• Animals 1976 studio outtakes!

    Animals 1976 tapes

    Just when you think there’s nothing left in the vaults, a real surprise appears – the 1976 Animals demos! Described by Pink Floyd as a very hard album to record, Animals feature some of their best work and perhaps some of David’s finest solos. These newly surfaced demos gives us a glimpse of the process and the studio sessions.

    It’s apparent that this isn’t really demos but rather “work in progress”. Most of the backing tracks are done – the drums, bass and acoustics – and even some of David’s and Rick’s guitar and keyboard parts are identical to the finished album versions. It’s also obvious that a lot of mixing and processing has already been done. From what I can gather, this is the very final stages of the initial recordings, right before they recorded the final vocals and overdubs and eventually mixed the album.

    Animals was recorded between April and November 1976 in Pink Floyd’s new recording studio Britannia Row, located in Islington, north of central London. According to the source of this bootleg, the tapes dates from June 1976.


    Dogs (You Gotta be Crazy) was one of two songs that was written in 1974 and performed during the Dark Side of the Moon tour but didn’t make it on the WYWH album. On the “demo” we can hear that the acoustic guitars, drums (including overdubs) and bass are more or less as on the album version – even mixed and processed. Most of David’s rhythm guitars, like the strumming on the verses, are finished. It’s interesting to hear Roger’s vocals throughout the song. David sang the first part of the song on the 1974-75 and of course on the album. One can only speculate why Roger recorded vocals for the demos but thank God they decided on David singing in the end!

    The first solo, between verse 2 and 3 seems to be identical to the album version. David has stated in earlier interviews that most of his guitar parts on Dogs was recorded with a Telecaster and Big Muff (his #1 ram’s head) into a Hiwatt DR103 (and WEM cab) and a Yamaha RA-200 rotating speaker cabinet. We can clearly hear that the sound of the solo is mixed more or less as the album version with the same balance between the Hiwatt and Yamaha.

    The second verse solo, after verse 4, is missing. It might not have been recorded at this point but given that the tone and sound of the first one, as described above, seems to be mixed like the album version, I think it’s also fair to assume that the solo was indeed recorded at this point but perhaps muted for this “work-in-progress” tape. I don’t know.

    The next solo, the “twin solo” (and the repeat at the end of the song), is also identical to the album version and again mixed and processed for the finished sound or tone. What’s interesting though is the third guitar that’s on top of that. Hard to tell wether it’s an attempt at trying out something for filling in the wholes or if David’s just fooling around but if you listen closely you’ll hear that although it sounds very different it’s still the Muff and the Hiwatt/Yamaha combo but unprocessed, which makes it sound like there’s a lot of ambience or reverb on it. Hard to tell for sure how they got the finished tracks to sound that clean but I’m pretty certain that they ended up with hardly using any reverb at all, if anything, tightened the tracks with some EQ and possibly some mild compression just to get that strong presence. The final tracks are also placed quite high in the mix, which again, gives the illusion of presence and that clean and bright tone.

    What’s cool about this third guitar is that it’s pretty apparent that David’s enjoying his new tone. Keep in mind that this was the first sessions with the Muff. Prior to this he’d been using fuzz pedals for his lead and distortion tones. Although the playing is pretty messy, his technique is closer to what you hear on Wall and Final Cut than WYWH, which was recorded only a year before. The Big Muff is so different than anything else and especially at that point, where you didn’t have all the distortions and overdrives that we have today. Apparently, David got inspired and it changed his style and playing quite a lot.

    The most interesting part of the Dogs demo is the bluesy “dry solo”. This version is very different from the album version and perhaps closer to the 1974-75 live version. It’s always hard to tell for certain with these bootlegs but it doesn’t appear to be any Yamaha in the mix and if you ask me, it sounds more like a Fender Twin (or at least something Fender-ish) than a Hiwatt. I might be mistaken but I don’t think you can get that middy character with a Muff and Hiwatt. This also makes sense if you consider how smooth this solo sound on the album version. Again, I’m only speculating. Anyway, it’s also apparent that David’s set the gain on the Muff quite low or rolled back the guitar volume considerably. The reverb is probably from the mix and was more or less muted for the album version.


