• Thorpy FX Muffroom Cloud review

    Thorpy FX Muffroom Cloud

    I have rarely, if ever, received so many requests for a review. The pedal is already legendary, it seems, blowing one competitor off the field after another. I’m talking about the Muffroom Cloud from Thorpy FX. So, here it is, my review.

    I’ve lost count over how many Big Muff inspired pedals I’ve reviewed over the years but it’s quite a few. I must admit that it takes a lot to impress me these days. I mean, how is it even possible to offer something new and exciting on that circuit?

    Well, the Muffroom Cloud certainly offer something new when it comes to design. The super cool box both look and feels like it could withstand an atomic bomb and the details in the engravings are beautiful. Another new feature is the fact that the tone control is replaced by a powerful two-band EQ controlling the bass and treble.

    David Gilmour is known for his silky smooth Big Muff tones. It’s the combination of his Strat, the mid rangy Hiwatts set to near breaking point and the addition of a booster. All this, adds an amp like character to the Muff but it also makes the Muff sound less like a fuzz and more like a modern distortion.

    The Muffroom Cloud can certainly do both. Whether you’re looking for that violin-like sustain or creamy fuzz saturated with harmonics, the Muffroom has tons of character and dynamics.

    It’s a very quiet circuit. Perhaps the quietest I’ve ever played. It’s not a very loud pedal although it can certainly make your ears pop. The gain ranges from warm overdrive to classic Muff and beyond. What really makes the Muffroom Cloud unique is how well it separates each string and adds clarity and presence to every single nuance of your tone.

    Apparently, the goal with the Muffroom Cloud was to design a high end triangle era Big Muff. It certainly has that early 70s character but there’s also a bit of the Sovteks in it as well, with a hint of mid range and a fairly saturated gain.

    I’ve always thought that the tone control on the Big Muff is a bit limited as in it either sounds very bright or dark. The Muffroom Cloud feature one control for treble and one for bass much like a Powerbooster. You can really tailor your tone to perfectly match your amp and create the tones you need for each song. It makes the pedal much more versatile and crates a much wider tonal range.

    There really isn’t much to point my finger on here. The Muffroom Cloud is no doubt designed with much care for detail and understanding of the true Big Muff tone.

    Purists might find it just a bit too pristine and smooth. It doubles easily as a fuzz but for that uncompressed raw tone you might want something a bit more vintage sounding. However, this thing sound equally awesome on your small bedroom amp as a large stack and if you want one fuzz that nail all of David Gilmour’s lead tones then look no further.

    See www.thorpyfx.com for more details.

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  1. Wouter Devroe says:

    Any regards on the combination Fallout Cloud and VOX AC15 (Greenback)?

    Setup: strat & epiphone G400 (SG style guitar).

  2. Kevin Abadie says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    First I would like to thank you for all those amazing informations.

    After reading your articles and seeing your videos, I am torn between 2 pedals. The Thorpyfx and the Skreddy Pedals Rust Rod.

    My setup is a Fender Strat with DG20, Boss CS2, Marshall dsl40c.

    Which pedal do you think will be best in my situation to get this ultimate DG lead sound ?

    thank you for taking the time to answer all of us!

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Kevin! First of all, and as I’m sure you are aware of, the DSL is not an ideal amp for recreating David’s tones. A great Marshall amp but a bit too aggressive, even on the cleans, for David’s tones. I often recommend less gainy pedals than a typical Muff, like an overdrive, because Muffs and Marshall often sound too compressed and aggressive. You might want to look into something like a Boss BD2 or Buffalo FX TD-X Tube Driver clone. These works nicely with Marshall. But, between the two you mention… I like the Rust Rod. The Thorpy sounds amazing but to my ears it’s more a distortion than a Muff. The Rust Rod has a nice vintage flavour typical of what David’s been using. You might also want to check out the EHX Green Russian. Awesome pedal.

      • Kevin Abadie says:

        Thank you so much for answering me, much appreciated!

