• Top 5 David Gilmour guest appearances

    David Gilmour guest appearances

    David Gilmour has done some memorable guest appearances over the years. His instantly recognisable tone and soulful playing is often what makes those songs so special. At least to me. In this feature I’ll share my top 5 guest appearances by David.

    Remember back in the mid 80s when MTV was playing music? Real music? I was about 10, I guess, when I first saw Paul McCartney upon the rooftop singing No More Lonely Nights. Obviously, I knew who Paul was but what caught my attention, every time, was this guitar solo.

    At the time, my life was basically all about hard rock. I knew nothing about Pink Floyd nor David Gilmour, but I knew I liked this guitar solo that I heard. For all I cared, it could be McCartney himself playing guitar. Years later, having become a Floyd fan, I heard the song again and then it hit me who it was. No wonder I liked it!

    David did a lot of guest appearances in the late 80s and early 90s. This was a time when few outside the business and the hardcore fan base knew his name. People knew Pink Floyd but ask a guy on the street who David Gilmour was and he would probably shake his head. David was not chosen as a guest player because of his name but his playing and tone.

    As a guest musician, David often repeats himself. You’ve often heard the lick or tone before but that’s kind of the nature of the gig too. A guest musician is often asked to “do that thing that you do”. Artists choose you because they want that tone on their song or album. Still, it’s remarkable how well David’s playing always fits in and how it almost always takes centre stage.

    Here are my top 5 guest appearances by David.

    Paul McCartney – No More Lonely Nights (1984)

    Despite the otherwise boring album, McCartney deliver a timeless ballad, beautifully arranged and of course, with David’s guitar as the definitive highpoint. It’s one of the few songs I know that doesn’t get an early fade out when played on the radio.

    One of my favourite moments is that first lick after the first line in the chorus. There’s nothing subtle about it and the guitar just rips through the whole mix and grabs the listener. It’s a perfect hook.

    The song has a warm feel and the lyrics makes you just want to curl up in your sofa but as a contrast, the guitar is cold and aggressive giving the impression of anger and resentment.

    To me, this is a perfect pop song. I love everything about it and it’s always been one of my favourite Gilmour moments. Perhaps, partly because it hit me just when I started to discover music but it’s been a huge inspiration for me and my own music and I often have that rainy atmosphere and David’s tone in the back of my head when I’m writing.

    For the session David used his 1983 fiesta red ’63 reissue Fender Stratocaster into a (possibly two) Fender Concert amp. At that point, the guitar had been modified with a Roland synthesiser pickup driving a Roland GR700 processor.

    It’s hard to tell whether he used the Roland setup. It does’t sound like it and the effects rack used on the About Face tour can be spotted in the studio. If I were to guess, I would say that he used a Boss CS2 compressor into either a ram’s head Big Muff or Boss HM-2 (the latter possibly in combo with a Mesa Boogie MkI head), with a Boss CE2 chorus and MXR digital delay.

    Bryan Ferry – Is Your Love Strong Enough

    I’ve always been a huge Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry fan and David has done a lot of work with Ferry over the years. Is Your Love Strong Enough (featured on the Legend soundtrack), was recorded in 1985, shortly after the McCartney collaboration and you can hear the resemblance in the way David approaches his tone and playing.

    While No More Lonely Nights has this intimate and down to earth feel, this song is bombastic and huge sounding. David delivers a flashy guitar solo that fits the song perfectly, with some amazing bends and whammy bar moves.

    But let’s face it. David doesn’t really fit the rock star image and the way he is portrayed in the video, coming out of that wall covered in light and smoke, is so out of character. Still, we get a glimpse of the #0001 Stratocaster, which at least at the time, had rarely been seen.

    It’s hard to tell what he used for the session. Although the tone is familiar, it is less typical than No More Lonely Nights and other work sounding a bit mid rangy and dark. Ferry often like to produce the guitars himself, so there might have been the case of David using whatever gear, or at least effects, he was handed although there’s a lot of processing you can do to a recorded guitar in the mixing.

    Jeff Beck – Jerusalem (Live at RAH 2009)

    This one pretty much speaks for it self. Two of the greatest guitarists on the same stage, clearly showing huge admiration for each other. Jeff Beck’s version Jerusalem is in itself a masterpiece and it was such a surprise to see them do this together.

