• JHS Mini Foot Fuzz, Clover and Lucky Cat review

    I’ve always been a big fan of JHS and it’s probably the brand I get the most questions about. How will they stack up to David Gilmour’s tones? In this review I’ll be covering a couple of pedals that at least sonically should be easily recognizeable.

    A few years back I did a review of the Unicorn (UniVibe), Charlie Brown (JTM style overdrive) and the Pulp N Peel compressor. See my review here.

    Mini Foot Fuzz

    The Mini Foot Fuzz is, as the name implies, a mini sized fuzz pedal, with controls for fuzz and volume and a toggle switch for a bit of boost. The small footprint makes it ideal for cramped or smaller pedalboards.

    At full blast it’s very close to a silicon fuzz, with lots of rich harmonics and sustain. With the toggle switch in the off position, it sounds cleaner and closer to a vintage style overdrive.

    The Mini Foot Fuzz typically responds to the dynamics of your playing and it cleans up nicely with the guitar volume backed off.

    This is a fairly mild fuzz, with less gain and low end compared to similar models but it makes it easy to tame and it seem to fit most amps, whereas the more wild sounding fuzz pedals tend to need a bit of compression and mids boost to cut through.

    In terms of David Gilmour’s tones, the Mini Foot Fuzz will fit right into the Pompeii/Dark Side era but it can easily be used for the earlier stuff too.


    The Clover is based on the old Boss FA-1 preamp, which is pretty unusual. I don’t think I’ve seen a clone of that one before.

    A Boss FA-1 can be spotted on David Gilmour’s current studio pedal rack although it’s hard to tell if he’s used on some of the later releases or how it’s being used.

    Like the FA-1, the Clover is a clean boost with a lot of volume on tap. This thing is loud! It’s got a 3-band EQ and a switch allowing different combinations between the volume EQ section.

    You might very well just use an EQ but the Clover works much better as a clean boost and the subtle onboard EQ makes it one of those pedals you just want to leave on.

    In the clip, I’ve used it to boost both the low end and mids on the Foot Fuzz. The same can be done with a Big Muff or simply to add a bit more bite and tone to your clean signal.

    Lucky Cat delay

    The Lucky Cat is based on the very first generation delay or echo pedals from Ibanez, DOD and Boss. They had a unique and warm analog flavour, similar to the vintage echo machines.

    In addition to the standard time, feedback and level controls, the Lucky Cat also feature a tone control, a switch for two different types of modulation or tape wear and tap tempo. You can also switch between pristine digital delay and analog echo.

    I’m using the tape mode for those dark percussive repeats. It blends inncredibly well with the dry signal of the guitar and other pedals, with a distinctly vintage character.

    The Lucky Cat reminds me of my old Deluxe Memory Man, although a little cleaner, taking it closer to a Binson and David’s echo drenched tones from the early 70s.

    The Lucky Cat is definitely one of the better sounding echo pedals on the market.

    Please use the comments field below and let me know what you think of the tones I created in the clip!

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    Does the Lucky Cat sound better than Flashback delay? Is it a good choice for the early and modern era?

    • Bjorn says:

      The Lucky Cat has a very different tone and character. The Flashback is more of a studio quality delay, whereas the LC is very true to the old tape and analog units. The Flashback has more options though and therefore more versatile.

  2. KEITH says:

    Hey Bjorn, you just keep on providing great clips for us, and it is so appreciated by me, and the many, many others who’ve stumbled across Gilmourish.com the way I did many years ago. Just thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know how devoted to this site I am, and thank you again!
    Your Padawan, Keith

    • Bjorn says:

      Keith! Thanks a lot for your kind words and good to see that you’re still here… after all these years! Take care :)

      • Brad Roller says:

        I’d say Keith is probably the senior member here lol I’m willing to bet I’m right behind him! I love me some Gilmourish.com, coolest sight on the net. Thank you for keeping us nerds in mind with your hectic schedule. It’s really appreciated Bjorn.

        • Bjorn says:

          Thank you Brad! Been doing this over over a decade now, which is pretty crazy! I have a different life now, with lots of projects going but I try my best to keep the site and YT channel alive. Thanks A LOT for all the support!

          • KEITH says:

            Brad, I don’t know if Bjorn has an easy way of figuring it out, but I think you might have started reading the site before me.
            Bjorn, is there a non time consuming way to see when Brad and I first posted on Gilmourish? Before I saw his post, I was on the YouTube channel this morning, and judging from the dates the clips we’re supposed uploaded to YouTube, I figure I started being a daily reader in 2010, or 2011. I do know one thing, Brad is the only one still posting that I remember from my early days on Gilmourish, so we may be among the longest readers!!! Anyway, I hope I’m still reading the site in another 8 or 9 years,( as Bjorn screams no F’ing way loud enough to be heard from Oslo). Love you guys, give me a shout Brad, and thanks for the memories Bjorn .

            • Bjorn says:

              Keith, your first comment was May 19 2012.
              Brad, your first comment was July 19 2010.
              Might have been earlier, but that’s what I found on your current profiles.

      • KEITH says:

        I accidentally ran across the JHS pedal shoe, and Josh is one of the funniest, and knowledge builders I’ve run across, and I’ve watched 6 or 7 Gbs of the show which I found while watching your channel. You have to respect a guy who does a show about pedals made by others, and heaping praise on them. So glad I found his channel.
        Thanks again, KEITH

  3. Branko says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    What do you think of new Fender Vintera strats?im thinking of vintera 60s or 70s modified strat.

    • Bjorn says:

      I haven’t been able to try them yet as they haven’t arrived in my town but based on the vids and reviews I’ve seen they look very promising. I’ve always loved the Classic Series and these look even better.

  4. Dimitris Kovaios says:

    The guys at JHS make some really nice pedals, such as the Clover and Colour Box.
    Pretty cool and unique in their own right.
    Cool review, as always!

  5. Piazxi says:

    Great playing as always

    I think you can play through anything and sound like gilmour

    One humble request:

    Would it be possible for you to make theb track you use for your demos available to us?

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