• David Gilmour – Royal Albert Hall September 23-25 2015 review


    David Gilmour has just finished three nights, and the first leg of his stay, at London’s Royal Albert Hall. I was lucky enough to be present at all three nights and the experience has been overwhelming. To say the least. Here’s my review.

    I’ve seen David numerous times over the years and it’s always hard to know what to expect. He often looks tired in interviews and not always up to standards on guest appearances. Will he be able to do a whole tour?

    He did so in 2006 and, while I had my concerns this time as well, I’m happy to say that all my doubts were once again proven wrong. Very wrong.

    It’s great to experience the same venue from different angles. The first two nights I was sitting in the arena, close to the stage. You don’t hear the full PA mix and David’s cabinets hits you right in the forehead. It can sound pretty harsh at times. The last night, we were sitting high up, which revealed new details in the music and David’s guitars sounded more balanced and much warmer.

    The stage

    The stage and the overall production is very classy and minimalistic. Much of the lighting is very similar to what they used on the last tour. New to the design of course, is the inclusion of good old Mr Screen.

    I never thought I’d see the Pulse films for Shine On and High Hopes again but it was so cool to have them up there. Although still in great quality, they could have brushed them up a tad. Some basic saturation and contrast adjustments and they’d look new. Also great to see the original films for Money and Us & Them.


    Mark Brickman has done an amazing job with designing beautiful lighting for each song. It’s hard to beat what you see on Pulse but I actually think they did so on songs like Astronomy Domine and Run Like Hell. The lights were amazing and so intense that I felt exhausted afterwards!

    It’s a bit strange though, to see the screen and all the impressive lighting on such a small stage. You almost get the feeling of seeing mid 70s Floyd in a small club. Very intimate and low key, while mind blowing at the same time.

    The band

    David like to work with people he knows and people he can trust in realising his musical vision. The current touring band feature familiar faces and a couple of new ones and they sound incredibly coherent and tight. It’s also great to see how they communicate and clearly are enjoying them selves.

    Guy Pratt is a performer in his own right and it’s so funny to see he’s still doing his old moves on songs like Sorrow and Run Like Hell. It goes back to Delicate and Pulse.


    I’ve always been a huge fan of Jon Carin and he continues to amaze me. A multi talented man, lending his beautiful voice to several of the songs as well as playing lots of guitar and handling Richard Wright’s parts with perfection.

    The addition of backing singers also added a fuller sound and more of that Floyd vibe. Louise Marshall and Bryan Chambers does a great job.

    David Gilmour

    David turns 70 next year but he is very much at the top of his game. He looks relaxed, more so than I’ve ever seen him before and he’s clearly enjoying every minute of being up on that stage with the band.

    He’s still got the voice and does most of the songs very well. However, there are lots of moments when I cringe and hope he’ll be able to last through the show. His voice doesn’t quite hold up, especially on the higher notes, and there are also moments where he’s way out of pitch, which is something I’ve never heard from him before.


    Again, he’s almost 70 but he has chosen to do a tour and the consequence is that his voice is, at times, the weakest part of the show.

    David struggled a lot with his playing during the first night and so much to the extent that I was worried that he had lost the ability to perform well. You see that too many times with ageing artists. He seemed to have great difficulty with the new solos in particular and it didn’t help that most of his tones lacked sustain and grit.

    The second and third night was something different though. The experience was night and day. His playing was probably the best I’ve seen – at least on a couple of songs – and he extended several solos, clearly revealing a more relaxed and confident mood.

    Whereas his tone in 2006 could be somewhat dark and even muddy at times – although I liked that – they are now crisp and, on some songs, surprisingly aggressive. During songs like Money, I was taken right back to the 1974-75 tour. Not to mention the Muff and Mistress combo on Comfortably Numb, which left me absolutely speechless.

    There is a lot more improv in his solos these days and he has somewhat changed his style and technique a bit. I prefer a more structured approach but it’s great to see that the man is evolving.

    The setlist

    The setlist is a nice mixture of old and new. A bit surprising to see only about half of the new album being played but all the more Floyd classics… and I’m not too keen on the new album either. You’re always left wanting more of the obscure stuff but it’s hard to point out what he could have done differently. Especially now that Wright is gone. Awesome to hear Sorrow again and the Pulse version of Shine On.


    One thing that was striking though was how bad “The Girl With the Yellow Dress” was received. It was kind of when Spinal Tap visits the army base and do the free jazz number. David and the band seemed to have the time of their lives but the audience really couldn’t care less – including me. I’m surprised that David hasn’t caught the wall of silence and dropped the number.

    Song by song

    Please note that I’ve tried to list the effects David’s using for each section of each song. Note though, that this is only based on my guessing and should not be taken as a gospel. My comments are also focusing on the guitar performance – perhaps a bit too detailed but then again, this is a guitar site.

    Check out the Rattle That Lock tour 2015 gear guide for a detailed rig rundown.

    Guitar: ’56 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
    Effects: Compressor, Tube Driver clean boost, delay

    Nice intro to the show and David’s playing was expressive and beautiful.

    The guitar tone was too dark and boomy on the first night but much more open, crispy and dynamic on night two and three. David used his fingers for picking, as he does on the album version.

    Rattle That Lock
    Guitar: ’55 Fender Esquire
    Effects: Tube Driver overdrive, delay

    I don’t care for the album version at all but I must admit it worked really well live. The audience seemed to enjoy the upbeat tempo and the band really rocked all three nights.

    David stuck more or less to the album version of the solo. A bit uninspired and repetitive perhaps and as mentioned above, he struggled a lot on the first night, trying to remember or come up with something interesting.

    Faces of Stone
    Guitar: The Black Strat
    Effects: (solo 1) Compressor, Tube Driver clean boost
    (solo 2) Compressor, Tube Driver overdrive, delay

    The song worked well live. David seemed extremely insecure and unfocused the first night and played a horrible solo, with lots of mistakes. The two other nights was OK but I’ve both heard and seen him better.

    Wish You Were Here
    Guitar: ’59 Gibson acoustic

    Nice version all three nights. I’m always impressed by how David manages to improvise parts of the solos each night and still be able to hum along. A trade inspired by the early blues legends and one that David has always mastered extremely well.

    A Boat Lies Waiting
    Guitar: Jedson lap steel
    Effects: Compressor, delay

    I love the album version of this song and I was brought to tears the first night, when Crosby and Nash made a surprising guest appearance. I was moved not only by the beauty of the song but also because it’s always so inspiring to see mutual love between musicians.

    The Blue
    Guitar: The Black Strat
    Effects: (rhythms) Tube Driver clean boost
    (solo) Compressor, Whammy, Tube Driver overdrive, delay

    One of my favourites from On an Island and it fit really well after A Boat Lies Waiting.

    David had some problems with the Whammy pedal during the first two or three bars on the second night. I have no idea what it was but he was clearly struggling with something and I could see Phil Taylor rushing to the edge of his corner to assist if needed. The problem got solved apparently and David performed a beautiful solo all three nights.

    Guitar: The Black Strat
    Effects: (rhythms) Tube Driver overdrive
    (solos) Tube Driver distortion, delay

    The band played incredibly all three nights. Definitely one of the high points in the set.

    David’s tone was awesome and he seemed really inspired and focused. Thankfully, they’ve dropped all the oh-ah and reggae stuff from the 80s and 90s and just played a short mid section with some really nice guitar work from David. I was taken back to Wembley ’74 and enjoyed every second of it!

    Us and Them
    Guitar: The Black Strat
    Effects: (rhythms verse) Compressor, delay
    (rhythms chorus) Tube Driver overdrive

    Beautifully played each night and, again, one of the high points of the show.

    David’s alternating between a clean tone and overdrive on the verse and chorus sections. His voice holds up surprisingly well on the chorus. As far as I could tell, there was no UniVibe as one perhaps would expect.

    In Any Tongue
    Guitar: The Black Strat
    Effects: (rhythms) Compressor
    (solo) Ram’s Head Big Muff, delay

    This is by far my favourite track off the album and the band did a really nice version each night. A bit surprised to hear only the backing singers and no David on the chorus but it worked really well and gave the song a new dimension.

    After hearing the album, I’d hoped David would extend the solo and thankfully he did. On the first night though, he struggled a lot with lack of sustain and seemed insecure. On the third night he totally blew my mind and brought me to tears with an insane solo that, it seemed, took everyone by surprise. Definitely a high point!

    High Hopes
    Guitar: Taylor acoustic, Jedson lap steel
    Effects: Compressor, Tube Driver overdrive, delay

    Lovely performance each night and seeing the film on the screen brings back some good memories from when I first saw Pink Floyd in 1994. A fairly low key and stripped down version but it suits the song and it creates a more dynamic feel.

    David did a decent performance of the slide solo but he’s fumbling a lot all three nights, especially at the end, and seems insecure and unfocused.

    Astronomy Domine
    Guitar: ’55 Fender Esquire
    Effects: Tube Driver overdrive, delay

    Not much else to say than this song rocked! The band sounded amazing and the light show was intense.

    David’s using the ’55 Esquire and plays a long solo, based on different chord progressions.

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Guitar: The Black Strat
    Effects: (solo 1) Compressor, delay
    (Syd’s Theme) Compressor, Tube Driver clean boost, UniVibe, delay
    (solo 2) Compressor, Tube Driver overdrive, delay

    Although the stripped down version he did on the last tour added something new to the song, I’m glad we now got to hear the Pulse version again. Such a thrill to see the old ’94 film as well!

    A bit surprising to heard that David’s skipping a few bars of the intro solo. I though maybe he did a mistake, but it was repeated all three nights. Seems strange and unnecessary on such an iconic solo.

    Syd’s Theme sounded huge and there’s definitely some mild UniVibe going on there.

    The second solo sounded horrible on the first night. He completely fell out in the middle of it and tried to get back in but fumbled a lot and just improvised to get it done. He pretty much stuck to the album version on the second and third night.

