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    Pig Hoof Mkll

    I’m sure all of you know that the Pig Hoof is my favourite Big Muff pedal. In fact, I like the pedal so much that I asked Electronic Orange for a unit tweaked and customized especially for my setup. I’m without doubt too impartial for a review, so consider this more of a presentation of the new “yellow label” Pig Hoof MkII.

    The original “red label” Pig Hoof is based on a mid 70s EHX violet ram’s head Big Muff (see my review of the standard Pig Hoof here). These pedals had a bit more gain, lower end and volume, than their predecessors. Quite nasty beasts.

    I’ve recorded this clip using a Reeves Custom 50 with 4×12″ cabinet loaded with Weber Thames speakers and a Fender Strat with D Allen Voodoo 69 neck and middle and S Duncan SSL5 bridge pickups. The first clip has a mellow and warm tone with the guitar volume rolled down to 8. The last clip is an attempt at recreating David Gilmour’s live tones from The Wall especially, with an aggressive tone with lots of modulation and sustain. See the clip for specific settings.

    After using the Pig Hoof “red label” for some time and experiencing how it worked in a band setup, stage and studio, I noticed a few things I wanted to change. The 70s Big Muffs has very little mid range, which sounds awesome when you play alone but the tone has a nasty habit of drowning in a dense band mix. Our music is drenched with keyboards, organs and backtracks and I often got feedback from the most eager fans that they had a hard time hearing my guitar.

    I asked Jan, the man behind Electronic Orange, to make a version of the “red label” that was more suitable for both recording and for blending with boosters, which meant that it had to be tamed considerably. Enter, the Pig Hoof MkII “yellow label”.

    What we did was essentially cutting the low end to eliminate most of the low frequency rumble. On a recording, you usually cut everything below 100Hz anyway (or perhaps up to 200Hz) and too much going on in the lower frequencies will only cause a muddy tone. The pedal still has plenty of fatness.

    We’ve also rolled off the gain considerably. This was important for me because I always use a booster with the Muff for my live sounds and the booster is always set for a mild breakup. I prefer this rather than having the Muff handling the gain alone. It makes the overall tone sound bigger and more balanced and it also drives the amp and its tubes a bit harder, adding a bit more compression and mid range.

    In this clip I’ve attempted to demonstrate how mild and tamed the Pig Hoof MkII is. The first clip, Dogs, might sound just a bit too thin and clean but that’ll give you an idea how the pedal sounds alone with a close to overdrive setting. The last clip, Raise My Rent, shows how this mild setting sound when the Hoof is paired with a booster and the Electric Mistress.

    The MkII also feature a trim pot (located on the circuit board), which allows you to adjust the resistance or amount of gain. This means that you can increase the gain for low output pickups and bedroom setups or roll down the gain for high output pickups and more aggressive boosters and amps.

    The difference between having a trim pot for the gain and just adjusting the main gain control, is obviously that you can fine tune the gain structure but it also gives the gain control a much wider sweep. Rolling the trim all the way down, boosting the volume and leaving the gain at 3 o’clock produces a warm and dynamic overdrive that I‘ve never experienced from any other Muff. Set the trim all the way up and you’ve got a Muff that creeps into the wild fuzz territory with a super saturated distortion with lots of harmonics.

    Compared to the Cornish P1, the MkII has less gain and lower end. However, I think the MkII sound more balanced and perhaps even a bit more open and transparent. Still, they’re in that same ballpark tonewise.

    Compared to the Civil War and green Sovtek Big Muffs, the MkII is a whole different pedal and perhaps hard to compare. The Sovteks has a much more saturated tone with considerably more mid range, lower end and gain. However, the MkII blends better with boosters and has more of that vintage 70s vibe to it.

    If you do decide to order a Pig Hoof MkII, then keep in mind that this pedal is specifically tweaked for my setup, preference and playing style. I’m sure some will experience that the pedal doesn’t work as good or perhaps not at all, compared to other models. Still, that’s pretty much the case with any pedal. Personally I love it and think Electronic Orange managed to create a Big Muff model that doesn’t sound like any other on the market.

    Check out ElectronicOrange.cz for more details and ordering info.