        I understand that the DSL is not the best man for the job, but it might still get me remotely close I assume (not trying to perfectly nail it neither). Since I read your review, I am really interested in that Rust Rod but I have no way to try it before buying it (ebay..) So you think that it might not be the best match with an amp such as the DSL ?

        • Bjorn says:

          The Rust Rod is an excellent Muff variant. It is designed to capture those mid 70s Muff tones with a bit of boost, which is what David used to do. It’s much more open sounding and less compressed compared to similar versions like the Iron Bell but as I said, Muffs and Marshall often sound a bit too aggressive for David’s tones. At least that’s my opinion. Between all the Muffs out there you probably want to check out the EHX Green Russian, which has a much more mellow character.

  3. Simon says:

    Hi Bjorn! Great site! Very good! Can i have your opinion? I have a buffalo power booster and buffalo td-x, d allen echoes and hiwatt t20, what kind of big muff are better? Ram’s head like pig hoof or buffalo m1?
    Thanks a lot


    • Bjorn says:

      You have the perfect setup for a Muff so it comes down to taste. I loooove the Pig Hoof but you might want to look into the M1 or the Vick 73 as well.

  4. Charlie Suarez says:

    Torn between this and the Buffalo M1…help

  5. Suril says:

    Whatever you do, don’t get the Muffaletta… it’s not that good… you’ll end up just using the jhs mode … A deluxe big muff is the best solution if you have to have all the muff tones if you need the best, get a Fallout Cloud… I use both and it nails all Gilmour tones…

  6. Rod says:

    hi Bjorn
    can you get the big feed back sound that you got with buffalo fx patriot with this pedal ( you know the riff in the beginning of sorrow )?

  7. Skyler Humphrey says:

    Hey Bjorn, I have a custom fender strat with EMG’s and I’m playing through a fender hotrod deluxe III. I’ve played my recent gigs through a POD HD500X, but I just can’t get the Gilmour tones I need with that setup so I’m going back to the traditional way. I’m starting to build a board. I have an Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi, an Electric Mistress Deluxe, a TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay, a Pigtonix Classic A Boost, an Ernie Ball Volume pedal, a Digitech Whammy, and a Mod Tone tuner.

    What order would you recommend putting these pedals in? Also, what am I missing that is a need? Is there anything I should swap out for something that would be better in my setup?

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Skyler! Try this: guitar > tuner > whammy > muff > boost > mistress > volume pedal > delay > amp. Is that the new US Muff you’ve got? It doesn’t really sound like the Muffs David used and uses so you might want to consider getting a clone closer to those, or something more versatile, like a classic distortion. Check out the Buyer’s Gear Guide Big Muff and Overdrive and Distortion for some tips.

      • Skyler Humphrey says:

        Thanks Bjorn! I’ll look into getting another Muff!

        • Skyler Humphrey says:

          In your professional opinion, which model would be the best for my set up?? I know Fender amps have the mids scooped, so what Muff or distortion would be best?

          • Skyler Humphrey says:

            Also, where could I put a wah in this chain?

          • Bjorn says:

            Not sure if I’m professional but for Fender amps, I’d go for something dark and mid rangy, like the Sovtek models or a ram’s head with a mids boost feature. They seem to fit the scooped uncompressed Fender amps better than the typically vintage scooped Muffs.

  8. gabriel tate says:

    How would i get my hands on those backing tracks you use? How do you learn the notes for the music? Do you use tabs? Just some newbie questions. I am just trying to start out playing and dont know where to start.