    His singing was a bit off all three nights. He clearly struggled on the chorus sections and was out of pitch at times.

    Fat Old Sun
    Guitar: ’59 Gibson acoustic, ’55 Fender Esquire
    Effects: (solo) Tube Driver overdrive, delay

    A slightly different version compared to 2006 and a bit closer to the album.

    The first night, David starts off the solo with the mild Tube Driver, which sounds completely wrong. He apparently realises this and hits the heavy overdrive, which he’s also using night two and three. Great solo and the band are clearly enjoying them selves.

    On an Island
    Guitar: The Black Strat
    Effects: (rhythms) Tube Driver clean
    (solo 1) Tube Driver overdrive, delay
    (solo 2) Compressor, Tube Driver overdrive, delay

    Not much to say other than all three nights featured nice versions. It’s interesting to hear the song when it isn’t new and the band seemed more relaxed now than on the last tour.

    David and Manzanera does the duelling solo, which works really well. David’s using a milder Tube Driver on the first solo and one set for more gain on the outtro solo.

    The Girl in the Yellow Dress
    Guitar: ’56 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
    Effects: Tube Driver clean boost

    What can I say? This one sounds so out of place and it’s really a bit of a joke, although the band seems to have the time of their lives.

    Not much going on guitarwise other the occasional note here and there.

    Guitar: ’55 Fender Esquire
    Effects: Tube Driver overdrive

    This one works live because of the uptempo disco beat. The audience are on their feet dancing. Still, the album version is drenched in cool production but the band aren’t capable of capturing that vibe live. It’s not bad but the performance is messy and David’s voice is not holding up.

    Guitar: The Black Strat
    Effects: Ram’s Head Big Muff, delay

    What a surprise! What a performance! Jon Carin’s original loops and sounds were all there and David played extremely well. Kind of a mix between the original album version and Delicate I would say, with a fairly dry guitar tone and the Big Muff just slicing through the dense mix of the band.

    David were clearly struggling with lack of sustain during the first night but he made it through. I noticed that on the second night, he went over to the rack and adjusted the Big Muff (probably for more gain) before starting the intro, which indeed had a lot more grit and sustain.

    My favourite point of the song was the outtro being played during the second night. That last A died out almost instantly, leaving only the drone synth, but I was sitting in my seat cheering him on and hoping that he would stay with it for a few more seconds. He did and suddenly you could hear the feedback building up from nowhere and then he strikes that last E. It felt as if I’ve been hit by a truck. Bliss!

    Run Like Hell
    Guitar: ’55 Fender Esquire
    Effects: Compressor, delay

    Again, a powerful and impressive performance backed by the most intense lighting I’ve ever seen. David’s voice is barely holding up but he pulls through. They also do the “run run…” section closer to the album, rather than just screaming every word like on Pulse.

    It’s so cool to see Carin joining in on guitar, as he did on Roger Waters’ recent The Wall tour. It looked like he was using David’s custom baritone Telecaster but I’m not sure as I couldn’t spot the Bigsby trem arm system. He did some really cool stuff that added to the massive tone, like sliding down on the neck between each section of the song and playing those dotted eight high notes during the verse.

    Time / Breathe (reprise)
    Guitar: The Black Start
    Effects: (rhythms) Tube Driver clean boost, UniVibe
    (solo) Compressor, Tube Driver overdrive, UniVibe, delay

    I’m sorry to say that Time was really a let down this time… in many ways. Awesome to see the original film by Ian Emes, but the band repeatedly messed up the intro and David’s solos were just awful.

    Hard to tell why the solos didn’t work but there was hardly any sustain and it sounds awful having the UniVibe placed after the Tube Driver. It sounds thin and fuzzy. Better to place it first and then just crank the gain or use a Big Muff for the sustain. It sounded really weird with the band giving all they got and David standing there struggling with both the tone and his playing. Too bad.

    Comfortably Numb
    Guitar: The Black Strat
    Effects: (rhythms) Ram’s Head Big Muff
    (solos) Ram’s Head Big Muff, Electric Mistress, delay

    Again, what can I say! To be very honest. I’m sick and tired of this song. Perhaps because I’ve played it too many times myself… both for reviews and back when I did the Floyd tribute. You can not end a show without it but I wouldn’t miss it if they did.

    Still, he is now using a ram’s head Big Muff and an Electric Mistress and the tone is insane. I have no words. His guitar was mixed very loud and there’s something about the Mistress that makes the Muff sound both more focused or sharp and you get that hollow, throaty tone. I was scared he would tear a whole in the building!

    You sit there as the biggest Gilmour tone nut and have to force yourself not to get too caught up in the details but it’s hard not to. I wish he would do more of the figures and structure we hear on the album, Delicate and Pulse. He did so to some some extent but on the first and third night he improvised a lot, which sounded a bit messy. Nevertheless, no doubt that the “new” tone has inspired him to take the song to a new level.

    So, there you have it. Have you seen David on this tour? Or will you? Please share your thoughts and experience!

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  1. pink"s song says:

    33 year solo career.yet nothing from animals 😭 who’s really “pink”

  2. Carlos says:

    I saw David in Toronto earlier this year and it was a great show. I just watched one of Roger Waters’ shows in Mexico (Mexico City’s Main Square free show) and although the set list was great, the band sounded off. It was if the guitarist (3) did not even try to come close to David’s sound or the grace that he applies when playing. Even Jon Carin couldn’t help the band sound any better. It was cool to see Fearless played but they just sounded flat. My 2 cents.

  3. Mikep says:

    Went last night and David and Co were brilliant, the concert was certainly better than last years efforts, still not sure that he should play “Girl in a Yellow dress. My only issue is that quite a few people got up while David was playing, i find this quite disrespectful, if you need to go for a piss or another drink please wait !!!!. Sorrow, Shine on, Time, Numb,Wish…. bring it on

  4. Marcus Hogan says:

    Hey Bjorn! I’ve noticed that on this current tour it takes a few gigs for David’s voice to get stronger and his guitar playing to get sharper. If you watch the filmed performance at Wroclaw you’ll see what I mean as his voice there was quite weak. At 19 I got to see him on the first night at Pompeii. Travelled all the way from Ireland. Tickets were released on my birthday so I just had to go!!!!! Aside from one or two screaming kids who clearly didn’t want to be there I was easily the youngest person there but also one of the most hardcore fans. It was absolute perfection!!!!! I heard one missed note throughout the whole night (my keen ear caught it during Run Like Hell) and the new backing band were much improved after a couple of gigs. His tones were perfect on every song and the sound was crystal clear. Not sure what to make of Great Gig in the Sky yet with three vocalists but it was performed nicely on the night. Money and Time are two of my favourite songs but I’ve never liked them live (specifically in 88 and 94). However, both were nailed and if anything I preferred Time on this tour to the previous 2006 tour (seems a bit slower and more reminiscent of the original). One of these days was a masterpiece and all the new songs worked really well (his voice did struggle on Today though). Sorrow made the plastic floor under our feet shake and really freaked us all out! The ram’s head/mistress combo was an absolute delighted and far superior to his previous tour. As the concert was being filmed even more effort than usual was put into both the band’s performance and the effects! I cant believe that arguably one of the most historically significant solo concerts of the 21st century was my first Floyd/Gilmour gig. While the price was insane and it was a long way to travel I am still struggling to come to terms with how incredible it was!!!!! I cried during Shine On too! If you have any questions about tone/special effects/performance feel free to ask as I do know quite a lot! Love the site Bjorn!

  5. Israel says:

    I can not play “in any tongue” with “Big Muff”. I tried with the “Rat” with “overdrive” … Nothing is the same. Any tips?

  6. Laurent says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I saw David Gilmour last saturday night at the Château de Chantilly… Great show, with an amazing sound. DG had some issues with his Esquire during “Rattle that lock” and finished the song dancing, without his guitar! Phil Taylor solved the issue and DG could use his old Fender on some other songs.
    One of these days, Sorrow and Money were very impressive. Great performance… Even my wife, who is not really a DG fan enjoyed this show very much :)


  7. Curtis says:

    Did row 20 right in the middle at Auditorium Theater in Chicago… and the nosebleeds, sec 314 at United Center on Friday 4/8. Got to bring my sister on Friday, her first Floyd or Gilmour experience ever and she says I made a fan out of her!!

    I was happy to see it appeared Gilmour must have tightened up since Bjorn’s review. He was in practice and quite confident on most leads. I could discuss for hours !!

    I found it interesting that on his solo songs he took more “liberties” with the solos than on the Pink Floyd “covers” (which I suppose technically they are at this point?). Several of the Floyd tunes he was clearly making the effort to stick to album versions of solos and leads. This has been a curiosity of mine ever since the shows…. can anyone speak to this? Is there anything more to this?

    Auditorium Theater was definitely a treat, seeing Gilmour in such a small venue was an entirely different experience than United Center. It was much more intimate and I could really feel the dirty grit of his lead guitar.

  8. Robert says:

    4th row at MSG last night! Quite an amazing experience. Not much Muff employed, it seemed. The Tube Driver sound was obvious and got the job done. Syd’s Theme did sound HUGE.. it made me ponder the limits of what a “clean” sound can accomplish. Additionally, If I’m not mistaken, it sounded as if he used the Mistress (mixed in low) for the first solo in CN, but not for the outro solo. Of course, the overall experience is what mattered most. Thanks for your tireless work on this site Bjorn!

  9. cashko says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I love your site. In my opinion its best floyd and best Guitar site on the internet.

    I just saw Gilmour last night in New Yorks MSG. I had only read the first paragraph of your review as I really wanted to be surprised by what Gilmour was going to play. I just read your review and you nailed it.

    Going into the show I really didn’t like the new album by far the worst of his solo albums to me. So I was hoping it would be better live with more guitar work that doesn’t exist or I didn’t hear on the album. But the album tracks to me were just as bad live.

