• Bjorn Riis’ debut solo album out this fall!


    I will be releasing my first solo album, Lullabies in a Car Crash, this coming fall. The album will be out on Karisma Records, the same label as my band, Airbag. It’s been a rewarding journey where I’ve been able to really do it my way, a both freeing and frightening experience!

    Lullabies in a Car Crash is not a huge departure from the Airbag sound or format but rather a chance for me to explore different directions and musical ground that might not have fit the band. I’m truly proud of the album – the songs and all the guitars we’ve recorded. It’s a very personal album, dealing with topics that are important to me but the music also reflects many of my influences, both in terms of song writing and guitars.

    I usually don’t talk much about my self here on the site but I know many of you are fans of Airbag and follow me as a guitarist and not just a fellow Gilmour enthusiast. I’ll start mixing the album next week together with long-time Airbag collaborator, Vegard Sleipnes. You can follow the process on MY FACEBOOK PAGE (please give it a Like if you haven’t already). I’ll share notes, pictures, rig run-downs and a snippet or two. See you there!

    – Bjørn

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  1. Neill says:

    I was listening to Lullaby in a Car Crash today and was interested in the sound being created in the 40 second section starting around 4.40. Each time the drums (or is it the bass?) finishes there blam there is an audible shut down of the sound. Is there some sort of noise gate or limiter being used here? It’s a great, controlled sound. Loving the guitar textures on this album more and more. It gets played roughly 20 times more often than Endless River!

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Neill! Glad you like the album! Not quite sure I understand your question. You mean during the guitar solo right before the last verse? There’s nothing going on there besides an acoustic guitar, drums, bass, Rhodes piano and the solo…

  2. Steve says:

    Just got “Lullabies in a Car Crash” today. Awesome!!!! A must have

    [Thank you! – Bjorn]

  3. Frederic says:

    Dear Bjorn,
    I am following you since the beginning of airbag. It’s for me great source of inspiration.
    It was a cold rainy afternoon, when I decided to listen to your solo album. What a journey… Thank you. Do you expect to come to play in France one day?
    Never give up.
    With love.

    [Hi Frederic! Thanks a lot for your kind words and support! Don’t have any plans for France yet but who knows :) – Bjorn]

  4. Cem says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I know it’s unrelated, but I haven’t heard any shredding on any of your videos, so I had to ask. Do you play any Randy Rhoads or Eddie Van Halen or any other neo classical stuff? I know the site is about DG’s tone, but I’d love to see you play some Ozzy or Van Halen when you’re demoing new gear :)

    [As much as I love Rhodes and Van Halen, I really don’t do any shredding. I’m by no means a fast player. I grew up listening to bands like Sabbath, Kiss, Ozzy, Van Halen etc and I think Van Halen especially has been an influence tone wise, with the phaser going on the high gains, but I’ve never tried to learn any of the riffs and licks. Another favourite is Joe Satriani. I still love what he does. So, you won’t be seeing any shredding by me I’m afraid :) – Bjorn]

  5. Carlos says:

    Excellent news. I discovered this site a short time ago and have thoroughly enjoyed everything about the site. I recently downloaded the Airbag album The Greatest Show on Earth from iTunes which I love. I am looking forward to this release.

    Congrats Bjorn.

    [Thanks a lot Carlos! – Bjorn]

  6. Sal says:

    WOW! Just heard the WONDERFUL news! I can not wait for this.
    The sample sounds fantastic Bjorn!
    Airbag are the best band playing music today.

    [Thanks a lot for your kind words, Sal! – Bjorn]

  7. Jonathan Hart says:

    Bjørn, I bet you didn’t expect to have your solo album coming out around the same time as a NEW PINK FLOYD ALBUM! A full 24 hours since the news broke and you haven’t posted about it?! I suspect – and it’s just a hunch – that the new Gilmour album will be released at the same time.

    Though I had my doubts when the only talk was on Twitter and Facebook, I now see that Polly Samson has updated her Twitter profile to read: “Author: Perfect Lives, Lying in Bed and Out of the Picture. New novel: The Kindness (April 2015) Lyricist:The Division Bell, On An Island and The Endless River.” Believe it!

