rotary tones and especially in a live situation. Still, knowing how persistent you are I recommend checking out the Strymon Lex… yep! – Bjorn]

  140. OMG i just discovered this site and im addicted to all of this info!!
    Bjorn what do you think about the Lex by Strymon? i have heard nothing but great things about them.. you should look into them they are great! kinda pricey though..

    [Thanks for stopping by, Richard! Check out my review of the Lex here. – Bjorn]

  141. Have heard the univibe in the fractal axe fx 2 and what are your thoughts about it?

    [Haven’t had the chance to try the Axe FX yet so I can’t really tell. Anyone? – Bjorn]

  142. Hey Bjorn, and all readers, well Drybell has done it again. It seems like they have made a new addition to the already top scoring pedal on each run. It’s always had the symmetry control, like the moonvibe, although it’s an interior trimpot. It has a gain pot too, to push those tubes. Well, at the beginning of this year, they started using their own optical sensors, exclusive to Drybell, and a new matching process that utilizes a machine they had developed, to perfectly match each sensor. Then, they added a Leslie made circuit, to make it a rotary type effect, and added a circuit of some kind, to allow you to switch other pedals on with the vibe. The one big problem I saw, was the fact that it would only work correctly with a rare, and expensive 100k expession pedal. Well folks, the new batch, that I should get the first of, sometime in the next two weeks, works with any expression pedal, from 25k to 250k, and thus the only thing I saw as a downside to the pedal is solved. Thisu is not the Vibe Machine of Bjorn’s original clip, as it has been improved every batch, and unless they can push it further, I believe we will soon see their second release. I have no idea what they may build next, but their plan from day one, was only modulation pedals, one at a time, until they felt each was as good as current technology would allow. I’ll let you guys know if the additions are closer to perfection, or hype, but I have a feeling, the latest VM will be nearly impossible to beat.
    Peace, Love, and Gilmourish, Keith

  143. Hi Bjorn

    thanks for all the great imfo on your site. Will you be reviewing the Castledine Supra vibe soon? I’m keen to know how it compares to the Drybell

    kind regards, Ben

    [I haven’t really planned to but I’ll look into it. – Bjorn]

  144. Hello Bjorn, greetings from Seattle ! I really like your website. You are VERY detailed and thorough in your research and explanations. Nice work….I am wondering if have tried or, heard of Roger Mayer’s version of the Univibe. I had the good luck of a local music shop’s associate urging me to try out the only R.M. Voodoo Vibe they had been able to obtain. Since then Mr. Mayer has discontinued the pedal and now has a updated version with even more bells and whistles to dial in the tones of your choice. I have tried many other Univibe clones and in my opinion none of the others are comparable to the R.M. products. They are hand built in the U.K. and are sturdily constructed. I’m sure you already know that R.M. was Jimi’s go to man for design and modification of Hendrix’s electronics. Thank you for all you do for us tone thirsty gear heads around the planet !

    [Hi Barry! Thanks for your kind words! I’ve never tried the RM Vibe actually. Never come across one… – Bjorn]

  145. Hey Bjorn, as I mentioned earlier, I missed the August 19th Drybell release by a few days,( they were gone by September 10th!). I traded emails with Martina today to make sure my name is definitely on the first of the new batch due out in two weeks, which by the way, IS PRE-SOLDOUT!!!!!
    I thought it would be my last aqusition, but the Buffalo fuzz, and booster are invading my dreams! Ha-ha! !!
    Peace, Keith

    [Hmmmm… seems like DryBell really got some business! – Bjorn]

  146. I am completely tapped from putting a Gilmourish rig together and can’t afford a Uni-Vibe atm so I did some experimenting with my VFE Enterprise phaser (awesome pedal) and my Mooer Elec Lady flanger and although I couldn’t quite get a Uni sound I did come up with some really cool sounding effects. Couldn’t really describe them but I would definitely recommend others do the same and see what you come up with. Imagination is the Mother of Invention ya know. =) Also used my Boss Feedbacker/Booster into my POD XT with nothing but the Cavernous reverb on and got a trippy tone that is so “Echoes” Floydish sounding it’s scary. FYI was using the feedback effect in the Boss. The feedback into the HUGE reverb was the magick. Sorry for the overly long post, just wanted to share a good thing with everyone. Happy hunting! =) Brian.

    [Thanks for sharing, Brian! Phasers can certainly be used to replicate a UniVibe :) – Bjorn]

  147. Hey Bjorn, purely out of curiosity , I wondered if you’d had a chance to try Earthquakers The Depths. I wasn’t very impressed by a short video from the company, but it was mostly noodling, and I wondered if it would have sounded better if they’d played something familiar that features a vibe? Also, I just saw a Blackfinger compressor used, mint for $149 , do you know anything about the dual tube compressor?
    Thanks, Keith

    [Hi Keith! Haven’t tried the Depths but like you I wasn’t taken by the clips. Always hard to tell without having tried it my self though. The Blackfinger is really cool. Very warm and smooth. Like most of the EXH stuff it’s a tad too noisy for my taste but it’s a versatile pedal for both live and stufio, guitars, vocals etc. – Bjorn]