    This is by no means a perfect performance from David. It’s kind of typical of him concentrating on everything sounding perfect, rather than what he’s actually playing. Still, once he gets everything sorted out, he delivers beautifully with an amazing feel.

    It’s also interesting to hear how much more technical Beck is and apart the fact that he’s played this song numerous times, he’s seemingly more on top of his game. But listen to David and the way he’s improvising, clearly revealing his deep blues roots. To me, this performance shows just how emotional David’s playing is and it says a lot about why he’s so much more than just the epic Floyd solos.

    Setupwise, you can spot three Alessandro tube heads on top of two WEM speaker cabinets and of course, the Black Strat. He’s using the Pete Cornish MkII All Tubes pedal board, with a Tube Driver and delay (and possibly some compression).

    Paul McCartney – No Other Baby

    Back in 1999 I was starved for anything Gilmour related. It had already been five years since the last Floyd album and tour and apart from the occasional guest appearance, there was just a deafening silence. Then, this album appeared with David being the main guitarist on all the songs.

    I’m not sure what I had expected. I knew it was Paul returning to his roots, with a few covers and some new original material but I guess I had expected David to sound like, well, David. He didn’t.

    Still, I listened to the album a lot and when the Cavern gig turned up on DVD I thought it was so cool to see David up on that small stage doing something completely different. And it sounded great!

    Again, this is a great example of how you can hear a song and as soon as the guitar enters, you go “Ah! I know who’s playing!” The solo is simple but there’s no doubt who’s doing those bends and the little fills in between. 

    On this live clip from Live at the Cavern Club, David’s using his ’55 Fender Esquire into a Fender Bassman, with the Pete Cornish All Tubes MkI pedal board. The main effect setup for the show, including No Other Baby, was a Tube Driver with a hint of delay and probably some compression when needed.

    Paul Rogers – Standing Around Crying

    Standing Around Crying was originally written and recorded by blues legend Muddy Waters in the mid 50s. Paul Rogers (Free/Bad Company) and David Gilmour recorded this version for the 1993 tribute album Muddy Waters Blues, which featured an impressive list of guitar greats.

    David’s performance and tone is typical of how he sounded in the early 90s and the many guest appearances he did during that period. You can hear the same approach on songs like Heaven Can Wait (Paul Young), I Put a Spell on You (Mica Paris) and Understanding Women (Elton John).

    What I love about this version, apart from David’s amazing tone, is that you can hear where his blues influences are coming from. There’s lots of BB King, Albert King and Peter Green in there and you can almost pin point each lick to each legend. Still, it sounds like David and he’s added something new and unique to the classic style.

    I also love that you can hear that this is clearly a single run through (or at least very little editing). It’s not perfect and there are all these little mistakes and fret noises but that’s also the beauty of the performance.

    There are no records from the sessions, as far as I know, but it is likely that he used the candy apple red 1983 Fender ’57 reissue Stratocaster, with the EMG pickups into a Fender Bassman or Deluxe. It could have been a Hiwatt SA212 combo but to my ears, the tone sound less mid rangy, which hints towards a Fender.

    Effectswise I would assume he used a Chandler Tube Driver, possibly with a Boss CS-2 in front, with a Boss CE-2 chorus and the MXR Digital Delay rack.

    So, there you have it! My top 5 David Gilmour guest appearances. I’m sure you have a different list and maybe I forgot one or two gems? Please share!

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  1. Antonuzzo says:

    Hi Bjorn, love the site – an endless source of information and inspiration!

    I have to agree with the post regarding No More Lonely Nights: it’s 100% Electric Mistress. That sound is unique. I’ve managed to get a close clone of the tone using a Line6 Helix (which has an incredible accurate emulation of the EM), running into a Fender Bassman model; not quite the same as the Fender Concert, but again, pretty close.

    It’s an interesting thought that Macca may have added the modulation after the session; to my ears though, it sounds like it’s been present during the recording.

    But yes – like yourself, it was some time before I realised that it had been Gilmour on that track, despite knowing and loving it for years.

  2. Juan Ciminelli says:

    Hello Bjorn, greetings from Argentina! I’ve recently come back to this post to check on something that i’ ve been thinking for a while….it´s the red strat you hear on the “no more lonely nights” solo? If it is, was it already fitted with the EMG pickups? The Boss HM-2? Thanks for shearing so much knowledge!

