• David Gilmour – the early years 1968-69

    David Gilmour - Early Years 1968-69

    Pink Floyd recently celebrated their early years with a massive box set spanning from the band’s formation in 1965 up until the recording of Dark Side of the Moon in 1972. Crucial for this period, was the transition between Syd Barrett and David Gilmour and how Gilmour’s evolving tone, shaped the sound of the band’s early albums.

    Prior to joining Pink Floyd, David played in several local Cambridge bands. His gear was mainly based on a limited budget and borrowed stuff. While with Joker’s Wild (1964-66), he is seen using a Hofner Club with Bigsby tremolo and Vox amps.

    David got his first Fender in March 1967. A mid 60’s white Telecaster with a rosewood neck that his parents gave him for his 21. birthday. David is seen using the guitar with Bullitt, – his last band prior to joining Floyd. Bullitt was to reunite on David’s first solo album in 1978.

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  1. Steve says:

    I love reading content like this, it is what sets this site apart from every other Pink Floyd resource on the internet. I have to admit I don’t bother to read the pedal reviews anymore.