• TopTone DriveGate DG-1 review

    There’s a buzz on the net about this new Big Muff clone that’s been compared to a Cornish P2. A Cornish? Do they dare? The TopTone DG1 seems to have stirred up quite a controversy. I recently got my hands on one and with a sceptic grin I gave it a good shootout. Here’s my review.

    Toptone is a fairly new Brazilian company that has set their mind on cracking the Big Muff code. Their little informative website claims that the DriveGate is the flagship pedal, hinting that they might have a range of clones but the DG1 is the only one they afford… for now.

    I got the chance to try the pedal on our last Floyd tribute show. In a dare move I replaced my faithful BYOC Large Beaver triangle clone and crossed my fingers that the DG1 was up for the task. I’m really not that interested in whether the DG1 is a P2 clone or not. The YouTube clip that seems to have started the debate suggests that it’s indeed a clone while the Toptone site clearly expresses that it’s not but rather a take on many models. However, the resemblance is quite noticeable and although it’s been some years since I tried a P2 myself, I have no trouble appreciating their likeness.

    The DG1 has an incredibly fat tone with lots of gain, just like the old Sovteks and the P2. The tone spectrum is perhaps a bit limited but so is my old green Sovtek. It works for stadium type solos and not much more than that but that’s the intention with these high gain models anyway. The tone is extremely pristine and even with the highest gain settings you can hear every string when you strum a chord, which is quite rare among Muffs. What surprised me about the DG1 was the rich dynamics in the tone. The mid range is well balanced making the pedal cut nicely through a mix or a band setting, something that can be a challenge with Muffs like the triangle. The top frequencies are smooth without any ear pinching overtones although not as warm as the triangle model and it’s also slightly brighter than both the P2 and green Sovtek. The lower frequencies are tight punchy character but I still miss some of the growling thunder from the green Sovtek. Still, less bass makes it easier to blend with other pedals. Like the P2 you can easily use the DG1 alone without any booster but I prefer having the Colorsound behind it just to blend in a bit more character (perhaps it’s just a habit).

    The DG1 is housed in a rugged MXR-sized aluminium box with cool graphics. It runs on 9V and you can use your Boss adaptor. The adaptor plug on mine was a bit tricky and I’ve seen others complain about this too. The pedal is of course hand wired with high quality components (read more about the technical details on the TopTone site) and it’s true bypass. The pedal is a bit noisy but nothing to loose your mind over. It’s easy to tweak and works nicely with most other pedals (like Boss BD-2, Colorsound Powerboost, Tube Driver, Electric Mistress etc).

    The DG1 got me impressed and it produced some very fine tones on our Floyd tribute show. We did a lot of Wall tunes this time and I was mainly looking for a mix between David’s hard edged Wall album tones mixed with all the wonderful liquidy rotary sounds from the 1980-81 tour. The Combination of the DG1 + Colorsound Powerboost + Electric Mistress was dead on. Personally I’d choose a triangle or ram’s head for the Animals and Island tones while the DG1 is great for Wall, Delicate and PULSE. It sounds huge on stuff like Sorrow and On the Turning Away. I think the DG1 is a good start for Toptone and a welcomed addition to the ever-growing Muff family and I’m eager to see what they come up with next!

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  1. I’m a little late to this party but I thought I’d throw in my opinion of the DG-1 anyway.

    I’ll keep it simple: I love it.

    Like many guys my age, my style owes a lot to the soaring muse that is Mr Gilmour and this pedal just makes me want to indulge that part of me even more. Do you to the (flattering) popularity of my Youtube channel I have been availed many great Muffs and this one is in my top three alongside the Dice Works Muff Diver Finale and BYOC versions.

    Last week I put up a taster for a forthcoming video that I’ll be uploading shortly. I don’t specifically refer to David Gilmour solos but you’ll see that my style owes a lot to them. Those interested can go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4PJ8R3Sr7Y for a peak.


    Brett Kingman

    [Thanks for sharing! – Bjorn]

  2. Dave A says:

    You are the proud owner of my first ever Paste of a link hahahahah,something you will always remember hehe.

