• Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe MkII review

    Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe MkII

    The Uni-Vibe seems to finally have gotten its well earned renaissance. Its haunting, throbbing phase tones captures the essence of the late 60s and early 70s and of course, if you’re a Hendrix, Trower or Gilmour fan, owning one is a must. A few years back I did a review of the Moon-Vibe from Electronic Orange. Now, the MkII has arrived and I know many of you have been waiting eagerly. Here’s my review.

    The original Moon-Vibe, or the MkI, was one of the first Uni-Vibes I played that actually sounded like the old legend – the Shin-ei Uni-Vibe. It’s a funny story because the Uni-Vibe was actually designed to emulate a rotating speaker cabinet but it doesn’t sound anything like it. The original circuit was also very noisy and unreliable. It had a magical tone though, and the Moon-Vibe captured that lo-fi, swhoosh and throb.

    The MkII is basically the same pedal as the MkI. It sounds very similar and it looks more or less the same. The casing has been upgraded with a sturdy custom enclosure, protecting the pedal from severe stage abuse. There are a few very cool upgrades to the circuit though. An internal trimmer allows you to adjust overall brightness/darkness of the sound to your own taste. The old “vintage/modern” switch featured in the MkI is omitted.

    My favourite change though is the new control on the front, marked “symmetry”. 

A trim located inside the MkI had a similar function but now, you can fully control the light and dark throb of the phasing with a wide range control. This again, interacts with the intensity and speed controls. A huge improvement to the UniVibe circuit, in my opinion.

    The Symmetry allows you to fine tune your tone. Fuzz and UniVibe together often sound very harsh and thin but lowering the intensity a bit and rolling the Symmetry counter clockwise, adds a warm and dark phasing, with a deep and pronounced throb. On most units, if you want lower speed settings for your cleans, you need to boost the intensity quite a bit but that sounds too throbby. However, roll the Symmetry clockwise and get a nicely balanced top end, without all that heartbeat throb.

    The Moon-Vibe is also one of the very few on the market that manages to produce those almost tremolo-like tones for Any Colour You Like. Whereas most units tend to either sound moddy or too flat on higher speeds, the Moon-Vibe stays remarkably focused and the Symmetry control makes it even easier to dial in just the right depth.

    So I guess you know by now that I’m thrilled about the new MkII. Apart from the changes and upgrades discussed above, I also think that the overall slightly darker tone of this pedal is what, or one of the things, that sets it apart from most clones on the market. Uni-Vibes can often sound too bright and it can be a real pain to get the tones you want for smaller, typical bedroom setups. The Moon Vibe MkII is by far the best “bedroom Uni-Vibe” I’ve played and not just because of how it blends with boosters and fuzz pedals but different amps and pickups too. The featured clip is recorded with a Fender Blues Jr III.

    Like the MkI, the MkII can be operated on either 18 or 24V for maximum headroom. It feature true bypass switching and a dead silent circuit. Check out Electronic Orange for more details.

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  1. Mike says:

    So it seems like you recommend running Univibe after OD pedals. Ive read that Univibe are better placed closer to the guitar and before OD pedals and are kind of an exception to the mod after distortion “rule”. I had been using tubescreamers fo years, but recently switched to a pair of ZenDrives after switching amps. Ive also been trying to hunt down a MHE fuzz bucket for awhile. Id been using a Sweetsound Ultravibe 2 for quite a while, but it recently died. So after reading reviews on here I was debating between a Vibe Machine or a Moon-Vibe. I play a hum bucking guitar and it sounds like the Moon-Vibe pairs better with humbuckers. So I was wondering if you think the MoonVibe is the better choice for that reason, and if it will go better before or after my OD pedals. Thank you for posting all of this info and these great reviews up here as well. This site has become one of my main go-to sites as Im a huge Gilmour fan and the reviews are just fantastic. Cheers!

    • Bjorn says:

      There are lots of great sounding UniVibes out there. My favourites are the MoonVibe and the DryBell Machine Vibe, although for my own tones I tend to use the Dunlop RotoVibe. I always have my phaser and Vibes BEFORE gain pedals. They just sound better to me that way. David Gilmour usually kept the UniVibe after the gain pedals.

    • Guitarnet70 says:

      Hi Mike, I run mine after Fuzz but before drives..it just kills, Can also confirm that it works perfectly also with HB

  2. Chad McHugh says:

    Hi Bjorn. What is the song that is playing behind the intro to the Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe MKll review video?