  9. Tony James says:

    Hi Bjorn, just a quick question,
    If you had a choice of big muff deluxe or the fallout cloud, which would you personally choose?
    I only have space left for one or the other, I’m using a signature relic Strat with a Hiwatt SS40W custom with mid boost, EM deluxe V2, CE2, 74 script 90, BK TD, providence delay, nova delay, Holy grail Neo, Cali 76 dlx, Nova drive, providence Flame drive, Diablo +, FTT Avatar, EH Cock Fight, C9 and Polytune 2 :-)
    Oh and a Eric Johnson fuzz and Fulltone wah and expression on the floor :-)

    • Bjorn says:

      I think the Muffroom is supperior in any way. It might not be the most vintage sounding Muff out there, but the overall tone is superb. That being said, the EHX Deluxe allow you to dial in a wide range of Muff tones and perhaps a more vintage tone.

  10. Nathan says:

    Hey Bjorn have you ever tried the maxon fuzz elements earth? It’s apparently based heavily on the classic 70s era Rams head big muff and it has my interest. It’s the only Rams head clone I can get locally without paying a fortune online and judging from the online reviews it sounds pretty good but I’m not sure how it compares to other Rams head clones in terms of getting Gilmour tones.

    • Bjorn says:

      I’ve only heard the reviews and, based on what I hear, it sounds pretty good. All of the Maxon stuff I’ve played is great.

  11. Florian Schneiders says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I am looking for the overall Muff, so I come close to two pedals. The Thorpy Muffroom and the Buffalo Patriot, can you give me an advice which will do the job for the whole Gilmour sound.

    All the Best and thanks in advance Florian

  12. Scott Campbell says:

    Hi Bjorn
    I have been using the Thorpy Gunshot for a while and loving it. Mainly for its clarity I guess. Nothing you cant get from other pedals but it just sounds good and cleans up nicely. PF and DG songs sound great. It is not a forgiving pedal. need to play clearly.. Thought I would let you know..
    All the best

  13. Daren says:


    Did the Muffroom make the cut and earn a spot on your primary pedal board?

    • Bjorn says:

      No. I might be using it for recording, as it’s very easy to record, but it doesn’t really produce the Muff tones I want. It sounds really great but, as mentioned in the review, it lack some of that raw uncompromised Muff tone.

  14. Azza says:

    How does this compare to the Cornish P2 or G2 or the NG-2? Is this a Cornish killer? Would Lou Reed turn in his grave? Is Gilmour gonna get rid of his Cornish racks?

    • Bjorn says:

      Well, Gilmour has already gotten rid of his Cornish racks… at least for this tour :) Cornish has they’re own voicing and this one can’t really be compared. Perhaps somewhere between the P1 and P2 but I would place it closer to a modern distortion, with a Muff flavour to it, rather than it being a true Muff. Awesome tone, but like I said in the review, if you’re a Muff purist, then you might want to look elsewhere.

  15. Buskern says:

    Hi! Great sound. Will order one tomorrow!
    What kind of effects do you use in addition to the Muffroom Cloud in the two videos?

    • Bjorn says:

      It says in the clips :)

      • Buskern says:

        All the information I get from those two Muffroom videos is about the guitar, amplifier and microphone used during the recording of the videos …. I wanna know about delays , chorus, distortion and reverberation lenghts, predelays etc….

        • Bjorn says:

          On that last clip, On the Turning Away, the chain is
          guitar > Muffroom > Boss RT20 > TC Electronics Flashback delay 2290 > amp
          The Flashback is set for aprox 750ms, with 7 repeats and moderate volume.
          I’m using Platinum Reverb in Logic, with 10ms pre-delay, low cut 350Hz and high cut 6k, with 3sec tail.

  16. Lui Sutil says:

    Damn! That second video sounds absolutely killer!!! I mean seriously, you cannot get any closer to Gilmour tone… It’s nailed to perfection!!!

  17. Troy says:

    Huy: I don’t know if it was intentional but the phrase “saturated market” actually made me laugh out loud as perhaps the best pun ever in a thread talking about a guitar dirt pedal! Nice!

    Bjorn: It would be interesting to know how well this works with a Tube Driver after it in Pulse-style EQ focusing mode. Or if the Muffroom’s own EQ’s can be dialled in for a similar effect (albeit without the “texture” added by the TD’s drive?

    Many thanks!