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  1. marv says:

    Hi Bjorn ! great playing and review ! I use a hiwatt custom 20, and with a bananaboost which pig hoof would you recommend the red or mkII? for live using a blackstrat replica cheers and thanks for your help !

    • Bjorn says:

      I’d go for the red. The yellow was designed for my studio setup and sound very different. The red is more in line with a typical ram’s head.

  2. Lucas says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’ve been reading your reviews and still can’t decide wich muff is better for me, I’m between Pig Hoof (red), MKII, Vick Audio 73 and Rust Rod. Have tested a Rust Rod from a friend and really liked the tone from this one, but I think It has too much bass for my setup and maybe a lack of midrange. Based on your reviews I think the MKII is my best choice(like the vintage tone), but I want your opinion based on my guitar and amp.

    Guitar: Fender Strat (69-69-SSL5)
    Amp: Blackstar HT-20 Studio ( Thinking about changing the speaker for a Vintage 30)

    Thank you for this wonderfull website. Cheers

    • Bjorn says:

      The Pig Hoofs has very little mid range so you might want to look elsewhere if that’s a concern. The Vick 73 has a mids boost and a well balanced bass response.

      • Lucas says:

        Thank you for the reply Bjorn,

        In fact, after watching your reviews, quite a lot of times, I think that Pig Hoof is the best choice for a vintage tone out there. Could you please give me your final thoughts between MKI and MKII based on this amp and bedroom/studio volume level?
        (Favorite Muff tones: Final Cut)

        • Bjorn says:

          Between them I’d go for the MkI. The MkII was modified for some requirements I had concerning recording.

  3. James says:

    Bjorn, have you had the opportunity to compare the Pig Hoof to the Vick Violet Ram’s Head?

    • Bjorn says:

      Yes. The Pig Hoof is more vintage sounding. Very scooped, with a sparkling top and lots of low end. It’s by far my favourite Muff, always been, but it can be difficult to get it to cut through on scooped amps like Fender and similar. The MkII was a version I asked for to have one that was easier to record. Less lows and gain. On some setups it can sound a bit thin but again, it was designed for my recording setup. The Vick is perhaps a bit more modern soundibg, with more gain and and overall more compressed and satured character. The 3-way mids switch makes it very versatile.

  4. Xander Mohan says:

    Hi Bjorn, like many other comments I’m I’m the middle of putting a pedal board together. I like to go for the Pulse Comfortably numb solo tone as well as allot of the wall, Wish you were here and Dark side. My setup up so far is A Fender Strat Elite, Vox ac30cc. My pedals so far are a Vox Wah, Jam Dreamscreamer and a Tc Flashback. I’ve got a decent budget and I’m just looking for a fuzz, phaser and any other pedals you think are essential. Thanks Xander

  5. Lee Taylor says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’m putting a pedal board together and would like some advice on which Pig Hoof or other muff pedal to go with my setup.

    My gear: USA Strat deluxe and Gibson Les Paul, Laney lionheart L5T, wampler plexi drive, Catalinbread DLS mk3, Boss CH-1

    It’s for home use only and will be played at bedroom volume.

    I’m leaning towards the pig hoof mk2 after reading and listening to your reviews, but would like to know your opinion on which pedal would suit my setup best.

    Love the website! Much appreciated,


    • Bjorn says:

      For home use and low volume I’d go for the red MkI. It has more gain and low end, which goes better on a bedroom setup. Keep in mind though that the Hoof is a ram’s head model, which has a typically scooped mid range. Be careful with the treble on teh Lionheart and keep the mid range fairly high :)

  6. Sorry forgot to add I run my Hoof threw a Buffalo power Booster , delay then RT20 , the booster really does make it shine.

  7. Hi Born , received my Pig Hoof last week I was amazed how loud it was but also how low it can be played perfect for bedroom use. The setup I love is with a bit of delay and the Boss RT20 sounds awesome .

  8. Henryk says:

    Hi Bjron,
    I understand the less bottom on Mk2 but regarding the less overdrive, on the red one it could be achieved by turning the gain lower, correct? Or there is more to it?
    Thank you!

    • Bjorn says:

      Well, yeah but what we wanted to do, was to give the gain control a wider sweep, so that you could turn it down to almost a mild overdrive and when cranked, it’s still easy to tame, without too much noise. The idea with this pedal is not to provide the full ram’s head experience but rather to have a Muff that’s easy to blend with other gain pedals.