    Sheep (Raving and Drooling) was the second song that was written in 1974 and performed during the Dark Side of the Moon tour but didn’t make it on the WYWH album.

    This “demo” differ quite a bit from the final album version and some parts are obviously not finished, while others are still very close to the 1974-75 live versions. I’ll comment on David’s parts. 

    The first thing that strikes me when I listen to this is how polished David’s guitars are on the finished album version. I mean, listen to those nasty, swirling rhythms! It seems like most of what we hear here are the final recordings but I think they could have done more to maintain that raw and edgy character of the tone and not overdone the low cut and general EQ’ing. It’s a bit like listening to the Run Like Hell demo. David’s guitars are so much more aggressive than the album version.

    There are different reports on who plays what on Sheep but the fact is that on the 1977 live performances, Snowy White played bass and Roger did all the rhythm guitars. David did the leads or the main rhythm/fills guitars. According to Vernon Fitch’s The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia, Roger also recorded the rhythm guitars. If you listen closely, you’ll hear that the guitars that plays with the drums and bass are all clean and has a slightly different character than the lead rhythm, which was indeed played and recorded by David using the Hiwatt/WEM+Yamaha setup. It has also been reported that David used a Tele for the song. I doubt it listening to this demo as there seems to be some tremolo wiggling here and there. Perhaps Roger used one, I don’t know.

    Pigs (three different ones)

    Pigs was the only new song written for Animals – apart from the short acoustic number Pigs on the Wing. The “demo” is very similar to the finished album version, apart from obvious differences in the mix and alternate takes.

    Not much to comment on here really apart from the missing Talk Box solo during the middle section. Although one of my favourite parts of the album you can hear how that rhythm section is missing a key ingredient without the lead. The outtro solo is also missing and apparently not recorded at this point. There is, however, sort of a lead there played with a clean tone and lots of echo. Perhaps just fooling around or an attempt at using the tone and continuity from the swells used earlier in the song, I don’t know. Still, if you listen closely you’ll hear that some of the licks are already there and David copied these when he recorded the solo that ended up on the album.

    It’s always great fun to hear demos and work-in-progress. There’s so much going on in a studio, from the writing to the finished album and very often we don’t get to hear the process that leads to the finished product. No wonder really. It would kind of the same as a painter showing us all his sketches and ideas along the way. Sometimes it ruins the experience of listening to the album or watching the painting as intended by the artist. Still, it’s been so many years and we’re starved! You get to peak into the secrets and the way they worked and although I’d wish we got to hear more of the actual demos this was a huge inspiration and a nice treat!

    Please note: The ROIO was shared on Yeeshkul. The linked-to YouTube clips does not do the source or the sound quality justice. Visit Yeeshkul.com and check out the interesting discussions regarding these tapes and the history of the recordings. If you’re not familiar with Yeeshkul then be sure to read through the FAQ section for some tips on how to support the site and how to behave :) Do also visit this thread on the DG Forum for a general comparison between the album and these tapes.

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  1. Rodney Stauffer says:

    Just saw Roger W perform Dogs and Pigs in concert, really good stuff. Been listening to this album for maybe 35 years and still not old. Still remember the first time I heard Dogs and a friend asked me what I thought and I just sat there dumbfounded. Question: Do we know where the pig grunts at the beginning of the song came from? I don’t think you’d get just one grunt out of a pig like that; almost sounds like a rubbing noise? Pick scratch on a bass string? Love the page.

    • Bjorn says:

      David used a Heil Talk Box to create those pig noises throughout the song. Same effect he later used on Keep Talking, although in a slightly different fashion.

      • I did some research and experiments while working on Pigs cover with full recreation of song (I already did Dogs). I was listening/learning carefully variations of real pig crunches plus my experience on recording talk-box solo part — I can say that those pig sounds that look like scratching bass strings are real pig crunches pitched down to an octave or two (can’t remember). And I was able to recreate them only in that way. Some specific pig crunches found in youtube sound signaturely similar (but in a high pitch) to effects they have in the middle of the song!

