• 6 Degrees FX Millie Fuzz Dual Channel Fuzz review

    6 Degrees FX Millie Fuzz

    Fuzz pedals comes in all shapes and sizes these days and while some offer a take on one of the original late 60s circuits, others delivers something different and new. The Millie Fuzz from 6 Degrees FX is just that. Here’s my review.

    It’s only recently, during the last few years, that I’ve really come to appreciate the fuzz pedal. I’m not talking about distortion nor Big Muffs, but the old classic fuzz. Whether it’s germanium or silicon based, those old circuits produce a timeless tone and once you really get to know them you realise how versatile they really are.

    Fuzz pedals are as fashionable as ever. Especially with the explosion of boutique builders and clone makers. What’s interesting these days though is that many go beyond the classic circuit and modifies it into something completely different. The Millie Fuzz is based on a Fuzz Face but sort of blended with a Big Muff, which gives it a completely unique character and tone.

    The pedal is housed in a rugged chassis, with controls for level, tone and gain. It runs on 9v battery or DC adapter and feature true bypass switching. There are two switches. One for on/off and a “Burn” switch, which adds or stacks an extra gain stage on top of the first for more saturation and bite. There are also two trimpots inside the pedal allowing you to adjust the bias on the burn channel and the overall mid range.

    My first impression is that this is a surprisingly quiet pedal for a fuzz. Hardly any noise when you switch it on. It’s also got slightly more mids and a hint of compression compared to most fuzz pedals, which makes it easier to match with brighter amps and pickups. The standard fuzz mode sounds very much like a classic germanium fuzz. Paired with a Strat, I have no problem dialling in those Hendrix and early Gilmour tones. It sounds warm and it responds very well to your picking and guitar volume.

    The pedal really shines when you kick in the burn channel. It adds a lot more gain, mid range and saturation. Definitely more of a triangle Big Muff than a Fuzz Face but still that raspy and edgy fuzz feel to it. The sustain is incredibly rich although it require some serious volume from your amp to get there.

    I have two complaints though. I’d prefer it if the controls had labels. It’s no rocket science, I know, but on a dark stage I don’t want to have to think and search. The other, which isn’t really a complaint, is that when you turn the gain all the way up, the pedal starts to spit quite violently. A cool effect and it can be adjusted to some extent with the internal bias control but personally I prefer a more linear gain structure.

    But the idea with the Millie Fuzz isn’t to make just another fuzz clone. This is a unique pedal and it sounds great! It’s also a very good choice if you’re considering a fuzz for your bedroom setup. Check out 6degreesfx.com for more details.

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  1. joao bicudo says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    Very nice pedal!!! It’s sounds enormous! And you were right! It’s suprising quiet.

    I have a fulltone ultimate octave, i dont know if you know this one, it’s a kind of a fuzz, i guess. I really boughted for playing joe satriani in a few songs, so i didn’t explored the pedal at all.

    Do you think that it can be usable for some old david’s stuff?


    • Bjorn says:

      Never tried the Octave buit in general I’d say that octave fuzz pedals aren’t very suited for David’s tones. Perhaps some of the very early stuff.

  2. Joaco '77 says:

    Hi bjorn, i have one doubt, thinking in a price-quality relationship, what’s better for me to buy, a Squier Classic Vibe strat or a Fender strat MIM?

    [You mean the MIM Standard or Classic? IMO the MIM Classic is a better guitar. Still, it depends on what you’re looking for. Thos Squire Classic guitars are very good too and if you down the line decide to upgrade the pickups in particular, you have a great instrument. The MIM has perhaps more accurate specs, with a slightly better neck contour etc. I recommend that you try both and decide based on which you like playing. – Bjorn]

  3. ruodi says:

    Like your solo album – in the way that I´m listening to it the third time in one day now. Good piece of music! Dark, but nonetheless very interesting and enjoyable. Animalsish.

    [Thank you Ruodi! – Bjorn]

  4. Mitchel says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    Just got a Strymon El Capistan and I cannot believe how great this is, I keep it on all the time!
    Even found some Echorec type settings online! Here’s the link for those interested!

    Just wondering if you have ever had any experience with the Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl
    Thing sounds awesome my next purchase for sure.

    Finally I was curious if you could recommend some speakers that will help add some brightness to my tone. I have a Reeves Custom 30 and I find I have to keep the Bass at around 30-40% and the cut control off whereas your Custom 50 you practically roll the treble off completely.