      • Henryk says:

        Thank you Bjorn,
        I will be going to Europe in August but when I get back I am going to order the yellow one. The youtube samples for yellow I liked very much, more than red one. I think you and Jan did good job on the yellow one. I don’t gig anymore, so just for home studio work yellow probably is a better choice.

  9. Hi Bjorn, hope your well , I finally took the plunge today ,Jan put my name on the list for a Pig Hoof Mk2 can`t wait .

  10. Sammy says:

    Hey bjorn. First time comment, but long time fan of your site. You have helped give me the knowledge thru the years of achieving tones where I can actually give my own self goosebumps, and play for hours just playing solos, riffs and chords, just enjoying my own tones. Thanks for that.
    The mkii pig hoof is absolutely the finest muff I’ve ever heard. I own the mojo hand collosus, BYOC large beaver, NYC reissue, buffalo fx patriot, and now mkii pigfoot which is hands down the most articulate, open, and transparent muff I ever heard. Thing string separation with chords and sustain is beautiful. Also higher notes don’t sound to thick when using my tube driver. Those high notes really sing. If I were to pick a second, it would definitely be the buffalo fx patriot.
    One thing I want to add. I know you put a muff before a tube driver (booster) in the chain. I can’t get a decent tone unless I put the muff after my tube driver. I have tried all my muffs first in the chain on my boogie, traynor and fender tube amps with no success. On all of them the tone comes out choked, muddy, and less harmonicly rich. Am I missing something?
    Anyway, I’m forever in debt to you for this site. I love Kit Rae’s site too. Thanks

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Sammy! Thanks a lot for your kind words! Glad you like the MkII! There are no rules when it comes to tone and how to stack pedals. Keep in mind that what you’re essentially doing, is to combine your guitar, and its pickups, with two gain pedals and your amp. How this work and how you should set it up, depends on the voicing of your pickups and the amp, the amp settings and of course the pedals. What works for me, might not work for you. Seems to me that you mainly use amps with less mid range, which often require having the overdrive first, creating a darker and more compressed tone. Sounds to me that you’re enjoying your tone so why worry and change it?

  11. Giovanni says:

    Hi Bjorn! Do you think the Electronic Orange Pig Hoof MKII (I’ll probably buy it and not the original red-labelled because I’d use it with boosters) could go well with the Buffalo Powerbooster or it would be even better with an overdrive like the Butler Tube Driver or the Effectrode Tube Drive (which is quite similar to the Butler, except for the boosted mid range in the Effectrode)?
    Other thing… Do you think the Buffalo Powerbooster could work well also as a clean booster to raise the volume and to add a bit of presence to my Costalab Custom Muff and my other gain pedals when I need to?
    Thanks a lot :)

    • Bjorn says:

      The Powerbooster goes nicely with the Pig Hoof MkII. In fact, that’s the combo I prefer myself. The Powerbooster is an effective way of adding a bit of tone and presence to most Big Muffs. The Tube Driver often work better on Muffs with less gain and if you want a slightly darker tone.

      • Giovanni says:

        Thanks a lot! I won’t buy a BK Tube Driver because, after having tried a friend of mine’s one, it has quite disappointed me! Moreover, I’m more interested in David’s 70s tones until Animals (that is my Floyd’s favourite work with The Drak Side Of The Moon) and infact I’d like to buy the Buffallo Power Booster or the Throbak Overdrive Boost! What are the differences between them, in terms of tone?
        The Throbak seems warmer from the videos I’ve watched while the Buffalo seems a lot colder sounding.

        • Bjorn says:

          They’re very similar. The ThroBak has a slightly more twangy clean tone and brighter overdrive. The Buffalo is overall warmer and the breakup is smoother. Both works great for boost and overdrive, so it’s more down to whether you got a bright or dark amp.

  12. Tim Snyder says:

    Hello Bjorn – I have just ordered this pedal based on your review and recommendation. I am currently using a TC Electronics Nova system, and I would like you recommendation on how to incorporate the pedal in my system. I am using a fender Superchamp X2 15 watt tube head and the fender 1×12 cabinet. Thanks much!

