A Saucerful of Secrets 1968

Effects, guitars and amps Settings and setups

David’s rig and tone during the Sauceful of Secrets recording sessions and live performances was largely influenced by Syd Barrett and contemporaries like Jimi Hendrix. It was a limited setup but David would experiment and further develop the raw edgy blues sounds with echo and slides.

Pink Floyd toured Europe throughout the spring months and USA in July and August before heading back to Europe for the rest of the year and early 1969 doing more shows, festivals and TV-appearances to promote A Saucerful of Secrets (June 1968). The period stretches from the handful of 5-piece performances with Syd in January 1968 to the release of More in late spring 1969.

Effects recording sessions and live performances

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (NKT275)
Vox wah wah
Binson Echorec II

Guitars and amps recording sessions

Fender Telecaster
– Early 1960s all stock with a white ash body, white pickguard and a rosewood neck.
Levin western acoustic steel string guitar

Note: There are different reports on which Selmer amp model David used during the recording of Saucerful. He might have used a Treble n Bass 50w MKII but he is also seen using Selmer Stereomasters 100W heads on live perfomances during the sessions.

(left) Bouton Rouge TV-show, Paris, France, February 20. 1968 (David’s first TV-appearance). David is seen using the Telecaster he got from his parents for his 21st birthday in 1966. This got lost on the band’s visit to the States in July. Up against the Selmer Stereomaster and cabinet in the back is Syd’s identical Telecaster that David borrowed as a spare. (right) – Surprise Partie TV performance for French ORTF TV, September 7. 1968. David’s using the white Stratocaster he got as a gift from the band just prior to their US tour in July.

Guitars and amps live performances 1968 – spring 1969

Fender Telecaster
– Early 1960s all stock with a white ash body, white pickguard and a rosewood neck.
Fender Telecaster
– Early 1960s all stock with a white ash body, white pickguard and a rosewood neck. This was Syd Barrett’s old guitar that he later reclaimed during SoS recording sessions.
Fender Stratocaster
– 1966-67 all stock with a white ash body, white pickguard and a rosewood 4-bolt neck with a large headstock.
Fender Telecaster
– Natural brown body with maple neck and white pickguard (used from early 1969).
Levin western acoustic steel string guitar

Selmer Stereomaster 100w head
– with 4x ECC83, 4x EL34, 2x GZ34 tubes.
Selmer 2×12″ All Purpose speaker cabinet
Selmer 1×18″ Goliath speaker cabinet
– seen used from autumn 1968

Note: The natural brown Telecaster is first seen at the Royal Festival Hall show UK, London April 14 1969 and was used throughout 1969-71 although David employed different Strats as his main guitars.

Odd equipment (see details below): (left) David playing what appears to be a frankenstein Gretsch-ish guitar at on Samedi et Compagnie ORTF TV Paris, France September 21. 1968. (middle) David sometime early 1968 with his mid 1960’s Telecaster plugged into a Marshall Plexi and two VOX cabinets.(right) David playing a Gibson ES 355 on Forum Musiques, ORTF TV Paris, France January 22. 1969.

Miscellaneous equipment

Pink Floyd did not bring their own PA and backline with them on the summer 1968 US tour and they’re seen using different in-house equipment like VOX, Marshall and Orange. David and Roger is also seen with different guitars on a couple of TV performances that they most likely borrowed for the occasion.

At the Samedi et Compagnie performance for French ORTF TV (September 21. 1968) David is using what appears to be a Gretsch although it’s more likely a hybrid or frankenstein of some sort (above left). At the Forum Musiques performance, again for ORTF French TV (January 22. 1969) David’s using a Gibson ES 355 (above right).

Further reading

See these in-depth features for more on David’s gear: Early Years 1968-69, Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, Binson Echorec, The White Stratocaster and Telecasters.

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