    • Bjorn says:

      According to Phil Taylor’s, David’s guitar tech, book it’s a ´62 reissue fiesta red Fender Strat with a rosewood neck fitted with a Roland guitar synth pickup. David bought the guitar at the same time he bought the Candy Apple red and blonde Strats in early 84 and he did use this Fiesta Red on the About Face tour before modding it around 85-86. You can spot it on some 1986 TV appearances as well.

  3. Phil B says:

    Randomly stumbled upon “No more lonely Nights” again on Youtube and thought of your post, Bjorn :P

    To my ears it sounds more like the old Muff + Mistress combo or is the tone a bit to bright for that?

    • Bjorn says:

      Hard to tell what he used but given the time it was recorded, October 1984, I would assume it was a Boss HM2 into a Mesa head and lots of chorus, which was his main setup for that period and it’s also pictured at the sessions. His rig did feature a ram’s head Muff, so he could have used that but there was no Mistress. Keep in mind that the track could have been processed and mixed heavily by McCartney too. We don’t know that…

  4. Larry S says:

    So my favorite should be your number 6? David with GE Smith on Saturday Night Live.

  5. Clas says:

    My favourite Gilmour guest appearance is on Arcadia’s The Promise. Again, as usual, so tasteful and beautiful contribution to a great song.

  6. Paolo says:

    Atomic Rooster- Metal minds

  7. Ren Mendoza says:

    There is a show with B.B. King, have some info about that?

  8. My personal favorite is his appearance on Supertramp’s “Brother Where You Bound”

  9. Jules says:

    That solo on the Supertramp track is soooo amazing. It goes on for ages. Perfect ending for a perfect song.

  10. Lorne says:

    No mention of Warren Zevon’s “Run Straight Down”? Very Floydian chord progression and DG’s playing is very satisfying for us Floyd fans:

    As mentioned earlier, the Alan Parsons track “Return To Tunguska”. It is also very Floydian and the slide guitar work is very much like Shine On Pt VI and High Hopes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48igcc3OMSs

  11. KEITH says:

    Hey Bjorn, I don’t hear the effect nearly as prominently on any version but the Pompeii intro. Rick must have the Leslie’s horn up in the mix, giving it so much depth, and at a slightly faster rate than average. It’s a unique, and wonderful effect I’ve heard nowhere else, and I think outputting from the stereo outs of my Yamaha MX61 into the RT-20, then out to my i interface should get very close. As to the previous post, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! If I live long enough, I will release at least one solo album of new material, and previously released material I wrote for bands I recorded with in the ’80s, and ’90s, but rearranged for a more ethereal feel.
    Thanks my friend, and JEDI MASTER,
    Your faithful Padawan, KEITH (Ebbramone) CLARKE

    • KEITH says:

      I know I didn’t really pose that as a question, but it actually was a question as to whether you think that the RT coming directly from my synth, in stereo, will get me close to the sound rick got on his piano intro at Pompeii?
      Thanks, KEITH

      • Bjorn says:

        Oh, I didn’t get that… :) Probably yes, although I haven’t tried it. Rick did, as you know, feed the piano into the Leslie. My issue with the RT20 has always been that I don’t think it does a Leslie that well but it’s really great for replicating David’s Hiwatt and Yamaha setup, as it sounds more chorusy than a Lesie, which is how I would describe the Yamaha as well. The most authentic sounding Leslie sim I’ve played is by far the Lex from Strymon :)

        • KEITH says:

          Thank you, I thought you might suggest the Lex. I would have just tried it, but I need my computer up and running to do much more than play, and want to see how it sounds recorded. My PC is in need of some TLC, which I’m getting taken care of this weekend I’ll try to replicate it with the RT, and if it doesn’t do the trick, I may be seen on the corner with a sign saying, WILL PLAY AND SING FOR GEAR MONEY! Haha!

          Peace, KEITH

          PS, Brad, I sent you a Facebook Request!

  12. KEITH says:

    Hey Bjorn, besides the Leslie, is there another modulation effect on the piano intro of the Pompeii version of Echoes? I’m getting very inspired to.play, record, and work on my keyboard skills now that I have most of .my gear back and am feeling better!
    Peace, and much Love to you, and yours, KEITH

    • Bjorn says:

      I don’t think there is. I mean, besides the Leslie, there wasn’t any other modulation effects available at the time. Perhaps phaser but they didn’t use one. There might be some delay from the Binson but I think they only used the Leslie.

