• Dawner Prince Boonar review

    Dawner Prince Boonar review

    Vintage echo is as popular as ever and one of the latest models on the market is the Dawner Prince Electronics Boonar. Promising to replicate both the features and sound of the legendary Binson Echorec, I just had to check out this one. Here’s my review.

    Big Muffs, Tube Drivers, Electric Mistresses aside. If there is one effect that is synonymous with David Gilmour it got to be delay or echo. His lush ethereal tones wouldn’t have sounded nearly the same without echo and although David seem to favour modern units these days he has always tried to replicate the sounds and delay patterns of his old Binson units.

    The Italian made Binson Echorec offered something different than most tape and echo machines of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Using tubes and a magnetic drum, the tone had a warm and organic character and the multiple heads offered a wide range of combinations and repeat patters.

    An important factor was also the fact that technology in the early days of echo effects had its flaws and the constant need for maintenance, parts failing and ageing, meant that each unit sounded different, with lots of quirkiness and mojo.

    Trying to replicate the tone of a Binson require not only the technical aspect but also to capture those characteristic flaws and ageing that makes these units so unique.

    First of all the Boonar looks super cool! The box isn’t much bigger than an MXR but they’ve really managed to include every feature, including that “magic eye” level indicator and knobs and colours to match the original Echorec.

    The controls are described in detail on the Dawner Prince web site but just a quick run through. The four main controls are:

    Volume controls the overall volume of the repeats.
    Bass/treble act as an EQ or tone control, adjusting from darker to brighter repeats.
    Swell controls the number of repeats, from short to self-oscillation.
    Drum speed controls the time of the repeats based on the number of heads that are selected. The Echorec could go up to aprox 300ms but the Boonar offer a full second.

    While the Echorec had a single control for selecting the 12 playback head combinations, the Boonar feature four switches allowing up to 16 combinations. All four playback heads outputs are true analog.

    The Boonar also feature two smaller pots located on the side of the pedal controlling the input volume and drum age or modulation, internal trimmers for trails/true bypass, dry volume and modern/original input impedance. There’s also an on/off stomp switch for single repeats or swells and the master on/off.

    I’ve never played the real thing. A Binson isn’t that hard to come by but they’re ridiculously expensive and you probably won’t find one that doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance. My relationship with the Bisnon is basically from hearing and watching the Live at Pompeii concert film, early TV appearances and the Floyd albums from A Saucerful of Secrets to Wish You Where Here. Obviously, Syd Barrett and Richard Wright also used the Binson.

    The Boonar might frighten off some due to the exhaustive amount of controls. Compared to the Catalinbread Echorec and Gurus Amps Echosex you really need to spend some time figuring this one out. But, that’s really what’s cool about it too and the fact that it has four controls for the playback heads, and not just one, allow you to both dial in those classic combos and some really cool new ones.

    Sonically, the Boonar sound a tad brighter than what I’d expected. Again, I haven’t played an original Binson but the magnetic drum technology offered, unlike the common tape machines, a more pristine sounding delay. Still, I would have preferred the Boonar to sound slightly warmer and the bass/treble or tone control could also have done more to tweak the tone.

    But the beauty of this thing lies in the details and compared to the other Binson inspired pedals out there, the Boonar definitely gets full score for the authentic sounding repeat patterns created by the multiple playback head combinations. David Gilmour mainly used two settings – a single-tap delay similar to your standard analog delay pedal and the swell mode, for those multi-tap repeats, with a reverb-like tail as heard on the intro on Time. The Boonar capture that ethereal sound and the multi-tap repeats is crystal clear and cuts through nicely.

    David would also employ the input pre-amp to boost his tones and delay sounds. A small control on the side of the Boonar allow you to adjust the overall input (or pre-amp) to match your instrument’s output but it can also be used to drive the front end of your amp and for adding a dirty decay to the repeats, making them sound warmer and bigger. This is also great for playing slides, when you need a bit more sustain and body.

    Another cool feature is the drum age or modulation. It sounds very organic and authentic and just a hint opens up the tone for those lush repeats. Cranking it all the way up adds a nice warble and the speed of the modulation is proportional to the speed or time of the delay so it blends perfectly with your playing.

    There’s so much going on here and it’s almost impossible to cover everything. There are lots of great reviews out there so be sure to check them out for more details and sounds that perhaps isn’t typical of Gilmour.

    I don’t really have any concerns here. As mentioned above, it could have sounded slightly warmer, with a darker decay but that’s more my taste and nothing towards any faults in the designs really.

    The Boonar really is an impressive pedal and I’ve yet to explore all its features. The Catalinbread Echorec might sound warmer and more analog, but the Boonar is miles ahead when it comes to features, details in the repeats and organic sounding modulation. The Gurus Amps Echosex has an overall warmer and more analog tone, and they’ve also managed to recreate those percussive sounding repeats but it only offer a single tap delay and aren’t really meant to offer the full Binson experience.

    The Boonar will be hard to beat and with the small footprint in mind, the full set of controls and more than convincing tone, you don’t need to look any further for the full Live at Pompeii and Dark Side of the Moon experience.

    Check out DawnerPrince.com for more details.

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  1. Cpt Adama says:

    The Dawner Prince Boonar has been at the top of the heap as far a Binson Echo Rec is concerned, but the new player in town is seemingly raising the bar with a tube preamp in the pedal. The Cicognani Pompeii PE603 is quite expensive at about $550 US. Would like to see Bjorn review this and see if it does take the top spot from the Boonar as the Best Binson emulator.