    I have looked at vintage Jensen speakers as I figured they contribute to that brighter fender like tone. Also was surprised at the price of them.


    [I don’t have that much experience with speakers but the Custom 30 and 50 are two very different sounding amps. I’ve paired mine with Wember Thames, which has a lot of headroom and are very bright but I’m not sure how well they fit the 30. You might want to look into the Celestion G12Hs. These are fairly tight in the lows, with a slightly booster upper mids range. – Bjorn]

  5. Jean-François says:

    good job as usual :)
    just a question (sorry a little bit off topic) : would you say that a Klon centaur is in the same range as a big muff ?
    I searched on sites, and it’s said that the klon centaur is a booster or an overdrive, but on my Tonelab ST, I find that the Klon centaur sim (named “boutique”) is the closer to David’s tone from late 70ies-80ies. It has a lot of mid range, and with the gain full, it sounds like the wall/final cut
    otherwise I have a Boss DS-1 sim, which I find less warm, more mid-scooped, with high trebbles, and sometimes it can make the deal too.

    [No. The Klon is a booster/overdrive, with lots of mid range and mild gain. The Muff is a mix between a fuzz and distortion, with little mid range (depending on the model) and lots of gain. You can’t really compare the two. – Bjorn]

  6. carlos-Brazil says:

    Hi, Bjorn. Awesome review, as always. Like other testimonials here, I also did some experimenting with pickups. I bought a Fender Modern Player Strat and Chinese, as a mod, I changed all the electronics part by a 920D’s Custom Loaded Pickguard (YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aY34kPgJZqE) eqquiped with Seymour Duncan P-Rails pickups. With this configuration the final result is the equivalent of P90s brigde and neck pickups and three single coil noiseless pickups, and is possible to use them separately or in various combinations. The results are very interesting in terms of sound. Regards!

    [Thanks for sharing! – Bjorn]

  7. Thomas says:

    Hi, Bjoern,

    thanks a lot for your Feedback about the Buffalo Patriot and RAM’s Head – so eventually I will go for the Patriot. Still I also have an Mojohand Iron Bell which I really like and which is my´best “Gilmourish” pedal so far. Would a Buffalo Patriot combined with a Power Booster be too close to Iron Bell? If so, it might make sense to go for the Evolution in order to cover a different time period of Gilmours Sound. What do you think?
    Btw. I still own a Black Musket and I might be in the minority but I really don’t like that pedal at all….

    Best regards


    [I think you will find the Patriot and booster to be too much. The Patriot sounds better alone. The Evolution might be a better choice to be able to cover other tones, since you already have the Iron Bell and Musket. – Bjorn]

  8. Joaco '77 says:

    Sorry for rewriting the question, what i used was a Telecaster Custom, one of those new ones with the hollowbody and the S H configuration. But for my home i have a Tube amp clone of the fender Blues Junior, and a cheap chinese stratocaster with what i guess are some very cheap ceramic pickups, i guess i’ll have to put some good alnico pups on my strat sometime.

    [OK, I would think that it would work nicely on that setup but you would need to experiment with it and find the right settings :) – Bjorn]

  9. Brian says:

    Great to see you with a proper guitar ;-) Epi GT sounds wicked. Is it the ’56? Where did you get it Bjorn – in Europe I mean? I have a lesser Epi LP, but new one wanted! I see screw holes, I took mine off too! What mods have you done? I’d like to hear it with some of your favourite pedals, would you do a video? I’d bet there are some amazing Mick Ronson tones lurking! Which reminds me, I still use your Gilmourish-BigMUff POD tone with my LP for “Ronsons”.

    I’m not too pushed about the stomp!

    [Yes, it’s a great guitar! It’s the 56 reissue and I took off the pick guard. It features D Allen Stray Cats, all the electronics are upgraded and I’ve replaced the plastic nut with bone. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  10. KEITH says:

    Hey Jaspn, I haven’t heard many clips of the Fralins I like either, but take my word for it. I have a set of Gibsons finest p-90s , and I far prefer the sound of the Fralins. Don’t believe anything you hear on YouTube alone, Youtube can color sound a lot, and Lindy doesn’t really take much effort to shiwcase his pups, everyone who plays them keep him busier than he wants to be. His ckips never portray more than mostly clean, blues. So, the clips don’t lend themselves to a very Gilmourish sound. He’s been hand winding Fender pickups by hand for over 35 years, tjeres not a soul on earth that knows more about Fender pups. Find a guitar with them, and actually play them before saying you don’t like them because of a YouTube video. That goes for all gear. But his clips are total crap production wise.
    Peace, Keith

  11. Jason says:


    Thanks for the advice! I’ve been wanting a hollow-body type guitar (big Black Keys fan) for awhile and I DO love the Tele body. I’m not a huge fan of Fralins (I’m sure they fine pickups, but I’ve never heard a single review that I liked the tone), but a thinline/semi-hollow Tele with some P90’s would be REALLY sweet! I may check out the Fralins though this time :-)

  12. Thomas says:

    Hi, Bjoern,

    I really like and enjoy your new homepage and like anybody else look forward to the release of your first solo album!