        For Dogs barking effects in “Dogs”, in the funky part, they’ve used pre-recorded barking dogs passed through vocoder (Korg VC10). They have used the same vocoder in Ships (“the lord is my…”).

        Best regards,

        p.s. there are so many tricks I have found in Animals. I was sooo surprised.
        p.p.s Just back from “Their Mortal Remains” exhibition — astonishing. And now reading Mason’s book “Inside Out” – very recommending! :)

  2. Andre Eduardo says:

    Hi Bjorn! Where did you get the backingtrack of “Pigs” you’ve used on Mojo Hand Iron Bell’s review?

  3. Michael S Simpson says:

    I have a theory on why Roger did the singing for both of these demo Dogs verses: during the 1975 tour, David, of course, did both of the verses, but back then “You Gotta Be Crazy”‘s verse structure was, well, crazy, as it basically bordered on rap. When Roger got back into the studio, he decided to cut a lot of fluff out to the point it had to be sung rhythmically differently from 1975. Roger probably was only singing here to show David the style he wanted him to sing. With help from Roger’s changed lyrics and this demoed rhythmic demonstration, David was able to get enough of an idea to craft one of his greatest singing performances (both in the studio and live). I like the symbolism of David singing “you” in the first verse and Roger singing “I” in the second, but David absolutely nails both verses on the tour. David’s work on guitar and vocals on this song both at Britannia Row and “In the Flesh” (lol) is so inspirational. A damn shame he and Roger cannot get together to put out a live album from this tour along with some insight about this wonderful album. They like to be dramatic and claim that that tour was the beginning of the end, but really it was the high point of their careers for pretty much everyone but poor drug addled Rick, RIP.

    Also, I read somewhere that David has said that he used the NECK pickup for the verse solos, but your site mentions it was actually the bridge the whole song. Are you sure it was the bridge? I do here a bit of “necky” character on those solos both live and on the album.

    FINALLY, what percentage of the time would you say David boosted his Muff on the big Dogs and Pigs solos during the American leg? For instance, in Fort Worth, it sounds like a straight Muff almost all the way through, but in Boston In pretty sure he is boosting even with the Mistress solos. Very interesting how he loved experimenting with his tone on this tour.

    • Bjorn says:

      It’s going to be speculation since very little is documented from the sessions and tour but he did record most of Dogs with a Telecaster and all I hear is the bridge pickups. Also, David has stated several times that he doesn’t care much for the Tele neck pickup. He used the bridge live as well. As for the boosting. Yes, on some shows it sounds like he was just using the Muff, while on others, he might have boosted it. If you listen to the New York and Montreal shows, which were late on the tour, he’s definitely using the booster. Most of the European shows sounds cleaner, like in France.

  4. erwan says:

    OK Bjorn, I should have red the whole post. Snowy obviously performed the solo. Great solo.

  5. erwan bruno says:

    Hello Bjorn,
    I discovered recently this on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hwxEyMJG_w&index=7&list=LLWEjfG2h4B4yEkAiomEVeTw
    Did you know this version ? I love the solo, and understand why Gilmour was not so happy to have the song splitted on the album (but it may be not the main reason…).
    Thanks again for your great website,

  6. chris says:

    Bjorn I read on wiki (so it could be BS) that Snowy did an extended solo on.. Pigs on the wing, and that it only appeard on 8 track..I’m curious if you heard that..

    • Bjorn says:

      Yep, he did. It’s easy to track Down on different bootlegs and I’m sure you’ll find it on YouTube as well. The 8-track casette looped or runned continously so they wanted Pigs on the Wing 2 to loop with 1. At the end of 2, there’s a solo that Snowy did apparently because he was available when Waters mixed the album for the 8 track. They also performed an extented jam on this song, with Snowy playing leads, on the Animals 1977 tour.