    • Bjorn says:

      As far as I know, it’s similar to the Echosex, which is a Memory Man style analog echo with Binson features. I’ve done several reviews of the Echosex.

  2. Dimitris Kovaios says:

    This is a great piece of gear!
    But, compared to the records of live Pink Floyd performances, I could never get my Boonar to sound so warm.
    Then I set the input impedance to the vintage spec… Now, we are talking!
    Although, it has a volume, dynamics and treble drop (the original Echorecs weren’t meant to be used primarily with guitars, anyway) the reverbish character of the repeats are more pronounced, and if you want to bring in more sparkle you can always use a buffer, booster, overdrive, or compressor before it!
    And mentioning of it… Wouldn’t a booster, or an overdrive (for example an EP Booster, or a Powerboost style pedal) turned always on, work as a buffer, and help with dynamics and treble drop?

  3. El Jefe de la Noche says:

    Does the Boonar preamp have an EQ curve or anything? I’m wondering how it would compare to something like an EP3 style pedal when in trails mode. I realize the output impedance is lower but does it do anything tonally?

  4. James Filben says:

    Hi Björn, first of all I want to thank you for your tireless effort in providing readers like myself with the latest and greatest “Gilmour” Gear Information on the market today.

    Are you familiar with the newest Strymon pedal, the Volante? You mentioned in your Strymon El Capistan review “It would be interesting to see how close Strymon could get to a Binson, if they ever decided to go down that road.” Well, it appears that Strymon has done just that and more. The Volante is a DSP-based Binson Echorec clone but also has the capability to emulate a Tape Echo as well as a Studio Reel-to-Reel Echo. The price tag on this green beast is $399, which is not bad at all based on the video demos I have watched from Pete at Strymon. Needless to say, I pre-ordered one about one week ago and Strymon indicated it could take up to 60 days to actually receive one of the first batch. Lo and behold, I received an email only 5 days after my Pre-Order which stated that Strymon has shipped my Volante and it is due to arrive at my home within the next two days!

    I wanted to point the Volante out to you as I own many Strymon delay units (El Capistan, Timeline, DIG) and believe this new Volante may take the Binson Echorec idea to new heights. I will post you a review within the week after I’ve had an opportunity to work with the Volante.

    Keep up the fantastic work and all the best!


  5. Phil B says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    have you noticed a slight volume boost when engaging the Boonar?
    Even though the input boost is set very low or off completely it seems to boost the signal volume a bit. Barely noticeable on clean tones, but more present with OD or distortion sounds.

    Any way to fix this?


    • Phil B says:

      Ah I think I know why: The dip switches are set to modern sound I think which has more output. I always get confused with the graphics how to put the switches, so I might have switched to modern mode by accident.

    • Bjorn says:

      I haven’t noticed it but it’s been a while since I used mine.

      • Phil B says:

        Hm so I switched the dip switches to vintage mode but it didn’t change anything :(

        I mean it’s not a huge deal, but still a little bit annoying …

        • Zoran says:

          You have an internal trimer pot just besides DIP switces (you must have seen it when flipping the dip switches) that says -DRY LEVEL. It sets your dry level volume. ;)

  6. J. Hart says:

    Hey Bjørn, have you ever sat down with (Gilmour’s original Echorec emulator) the Lexicon PCM70, or any similar models?

    I recently picked up a PCM80 for little more than the cost of a new Boonar, and just spent another $11 (not a typo) on expansion memory, which will increase its maximum delay time from 2.5 seconds to 42 (not a typo) seconds! I’m still learning my way around the menu, but it is insanely flexible. 6 simultaneous delays, each with their own time, feedback, high cut, low cut, panning – oh, and they each have their own chorus effect! Plus the feedback can travel through the reverb’s diffusor, adding an entirely different dimension to the sound. And all of these parameters can be modulated in crazy ways with LFOs, envelopes, MIDI controls, and so on. It’s not easy to hear the PCM70 on Delicate Sound of Thunder or PULSE, but I’m sure they could have emulated the Binson more accurately if they tried. Lots of great organic and surreal sounds available beyond the big Lexicon reverb that everyone associates with the brand name.

  7. philippe says:

    Hi Bjorn, thank you for your advice!
    Indeed the delay in the loop, there is a loss of dynamism, as well as frequencies!
    In vintage mode, the Dawner Prince Boonar is hotter and analog?
    Does the sound have a 3d dimension, like Echosex 2?
    Thank you.

    From Belgium!

    • Bjorn says:

      The vintage mode on the Boonar sounds slightly darker, with a more dirty decay but the difference is subtle. The Echosex is closer to the Memory Man and similar analog echo units.

  8. philippe says:

    Hi bjorn, I already use a delay in the effects loop of my amp! The sound had a warmer tone! Do you already have to connect the dawner prince boonar in the effects loop?

  9. Brad Roller says:

    For anyone on the fence about getting this pedal, just know, like Bjorn said, you have to sit, and really play with all the controls on this thing to fully understand what it has to offer. But once you’ve figured it out, you’re in for a treat. I used to play a catalinbread echorec, and while it sounds great, it doesn’t sound as authentic as the Boonar, IMO. And to be honest, after learning the controls of the boonar, I found it easier to dial in different delay patterns and combos with the boonar than the catalinbread echorec. The tone of the delay is much brighter than my catalinbread. I did have to do se tweaking to fit my taste, but in the end it was worth all the tweaking and learning curves! I hope this helps someone!

