• My favourite Gilmourish pedals of 2019

    David Gilmour - Top Gilmourish pedals of 2019

    So, it’s time to look back at 2019 and some of my favourite David Gilmour related music gear.

    Obsviously, lots of cool pedals, amps and guitars came out last year but this being a David Glmour related guitar site, we’ll focus on the more Gilmoursh items and yes, these are my very subjective opinions.

    I got two pedals. The Supa Driver from Buffalo FX and the Flanger from Retro Sonic.

    The Supa Driver is sort of your beefed up Power Boost, with an added gain stage and a hint of compression. Like with all of the Buffalo FX pedals, Steve manages to take a classic circuit and design and make it his own.

    The Supa Driver is true to the original Power Boost but the added features makes it even more versatile and easier to set up properly on a wider range of different amps.

    Read my full review of the Supa Driver here.

    The Retro Sonic Flanger is based on the mid 70s Electric Mistress. It’s remarkably close to the original but without the hiss and the nasty volume drop.

    The Flanger was a big suprise. At least to me. There’s been several Mistress clones over the years but this one manages to capture the tone and deal with the issues of the original.

    It may lack that extra sparkle in the top end – hopefully they’ll release an updated version – but the Flanger is also easier to blend with distortion pedals and Big Muffs in particular compared to the brighter original model.

    Read my full review of the Flanger here.

    There are some honourable mentions as well, like the new Ram’s Head Big Muff reissue from Electro Harmonix. I think they did an amazing job with this one and it’s really ridiculous how authentic sounding you can get for the affordable price.

    Being a Sovtek fan I’ll go for the Green Russian but do check out the Ram’s Head if you’re into 70s Big Muff tones.

    I also want to mention the new Vintera series from Fender. This is the new and upgraded versions of the Mexican made Classic Series, which were very good but in my opinion, Fender brought new life into the middle range classic reissue guitars with the Vintera.

    The 50s and 60s models in particular, makes excellent alternatives for your Gilmour inspired Strat or Tele.

    I’ll soon update all the buyer’s guides with lots of new items.

    What’s your favourite pedals, amps and guitars from 2019? Use the comments field below and let us know!

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41 Responsesso far.

  1. Simon CRAIGE says:

    I read in the night someone quoting from Steve Painter from Buffalo FX, that he has developed a serous illness and has been in hospital for a some time, and that he does not know at present when he will be able to get back to work … this probably explains why recently it has not been possible to place orders via the Buffalo FX website.

    For me this is sad news as I consider him to be one off the very best in his field, and his pedals have permanently displaced many others in my own tone arsenal. I have only corresponded with him directly a few times, but found him extremely courteous and helpful, and I am aware he is deservedly well respected in his industry. Accordingly I’m sure I will not be alone in wishing him all the best, and hoping he gets well again …

    • Bjorn says:

      Very sad to hear this. Steve is the best.

    • Walter H. says:

      Simon, Thank you for the information on Steve. I also wish him and his family the best. Like you I had several Email conversations back and forth. He was very professional and encouraging to deal with…From Steve I found that I own one of just sixty Power Booster 9-18V that he made in 2016. Makes it an even more Special pedal!
      Stay Safe- Stay Well. ?
      Bjorn, I hope you and yours are well too. Your site is such a fantastic forum for us all, Thank You…

  2. Matt Davenport says:

    HI Bjorn

    Any thoughts on Orange amps, especailly the Orange Rocker 32? I’m Orange-curious.

    Cheers, love your work


    • Bjorn says:

      I don’t have much experience with Orange. They’re obviously British voiced, similar to Marshall although by no means clones. Great pedal platforms.

  3. Les says:

    Hey Bjorn, I picked up an RC Booster V2 from Xotic Effects which has got to be the sweetest clean boost on the market. It can add some drive, as well with the second gain stage. I also just bought a 2019 Gibson LP standard 50’s gold top w/p-90 pickups and it is awesome! Best thing it is a non custom shop model at standard pricing!

  4. KEITH says:

    Well Bjorn, I walked into Sam Ash Monday morning and my manager friend was possibly the first manager in the company to find the SKU# for the ’59s, and he found it by accident on Friday, too late to order until Monday, but I was there at opening, and while lost is upwards of $1000; US, Street price is $799, and I got a pretty good discount from there. I may be the first off the street player with no connection to the Gibson company to order a ’59 in the States, and can’t wait to see it up close, unfortunately, we Yanks won’t see our ’59s until June at the earliest ??. Grab one while the iron’s hot, and can’t wait to see you’re SG. I think I emailed you photos of my Rodriguez Cymbaline, and my 50th anniversary SG Special Pete Townshend signature. Anyway, I’m very excited, haven’t had a Les Paul in many years.
    Peace, KEITH

    • Bjorn says:

      Great! Let us know what you think when it arrives!

