Live in Concert 2001-02

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David did a series of acoustic shows in 2001/2002 both in London and Paris. What started out as a charity event grew into a handful of solo shows that gained a lot of praise from both fans and media.

Although an unusual setting for David the rig is very similar to what he had been using on the Division Bell and later On an Island sessions.

Pete Cornish All Tubes MKI pedal board and additional effects

Pedal board effects listed as in chain

Boss CS-2
Pete Cornish G-2
Electro Harmonix Big Muff (Ram’s Head)
Pete Cornish SS-2
Chandler Tube Driver
Pete Cornish Tape Echo Simulator (T.E.S.)
Pete Cornish Custom Stereo Chorus (modified Boss CE-2)
Pete Cornish Custom Tube 6 Band EQ

Additional units

Roland SDE 3000 digital delay
MXR Digital Delay System II (2001 only)
Boss CE-2 (for sound on sound effect)
Boss CS-2 (for sound on sound effect, 2002 only)
Ernie Ball volume pedal
Conn Strobo Tuner

(left) 2001 setup: Conn Strobo tuner, Boss CE2 chorus, MXR Digital Delay System I and Roland SDE 3000 Digital Delay. (middle) 2002 setup: Conn Strobo tuner, Boss CE2 chorus, Boss CE2 compressor and Roland Digital Delay. (right) David at the 2001 Meltdown sho in Royal Festival Hall, London UK June 22 2001 with the 1999 Pete Cornish All Tubes pedal board.

Pete Cornish All Tubes MKI pedal board

The pedal board dates from 1999 and was requested by David to be used for future guest appearances etc. The board featured Cornish custom tube preamps between each effect to ensure minimum signal loss. It could also perform in both stereo and mono. Additionally the board was designed not to allow two distortion pedals to be engaged at once, only distortion+overdrive.

The Boss CS2 was replaced by a Demeter Compulator in February 2004 and a send/return for the Digitech Whammy was added in September 2004. The board was later used on the 2004 Strat Pack Fender 50th Anniversary show, in 2005 on the Live 8 Pink Floyd reunion, 2005-06 On an Island recording sessions and 2010 guest appearances.

Guitars and amps live performances

Taylor 712 CE acoustic steel string
– Rosewood body with a Fishman piezo system and an internally-mounted Sony ECM-66 microphone. The piezo signal is split and routed directly to the mixing board and to the Cornish board.
Martin D-28 acoustic steel string
– Fitted with a custom Seymour Duncan soundhole pickup fed into the Cornish board (only used on the 2002 shows).
Jose Vilaplana acoustic nylon string
Ovation Custom Legend 1619-4 acoustic steel string- With high strung unwound strings.
Gretsch Duo Jet
– 1950s model with Bigsby tremolo stystem.
Gibson 1950s EH150 lap steel

Fender 1950s tweed Deluxe 12W combo
– 1×12? Jensen speaker and 2x12AX7, 2xGT6V6 and 1x5Y3 (rectifier) tubes. Only used on the 2001 show.
Fender 1956 tweed Twin 40w combo
– 2×12? Eminence speakers and 4x12AX7, 2xGT6L6 and 2x5U4 (rectifier) tubes. Only used on the 2002 shows.
AER acoustic amplifier
– stage monitor for acoustic guitars.
Fender Passport PA speakers with 250W mixer
– For “sound on sound” effect on Shine On.

(left) Martin D-28. This was only used for the 2002 shows. (middle) Taylor 712 CE. This was David’s main guitar for both the 2001 and 2002 shows. (right) Ovation Custom Legend 1619-4. This had a Nashville high pitch tuning for Comfortably Numb.
(left) Gretsch Duo Jet. This was the only electric apart from the slide that David used for the shows. (middle) Jose Vilaplana acoustic nylon used for High Hopes. (right) Gibson EH150 lap steel used for High Hopes and Shine On 6-9.

Sound on Sound effect

On the intro of Shine On David is simulating keyboard pad his guitar using a very long delay. The guitar signal travels through a volume pedal (a second pedal used only for the SOS effect) and then into Roland digital delay unit with long repeats at 1500ms (20sec sustained repeats).

David strums a chord, lowers the volume pedal and plays a solo fed through the main signal path, while the Sound on Sound pad (the strummed chord) is sustained by the long delay. The pattern is repeated for each chord.

Acknowledgements and credits
David Gilmour In Concert (concert film 2002), Guitar Player Magazine (2003), Thanks to Rafal Zychal and John Roscoe for help with research. See feature for other references.