    • Bjorn says:

      I did try it with both a Tube Driver and Powerbooster but it really didn’t need a booster. It’s got so much gain and the EQ allow for the tone sculpting you need. It sounds best alone, I think.

  18. Huy Tran says:

    I have the Thorpy Muffroom and it is excellent. I love it. Mostly I love that you don’t have to use it like a traditional big muff. You don’t have to set your amp super clean. The Muffroom is actually very good at pushing an amp that is right on the edge already. I am always experimenting with this pedal.

    Also, it feels to me that the Muffroom might be a new breed of muffs, not in execution but from a design perspective. From when I first started buying big muffs and today, there has been a few game changers. Vick Audio Rams Head and EHX BMP were released and suddenly you can buy a top class muff on the cheap. Mufflueta may also make waves in the market and fullfill those that are looking for a one size fits all muff.

    It just seems that the market doesn’t need another accurate big muff triangle/ram/violet/soviet etc.. clone. Any new big muff recreation pedal is going to have such a tough time penetrating the saturated market. The past few popular big muffs released were innovative in their own way. They brought something new to the table.

    New big muffs would have to be different or innovative. Like the muffroom active tone eq. Before that, it was the mid hump and the toggle switches. The EHX BMP has like a gazillion knobs but you only really need to use 5 (which is still heaps for a Big muff). So yeah, I think the big muff market is saturated and we won’t just get straight up clones anymore.

    Which is really exciting for me. Can’t wait to see what excellent builders come up with.

    I am lucky to be able to buy many expensive big muff boutique clones and try them out but if anyone wanted a recommendation, I’d say the Vick RH in a heartbeat. Save the money for a new amp!

  19. KEITH says:

    I think all Gilmourish folks should take the time to research Stuart Castledine. Out of all the builders in the world, He was chosen to make the REAL Colorsound Power boost, not a cline, the exact same pedal DG uses. He has every original pedal ever built from the ’60s, and ’70s, and kniwd those circuits in his head. He has the best ear of any builder I’ve dealt with, and if a component like the Halo inducter from a ’67 Italian Vox, or Crybaby wah is out of production, he makes his own, thus being as far as I’ve found, the only true builder of the much sought after Wahs that are speced the same as those made in italy for one year. And, my friend and I wanted a Muff that was as close to the srcret circuit in DGs #1 Violet Rams Head, My friend Will startrd talking to hom and had to back out, so I took up with Stu trading emails about the look, color, and name, and fir my small part in it’s production, I own the original prototypr of his V2, which he based on his RAMs Head, and guessed at what Cornish did to it and the result is a Muff that to my trained ear, sounds as close as you can get! And works with bedroom set ups as well. His prices are far lower than all the clones, of clones, of clones, and he’s the nicest guy I’ve met in my search for my tone,excluding Bjorn, who is the nicest guy ever!!! Anyway, that’s my opinion, and until I hear a review of something closer, it, and my Musket,( for sentimental reasons.), are the only Muffs you’ll ever find on my board. THE MAN IS A GENIUS, AND NOT JUST A BUILDER, BUT SPECIALIZES IN 60’s, and ’70’s PEDALS, AND HAD BEEN PLAYING HIS WHOLE LIFE!


    • Huy Tran says:

      The fact that you chose to capitalise the world ‘real’ in colorsound power boost is an indication that you believe the clones to be inferior. Which isn’t the case and it can be disputed that it is the exact same pedal Gilmour uses.

      There are plenty of Power Boost clones that are superior to the original in many ways. Perhaps the original power boost has some indefinable sound that makes it special. Even so, it is a very very limited pedal and the clones get close (disclaimer: from clips and trusted opinions ie. Bjorn, I have never owned a original power boost) but have so extra features that flat out make the pedal better.

      I know you closed off with saying that this is your opinion and I would like to point out that what I am saying is my own opinion too. I just wanted to give a different viewpoint to someone who might be new and not as knowledgable about this stuff.