  8. KEITH says:

    @Brian, I haven’t bought any of them yet, but think I will go for just one, Kenny Giolas Reaper 4 explained. Almost everyone I talk to says that is a great place for a newbie to start, but even though I prefer video tuts to reading, I think the Users Guide likely covers anything I’d need to know, and there is a book, inexpensive, called Home Recording, the basics, or similar title, that is totally for newbies. Frabkly, I know the rexording process fairly well, but when it comes to all the computer crap, especially win 8.1, I’m utterly lost. Too many subjects to learn at once, especially when you work 6-7 days a week, and at 52, I just don’t learn as easily as I did even 10 years ago. But I’m getting there, and thanks, most people say buy this, buy that, I has already decided that there are as many free tuts, as there are plugins, and have better things to spend money on, than 20 $35.00 videos!

    Peace, and if you have any suggestions for THE BEST REAPER FOR NEWBIES, video, or literature, please let me know!!! KEITH

  9. Brian says:

    Sounds great Bjorn, glad you are being your own man. Looking forward to grabbing a copy. Any chance you might do a 24bit release?

    @Keith. I been on Reaper since version 2 and still learning! Don’t waste too much money on videos man!

    [Thanks! We’re still considering different formats :) – Bjorn]

  10. Mitchel says:

    Hey man couple quick questions!

    Just wondered if you have ever looked into Nash guitars? They make some great vintage inspired relic models. Including any Strat or Tele setup you can think of. I have one of his rare Les Paul conversions and I can tell you the feel and playability is like nothing I have ever experienced. While it is not historically correctly like a custom shop model, I can tell you it plays twice as good.

    Also I’m looking for a super transparent overdrive to compliment my Reeves Custom 30.
    As a Single channel amp I find it can be a little too focused sometimes.
    Any recommendations? Have you ever dabbled into the Klon world?

    I’m considering the Tone Monk Phoenix, the Arc Effects Klone, and the PCE Aluminum Falcon

    I figure these pedals would also have some great gilmour uses!

    [Hi! Hmmm… I’ve never tried any of these. Not Nash nor the pedals :) The Klon isn’t as transparent as one might get the impression of. If you haven’t played one before you should be aware that it has a fair amount of mid range, which will colour your tone to some extent. Still, it’s a great booster and overdrive and paired with a cranked amp it’s hard to beat. Personally, my favourite overdrive/booster at the moment is the Wampler PlexiDrive. It’s based on the Marshall JTM45 and what I like about it is its amp-like quality when you crank it. The more you crank those knobs the smoother it gets while maintaining its transparent character. – Bjorn]

  11. Thomas says:

    Hi, Bjoern,

    That is great news! The clip sounds awesome and I look forward to the release of your album!
    On Airbags Facebook page you released a part of the show in Warsaw: Surveilliance part 2-3. Could you please let me know what modulation effect you did use between 10:26 and 12:20 ? Is it a Lex strymon or the Boss RT-20?
    Thanks a lot in advance nad please plan concerts in Germany as well – at least Hamburg is not so far away:-)

    Best regards


    [Thanks for your kind words, Thomas! On Surveillance I’m using the Lex :) – Bjorn]

  12. Nahuel says:

    What setting you recommend for a Gilmour tone with a Marshall 2061x, a Strat with Fender CS 69 and a RAT?
    Thank you!

    [Check out the suggested amp settings in this feature. Try setting all the controls on the RAT around 2 o’clock and tweak your way from there. – Bjorn]

  13. xvince1 says:

    Nice Bjorn, It reminds me some Chris Rea licks.


    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  14. boonexy(Gabe Aguirre) says:

    Sounds great Bjorn, shows influences from a lot of different places to my ears. Can’t wait.

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  15. Ross says:

    Exciting news Bjorn, best of luck with the release!
    Will the album be available on vinyl?
    Cheers, Ross

    [Thanks, Ross! Vinly is certainly something we’re looking into. – Bjorn]

  16. Roko says:

    I like that this is a very personal project which will enable you to express yourself fully. High expectations!

