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  1. Christopher says:

    This was a wonderful collaboration/interview. The live aspect definitely presented a very relatable vibe to your online channel persona (which was already relatable, but polished for content and time).
    Coincidently, I actually clapped in my studio when you said ‘Oakland ’77’. The interaction with S. White, DG’s improvisation, and the ‘Cigar’ verison is legendary. It’s funny though, I have listened to that show so many times, I often unintentionally lip sync the audience spoken words and whistles on cue (female voice saying “You want it?”). To your knowledge, say on ‘WYWH’ during the set, they added local radio jingle for the “turning of the dial” intro. – Did they do this for each date of the tour?
    I was in Houston at the time of the infamous April 30th (Jeppesen) UofH Stadium ‘rain out show’, which may explain why I’ve never found audio for it. Coincidently regarding the recent PastFX reviews, I somehow lucked into a prototype of their omitted (unintentional) ‘Powerbooster’ which (prototype) has an external “hi/lo” toggle switch rather than an internal dipswitch on the production model. It is spectacular and is the quintessential Animals/WYWH pedal when combined with a multi-head delay and modulation. Love the channel/Prost from Houston, Texas.

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks! They had a radio hanging near Nick’s drum kit which they used live and got local news and commercials. Apparently, they came across an ad for WYWH too. Roger would scream the number of the concert right before the last solo on Pigs. Apparently because he was fed up with touring and was looking forward to getting back home.

  2. SBraamcamp says:

    Hi there Bjørn,
    Great talk it was indeed.
    Somewhere along the way you mentioned the Oakland Coliseum, 77 concert – I’m a deep fan of ‘Animals’ too -, so my question is:
    How can we get somehow near that specific live DG tone with some modern gear ?

    Thank you and
    All the best.

    • Bjorn says:

      That’s always a difficult question to answer. For me, those old live tones are as much as what I hear in my head as what’s actually going on. The simple question is a Strat, Hiwatt voiced amp, Big Muff and delay.

  3. Great that you two Gilmour fans recognise and acknowledge each other. ????

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