  148. Bjorn, I’d almost bet your review is in a great part responsible for this, but on August 19, Drybell released their latest batch, and over the weekend I emailed them to make my purchase, and they’re out! Gone in 26 days, but Martina promised that my name is on the first one of the new batch due out next month. Wow, those things are selling like hotcakes!
    Peace, Keith

    [No wonder :) – Bjorn]

  149. Friend what you say the Dunlop Uni-Vibe UV 1? thank you

    [Honestly? Too noisy and dark sounding. There are lots of other better sounding units on the market. – Bjorn]

    1. If you like Hendrix think about this .this guybtotally misses it.did you ever hear jimi not noisy ??or dark he was the master at very dark and always so much noise and feedback and saturated fuzz and vibe the Dunlop and MXR nail this tone to a tea .I dontbwant my him in polished and clean I love the dark noise its what makes it .the trick is only very good artist can control the dark noise and make it work right.as far as robin trower he has done many interviews saying he uses fulltone deja vibe and full-time od effects also nails his tones perfectly but let your ears be the judge Dunlop MXR fulltone all very good for Hendrix trower sounds voodo labs is OK too but not quite the same of course everyone has ears so its what you prefer

  150. BBE has a Soul Vibe based on the original Shin-Ei, some magazine gave an award to this pedal.
    Can you test a Soul Vibe pedal ?

    [Well, all UniVibe clones are based on the Shin-ei because it was the first and they invented the circuit, which everyone else are copying. So if anything, the claim is a cheap marketing trick :) The Soul Vibe is OK. Personally I think it’s a bit too wobbly sounding but it’s a nice budget alternative and better than most of the other cheaper alternatives. I also recommend the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe. – Bjorn]

    1. The BBE Soul Vibe is a two stage phaser which uses vactrols, just an led with a sensor in one case. Sounds nothing like a uni-vibe. Again it’s all smoke and mirrors, a bit of marketing, like based on the Shin-Ei um, no it’s really nothing like it.

      1. In all fairness to the Soul Vibe, I’ve yet to see any of their marketing which claims it’s based on the Shin-Ei or references to being a ‘Univibe’ at all. Rather, they push the Leslie speaker comparison. ‘Countless guitarists claim that Soul Vibe is the most convincing of analog rotary simulators, delivering on that Leslie experience complete with slight pitch changes as the horn comes and goes.’ Whether it delivers on that front either is another story, but I just don’t think they should be judged as failing at the Univibe thing if they never claimed that’s what they were doing.

  151. Nice work. Love your page. Next up, the Mojo Hand Villanova and the EarthQuaker Devices The Depths?

    [Thanks! Yeah, I need to check out those. – Bjorn]

  152. Have you tried the Prescription Electronics Vibe-Unit. Very happy with mine so far…

    [Nope. Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  153. I’ve tried quite a few “vibes” and if your interested in these effects, then you need to check out the Classic Amplification UniVibes. The builder (Brad) is the most knowledgeable in this field, I’ve found, and outstanding in sharing his experience and quite a nice guy as well. The best Univibe out there in my opinion!

    [Thanks for the tip, Bruce! I haven’t had the chance to try any of his pedals yet but judging from the clips I’ve heard, they sound awesome :) – Bjorn]

  154. Paul Dyckman U.S.A.

    I owned the Fulltone Micro Vibe like the one you have reviewed. I found the presence or “thickness” to be very subtle. I sold it for that reason. Do you find it that way as well? Which of these reviewed did you find to provide the most noticeable “Univibe” effect?

    [The Fulltone seemed to work better for moderate speed settings. I couldn’t quite get the tones I wanted on slow and very fast settings. In my opinion, the TubeVibe is the overall best sounding, while the Vibe Machine has the best effect for slow, moderate and fast speeds. – Bjorn]

  155. Jam Pedals Retrovibe? Quite expensive but like the sound. Would fit to all your other JP reviews

    [Yep, plan on featuring that one in the next update. – Bjorn]

      1. i have one on the way from Athens…..couldn’t wait….lol…nah..im a jam pedalaholic….will make a total of 10 jam pedals with gas for 3 more, and I am totally biased…cheers………….and thank you so very much for your work Bjorn…appreciate and find it very informative

  156. Hi again,

    While re-reading the article two things concerning the Sixties Vibe made me wonder :

    – you gave it 9/10 for “mixed with gain effects” while saying it’s your favourite for that particular task, especially with Ge based fuzzes hence I don’t understand how the Vibe Machine and Tube Vibe both got 10/10 (?).

    – in the complete review, I see you got your Sixties Vibe quite some time ago but do you know if the latest version (the more compact one) still needs the volume knob to be set at maximum for unity gain or has this “issue” been addressed since?

    Thanks again for the reviews, can’t wait to read what you have to say about the Retro and the Cool Cat Vibes!