    [Cool! – Bjorn]

  3. Dave A says:


    Here you go mate just had a lesson how to do it,hope it works.Kit has just ordered the DG2 so that will be interesting to see what he thinks.The pedal just after the DD20 though,still none the wiser.What do you recon :)

    [Ah! Now I see… It’s a Providence Anadime Chorus. – Bjorn]

  4. Dave A says:

    Hey Bjorn .Kit put up a thread regarding the Top Tone DG-2:sorry dont know how to put a link up,you know me computer illiterate :) Truly.
    Top Tone DG-2,Cornish G-2 ish clone.The you tube link video shows a pedal laying next to the DD20 and luckily Kit didnt seem to have come across it so i didnt feel so stupid.The lad on the video has a really nice tone to my liking for ABITW II solo.I was wondering if you can shed any light on this mate.Do you know what the pedal is,if its a compressor it looks as though he has it in a completley different position IE not first in chain,I know theres no rules really,any thoughts.Cheers mate hope your good !!

    [Hmmm… Can’t find the clip. Please just copy/paste the link in the comment field and I’ll check it out :) – Bjorn]

  5. I bought myself one of these. I am learning a lot from this website and other sources as videos and papers.

    I got a DG-1 and used the BK-Buttler as the boost, just like The Master does in the Pulse rig. I started with the settings I found here and then I tweaked it a little bit.

    Add a little delay and you’re there for the solos.

    After buying a HIWATT custom head, I believe I got the tone.

  6. Seam Comprom says:

    I received my DG1, it took because the customs bureaucracy. The pedal is fantastic as good as the P2 and the buffer makes no lack, no difference, perfect to The Wall and Pulse, obviously must comply with the recommendations of Bjor to adjustments and combinations with other pedals.

    Anmol said
    Sure, I will sell my P2, please see the eBay in this week.

  7. Carlos Ayala says:

    Hi Bjorn, i found a clon of Triangle Big Muff with some modifications like Cornish type.
    The “Muff Diver” from the company Dice Works, have one toggle switch for activate the cornish tone (scooped mids eq).
    Do you have experience with this pedal?

    Please Help me!
    I’m confused to choose: Muff Diver (one toggle switch for cornish mode) or BYOC Large Beaver (with 4 way EQ switch and scooped mids EQ).
    Help me please.

    [I’ve never tried the Muff Diver, so I really can’t tell. Like many other recent Muff clones, the BYOC has a 4-way toggle switch that allows you to dial in several models and sounds. This is also featured on the new EH model with the tone wicker, Skreddy’s Pink Flesh etc. The scooped mid setting produce a tone similar to the triangle model. I guess the Muff Diver is referring to the Cornish P1, which was a clone of the EH “ram’s head” model that David used on several tours. This has a bit more gain than the triangle. Without knowing the Muff Diver, it sound to me that it’s very similar to the BYOC. – Bjorn]

  8. Ludo Tozo says:

    DG-1 vs Green Muff
    I think you were wrong advising Phil said.

    [Not sure what you mean but I still stand by the fact that the DG1 is closer to the AA Green Russian than the green Sovtek. As you can hear in this clip, the DG1 is much brighter than the Sovtek. So is the AA. – Bjorn]

  9. Eric Nyberg says:

    Hello again,
    Well this is what the setup is going to be after I get the Large Beaver triangle. Fender Stratocaster with CS69’s, MXR Dynacomp, Large Beaver (should the comp go before or after the muff?), Keeley Blues Driver Phat mod, EH Deluxe Electric Mistress, MXR Phase 90 Script, Boss DD-20 and MXR Carbon Copy played through a Fender Deluxe Reverb. (Crossing my fingers that the LB will get here soon!) Do you boost the Beaver when your playing In The Flesh? and The Thin Ice? And one final question (for now!) When you were recording Identity were the synthesizer laid down first or was the guitar? I’m working on an instrumental and I’m trying to figure out how to shape it. Thanks a lot and I’ll be sure to send a picture of the board once the LB arrives!

    [Sounds like a great setup! The compressor should go in front of the Muff. I think we recorded the guitars first. Most of them anyway. There’s no rule but I find it easier to lay down the keyboards after the guitars or you’ll end up adding too much strings, pads, organs etc… Depends on what music you’re making I guess. I’d recommend doing drums and bass first, then rhythm guitars, then keyboards, then vocals and guitar/keyboard solos. – Bjorn]

  10. Seam Comprom says:

    I bought one DG-1, should arrive next week. If this pedal is 50% of P2, I am satisfied, I have BYO, Green, Black and Little Muff and all not come at the feet of P2. No chance, who has a P2 knows.