    Now for the Floyd stuff. He added “What do you want from me” in the first set and it was good and really do we need to hear Money I was thrilled he didn’t play it last tour High hopes and Blue were fantastic. His solos were incredible.

    My biggest issue was after the first set I was expecting a great 2nd set. Last time I saw him in Radio City he pulled out Echoes and it was one of the greatest songs I have ever seen in concert. This time he starts with Astronomy Awesome! Then Shine on Great! but I also notice he cut the intro short. Why?
    Then Fat old sun Great start to a fantastic Floyd set right.. but that’s when the bottom dropped. He went into Coming back to life a weaker song of division bell that he already played in 2006 then 2 terrible new songs to kill the momentum. After that Sorrow and Run Like hell. Two songs I really don’t want to hear from Gilmour as both have great intros and outro’s but to me the songs are weak. He didn’t play On an Island which I would have loved to hear. Nothing from Meddle. Nothing from Animals which I knew was a long shot at best. Nothing from his great debut album also a long shot.

    Time into comfortably numb great but after the weak 2nd set I can easily say this is the worst of the Floyds shows I have seen since first seeing Waters in 84.

    Anyway I hope everyone else has a better time at the show than I did. I will not say it was a bad show it had its moments but I was definitely disappointed after seeing the 2006 show.

    Thank you Bjorn!!! Your site is fantastic!!!


  10. Fernando Barrera says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    Gonna catch him for the first time tomorrow at the Chicago Auditorium, and then again Friday at the United Center in Chicago. I was really hoping id get to see him perform Echoes. Either way Im sure Ill love both nights. I caught Roger Waters’ “The Wall” a few years back. Even though G.E. Smith is great on guitar, its just not the same.. a certain musical presence was DEFINITELY lacking. Like it had no soul. Anyway I enjoy all your reviews, videos, and posts. Youve got his tone down pat. Saludos from Chicago, Il.

  11. Mark says:

    If someone could help me decide whether I should go to Unuted center or Auditorium theater in Chicago, Thanks

    • Jeff says:

      I personally prefer auditoriums to arenas. It’s has a more personal feel to it and the acoustics are usually better. Arenas generally get the better stage setup and a bigger light/smoke show. The good thing about the United Center is its not a very big arena. That being said I will at the United Center on April 4th.

    • Curtis says:

      Both if you can afford it! I’ll be at Auditorium on Weds and UC on Friday..

      If you have to pick one, pick Auditorium since it’s less than 4,000 capacity.. but they limited me to purchase only TWO tickets for this reason.

      UC is nearly 20,000 capacity I think.

  12. Bruce Jones says:

    Hi Bjorn, I just picked up two tickets to the Hollywood Bowl show on March 25th! (At below face value, no less.) I had given up on going, so I’m pretty excited to have a positive change of plans. I’ll check back after the show with a report. Hope this note finds you happy and well, my brother.

  13. Pablo Gavioli says:

    Hello Björn. I was present in argentina, we have been waiting for him a lot.
    I have to say that David performance was astonishing. Just a few misnotes, but the voice, band, and the comunion whith the audience (70.000 fans) made the show unique. I believe it’s all I have ever wanted to see in a DG show… And that guitar… Oh my god…
    Thanks for your web. IAm a guitar enthusiast and always refer to you when buying gear. The Day before the show I bought the deluxe mistress.

  14. Troy says:

    New set of gigs announced this morning for Royal Albert Hall 25, 28, 29, 30 September 2016. Scored a ticket for the 30th.

    After Brighton & the last night of the RAH stints in recent months now with another night to see the great man again next year 2015-2016 is looking Gilmour-tastic! :)

  15. Jeff says:

    I actually have 4 tickets to see David in Chicago in April. I live about 2,000 miles away and it’s looking like this is going to be more expensive than I thought. I might actually be looking to sell them.

  16. Reed says:

    Hey, Bjorn. Glad you made it to the shows and I really appreciate your honesty from the experience.
    David’s Live in Gdansk Fat ol’ Sun solo is my favorite all out tone from him. That perfect mix of syrupy high notes and biting, fuzzy lows is everything I want my lead to sound like on a couple songs. Any recommendation which G2 type would work best with my rig to reproduce that glory?
    I use a G&L ASAT Z3 and a Fender Ash Strat with low output Duncan APS II pickups into an Orange OR100 (brit type with massive headroom, emphasis in the low mids, and very tight lows). Thank you for you time. Due to my location, I’ve been unable to test such interesting gear like the Evolution, V2, DG2, etc…

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Reed! On that setup, I’d go for the Evolution. It has a moderate low end, smooth and linear gain and you got the mids control as well, which makes it very versatile.

  17. Hey Bjorn, don’t be too hard on Mr Gilmour.let’s face it he’s been at it for most of his life and played all the old stuff to death it must be distracting sometimes on stage with everything going on to keep focused and in time. I blame the lazer show I think it has a disorienting effect on the peridontal atrium and when your 69 that could be mind blowingly catastrophic…apart from causing you to have a senior moment.
    By the way the girl in the yellow dress is a senior moment and must be respected as such.. I bet it will be better received in other parts of the planet. Cheers Bjorn I’m sure we all enjoyed our Gilmour moment and let’s face it there won’t be many more…..Gordon. A senior citizen.

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Gordon, we all experience David with our different backgrounds. I enjoyed the shows a lot and it was probably the best I’ve seen him ever, so I don’t think he’s affected by age. Not much anyway.

  18. Cameron says:

    Was there on Thursday, my first Gilmour concert. Sat in the choir, sound was decent and being that close was great. Not a big Floyd fan but that all changed about three songs in. I go to a lot of concerts and have expectations relative to the artists age. David was fantastic, money, time, shine and comfortably numb were unbelievable. Will be going to see him in Toronto and will try to convince friends to join in. He is a treasure like Clapton and should be appreciated till he decides to stop.

  19. steve says:

    I was there on October 3rd, the final night.

    Having listened to various bootlegs from earlier dates in the tour and indeed the previous nights at the RAH, I was expecting some slightly strained vocals and bum guitar notes aplenty. Fortunately for me as soon as he started with 5AM, and into RTL, I knew he was on form. Almost no dropped notes or dubious vocals at all during the entire night, I reckon this was easily the best night of the tour, maybe even better than some of the 2006 shows.

    The whole band was very tight, the general mix was spot on, no instruments were lost or drowned out. He also on this night changed the way he sings some of the more demanding and higher vocal points, especially in RTL and Today, to accomodate for his aging voice. I’m glad he did as this made for a much more enjoyable show.

    All of the guitar solos were on fire compared to previous nights as well, no sustain problems or weak tones, even The Blue was absolutely spot on, which he seems to struggle with most nights (usually problems with the Whammy pedal). He was clearly waiting for a bit of feedback in the Sorrow outro as well, I’m glad he held out as it did happen eventually! (I wonder why he doesn’t get much feedback this time?). Then of course we have the mighty Comfortably Numb solo, which, even after having heard all of the live versions hundreds, if not thousands of times, still just hits you like a freight train when performed live, now with the very welcome addition of the Electric Mistress. We even had the Pulse-style “wave” thing near the end as well!

    The crowd were also very good, a brilliant atmosphere in the venue, even during Girl With a Yellow Dress. All in all a great night, very enjoyable and very memorable. Even though now I fear my wallet will soon be emptied as the dreaded G.A.S. has returned with a vengeance.

    • Peter Mair says:

      I would agree the version of The Blue on 3rd October RAH was possibly the best I’ve heard…….segue-wayed beautifully from ABLW too!

  20. fierceteapot says:

    I see you dont like criticism Bjorn (re: my previous comment that isn’t here)? Maybe if you want to criticise others, accept it in return regarding your judgement.

    I stand by my comments. It’s great to be honest, but if you are half the musician and performer you claim, you’ll realise that performers are their own biggest critics. They don’t need to be analysed in microscopic detail in public with comments like “he struggled a lot with lack of sustain and seemed insecure”. He might already be established, but guitar (and all instruments) are deeply personal things to play, and expecting anyone to never have a bad night, or play 100% all the time is completely unrealistic.

    I personally think you have lost sight of perhaps what initially drew you to like Pink Floyd/Gilmour in the first instance. It’s become about robotic analysis to you, and gear, and technique. Soul, creativity and the human element is something you seem to have forgotton in the bulk of this review.

    • Bjorn says:

      I don’t remember all the comments I get. It either got caught in the spam filer or I deleted it with good reason. I can take any criticism as long as it’s nothing personal. Perhaps your comment was just that.

      Anyway, I think you have completely misunderstood my reviews and my reason for doing them. This is a site about David Gilmour, his gear and his tone. The whole point of this site is to get as nerdy as one possibly can and distract every possible detail about his playing. I think most of my readers are aware of that and appreciate it. I could have written about how fantastic everything is and how much I adore everything he does but I like to think that it shines through. Why else would I pay for three nights at Albert Hall and spend hours writing such a detailed review? Why else would I spend hours EVERY day answering comments, mails, checking out new gear, listening to Dvaid’s music etc etc

      I am a musician but I’ve never ever claimed that I have any special know-how based on that so don’t say that I have. Yes, David nor any other musician, needs to hear what I think about their playing but I’m not writing for them. I write for anyone who wants to read.

      I can handle criticism but be constructive. If you don’t agree then say it and don’t get personal. If you don’t like what I write then that’s OK. I certainly don’t expect that everyone do agree. This is my site and everything I write is based on my very subjective opinion.

      I also think that if you’ve taken the time to read through a bit more on the site, like my very recent feature on David’s first solo album, then you’d realise that this site is based on love, admiration and respect for everything David does. If you’ve also taken the time to read my reviews properly, you’d also notice that I could’t be happier for David right now. He’s clearly in a good place with his music and life and nothing makes me happier to see that. Despite the fact that I don’t like his new album. Where’s the human and artistic aspect? It’s all over the site.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion and your honesty.