      • KEITH says:

        I’ve started Gassing again! I took my 50th anniversary SG Special in for a set up last week, and while there I found an Epiphone I didn’t know about, and it was perfect, as good as any Gibson I’ve seen. It was a late 2019 DC Pro in Mohave fade, so as soon as I finish paying for the 59, I think I’m going to purchase it!!! I saw a picture of your guitars and there was a double cut that looked very similar, is it a DC Pro? I couldn’t believe the perfection of the build of this guitar!
        Peace, Keith

        • Bjorn says:

          Yes, those are awesome! I had a similar PRS style that’s been donated to my vocalist :)

        • Walter H. says:

          I bought and sold my DC Pro In Wild Ivy due to the Neck. They had just came out In 2018 and it was one of two nationwide In that color I could find. I couldn’t find one to try so I found this out after I received it.
          The guitars build and sounds where incredible but you have to be able to play the guitar too. The Epiphone Modern C Neck carve was way to thick for my small hands So based on the quality of the DC, I found another Epiphone, It is a Les Paul Custom Pro Koa! The neck is their Slim Taper carve much better for me and something to consider. The pick ups, controls and sounds are the same but the neck made it work for me. Food for thought…

          Stay Safe Stay Well.
          Walter H.

    • Stephen A Douglas says:

      “59 Gibson what? Les Paul?

    • Brian H. says:

      Hi again Bjorn, hope everything finds you well.

      Proud owner of the Retro-Sonic here. Your demo of the Flanger almost makes a daily rotation in my practice time to play along with. Diamond Comp>Buffalo M-1>Flanger>DD-2 sound pretty close to your setup.

      Anyway Tim at Retro-Sonic has let it be known on that he’s recalibrated newer units of the Flanger (#250-ish and higher) to sound almost identical to another V2 Mistress in his shop. The main thing he got fixed was indeed that missing sparkle on the top end as well as reducing some filtering issues. Units #41-250-ish are a little different from the first 40 as well. Not sure what unit you have but I assume it’s a early one. Might want to ask Tim for a newer one to demo as he’s eager to let some people give it another try. I think Thorpy took away some of his business after the TPS episode. I have #284 and it’s going nowhere since Buffalo-fx and it’s new Flanger are currently MIA unfortunately.

      Brian H.

  5. Chris says:

    Hi Bjorn, I have a Gibson SG standard and Tubemeister 18 amp and no pedals. I’m just starting my journey towards finding the Gilmour tone and I’m new to guitar as well. This site is such a great resource. Among the pedals that you’ve suggested, are there some that are more suited to what I’m starting with? I play at low volume levels in a bedroom type setup. Thank you!../CW.

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Chris, what sort of pedals you should get always depends on what tones you want but a good start for Gilmour’s tones would be an overdrive, distortion and a delay. The Tubemeister is a great pedalplatform but be sure to use the gain channel. The clean channel is just too clean for pedals. Set the gain channel as clean as possible and dial in a bit of mids and lower the treble just a tad. Match that to your pickups.
      See this feature for some tips on choosing the right pedals for different amps and the see the Buyer’s Guide in the main menu for other pedal tips.

  6. KEITH says:

    Hey Bjorn, you can Pre-order in Europe now, with a supposed March 17 delivery. They can’t sell outside of Europe, and the Rep told my contact they wouldn’t be shipped to US dealers until June, but I got the call Saturday to come in this morning with some cash, and I could order a ’59. The 61 SG should be available now, it was just the 2 limited edition, and the USA made Casino that weren’t in full production yet. My birthday was the last day of NAMM, and the first time I saw and heard the ’59, and I’ve thought of nothing else since. Epiphone is going to really ramp up their specs in the years to come, and I just hope I lucky enough to get a guitar so limited that ANDERTON’S is being limited to 30, 15 of each color. Jump while you can buddy, and good luck. I hope I come home as a man with a 59 coming to my door!!
    Peace, KEITH

    • Bjorn says:

      Happy belated birthday Keith! Really looking forward to these models. They turn up here eventually I guess but usually late in the year.