    [I think 50% is about as close as it gets. This is not a P2… nor are the BYOC or the Little Muff either. The green Sovtek is probably the closest there is to the P2 although the P2 has a bit more mid range and a generally brighter tone. Keep in mind that almost every Muff out there is different to the next. Some claim to be clones while others claim to be something different. Apart from the BYOC I’ve never heard a clone that sounds as the original because the boutique makers tend to add or alter components. The DG1 however is not a clone but rather based on the P2… which is a difference :) – Bjorn]

  11. Eric Nyberg says:

    Hey, I just ordered the BYOC Large Beaver triangle from axeandyoushallreceive (hope it comes soon!) prebuilt and it comes with the four position EQ switch, do you think this would help darken up my Wall tone coming from a deluxe reverb?

    [The Deluxe might be a bit bright for a typical Gilmourish amp but depending on your pickups and other pedals I think the LB would give you some nice tones. I’d go with the triangle scooped mids version/settings for the darkest tone. Another good tip if you’re strugling with too much brightness is to reconsider buffered pedals. Boss and Ibanez especially will add treble to your tone. A compressor might also be a way to cut the most earpinching heights. – Bjorn]

  12. Anmol says:

    hey bjorn,
    How r u brother……I m looking to buy a big muff i have around $100 at max,i have the byoc triangle version,but i m looking for the russian or the ram;s sound you know,,,,so wat will u suggest….

    João J. Francisc please share the schematics….please please…..

    Seam Comprom how much for the P2 eh….!!!!!!lol

    [The black Sovtek is a decent Muff version. A bit more muddy than the earlier versions but definitely OK. The EH Little Big Muff is also an alternative. If you’d want to add a bit more I also recommend the AA Green Russian. Great sounding pedal! – Bjorn]

  13. Ted Tedson says:

    The reason people say Muff’s don’t cut through the mix live is because most of them have scooped midrange. The guitar occupies mainly the midrange frequency of EQ, and if you have scooped midrange…well no surprise that you can’t be heard because you occupy the same frequency range as your bass player and will get drowned out. That’s why you can hear your Big Muff fine if you’re playing alone, but disappear in a band setting.

    Any muff pedal will work with an EQ pedal before it boosting the mids. Don’t put it after the Muff because the buffer in the EQ will take away the thick sound and increase noise because of the impedance mismatch. Like any fuzz, a Big Muff should either be the first thing your guitar sees in the signal chain or any pedals after it (like a wah or tuner) should be true bypass.

    There are also Big Muff based pedals out there that already have flat-mids or Midrange controls so you wouldn’t need to use an EQ pedal. The ones I can think of offhand are: Blackout Effectors Musket, Earthbound Audio Supercollider, Earthquaker Tusk V2.

  14. Eric Nyberg says:

    Just to give you a follow up Bjorn, I have the CS69’s in my stratocaster and a Fender Deluxe Reverb. I bought a Keeley modded BD-2 and an MXR Phase 90 script logo that should be arriving on Friday. I was wondering myself whether the Large Beaver might be a little too demanding, thoughts? I’m not getting rid of the Rat though.

    [I think a LB Muff would sound great on your rig. Just keep in mind that you should always set the controls regardless of what David’s using. Using a Muff at home on lower volume requires different settings than on a huge stage :) – Bjorn]

  15. Eric Nyberg says:

    Hey Bjorn, I’m thinking of replacing my 2008 RAT 2 with a BYOC Large Beaver prebuilt, I’m really trying to shape my WALL tone, on sale for $129.99 do you think this is a good idea, or would I lose the flexibility that I have with the rat and the ability to play at a low volume in the house? Also, I’m bringing my demos into the studio for the first time today so I’m excited and nervous about that.

    [Depends on your amp and pickups. The RAT seems to be working great on almost anything but a Muff can be a demanding pedal. The Large Beaver is an amazing Muff clone but I wouldn’t sell the RAT if I were you. I’m still using mine all the time. – Bjorn]

  16. ruodi says:

    “Seam Comprom said on October 17, 2009 at 12:28 pm
    Ruodi Said,
    Do not worry, you’ll get over it …..:)”

    ??? I do not understand what you are talking about, my English isn´t that good. But it must have been impulsively funny. :)) (ha-ha)

    (Pardonnez-mois, Bjorn, I know this isn´t a discussion group. I´m going to shut up now and play my guitar – directly into Custom HIWATT.)

    [Cheers Ruodi! – Bjorn]

  17. alessandro bart says:

    hello i know is out of the topic.. but does anione knows the pacht effets used for one of these days on PULSE tour 94
    thank you for any help

    [See this article. – Bjorn]

  18. Hugo says:

    Hi Bjorn I was going to ask the same that Phil about the AAGreenRussian and the DG-1. I see your point just want to ask your opinion about something: in a situation where only the muff is on for solos (no booster) which of these two pedals do you think that stands out in the band’s mix better (DSOT sound)?