  13. KEITH says:

    Where is Bjorn? Haven’t seen any movement on the site for almost 3 weeks?
    Hope all is well,KEITH

  14. KEITH says:

    Well, I’d like to share some good news for a change. While my beloved Cymbaline,( my Rodriguez 1968 Strat clone, completely handcrafted with the absolute best materials available), and my Reeves are still being held safely by a friend until I pay him back, no interest! I was able to rescue the approximately $20,000.00 worth of guitars, effects, and recording gear that I was 5 days away from losing!!! $20,000.00+ worth of gear that I had pawned for about $1500.00! So with interest, it cost $1800 to get it all back. Whew, that was a close one, and yet at the time I had no choice. I had become to ill to work, had nothing in the bank, and am putting out $600 a month for medications alone! I have applied for, and should receive disability, but the process is very slow, and have no income, but I refuse to ever pawn another piece of gear! I was a substance abuser when in my 20’s, and 30’s, and lost over 50 guitars, along with everything else I owned to oawn shops for pennies on the dollar, and when I invested over $35,000.00 on recording gear, and guitars effects, and Amps, bbeing sober I swore I’d never do that again, but I had no choice, abd luckily I came out if it okay, but will never take that chance again. Anyway, just wanted thise friends here to know that I have almost everything back home, just waiting on my disability check to retrieve the fineat guitar I’ve ever played, and my almost unused Custom 50 PS!!!
    Happy, and doing okay, KEITH

    • Bjorn says:

      Glad to hear the good news Keith! Never give up!

    • Brad Roller says:

      Hey Keith! Glad to hear it worked out! I was really worried about you and your stuff! Really happy for you! I sent good vibes your way but I think the spam filter may have caught it. It be doin that from time to time ;) anyways, we Gilmourians stick together! And I know we’re all relieved for you! Do you have facebook keith??

      • KEITH says:

        Yes, Keith Clarke Richmond, VA HMU Brad, send me a friend request.
        Or, Maybe Bjorn will give you my email? As long as it isn’t a pain for him, I know he’s the busiest person I know!

        Thanks for the kind words, KEITH

        • Bjorn says:

          I say you mentioned a message so I assume you don’t need my help…?

          • KEITH says:

            Nope, I found his Facebook page, and sent him a friend request, but he isn’t on FB often, and hasn’t replied yet! Hint, Hint Brad!! You gonna accept my request? Haha, I had no idea you were from the southern United States! Hit me back bro :)

            Peace y’all, KEITH

  15. KEITH says:

    Hey Bjorn, and my friendd on Gilmourish. It’s no secret that I’ve had a number of health issues that caused me to permanently retire from my Plumbing, and HVAC business, going deeply in debt, and having pawned ALL of my guitar’s, my Reeves, my recording equipment, all of it, for pennies on the dollar. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, as I may have had a loan aporoved that will get EVERYTHING back, and oay of a great deal of my debt. I am also one step closer to getting my disability claim processed, which the first check should be 7-8000 dollars, and would pay off 90â„… of all my debt, and the then monthly check would keep me from goung into debt, so I don’t have to kerp the cycle of pawning my beloved gear! I worked day and night for 6 or 7 years to accrue the over $35,000 worth of gear on top of the few thousand dollars of stuff I already had. While this may not be a big deal to most of you, it represents everything I have, and love, and will enable me to start recording bands ti supplement my disability payments. So, please keep your fingers crossed for me, I am 7 days away from losing it all, and if this goes as it serms to be pretty much a done deal, I will not lose a single pedal! Thanks for your friendship, and support Bjorn, Brad, Stephen, and all my friends in the Gilmourish community. I love you all, and this site

    Peace, and love to all, KEITH

    • Bjorn says:

      Wow, that’s some heavy stuff you’re going through there and you’ve shared a lot with me privately as well. Keeping my figers crossed but whatever happen, never lose hope. Take care and keep us posted.

    • Brad Roller says:

      I hate to hear that Keith…Hang in there bro! You will get through it! Gilmourians stick together! Please let us know how it all goes!

  16. Fred says:

    Paul McCartney & Friends – DVD from 2001 – The Peta Concert for Party Animals. Watch / Listen to ‘No Other Baby’……. this is the one……

  17. Jae says:

    That’s the first time I’ve seen the Jeff Beck collaboration. I saw Jeff and SRV tour together in 1990 or so and walked out with my hands in my pockets. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t look at my Strat for almost a week. What I’m getting at is that tp walk out on stage with someone like Jeff Beck ( or Dave Gilmour) you must be very confident in your own skills as a guitarist.