  7. KEITH says:

    Hey Bjorn, I saw one thing at NAMM that I’m definitely going to get if I can jump fast enough when preorders start in the US. Epiphone is coming out later this year with a very limited edition ’59 Les Paul RI with the more Gibson like open book headstock, USA Gibson burstbuckers, LTD Edition toggle switch cover like Gibson Custom shop models, all hand soldered cloth wiring, CTS pots, Mallory tone caps, Switchcraft jack and switch, solid full thickness mahogany body, flame maple top period correct binding, and plastics, Rosewood board, and model correct vintage Tulip Tuners,(Wilkenson I think?). The videos I’ve seen it looks like a Gibson, and sounds as good as any Les Paul I’ve ever heard. Epiphone is going to introduce US built guitars into their line, with one acoustic,The Texan, and one Electric, The Casino being at NAMM and out this year. Really Beautiful guitars for reasonable prices!! I know it’s not a Gilmour subject for many, but OH MY God that ’59 sounded so Sweet!
    Peace, Keith

    • Bjorn says:

      Yes, they look awesome! Been using Epiphones for years and I’m very much hoping to get my hands on a 59 LP and the 61 SG with Vibrola.

  8. KEITH says:

    Bjorn, I was just looking at photos of the EHX booth at NAMM, and it looks like they’ve reissued the original Electric Mistress!!!!!!
    I can’t wait to hear it!
    Peace, Keith

  9. Thomas Williams says:

    Nice post! Hey I hope I’m 2020 you can review more Effectrode pedals such as the Blackbird (David has one), the Green Tube Driver (is a good replacement for the Butler?) and the leveling amplifier. I have a couple of these pedals and they’re amazing ?

  10. Chris Gala says:

    Bjorn, thank you again for this website. In your opinion, what is the difference between Buffalo-fx Power Booster and the Supa Driver since both are supposed to be based on the famous Colorsound Power Boost?

    Since you’ve reviewed both, which is more accurate?

  11. Phoenix says:

    Bjorn, what about the Thorpy Camoflange? What’s your take on that as a Gilmour Electric Mistress tone or as a pedal in general?



    • Bjorn says:

      I haven’t tried it.

    • Phil B says:

      Dan Steinhardt from TPS put it on his board in what is to him to ultimate Mistress clone, so it must be really good and I can confirm it sounds very nice from clips I’ve heard ;)

    • John S says:

      I just bought a Thorpy FX Camoflange as my first flanger, other than what was available on my old Line6 FX100 multi effect pedal. It’s outstanding! I’m certain that I would have been relatively happy with a $50 Mooer ElecLady, but this pedal is pure bliss. So I decided to cry once and then smile for the rest of my life. I was trying to save a few bucks by finding a used one on Reverb, but evidently there are far more dedicated snipers out there doing the same thing, so I just bought a new one as soon as it was available. Check out the demo by AndyDemos where he runs it through its paces, his demo also served as a decent tutorial for me to learn how to set it up.

      • morrissey007 says:

        For me the ThorpyFX camouflange is the best flange out there. It easily does the electric mistress and much more. It’s the most musical flange I’ve ever owned. Beats the retrosonic by Miles.

        • John S says:

          The ThorpyFX has an airy swirl that lesser flangers do not. It has low noise for an analog flanger. No volume drop. Feedback knob goes from positive to negative with no feedback at the 50% point. Blend knob goes from fully dry to fully wet (strongest filter effect at 50%). Watch out for the interaction between treble and feedback, it really surprised me. Adding a quality dedicated flanger pedal to my board allowed me to cascade 2 delays in the multi-pedal to better emulate the “Run Like Hell” tone.

  12. fab says:

    Hi Bjorn and happy new year!

    If the Retro Sonic Flanger was one of your favorite in 2019, I’m quite sure Buffalo Fx version of the Mistress will be your favorite this year! You’re probably already playing with it :)

  13. Piazxi says:

    Thanks for this

    My favorites have been

    Laney lionheart 20h
    EHX Sovtek Deluxe
    MIAudio super blues pro

    Honorable mentions to

    Chelee Odie Classic
    Wampler Tumnus Deluxe
    Wampler Fuzztration
    MI Audio super crunch v2
    MU Audio crossover drive V2

    • Matt Davenport says:

      Greetings from the home of MI Audio!
      How good are MIke’s pedals? I have like 7 or 8. He also makes wonderfull amps. The Iron Duke is a monster.
      The Super Blues Pro is one of the most versatile TS-based circuits on the market. Check it out. It can go from clean boost to power boost to TS808/TS9 to Klon through to si Fuzz.
      The Crossover is unique. I scored a V1 with the ltd chips, and while it has some issues (a lot of “pop” when engaging and a bit too much sag) it is perhaps his best dirt pedal.

      The Neo Fuzz ended my quest for a Germanium Fuzz. If you se one, buy one. Seriously. It’s do early Gilmour through to DSOTM, with a little boost post-Fuzz, like the Tumnus or in my case, an RC Booster or MI Boost n Buff V5.


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