    • Bjorn says:

      I haven’t tried the MkII on a Fender amp, so I can’t really tell how it will sound. You may find that you need to lower the high end and increase the mids on your amp. Again, I’m not sure. Depending on how you use the Nova System, I’d either connect the Muff after the board or, if you use the modulations and delays, somewhere in the middle, using the send/return loop.

      • Tim Snyder says:

        Ok, thanks – my amp doesn’t have a send/return loop – so I’ll just try experimenting before and after the Nova System – it has the Nova analog drive circuit and a boost pedal so it maybe best putting the Hoof before – I am excited to try it. Thanks for a very interesting website!

  13. Andrzej says:

    hi Bjorn
    I have 2 questions:
    1) should I put my Pig Hoof MKII before or after my Boss BD 2 ?
    2) it is correct if my MoonVibe I put into loop with delay, chorus and other modulation effects ?
    thank u for reply

    • Bjorn says:

      I’d place the BD2 AFTER the Pig Hoof. In regards to question 2, you mean that amp’s effects loop? Yes, you can place the MoonVibe there. You can also place it in front of the Pig Hoof and BD2. I prefer having UniVibes and phasers before the dirt pedals. They sound better that way.

  14. Michael says:

    Hi Bjorn
    Love your site and have browsed it often. I am hoping you could make a recommendation between the orange and yellow Pig Hoof. I am using a 50W Anderson Amp driven by k77’s. It is a one channel clean amp on the brighter side. I have a xotic ep booster, Dumkudo and OCD for boost and drive. I play mostly at bedroom levels. I have a suhr HSH strat and a Logan Tele with single coils in bridge and neck (strat single coil). I am looking to cover DSOTM, Wall, Animals and Wish You Were Here. Open to any other suggestions as well, but in listening to all of your demos, the Pig Hoof and Patriot have stood out the most. Since the Pig Hoof seemed a little more versitile I am leaning that way, but stuck between the original and MKii. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer:)

    [Hi Michael! I’m not familiar with your amp so I can’t tell whether it can handle Muffs or not. The red MkI is probably the most versatile of the two. It has more gain and low end, which makes it blend easier with most amps. – Bjorn]

  15. andrea says:

    I get the PIG HOOF MK II, the sound is great! the pig hoof is the most
    similar to the original I’ve heard; currently I play the original 1973 ram’s head, chosen over the years, thanks Jan Horinek!

    [Congrats! – Bjorn]

  16. Electronic Orange says:

    Hi guys, here is Jan from Electronic Orange. We have moved a step ahead and changed the look of our Pig Hoof MkII (as well as the old red label Pig Hoof). Instead of the common aluminum enclosure, we will now provide you with a custom made, sturdy metal enclosure, which is silk-printed by hand. For the same price, you get a smarter look, a steel, old-fashioned battery door on the bottom side, and removable rubber feet – so if you want to stick Velcro on the bottom, you simply unscrew the feet.
    The most important thing however is that the new enclosure will help to produce more pedals, so the waiting list won’t be so helplessly long.

    Shine on!

  17. howard says:

    hi bjorn,
    i have a vox ac15 hand wired amp, which takes 3 x 12Ax7 and 2x El84 , 1X 12″green back speaker,
    which pig hoof muff would suit this amp, red lable mk1 or yellow mk11 ???????

    much thanks for your time to answer my post, all the best, howard

    [Both I guess but the red is closest to the classic ram’s head. The yellow is a tamed version specially designed for recording. – Bjorn]

  18. Mike says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I play through a Reeves Custom 50, just received the Pig Hoof MkII and am having trouble getting a smooth full tone. I have a Throback after the Pig Hoof and I am wondering what settings you use for the Throback to get the tones you have in your clips, or closer anyways, fingers count too, Ha! I am playing a DG Strat and have to roll the volume back to 4 or 5 to smooth everything out but still not getting exactly what I want.
    Thanks for all you do, it really helps the quest for tone,

    [Hi Mike. Sorry for my late reply. What kind of pickups and speakers do you have? – Bjorn]

  19. dewane says:

    ive got a hot rod deluxe iii, bk tube driver,boss ce2,elect misstress,univibe,keely bd2.mxr phaser,57 re strat with sl5 and 69 pickups,boss delay.and im thinking about the pig hoof ii, what else would i need to get a fair amount of the gilmour tone,booster,compressor if so what might work best and the brands, throwback,keely