    [Cheers! – Bjorn]

  17. KEITH says:

    Bjorn, I found it funny you mentioned EZ Drummer, as that’s the first program I am going to try. I’m using Reaper 4.6,( As aoon as I get through the 416 page manual, and a 7.5 hour video tutorial by Kenny Giola! Reaper seems to be generating a lot of buzz, has a great forum community, and many pro studios are going to Reaper 4.6, from Protools. Have you tried Reaper? I love its GUI, but the learning curve for someone totally new to DAWs is immense! Oh yeah, did I mention I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR YOUR SOLO ALBUM? It’s got me very excited for you, and all of us!!!! Not trying to get off subject, but I’m awfully excited about having a real studio right in my bedroom as well, and will likely have questions for you about it!

    Peace, more teasers! Keith

    [I’ve never explored drum sims that much. For my demoes I just lay down some very basic stuff using a kit from Logic. Perhaps I’ll be exploring it more in the future but as for now, I’m fortunate enough to being able to exploit my own drummer :) Having a home studio is really exciting and it makes everything so much easier. Whenever you have an idea you can just lay it down and be sure that the quality is good enough for an album, if you decide to use it… which I often have. I upgraded mine last summer for this project. Nothing huge but a few nice mic’s, pre-amps and stuff that makes it easy. My GAS is in the studio now… in many ways… :) – Bjorn]

  18. Stephen says:


    Great news! Can’t wait to hear your solo work! Congrats :)

    [Thanks, Stephen! – Bjorn]

  19. Will says:

    I can’t wait to get this album! :) I hope everything is going well with it… One little question though, when you start to offer pre-orders, where can we get it? :)

    [Thanks, Will! Pre-order will be set up once we’ve decided on the artwork and formats. It’ll still be a month or two. – Bjorn]

  20. Diego says:

    Can’t wait for the release man!
    Teaser sounds awesome. I’m defenitaly gonna order your album!

    BTW.: I’ve seen the Australian Pink Floyd Show last week.. I was amazed! The solo to Pigs was just mind blowing! The only concert that could top that one is Aussie Floyd feat. David Gilmour and Bjorn Riis… (and maybe myself in the background, just that I could say I’ve been on stage with tone legends! :-D)

    All the best for the release!

    [Thanks for your kind words, Diego! – Bjorn]

  21. KEITH says:

    I’m very happy to hear about your solo effort. Will you be doing the vocals?
    I am just getting ready to start tracking for my first solo LP, after five LPs with two bands, but the last was released in 1997! Hahaha! So, while I think I’ll do well, I have a lot to learn about DAW recording before anything but the ideas being turned into recorded complete songs is accomplished. So I guess I’ll record them twice. Can’t wait to heae more than the “Teaser”, and really hope you’re doing the vocal tracks. Lastly, are you recording all instruments, using VSTis, or are you having drums, and keyboards tracked by others? Just curious. I am going to attempt to do everything myself, but not sure I’ll be happy with virtual drums, as I don’t know how real they sound these days. If they have gotten good enough for a listener to not know they are sampled, I’ll track the drums too, but may end up with drums being the only thing I don’t play. What is your experience with drum samples? Are they noticeably digital, or if done right, can they be a real substitute for the real thing? Sorry about trying to laud you, and pick your brain at the same time. Just know that I’m extremely happy for you, and can’t wait to hear, and buy the album.
    Best of luck, Keith

    [Thanks Keith! All of the recordings are done. I’m doing the vocals, guitars, bass and keys my self. All of the keys are digital, using mostly IK Multimedia stuff and some Logic synths. The drums are recorded live by the drummer in Airbag. Drum samples have come a long way and lots of albums contain only samples these days. If it’s done right, you’ll have no chance to hear the difference. It require a bit of programming and midi know-how, which is quite complicated. Both EZ Drummer and Steven Slate’s is really good. Good luck with your project too! Looking forward to hearing the result! – Bjorn]

  22. Alex Mircica says:

    You have already sold a copy in advance my friend. I look forward to this greatly.
    All the best with final mastering and mixing!
    Any guitar surprises? Any departures from your Strats and Teles?