  3. I’ve just ordered one too. Fact is it sounds cool with overdrive too, unlike my mini Deja’Vibe.

  4. Ian Oakshott says:

    No comments on this thread for a couple of years but I’ve just ordered one. I’ve recently started playing in a dub reggae band and can’t find much use for my super trem. The moon vibe is an almost identical fit on my pedalboard. It’ll be all over the songs!! Great review Bjorn, I can’t wait..

  5. James Fransen says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Love the site! Quick question on running the Moon Vibe at 24V, did you adjust the internal trim pot as Electronic Orange instructs on their website? If so, did it make a big difference? I have been running mine at 18V but have thought about trying 24V. Thanks!


    • Bjorn says:

      It’s been a while… I think I fiddled with it but I can’t rememver if it did much. Any adjustments should be made to fit your pickups and amp.

  6. John Nebus says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    I watched your demo of the moon vibe and was so impressed that I went ahead and bought one. I just got it today and immediately stuck it on my board. Words can’t describe the incredible sound it’s capable of. Then I kicked on my compulator, and one of my BK tube drivers and a little delay and Wow. Another world opened up. Then added in the vintage mistress…. holy crap… I am beside myself.
    I could go on all night but I think I’ll play some more. Thank you Bjorn for the inspiration to buy it, and thanks to Jan at electronic orange for building such an ass kicking pedal.

  7. Gibsder says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Is there an interest to add a rotary Speaker with this Pedal (Boss RT 20 or Lex Strymon) ?
    Can i mix them ?
    In Dark Side of The Moon, David used the Univibe and the Leslie, and in the Wembley Live 74′ he doesn’t use the Univibe.
    Your website is incredible !!!
    Thank You for your help !

    Best regards


  8. Doug says:

    When I asked Bjorn to recommend a vibe pedal for use with humbuckers, he mentioned the Moon Vibe MK2. I’ve had the pedal for a few months now and I have to say that it is just killer. I’ve been on a quest for a some good “swirl” in my set-up for a long time. Along the way I bought and sold the excellent Maxon Rotary Phaser and Neo Ventilator 2. Moon Vibe has so many lush, usable sounds and tonal tweakability. Heavenly. And like the video review says, very low self-noise. It has earned a spot in my small but mighty pedal set-up. Beyond that Jan at Electronic Orange has been great and fully stands behind his work. Thanks for the tip, Bjorn, this pedal was worth the wait.

  9. Patrick says:

    Hello Bjorn, Great review. ‘Any Colour You Like’ sounded spot-on.

    I wonder if you could help me make a purchasing decision. I’m trying to decide between the Moon Vibe Mk 2 and the MJM 60’s Vibe. I’ll be playing through a Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb amp, and hoping to be able to do both clean Gilmour and fuzzed out Hendrix-type tones.

    From demo videos I’ve seen, the 60s Vibe nails that Woodstock Hendrix sound, while the Moon Vibe Does the Gilmour stuff really well. But I wonder which pedal could cover both sounds the best? The demos I’ve seen have tended to focus on one or the other.

    The Moon Vibe seems like it might be more tweak-able. With a bit of adjustment, can it get that Hendrix-y tone that the 60’s vibe does? Does it handle dirt/drive as well as the 60s vibe? My impression is that the Moon Vibe already has the edge over the 60s Vibe for Gilmour stuff.

    If the Moon Vibe can do everything the 60s Vibe does and more, I’ll go ahead and get it.

    Thanks very much for your time.

    • Bjorn says:

      They’re very similar and some of the best out there, in my opinion, for that true vintage flavour. The 60 might have a slightly more low-fi character to it, while the MoonVibe is more versatile, with the extra controls. For Gilmour’s tones, the Moon is also better on higher speeds, sounding more focused than the 60s.

  10. Jan says:

    Hi Louis, i am truly sorry for my late response, i spent the whole December and part of January with my family on holidays. I will reply tomorrow. Jan

  11. Minouchéri says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Have you ever tried the Foxrox Aquavibe? I got one and it’s IMO the greatest Uni-Vibe clone on the market. It also has a center control (same as symmetry) and the possibility to control the speed with a pedal. I’ll send a photo of my board soon.
    Congrats for your website!