    • Snowy has played the extended solo since Dave and Roger had deleted Dave’s track by accident. They were playing on recording console while their engineer was out. That was in their own new studio where they have recorded most of Animals. Right at that time Snowy was introduced to them (he was invited by recommendation). And Roger (if I’m not mistaken) said that if you are here that mean that you really can play :) And they have asked him to play a solo for that extended version that they have just deleted with Dave :)
      And then it really appeared on 8 track version :)

      • Bjorn says:

        Snowy was apparently recommended by Kate Bush’s manager although I’ve also read that he and David was old friends and David wanted him in the band when they were looking for a second guitarist for the ’77 tour. According to Roger Waters, they needed a solo for the extented 8-track version of Pigs on the Wing and David wasn’t around but Snowy was, so they simply asked him to do it. As far as I know, there are no official documentation on David having recorded a version of that solo.

  7. Eric says:

    Hey Bjorn, love the site. I came across this mag with the Dogs solos tabbed out. It also includes some really great insight into what may have been going on in the Animals sessions. One piece was interesting was how the final solo might have actually been played on a standard tuned guitar (in E) because of the notes that Dave hits. Small hidden gem of an article.


    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks for the tip!

    • Phil says:

      You can’t go low enough to play that last solo in Standard Tuning, but maybe he did play just that phrase with the high notes in Standard ;) I tried it with the “normal” D Tuning and you do have to make a 1 1/2 step bend on the 21. fret to get to that 24. and after that a half step to the 22. I believe, so it is quite difficult to hit those notes.
      That solo is hard to play anyway with it’s descending note pull-offs :D Haven’t managed to get it completely right once so far.

  8. Claudio says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    I have just read in the newspaper about an important Pink Floyd exhibition and I am happy to share this info with you and your readers. It will be held in Milan (Italy), opening from September 19th 2014 to January 18th 2015. It seems to be a 2500 square meter exhibition with over 300 objects, including musical instruments, some of which are personal property of the band.

    If you or the other Gilmour fan’s are interested more info are available at http://www.pinkfloydexhibition.com


  9. Dan-Al Blanc says:

    Roger Waters may be a good songwriter but his voice on these demos, my god it sounds awful ! Musically, he was a great musician and bass player and everything , but it’s a good thing they decided to put David Gilmour’s voice on Dogs for instance, instead of Roger’s. Now I do understand that these are demos, but nonetheless, it was a blessing they had other singers in the band like David and Rick. I’m not really hot about listening to demos of albums like these, I know I’m not going to like what I’m gonna hear anyway, I prefer to have the final product as it was intended to be. But thanks for sharing anyway…

  10. Jeff Hughes says:

    cool man! great article!!

  11. Jae says:

    You really did it this time Bjorn! I’ve fallen for everything Animals, again. I’ve set up my Rosewood fretboard Strat with a FS-1 and I’ve turned my attention to my Tele. Do you have any idea what the strat pickup in the Tele’s neck position is? I’ve been thinking about using a Fender CS-69, but if there is something else that would get my Tele there I’d certainly like to know.

    Many thanks,

    [I’m not sure. There are different reports on the pickup but nothing confirmed. Could be a custom wound from Duncan that has a high output but I would assume that whatever it is, it’s probably somewhere near a 69 with the same vintage low output. It would fit the Tele perfectly and give the neck a bit more punch and presence. – Bjorn]

  12. Keith says:

    Dave A, wassup? Wish I were going to Ludlow! Maybe next year. Stu Castledine is sending some pedals for you guys to check out. The V2 will be there. I hope it’s loved as much there, as it is by me. I was finally ready to put up a clip when I had the accident, and still can’t play yet, but hopefully I’ll get the use of my pinky back soon. Enjoy the Barn Jam, and think about me when you raise one of those pints, and I don’t guess it would do any good to tell you to BEHAVE!!!
    PEACE BROTHER, hope your blisters are healing, Keith

    You must have been drunk at the time! Haha!

  13. Dave a says:

    Cheers Bjorn just as I expected , got rid of my DM as it was a new one , never got round to replacing it as the 90 took over for SOYCD and was gonna go for a Hartman , the Jam will make my mind up , yup going to the Jam its the third year now , well overdue for you showing your face I recon ;) Anyway you can be sure we will raise a glass to you at sometime over the Jam mate :)

    [Cheers, Dave! – Bjorn]

  14. Dave A says:

    So Bjorn mate , by the way I trust alls good with the family , right as you are aware the DGGF Jam is close , next week in fact . Imagine your on your way and you want to use some of the time to learn Dogs , what would be your preffered choice of pedals to stuff in your bag .

