• Best Gilmourish pedals of 2020

    2020 has been a crazy year but there’s been a lot of great guitar gear for all genres and tones. In this video I’m presenting my top two David Gilmour related pedals of 2020 ending with a short jam using both pedals.

    What’s YOUR favourite gear at the moment? Did you get anything new for christmas? Use the comments field below and share!

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  1. zachary audet says:

    Hey bjorn, would it be possible to review the bk butler tube works real tube overdrive and compare it to a tube driver? Thanks!

  2. Walter H. says:

    Bjorn, hope you and yours are well.
    I know it’s an older post but I have made some additions to my Tone.
    I have a Laney Cub12R per your recommendation I did upgrade the valves to JJ that added definition but only the Pre-Amp 12AX7 as I can not find anyone in my area to Bias it if I change the power EL84 valves. Am I wrong in that thought? Do or should I Bias it if I change the power valves?
    The upgrade I just made was to the Speaker.
    I changed to the Celestion G12 VType! My oh my I had no idea a speaker change would have made that much difference. It now sounds more amazing than I expected from a budget friendly amp.. The clarity and also definition of every note is there. It seems I thought I was happy instead of being happy.
    Thanks again for all your help and info, you are the Best online site period…

    Walter H ?

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks for your kind words Walter! Changing speakers can make a huge difference. The amp is selfbiasing so you don’t need to worry about that. Just be sure to get matched pairs of output tubes.

  3. Paul says:

    Hello Bjorn, what is the rest of your chain while demoing these two pedals?

    Thank you

    • Bjorn says:

      The rhythms are just the PULSE. For the first solo I think I used a Buffalo FX TD-X Tube Driver style overdrive. For the second solo it’s just the Phuzz and Pulse. All the delays is a Boss DD2.

  4. sonship16 says:

    Thanks for the review. I got one of these, and yes it is fantastic. I’ve tried to get that DSOM tone with the proper fuzz faces, hand made with different transistors but could never get that sound. This pedal is remarkable, amazing even and worth every penny. I use it into a Mosky Dynacomp compressor clone and Buffalo Colorsound boost. Fab. Thanks again. P

  5. Mike says:

    Im really digging’ the Best of 2020 video. I have Phuzz on the way next week, and I’ve had a Pulse for a couple months now. I always thought the pulse pedals were modeled off of the RA-200 style rotating speakers. I didn’t now about those speakers until I watched he video. I found a cool Rover demo video from 1972 that’s pretty cool. With the RA-200 I’ve always felt the the axis rotation on top always sounded smoother on guitars. Ive always liked the top half of a leslie or rotating speaker blended with a guitar amp the best , and the yamaha always seemed to have wider range and smooth phasing. The pulse is the nicest leslie style pedal Ive used personally, and it does remind me of that sound much more that a typical Leslie pedal.. I have it at the end of my chain after my stereo delay, going into two amps. On slow its just incredible how big the sound is. The phasing / flanging is nice and warm in the stereo mix. I can’t wait to try the fuzz with is. On one the best pedals I’ve put on my board in a long time.

  6. Kevin says:

    Here is another Echorec sound alike. Maybe you can get them to send you one to put through its paces.
    Just got a BK Butler Tube Driver. Sounds incredible. Way more quiet that the 1990s Real Tube I had.

    • Mike says:

      Man this thing looks amazing. And I bet it sounds incredible. The backlit green looks awesome too. Would look amazing on a pedalboard. Im really tempted to try one out. Thanks for posting that link as Ive never heard about these. Has a plethora of controls on it too which is great. Definitely a real deal drum echo machine. My buddy got a catalinbread echorec which is really cool. granted its a digital emulation, it has a lot of cool sounds. But this thing looks incredible and I bet it sounds amazing.

  7. Michael Also says:

    Hey Bjorn, I gave you a shoutout on a music podcast last night. I queued it up below. Feel free to share. https://youtu.be/o6Eo6PkriJ8?t=2304

    • Bjorn says:

      Just shared it. Thank you very much for the kind words!

    • Silvio says:

      Hi Bjorn, speaking of new pedals, have you heard the new production of Fender Pedals? Also on the list are two tube overdrives and a pugilist that sounds great for the price. A greeting

      • Bjorn says:

        I haven’t tried any of those but some of them sound really nice based on the reviews I’ve heard.

        • Mike says:

          I have one of the fender tube overdrive and their phaser. Both sound really good. The OD is nice and tight and pretty versatile. Great for pushing a tube amp. I Don’t use the boost feature though as I don’t like the Saturation. I prefer to stack with another pedal to get more gain. Which the fender overdrive is really good for. The phaser sounds really good too and having the slow/fast button is awesome. There’s a lot of versatility in it with being able to switch the amount of steps, the wave shape between sine and triangle and having independent rate and depth controls for the fast and slow settings.I haven’t tried any of the other pedals they’ve come out with. But based on the way these two sound I’d say they’re all pretty good sounding pedals. I’ve actually heard really good things about the Reverb Pedal. In the fender jewel lights on all of them is a pretty cool addition as well, LOL.

  8. roy panizel says:

    Hi Bjorn, your Blog is amazing for me and I found it only 2 months ago and it is amazing! I am looking for my favorite….., appreciate your help…. I just bought fender Strat pro and fender blues Jr, I have boss delay DD3, hall of fame 2 and phaser 90. I am looking for a fuzz and chorus/flang/modulation . What is recommended???? HELP….
    I thought adding Rams big head and mod11 (both Electro Harmonix),

    • Bjorn says:

      Roay, see this feature for some insights on choosing the right pedals for different types og amps. As for modulation. I’m a big fan of the Mooer pedals and their Ensemble King chorus and E-Lady are spot on the Boss CE2 and Electric Mistress respectively.