    [Thanks! Never tried it so I can’t really tell. – Bjorn]

  12. Louis says:

    I emailed them four times for info
    and put my name on waiting and never got a reply

    Shame !!


  13. Pdiddy says:

    You know I was quite interested in this but when I looked into it I noticed that all the prices are in Euros. That said Czech Republic does NOT use the Euro. Rather quite a way to pad the cost and make it much more expensive than it should be. A shame after watching your video I really was excited to get my hands on one. Not anymore.

  14. John says:

    Just got my Moon Vibe earlier in the week, well worth the wait. I’ve had a few other vibes before and they’ve all done something well. Some sound great clean or slow, some sound good with fuzz, but this is the first vibe I’ve played that can do it all. The symmetry knob seems to be the key, allows you to tame or add more to whatever part of the tone spectrum you need. Great clean, dirty, slow or fast. Awesome pedal with all sorts of Gilmour and Hendrix tones available.

    [Congrats, John! – Bjorn]

  15. Ryan says:

    That’s suppose to say demo and symmetry adjustment not rotary adjustment. But yeah in your second moon vibe demo your Us and Them tone is divine. In the first video it doesn’t sound like the same peddle. I hope it’s that you just had more time to figure the settings and that the pedals don’t sound that much different.

  16. Ryan says:

    I just bought the original moon vibe off of ebay. In your domo of the first moon vibe and the moon vibe 2 playing the same song’s they sound different, the moon vibe 2 sound’s better. I was wondering if this is mostly due to your pick ups, your amp, your way of recording and filming videos, your moon vibe setting OR an actual superior sound from the moon vibe 2 because of the rotary adjustment option? Thanks!

    [Sorry for my late reply, Ryan. The first demo was recorded with the mic on my old iMac. The MKII was recorded properly with a Shure SM57 close on the amp. There’s isn’t a big difference between the two pedals. – Bjorn]

  17. KuroNeko says:

    Hello Bjorn,
    Once again thanks for letting me know about this pedal. I’ve awaited it a long time but it was worth it. It’s an exquisite Vibe, all the settings are accurate and useful. Jan is also very reliable and helpful. My “minimal” set up is almost complete – it all comes from infos I read here and everything sounds so good to my ears ! Can’t wait to install everything in my new local – just one more month to wait :) Will post a photo when everything will be in place ;-)
    Cheers from Paris,

    [Glad to hear! Send a photo :) – Bjorn]

  18. Kenneth says:

    Sorry I forgot to list the moon vibe Mk ll in my pedal list. That was the whole reason for the post. Thanks again I am sure there are a million people thanking you every day for you site but here is one more thank you!!!!

    [Thank you Kenneth! For David’s tones, place the vibe after the P19 :) The the other post… – Bjorn]

  19. Kenneth says:

    Hey Bjorn its Kenneth again. I just bought a Mk ll Off of eBay. I still could not get the Hendrix mxr’s to sound right so I was about to go ahead and take the plunge and get on the waiting list and pow 1 came up on eBay.but to get to my question you told sepe that the fuzz was b4 the vibe and then Rodriquez the fuzz was after the vibe. And the last should I put the rt-20 after the delay? These r my pedals what order should I place them. The script mxr comp skreddy lunar module skreddy p19 mxr script phase 90 boss ce2 rt-20 vox delay lab. I’ve taken out the chandlers for now there on eBay the version 1 and 2. Thanks for all you help. Ken

    [Hi Kenneth! UniVibes and phasers can be placed both before and after gain effects, depending on what tones you want. I prefer having them before. The RT20, being a Leslie simulator, should be placed at the very end of the rig but you can also place it before the delays.
    Try this: Lunar Module > MXR Comp > P19 > moon vibe > phase 90 > ce2 > delay > RT20. – Bjorn]

  20. Kenneth says:

    Thank you for your obsession it helps others out with the same.Have you tryed the new Hendrix blue univibe from the hendrix tour. I can’t dial in the dsotm sounds. Also with My hiwatt custom 20 From the early 80’s has the sound you want to start with but hates my p19. Any thoughts? My signal chain is script mxr comp. Skreddy lunar.chandler tube driver rack mount version 1.skreddy p19.chandler rack mount tube driver version 2. Mxr script phase 90. Mxr Hendrix tour blue univibe. boss ce-2 Japan chours. Boss Rt-20. Univox delay lab. A B box to switch to lap steel blue tube bass driver. Boss dd-3. The p19 sounds better on my h& k tubemiester 18 and to beat it all a piece of shit 10 watt China pg-10 amp.looking for that wall tone. What do you think? Thanks ken hancock