      • DefJef says:

        We love you, Bjorn (so much so that I downloaded your video of the Vick Audio V2 because your playing sounded so good) and if anyone needed any confirmation that you know good playing from bad they only need to buy your Lullabies album don’t they?

        With ‘Rattle’, taking the lyrics and a couple of songs out of the picture, I’m finding David’s playing pretty ‘classic Floyd’ in places. Particularly on ‘Any Tongue’ (Comfortably Numb) and ‘5AM/And then…’ We just need some punchier lyrics and the years would melt away.

    • Brad Roller says:

      This site has never been the place of arguing and drama, until recently it seems. Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us, who, appreciates this site for all it offers.

  21. Frails says:

    Awesome review, thanks!! I’ll be at Hollywood Bowl in March….can’t wait!

  22. Seb says:

    Hi Björn!

    Saw him in Oberhausen and I wondered too why he didn’t crank up during the first half of the solo in Time. A bit cringey watching him struggle with keeping the sustain, especially when bending. Any idea why he plays with that kind of tone?

    • Bjorn says:

      If only I knew… sounds horrible.

      • Peter Mair says:

        yeah, mystifying on Time…..happened again on 3rd October date…..the notes were just dying in the first portion of the solo as you say. then he cranked it up for the Dmajor7 to Amajor7 section. shame…..ruined it.

  23. MIke Bollard says:

    I saw the last night at RAH, it was the first time that I have seen Gilmour and it was a awe inspiring thing. It was like watching the messiah speak to his flock. On the first number there was a little blip but the tone just blew me away. On Rattle That Lock I thought he sung better ive than on the record. There were some great moment and his new stuff went down really well. I thought in some ways he played it better than his older Floyd stuff. Me and my mate who play in a Floyd tribute were Jaw to the ground when listening. It was good to see that even at his level there are mistakes and on stage problems. A funny moment when Gilmour went to get the Tele on fat old sun and it wasn’t where he thought and the band had to play around the sequence again. Favourite track for me was In Any Tounge thought he nailed it well and truly. The harmonies on some of the track were wonderful and beautiful with Carin showing his amazing skills. Jazz and Gilmour doesn’t really work but made the other songs sound even better. Would have preferred to have Renwick on second guitar as I didn’t rate Manzanera although he did an amicable job on guitar After the show we found out that my mates amp tech was doing the gig and we didn’t know!! he said he would’ve given us a tour of the equipment. I feel I have seen one of the seven wonders of the world and are a happy man, this was without doubt the best gig I have ever seen.

    • Peter Mair says:

      great post! yes, saw 2 of the RAH gigs and likewise would say one the best and most enjoyable musical experiences I’ve ever had. better than the OAI dates.

  24. Hi Björn,

    I was expecting some old songs from DG 78 and AF 84 albums, but once again David ignored his previous solo works. I know he likes to play many new songs (sometimes the entire new album) and of course has to play his classic Floyd stuff, but David has a bunch of great songs between these two first records, why not to play 1 or 2 old songs, that would be great!

    As a Gilmour Expert, do you have any idea why David doesn’t play his old solo material???

    By the way, great review!!!


    • Bjorn says:

      Over the years, David has stated many times that he doesn’t care much for the first two solo albums. The first one was done between Floyd projects, while About Face was sort of forced by David wanting to see if he could make it without Floyd and the record company trying to make him into a new guitar hero. Both albums seems to be less representative of what David would like to be associated with. Too bad… I’d love to see him do some songs off those two albums!

  25. Stefano Fiori says:

    Dear Bjorn, I was at the RAH on October 2nd! I was waiting 20 years for assisting a Gilmour’s show…but it was worth it! I know you have seen him several times so you can dissect all his solos and tones etc….I do the same with my other idol Mark Knopfler…but for me it was a real good show. He is turning 70, so we have to appreciate his effort to continue to play and sing at his best…
    I was in a good position so the sound seems to me quite good…although when he played Astronomy and other Telecaster’s song the sound was “kneaded”…not really intelligible.
    In my opinion, the new song “in any tongue” was one of the high point…top sound, inspiration and relaxed playing…
    The rest are classics…some concern about the solo and sound in “Coming back to life” but being a extra song…it doesn’t matter:-)
    Curiously, he was struggling a lot with getting the feedback in Sorrow…
    So, finally, 2 hours and half of concert…worth a couple of flights, very expensive tickets etc:-)
    By the way, It was my 10th marriage anniversary gift…my wife is not real fan of DG…but she was so amused by the show…so happy two time:-)
    I have some photos of the show…
    Ciao Stefano

  26. Troy says:

    I saw the last night of the London Royal Albert Hall stint last night (Saturday) & can report that the issues that were present at the Brighton Centre gig & which Bjorn noted at the RAH gigs he attended were truly sorted out – thankfully. This gig was the the finest that I have ever witnessed from a multitude of great artists over three decades. Incredible! The setting of the grand RAH was sublime & I was fortunate enough to have an excellent viewing (& hearing) spot looking directly in the line of DG’s guitar neck & being able to see clearly his masterly trem arm moves & soak up some of the finest playing that I could only hope that he was capable of still delivering a few weeks earlier in Brighton.

    Jeff Beck & Bill Wyman left from the same stage door exit as I did & they were mobbed by fans. As I was leaving I wondered who all of these people were looking at me & others as we left trying to identify rock luminaries – needless to say I drew blank looks from these star spotters. Haha! I decided to have a cigarette to observe the proceedings when Beck then Wyman came out of the building.

    Wyman (now wearing his hair in a natural grey though still long-ish) said to the fans “thanks for your faithfulness” – presumably towards DG, though maybe to the legends of British rock in general. Beck was unrecognisable at first (his hair – this is the rock deity hair discussion board is it not – or have I posted at the wrong forum? ;D – now in a slightly rusty blonde tone being quite a departure from his decades long black-ish mane) & I seriously thought that he was Spinal Tap member Nigel Tufnell (Christopher Guest). The nose gave it away though (& the calls for “Jeff!”).

    “Sorrow” seemed misnamed – it was more like “Eureka!” The intro & outro were like Thor had ridden down from Asgard to Midgard, the land of man & smashed his mighty hammer Mjolnir to the ground sending shockwaves in all directions. The feedback in the outro summoned this energy & the thunder god was present once more.

    The Muff tones on those forces of nature summoning passages & on the Mistress-flanged “Numb” were all the more intense for their not being used for the lead tones in other pieces. I like DG’s alternate usage of compressor, & different intensities of gain on his Tube Drivers for lead tones. They comprise a dynamic palette of tones that cut through the density of the instrumental arrangements & make for a varied & sonically enriching experience. I found myself this time being immersed in the total sound of the music & less distracted by analysing the proceedings as a result, enveloped in a truly magical experience.

    My only regret was not being able to see all nights of the RAH stint – but from what I have read the other nights were not quite as powerful as the one that I witnessed & am very grateful to have been part of as an audience member with a fantastic view of the extended moment.

  27. Peter Mair says:

    Was privileged to attend the final performance of the tour last night. View from circle clear but distant, thank god for binoculars! Which evidenced DG ripping the ar£e out of the lead breaks on Faces of stone (no mistakes last night! Ended on an OAI type phrase….. stunning), IAT, Money, Sorrow and of course CN. The sound mix the best I’ve ever heard at a live rock event, as Bjorn said so much more of the subtlety becomes apparent when further back in the arena. Blissed out all day!

  28. swedeman says:

    Not that it bothered me at the concert bur I think both the guitar and singing intonation would be better if he used in ear.

  29. I was there last night the show was brilliant.
    Not bad for an old bloke :-)

  30. Mike says:

    Saw him last night at the RAH ! brilliant show, he did fluff high hopes (classical bit) but apart from that ….OMG run like helllllllllll.

  31. Tony says:

    Great Review as always Bjorn and was pretty much what i witnessed when I saw him last night At The Royal Albert Hall 3/10/15 was blown away by his sound and as you said the light show was intense from where i was on the floor 14 rows back.
    Only problem he had all night that i noticed was right at the end of Sorrow where he plays the same motif as the start of the song something happened with the sound and the timing went wrong but he pulled through it nicely.
    Blue was a highlight his playing on the solo was magical and Run Like Hell was an experience I’ll not forget in a long time as it took me back to Earls Court in 1980 when I was 18 and gave me that feeling you can’t put into words you just had to be there :)
    Waited outside for hours to meet him as like most people who visit this site he is their guitar hero and i wanted so much to get my old Strat neck signed by him but he sneaked out somewhere and it wasn’t to be :( but there is an upside as I managed to get the neck signed by Steven Wilson which in my world is equally awesome ! great night amazing reaction from the crowd at the end of the gig which was richly deserved gilmour is a true guitar legend I just hope there are many more nights like this as this morning im still buzzing :)

  32. Frederic says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    Great revue

    I have seen two concerts (Orange and Royal Albert Hall – Friday, October 2)
    Exactly the same playlist (coming back to life as a bonus on both)
    Technically, I have found David better at the Royal Albet Hall, it seemed to be more trained. but the sound was muh better in Orange, Solo “in Any tongue” punchy, I stayed glued to my seat….
    The sound was rough, agressive and not very pleasant on “Astronomy domine” at the RAL.

    At the Orange, I was sitting in the center 10 meters under the sound and lightning engineer, at the RAL, 10 meters above, in center too.

    I am also happy the it no longer uses the Red Strat with EMG, tone is better with The Black Strat (in my opinion)

    Mr screen was down at Orange but finally, the screens do not really have an interest.

    No laser at the end of the show at Orange during Comfortably Numb.

    I note the performance of David has nearly 70 years, it deserves respect.


  33. Curtis says:

    Amazing review, albeit disappointing in spots… but honesty is the best and is truly appreciated. Overall I’m looking forward to a fantastic experience, the good and the not-so-good are all part of it.