    [My favourite booster at the moment is the Powerbooster from Buffalo FX. – Bjorn]

  20. Vincenzo Di Lauro says:

    Finally, I have taken the hoof pig mkII so you can splurge on more than one album and is much more versatile. The pedal has a fantastic sound, no noise. an excellent product. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks to Bjorn for letting me discover

    [Congrats, Vincenzo! – Bjorn]

  21. Vincenzo Di Lauro says:

    Hello Bjorn
    ringranzio you all the information you give us ..
    I have a blackstrat, the handle has fat50, the center has fender69 and the bridge has ssl5 ..
    I would take an electric orange and I’m not sure which one to buy ..
    I read in the reviews of the pig hoof red that you can let out the sound of Gdansk, I would like to ask you if there is this possibility with the mkII? I intend to replicate the sounds of thunder, pulse and Gdansk. what do you recommend? I have a Hiwatt Custom 50, a boss cs-2, carl martin booster, boss RT20. Thanks again and waiting for your reply

    [Hi Vincenzo! Between the Electronic Orange Muffs I’d for the red MkI. It’s closer to the tones you’re looking for with lots of gain and a fat low end. – Bjorn]

  22. Jeff says:

    I love the tone of the MKII, and I currently have a BD2(keely)on my board. before I place an order for the MKII, I was wondering if you think the Effectrode Fire bottle would pair better with the MKII? I only play at home and thought I might dedicate the BD2 just for overdrive use. My rig is as follows: Strat with voodoo blues, into a Laney cub head paired with 2 12″ weber thames. I generally just play to backing tracks in the 1 watt position and amp volume around 8.
    Thanks for the help!

    [Hi Jeff! I think the BD2 or something similar, like the ThroBak Overdriveboost or Buffalo Power Booster is a better match for a Muff. The Fire Bottle is better suited as a pickup booster, that you’d want on the whole time, or as a clean booster. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  23. james t says:

    hi bjorn .. again thanks for this amazing website .. upon further research ” fender forum ” and many others.. i decided on a pickup combo you pretty much said was the best .. cs 69 neck and a duncan ssl 5 bridge… and yes i soon learned they dont fit telecaster , only strat …. broke my heart to hear that …. then i read your tele suggestions and im gonna get the nocaster for the neck pickup for sure … but i think you said for the bridge pickup youre using a late 60’s type ? what type ? are they available ? also i called seymour duncan and they said a STL 2 for telecaster is very close to a duncan SSL 5 .. do you agree ? ………. one last thing , any thoughts on a duncan broadcaster pickup for telecaster bridge … as compared to the STL 2 ? …. by the way im scrapping the roland cube idea for a 15 watt laney cub instead ….. cuz i dont just want ” the tone ” …. i need it bad …. thank you tone doctor … have a great holiday season bjorn !

    [Hi James! My Tele 62 feature a low output NoCaster pickup in the neck for a more Stratty tone and a 7.2k custom wound bridge pickup for classic tones with a bit more bite. The STL2 is slightly hotter than the SSL5 and you would need a Tele that can handle that power as microphonics is often a problem with the bridge plate being unstable on the Teles. Depends on how hot you want it. I used a custom wound SSL5 for Tele for a while but found that it didn’t sound as Tele as I wanted it. There was no twang or the characteristics you’d want from a Tele. It’s a matter of taste of course but after having tried a bunch of different pickups I’m really happy with the setup I got now. I’m sure Duncan and others has something similar but you can always contact guys like D Allen for a custom wound pickup or set. – Bjorn]

  24. james trentini says:

    bjorn ,thank you so much for responding.. i get what you mean about the roland cube etc .. ive been playing mostly acoustic guitar in a 2 piece band for the past several years .. gibson j 185 jumbo cutaway .. im so excited to go back to the electric guitar … having read much more of your site i feel like ive gotten a free lesson on tone, unbiased and honest .. i now know i need #1 distortion or muff … you suggest the rat which makes total sense but the electric orange pig hoof yellow mkii is soooooo tempting .. think ill have feedback issues with the roland ? # 2 is the booster … the boss bd2 sounds like a good choice for me , but i cant get the banana boost out of my mind ? .. # 3 overdrive , the ibanez ts9 sounds great im gonna get it for sure ! .. # 4 delay , im taking your suggestion ,the TC flashback is my choice , thanks … when its time to go live in clubs in a few months ill just get a better amp .. im gonna try to get low output DON MARE hand wrapped pups ,bjorn have you ever heard of don mare or tried a set of his pups …tons of tele and strat guys say theyre incredible….i know i asked for 4 pedal choices .. might have to make it 5 and get a flanger too!! again thanks for everything , especially your time .. jimmy t