    [The blue UniVibe is a LTD version of the MXR right? I haven’t tried the MXR UniVibe so I can’t provide any settings. Try setting the unity gain/volume, speed quite slow and the depth at the edge of mellow phasing and deep warble. Hiwatts are usually a very good match for Muffs due to their mid range. You need to be careful with both the bass and treble though, as they’ll make your tone harsh if set too high. See this feature for some amp setup tips and this for some P19 settings tips. – Bjorn]

  21. Martin Taylor says:

    Excellent as usual Bjorn, the Time solo was especially good, really nice sound.

    [Thanks, Martin! – Bjorn]

  22. Cooper says:

    Hey bjorn, Just found this site and it’s like a drug, I can’t stop reading. I was curious if you have tried the JHS Warble Tron?

    [I haven’t tried it but judging by the clips it sounds very nice! – Bjorn]

  23. Scooter says:

    Hi Bjorn, I just got my mkII the other day very impressive vibe sounds that can be tailored to fit many different lead and rhythm tones and it sounds great with both my Peavey Classic 20 or my ultra 60 head and 1-12 cab and I’ve just got started to play around with it :)
    Great Pedal Jan !!!
    Thanks for your site Bjorn

    [Glad you liked it, Scott! – Bjorn]

  24. Brian S says:

    Bjorn – great site! I’ve learned a LOT about the whole guitar chain. I’ve been telling all my friends and they are impressed too! You’ve cost me a fair amount of cash though :) but it’s great to be able to buy with confidence!

    Just wanted to provide an update to all on the MkII shipping date – just ordered mine and it’s due to ship in early June.

    BTW, the Colorsound Overdriver sounds incredible through an EVH 50W head & 112 cab…

    Will be back to visit frequently – thanks for all that you do for us!


    [Thanks a lot for your kind words, Brian! – Bjorn]

  25. Bill says:

    Bjorn, do you find much difference (other than the compatibility of the Moon-Vibe MkII with a Fuzz)vs. the MJM Sixties Vibe which you reviewed in the past ?

    [The MoonVibe is darker and has a more distinct phasing sound. The Sixties Vibe has a slightly more lo-fi character with a more “swooshing” phasing. – Bjorn]

  26. Keith says:

    It seems that everything Stu Castledine puts his hands on is great. He is a reverse engineering genius. He’s building a drop-in Wah kit, that is an exact clone of the 67 Italian Vox Wah, often called the best Wah ever. He winds his own Halo inductors, builds his own ICAR style pots, and is putting a reversing switch, and a special output resistor to make it fuzz friendly, without killing the Seagull effect. He’s also building a limited,(20) 73 ram’s head clone. He has a cool personal muff that has every known muff circuit, and combination thereof, to better clone them! Just switch from a triangle to a ram’s head, to a sovtek,etc. That would be nice to have! He hasn’t got a name for it yet, but should have it ready in a couple of months!
    Peace, Keith

  27. TC says:

    Have you tried the Castledine Supra Vibe? It sounds like it may be among the best vibes out there. Would be great to see a review here!

    [Haven’t had the chance to try it yet… seems like a great unit, indeed! – Bjorn]

  28. TC says:

    Unfortunately there’s currently a 10 month wait for this pedal…

  29. Howard forton says:

    Another superb review. This is the place to go for the best advice for bedroom gilmour enthusiasts like me. I took delivery of a moon vibe 2 earlier this week and it performs exactly as you describe. I have had a Dunlop univibe, a fulltone dejavibe 2 and a love pedal type vibe. The moonvibe wins and this one is a keeper. It takes a bit of tweaking but that’s because it is very flexible and capable of quite a range of vibe effects. Hit the gilmour or trower sweet spots and it’s heaven. No tone suck. Loving it. Thanks Bjorn.

    [Thanks for your kind words Howard! Glad you liked the MoonVibe :) – Bjorn]

  30. 100JH (David) says:

    Very tempting. But you will have to pull my Effectrode Tube Vibe from my cold dead hands. It is just too melodic for me to give up. I also had some custom mods done to mine bringing the two internal adjustments to the face of the pedal. I just can’t give it up…but again, tempting.