      • Brad Roller says:

        I’ve played through two of the best clones on the market, the buffalo and Vick audio and I can tell you that my 18 volt colorsound powerboost has a far better sound than both. Bjorn will tell you, the clones out there will get you close but none of them can capture the mojo and unique sound of the original.

        • Bjorn says:

          True. I’ve played just about every clone and while they all sound great, and some even offer a slightly different take on the circuit, none manages to quite capture the nuances of the original. I don’t know what it is but that last 1% is missing. Actually, the closest match, IMO, is the new 18V Bananaboost from Electronic Orange. It’s hard to tell the difference I think.

          • Huy Tran says:

            Probably because the clones have the gain knob which the original lacks. Any gain knob, while being infinitely useful takes some dynamics away from your tone. People usually set their volume and don’t touch it while they tweak the gain knob to their liking. It’s convenient but possibly not the best way to get a dynamically rich tone.

            The volume knob should be the one that you tweak while the gain knob should be thought of as the spice that makes it all better but shouldn’t be the main star of the recipe. Increasing volume adds natural compression and harmonics and natural gain to your tone.

            • Bjorn says:

              Very true. A gain pedal is often misunderstood and you end up with a thin and harsh tone, rather than using it in the same fashion as an amp or even to boost your amp.

    • Brad Roller says:

      His powerbooster is amazing!

      • Bo says:

        Cool stuff there. Thanks for the tip Keith.

      • KEITH says:

        Hey again Brad, you should try his drop in wah kit, it fits in standard Vox, or Crybaby pedals, and is the most vocal, and all around best sounding wah I’ve used! (I have 5 Wahs, and had gone through a bunch more before I got his). Also, as I’ve said too many times, If you can get your hands on a V2, it does Animals PERFECTLY! I can’t tell much, if any difference between it and the #1, and it only took about 10 minutes to dial it into my rig for the tone I asked him to try and attain. For a starting point, I tried everything at 12:00, and with very minor changes to the knobs, VOILA, DRY SOLO IN A BOX! Unfortunately, no one has made a clip that captures the sound of the pedal at all on YouTube last time I checked, but I wouldn’t talk about Stu, or Fralin pick ups so much,(risking being told, Enough already!), if they weren’t just so damn good! They are better than my vocabulary can exclaim. Only an hour or so with any product I speak about so much will make a true believer out of the most discriminating Gilmour purist. So, ENOUGH ALREADY!! HAHA!

        Peace, and please excuse my over the top pushing of Castledine, and Fralin products, but I feel that both men are among the best in their specialties, maybe the Best!

        So It Goes, Keith

        • Brad Roller says:

          If I can I’ll try it out. Because my powerboost blew my mind. I can absolutely nail WYWH tones and now I’m using in place of my tube driver for my own tones. It’s sooooo smooth and glassy. I leave it on and with a small adjustment of my volume control on my strat I’m crystal clean again. I don’t know if I’ve found just the right settings or what but I’ve found it to be even smoother than my tube driver. I think the 18 volt really makes the difference. Back to you Bjorn, have you ever used your old powerboost for overdrive and leads for your own tones?

          • Kris says:

            Hey Brad, does your powerboost have a master volume control on the side? Does it work well with buffered pedals (boss etc.) and at bedroom volumes? Thanks!

            • Brad Roller says:

              Mine does NOT have a master volume. And I haven’t tried it with buffered pedals BUT I use mine ALL the time. And I set my volume pedal accordingly when I find the right gain that I want. I use it as my main drive. I set it border line fuzz, and adjust my guitar volume to create overdrive. But I’m playing through my reeves custom 50 and a laney cub into a motion sound srv-112 rotating speaker at the sam time and it sounds great going through it. Granted, Ive got it cranked as loud as it can be without distorting. So let me clarify, if you play in a bedroom mostly, id go with the buffalo fx or the banana boost. As good as the original sounds, it needs a good bit of volume to sound great as Bjorn will point out. So I guess declaring which one is best depends on which situation you play in. I play in a band that plays pretty loud and it works great. The lack of volume control may be a problem to some but I found a way to work around it and now I wouldn’t imagine trading it out. Hope I helped you some kris!

