• Giveaway! Get a Buffer pedal from Pure Tone!


    Congratulations to Martin Kost (Germany)! A Buffer is coming your way!


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    The guys over at Pure Tone have provided one of their awesome Buffer pedals so it’s time we did a giveaway!

    Most of us has large pedal boards, lots of patch cables and long instrument cables. The more the merrier. But, all that electronics will drain your signal and tone. The upper harmonics will sound dull and you might even experience less sustain and increased noise.

    Pure Tone has specialised in making high quality buffers. These are small compact units that fits underneath a tier or at the back of a cramped pedal board. Acknowledging the importance of good quality buffers has done wonders for my tones and I never play or record without at least one.

    Buffers are usually placed first in the chain but you can also have it last. One buffer pedal is enough to drive the signal through aprox 100 feet of cable.

    Read more about buffers VS true bypass here.

    Now you get the chance to have a Pure Tone Buffer on your board! All you need to do is to submit your entry in the form below.

    The winner will be drawn and announced on the Gilmourish.Com Facebook page on August 17th.

    Good luck!

    Pure Tone offer a variety of buffer pedals. Be sure to visit puretonepedals.com and check out their catalog and give them a like on Facebook!

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