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    It’s not often that you come across pedals that stand out as being really unique. Don’t get me wrong, there’s so much great coming out these days that it’s hard to choose but every now and then you find these pedals that offer something different. Something new. I recently got my hands on the OverZoid and Ge Fuzz from SviSound and here’s my review.

    SviSound (Bulgaria) is a new company for me although they’ve apparently been making pedals since 2012 and since then, received numerous raving reviews for their pedals. Their catalog is fairly large, consisting of what first seems like clones of old favourites. However, that’s just only part of their story.

    Looks shouldn’t matter when you’re purchasing pedals but I like to look down at my pedalboard and go “oh yeah”. It’s about inspiration – both tone and design and the pedals from SviSound offer both great tones and some really amazing futuristic industrial design.


    The pedal is housed in a MXR-sized box, with controls for volume, tone and gain, a bass boost switch, led and true bypass switching – running on 9V.

    It’s hard to describe the tone of the OverZoid in detail because it’s really nothing I’ve heard before. It no doubt belong in the late 70s mids oriented overdrive family, with a close resemblance to the Tube Screamer. It’s got a nice emphasis on the mids, with a smooth gain stage and a rolled off and balanced low end.

    Tweaking the controls makes it evident that this pedal has a lot more to offer. Rolling off the gain, takes it towards a Klon, with a much more transparent character and the legendary warmth. Turning up the gain and tone introduces a tone close to the early Marshall amps, with a nice mid range, creamy gain and lots of sustain. Maxing the gain brings out rich harmonics, much like a germanium fuzz.

    The strength of this pedal lies in its ability to sound balanced and rich even at low typical bedroom levels. In the featured YouTube clip, I’ve recorded the guitars low enough for the mic to capture me picking the strings. As you can hear, the pedal sounds extremely dynamic and focused.

    The bass switch is subtle but it adds a hint of low end boost, which you often need on smaller amps and low volume.

    The OverZoid is probably one of the better sounding overdrive pedals I’ve tried in a long time. Perhaps ever. Extremely versatile and it sounds great on almost any guitar or amp you throw at it. Highly recommended! 

    Ge Fuzz

    The pedal is housed in a MXR-sized box, with controls for volume, tone and gain, a bass boost switch, led and true bypass – running on 9V.

    As the name implies, the Ge Fuzz is a take on the late 60s fuzz using germanium transistors. This thing is loud and like those fuzz pedals typical of Hendrix and early Gilmour, the Ge Fuzz is able to cover a lot of ground just by tweaking the controls on the pedal and your guitar.

    Unlike most fuzz pedals, which sounds like, uh, a fuzz, the Ge Fuzz has a wide range from clean boost to warm overdrive and classic fuzz. Its got all those sweet harmonics and a real vintage flavour but there’s also a slightly modern touch underneath it all.

    As you can hear from the featured clip, there really isn’t a huge difference between the OverZoid and the Ge Fuzz. With moderate gain settings, the Ge Fuzz sounds very much like an overdrive and it responds incredibly well to your picking and use of the guitar’s volume control.

    Again I recorded the clip low enough to hear my picking, which means that I’m playing at a very low volume level. Unlike most vintage style fuzz pedals, which often sound fizzy on smaller amps, the Ge Fuzz sounds creamy and dynamic.

    The Ge Fuzz is an excellent choice if you want that classic late 60s fuzz tone on smaller amps and bedroom setups, without compromising the tone.

    Visit svisound.com for more pedals and details.

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35 Responsesso far.

  1. Walter H says:

    Bjorn, thank you for the reply and info.
    The Svisound Overzoid + and the Tree of Life, do you believe they will sound and work good Together. In Reading your reviews of the all the Svisound pedals, you describe them as having quite a Unique Tone and sound unlike anything. I find that comment from you intriguing. You have tried so many pedals and are so skilled that did it for me. But, I would really like your opinion. Are they to alike? My plan would be to stack then with one a Clean Drive, Boost and the following would be the Drive pedal for that Extra Umph!
    It is tough to find Overdrives that don’t just Fizz or Static when I drive them, the TOL is one that works.
    Please tell me if I’m wrong as I was actually thinking of the Keeley line when I found these from your site. The Phat Mod (BD-1) and the Red Dirt (Tube Screamer) they say will work with my amp. Any opinion on those from you?
    BTW Shane @ “In The Blues” is a regular on my You Tube circuit, like You!
    Thank You for All You Do form All of Us!

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Walter! Teh Overzoid and ToL are somewhat overlapping although the ToL has a lot more low end and perhaps a little less mids. Most of the Svisound pedals are on the mid range boosted side and I assume aimed at Fender type amps. The ToL is more of a full range pedal much like the BD2.

  2. Walter H. says:

    Hello Bjorn, another great review! What is your opinion on the Svisound Overzoid + with a Fender “Solid State” amp? I understand they are supposed to sound great with Fender amps but I’m not working with Tubes.
    I have the Vick Audio Tree of Life now that your reviews and guidance helped me find. I also have a VFE Dragon, it’s good but it doesn’t give me the tone and available settings to go with my set up like the TOL does. I want that More Drive drive to stack with my TOL. I really like the Booster function and I’m all over Versatility of the Svisound pedals.
    How noisy are the Svisound line up now that you’ve tested several. How is the noise floor? On Some You Tube clips they are very noisy when engaged what did you think? I’m only playing at lower volume so no back ground noise is important to me.
    Thanks for All You Do For All of Us?
    Walter H.

