• Best Gilmourish pedals of 2020

    2020 has been a crazy year but there’s been a lot of great guitar gear for all genres and tones. In this video I’m presenting my top two David Gilmour related pedals of 2020 ending with a short jam using both pedals.

    What’s YOUR favourite gear at the moment? Did you get anything new for christmas? Use the comments field below and share!

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  1. Marcus Leonardz says:

    I got a Electro Harmonie Big Muff Rams Head. Excellent pedal.

  2. inkslingers1 says:

    My best buys this year were two Caline pedals. A Pegasus Klone and a Pure Sky. I was not terribly impressed with the Pegasus initially, preferring to get my clean boost from a different clean boost pedal. I was about to return it when the Pure Sky Timmy clone turned up. That seemed much better. But then I tried stacking the Pegasus into the Pure Sky. That’s a magic combination – lots of sustain and depth of harmonics so the Pegasus got a reprieve. In fact that Pure Sky plays nicely with ANYTHING. Makes me wonder what more a real Timmy would give me.

    Happy New Year Bjorn.

  3. Roy says:

    Hey, thanks.
    Your site has been an inspiration for me this year, now i have a Laney Cub, a BluesDriver and a Mooer Elady. Really great sounds

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