    But thanks for the videos, I remember going to see “Give my Regards to Broad Street” just for the Lonely Nights part. And you reminded me that I don’t have the Cavern Club gig in my DVD collection. I’ll have to look for that.

    What was that song he did with the singer(?) from Supertramp back in the mid-80’s? Great trip down memory lane Bjorn!

  18. Marcello C says:

    Love that one with Paul Rodgers, fantastic…..but what makes you say that it was the red strat? I would have guessed a Les Paul with P90…..
    Great Post, thanxs

    • Bjorn says:

      He did use the red Strat a lot at that point, also on several guest appearances. I can’t remember seeing him using a Les Paul at that point.

      • Marcello C says:

        Roger that. However, that record is from 1993 and he could have indeed used a LP 1955 with P90 sometimes during that year, according to your post the Endless River 1993&2014 :-). I trust your experience, but it`s such a beefy tone….

        • Bjorn says:

          There are no sources confirming either so it’s hard to tell. Yes, he did use the LP on the ’93 sessions. It’s at least seen in the guitar stand but he used the red more often and also for guest appearances. I also hear that slightly processed EMG tone, although he’s clearly using chorus as well. Anyway, it would be great to see some pictures from that session. Awesome tone!

        • Brad Roller says:

          Marcello, I don’t know if you own the dg-20 set or not but they’re kinda close to p-90s and when you turn the spc up it gets even more beefy.

          • Marcello C says:

            Hi Brad, no, I don`t, but I do have a P90 (in a Telecaster). Indeed, after going back to both the records and videos where Gilmour is using the red strat I can hear that beefy tone of those pick-ups. I was just curious about. Cheers!

            • Brad Roller says:

              Cool! I recommend the emgs dude. I take my emg strat with me when Im gonna be playing all kinds of music and I don’t know what to expect. Ive never really had the need to buy P-90s because to my ears the emgs already sound like them! Cheers!

  19. Lorenzo says:

    Great article Bjorn. “No more lonely nights” is my favourite although I think he used his Electric Mistress rather than the CE-2, it sounds soooo the wallish to my ears.

  20. MauriFromChile says:

    Bjorn ! check out the collaboration with Snowy White, “Love, Pain and Sorrow” :D

  21. You can also add these:
    Broken Dream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S9kuSLtupM – With Rod Stewart and John Paul Jones
    Ben Watt with David Gilmour / ‘The Levels’ (Live): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG2Xh523Dt0
    The Orb featuring David Gilmour Metallic Spheres https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=den8ofw1qFg
    David Courtney – ‘When Your Life Is Your Own’ (from the album ‘Anthology’): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT_XtTdAlNY
    David Gilmour w/ Seal – Hey Joe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPAjf2B3oR0

  22. Will says:

    Hi Bjorn, excellent article, I’m looking forward to checking out the bits I wasn’t familiar with! On an unrelated note, I was thinking it’d be fantastic if you were to write up an article on vibrato, techniques and different styles of it with of course David’s sound in mind. Keep up the good work!

  23. Maarten says:

    a lot of unknown little gems here.

    i personally like the slide guitar in Alan Parsons – Return to Tunguska

    btw, see you soon in Zoetermeer :-)

  24. Jorswar says:

    Wow…the man sure can play the blues!! thank you Bjorn for introducing me to the Rodgers album. .

  25. Zapruder says:

    We mustn’t forget future Pink Floyd backing vocalist Sam Brown’s 1988 debut album, “Stop”, which features a classic Gilmour performance on “I’ll Be In Love”. One of my very favourites. https://youtu.be/Q85rVFZ9zaI

  26. Pat says:

    I like Cryin’ won’t let you help you babe
    On BB King Deuces

    • Jason says:

      There’s some fun Waters/Gilmour crosspollination there too. On that track the vocalist is Paul Carrack (from Ace of “How Long” fame). Paul, of course, was on the Wall Live In Berlin show singing “Hey You” :D

    • Jules says:

      I’ll never understand why he didn’t sing on that. Instead we got another Paul Carrack duet (and Paul already sings on another song off the album). Always found it odd that David is the only guest artist who does NOT sing on “Deuces Wild”! And we know that he can sing the blues…

  27. Brad Roller says:

    I like when he played the solo to purple rain live! And hey joe with Seal. Great article Bjorn! I love these types of articles!