  10. Buddy says:

    I’ll try to address questions 2&3 at the same time: The input trimmer on the side raises the gain only for the delayed signal. The trimmer on the inside of the pedal adjusts the gain of the dry signal only. So if you’re referring to this trimpot, then yes in trails mode the dry signal will be louder when turned off as the preamp stays engaged even when the pedal is bypassed. Basically between these 2 controls plus the vintage/modern switch, tone knob, and the drum age control you have a lot of options for your dry and delayed signals: both clean and bright or both dirty and dark, or 1 one way and the other the opposite.

  11. Jason says:

    I’ve finally gotten my boonar in!!! Took a good 2-3 weeksto come in. Missed Christmas lol, but that’s what I get for being a corksniffer. It’s my first delay I’ve ever owned. Never been a big fan, but I’ve been doing a bit of ambient work creatively so I decided to get the best. I have a couple of questions that maybe you can help me with.

    There is no tap tempo. One may think that, being my first delay I should’ve opted for something with a tap, but my thought process was,”if I get the el capistan I’m just gonna have that nagging feeling that I don’t have the boonar and my inexperience with delays may help to train me to use the echorec as they did back in the day! My question I guess would be if you have any tips or starting points as to how I can achieve the sounds I want. I’m thinking time is the answer but just wondering if you have any tidbits.

    Second question is for the internal controls. I must have trails, but the difference between modern and vintage is very negligible. There seems to be a bit more headroom on modern, but I like that echoplex style overdrive in the delay signal that our get with vintage. Do you have a similar experience with this?

    Third is the input trimpot volume. It seems to raise the volume on the bypassed signal as well so there seems to be no real benefit to maxing it or minimizing it since you don’t get any change upon activation. Is there a more defined purpose in this feature?

    These questions are not just for Bjorn btw although a forum would be a nice addition to this site!

    I truly love the boonar, but it is perplexing me until I can wrap my head around it

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Jason!
      – I guess the settings you see in my review should be a good start for David’s use and tones.
      – The Binson was, unlike most tape units, very clean and bright sounding. I’m using the vintage mode.
      – The original Binson has a very powerful preamp that could be used to drive the front end of a tube amp and to add a bit of dirt to the delay signal.

  12. Guilherme says:

    Hey Bjorn!

    Great pedal! I saw on some other review that it can go up to 1000ms and theres a “modern mode” switch. Can it be used to modern gilmour sounds as well?

    Thank you!!

  13. Phil says:

    Just got mine yesterday and I’am blown away, how cool this thing is!
    Due to research and watching videos I knew immediately how the Boonar works, so I was able to quickly dial in some Binson-esque tones, which put a big smile on my face.
    After turning up the “Drum Age” function it gets really cool (or modulated/weird I should say) and even more “spacy”, when turning the “Swell” all the way up and mess with the “Drum Speed” to get that self-oscillating non-sense :D
    Also the “Swell/Repeats” sound very authentic and I immediately found myself playing the “Time Intro”.

    Overall just the coolest pedal I’ve ever come across and I think I’m gonna mess with this for days and try every setting possible :)

  14. Bobby Frufracker says:

    Hi y’all, thanks for all the great info and postings… I have the Catalinbread Echorec and the Gurus EchoSex…love them both!

    Question: should I go for the trifecta and get the Boonar? I do collect echo units and have several of the usual suspects, but there’s nothing like the Echorec or its digital offspring!

    I don’t own an original Binson but borrowed my friend’s in the late 1970s and I was smitten!

    I play keys and guitar and must say I love the sounds Mr. Wright was able to coax from his Echorec… such as the trip into space in the middle of “Set the Controls…” from Ummagumma and KQED-TV. He did VERY cool things with chords through the Binson on his Farfisa. TOTAL sonic soundscapes,…

    I first saw the Floyd in March 1973 in Waterbury when it was “just them” with Dick Parry and the girls and it was the best of all four times I saw them, including The Wall in 1980 on Long Island.

    Ok, I’ll stop now! Peace to all my kindred Floyd-oids!

  15. Darryl says:

    Pink Floyd : Suggested ‘Pink Floyd – Time’ settings and info for Dawner Prince Boonar

    Strat -> Thorpy Muffroom Cloud (fuzz) -> Providence Phase Force 1 (not necessary but I like it) -> Boonar-> Fender Blues Jr. (set to clean with a hint of gain)

    My Boonar internal dip-switch settings:

    Here is how incredibly close I was eventually able to come to ‘Time’: (wife filmed it)

    External Boonar control settings:
    Playback head: Only Head 4 should be used/lit
    Drum Age: All the way up for max wobble.
    Repeats: 1-2 on the dial scale or about 1 or 2 o’Clock
    Swell: 5 on the dial scale or 12 o’Clock (footswitch on)
    Drum Speed: ABOUT 8 on dial scale or 3 o’Clock (this is critical as it is the beat of the delay and you’ll need to match it to the track. The tiniest movement changes the timing and it’s quite sensitive, so these settings are approximate)
    Input Gain: Max!

    Here’s a shot to show size/scale:

    I hope this helps. I’m still playing about with settings so you might find something that works better or which is more technically accurate but to my ears while playing both with and without the track, I was able to pretty much nail ‘Time’ with these settings.

    Thanks again Bjorn for your endless support.

    Darryl, Hove, UK.