    -“Confessions from an Effectrode Whore”

    hahahahaha :)

    [I know how you feel :) – Bjorn]

  31. Carlos Brazil says:

    Hi, Bjorn! Making a comparison with the DryBell’s VibeMachine that I have in my setup, this new version of the Electronic Orange’s Moon-Vibe seems to have a more “clear” sounding (my VibeMachine “kills” mids and highs very much, even with the “bright knob” activated). Furthermore my VibeMachine seems too noisy, even when nothing is beeig played (with a continuous fat pulsing sound, even with my strat with EMG’s active pickups) As you have tested both, does my “feeling” make any sense?

    [Hmmmm not really… My Vibe Machine is considerably brighter sounding than the MoonVibe and very silent. I’d contact DryBell for help. – Bjorn]

  32. Jon Gunnar says:

    Hei, Bjørn!

    Tar det like gjerne på norsk jeg.

    Vet du om noe sted i Norge hvor Moon-vibe´n blir solgt? Eventuelt hvor jeg kan få kjøpt den.

    – Jon Gunnar

    [Hei! S̴ vidt jeg vet, er den kun ̴ f̴ hos Electronic Orange. Han driver sjappa alene, s̴ han lager ikke mange pedaler av gangen. РBjorn]

  33. Giulio Mazzotta says:


    [Thank you! – Bjorn]

  34. Jean-françois says:

    great article as always !
    I agree with Keith : a uni-vibe without a pedal is not very complete IMHO.
    this effect was made to be able to vary the speed live.
    That’s how Hendrix made so “cosmic-strange-changing” sounds.
    anyway, thanks again Bjorn for your blog and your articles always much detailed and very useful !

    I know it’s not the subject, but this video was posted on a Knopfler forum, and I thought it might interest some Floyd fans here :

    very funny !
    it seems to be the original intercom sound from that night.

    [Ha ha! Great clip! – Bjorn]

  35. Bo says:

    Amazing review. Not interested in upgrading from the Sixties Vibe but the wealth of information on your settings is intriguing. I never really thought of the idea of putting a vibe before a fuzz unit. I thought it was somewhat of a rule to always plug in guitar<fuzz and then go from there. I know rules are meant to be broken but everything i've read on this sight suggests fuzz first. Thanks for that video…it is mind blowing…but now i've to think about reconfiguration of my board. What is the most versitile setup? Keep It LEGENDARY.

    [Thanks Bo! There are no rules but it’s recommended to have fuzz pedals first because they sound better if they’re connected straight to the pickups. Also, placing buffered pedals before a fuzz will often make them sound thin and harsh. The MoonVibe is true bypass and it won’t affect the fuzz circuit. – Bjorn]

  36. David says:

    hello bjorn!! you dont know how happy i am!! im getting a new amp since i´ve been relying on my Vox AC15 for too long. ok, i dont know why, i have a spare cabinet lying somewhere in my house so im going for a hiwatt head :D !!! so i´ve been looking you amps buyer´s guide and i saw the Hiwatt T20 and i rushed to my local music shop to try it but i almost teared apart when they told me that they didnt had it on stock. but then they told me they had the Hiwatt T40. so bjorn, is the T40 good for gilmour tones? i think it´s even better than the T20 because it has the same controls and you can choose two wattages: 20w for home and 40w for a gig!! well thats my opinion, whats yours?? let me know!! thanks :D

    [The T40 has more power and output obviously but also more headroom. Depends on how you’ll be using the amp. It might be a tad too loud for bedrooms but then again, the power scaling should take care of most of that. The T-series are great I think. I haven’t tested them enough to decide how reliable they are for touring but they’re an nice alternative for practice and studio and they provide all the classic Gilmour tones. If they have one in stock I’d simply bring my best guitar and give it a try. – Bjorn]

  37. Rawd says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Excellent review…damn just when I was settling on the Tube Vibe. ;-)

    So, how do you score the MKII in your buyers guides for:

    Bedroom setups: 

    Mixed with gain effects:
    Vintage UniVibe tones:
    Gilmourish.com score:



    [I haven’t decided yet… I’ll do some more tests and plan on updating the guide in a few weeks. It will get some high scores though. – Bjorn]

  38. Eric says:

    Thank you for this fine review, Bjorn.

    The big question is – as always – : where can one buy or order this Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe MkII?