    I’m currently using my AAGreen Russian direct to my Mesa F50 amp and it sounds good. Sometimes I add the CS-2, but I think it lacks a little but just a little of mids. And I don’t want to add another pedal to my board just for that.

    What do you think?.

    Thnks Cheers!

    [I don’t think you’ll notice dramatic changes in your tone with the DG1 compared to the AA. The AA is perhaps a bit more vintage sounding with less mid range but I think both will cut through nicely. Depends on what you’re looking for. The triangle and to some extent the ram’s head is great for 70s and present Gilmour stuff where the music is fairly basic and not “over produced”. The AA, P2 and DG1 fits the 80s and 90s stuff better because they can stand up to the thick keyboard layers. I can’t really tell which of the AA and DG1 that will be best for this. Depends very much on your rig – pickups, amp and the other pedals. Adding a transparent booster like a Colorsound, Tube Driver or BD2 will not only add character and volume but it will also make the Muff a bit more punchy and tighter, which will help it cut through more. – Bjorn]

  19. Dave A says:

    This is a really good thread Bjorn and one that i think will be discussed for a long time,underneath you say your sorry you cant record anything at the moment but when you can how about a Money solo played on your 21 frett strat.Now theres something that im sure cant be found anywhere else ? Thaere must be many people out there that would appreciate that!Hmm id like to see the comments on that vid.Cheers Bjorn.

    [I’ll try. David played Money on Delicate, PULSE and Live 8 on a standard Strat though :) – Bjorn]

  20. Phil says:

    Heya Bjorn – hope your well – great article.
    As always, it got me thinking. I have the green russian atm, and a P2 on order (just under 12 months still :(), and Im thinking whether it is worth swapping out the green russian for the DG-1. Through your experience playing both, what would you suggest? Sell the AA and get the DG1, or just save up for the DG1 and have both?
    oh, got em DG20’s in my EJ strat and stuck a pair of Svetlana 6L6GC’s in my blues reissue – wow – its SO loud compared to the GT’s !!!!!
    Many thanks :D

    [I think the AA and DG1 are closer in tone than a Sovtek green Muff and the DG1. The Sovteks have much more bass and a generally warmer tone. I’d get the DG1 over the AA anytime but I’ll never trade my green Sovtek for it. – Bjorn]

  21. Seam Comprom says:

    Kilminster, just the guitar man of the Waters …… until it finds you. :)

    Ruodi Said,
    Do not worry, you’ll get over it …..:)

    [LOL :) – Bjorn]

  22. ruodi says:

    Mh, I have to say that I haven´t got very much of “the” ability identifying the DG-1 as an exceedingly “wow”-ish pedal, just as little as the Cornish P-2 – by just listening to an overcompressed youtube clip. I´m sure that it is a very good muffish pedal, but I´m only sure because Kilminster and this Aussie Floyd chap seem to have one in their pedal board. They cannot be mistaken.

    There has been a time when everybody needed to have a “Pink Flesh”. Now the DG-1 seems to be the “must have” of the year! Did anyone here notice that Bjorn apparently likes his “BYOC Large Beaver” still a little better than any of those “Gilmour-in-a-box” wonder pedals – while he still prefers his vintage RAT when playing at home? So why doesn´t anyone here yell out loud: “BYOC LARGE BEAVER, I NEEEED THIS! – CHRISTMAS, HERE WE COME!” ?

    @Bjorn: Could you please tell me/us: How is the (inevitable, pardon ;-) “Pink Flesh” compared to the DG-1? Thanks.

    BTW: I also have my tuning problems with my DIY “Triangle” Muff. But you can always change transistors and diodes within those self-built budget pedals without being too much worried about what will happen when you´re doing anything wrong. Experimenting with the gear (inside) can be a funny thing to do, just like the good old Floyd & their technicians did long time before “the Gilmour tone” became sort of an online spoon-feed supermarket experience.