    Yes ‘that’ Hove.
    Yes I have met David Gilmour a few times because he lives near me.(I was here first!)
    Yes I can see his Hove house from my desk at home, from where i’m writing this and…
    No he doesn’t care.
    Yes my dogs have both peed all over the wall of his Astoria recording studio.
    No I don’t care.

    • Hélio says:

      Hi Darryl, these links are Dead. I’d like to se it :)
      I had a nice time studying english in Hove back in 90’s.

  16. Darryl says:

    Okay, here goes. I just bought a Boonar and I am amazed at how wonderful it is. In case it hasn’t yet been said, a Boonar requires both patience and understanding in order to get the desired (let’s face it, the first thing anyone’s going to do with one is try to find Gilmour in it) sounds from it.
    So with that in mind, I wanted to ask you this. As I am totally unknown and insignificant, it makes no sense for me to try to , perhaps Boonar owners would submit their Gilmour settings to you and if you don’t mind, would you please share them in your blog?
    All I wanted to do was to open the box, plug it in and find instant Gilmour but a couple of days of playing with it hasn’t yet released the spirit of Mr G. Can you help?
    Even if the answer is no, I am eternally grateful to you for everything you do for your followers, so thank you Bjorn.
    Darryl, UK.

    • Bjorn says:

      Have you tried the settings shown in the youtube clip? That’s as close as I get to David’s settings. Keep in mind that level and feedback often depends on the headroom of your amp and what other pedals you use with it. Less headroom often require less volume and feedback. I don’t have the capacity to set up a download service and administrate that but if people want to share some links in this post, then that’s OK by me.

  17. tonysamperi says:

    Hi Bjorn, excellent review as always. What would you choose among Boonar (I was incredulous when I read Gilmour actually has this in his pedalboard), Deluxe Memory Man 1100-TT and Trex Replica? I know these are different kind of pedals. Memory Man or the Replica seem much more versatile to me. Is buying the Boonar or the Catalinbread a matter of authenticity in nailing the sound of eras like Pompei or Dark Side?
    Thank you so much

    • Bjorn says:

      The Boonar is great and you can easily nail those complexe echo sounds like the intro on Time and the single taps that he usually used. It’s robably the most versatile between the three, with David’s tones in mind.

  18. Dave A says:

    Sometimes Bjorn I despair , gonna be checking this out when a few of us loons go to Ludlow in a few weeks . Been trying not to take to much notice lately , not wanting gas you know but as usual your not helping .

    All the best mate to nice review .

  19. Phil says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    if you checked the dawnerprince website recently, they announced that Dave used the Boonar himself on stage on the Albert show(s).
    I know a guitar technician in Ringwood, England, whom I suggested the Boonar to after I saw your review here, because he also is a big fan of Gilmour and vintage echo.
    He told me at some point, that he knows Phil Taylor and talks to him regularly. When I last visited about two weeks ago he told me that he suggested the Boonar to Phil a few months ago and, as written in the article on the website, Dave tried it and suggested some improvements that have been implemented by now.

    I also got to try the Boonar on a Hiwatt Custom 20 in that guitar store in Ringwood, because the guitar technician also got one of those after my suggestion in April. Sounds incredible of course!
    Now that guy got himself a second one with the improvements suggested by Dave, but I couln’t try that one unfortunately and compare both. Really cool though the whole story!

    I thought it would be cool to share this with you and the community cause theoretically you and me can say now, that Dave got to know the Boonar through us ;)


  20. Angus McFangus says:

    Switching the Boonar to “vintage” mode makes a huge difference. As someone who has owned several Binson units since 1978, switching to stock (vintage) impedance mode is a must! The overall tone is warmer, and you’ll notice a more mild clipping when pushing the input. It’s also more humbucker friendly in vintage mode.

    The Boonar is the most incredible sounding pedal echo I’ve ever played, and I have played many. The Echosex and CB are nice simulations, but the Boonar absolutely nails-it!

    The V2 Boonar can still get the brighter tones of the first version, if that’s what you’re looking for… Simply adjust the tone and barrel age accordingly.

  21. Silvio says:

    Hi, Bjorn.
    Dawner Prince Boonar or Echosex2 LTD Edition? Which sounds best to your ears?
    I’m looking for an Echorec2 replica.


  22. roberttwiddy says:

    Hi Bjorn, on your recommendation and having liked it in the shop I purchased a Dawner Prince Boonar today. As in Thailand we call it Boomaa as it meean “good coming”. I wonder if you would share your dipswitch settings and any specific settings you have found good, I tried to copy what you had on Youtube, but I think you must have the dipswitch differently than what I have. All indications of settings much appreciated if you share. If you have them for 300, 440 and 700 would appreciate it. Love the site have used it a lot. I am getting a Kingsley Minstrel 2 which is a Tube Overdrive and more controllable and subtle rather than the BK Butler having talked with Brent and now Simon Jarrett. Would recommend you take a look at Kinglsey amplication pedals. I am recommended to Dave Gilmour as an upgrade to BK Butler. Thank you Robert

    • Bjorn says:

      I don’t remember how the dips where set when I did the clips but I never touched them, so they were all factory set. The other settings can be spotted in the review clip :) Cheers!

  23. ronnie says:

    hi i perchased dawner prince boonar since 2 weeks and i still havent found the good settings yet could you give the settings you have and the trime pots and on my clean chanel the sound is very nice but with my green russian big muff my sound is nice but when i activate my dawner prince boonar the sound i get i lost i got a fender blues junior and the delay is at the end of the chain thanks for the reply

    • Bjorn says:

      You’ll see my settings in the review clip. I did not touch the trim pots. Does the problem only occur when you use the Boonar or also when you use the Muff alone with the Fender?