              • Kris says:

                Thanks Brad, appreciate the info man! I’m thinking the buffalo fx power boost might be better suite for me. Figure I can’t go wrong with another one of Steve’s pedals. Have both the Patriot and TD-X, love them both. Hope to one day play in a band, right now just rocking out in the bedroom. Kris

  20. Pete W. says:

    This or the Rust Rod?

    • Bjorn says:

      Ah… depends on what you’re looking for :) For David’s tones? The Rust Rod. The most versatile? The Muffroom.

  21. Richard McEntee says:

    Hi Bjorn – hopefully an easy one :) For bedroom playing, for the standard DG muff sounds through the ages – Muffroom or Muffuletta ?

  22. Brad Roller says:

    How confident are you to get some good Animals tour tones with this pedal? Raise my rent sounded awesome…

    • Bjorn says:

      It’s perhaps a bit too smooth and “clean” sounding for those nasty 77 tones but with a bit of rotary, Mistress and some brighter settings, you’ll have no problem getting close.

      • Brad Roller says:

        For animals live tones would the pig hoof yellow label be better?

        • Bjorn says:

          The MkII was designed specifically for my rig, with recording in mind, so it has rolled off low end and less gain. In that sense, it might not be the best pedal to use in a live setup but the tone is definitely closer to the Animals era, I think. You might be better off with the MkI or pedals like the TopTone DG1 or Skreddy Rust Rod, which both are all very close to the P1.

          • Brad Roller says:

            Hmmm the Dg-1? I haven’t used that beast in a while. Having never tried the p-1 I never knew how much the dg-1 actually sounded like a p-1. I always heard it was closer to the p-2

    • Bo says:

      Raise My Rent sounded awesome!

  23. Great!
    The Big Tone Music Ram Fuzz is nice too!
    Very useable 3band EQ.

  24. Bo says:

    I’m still rocking the Musket Fuzz. What are your main differences between these two pedals? I was always sold on the fact that the Musket is very unique because it was so versatile while also being able to achieve good tones at bedroom levels. Is the Muffroom as versatile and at bedroom levels?

    • Bjorn says:

      They’re very similar. The Muffroom has a bit more low end and perhaps an overall warmer tone. Depends more on which works best with your rig. Both are great on bedroom levels.

      • Lui Sutil says:

        Seriously guys, like Bjorn keeps saying, it’s definitely not a clone per say, but a Muff based tone machine…. The fact that it comes with active treble and bass eq, that alone should be enough to tell you that this is a different kind of pedal and will obviously sound a bit dfferent simply because of the way you dial in the tone… This is a superb pedal that I do not see anybody ever regreting this one… Just the built quality alone looks like it’s worth the price… But this can get super glassy high if you want to and super filtered dark … Bht when you find one of the many sweet spots…. Ohhhh baby, you are in for a treat… I’ve tried it in both 6L6 and EL34 amps sounds great in both… Bedroom levels sound really good. And when playing live, you can see the jaws dropping. Top Notch

        • Bo says:

          Thanks Lui! Have you run it through either a 59′ Bassman or a Blues Jr? Thanks for the advice. This pedal sounds so awesome running through all the reviews I’ve seen. Hoping it works for my ride.

      • Bo says:

        I guess that’s what I always wished my Musket had…more low end. I mean it’s a muff but i’ve never gotten that heavy low end riff machine that you expect in a muff. But I am running it through the clean Blues jr. Do you think I’ll like the Thorpy through the Blues jr in particular over the Musket? Also your review is amazing…and thanks for all the advice throughout the years. I think i’ve been coming here for over 8 years. And it’s been a blast. Since my pedal board has been built i’ve been playing a lot more than reading reviews but when something like this pedal comes along my heart sinks. You have a great job Bjorn…but you’ve always done your job right. I’ve never sniffed a tad of bullshit in any of your reviews or articles. Do me a huge favor and tell me this is the clone to end all so i can start sending money overseas without feeling bad about it. Thanks again for all you do and all the amazing free content.