    Best greetings!

    [At Electronic Orange’s web site :) – Bjorn]

  39. Keith says:

    So glad you wrote the post about the comparisons/ differences between the MkII, and the Drybell Vibe machine. As I may have already told you, Drybell has changed to new optical sensors made exclusively for their Vibe, since your initial review. I believe they’ve made other changes as well, so I’ve asked Martina at Drybell to give ne a brief rundown of any changes made to the Vibe Machine since your clip, and review, and will keep everyone posted on what I find out. I hope that others are as interested in any positive changes to the pedal as I am. But oh how I wish the MkII had an expression pedal input. But then again, that may make a decision between the two allmost impossible!
    Thanks, Keith

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  40. admin says:

    I see that many of you have asked me to compare the Moon-Vibe MkII with the Vibe Machine, so I’ll answer that here:

    The Moon-Vibe has an overall darker tone, compared to the Vibe Machine. This can be compensated for or adjusted with the internal brightness trim and the Symmetry control but I still think the Moon-Vibe is slightly darker. I like that because it’s harder to tame a bright vibe on bright sounding amps than to brighten up a dark vibe.

    The Moon-Vibe also works better with fuzz and high gain pedals. At least on my setup. That’s partly due to its darker tone but also the Symmetry control, which allows you to finely tune the frequency spectrum and roll off those harsh overtones and still get a deep, creamy throb. The Machine Vibe fits fuzz pedals better than most Vibes but it doesn’t sound as warm and creamy as the Moon-Vibe.

    Both pedals do the fast speed throbs very well. While most vibes, including the Tube-Vibe, tends to flat out on high speeds, both the Moon and Machine produce deep throbs perfect for Any Colour and similar tones. Still, again, the Symmetry control on the Moon Vibe makes it stand out even more.

    It’s hard to pick which one I like the best. The Moon-Vibe has a nice vintage flavour to it, dark creamy throb and the Symmetry control makes it perhaps the most versatile UniVibe on the market. Having said that, you can’t beat the small footprint of the Machine Vibe. Sure, there are other small vibes available but they don’t sound anything near these two pedals. The Machine Vibe also sound a bit more open, bit more dynamic and responds incredibly well to your playing. It also sound a bit more balanced in the top frequencies, with more of that liquidy swirl.

    I would perhaps recommend the Moon-Vibe MkII for bright amps, fuzz and bedroom setups, while the Machine Vibe tackles all setups and fits loud tubes amps especially well.
    – Bjorn

  41. Howard forton says:

    Sold. Perfect for my bedroom set up. Lovely pedal. Mine arrives September. Anyone want to buy a mojohand Nebula? Lol.

    [Yep, works great for smaller amps and low volume levels. – Bjorn]

  42. Rodrigues says:

    Absolutely love the tone you got by pairing the Analogman with Moon MK-II! Did you place the fuzz before or after? I’ve been using my MJM Sixties Vibe for a while now, but I might be picking up one of these soon! Awesome review!

    [Thanks! The fuzz is placed after the Vibe. – Bjorn]

  43. Gareth says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Great review as always, I’d just like to say that this website is an invaluable resource and its just amazing to have access to such a thing! So thanks very much!

    I know this is slightly off topic but since I saw that you used a blues junior for the demo I had to grab the opportunity to ask how you set it? – I know you probably set it to enhance the moon vibe in particular, but how would you set it for general playing with a full pedal board? I’m playing a 2011 Strat American Std (stock pups, but heading towards Fralin Vintage Hots, and was wondering if you ever did get an oppportunity to give them a test run?), into a sunface BC109, Analogman Bicomp, Big Muff w/tone wicker, and a King of Tone, and using a Boss me50 for modulation and delays (I know, sacrelidge right? haha). But the me50 (and tone wicker) are only on there while I save up to get the rest of my pedals to build my dream pedal board. I’m not really going to spare any expenses or get any “filler” pedals while I wait, but its an expensive task so at the moment it does the job :)
    By the way love the buyers gear guide and frothing in anticipation for the delays section! In that respect I wanted to ask what you thought of the DMB Lunar Echo for nice spacey analog delay or if you’ve ever tried it?