    As I am currently rearranging my guitar setup, I would like to ask you a couple of questions:
    1. I own both BYOC Muffs (Triangle and RAM) and think about to replace them with Buffalo Patriot and Buffalo RAMs Head. I really like your Sorrow-Jam and would like to know whether I can expect a real improvement with those Buffalo pedals or will it be just marginal? My amp is a Mesa Mark V currently.
    2. During the Wall-sessions David Gilmour has also used a Fender Stratocaster 57 in Lake Placid blue and it has gold hardware; the serial number is 0040. Do you have any additional information about that guitar? Recently I have bought an old MIJ Stratocaster with the same colour and maple neck and still look for pickups for neck and middle position; for bridge I use a Dimarzio FS-1.
    3. Have you ever checked out a Mesa Mark V and a Mesa Roadking and if so, what are your thoughts about those two amps?

    Thanks a lot in advance and all the best to you, Thomas

    [Thanks for your kind words, Thomas!
    1. The Patriot definitely sound different than the BYOCs. It’s a very different Muff circuit and a more authentic option for David’s PULSE tones. You won’t hear much of a difference between the BYOC Ram’s Head and the Buffalo though. They’re very similar and if I had to choose, I’d go for the BYOC.
    2. All I know is that the guitar had belonged to Homer Haynes of the country duo Homer and Haynes. Apparently, Haynes also owned a custom Strat with the serial number #001 that was a gift from Leo Fender (not the same #0001 David owns). I would assume that the guitar is stock, loaded with mid or late 50s pickups but I can’t verify that.
    3. Don’t have much experience with these.
    – Bjorn]

  13. Joaco '77 says:

    Hi bjorn, yesterday i went to a music shop to see if they had the Boss RT20, they did and i was super eager to try it. My conclusion is that is very nice to replicate the yamahas, and some other leslie sounds (of course the strymon lex is far more better but i cannot afford it). But there is one thing though that made reconsider from buying it, it sounds so thin! At the moment the guy from the shop plugged it and engaged it i almost suffer deafness, im not joking. Then i dialed a better setting (really all al 12 o’clock as you suggested lol). How do you manage to add some bass or lows when you engage the pedal?

    [What amp and guitar did you use? I don’t think it’s thin at all but it depends on the settings too of course. I usually set the effect to around 9:00 and the direct to 11:00. That’s sound pretty well balanced, with no change in volume or tone. If you’re amp is very bright, then you may want to set the rotary balance to 11:00 and add just a hair of overdrive. – Bjorn]

  14. james t says:

    hi bjorn .. thank you for the amazing sound quality …. ive got nice Logitech speakers and amp for my pc , love to crank your demos sometimes ….. your tones are allways soulful , u play with just the right amount of sustain etc …. but again the recording qualitity is brilliant ……..has anyone ever asked you to produce a record ?????

    [Thanks! I just did! I’m releasing my first solo album November 3rd, which I produced my self :) Check it out on my site bjornriis.com. – Bjorn]

  15. Mike says:

    If you know, how does this pedal compare to the Skreddy Lunar Module? I’ve been thinking about getting an old-school fuzz…

    [Two very different pedals. This one’s got a darker, more overdrive character like the early germanium fuzzes. The Lunar is a stacked fuzz, meaning it was designed to capture the tone David got from pairing a silicon BC109 with a Colorsound Powerboost. – Bjorn]

  16. Ernest says:

    Great review, as always ;)
    Is that the combo version of the Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 18 Valve Guitar Amp?
    What valves features it, speaker?
    Sounds great !

