• Foxgear Echosex Baby, Muffin, Maitresse review

    Italian companies Gurus and Baoni Lab has joined forces and come up with Foxgear. The brand specializes in replicatig classic pedals in an affordable package.

    I’ve done several reviews of Gurus units, including the much praised Echosex. Baroni Lab mostly focus on David Gilmour oriented effects, with several replications of his classic pedals.

    The discription of this pedal says that it’s based on David Gilmour’s 1980s Big Muff. At that point he rarely used Big Muffs, although an early 70s Ram’s Head was often spotted in his studio and live rig. The Muffin definitely has that bright, saturated Ram’s Head character, although it seems to be a mix of the Ram’s Head and the slightly darker sounding early 90s Sovtek Muffs.

    The Muffin’s got a very well balanced tone, with just enough top and bottom end and a hint of mids shining through. The gain character has some really nice harmonics taking the pedal almost into fuzz territory.

    The Maitresse feature NOS MN3207 chips and is based on the flanging effect from old tape decs and the Electric Mistress. A very unusual and unique approach although Foxgear claim that Jimi Hendrix used the Electric Mistress. It was introduced to the market six years after his death. He did use tape flanging a great deal though.

    Like the original ’76 Mistress the Maitresse is a bit noisy but it’s got that vintage mojo that few of the modern replications manages to capture. You can also hear that almost jet-like tape flanging coming through making the Maitresse truly unique.

    Echosex Baby
    I’ve done reviews of both the Echosex 2 and Echosex 2 TE7 and the Echosex Baby is, surpringly, right up there with both of them.

    Inspired by the Binson Echorec Baby, the Echosex capture that almost reverb-like haunting echo of the old Binson. Like the bigger Echosex units, the Baby is on the darker side, placing it right between a Binson and a vintage Memory Man.

    The Bayby’s is limited to a single head repeat but it can be set up from anything between a fast slapback to almost 1000ms, with lush repeats and a very natural sounding modulation. Definitely one of the better sounding echo pedals out there!

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  1. Ernie says:

    Hi Bjorn, sorry for all the flanger questions lately but I’m in the market. I just came across this review and I think I saw somewhere a write up about the Maitresse where it said that it has a unique quality that puts it somewhere between a flanger and a chorus. Would you agree with that? I have only one space left on my board and was hoping to be able to cover chorus and flanger if possible. I’ve settled on the e lady and ensemble king and possibly switching them out as needed, but if this pedal can sit somewhere between those two effects then perhaps this would be the answer. I’m prefer mistress/CE2 type sounds for flanger/chorus so I’d rather not go the multi effect route and just get generic sounds. The DynoMyRoto seemed like a possibility too but I don’t think that’s a mistress type flanger. Anyway, any feedback you can give is always appreciated!!!


    • Bjorn says:

      If you want both tones then I think it will be hard to beat the ELady and Ensemble King… considering price and size. The Maitresse is a take on the Electric Mistress.

      • Ernie says:

        Thanks Bjorn. Appreciate all the help. I just picked up an Ensemble King for $30! I’ll get the E Lady next. May have to rearrange the board to fit but I think it’ll be well worth it.

  2. Mariano says:

    Hi Bjorn, is the muffin a good option for David drive sounds? or witch other drive pedal do you recommend for that. The muffin have great price and is small, those are good things but is nothing if the sound is not what we expect

  3. Greg says:

    Wonder if someone told Dave at the time when he toured with his first amateur bands, long before Floyd, fame and money, that one day his guitar will sell for nearly four million dollars… back in those days he was broke and starving. He wouldn’t believe it for a split second!!!

  4. Troy says:

    The Maitresse sounds nice. Just did a quick web search to see what flangers used this MN3207 chip. The Boss BF-2 & some old & new Maxons apparently. The BF-2 (which I have had since 1990) I like for its own distinctly non-Mistress sounds. The original Mistress used the SAD1024 (as does my Hartman clone).

    I stumbled across some interesting & informative flanger circuit discussion here where they discuss how tweaks to the circuit can squeeze more SAD1024 like performance (shorter delay times) than the MN3207 would normally be capable of (I’m no circuit boffin but it seems to make sense):


    That is where I discovered that there is a new clone of Mistress 18V on the market from Retro-Sonic:


    In this video – compared to an original – it is IMHO rather disappointing.

    “Retro Sonic Flanger (vs. 1978 EHX Mistress)”


    slightly better here – albeit not contrasted with an original:

  5. Clive Hawnt says:

    Hi Bjorn, did you find the Maitresse had the same volume drop as the Mooer e-Lady and EHX EM?

    • Bjorn says:

      No. I don’t think the Mooer has any drop. Do you? Keep in mind that the Mistress by nature has very little mid range, so it’s a difference between the actual volume drop of the old units and a perceived drop due to less mids.

  6. Chad from Dallas says:


    As usual great demo! Quick question. How does the Maitresse compare to the Mooer Eleclady. I have the Mooer and really like it, but it seems to have one setting and not much versatility. Does this one have more settings that are usable?


    • Bjorn says:

      The Maitresse is closer to the original 76 Mistress although, as I pointed out in the review, it has a bit of that old tape flanging too. Not a direct clone of the 76 but closer than the Mooer, which is more a Deluxe.

  7. where’s this jam track at huh bjorn? lol

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