    This was my first reasonable comment at gilmourish.com. Wasn´t it? :)

    [Cheers Ruodi :) Well, first of I think it’s wise that you make up your own mind on which Muff that suits your rig and style. Whether it’s a DG1, triangle, Sovtek or P2 they all sound different and they will all behave differently on different rigs. That why I mostly use a RAT at home, the triangle with Airbag and the DG1 with my Floyd band. Just because I or Kilminister or David for that matter prefer a certain pedal doesn’t mean that it will suit your rig and playing. Anyway… the DG1 and Pink Flesh are very similar. They both have that saturated tone with lots of mid range… kind of the more modern Gilmour tones. The Pink Flesh is perhaps a bit smoother while the DG1 has more gain and lower end. – Bjorn]

  23. Seam Comprom says:

    Jamie Humphries, Dave Kilminster (Guitar man of Roger Waters) and Jason Sidwell all have one on their pedal boards…. Wow


    I’ll sell my P2 to buy one :)

    [Kilminister… who? Just kidding :) – Bjorn]

  24. Gabriel says:

    Not to steal this thread… but these videos on this page are the sickest shit I’ve seen with respect to effects.


    The guys at VoodDoo lab know what they’re doing.

  25. Gabriel says:

    To Jon Fink regarding the GCX Voodoo Labs audio switcher… you’ve got me thinking about things in a completely different way. This is very cool and terrifying at the same time. ;)

    Back to the drawing board…

  26. Gabriel says:

    Thanks Bjorn for writing back. You’re the best and you have done and continue to do excellent work here. Guitar players from all over the world thank you and I thank you from Boulder, Colorado. Shine on!

    [Always my pleasure :) – Bjorn]

  27. b stabby says:

    The decal is an altered image of the Star Gate from the movie and television series. They changed the Hieroglyphics to reference the Big Muff Pi. The font is also copied from the movie title.

  28. Giulio says:

    I think the best way is the Little Big Muff, best choice for a Ram’s Head and new Reissue. It’s not Boomy like Usa, and not sparkly like Ram’s Head.

    Another Tips: Double Big-Muff sound very good used as an overdrive , trasparent, warm ad no mid tone. Must be placed First on other effect.
    Very distant about ts808 or Maxon overdrive… they have always amid tone inside (mid tone pot say much about a tone correction).

    In short way… DoubleMuff –>Little Big Muff –> Lpb-1 booster is for me the best price/perfomance to find Gilmour Tone.

  29. Eric says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    It sounds like the DG-1 is an impressive pedal…way too expensive though at this point… I have a RAT 2 that I want to boost, would a Keeley Blues Driver be a good choice or would the Tubescreamer be a better choice? I want to get close to the album version of Comfortably Numb. I’m playing through a Stratocaster with CS69 pickups to a Fender Deluxe Reverb. The effects in my chain are as follows MXR Dynacomp, RAT 2, TS9 (looking to replace), Deluxe Electric Mistress, BOSS DD-20 and sometimes an Ernie Ball junior volume pedal. If you would please give me a good starting point for the tone I’d appreciate it a lot, thanks in advance :)

    [For boosting I’d get a BD-2. The TS has too much mid range and will colour more than it will boost. Fender amps may be a bit too bright for the typical Wall tones but the RAT should do the trick. Check out this article for some set up tips and this one for Comf Numb details. – Bjorn]

  30. MT says:

    Great review.
    My problem with my Rams head and the muffs in general has always been the volume, if is it too low it sounds rather dull and lost, if is it too high it gets really smooth and amazing but i’d kill every other instruments in the band except drums. In medium settings is to harsh sounding even with a good tapeish echo. The muff is really a beast to tame in live settings.

    [Muffs can be tricky to dial in and volume is essential to get that smooth sustained tone. In some cases it can be a better solution to use other similar pedals like a RAT, Analogman modded Boss DS1 etc. You can easily tweak these to Muff tones and they tolerate lower volume much better. – Bjorn]

  31. Dave A says:

    The DG-1,yup i think we can all say that its a refferance to a certain you know who,and the graphics remind me a little bit of a certain stage lighting affect.Not to mention the P-2 refferance.Anyway Bjorn you mentioned you used it at the last gig.Well from someone then who has heard it from that evening i can say that it is well up to the job.It sounds good.Definantly.Have you tried it with your solid state at home.Wich of your muffs would you say suits for this purpose,if any of them.Cheers

    [Thanks! I mostly use a RAT at home. The Muff works OK on the solid state but you really need to crank the volume to squeeze the Muff and funny enough, my neighbours doesn’t allow it :) The RAT sounds great in any level. – Bjorn]

  32. Frails says:

    Hey Bjorn! Long time no chat. Thanks for getting my Muff juices flowin’ again. The Big Muff has always been my favorite pedal and I agree that the green Sovtek has a lot of balls. There’s only one way to play a Muff and that’s loud with a nice clean boost behind it.