      • ronnie says:

        the problem i got is my fender blues junior cause last week i received my new laney lion heart studio i tried the boonar delay with russian green muff with it i did not have any problem the sound i get out of this amp a low wattage is for me the best it stays focus with all my pedales the original color sound power booster and bk tube butler are very hard to get good sound on low wattage amps but with this lion heart studio amp for me its the best the only issue is the cab the 112 lion heart cab would of preferred an open cab for a low wattage amp thanks

        • Bjorn says:

          A bit hard to follow your thoughts when you’re not using punctuation but check out this feature for some tips on choosing the right pedals for your amp. Cheers!

          • roberttwiddy says:

            I use a Laney IRT Studio with a closed back IRT112 with a Celestion G12H 70 anniversary similar to yours. I looked into the BK Butler Tube Overdrive and there is no filtering at all on the output so you get what he shoves out which only suits mid range amps. However, I found Kingsley Amplifiers who make a Tube Overdrive that is filtered and will suit any amp and has great dynamics. I have ordered a Minstrel 2 and will post when I have it. I use the 1 watt channel in the IRT studio. Laney told me that if you are at level 6 you will get the dynamics of the speaker if you set the dynamic to mid level. Given I had to mess around with that you might find that works better. I do not think the closed speaker cabinet is a problem I have both with a Fender Hot rod so like you I searched for the solution. So for a tube overdrive I recommend Kingsley Simon Jarrett great to deal with where Brent just wants to give you what he has based on Phil Taylor using them. http://kingsleyamplifiers.com/products/pedals/19/

  24. Boaz spradlin says:

    Did you try the voicing switch located inside the pedal ? Supposed to make the time warmer.

  25. Jason H. says:

    Hey Bjorn!

    Hope things are going well in Norway!!

    I almost didn’t comment as I don’t have much to add to this discussion, but I sold my Catalinbread Echorec and saved a little more for the Boonar and I have to say that it doesn’t disappoint! Also, you were very much right that it takes a few minutes more than most pedals to figure some things out, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. I have never played a nicer delay.

    Also, incase anyone is curious, mine came with an issue: the right side (Input Control) tiny knob wouldn’t fit into the internal trimpot through the hole on the right side. I talked with Zoran (Dawner Prince CEO) and found out that their original enclosures were drilled just slightly off. Mine is actually a bad one as the little knob won’t fit in at all, but he told me that their next batch of enclosures is on order and will have the correct hole placement. The reason I’m saying this is because the guys at Dawner Prince are true gentlemen and totally polite and cool to talk to. I wouldn’t hesistate buying anything from them again!

  26. george says:

    another great sounding echorec clone without tap tempo. And it has a second button! OMG! you can imagine all these pedal builders in a dark smoky room erupting with evil laughter

  27. Bud says:

    I received my Boonar a few days ago and while there’s a lot I could say about it (mostly enthusiastically positive) for now I’ll limit my comments to the brightness issue. Namely, that I find it odd that that would be your main complaint. I’ve been a/b’ing it with my main delay, a Belle Epoch, and the Boonar is way darker. Or rather the initial repeats are quite similar, bright and percussive, but whereas the Belle rolls off low end (like a tape delay would), the Boonar quickly rolls off the high end, even in modern mode with drum age at minimum. I realize you were comparing with the other Binson replicas out there, but I just wanted to throw out that observation.

  28. Brad Roller says:

    Hello bjorn, thanks for the great review. Tomorrow I leave for NYC to see David on the 11th. This will be my first time seeing him live. So I’m very excited. Anyhow, completely off topic but have you changed power supply recently or are you still using the fuel tank? I think that’s what you’ve used. I use a Carl Martin pro and every now and then all power will go off to my pedals or just certain ones for a split second, and making a popping sound when the turn back on. It is VERY annoying and my band plays with a lot of atmosphere and there are a lot of times where the music gets very low so these sounds can be embarrassing. I’m looking to change power supplies. What brand would you recommend? I never run more than 5 or 6 pedals. I want something very reliable. Thanks!

    • Bjorn says:

      Oh… thats weird. Sounds like you’re supply is broken. Actually, my stage board is powered by a TRex Chameleon Fuel Tank and Carl Martin Pro and I have a Chameleon for the studio board. Never has any issues with neither. Enjoy the show and let us know how it was!

      • Brad Roller says:

        Oh I will! I will try to visit Mannys while I’m here too :P

        • Brad Roller says:

          Never mind, just found out Mannys is closed down.

          • Bjorn says:

            Oh… I thought Guitar Center bought it a few years back… are they closed completely?