    [Obviously these presentations don’t allow any deep analysis of each pedal and why I give the scores I do. The Sixties Vibe has a vintage tone, much more so than the VM and TV and it blends nicely with old fuzz units especially. However, my overall verdict is that the VM and TV sounds better for the tones I need and, based on my experience alone, what might be the best option for your Gilmour tones. Naturally, when you choose which one to buy, it comes down to your preference and how the UniVibe work with your amp, guitar and pedals. But as I say in the beginning of the review, all of the models I’ve listed are very good. It’s down to nuances. – Bjorn]

  157. Giulio Mazzotta

    Hey Bjorn what about Hardware TR-7 Tremolo/Rotary ???

    [A bit like the Line 6 Rotary Machine. Sound too processed and chorusy to me. – Bjorn]

  158. I was about to mention the phase 45, then I read the entire article. Haha!
    Been using a vintage Jecks/Univox copy of it for a couple of years now. It needs a bit of crunch from either an overdrive pedal or my amp to really “come alive”, but when it does it sounds great.
    It doesn’t “swosh” as much as say a phase 90 or a Small stone placed after my gains, but imho that’s a good thing.

    [Yes, it needs a bit of dirt to open up :) – Bjorn]

  159. awesome! Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the phase 45 on this guide! My dad kept his from when he used to play guitar!

    [Lovely sounding pedal! – Bjorn]

  160. would like to know what you think of the Castledine Supra Vibe in the future! It looks awesome.

    [Looking forward to try that one! – Bjorn]

  161. Hello!

    What do you think about the Aquavibe of Foxrox?


    [Haven’t had the chance to try it yet. – Bjorn]

  162. Many thanks for the reviews! Great job and I find your criteria (bedroom setup/gain mix/vintage sounds) quite interesting.

    Of course there are too many clones out there to test them all but IMHO, three of them are missing on this page : Retroman Uber-Vibe, Castledine Electronics Supra-Vibe and Jam Pedals RetroVibe.

    All three sound amazing in their own right plus : the Uber-Vibe has stereo outputs and all the options one could dream of; the Supra-Vibe has a terrific vibrato mode; but, maybe the best sounding of all Uni-Vibes I’ve heard (including a couple of originals) is the Jam Pedals recreation. Its main drawback is that it lacks a vibrato mode but man, what a hypnotising texture! And it does wonders on dirty setups too.

    Anyway, it would be great if you had a chance to include any or all of these to your testing one day. I’d like to hear your opinion on them.


    [Thanks for your kind words and for the tips! The RetroVibe will be featured in the next update. Sounds great! I’ll check out the two others. – Bjorn]

  163. I really like my Wilson Effects Haze Vibe. I don’t have much experience with other clones, but it has a distinguishing sound character for sure.

    Thanks very much Bjorn for providing a wonderful resource for the Gilmour fans all over the globe. I have created a very elaborate gear setup based on many of your suggestions, and it’s coming together I’m happy to say. Cheers

    [Happy to help :) – Bjorn]

  164. I’d be curious to get your take on the new Mojo Hand Villanova Vibe. Sounds pretty sweet from what I’ve seen so far.

    [Quite OK but I don’t think it sound as UniViby as other clones… whatever that means :) – Bjorn]

  165. Good luck finding a Tribute Univibe, it was the first of the tribute pedals, and besides the wah, the only one I wanted, and didn’t get. Ivenot heard anything good about the wah, but I heard its a decent sounding Vibe, but it was released in Nov, and Dunlop was out by Feb. I searched every small store from Virginia, to California, and everyone had sold out. I think you can get one on ebay, but I’d say it doesn’t come close to the vibes you could get for what you’d pay for it on line!

  166. Hi Bjorn.

    I like the vibe sounds.
    There are many vibe clone pedals in US. Wish I were there.
    The importation is troublesome…
    I’m interested in VFE Enterprise phaser. It has vibe tone mode and sounds good.
    And Big Knob Pedals Vibe Tone. It’s reasonable price than others.
    Thank you great reviews.

    [Thanks for the tips! I’ll check them out. – Bjorn]

  167. the chikensalad pedal from danelectro got the famous photo cells!! —not like the pickle that is like a phaser–
    maybe is a god choice for the tight budget!!
    cheers mate!!

    [I’ll be featuring it in the new budget guide :) – Bjorn]

  168. No comment on the dunlop univibe?

    [It’s discontinued and I don’t think it sounds as good as many of the clones. Very noisy and dark sounding… that’s my opinion anyway. – Bjorn]

  169. you missed the Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Series Univibe!!!!

    [Indeed I did but I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet. Next update perhaps :) – Bjorn]

  170. Thanks for the review Bjorn I liked reading it a lot!! Nice job as always!!!

    [Thanks Stephen! – Bjorn]

    1. Hi Bjorn,

      I once asked to open the reply to everyone(?ithout account at the icons below).
      And to Viscous, it is my favourite, also owning deja and lovepedals vibes.
      Viscous has several toneprint options called ‘vintage uni 1’ and ‘2’ ‘modern vibe’ and vintage vibe (not uni) and many very creative options Jimi could only have dreamed of, but vintage uni 1 is gilmourish.

      Thanks again for your blog. Iove you man and I’m not gay ;)

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