    [Thank you Alex! I’ve always been using LPs a lot on our Airbag albums but perhaps more so this times. For some reason, I feel more comfortable using LPs and buckers while recording. There’s lots of Strats and a bit of Tele there as well :) I’ve been trying to experiment with the sounds and done things that are a bit out of my comfort zone… I’m very proud of how everything has turned out :) – Bjorn]

  23. Jason V says:


    Congratulations on your first solo album. I hope this is just the beginning and I’m sure I speak for many when I say keep it coming. I have seen a definite progression in professionalism and polish with Airbag over the last couple albums, so I’m excited to see what else is in store.

    My favorite stuff from Airbag is when you take the Floyd and other classic influences and bring it to the next level, coming up with something unique. Sometimes things are bit too obviously sounding like your influences, but I think you’re really starting to come into your own sound at this point, especially on The Greatest Show on Earth.

    Good luck with finishing up Lullabies!

    Jason V.

    [Thank you, Jason! – Bjorn]

  24. Matthias says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    That’s great news. I have all the Airbag albums and love them. I’m really looking forward to hearing to your first solo album.
    Take care,

    [Thanks for your support, Matthias! – Bjorn]

  25. Adam Duarte says:

    This is such awesome news, Bjorn! It’s great to have your reviews handy whenever I’m looking into my next buy for my rig, but your music with Airbag has become some of my favorite to listen to as well. You do such a great job of sounding Gilmourish and yet still retaining that distinctive element of your own sound that makes it unmistakably you. I’m so looking forward to this album! Can’t wait to see some of the rig run-downs as well!

    [Thanks for your kind words, Adam! – Bjorn]

  26. Roger Sartori says:

    hey, WE WANT IT! How can we get this new album???
    Excelent work!

    [Pre-orders will be set up once we’ve decided on the formats. Stay tuned :) – Bjorn]

  27. bruno says:

    good news Bjorn.
    i’m always deeply moved as someone tried to make his own dreams reality and share this with people in a simple way.freedom and creativity.and music .that’s what some of us like.and good musicians.and guitarists.you are not obliged to be Gilmour’s monkey.you have never been that so why should you begin.i wish you all the best in your own career.as good as Airbag is.
    all the best

    [Thanks for you support, Bruno! – Bjorn]

  28. Tom from Chile says:

    The teaser sounds incredible, keep up the good work!! :)

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  29. ruodi says:

    Wow … suspect that I´m going to love this just like Dire Straits´ “Love over Gold” album! Happily the audio snippet doesn´t sound too much like another Gilmour replica.

    Could be that I need this! … And I´m saying this as somebody who doesn´t even has “Radio K.A.O.S.” in his Floyd collection. ;-)

    [Ha ha, thank you Roudi :) – Bjorn]

  30. Pete says:

    Congrats Bjorn!! Can’t wait!
    (Did I mention congrats?!)

    [Thanks Pete! – Bjorn]

  31. bernhard botz says:

    congratulations again, bjorn! this is a very cool and courageous thing! all the best until the release, truly looking forward to it!

    cheers, bernhard

    [Thank you, Bernhard! – Bjorn]

  32. evel1 says:

    Congrats Bjorn! The teaser sounds great and I expect nothing less from you. :)

    [Thank you :) – Bjorn]

  33. Keith M. says:

    Hey Bjorn, Well i”m glad to see that you’ve gotten the time to create something that is a personal expression of yourself as well being able to showcase your original talents, I’m very envious! The best of luck with the project & I’m sure it will be very successful. Cant wait to hear it all! Keith M.

    [Thanks for your support, Keith! – Bjorn]

  34. Johnny says:

    That short clip was awesome. Full of emotion and a little like Jeff Beck at times, high praise indeed! I’d love to buy your solo album based on this. Best of luck Bjorn, can’t wait to hear Lullabies…

    [Thank you, Johnny! – Bjorn]

  35. Andy McKay says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    That’s excellent news I’ll certainly be pre-ordering!
    Will it be available on vinyl mate?


    [Hope so :) – Bjorn]

  36. Joshj says:

    LOve the music in the video. Sounds awsome. Definatley something ill be purchasing. Good luck with the mixing process and the album in general.

    [Thank you! – Bjorn]

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