    Kind regards,

    [Hi Gareth! Thanks for your kind words! Glad you enjoy the site :) My Blues Jr is a Grean Eagle model. The stock Screaming Eagle speaker was just way too bright for my taste so I went for the complete opposite, the Eminence Cannabis Rex. It’s dark but super creamy and responds very well to most pedals. Depending on how hot the pickups are, I usually set the gain around noon for a hint of breakup. Bass, treble and mids I’d set at 6 or 7 but the Cannabis needs the treble slightly higher. That’s pretty much it… the volume is cranked :) – Bjorn]

  44. PÃ¥l says:

    I have just recived my Moon Vibe MkII and think it’s amazing.
    Thank you for innput on settings.


    [You’re welcome and congrats on the pedal! – Bjorn]

  45. Denis says:

    Love your playing!! You have influence me in buying the rig I have now. I can honestly say that you don’t have to play note for note (pink Floyd) to enjoy what I am hearing.

    [Thanks, Denis! – Bjorn]

  46. gary swift says:

    Nice to hear a little bit of the old “Travel Sequence,” Bjørn! And great to discover the added flexibility of the symmetry control. This seems like a control that other U-V manufacturers may want to emulate. Finally, is that a little pig’s face screen-printed on the top of the box? Nice touch… SkÃ¥l!

    [Yes, it is :) – Bjorn]

  47. Craig says:

    Hi Bjorn, how does the new moon vibe compare to the dry bell vibe machine. Cheers

    [Please see my comment below for a comparison :) – Bjorn]

  48. greg says:

    Sounds great but man its huge! you could dedicate an eq to a sixties vibe and still save space!

    [Nah… I wouldn’t say it’s huge. It’s bigger than the small box 60s Vibe but considerably smaller than the big box 60s. IF you want small, then the Machine Vibe is the way to go :) – Bjorn]

  49. Stephen Ford says:

    OK I am most likely the 11th person to ask this question but how does it fair in comparison for you with the Drybell Vibe Machine and the Effectrode Vibe? Have to say it sounded impressive this time around. Still wonder why they opted to put the darkness control on a trim on the interior…space is always an issue but with different pedals in play I think this function is helpful on the fly. Well, the $60,000 question is which one gets on Bjorns board and why :)
    Thanks for the great review Bjorn!

    [Please see my comment in this thread for the comparison :) Personally I don’t miss having the darkness control on the front. It’s not a feature you’d adjust for all your sound. More like a master that you want to leave in one setting. The Symmetry control makes the whole difference and even though the pedal is slightly darker than most vibes you can make it even darker or brighten up beyond other models. Haven’t decided on whether it goes on one of my boards or not. The Machine Vibe fits the studio board nicely and I use the RotoVibe, which is different I know, for my Airbag tones but I will definitely be using the MkII for different stuff not least for recording fuzz and Vibe. – Bjorn]

  50. Gabe Aguirre says:

    Awesome, I’m curious, what do you think the symmetry setting is for the generic uni-vibe? Would it be 12 o’clock or perhaps higher? Great review.

    [Slightly higher I would think but it interacts with the speed and intensity so I haven’t quite been able to dial in what might be a flat or zero setting. – Bjorn]

  51. Sepe says:

    Hi Björn, a great sounding demo, thank you very much!
    Did you place the vibe before or after the fuzz?
    Would you care to compare this to the Drybell Vibe Machine?

    [Thanks! The fuzz is placed in front of the vibe. Please see my comment below for a comparison of the Vibes :) – Bjorn]

  52. Steve says:

    I waited forever for this pedal as their website kept continually pushing back the release date. ..December, by Christmas, January, February, then they just stopped updating (late March, still said February release, etc.)

    By the time it was finally released (May or June I think) the money I kept aside for 6 months eventually went to another project (and the Candadian dollar fell quite a bit.

    When I eventually get around picking up a Univibe this is still at the top of my list. I’m glad Bjorn found more than just cosmetic improvements considering the stopped shipping the old one while this one was in final development, leaving many of us vibeless.

    Glad to see Electronic Orange was willing to ship the ‘right’ product late rather than the ‘wrong’ product on time.

    [Definitely worth the wait :) – Bjorn]

  53. Marc-Andre says:

    Hi Bjorn, thanks again for this nice review. Since you gave the MKI a 9/10 I guess this one gets a 10?

    If you had to pick one, which one would you pick (regardless of the price) between the Effectrode Tube-Vibe, Dry Bell Vibe Machine and this one?

    thanks again!