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Walter! They have some noise but so do most gain pedals. Both pedals has a lot of gain and mid range, which will amplify the noise to some extent. Keep in mind though that YouTube videos are not a good referense for noise. There could be a number of reasons for that to happen. I haven’t tried these with Fender amps so I can’t really tell. Check out In The Blues on YouTube. I think they did a could of vids with these and Fender.

  3. Nate says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Thanks for reviewing this pedal. I’m strongly considering an investment in this pedal to be my main OD. I don’t need the + model w/ boost as I currently have a Katana Clean Boost on my board, but my question is whether you would recommend the Overzoid 01, Overzoid 02, or the Spectrozoid?? I’ve watched some reviews, but I’m having a hard time figuring out which one will suit my needs as an overall OD and to be used with a clean boost for solos. Is there one that you feel is the best overall out of the three?

    Gear: Collings CL Deluxe (humbuckers) into a Carr “Skylark” (2/3 Fender American Blackface, and 1/3 Tweed/British).

    Thank you!

    • Bjorn says:

      I really love the Spectro but it’s not really an overdrive. More a Rat type of pedal, with a hint of that vintage fuzz character. The Overzoid+ ha spretty much everything. Very versatile and I think it will go nicely with your setup.

  4. Jason Fillion says:

    So is this the fuzz I would want for Gilmour tones on a Fender? I have a 1969 Fender Champ that does not like my sunface fuzz.

  5. Kevin says:

    Bjorn – thoughts on OverZiod vs Tree of Life? I have a Strat/Laney Lionhart 5W amp

  6. Geva says:

    HI Bjorn
    after seeing your clip here i’ve bought svisound overzoid oz02. it sounds great. really clear & unique sound.
    is there a point for me to also buy the svisound fuzz ge? or are they too similar to each other?

  7. Pete W. says:

    I recently picked up the SviSound EchoZoid. AWESOME!!
    Two different delays, (one short for some great slapback, the other longer), very analog sounding. Also has an incredible chorus and a reverb. SviSound knocked it out of the park on this.

  8. Will says:

    Great sounding pedals, and an awesome review! You said in your review that they sounded pretty similar, so is there one that you would recommend getting first? I was thinking the Ge Fuzz because I tend to play at bedroom levels, but I really like the Marshallesque tone of the Zoid.

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks! I would say that the OverZiod is the most versatile being an overdrive. The tone span ranges from clean to creamy overdrive to crunchy fuzz. Depends on what tones you want though but again, the OverZoid I guess :)

    • Zwiefldraader says:

      I agree with Bjorns statement about the Zoid. I found the pedal while being on the search for an OD that can get completely clean with the volume pot. I was after the Buffalo Booster for these in-between tones like an amp at the edge of breakup. The Zoid came to me by incidence and I did not look any further. But unlike other more british voiced ODs, the Zoid can also sound relatively smooth, without fizz.
      I don´t agree with the bass being rolled-off. To my ears, the Zoid can be quite flat sounding. The mids are much less emphasized compared to a TS pedal. And while the bass and lower mids are tightened a tiny bit, a TS sounds chopped off in the lower mids / bass compared to. When I roll back my guitars volume, the OverZoid colors my tone much less than any OD I have used before. This is quite impressive. It simply ended my search for an OD.
      It shines with Humbuckers I think, maybe because of the way it is voiced (even though the frequency alteration being very subtle). My Bluesbuckers love it. My Strat sounds good, but not as breathtaking. Although this may sound strange, I prefer my low-gain TI/UK Analogman Sunface for overdrive colors with my singlecoil axes. Hope this helps a bit.

  9. Brad Roller says:

    Awesome! Love the atom heart mother part! The fuzz sounds so mean…but I have a feeling it will not work well with EMGs? Did you experiment with that?

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks! It didn’t work that well with the EMGs… as most germanium fuzz pedals… The OverZiod sounded great though.

      • Brad Roller says:

        Ok thank you! I dream of a fuzz that can work with active pickups good. I may have to get the overzoid

        • Bjorn says:

          Yep, the OverZiod is an excellent choice. I’ve had some success with active pickups and fuzz with the Olympia and the MXR Classic Fuzz is also designed to be used with buffers and active electronics.

          • Brad Roller says:

            Ok thanks for the recommendations. Hey I was going to tell you, I’ve been experimenting with my srv112 rotating speaker, with different slow speeds and I have very close to the yamaha ra200. The motionsound has a slight flangerous tone similar to the yamaha. That’s just micing the cab externally. The cabinet has two mics on each side of itself internally(with two xlr sockets on the back of the cab for the mics) I was thinking, when using both mics, wouldn’t that create an even more dominating phasing or flanger effect? By theory it should sound a lot like an ra200. I’m going to experiment some today and let you know. You should really consider getting one. They are very portable.

  10. Nuno says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Recently I tested the Lunar Module with a Power Booster(with two BC169C and one BC109 combination inside) and I was back in love with the Fuzz world. However I saw this David Gilmour clip playing Time solo in studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyDwT-z9Id0 ___and I think he´s using a Germanium Fuzz.. I liked your opinion on which Germanium Fuzz i choose for that tone?
    By the way, what do you think about the new Havalina Way Huge by Dunlop in a compared Way?


  11. Jake says:

    Great tone! I love their pedals and your playing so much :)

  12. Pasqual says:

    Wow! Both very nice sound! Love them;)

  13. Matt says:

    Hey, these are awesome! How much do they cost?



  14. Steve says:

    Nice sounding overdrive! kinda reminds me of the Wampler Clarksdale delta

  15. Pete W. says:

    Dig it! Been a fan of SviSound for a while now. (Mark is in Bulgaria by the way.) I’ve got a couple of pedals and am very glad that you enjoy them as well. Besides sounding great, they really are eye catching as well.

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