    I’ve got tickets for two shows in Chicago; floor seats at Auditorium Theater and nosebleeds at United Center. Seeing David Gilmour live has been my number one goal since I discovered him (and Floyd)… sadly that was after the 2006 tour but thankfully my patience has paid off!

    I always enjoy reading Gilmourish.com and look forward to many more articles.

  34. alireza says:

    Great review Björn
    Thanks so much

  35. JohnM says:

    Having missed the ’94 and ’06 tours, my wife (bless her) went out and got tickets and hotel for the 12-Apr show at Madison Square Garden. To get an opportunity to see David perform live…even at 70 and with cringe worthy moments…is a memory I certainly look forward to making and looking back on when I’m 70.

    Bjorn, this is a great review of the show, and I much appreciate it. If you happen to catch the New York show, I’d sincerely love to meet you in person, shake your hand, and let you know how much I appreciate your insights and the website.

  36. Mark says:

    David Gilmour is verging on 70 & the fact that he can still take the pressures of touring and performing at this age is simply amazing. The guy is astounding to bring out another solo album and it doesn’t sound bad either vocally or musically which proves he’s still got it & can perform the old & new songs but on a touring level he’s maybe pushing the boat out a little. You cant please everyone but my God am i excited to see him play later at the Royal Albert Hall. 1st time live for me so fingers crossed it will go smoothly for team gilmour & everyone enjoys themselves.

  37. joumann says:

    Your review is very “straight”, but you absolutely write down my thoughts from my experience at the concert in Oberhausen, Germany! Spot on Bjørn!!!

  38. Sam says:

    Some of the vocals on the new album are clearly out of his range. They are a bit cringey for me too.

  39. pickpink says:

    Thanks a ton Bjorn! A compliment from you is a treasure. It really is a great pleasure paying tribute and celebrating the music of Pink Floyd! They are really the best of the best and since I’ve started making the covers and looking into the nuances, I’ve truly realized how great they really are. There are light years away! We are truly blessed to be born in the same age and be able to hear this magic of sounds!

  40. Jean-François says:

    if I’m not wrong it’s the first time he played Shine On on the black strat since 1977 ?…
    the red strat seems to be defintively gone…and I like that !

  41. scott campbell says:

    As I said on an email to you in Pula David was a bit perhaps nervous to start with and a huge mess in “The Blue” but well recovered. Ok his voice was not that of a younger man but it was still great to hear. Perhaps pressure of the tour. I met the band arriving at Pula and David did look tired and they all looked like they were running late for a meeting as know doubt they were. They rehearsed to the early hours. We would all have loved to write the set list. but there you go.. Fantastic…

  42. Howard Forton says:

    A very honest review and a great read. He was on Jools Holland live last night and he fluffed some chords on Today. At least he got a laugh from Guy Pratt. Maybe he should’ve stopped after on an island. Great that he looks happy though. That’s what matters most for this very special chap.

  43. Kris says:

    I think those nights at the albert hall have taken a toll. If you listen to Dave on Jools Holland last night he definitely tones down the vocals on Rattle that lock, it’s also incredibly raspy on parts, same with ‘Today’.

    I think he’s brave to sing songs in this key at his age, but clearly age is finally catching up with him vocally. He did well to last this long.

  44. Steve says:

    Thanks for the honest review. It will help me be remember that this is a human being, and an extremely talented one, but he is not an infalliable god of music.

    I have tickets to the Toronto, Canada show next March, it will be the first, and likely last time I ever see Dave live. I had the opportunity to see Roger twice, so after I missed out on On An Island tour, I thought I’d never see him live.

    I’m sure I’ll thoroughly enjoy the show no matter what. I will keep in mind there are young people right now who 10 years from now will discover Pink Floyd and will never see any member of the band live in their lifetime. Those of us with who have had the opportunity to see these musicians perform are very lucky indeed.

  45. Francis Buckley says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I wish I knew you would be at the first RAH show. It would have been great to meet you in person. Anyhow, I attended Pula, Orange and the first RAH show. I think all the venue changes cause a bit of setup issues at least for the first night. But here are my two cents coming from a comparison of 3 different venues.

    I agree with voice and age…. I think David’s voice sounded best at the Orange concert. Pula was a bit rough and RAH maybe a little tired.

    “The Girl in the Yellow Dress” – why all the backlash? I think this is a great departure from the expected Floydian sound. I enjoyed it more and more over the course of the 3 shows.

    Technical problems. Maybe he needs a new Whammy pedal. In Pula it was a disaster. Mr Screen didn’t work in Orange ( projector issue I guess)

    Fat Old Sun – Has become my favorite Gilmour solo since Gdansk ( and I was excited that it was added to the setlist for this tour…) He totally blew it away in Pula, but not as much feeling or grit in Orange or RAH.

    Comfortably Numb – the lighting effects and sound were to me much better in RAH than in Pula or Orange. Other than that I am kind of Numb to the song now myself.

    David Crosby….did he even want to be there???? Graham Nash seemed into the concert but Crosby looked like he’d rather be elsewhere. Didn’t even come up for bow at end of show.

    Exclusions: Why nothing from his first two solo albums? There’s No Way Out of Here and Murder were pretty big hits (at least to me) I haven’t heard him do Murder since I saw him in the 1984 About Face tour. As much as I like Astronomy Domine and Fat Old Sun I would have expected maybe digging into some other material.

    He and the band do seem to be having a good time with the concerts. I believe the sax player was different in RAH. I noticed a little improvisation(that I didn’t like) on the Money sax solo.

    I for one am glad to have attended these shows. Who knows if there will be any future tours. Got to catch them when the opportunity strikes.


    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks for sharing! They didn’t use the screen in Orange because it’s incredibly heavy and the venue couldn’t hold it. Crosby enjoys every minute of it. He’s always been like that but it can look very strange if you don’t know him :)

  46. Dean Rutter says:

    I saw him on the opening night. First time I’d seen him live solo and since Earls Court in ’94. Didn’t have a great view due to the RAH being circular and not best suited for concerts. Personally I would have preferred a different venue. That said it wasn’t that important to see the stage but the film screen was virtually side on. Anyway, as is usually the case it takes a few songs to get me going at a live gig. I think it was by A Boat Lies Waiting that I really started to enjoy the show. I didn’t notice any flaws that much except with Time, which like you I was surprisingly disappointed by. It just sounded thin and flat and boring. Odd. But Comfortably Numb, regardless of how many times I hear it, sounded pretty stellar. That, Sorrow, Money and In Any Tongue were the high points for me. So I really enjoyed the show.

  47. Peter Mair says:

    Couple of other points….Did anyone notice the quote from ‘Another brick in the wall Part 2’ in the final solo in Sorrow from RAH Gig3!?

    I haven’t had time to actual check on the CD but it appears ‘In any tongue’ is in the unusual (for DG/PF anyhow) key of FM, certainly the fade solo.

  48. mookieb says:

    Have to agree that there were highs and lows – David’s voice is struggling which makes the inclusion of backing singers a sensible precaution! I guess this is also why Coming Back To Life has been dropped from the set as it’s vocally demanding night after night
    “Imagine yourself, if you can, in a smoky club” – yes David I can and wish I was if you’re now about to play The Girl In The Yellow Dress; the screen film for this is almost as bad as the song with cliched jazz animation!
    On the second night I was sitting to the far right of the stage and, during Shine On, realised we were coming to the end of the song and Joao wasn’t on stage for the sax solo – suddenly he burst out backstage, sprinted behind Steve and Jon, barged past the backing singers and literally slid up to the mic to the very second he was due to start playing! Clearly he was backstage and forgot he was in the song; having said that I was very impressed by his playing throughout

  49. John says:

    I’ve got tickets to see him in April in Chicago. Hopefully he’s back into better form by then. I missed him in 2006, hopefully that wasn’t a mistake

    • Bjorn says:

      If you read my review again, you’ll see that despite minor issues, I think the show is better this time and overall, his tone and playing is also much more inspired and, to me at least, better. You’re in for a treat!

  50. Gary Jarvis says:

    Was any or all of the RAH shows filmed? Hoping they decide to put it out on BlueRay. Good review as always Bjorn.

  51. Peter Mair says:

    Hi, was at Fridays gig RAH, not a lot to add…. it was epic!……and will again be going on Saturday 3rd October. I have an audio of 25th Sept I can post if of interest, cheers.

  52. Pepca says:

    Hey Bjorn, I was sitting in Circle S, row 4, seat 77 on 25th of September. :)

  53. Guy says:

    I attended the gig on Oberhausen, Germany and had pretty much the same experience. Especially weird is the Time performance, which was bad also in Germany. The tone was awful and David seemed to have forgotten how it goes and tried to cover it up. Sounded like some beginner guitar player attempting this solo. I am surprised it was not a one time thing.
    Having said that there were also some fantastic moments and I enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to the gig in NY to which I have a ticket.

  54. Oleg says:

    Great review Bjorn! I was there on second and third shows and cannot agree more. There was some flaws but anyway both nights were fantastic. So many great moments. The intro and outro on Sorrow was absolutely mind blowing, you just nailed my impression in your review. And solos on Comfortably Numb sounded heavenly. Standing right in front of David on the encores I just realised at some point that my attention switched from the man himself to that timeless, out of this world sound. And that’s the essence of Pink Floyd in my opinion.
    BTW I’m so glad that I dismissed hesitation and said “Hi Bjorn”. Your photo just doubles the value of the whole adventure, haha! Hope I will be able to see your show next year.

  55. Thomas Williams says:

    Whoops, never mind-you’ve already posted it was the Butlers. Will you ever get an Effectrode Tube Driver and do a review and compare to the Butlers?