    [Hope all is well Frails :) Yeah, the louder the better! – Bjorn]

  33. William says:

    Pedals, and things like this is why I hate loving David’s tone so much, and being on a student budget.

  34. Jon Fink says:

    I currently have a DG-1 from Top Tone and it sounds great! I personally feel that it sounds very very close to a P-2 which is probably why the price is what it is. $340.00 U.S. dollars is about half as much as a P-2 and without the long wait times from Cornish. I am using the Voodoo lab GCX effect switcher which basically isolates each pedal to its own loop and uses a midi footswitch to turn loops on and off, so I personally don’t need the preamp buffers that are in a Cornish pedal. In fact, you could purchase a DG-1 and a GCX audio switcher for roughly about the same price as you would for a P-2! And you wouldn’t have to worry about any of your pedals being true bypass because each pedal is isolated from each other. Just my two cents worth.

  35. João J. Francisco says:

    Great review!

    DG1 is the short of David Gilmour of course… mixed with rumors of beeing a P2… and that could justify the price!
    As Giulio knows, it’s easy to turn a Muff into a monster… and it’ easy to sell it as a “special pedal”…

    I ‘ll get my hands on G2 and P2 shematic in a few days. Telling the true, I’ve tryed a G2 variation a few days ago and the sound shake the ground!! But, sincerly I love my Ram’s head, and I can’t play without it! Having the two pedals could be the real deal! “One of these days” I’ll start to put some videos on YouTube with that “super MUFF” and others!

  36. Hugo says:

    Yes.. is too expensive. I already have an AAGreenRussian. IF the DG-1 was cheaper I would certainly give it a try, because I really love the sound of the DSOT..but a that price is not worth it I can get pretty close with my actual setup..

    Thnks for your review, great again!!

  37. Gabriel says:

    I don’t think the name of the pedal… DG-1 was an accident. DG being David Gilmour’s initials of course.

    Muff pedals are mystery to me. I LOVE David Gilmour’s tone, but when it comes to actually playing music myself with a guitar and an amp… I’ve never been able to get a good tone with a muff pedal. They just have too much distortion and they sound way too noisy to me. I’ll even back that claim up with a Cornish P-2.

    I’m finding I like overdrive pedals much better. They sound better to me… more bluesy and more sweet sounding.

    I’m thinking muff pedals need to be tamed somehow… compression? EQ? Otherwise, they just always sound over the top to me.

    Know what I mean?

    I’d rather have a mod’d Blues driver, or an OCD pedal, or a RAT pedal than a muff any day of the week.

    [What’s important is what suits your style and tone. The Muff can be a demanding pedal and personally I don’t think it’s a very versatile pedal. It works for Gilmour stuff and some other classic rock but other than that I’d use a RAT or similar. Check out this article for more. – Bjorn]

  38. Johnnie Floyd says:

    Very cool, but WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! I’d rather have a Skreddy PIG MINE…..

  39. Giulio says:

    Hi Bjorn..thanks for another review about Muff Clone.
    I think is very hard buy without having an effect live test, youtube often is not enought.

    I suggest about few mod on Usa-Muff reissue , easy to buy and mod.

    Take this link

    The easiest mod is take off all diode-clip on Muff for a “wide and open” sound line Ram’s Head. Less Boomy and more definition.

    User ECHODELUXE have made comparison test with all mod available on site…you can hear it


    Personally have a Little Big Muff, much better American Reissue, and another one is F-Bomb Subdecay 5 gain stages fuzz (i have a PROTO Series)

    For me Little Big Muff sounds Good. i can say equals for Russian or Usa Reissued

    Subdecay F-Bomb… try it very Killer tone


    [Thanks for the tips! – Bjorn]

  40. Pierre Chartier says:

    How the TopTone DriveGate DG-1 compare with the SkreddyPedal Top Fuel you’ve already review? Tanks Bjorn,

    [Two different beasts. The Top Fuel is a take on the SS2, which again is based on a MXR Distortion+. – Bjorn]

  41. John McLoughlin says:

    I bought this DG-1 a month ago. It blew me away! I was using a ram’s head big muff and now Im selling it on ebay right now! (has 2 days left) The DG-1 sounds just like the rams head only smoother and its much more quiet. I love the toptone DG-1 and Its my main muff from here on out.

    [You shouldn’t put stuff like that on EBay before noticing me! LOL! Still looking for a ram’s :). – Bjorn]

  42. tonejunkie41 says:

    I was really looking forward to hear what you had to say about the DG-1, Bjorn. Thanks for another great review!

    [Cheers! – Bjorn]

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