    [Hi Dave! All well here :) Hope you’re fine :) Dogs? That’s easy… a Tele and Pig Hoof > Powerbooster > Deluxe Mistress > Replica. My all time favourite setup :) You’re going to the jam? Enjoy! – Bjorn]

  15. narvalo says:

    Hi Bjorn

    The extraction version of WYWH finally made it out!
    Very interresting versions of SOYCD (all parts in 1 track) and a rough mix of Welcome to the machine.
    It’s christmass 2 months late !

    [Nice! I haven’t heard it yet but I’ll have a listed as soon as I have the time :) – Bjorn]

  16. Eric Davis says:

    …regarding Sheep – it’s interesting to hear that Roger’s trailing off vocals do NOT morph (or vocode) into the keyboard as they do in the final. A studio addition obviously. That’s always been my favorite part of Sheep – the effect of Roger’s voice carrying over in exact pitch to the keyboard. I wonder how they decided to pull off that effect because it doesn’t happen here in the demo.

  17. Eric Davis says:

    The timbre of Rogers voice always had some insane quality to it. When you remove the soothing David vocals from Dogs (which we are used to hearing) and insert Roger – it really becomes evident – overly. Good stuff ! Thanks for posting

  18. Couz says:

    Well now,I`ve heard different shows from the 74 tour,the album,shows from the 77 tour and now the circle is now complete.I believe the tension between all of the band members did them good for this album and listening to these demos shows that they were indeed trying to move forward lyrically and musically.A real treat to be sure.

  19. Arnni says:

    Great to see a band in it’s final stages of these recordings. Again, not really demos just unfinished mixes.

    There are most likely some live stuff that we haven’t heard but again with anything that is Pink Floyd , it has to be perfect to be released nothing else will do in their eyes.

    I did hear that there was an alternative Solo on Dogs – A version that David love , however one long night in the studio it was ‘accidentally’ erased by Roger.

    It most likely was the same take of what we hear in the final, perhaps David felt it was a better take.

  20. Toni says:

    Amazing! Love it!
    I had just been wondering few days ago how great it would be if a Immersion Animals was released with live recordings, demos or whatever… unfortunately it won’t seem to happen but… we’ve got these demo recordings! Thanks for sharing Björn!
    I’ve read you recommend the Oakland Coliseum show, I take note, maybe you could recommend some other of the best sounding Pink Floyd bootlegs out there. It would be really appreciated since, unless in my case, quite often I find in record shops weird Pink Floyd recordings, demos, and so on but unfortunately most of the times the sound is horrible.
    Again, thanks for sharing these demos from the underrated Animals, my favourite Pink floyd album (and probably some of the finest guitar solos from Gilmour!).

  21. Huy Tran says:

    Happy Lunar New Year Bjorn,

    Keep the great articles coming. I’ve read and reread everything on this site. It is a great haven for me. Especially at my desk at boring old work. Also good luck with any future Airbag endeavours.


    [Thank you, Huy! Happy new year :) – Bjorn]

    • Thomas Lilley says:

      This comment is directed towards Bjorn, About two weeks ago I discovered your Band Airbag. Great stuff I bought all your Karisma recordings including your solo album which I like the best. As a new fan I’m sorry to have discovered that I missed out on the days when your band presented free download EPs. Any chance I can get a copy of the EP “Sounds That I Hear”? Thanx from your new fan Tom.

      • Bjorn says:

        Hi Tom! Thanks a lot for your kind words! I’m sorry, but those EPs are all out. Most of the songs are on Idenity anyway.

        • Thomas Lilley says:

          Oh well I tried. I really liked the song “Speed Of Light” from that EP. I heard it on Sound Cloud. Thanx much for taking time out of your busy schedule to reply to my comment. Any chance you guys will play the US?