            • Brad Roller says:

              Well when I looked it up to find directions it said it was closed permanently:/ oh well. Allow me to tell you about my experience. I will try to sum it up. This was my first David Gilmour experience and I had just travelled over 1000 miles to see him. I was worried about his voice mostly. I told my gf that I might get emotional seeing my idol for the first time and when he hit the first note on 5 am I burst into tears of joy. I’m not even ashamed…lol his tone was so clear and punchy. It was beautiful. A big surprise was how well he improvised rattle that lock!!! He never once fumbled around on it and did some crazy soloing on the second solo throwing in wild chord progressions just like his younger days! It was amazing. It was definitely one of my favorite songs actually. When I heard astronomy Domine start I looked at my gf and told her to prepare to have her face ripped off lol she had never heard the song before and David was playing so wild it was awesome! It’s like he was never going to end! She knew what I meant after it was over! Sorrow was the same way. Would like to point out that when he started playing, I noticed it sounded like two octaves being played at once and noticed it was playing the intro with his fingers! Playing two strings at once! Never seen that before but it sounded awesome! And the muff sounded huge!! The outro solo just kept going harder and harder to the point people were awe struck! I remember thinking omg this is amazing and my jaw dropping! There wasn’t a flaw in his playing! On to another subject, his voice was PERFECT…I don’t mean it was decent, I mean he sang just as clear as he did on pulse. I wasn’t the only one pointing it out either! Several people said the same thing, when he started coming back to life, I was really worried this was where his voice would mess up because let’s be honest, it’s a hard song to sing for anyone! But boy did he nail it! Not to mention a solo that really tugged the heart strings! Amazing! I would like to point out too that you mentioned the solo on time sounded thin and fizzy but it wasn’t the case here, to me. I think he used a heavy overdrive, may have been a muff with a Univibe mixed with it! Sounded great! He also played an EXTREMLEY soulful solo! Run like hell was amazing as well! David’s voice, again, sounded amazing on this one! And the lighting almost gave me a seizure :D but it was great! Comfortably numb….my favorite song of all time…the tone LITERALLY cut me like knife! I had to check for blood! So amazing! He did some awesome improvising on this too! I have some clips downloaded from the very show, shine on, what do you want from me, time, and sorrow. They weren’t recorded by me but it was the same show! I’ll send them to you by Facebook and let you have a listen! Hope everyone likes my spastic review! :D my gf said she has never seen me so happy and excited! Best day of

              • Bjorn says:

                Thanks for sharing, Brad! Glad you had a great time. I’m sure he sound very different now compared to the earlier shows when I saw him. Can’t wait for Albert Hall is September :)

                • ZeBop Deluxe says:

                  I had that popping problem as well, you have to have a solid power supply (I think CB advised me to get a really good power supply, and that solved the issue).

  29. Eric R says:

    Awhile back I posted in the BC109 post about how I was self taught years ago but got frustrated about not achieving the right sound and or tone and how being a Floyd fan and reading through your website helped me get passed my Wall (pun intended).

    I was kicking around getting the Ecosex2 but never did. After this review I got the Boonar, I love it and it pairs great with my BC109 and Buffalo Power booster. I only had it for a couple of hours and I can see it being a permanent stay on my board. Now if Gurus could come up with a tube version to compete. I would have some serious thinking to do.

    Thanks again for taking the time to do these reviews for the Gilmour and Floyd fans out there.

  30. Marco Crespi says:

    hi bjorn!

    which settings do you have on the LANEY? how is the GAIN pot set?

    • Bjorn says:

      Gain channel, bright mode: bass 1:00, middle 3:00, treble 11:00, tone all the way down or off, gain 8:00 and the volume around noon.

  31. starwalkerluke says:

    Hi Bjorn , very good video, and test Dawner Prince Boonar.
    Is the Bonaar is closer to the sound of David , the Catalinbread ? thanks again.

    • Bjorn says:

      The Boonar is a more accurate replication of the Binson so yes, it’s easier to get David’s tones with it. The Catalinbread sounds great too though and it’s cheaper.

  32. Dimitris says:

    Darn… I -still- can’t get any sleep after this..! :P
    Two years I use an CB Echorec. Although it’s very good and simple, the Programme knob is a bit difficult to use especially live. Another thing is, I can’t get it cut through, even with the tone fairly bright and volume high.
    After your Echosex review I was thinking it would be a great upgrade for my Echorec-style delays. Now, the Boonar a nice and practical layout of the knobs (4 head knobs…really? GENIOUS!), Swell mode, a more true to the original features unit. I only wish it had the size of an Echosex, I love big pedal boxes!
    I ‘ve read that the original Binsons had a 3D tone with distinct attack and a “wall” of metallic swelling-bubbling delays. Strat, Deluxe Reverb, Binson and a board…Instant surf!
    Which of the two (Echosex, Boonar) you ‘d say, that captures the Binson tone? An Echosex, being warmer and more analog, as you ‘ve said, I guess would more versatile tonewise. But if you search for a more original Binson tone? Of course, I ain’t talking of the features, no competition on that!
    PS… Effectrode must be playin’ with our nerves..! So much anticipation, for their version?

    • Bjorn says:

      I also thought the Catalinbread was too dark and that it didn’t quite cut through properly… or at least made my tones more muddy. The Boonar is no doubt the most accurate of the three and the bright repeats Ive described were the nature of the old Binsons. The clarity and details in the repeats makes it cut through but you also got that reverb-ish flavour to it, on both the delay and swell modes. The Echosex gets a higher score for the percussive repeats, which I miss from the Boonar. Tonewise, I guess its slightly darker, which might not be accurate for the Binson but its closer to the idea I have in my head of what the Binson sounds like… for whatever that may be worth…

  33. Bud says:

    Just a point of interest: while there were Binson models that used a single dial to choose the head combinations (like the Catalinbread), there were later models that had separate push switches like the Boonar, including a model that Gilmour used. They were even more adaptable than the Boonar, in that you could choose not only which heads would playback but also which would feedback the signal. On top of that, there were other models that had 8 and 10 heads instead of the 4! http://www.vintageaudioberlin.de/vabgalerien/Tonbandtechnik/binson%20echorec/

  34. starwalkerluke says:

    Hi , I have an old analog delay with Panasonic mn 3005 , with 400ms maximum delay time with a flutter modulation type .
    Is that with this delay, I can get closer to the sound of this dear David ?
    If so, what albums, and when?

