• David Gilmour and the Bill Lewis guitar

    David Gilmour will be auctioning away the majority of his vast guitar collection. Over 120 items including some of the most iconic instruments in Pink Floyd and rock history, like the Black Strat, the 0001 Strat and the candy apple red Strat.

    David Gilmour Bill Lewis guitar

    One of the very few guitars that’s not up for auction is the Bill Lewis Custom, which is still in David’s possession and last displayed at the many Pink Floyd exhibitions of the last few decades.

    David Gilmour bought the Lewis while on tour in Canada with Pink Floyd in late 1970. The guitar was employed in several tours and albums, including Meddle and Dark Side of the moon.

    In this in-depth feature, we’ll look at the origins of the guitar as told in an exclusive interview with former Lewis employee, Mark Fornataro, and examine the performance and session history of this legendary instrument.

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