    [Thanks! It’s the head. I replaced the horrible stock Chinese crap tubes with JJ Electronics. Using the Laney Cub 2×12″ cab, which now sports two Celestion V30s. – Bjorn]

  17. KEITH says:

    Love this review, GASMAN! Yep, can’t watch your reviews without getting a fill up! Also have a small piece of news, Sam Ash sent me a gift card for my purchases, and it was set to expire yesterday, so I used it on a downpayment on the EHX b9 Hammond emulator. Should have it in a week or so! I think I’ll be a better Rick Wright on b3 playing it on guitar instead of keyboard, as it didn’t take long to realize that the required keyboard skills attained in music school was 30 years ago, so rusty doesn’t begin to describe my playing! I am however taking keyboard lessons, starting in November!
    Speaking of November, the 3rd is soon upon us, so out comes lullabies, on my mom’s birthday too, maybe I’ll buy her a copy, and borrow it, haha!
    Peace Bjorn, wishing you all the best, Keith

    [I need to try that B9! Love the POG so I guess this one’s gotta be even better on the Hammond stuff. Well, I think you need to buy two CDs… one for your mom and one for yourself. I’m a starving musician, you know… ha ha! – Bjorn]

  18. Brad Roller says:

    Niceeeee! So strange seeing you play a Les Paul ;) it’s as strange as seeing David holding one! I’ve tried them myself but nothing fits me like a stratocaster. As for the pedal and judging by the sound it could do good for the Echoes “funky part” album version I believe. Oh and btw, I know it’s not my place, but was just throwing this out there. Could you perhaps make a tutorial about how you decide on what “sound” to go for on a original song when recording? Pedal wise and amp wise. Basically how you choose what effects fits best for the rhythms and solos? I hope I made sense. Take care buddy!

    [Thanks for the tip! I’ll keep that in mind :) – Bjorn]

  19. Joaco '77 says:

    Hi Bjorn!! Well congratulations on your upcoming first solo album!! I would really like to get a copy of Lullabies in a Car Crash but because of my fucked up country that doesn’t support rising artists like you, that will have to wait.
    Now i have a question i hope you can answer me. Today im getting two DIY pedals, a Ram’s Head Big Muff and a Colorsound Powerboost (both clones of course). Could you share with me some updated settings (i revisited the post of settings but i think they’re a bit old) for both the rams head and the powerboost for tones like Animals, ’77 tour, DG ’78, The Wall and ’80 ’81 tour?? My powerboost will have 4 knobs though, volume, gain, treble and bass, if you needed to know.

    [Hi Joaco! Thanks for your support! As you know, settings depends very much on what amp and pickups you use but in general I’m usually setting the Muff with the volume at about 50-60%, tone 40% and the gain at 60-70%. The Powerboost I always set to match the Muff, meaning that I don’t want too much added but rather more like an EQ. Try to keep it moderate, with the treble at 30-40%, bass 50%, gain at the very edge of breakup and the volume at 50-60% depending on how much boost you want. – Bjorn]

  20. KEITH says:

    Bjorn, and Jason, if you want the most awesome, and unique tone, that does exactly what you want it to, try a Fender Thinline Tele, with Fralin, Steel pole,( they are Tele sized P-90 style pups.). I put a set in my Thinline, 8.5 neck, and 10 bridge, but they still aren’t too powerful to get good Tele sounds, but when you get the volume up near 10, it brings out a beast, with a soaring sustain, and classic p-90 tones. I have been so busy that I haven’t been by the shop since November, but will get by soon, and he did say he would send you the Blues Specials, but he’s a bit forgetful, so I need to remind him. I’ll try to get by soon. But imagine a semi hollow Tele, with those D.Allen P-90’s, it’s pure magic, with no loss of wood, bolt right in!!!
    Peace, Keith

  21. Michel Giroux says:

    Excellent review Bjorn.
    A Big Muff and overdrive in one pedal?How does it compare to the Throback Overdrive Boost?

    [Two very different pedals. This is a fuzz. The ThroBak has much more headroom and an overall brighter tone. – Bjorn]

  22. Debargho says:

    Brilliant review as usual :) that last bend/reverse/bend from F# to G was sublime :)

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  23. Jason says:


    Hey man! Hope things are going well! Great review. This pedal really sounds epic. I’ve always loved fuzz, but like you said, once you figure them out, they just really shine. I am also someone who values versatility in all my musical gear (pedals and instruments alike).

    I have also been considering a hollow body with something a little beefier than single coils (though I don’t think I could ever go back to humbuckers after really getting in touch with single coils) and a bigsby. Those D Allen Stray Cats sound phenomenal!!!

    Later, J

    [Thanks! Yeah, those pickups are really great. Another option is are the Duncan Phat Cats, which are humbuckersized P90s. – Bjorn]

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