  56. Fabio Claudio says:

    Hi Björn,
    It was a lovely warm evening back in September 1994 when the European leg of the division bell tour took place just next to my flat in Cinecitta here in Rome.
    Three unforgettable days, and it was then that I fell in love with the Floyd and started to play guitar.
    For me and I think not ONLY me PULSE is the top what means David’s playing technique, improvisation and of course what a beautiful stage and laser show..This time I saw him in Florence, and I must say, in certain moments that flair was there.
    David in his career as a musician, since he started with the Floyd he had always must fight with something:
    With Barret’s extravagant personality and band figure, with Water’s egocentric charisma, the difficulty of being a decent songwriter…This time David had to fight was his aging.
    Yes, in the show in Florence, the most frequent mistake was the wrong position of his finger on the fretboard, I’ve seen him frequently lifting his guitar while he’s singing to look where to positioning his hand for the next solo.
    Maybe due to short time between the Album mixing and tour rehearsal, he probably hadn’t prepared well the older floydian stuff and the newer too.
    Apart from that It was astonishing as it would always be seeing Mr.Gilmour live!

    Best to you


  57. Thomas Williams says:

    Great, down to earth review filled with as much honesty as possible. Thanks. By the way, what kind of tube driver was he using? An Effectrode?

  58. Mike says:

    I left the RAH on Friday night slightly flat and just a tiny bit dissapointed. Had I just become too excited prior to my bucket list event? Had my ears heard just a bit too much of studio tweaked live albums? Then i found your review Bjorn and bang, it all became clear. Yes the spine tingling moments happened and yes the odd tear threatened but the bad points persisted. Would I go again. hell yes as many times as I could afford. Thank you for the brutal honesty in your review.

  59. Hey there, Bjorn, again great to meet you!

    We talked a bit about a lot of this stuff quickly out front, but I agree with most of this. I think the only thing of value I I can add is that everything that isn’t a classic track sounds very different from the tone we discuss on here and the tones we try to model after. It is very clean-driven for the most part, and like you said On An Island was much more tame. Also I was surprised finally hearing his amplification live, it is definitely much darker than I had previously thought! Also you were right in saying there is a lot of compression now. Part of me worries that this is due to perhaps his articulation beginning to become difficult without help.

    That all being said, on the final night Comfortably Numb was indescribable. The playing on Friday was much better than Thursday but this was of little consequence. The tone was pure classic with a modern piercing that I am struggling to even remember, let alone describe. However, I think Gilmour nuts who see/saw this show were all as taken aback as I was with the shortening of Shine On, and yes on Friday his voice couldn’t do it, and you could see him constantly taking drinks of something to ease the irritation. I actually think his early boot-legs (even David himself said in the early days his voice couldn’t hold up all night) sound a lot like his voice on Friday. For me it was a bit of an authentic sound (reminds me of when he got to Narrow Way part 3 on the Man and the Journey performance). Overall there is too much to remember and say which is why I love the resources and perspective you provide.

    All that aside it was the most amazing experience of my life, the venue is beyond ideal, and the people around you came from all corners of the world. It’s amazing to finally realize how many others are as touched as we are by this one man. It is clear to me now more than ever that the music of this band was David and Rick for the most part. And to top it off, I got to comment to you in person! What an unforgettable time! Cheers Bjorn!

  60. Mark Gardiner says:

    I didn’t get to see him but many thanks for the very honest and informative review Bjorn. It’s great that you list both good and bad points where others would just list the highlights – it gives a much truer picture of the performance instead of just blind adoration. I will have to wait for a Blu Ray release to see for myself though. Cheers! Mark

  61. Francis Berthiaume says:

    I’ve got my tickets for the Toronto show next year and hope that the red strat will do a comeback for a few songs. Specially sorrow… And like you, I hope a few things will change i the way they do the songs. And hopefully his drummer will be less studio line drummer and more live drummer. They are two different types really! By the way Bjorn, any idea what happened to Dick Parry????

  62. Alan Day says:

    Thanks for the review Bjorn. Looking forward to it on the 2nd, after 44 years of waiting! Real bucket list item for me. So glad they are doing Us and them as well as fat old sun – two of my all time favorites. An no, I hope to see Girl with the yellow dress, love those chords.

  63. Roger Sartori says:

    AWESOME! Great to have you sharing your experience with David’s shows, Bjorn. Now I hope I can drop some tears too, here in Brazil, next december, at Sao Paulo and at Curitiba. I’ll go on both shows and maybe experience some “changes” on his performance too, since at Sao Paulo it will be his first show here and at Curitiba it will be third one. Cheers!

  64. Marcello C says:

    Hi Bjørn, Thanks for another great review. I saw Dave`s concert in my old hometown of Florence. The event was, in my opinion, phenomenal. Mostly for the old songs, but the new ones had a nice swing as well (at least some of them). Maybe Dave got inspired by the great city? :-). Must confess I got moved by some of the solo`s and singing. And yes, the voice is not as it was 20 years ago, but more than all right. The highlights? Money – blistering solo. Us and Them. High Hopes – wonderful lap steel solo – straight to your heart. Astronomy Domine, Rock on! Shine on you Crazy Diamond – wow! Fat Old Sun – well,well, well did not expect this to be so good. Coming Back to Life – another fantastic solo. This is a favourite of mine, and yes, I am perhaps among the few who like The Division Bell album. Sorrow – oh my God, perhaps the best of them all. Some people missed the Red Strat here but I didn`t. Run Like Hell – all people up and singing. Three (!) encores: Breathe, Time (fantastic solo, tremendous tone) and of course, Comfortably Numb with a deadly solo. Few concluding words about Dave`s “tone”: it reminded me of Pulse, but more powerful, open and with a seemingly never ending sustain. Dunno how it did it. For me, this convert will remain unforgettable. For you and the others here who would like to listen to some clips of this concert, I reccomend the Facebook Site DAVID GILMOUR A FIRENZE – STORIE E MEMORIE DI UN EVENTO. Lots of nice pics and videos of good quality. It`s in italian but you can make it through. Closed Group but they`ll accept you. Phew!

  65. Jay says:

    Well Bjorn that was a interesting review and i was not there unfortunately like yourself to hear David and his band play however but I must say that I have a lot experience in playing guitar more like some 33 years or so now and coming from a Flamenco and Jazz background i was born to improvise like John McLaughlin Paco De Lucia etc.. so improvising in rock is not a bad thing either if you know how to make it work for you and the song. I notice that you say you prefer David to stick to the album structure rather than improvise which puts into question where do you stand on improvising in general and how much etc. Thats the interesting thing though isn’t it but i don’t believe in being another clone of someone else s guitar playing either like David for example is going make a person play unique or stand out to be different. The only way you can do that is if you go your own way and develop your own style by experimenting a lot and yes we all borrow licks and technique from other guitar players that inspire us but I think that too there comes a time where such detail in following note for note on playing of others can get to be a bit much. Eddie Van Halen said in a interview once that he does not really listen too much of other peoples music but rather than focus on doing something different that no one else has done technique wise as one good example of trying to being different. David Gilmore as you say is evolving as we all do when we get old and of coarse the music that he plays and others will do too, its a part of life in a not so perfect world. Were all Human including David Too.

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Jay! It’s not that I don’t like him improvising. He does that a lot and I’ve never heard him play the same solo twice. Ever. My point is that I like it better when he does the slightly more structured solos like he does on Delicate Sound of Thunder and Pulse. He improvised a lot back in those days but he seemed to favour figures and a structure that made the solos more musical. Now, he’s basically improvising like any other blues or jazz guitarist. Nothing wrong with that but there’s no particular structure or figures – I’m not sure if I’m making myself clear here. I’m a guitarist and my background and inspirations are old school improv but I do like a bit of structure and melody :)

      • Jay says:

        Hi Bjorn and Thank You for commenting, I respect your comment and see your point now on that. I guess maybe David wanted to try a different approach on his solos this tour and was perhaps inspired in recent years by taking a different approach on some of his solo playing and wanted to try doing some of his solos a bit differently but I guess I cant really say for sure because I unfortunately missed out on seeing him in well over two decades now but over all your review and take on David is interesting.

  66. Carlos - Brazil says:

    So… The setlist was not so extensive as the last tour, Am I right? There was break during the show? In previous tour, only at the Royal Albert Hall the band played many former songs of Pink Floyd. In the “Gdansk version” the show was much more simpler (the On an Island álbum and a few “old songs”), with fewer “resources” and a smaller setlist … I’m in the expectation about what I will see on next december in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Best Regards!

  67. Paul jackson says:

    Going on the 3rd. All I can say is that I hope I’m not sat next to you!!

  68. alamikam says:

    Hi Bjorn , thanks for sharing your thoughts. You seem worrying about Dave’s age ! Our human condition is so strange but look ! Gilmour tunes are eternal !
    I must thank you, i was in Orange and i was haunted by this Sorrow last E chord , i was in first row in front him, and the sound of that chord was from heaven only few seconds , a revelation to me of” the tone” …unforgettable…eternal ….

  69. Gilmourishhh71 says:

    Hi Bjorn

    Very intersting to compare sounds on differents nights. Good job !
    I would believe David adds date tour in France in 2016 to hear the sound live but chances are not very high, we will see.

    Thanks for your job !

  70. cobray/ bob says:

    Love your descriptions of the technical details. I saw the first two nights at rah and agree that the solo in Time was lacking, though was better the 2nd night. Great review!

  71. Andy says:

    Nice review Bjorn. I was there on Friday 25th and it sounds like this may have been the best sound wise? DG’s playing was bang on mostly – one or two minor flubs – I think it’s good that he’s still taking chances on stage and not just sticking to the script from yesteryear. I was up in the circle on DG’s side and I have to say that what struck me most was how open, natural and ‘real’ the guitars sounded; you could actually hear the stage amps/cabinets! So many big names nowadays use wireless, Fractal and direct cab simulator systems – processed and dead. The feedback control on ‘Sorrow’ was just brilliant and was the ‘Comfortably Numb’ tone was epic. Overall brilliant!