  28. Mike Day says:

    Search you tube for the trial of Ralph Mctell Bjorn. Takes a bit of finding but very funny. According to Phil Taylor, Mark Knopfler used Davids Guitar and pedal board for the sketch and still maintained his signature sound

  29. ruodi says:

    Give blood, yes, it cannot be denied:

  30. Beautiful. I’m a big All About Eve fan, and Gilmour plays a big part on their “Touched By Jesus” album. Give “Wishing the Hours Away” and “Are You Lonely” a listen; such beautiful, atmospheric songs featuring his signature, stunning sound.

  31. Zapruder says:

    I’ve always loved David on All About Eve’s “Wishing The Hours Away” (1991) … https://youtu.be/Lg7OTXIDgLk

  32. james says:

    bjorn… check out the dvd of david’s appearance in bill wyman’s scotty moore tribute from several years ago. david plays the old and little remembered gem of elvis’ called “don’t”. he uses a tele and shows the world EXACTLY how a tele should sound.what taste that man plays with! pity he didn’t use them more often. he sings also. but don’t just watch it for dave ; there are many great musicians and they play far better than usual on these ensemble-band get togethers. seriously…..it’s a treat all the way through and very re-watchable.

  33. Paco says:

    I would add to this list the song In A Broken Dream with Rod Stewart and J.P.Jones… A Beautiful cover and a great performance by The Master…!!!

  34. Daniel says:

    I think the best is Berlin’s “Pink and Velvet”… have you heard it?… this solo is the high point of the Album… it is just amazing… Terri Nunn the singer said she wanted to marry Gilmour after watching him recording the solo for this song. It is a so emotive solo.. heaven

  35. Tom Robinson says:

    Love his playing on No More Lonely Nights, but I think my favourite guest appearance is on Pete Townshend’s Give Blood. It’s lots of delay like Run Like Hell, apparently Pete asked him to do “that rick-ticky thing”.

    The whole of the deep end live album is good, but Give Blood studio track is a real highlight. Unfortunately Pete’s solo work doesn’t get much of an outing live these days so will probably never be played again.

  36. Tony Sower says:

    Hi Bjørn,

    Some great choices there. My favourite is No More Lonely Nights. DG’s guitar work on that song reminds me of Comfortably Numb in that the first solo is highly melodic and the second is more blues/rock-based.

    Another guest appearance that I like is on the Kate Bush number Rocket’s Tail.

    Keep up the great work with Gilmourish.com :)

    Best wishes,


  37. larryrivers says:

    Hi Bjorn! Great selection, the 80´s were not easy if you were a 70´s dinasour! David managed to pull off some tricky collaborations by delivering great solos again and as you explain, he tested different guitars and effects and amps to achieve new tones. My personal favourites were the ones with Steinberger guitars, used a lot in teh 80´s, great tone. specially the GL3T. Nice pickups, I had one for a while. Anyways, my top 3 are:

    Rock aid Armenia. Smoke on the water. David in a solo duel with Brian May, fun stuff. When it came out i probalby listened to it 1 million times.

    Kate Bush – Running up that hill. I think it was in the Amnesty International concerts back in the 80s. Great perfomance.

    Tom Jones – Purple Rain Live. I´d love to see the full show with Tom Jones and David, but this only is worth everyminute. David nails it with the final solo. Is he using the big muff right?


  38. Veg says:

    Nice list Bjorn!
    Well done and I’m thrilled as I didn’t even know some of these clips of DG were around :-)

  39. _don says:

    Gilmour was a guest on Kate Bush’s album Sensual World in the late 80s. He was on Love and Anger with some power chords before hitting the solo for the outro. He was also on Rocket’s Tail doing some cool sound effect solo. Classics Dave and Kate’s album is one of her best (in my opinion).

  40. Lucas says:

    David sounded totally thin and harsh compared to jef beck and i even dont like the other guy, i dont know where he is going, but seems like the age is killing his abillity to hear properly the highs and the amount of gain.
    Bjorn, i know david used a g12m and the cresendo on Pulse, but those speakers are dificult to find, and pair Togheter, would you recommend me a single speaker that sound like those Togheter?

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