• The Electric Mistress shootout!

    gilmourish.com - Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress

    Nothing sounds quite the same. The Electric Mistress flanger is unique and it has been featured on countless recordings since it hit the market in the late 70s. The pedal also defined David Gilmour’s tones between 1977-83. A period many consider to be the peak of Pink Floyd. In this feature we’ll dig deep into the magic and legend of the Electric Mistress.

    In this feature we’ll look at the two main Electric Mistress models from Electro Harmonix, the original 18V and the Deluxe, as well as a few of the clones. We’ll do a run-down of David Gilmour’s use of the Electric Mistress, as well as settings tips and a full (YouTube clip) shootout between the original Mistress, Deluxe and the Mooer Eleclady.

    Read the Electric Mistress Flanger/Filter Matrix feature here and please feel free to drop a few lines, sharing your thoughts and experience with the Mistress, in the comments field below the feature.

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