        • Bjorn says:

          Thanks for your kind words Bo! Btw, this is not my job :) It’s hobby and one that I often only find the time for at night… Anyway, the Muffroom is very similar to the Musket in many ways but it has considerably more low end, which is what you often want when playing alone but perhaps not in a band. It’s also a bit smoother so you might find it more pleasing with a Fender amp. The ultimate Muff? That’s for you to decide :) Cheers!

      • KEITH says:

        Off topic, but in response to the above post:
        I Love my Musket! It’s one pedal I don’t think I’ll ever take off my board. It was the first pedal I bought based on Bjorn’s review as well, so it has quite a bit of sentimental value. It’s also very versatile, and cuts through the densest mix due to it’s mids and pre knobs!

        KEITH :)

        • Bo says:

          Well said Keith! The Musket is so versatile and I love the mids boost. I haven’t been able to take it off my board either but I suppose I could make room for the Muffroom as well. Looks too fun! Born…you sold me on Considerably MOAR low end which works for home on my Blues jr. And I know it will sound good on the 59′ Bassman because all my fuzz/muff style pedals sound MASSIVE on it. I guess I just want to be able to do the sabbath/bass/pumpkin thing without having to use my Bassman which only can be done at rehearsal. With the Muffroom I hope to get that massive sound at lower volumes with the blues jr. Fuck it. I’m buying it. It’s not like it’s a risk. Its not just Bjorn who is bullish regarding its quality. Everyone is hailing it as “greatest fucking muff ever”. I like to party. Thanks for the advice Bjorn. You are truely great at what you do and thanks for spreading the word. I bet it’s hard giving up all your tone secrets! Cheers

  25. Stef says:

    Hi. How the tone compare with Vick Audio 73 Ram’s Head?

    • Bjorn says:

      Slightly darker, more mids (with the Vick in standard scooped mode) and an overall cleaner tone (as in more amp-like and not so much a fuzz). The Muffroom has the two EQ controls which makes all the difference. The Vick is perhaps a more accurate ram’s head sounding Muff, while the Muffroom is no doubt more versatile.

  26. KEITH says:

    Maybe it’s me, my ears are a bit stopped up from sinus issues, but I just don’t feel it with this one. Perhaps my V2 Castledine, not the V-2, has spoiled me, as it is quiet, has a lot of gain, is extremely easy to find your sweetspot, and sounds to me as close to DGs #1 as I think you can get. I liked the CN solo best, but even thought it was slightly muffled, or dark sounding. Like I said, my ears have been an issue lately, but I caught it right after it was posted, but waited until this mornimg to listen with fresh ears, but it still just didn’t do much for me. Can’t like em all I guess, but your playing as usual was spot on and thanks for the reveiw. I wish I could get you to reveiw the Castledine!!

    Peace all, and thanks Bjorn, KEITH

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks Keith! It always comes down to taste, doesn’t it :) I don’t know how many Big Muff reviews I’ve done over the years and it’s hard to make a review that show the unique character of each of them. After all, they’re all Big Muffs and it’s basically nuances between them. The Muffroom is no doubt the most versatile Muff I’ve tried. Sure, the EHX Deluxe, JHS Muffuletta etc has more options but the Muffroom can do anything from overdrive, to classic Muff to nasty fuzz, which I’ve yet to find one other Muff to do equally as convincingly. I’m reviewing with David Gilmour’s tones in mind but a Muff is so much more than his tones but I’m kind of tied to the concept of this site. Other reviews will reveal more of this pedal. But, as I’ve tried to explain in the review, this is not a clone of any specific model, although it’s based on the triangle. The goal, as far as I know, was to make something different, versatile and perhaps even a bit more modern sounding. The V2, my beloved Pig Hoof and similar Muff clones, are much more authentic sounding towards the originals specs, while the Muffroom offer something different. With that in mind, I think Thorpy succeeded and the Muffroom will probably be one of those whole grails with time :) As always, thanks for your comment, Keith :)