      • Mike says:

        I bought one of the Mooer e-lady flangers on recommendation from Bjorn and its a great flanger. I used the settings you posted on the electric mistress discussion and it nails the mistress. Sounds great especially running through the pulse. A friend of mine recently bought a catalinbread echorec and that is a really cool delay. Has some great Gilmour tones / settings in it. Definitely a good choice for delay imo.And both pedals are pedalboard friendly as far as size is concerned. Especially the e-lady. Its tiny, but it sounds really good. The Pompeii echorec delay that someone listed above looks absolutely incredible. Would love to hear one and imagine it sounds amazing.

  9. roy panizel says:

    So, Hi there,
    Your reviews are real inspirational for me, Thanks for what you bring!

    I am actually looking for advices on this matter:
    Guitar = Fender AM strat pro
    AMP=Fender Blues Junior
    Pedals so far: Boss DD3, Hall of fame 2 reverb
    Phaser=MXR Phase 90

    I am looking for Fuzz and modulation to get Gilmour tones

    What do you guys thing will sound good on the above?


  10. Roy says:

    Hi there, I appreciate your help…. I just bought fender strat pro and fender blues Jr, I have boss delay DD3, hall of fame 2 and phaser 90. I am looking for a fuzz and chorus/flange to reach gilmour tone style. What is recommended???? HELP….

  11. After 53 years of guitar playing, 2020 was the year that I discovered effects pedals. Your site, Bjorn, was extremely helpful in this new creative exploration. My new pedalboard, which I use for electric, acoustic, and classical guitar includes the Gurus Optivalve MKII, Keeley Dark Side, EHX SuperEgo+, Dawner Prince Boonar, EHX GrandCanyon, Walrus Audio Slo, and Death by Audio Reverberation Machine. I also have a Hologram Electronics Microcosm on order. In particular, the Optivalve and Boonar were influenced by your helpful website. Thanks!

  12. Phil B says:

    Happy new year everyone!

    I got the Thorpy FX Camoflange and the search for the best Mistress-type flanger has ended. A lot more versatile as well: With those 6 knobs you can dial in a lot of different sounds!
    Keep the blend control fairly low, harmonics at 12-ish and turn up the treble to get the Mistress sounds though :P

    • Bjorn says:

      Congrats Phil! Been asking for one for review for some time now but no replies.

      • Phil B says:

        Yeah that’s strange … Adrian replied to me within a week after new year, when I had a question about the pedal.
        They have given out the Camoflange for review to others, though, no?

  13. Brian Deren says:

    Hey Bjorn, I agree on both counts, amazing sounding pedals…my question, how does the Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz measure up, and vice versa, to the Phil Phuzz? Both sound incredible in your demos, also wondering how the Phuzz works with a Overdriver/Powerbooster pedal. Thanks!

    • Bjorn says:

      Apologies for the late reply. The Floyd Fuzz is a ram’s head Big Muff, while the Phuzz is based on the Fuzz Face. Somewhat overlapping but really two different pedals. Both goes very well with a boost.

  14. Gabe Aguirre says:

    Hey Bjorn did you mean Dark Side and Wish You Were Here? Has new information come out that he went back to the fuzz for Animals rather than the Muff?

    • Bjorn says:

      Animals was mostly the Big Muff but he did feature a Fuzz Face on his boards up until the recording of Final Cut. The Fuzz Face was also used on 1977 live performances of Money and possibly Pigs.

  15. Keith says:

    I think my favorite pedal I got this year was my BYOC Classic Fuzz. I usually use it on a low bias setting for Jack White feeling angry gated fuzz, but when I kick the bias knob to around 3 o’clock its a great sounding fuzz face. I actually use it over my Russian Muff reissue for a lot of Gilmour fuzz, it has a Fat EQ setting that really thickens up single coils. Sometimes I stack it in low bias mode with the Muff before and its such a wonderfully angry distorted tone but because of the low bias gaiting theres virtually no noise/feedback when you aren’t playing

    I didn’t buy it yet but I’m looking at used J Rockett Blue Notes, theyre a relatively low gain transparent drive. It mainly makes me think of Larry Carlton tones but I’m sure with some single coils it would nail drive sounds like Poles Apart

  16. Marcus Leonardz says:

    I got a Electro Harmonie Big Muff Rams Head. Excellent pedal.

  17. inkslingers1 says:

    My best buys this year were two Caline pedals. A Pegasus Klone and a Pure Sky. I was not terribly impressed with the Pegasus initially, preferring to get my clean boost from a different clean boost pedal. I was about to return it when the Pure Sky Timmy clone turned up. That seemed much better. But then I tried stacking the Pegasus into the Pure Sky. That’s a magic combination – lots of sustain and depth of harmonics so the Pegasus got a reprieve. In fact that Pure Sky plays nicely with ANYTHING. Makes me wonder what more a real Timmy would give me.

    Happy New Year Bjorn.

  18. Roy says:

    Hey, thanks.
    Your site has been an inspiration for me this year, now i have a Laney Cub, a BluesDriver and a Mooer Elady. Really great sounds

    • Mike says:

      That Elady is fantastic. And for like $60 and barely takes up any space on the board it’s an awesome deal. It’s cool Bjorn put those settings for all three of the mistress style flangers up here. I set mine just like he had in the pics and it’s a fantastic sound. I havent played through a Laney but man I’ve seen some videos on YouTube of guys using them for demos and they sound killer. That was a company that I kind of forgot about from back in the day, but now I am actually looking into them and trying to find somewhere I can go check one out and play through. The one I listen to sounded like it was a super tight, responsive amp that would sound amazing with a good drive pedal or two in front of it. Enjoy your rig and you’re playing man!

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