    • Bjorn says:

      David used the Binson between 1968 A Saucerful of Secrets and 1975 Wish You Were (it was also featured in his 1977 Animals stage rig). Any tape/analog delta or echo should go nicely for that era. Be sure to check out the David Gilmour Album Gear Guide for a detailed run down of David’s gear on each album and tour.

  35. starwalkerluke says:

    Hi , is what you will do a video , compare : the Catalinbread vs echosex vs boonar ?

  36. pickpink says:

    Please, disregard my last, Bjorn. Here’s a new mix and if you’d find time to listen to it, I would much much appreciate it. Don’t hesitate to criticize it. I don’t wait for praise. I know you are quite picky when it comes to Floyd, so it’s alright. Thanks a lot! https://soundcloud.com/gunners-dream/the-dark-side-of-the-moon-pink-floyd-album-cover

  37. Lorenzo says:

    Honestly I am happy with my Alter Ego V2, I mean this Boonar is another planet, but for the money the V2 is just as fine for a basic Binsonish sound: what do you think? By the way any chance you will try the new Keeley Monterey fuzz? Fuzz+vibe+rotary speaker+Wah..WTF! Really hope you can get your hands on one of these, I’m always skeptical to buy something without you prior comments (especially for a bedroom set up opinion). Thanks Bjorn.

    • Bjorn says:

      The Alter Ego is very nice and for those vintage tones you get a lot for the buck. Depends on how authentic you want the pedal to be and sound. I saw the Monterey pedal. Looks very promising and I hope I’ll get the chance to check it out. Keeley makes some amazing stuff so I’m sure you don’t need my approval :)

  38. Jason H. says:

    Great demo and article Bjorn! I really love how you’re playing more of the earlier (or later too) songs and not always stuff from the “big 4”. The slide intro was amazing!!

    I really like my Catalinbread Echorec, but I’ve always disliked the rotary knob for the tape head mode (especially how it doesn’t have notches between the modes). I love how this one has more features, but it’s tough to tell. I’m not going for the “super authentic Binson sound” (more ubique delay sounds) and I can’t help feeling like I’d dig this more than my Catalinbread…

    You may have answered this from Dimitri’s first question, but I’m curious. It sounds like you think the Boonar is overall better than the Echorec, but it IS more expensive. That said, money aside, it can do more than the Echorec. Ok, that really wasn’t a question. More rhetorical thinking-out-loud, but man it’s tough. Haha.

    Anywho, great demo!!


    • Bjorn says:

      The Echorec is a great pedal and I also think, for that vintage tone, you can get away with the TC Alter Ego. However, for that full Binson experience, the Boonar is as close as it gets.

      • Jason H. says:

        Glad to know it’ll be worth it to save up then! I love my Echorec, but I have truly never liked the mode rotary switch (since I can’t remember which numbered setting uses which heads) and I think the separate switches for each head is TOTALLY worth the extra money :-)

        Thanks Bjorn!

  39. KEITH says:

    Hey Bjorn, just left a nice post, hit submit but don’t see it? I don’t see where it’s in Moderation? Maybe you can find it?

    Peace, Great review, Keith

  40. KEITH says:

    Exceptional sounding unit!! Really does caprure that reverb like character of the original. I will have to play around a little, listen to some other reviews, and see if I can get my hands on one to try, but other than as you saif it being a tad bright, it is the most binson sounding of the pedals I’ve heard yet, but the Echosex, and Catalinbread aren’t far away, so I may just stick with the Catalinbread, the Carbon Copy, and DD-20,( the weakest link being the DD.). But I wouldn’t mind having this, and a better Digital.
    Nice Review.
    Thanks Bjorn, Keith

    • Bjorn says:

      Cheers, Keith! Yes, it does sound great and, like I said in the review, the details and clarity in those repeats is exceptional and so much better than the Catalinbread, although I like that one too. I’ve never played an original Binson, but from what I understand, the drum technology did produce a much brighter echo than, say the WEM Copycat and Roland Space Echo. I guess the reason I noticed it is because you expect a pedal like this to be darker but I think they’re probably closer to the original than what I can imagine. Anyway, glad you liked the review. A pedal well worth checking out!

      • Mark says:

        If you look at his delays over the years, he’s always used delays with brighter repeats… Echorec over Echoplex or Space Echo. Then, digital units instead of analog bucket-brigades. I also agree that my desert island delay would be my DD-2 (but I’d miss tap-tempo). In my opinion, if you’re core tone is warm, your delayed tone will be too.

      • KEITH says:

        It stands to reason that metal drums would produce a brighter sound when you think about it. The actual sound is recorded to metal as opposed to plasitic like other echo machines of the period. So while like you I’ve never played through a real Binson, a little thought about the subject makes me almost positive that the difference in the physical properties of the recording media would absolutely result in a brighter overall sound, with a crisp attack on the repeats. Simple as tapping two plastic spoons together, then doing the same with metal spoons, obviously the latter will be much brighter, and clearer. So, I just spent way too many words to say,,” Yes, this is likely the closest you can get to the original at this time!” Now, after all that, I have to have one!!!

        Thanks for indulging my long way of making my point, LOL.