  22. xvince1 says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Happy new year first. Glad to hear something new for 2014. This brand new material, and especially this little part between 5.42 and 6.57 on Dogs, just recall me what I like so much : play it loud & soulfull… Great lesson, love this guy

  23. Dave says:

    I’d be curious to see what the “vaults” look like..i do love it when more Gilmour surfaces…the guy can do no wrong..Any solos we can hear from the guy that we haven’t heard a billion times already is fine by me…Definatley my favorite guitarist and an inspiration to all of us…

    [Don’t think there’s much left in the vaults. Floyd wasn’t really the kind of band that went into the studio with a surplus of material and that had lots of leftovers when they finished. However, there’s lots of interesting stuff already available on bootlegs, both studio recordings and not least the majority of their shows. – BJorn]

  24. Gabe Aguirre says:

    It’s great to hear they were gonna stick with the end of sheep, which has always been one of my favorite parts of any song, although I was sort of hoping to hear the slower breakdown that they did in some of the bootlegs you can hear where David cuts out completely and Rick Nick and Snowy? would end it with those chords done slowly, for some reason I always crave hearing that.

    [Yeah, the way they ended the song on the 77 tour was great. Likewise the outtro on Pigs. – Bjorn]

  25. Gary says:

    Not my favourite Floyd album but great to be allowed a glimpse into its formation.

    Kinda like Roger’s vocals. David couldn’t have done Pigs (3 different ones) IMO. It needed Roger to **spit** the lyrics out.

    Interesting to hear roger doing the sustained verse end note on Sheep that David dual pitch ‘guitared’ on the album. Had always thought that this was something that David had come up with to flesh out the verse ends. It is obvious now that Roger had conceived it thus. Thankfully, he ceded to David’s wonderful guitar.

    Keep ’em coming!

  26. Keith says:

    Yeah Bjorn, I’m with you, I think Roger’s nasal, but expressive voice as the Dog, is in perfect juxtaposition to David’s narrator of the cause to Roger’s effect. I don’t think it would be as powerful a social statement without Roger’s vocals in the second half! Just my opinion ;)

    [There’s at least a change in the narrative style. David’s lyrics are third person while Roger’s are first person. I think it’s a great effect and an effective way of getting the message through. – Bjorn]

  27. Gabriel says:

    I think that Roger recorded the vocals on Dogs just to show David the new lines. On the early stages of the song, when it was called “You Gotta Be Crazy” the lyrics were different, but also the timing and rhythm of them. Roger performance on this one is very poor, even for Roger, to me it sound like he is just not even trying. That’s what drives me to the idea that this is just a demo to show the new vocals.
    …or maybe he just sucked big time hahaha

    On Nathan’s comment I agree with you, Bjorn, Roger raged vocals gives that “something” extra that rounds the song to a higher level.


  28. strangerathome says:

    Would LOVE an ANIMALS Immersion Edition, ala Dark Side, WYWH and Wall. And if they ever find that extra WYWH stuff, include that too! (Along with one of the ’77 concerts!!!)

  29. Pete says:

    WOW!! Thanks for sharing this Bjorn. Animals has long been my favorite Floyd album. I’ve always loved David’s tone and playing on this album. Some of the new revealed playing is really cool, some of it I can see why it was edited out.
    Then again, hasn’t David said all along that he would record multiple solos and then pick out the best parts. I don’t know if that’s true with earlier stuff when they would concerts as part of the refining process, but definitely during his later playing from his first solo album and beyond.

    [He has talked about how he often would do several takes and keep the best parts. Most guitarists will do several takes of a solo and either decide on the best take or a combination of several. It’s just the normal process in a recording session. Some guitarists prefer the spontaneity and edgy of that first take, even if it’s not perfect. Others will not rest until every nuance is perfect. It’s just different techniques and down to taste and preference. What we hear on Dogs is probably not an alternate take of the tracks that ended up on the album, as these were pretty much “written” on the 1974-75 tour but rather a recording of something that might have ended up as a fill ontop of the twin-solo. – Bjorn]

  30. Rob says:

    Happy New Year Bjorn!

    Great first post of the new year, sharing some unearthed Animals tracks. Maybe we will see some more Immersion box sets?

    Still remember the first time I heard Pink Floyd – it was on the sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati” here in the US – when the DJ played Dogs….. http://youtu.be/1enfo8zn3_g

    Looking forward to another year of reviews and news.


