• Tru-Fi Rat Pack review

    In this review I’m exploring the Rat Pack from Tru-Fi pedals.

    The Rat Pack is a take on the classic Rat pedal, with a 3-way toggle switch for Turbo, Sweet and Classic Rat sounds.

    Like the Rat, the Rat Pack produce anything from crunchy cleans to over the top fuzz. Higher gain settings will give you that squashed attack just like a fuzz on a cranked Marshall.

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Rat since I got my first in the early 90s and the Rat pack is definitely right up there with the very best!

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  1. Ali Kiani says:

    It has Lm308 or Op07?

  2. Eclipse says:

    greetings bjorn. i recently got an affinity for the colorsound powerboost and been wanting a distortion for some time now, with this review i think i made up my mind but i am wondering what would the bedroom and gilmourish score for this pedal be? i will be using it with a vox ac15 with a greenback.

  3. Iznogoud says:

    Hi Bjorn
    I can’t really compare A/B, and it’s unlikely to happen as I stopped GASing but the 1st distortion I bought was the Ibanez FC-10 Fat Cat which was often described as “the fat cat eats the rat”… Usually, these re-sale at rather high price on the 2nd hand market (€95), but the LM-7 LA Metal, which is far from being as much sought (can be found for €25) can easily be modified into a FC-10::
    – replace a 1M resistance by two 1N4148 or 1N914 diodes
    – replace a 39nF capacitor by a 22nF one
    – replace a 10µF cap by a 3.3µF
    – add a 4.7µF cap and 1k resistance
    Depending on vendor and brand of parts, you shouldn’t have more to spend than €1-2 in parts and half an hour at modding…

    RAT can be obtained as a kit from usual kits providers like Musikding, General Guitar Gadgets, GutarPCB, etc etc.
    Consider €24.50 for the Rat kit, €29.50 for the Deluxe Rat kit, including pot knobs.
    Consider €6 for a Hammond box and €11 if drilled.
    There are mods like the Helios kit w.the Philip Ruetz on tone and reactivity, a switch is added to alternate clipping methods between 2 [silicon = 1N4148/1N914] diodes, 4 diodes or 2 LEDs (this allows either more gain or a different grain). One can consider a rotactor with other types of diodes added, e.g. germanium [Ge] ones like the 1N34A, usually, you will use 4 Ge one instead of two silicon ones. [half of diodes/LEDs are always mounted in reverse polarity. You can do asymmetric clipping with non equal number in the 2 directions, and/or mixed types. Note that for even more gain, the BigMuff AOp aka ICBM uses six 1N4148]

    Which is the best RAT-like stompbox? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    I sold my FC-10 to buy my ICBM long ago.
    I decided to go for a LM-7 and mod it pretty recently after… Having bought the same DoD FX-25 Auto-Wah my end 80’s bassist was using as it was really cool for funk on guitar, but it had another very nice feature when used together with the FC-10 : it really deserves the name Fat Cat : it REALLY sounds like a fat stray cat barking when entering a fight! I missed doing this after having restarted doing some Belew animal noises e.g. the elephant or the rhino… Unlike the seagulls thing, his is no Pink Floyd purpose but it’s really funny to make : -)

  4. NORM says:

    Hi Bjorn hope you’re well. Wich op amp would you recommand, Standard Op-Amp or the
    LM308 Original Op-Amp. Your tone in the clip is simply to tasty !

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks! You can choose this upon ordering. The difference is minimal. The LM308 is perhaps a tad warmer and smoother sounding but you really have to A/B test the pedals to hear the difference.

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