        PEACE, KEITH

  41. Daniel Gomez says:

    Great review. Can you compare this one to an El Capistan? Cheers

    • Bjorn says:

      The El Capistan is probably more versatile as it can do different types of tape and echo but the Boonar does the Binson spot on.

  42. Bud says:

    When did you receive the pedal? I ask because there is a version 2 released in the last couple months which has a modified tone sweep for the head outputs. A number of people found it too bright as you say so it was modified to be darker and warmer. The original was based on the builder’s unit which had new heads and drum and therefore is very pristine and bright. Interestingly though, on any forums that I’ve read, people who actually own Binsons found the first version to be spot on. I think there is still a myth amongst many people that magnetic units, whether tape or drum, should be dark and murky like analog delay pedals, but it’s not the case. Anyway great review, mine is on the way and I’m even more impatient now!

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Bud! Mine is the MkII and I should have pointed out that I did the review in default “modern” mode. Apparently, if you switch the internal trim pot to “vintage” you’ll get a slightly darker tone. As I said, I’ve never played an original Binson so my comment was more that I was expecting it to be darker. Still, and as you point out, this is not tape and the Binsons, with the drum, did sound brighter.

  43. pickpink says:

    Great unit and great review as usual!

    Bjorn, I wanted to ask, you remember some guy (me) dedicated to you DSOTM cover album last year as a thanks for all your efforts for Floyd community over the years? I know you’re quite a busy man, but I wonder, did you actually give a listen to it?

  44. kenny hancock jr says:

    Thanks for the post the bjorn! So now the big question. which one of the three or 4 if you want to get technical about it. which one is the best between the echorec,echosex,echosex limited edition, or the boonar? Happy playing. thanks kenny hancock jr

  45. Dimitris says:

    I can’t get any sleep, after that…

  46. Rob says:

    Great review as always Bjorn! So many great delays have been introduced recently inspired by the legendary Binson Echorec. Hopefully Effectrode’s Echo-Delay will be released sooner than later!

    So hard to chose between the Gurus Amps Echosex and the Boonar – I guess it comes down to playing both and seeing how they sound on your setup.

    Now for the big question – you are on a deserted island and you only have power for one delay pedal – which do you pack in your bag? :-)



    • Bjorn says:

      The Boonar does the Binson spot on so hard to beat that I think. The Echosex 2 LTD sounds warmer and more organic in my opinion but it’s a different pedal altogether. I’d choose the Echosex but the Boonar if you’re desperate for the Binson tones. As for the desert Island… I’d have a hard time not bringing my trusted DD2. Something about that pedal that blends so nicely with my tones.

  47. dimitri says:

    sooo comparing the catalinbread echorec, dawner boonar and the echosex 2, which is the best replica of the original binson or which one is best at getting the gilmour tone?

  48. Djsoulmachine says:

    Taking the size in consideration, I assume this little beast is digital?

    If you had to choose between the Boomar and the Echosex?

    • Bjorn says:

      The pedal is actually fully analog. It’s only the drum simulation that’s digital. The delay it self and the head outputs are analog.

      • Amund Blix Aaeng says:

        Actually despite the clever wording from Dawner, the delay itself is digital, 1s of delay with this pristine awesome detail would not be possible in analog in any shape or form.. :)

      • Bud says:

        Bjorn I think you are mistaken here. While the dry audio path, preamp, and output mixers are analog, the delay is created by the FV-1 chip, which is the same used by Catalinbread for their delays. It does seem to be the most analog of the DSP platforms, interacting almost like a more malleable and powerful bucket brigade chip.

  49. Ben Ferwerda says:

    Hey Bjorn!

    I was literally on the site when this was posted :) Sounds really good! I was at the Hollywood Bowl show opening night which was AMAZING!!!! My first time ever seeing Gilmour. I was only 12 when he did the On an Island tour so this was a dream come true for me seeing him perform. Anyway, your rendition of the Time sequences was pretty spot on with what I heard on the 24th. You mention that the Dawner is pretty bright. Would the brightness of this pedal be too much paired with my bright Fender Hot Rod Deluxe?

    Thanks for everything you do!

    • Bjorn says:

      Wow, you’re so lucky! The footage from the show looks awesome! I don’t think the Boonar is too bright. It’s brighter than the Echosex and other pedals like the Memory Man and Carbon Copy but it has that vintage flavour so I think it would go nicely with your setup.

    • Paul says:

      Awesome, I was there on the 2nd night 25th March. Same, first time for me seeing Gilmour as wasnt as big a fan in younger years and hadnt started playing guitar until 2 years ago. took my 11 yo son, better guitarist than me…lol, we flew all the way from Australia to catch the show too (stayed a week total in USA)!

      Bjorn, faced with a choice of the newer Echorec clones, which would you personally pick and why?
      As always, keep up the awesome job you do!!!!!!!!!!

      • Paul says:

        Oh, I read down and see you answered the questions already. Would you change that answer pairing up with Laney L5T. Also, which of the more reasonably price units available would you pick and why?

        • Bjorn says:

          Depends on how authentic sounding you want to be. For the Binson or analog echo tone, you could pretty much go with any analog delay, like the Memory Man/Boy, Carbon Copy or the TC Alter Ego for some great simulations. The Catalinbread is similar to the Boonar and cheaper.

      • Bjorn says:

        I’d go with the Echosex but mainly because I don’t really need or use that multi-tap delay in my own music so the Echosex fits better and I also think, like I said in the review, that it sounds overall warmer and more organic. For David’s 68-75 though, the Boonar is the way to go.

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