  72. inkslingers1 says:

    I know what you mean when you say, several times, that you were ‘moved to tears’. They are presumably the same ones that I sob when I see or hear a genius in action. They are tears of joy and utter respect and whenever I’ve done it I have been taken by surprise. It’s happened at small pub gigs hearing an unknown blues guitarist. It happens when Leona Lewis hits one deep note on ‘Run’, It’s happened listening to Jools Holland and his drummer getting it just right and it’s happened watching Lang Lang play. Hell, it’s even happened watching Mo Farah race.

    They are the greatest tears and you can no more control them than you can induce them or repeat them, no matter how much you may want to.

    I would love to have been at David’s concerts at those moments that got to you but, you never know, my tear ducts may have stayed stubbornly dry. Glad you wept. Thanks for all your Gilmourish input too. Cheers.

  73. djsoulmachine says:

    Hey Bjorn!
    Did you notice any camera that could make us wish for a DVD ? :D

  74. powerpit says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    thank you for your fine review.

    I saw DG in Oberhausen, Germany (my first time!)
    His voice was better than i expected. Haha – the Girl with the yellow dress. David would Experiment and this is pure Pink Floyd until “A saucerful of secrets” – what a braveheart! Yes sometimes David were noodling some notes – hey is a human! But the highlights were money, astronomy domine, fat old sun, sorrow and cn of course. The sound, Mr. screen and the light – overwhelming indeed.
    One of the best shows I ever visited.
    Rattle that lock!


  75. Jason says:

    Great report Bjorn!! I’m really interested to see if some videos (official or bootleg) show up during the next few months while they’re touring. It’d be really cool to actually see some of this stuff :-)

    I don’t want to sound negative at all, but I totally agree with you that as amazing of a song as Comfortably Numb is, I get tired of it as well. I think in general, The Wall is overplayed, especially on the radio. I’d much rather listen to Dark Side (musical perfection, though I always want more songs) or Wish You Were Here. Wish You Were Here is probably my favorite album from the “Classic 4” and it never gets old. Same with Animals actually, but for me, that could just be the fact that you almost NEVER hear any of the songs off Animals on the radio.

  76. Anders M says:

    Hi Bjørn!
    I saw Gilmour Friday in RAH. It was an amazing show. Here are a few of my thoughts.

    I was seated in the Arena, but the sound was nothing but crisp and perfect all night (I sat right in the middle in front of the soundboard). A lot of people came up to the sound engineer and applouded him afterwards and told him what an amazing job he had done etc. Very cool experience.

    I also loved how you could walk up to the stage before the show and take a good look at the equipment. RAH is an amazing venue – I mean, Gilmour was RIGHT there! Not on a big stage with fences in front etc.

    The ”new version” of ”Rattle That Lock” worked very well together with the cartoon on Mr. Screen. I must admit, that I started crying during the Faces of Stone solos. They really touched me live and they fit in perfectly with the mood of the song and the lyrics. ”Shine On” and brought another tear to my eye, when Gilmour hit that opening note.

    Sorrow was insane and intense. First part of the intro was fine, second part was fine until he hit the open A – from that moment on the ground shook and the our chairs vibrated. So cool. From that moment on it was just rock inferno. Loved Gilmours use of volume control with fills (like on the album). My wife recorded the intro with her iPhone and the sound quality is just amazing.

    Astronomy Domine was perfect. LOUD and psychedelic!

    A couple of fun moments from the evening. Guy Pratt forgot to change his bass before ”The Girl in the Yellow Dress”. Everyone was ready and Gilmour just looked at Pratt and said something while smiling and Pratt looked down and ”Oops”, changed to the floor bass. In ”Fat Old Sun” Gilmour seemed like he forgot that he should play a solo. After singing ”Sing to me, sing to me” he just walked over to his rack and sat down his guitar. The band played on and Manzanera look over and smiled. Gilmour then realised that he forgot, and picked up his black strat, danced a bit, took a drink of coffee/tea and waited until the right moment in the song and then just played an amazing solo (a bit short).

    ”In Any Tongue” was another highlight of the evening. What an ending solo!

    ”Today” doesn’t work for me, but it seems like people love it (RAH was rocking).

    ”Run Like Hell” was better than on the Division Bell tour (just missed the explosions in the end ☺ ).

    Comfortably Numb, what more can be said. RAH sang the entire song together with the band and Gilmour. Very intense standing down on the floor and being in the middle of it all. The tone was perfect with the Mistress and the Muff.

    Which night was the best in your opinion? Which old Cornish board did Phil Manzanera use?

    • Bjorn says:

      I think David played slightly better on Thursday but the whole band sounded better on Friday. Phil’s using an old board dating back to 1987-88, which brought on to the Delicate tour but never used.

    • Francis Buckley says:

      I’ve seen 3 shows(Pula, Orange and RAH) and for all 3 or Fat Old Sun, he has been delaying the solo and allowing Carin to play slide for awhile before David goes into the solo. So I think it is planned that way.

  77. Hey Bjorn,
    Any idea where I can get a bootleg of the shows? I’d like to have a listen while reading your review. I did that with the Rattle That Lock review and it was pretty fun.

    I haven’t seen any mention of this on here – David Gilmour and friends covering the Beatles. Wasn’t sure if you were aware of it.



    I’m hoping to catch David in Toronto Canada next year, but I might have to take a trip to the USA if I can’t get tickets.

  78. Jack says:

    Hi! Nice review on the RAH shows! I attended the verona gig whic wasn’t david’s best in my opinion. I was very happy to see him but his playing was a bit uninspired and sloppy. On the technical side I really missed the Red Strat on sorrow, the mid boost gives that guitar a huge plus on the black strat. But what really surprised me was the esquire, the sound coming from that guitar was Huge! Looking forward to more 2016 shows in Europe!

  79. Rick says:

    Brutally honest and an amazingly good read Bjorn.One will not find a more honest and comprehensive review in any magazine or newspaper on the planet than this.
    I tip my hat to you Bjorn,very impressive ;)

  80. Hey Bjorn, thank you for all the details, don’t apologise if there are too many, it’s great to see your level of dedication.

    I am a big Gilmour fan as well and I don’t know if it’s sacrilege but I prefer his live tone from the late eighties/early nineties (the red strat period). I saw Pink Floyd on the pulse tour in 94 in Lyon and the guitar tones were insane, very smooth with a massive sustain.

    I found his more recent tone “harsher”. I haven’t seen any of the recent shows so I can’t comment on them but I refer to On An Island or even some of the tones on “Rattle that Lock”. I don’t find them as smooth as the late eighties stuff.

    What’s your take on this? I have the feeling that the EMG electronics sounded more like Humbuckers, I do remember reading an interview of Gilmour way back when and he was saying the red strat sounded like it had P.A.F pickups.

    • Bjorn says:

      Well, I don’t think it’s the pickups or the guitar but rather how he sets his amps and pedals and how he’s producing everything. On an Island sounds very different from Rattle That Lock but he’s more or less using the same gear. Same goes with Animals and Wall. It’s the same gear but Animals sounds way brighter and more aggressive. It’s the production and they’ve tried to capture that sound and tone on the stage as well.

      • Brad Roller says:

        So its safe to say if David set his amps up just for the red strat, it would have sounded better on his last tour? I know when I use my reeves custom 50, tweaked for my red strat with emg’s, my black strat doesn’t sound right. If I set it up for my vintage style pickups, it doesn’t sound right for my emg’s.

        • Bjorn says:

          Well, on the last tour he used both the red and black Strats and didn’t adjust his amps between the guitars. Hard to tell if it would have made a big impact on his tone if he did but he don’t alter the settings between the Goldtop and Tele either so it’s more a matter of finding the best amp setup for all the tone and utilising the unique voice of each guitar for the tones he wants.

          • Brad Roller says:

            So it’s more or less just about finding a middle ground in the settings for multiple guitars to work with? Gotcha! With your reeves custom 50, do you find a middle ground so to speak? I notice you use multiple guitars too.

            • Bjorn says:

              Yes, I use the soundcheck to find a setup that seems to work with all the guitars but I sometimes, during a show, raise treble a tad for humbuckers.

  81. David says:

    Awesome review! I only wish I would have been there for just ONE night! :) Being a big fan of Rick Wright, it would have been a bittersweet moment for me to hear songs like Astronomy Domine and Time without his vocals especially after the last tour. I hate to hear that David’s vocals aren’t quite up to snuff (at least at times). I thought his vocals were really good last tour (but I only saw one show). When I saw Roger during his “Wall Tour” a few years ago, his voice was in really bad shape. But I guess I should expect them to sing like they did when they were younger. Nevertheless, I think David’s voice has held up a lot better than Roger’s.

    Thanks for the excellent review!

  82. Uli Speicher says:

    brilliant description, thanks a lot ,saw him in Oberhausen Germany and wondering ,how different was his form , from song to song….
    Also in Oberhausen the Time Solo was awful, no sustain and very bad playing ….but Sorrow was mind blowing….and yes you are right, during Run Like Hell, Carin used the Bigsby Baritone Telecaster…
    But all in all it was a very great experience , to see one of my great guitar heroes back in action

  83. Rafael Vantolra says:

    I love all what you do.
    I will see David all 3 nights in California.
    Can’t wait!!!!
    Thank you for all you do

  84. Aaron says:

    If I am David Gilmour, i’ll pull chorus/ flanger effect out. i love his late 70s, 80s and early 90s tone.

  85. Huy Tran says:

    Colour me jealous. Very happy for you Bjorn. Sounds awesome.

    I asked in the Rattle that lock thread, but thought I’d ask again here for other Gilmourites, do you think David will release a concert video of this tour? I’d really love one.

    “It was kind of when Spinal Tap visits the army base and do the free jazz number.” They did that sex farm song at the army base where the lead guitarist leaves. It is at the theme park that they do their Jazz exploration.