    [Hard to tell really. They all sound great and they all nail the classic UniVibe tone. Yet, they sound different and serve different purposes. I use the Vibe Machine on my studio board, due to its size and might be placing the Moon Vibe on my stage board… – Bjorn]

  54. Vincent says:

    How would compare it to the Drybell vibe machine?

    [Please see my comparison in this thread :) – Bjorn]

  55. Guitarrmann says:

    If this sounds truly like the video…WOW! I will be looking into this one. I have the Fulltone Deja-Vibe. It doesn’t give that throb as strong as I would like to have it. I also have the Voodoo labs Microvibe and it is just too heavy on the low end. I have been chasing that Robin Trower sound that he has on Bridge of Sighs and especially Victims of the Fury. I thought it might be the placement within my pedal board chain, but no matter where I put the Deja-Vibe, it just is not strong enough.
    Of course I have to give you cudos for this web site. I have been a fan of Pink Floyd since 6th grade when Dark Side came out. This site has helped me get my pedal board straightened out and gave some great tips on playing DG. Keep it up…I’m still reading.

    [Thank you! The Deja is too weak on some settings, while you have the whole spectrum with the MoonVibe. Incredibly versatile. – Bjorn]

  56. Keith says:

    Very nice indeed Bjorn, but I cannot understand any vibe without a speed pedal. It always goes back to one piece of video that shows me how important a treadle is, and that’s the Hendrix Woodstock footage of the Star Spangled Banner! One look at that video, and it’s obvious you cannot do that with a big knob, with shoes on, and I learned the hard way about playing barefoot, when I became the ground conduit, and got the crap knocked out of me. It is indeed a lovely sounding vibe, but , and I’m making an assumption here, but since your original Drybell clip, several changes have been made to the Vibe Machine, not least if which is the manufacture of their own, exclusive optics, which weren’t available until recently, possibly the new batch that went on sale yesterday. It may have had this at the time of your clip, but having watched a long video by the company some time back, I remained no mention of a feature the pedal has, where you change an internal jumper, and it becomes a Leslie Emulator, and is evidently quite good at it. That, and the other internal trim for gain, and the option of using a 100k expression pedal to control speed, made me put my name on one. I possibly would have gone for this if not for the omission of an input for an expression pedal. And, considering Drybell has upgraded significantly since your review, one can only think that your 10 score would now be an 11! As usual, great review, great pedal, great playing, but a day late, and a speed control short.
    Thanks Bjorn, hope I said that in a diplomatic fashion, not saying it’s not one of the best I’ve heard, just doesn’t have the one feature I MUST have!
    P, L, and G, The Postecutioner

    [I see your point but the truth is that I’ve played almost every UniVibe clone on the market and they’re all very very good – apart from a couple of cheap impostors that will remain unnamed… There’s a much bigger difference between Muffs, fuzz, flangers… you name it… but most of the UniVibes out there, we’re talking nuances and minor tweaks to the circuit that sets them apart. The Dry Bell is awesome and probably my favourite since that’s the one that works best with my setup but I have to say that the new Symmetry control on the MoonVibe is unique and I think we’ll see more clones with that in the future.
    In regards to the foot sweep pedal. Yes, it’s a feature I miss but it can be achieved with several different quirky options. Strange though that there aren’t that many clones with the option as standard feature. I will though, and I know many will disagree, say that the Dunlop RotoVibe is an excellent option. It’s not a UniVibe in the sense of the DryBell nor Moon Vibe but a damn fine phasing pedal that nails Hendrix, Gilmour, Trower etc… there, I said it :) – Bjorn]

  57. Frails says:

    Good stuff, Bjorn! Thank you for the review.

    [Thanks, Frails! – Bjorn]

  58. Miroslav says:

    Very good sounding pedal indeed ! Thanks for awesome review and playing… As always !

    [Thanks, Miroslav! – Bjorn]

  59. Will says:

    Wow, great review Bjorn! And fantastic playing in the clip, really enjoyed it! :)

    [Thanks, Will! – Bjorn]

  60. Ben says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    amazing review as always! The tones you are getting with the mkII are great.
    I know you were probably expecting this question, but I have to ask. How does the mkII compare to the Vibe Machine(which is what I have, along with a Blues Jr. III)?

    Thanks Bjorn!

    [Thanks! Please see my comment below for a comparison with the Vibe Machine :) – Bjorn]

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