• Foxgear T7E Baby review

    In this review I’m exploring the T7E Baby from Foxgear.

    The T7E Baby is based on the Binson Echorec Baby that were made famous by Syd Barrett and Hank Marvin, among others, in the late 60s.

    Like all Binson style models from Gurus and Foxgear, the T7E Baby produce warm, analog echo sounds reminiscent of the Memory Man, with all the features of the Binson Echorec machine.

    The T7E Baby is a very impressive unit, with lush and organic sounds that’s definitely capable of reproducing all of the classic Binson sounds of the early era Pink Floyd.

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  1. The delay times are longer than the original – does this make a big difference? I’m thinking of the intro to Time or Syds Theme when David used heads 3 & 4 – 225ms & 300ms. With the T7E Baby you would need to use head 2 & 3 but that would give you 200ms and 300ms. Thanks for all the awesome info and reviews!

  2. Mauro says:

    Based on your review, I decided to purchase this pedal. Unfortunately I don’t have any way of trying it out for myself, and in my opinion, your experience, knowledge and playing style make you the best and most reliable source.

  3. Arya Boustani says:

    Thanks Bjorn. Nice tone. Clean (compared to old gears) yet sophisticated and colourful. Have you used any of these high quality processing gears for your in the box production (i.e. using your soundboard’s output and input to loop through and bring it back to another track in Logic Pro? I know it requires impedance conversion but I think it’s worth it. Nothing is quite like a high quality analogue processing but then you have a bit of freedom for tone shaping afterwards. You need to split the signal and record a dry version in parallel and then use the insert out / in that loops through the pedal if your soundboard allows. Anyway, sorry for being off the topic but I couldn’t help it. It sounds so damn good to make use of such great pedals in other ways. Cheers.

    • Bjorn says:

      I haven’t explored that myself but we’ve done different things in the studio while recording for our albums. I depend on an engineer to come up with these things. I’m just a guitar player ha ha!

  4. Spencer Landreth says:

    Groovy little jam! Thanks for showing a variety of techniques.

  5. Brad says:

    Thanks, Bjorn! Ok, here’s what everyone wants to know: how does this stack up against the boonar? The foxgear is considerably cheaper, and I’m considering each. Thanks again.

    • Bjorn says:

      They’re pretty similar featurewise. The Baby sound closer to a Memory Man, while the Boonar has more of that clean and bright Binson tone.

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