    • Bjorn says:

      Ah, yes… you’re right! It’s been a while since I saw the movie.
      I’m sure David will release a DVD. He seems to like the live albums :)

  86. pickpink says:

    Thank you very much Bjorn, your reviews and insights are always great! My friend payed a lot of Money to see Dave for the first time, she went to Verona date. She’s impressed and quite stoked, despite of some flaws. Well, she went for Dave first of all. Then again, we, Georgians, rarely see artists of this caliber playing live and it’s probably easier to impress us. I’m going to see Roger’s The Wall cinema premiere tomorrow. My dream is too see The Wall live one day. This album is more than just a music to me, it appeals to me on a personal level. I know Roger charges quite a fortune for a ticket, but hey, it’s worth it. It’s a hell of a show. Bjorn, regarding that Muff & Mistress combo, in Mistress pedals comparison thread I asked you to take just one minute and listen to my little take, I’ve been working on that 80-81 live tone lately and I’d very much appreciate if you share a couple of thoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHl50XWMqeU Thanks a lot!

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi! Thanks for sharing the clip! I don’t really have the time to do a full analyse right now but it sounds great. Don’t know how you recorded that but I’d perhaps add a bit more top end for a more pronounced attack. Cheers!

      • pickpink says:

        Thanks for your reply! I went and added a bit more treble on the amp and I’m liking that tone as well. Will keep both. Thanks for the tip! BTW It’s two instances of Guitar Rig, one instance of Amplitube and T-Racks Tape Echo. Cheers!

  87. Troy says:

    The above descriptions sounds very much like how I experienced the Brighton Centre gig. I am surprised that the issues that I noticed still seem to be present. Managed to get a ticket for the last night of the RAH gig (Saturday October 3) by purchasing one via the venue’s site: a “Fine Dining” ticket which cost a pretty penny. Maybe some still available? See: http://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2015/david-gilmour/#section-fine-dining Comes with a meal, glass of champers & half a bottle of white wine. Ha! If anyone else is going to this “fine dining” thing then feel free to let me know. My ticket is centre position of the stalls so I hope that that is a good spot for sound.

    They should warn the audience to bring sunglasses for the hyper-intense visual blasts of light that even the band – who aren’t facing the lights – don sunglasses for. It’s impossible to view those sections of the numbers that feature it without extreme squinting.

    The tones that DG utilises in “Sorrow” & “Numb” were truly sublime at Brighton – particularly in the latter & for me really contributed to these tunes – that some may have overexposed themselves too – into high-points of the set. Pretty sure that he’s using a lower-gain Tube Driver & EQ on these pieces post-Muff & no extra blending of dry signal with the Mistress. I wonder which delay he used on these two to enhance their lead tones? My ears seemed to detect the Mistress flanger being used on “Run Like Hell” at Brighton. The UniVibe seemed very lightly set for intensity on “Breathe” I thought.

    Do you think that the duplicate Chrono & Flight Time delays were used & set to different delay times to their doubles or were spares? If the former then it is strange that he didn’t have the dupes in the rehearsal video. I doubt that he’s using the external tap temp feature of either unit but it would be interesting to know if he uses the Flight Time’s Realtime BPM Analyzer, Delay Time Offset – or possibly even the MIDI features.

    I love many forms of jazz but pop pieces with jazz pretensions have to be something special usually performed by artists who include this sound as a key component of their ouevre – which “Yellow Dress” is not & DG doesn’t. If this makes way for another piece over coming nights then that will be fine with me. “Dogs” would be my choice, unlikely though that is.

    Be interesting to hear from anyone who has seen any gigs being recorded with video & audio by a proper crew for a later release. It would be a shame if the tour doesn’t produce such a document to celebrate it. It will also be interesting to see if the RAH last night produces any surprises.

  88. James says:

    Attended the third night, was in similar position but lower. I didn’t really notice the vocal trouble, his voice sounded in good shape. The videos looked great, I could see that they had been remastered very well.

    I did notice a lack of sustain in some solos, he seemed to have a clearer tone overall. Sorrow sound distorted but nearly as full as the concert films. For me in my seating position I wanted hear more of his guitar in the mix on the solos, but then I’m guitar bias.

    First time at a gilmour gig. It’s was pretty wonderful, with the return of Mr screen, no live screens and the small stage, it felt more like a 70s Floyd show. Shame Echoes was missed though.

  89. Kris says:

    Enjoyed reading that, thanks!

    I think you’re being hyper critical and slightly unfair on his playing on the first night but that’s just me! I do agree he got lost a couple of times and there were a couple of tone issues but other than that it was great, in fact I remember him hitting a few bum notes and getting ‘lost’ A few times at the Albert hall gigs in 2006 too though the DVD was obviously cut to show the best versions.

    What was he doing on Fat old sun that first night? I don’t know why he didnt crank the heavy overdrive sooner, he was basically playing what is supposed to be a very heavy solo with a mild gain and overdrive, sounded very wrong until he stepped back to his pedal board and cranked it up.

    Sad to say I agree about Time, i was at the Brighton gig and he didn’t use the Uni Vibe on Time, the sound was much fuller, more aggressive tone with better sustain, I have a short vid clip on my phone still. I don’t care for the weaker sounding tone washed with the uni vibe.

    The girl in the yellow dress is horribly out of place, a complete misfire, he has to add least push it down earlier into the set list.

    Sorrow was fantastic but in Brighton the intro was much bigger, I sat there and I could feel my insides vibrating as the feedback started to build.

    Comfortably numb took me by surprise in Brighton (where the acoustics are also predictably better than the Albert Hall). It really sounded incredible and I didn’t expect the Mistress with the muff. I love the way he really gets lost in the moment doing those solos, the return of the lasers was a nice surprise too.

    I think for being 69 his voice is fantastic, you’ll struggle to find performers of his era and genre who haven’t altered the key of the songs to accommodate acing voices. It’s obviously very raspy and strained in portions but I expected that going into the gigs. Also in Brighton he sang the high chorus, in these gigs he didn’t sing it and he dropped coming back to life, I suspect he has a throat problem because periodically he’d go to his rig and take out what looked like cough sweets from one of the compartments.

    By the way Bjorn I saw you on the first night, thought about saying hello but didn’t want to bother you. You were standing right next to me down the front of the stage as we were both trying to get a better look at what was in Dave’s rig, haha.

    • Bjorn says:

      Oh, you should have said hi! Yes, I’m hyper critical but not unfair I think. I am a die hard fan and I think the shows were fantastic but I’m not a fanboy nor do I think David is God. I’m also a musician. All this will colour my experience and, yes, I sit there analysing everything to bits but I have a great time :)

      • Kris says:

        You’re absolutely right actually, just slightly opposing views. I do completely agree with you though about some sloppy playing and tone issues, as someone who’s been playing guitar for years it’s impossible not to notice.

        Time was the one that really made me cringe because not only was the tone poor but he played it like crap and actually buzzed an extra couple of strings too at one point. You are right about him not playing the second shine on solo well too, infect in the first few notes he completely missed one of them. Added to that he didn’t catch the notes properly near the end of the slide solo in high hopes.

        Always a great experience seeing him though and sometime I need to remind myself that he’s nearly 70.

        With any luck Davd will keep going and I’ll see you at another show in the future. I’ll need to see if I can upload the video clip from Brighton too so you hear how nice his tone on Time was with the muff and no uni vibe, I’m baffled as to why he’s changed that.

  90. JPMER says:

    Thanks for all this reports.
    Why David didn’t play one track of The Endless River during this European Tour?

  91. Marc-André says:

    I saw the first night at the RAH and I was hoping you’d say the other nights were better. It was the first time I saw David Gilmour and even if it was the time of my life, the multiple mistakes and lack of inspiration in the solos made me kind of worried. I didn’t like the tone most of the time especially during Sorrow.

    I hope the adjustements will be made for the upcoming venues in North America that I will attend.

    Overall good show that brought tears to my eyes.

  92. Nick says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    I was at he Orange (France) show and the good old Mr Screen was here but just with surrounding lights… no films ! A bit disappointed about that.
    I was very surprised about his voice ! Just harder for him on Run like Hell.
    I’ve found the setlist well balanced. I was surprised about The Girl in the Yellow Dress. I love jazz, but a lot of bands do it better in my opinion. I understand that DG, just like many artists, is evolving and want sometimes to try something else on stage.
    Thanks for the review.
    How accurate are your thoughts about effects ? Have you been able to see his rig ?

    • Bjorn says:

      You can see detailed pictures of his rig in the Rattle That Lock tour gear guide. Based on that, I knew which effects he was using so it’s just a matter of guessing based on how well I know those effects. I’m pretty sure on most of the things but I can be wrong as well.

  93. Samuel says:

    There seems to be some sort of misconception from other postings that you only love Gilmour if you tow the line and say how wonderful he is all the time and never makes a bad note. This review right here shows me how much you TRULY love DG. Love comes with being honest, and sometimes that honesty is brutal! I have always liked Dave but until I found your site Bjorn I never had a DEEP appreciation of the man and his music, so thus I say thank you! Not many of us can be right there, front row center at the show and you simply recreate it with words that really take you there! Keep up the good work!

  94. Sean says:

    Hey Bjorn .
    Cool review ! I’m jealous you went every night .
    I went on the second night – Thursday. It seems we have had very similar thoughts.
    It feels almost criminal to admit there are things you didn’t enjoy , especially when you are an enormous fan and people think he can do no wrong , and you spend a lot of money going there. It was the first time Id ever seen him live , yet I listen to his music everyday of my life and play in a floyd tribute.
    Overall I enjoyed it very much. But the new album stuff other than the solos and in any tongue were just ok.
    Time was not good , which gutted me as thats my favourite solo of David’s .
    Shine on felt butchered and rushed when he skipped that intro section, I thought it was a mistake when I heard it on the Brighton bootleg but hearing it live it seems he has done it on purpose. Obviously a timing thing but feels wrong.

    I feel the same about the track comfortably numb. I obviously love the solos but I’ve never been keen on the track – but he did tear the roof off with it on the Thursday. I recorded the audio on my phone and keep listening to that big muff / mistress combo.
    I ticked off a bucket list to do anyway and had a great time ! Thanks for the review

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