  27. Jonathan Thomas says:

    Awesome!!! So pleased you managed to get your hands on one. Adrian is a top guy and his pedals are great. Hope you get an opportunity to try his other pedals (perhaps not so Gilmourish, but equally as stunning)…the Peacekeeper and Gunshot are incredible in their own right too. Thanks for a great review Bjorn!

    PS. Finally got a Reeves Custom 50, the dream has been realised!

  28. MRMUFF says:

    Hi Bjorn,would this be in the same league as say the patriot?

    • Bjorn says:

      Depends on what you mean by “in the same league”. I’m not a technical expert, so I can’t comment on the circuits and build but tonewise, I would say that they are two very different sounding Muffs and within than family, they can’t really be compared. There is some Sovtek in the Muffroom but it’s perhaps best described as a high gain pedal with a Muff tone, whereas the Patriot is a straight clone of the early Civil War Sovtek. The Patriot has a darker tone, with more mids and an unmistakable Muff character. I like both and they cover different ground I think. The Muffroom might be more versatile but the Patriot is closer to David’s Pulse tones. But again, it comes down to taste and which works best on what gear.

  29. Lui Sutil says:

    I am a proud owner of the Muffroom Cloud, and got rid of my Deluxe Big Muff Pi, or at least I set it apart for backup… The Thorpy is currently the best pedal I own l, and I own a lot of boutique pedals… Way to many…
    But Thirpe will become a legend and depending on production these might cost a fortune in the future, but who cares about that? You can turn this pedal into a very smooth lead tone to a brutal devastating fuzz with a lot of bottom end…
    This is the Muff to end all Muffs… You can nail the Gilmour sound easily, or the Sabbath Sound or the Santana Sound… This is a very versatile Muff but really. Prepapre yourself for this pedal, from the amazing details when unwraping this gem, to the endless sustain of the last chord you play, I can’t wait for my Thorpy peacekeeper to arrive…. Thorpys trabsparent overdrive…
    Damn, I have so many pedals on my hain but I might downgrade to a Thorpy only rig… Extremely high end soun quality and musical. you will love it and be blown away by it…

    • Bjorn says:

      Glad you like it, Lui :) You can cover so much with this and that’s what’s makes it not only unique but also extremely versatile.

  30. Troy says:

    Great tones Bjorn! I’ve already got this on my shopping list of next few pedals to get. The demo above confirms the soundness of the choice. This is the only Muff fuzz on my radar. Already very happy with my Foxrox ZIM’s Muff cards & my old V6 EH Big Muff but with three pedalboards now this will definitely be just perfect for one of them.

  31. Sonic Reducer says:

    Its a modern classic, best sounding muff rocker ive heard, until my custom Codtone gets made!

    • Lui Sutil says:

      I agree with you man… I called Adrian Thorpe a living legend already, and yes, I was probably exagerating, but the guy is extremely humble but he agrees that he simply makes the best possible product. And I thought boutique builders where already making the pedals as good as it can possibly be, but this is a totally different level of quality.
      Adrian is just getting started and he already has 4 pedals that are in top of their class… The peacekeeper is without a doubt a modern classic Klon killer! My next buy was going to be another tube driver but I went for the peacekeeper and it sounds snooth as butter and clear and harmonic… Probably the best pedal I own… The bass and treble are active post gain and the mids are pre fain for a more subtle way to dial in mids…. Pure genius!!! I know he is more of a technical expert than a musician… But I hope he comes up with an originally inspired fuzz…. But I’m just happy to love in a time where this guy is making pedals… To stand out in a saturated market like he is, you have to oay attention!

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