    [Thanks! Happy new year! – Bjorn]

  31. Nathan says:

    Uhm… Yep they definitely made a good call by having David sing the first half of Dogs. Wish he’d also sang the last half like they did live.

    [Actually, I like Roger’s last part. It’s also a narrative reason for it. David’s representing the forces telling you how it is, while Roger is the individual feeling it… that’s how I see it at least… – Bjorn]

  32. Jae says:

    Thanks for posting this Bjorn!

    While I understand why Animals isn’t Dave’s favorite album, it’s certainly one of my desert island picks. Anytime I can get my hands on another bootleg I’m a happy man.

    I know it will never happen, but I wish that this would become an official release in it’s unpolished state with lots of liner notes. Too many egos for that, but I can dream while I hunger


    [It would be great to see some double disk “collector’s editions” of the Floyd albums but I doubt there’s much left apart from the stuff we already got. – Bjorn]

  33. Lucas says:

    Such an interesting found!
    I’ve known the early Gotta Be Crazy and Raving And Drooling performances on bootlegs for quite a time now, it’s awesome to hear actual studio recordings.
    Roger’s “yeeha!” on Sheep at 8:10 is so funny, though!

  34. Ian Beabout says:

    Obviously these are very rough and the later versions are more polished, but it’s cool to here where these songs came from, right?

    Thanks for the post!

    [Absolutely! – Bjorn]

  35. Will says:

    Great little article, thanks Bjorn! I love these demos, but man Roger’s singing in Dogs is awful!!! Haha! I’d love to hear some demos or work in progress versions from the WYWH sessions, I bet there is some interesting stuff left over from Shine On. :)

    [Yeah, that vocal is just awful :) There are some rumours going that there exist material from the WYWH sessions but nothing has surfaced yet. – Bjorn]

  36. Gabriel says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    What a great song “Dogs” is! one of the best ever recorded, with David’s pen and pick at it´s finest.
    On the demos, which I’m listening right now, well… Roger was possesed or something??? One of his worst vocal performances.
    The guitar noodling behind the twin solo is amazing, the sound reminds me a little of David´s ’78 solo album.
    Great stuff, thanks for sharing, Bjorn!! I´ll try to listen to “Sheeps” and “Pigs” (I´m at work) later and post my feelings about those too.


    [Yeah, Roger sound insane. I have no clue why he recorded the vocals. Perhaps just to try out some new lyrics? David used the same setup for his solo album so no wonder that sound similar. The tone on the solo album is also much less mixed and processed than on Animals so yeah, what you hear here is much more honest, if you like. – Bjorn]

  37. Keith says:

    It’s so funny to see this. I got this about a week or so ago from a friend who asked me not to let it out, but that he thought the outakes would become widely distrbuted soon anyway. I honored his request, and boom, here they are. They’re fun, and give a glimpse into some of the process of how the final songs evolved from their early versions into what we know as Animals!
    Peace Y’all, glad they’re out, Keith

    [It tend to spread fast once it’s out there :) – Bjorn]

  38. Scooter says:

    Awesome article Bjorn !!! Thanks for the link post. Animals has always been my favorite Floyd album, and Yeeshul is an awesome site I’ll have to have a look. I wish there had been or would be a live studio quality album of the tour ;( IMO Gilmour has some of his best raw live guitar on that tour

    [That would be something. Still, have a listen to bootlegs like the Oakland Coliseum show… the sound is as good as it gets :) – Bjorn]

  39. David says:

    Can someone explain how these “treasures” appeared out of nowhere??

    [Ha ha, good question. I’m not entirely sure what happened here but these things pops up from time to time and usually it’s from some guys attic that used to work for the record company or cleaned the toilets in the studio and stole a copy or something… :) Then you have bands like U2 who goes “damn! it leaked to the internet!” and it was just a very clever marketing stunt :) – Bjorn]

  40. Buster Albek says:

    Pigs Three Different Ones have for a long time been one of my favorites!
    – It just have it all! Great rythm, REALLY great solo’s, the talkbox solo, and good fills. I love it.

    And a Happy Bithday to Nick Mason! (And me..)

    [Happy (belated) birthday, Buster! – Bjorn]

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