    [Never tried Don Mare’s so I can’t really comment on that. I’ll try to check them out at some point :) The Roland Cube is a nice amp but since you’ll be using pedals you might want to check out one that’s a bit more neutral sounding and one that handles pedals better. It will take your pedals but depending on how desperate you’re seeking THE tone, I think you may be better off with something else. The Pig Hoof MkII is on the lighter side of the Muff spectrum. It was designed for studio recording in particular so you might want to boost it with a BD2 or similar. The Bananboost is an excellent clone of the old Colorsound, with a warm and transparent tone. The BD2 might be a more versatile pedal, since it doubles better as both a clean boost and overdrive but since you’re considering a TS9, the Bananaboost might be a good option. After you’ve covered the basics you might want to add some colouring. If you’re budget it tight then check Mooer pedals and the ElecLady and Ninety Phase in particular. They’re a good start for nailing David’s classic tones :) – Bjorn]

  25. james trentini says:

    hi bjorn .. im in the processs of trying to read your entire website .. its must read material for any guitarist with passion for tone .. im putting together a small type rig starting with a new mim telecaster .. with fret recrowning and some new hardware ,bridge etc .. after much research ive decided to go with mare pick ups not sure wich ones probably an s tele for the bridge .. ever played mare pick ups ? and a roland cube lite amp for now .. want to use maybe 4 pedals … mkII muff , mistress , should i get the deluxe or regular mistress ?…i liked the review of the pink flesh but later i think you said its hard to handle or control … my favorite gilmour solo and tone is on “mother” … please tell me if you were me what 4 pedals would you select ?.. its ok i trust you , youre like a doctor .. with respect.. james t

    [Very sorry for the late reply, James. Based on your guitar and the amp you might be getting, I would say that a few versatile pedals is the way to go. Muffs and other typical Gilmour pedals are great but they need certain type of amps to reach their potential. I’m not saying it will sound like shit but you might struggle more with that setup than with something more versatile. If you want to cover the basics, then how about this: RAT distortion, Boss BD2 for classic overdrive and clean boost, Maxon OD808/ Ibanez TS9 or Fulltone OCD for David’s more recent Tube Driver tones and a delay. Could be anything but I don’t think you can beat the TC Flashback in terms of price and tone. Hope this helped :) – Bjorn]

  26. Gabor says:

    Hi Bjorn! Congratulation, or which is more important; thank you! I have got from Jan the ordered MkII and the Bananaboost! Great pedals indeed, and now I know already; they are the final solution in my actual setup!
    ( having Customshop DG Strat as main axe, and Dynacomp,Effectrode CP2-A,PigHoof MkII, Toptone DG2, Toptone Lightdrive, Bananaboost,Mooer Eleclady,Effectrode TubeVibe, Boss RT20, Costalab Choruslab,Flexwawes EQ7, Strymon TimeLine, TU3, Musicman vol.ped, into a boutique Gregorius Water Beast 22, and a Laney Lionheart 20 stack)
    I do not use the Tube Driver at home anymore, I do not fight with tones and EQ, after the Sovtek clones of Mojohand! It simply works awesome!
    Clean, transparent and a real gilmourish sound definitely!
    I really enjoy to hint the newcomers from Electronic Orange, on the pedalboard!
    Thanks for playing us, thanks for sharing these highly appreciated informations!
    Did you try the MKII on the new Airbag recording sessions?
    I am eagerly waiting for the CD!
    Yoursfriendly from Hungarian ILLY PRoJECT

    [Thanks for your kind words and congrats on the board! I got the MkII after most of the guitars were done so I didn’t get the chance to use it but I’ve used the Pig Hoof MkII and a couple of things and the Bananaboost :) – Bjorn]

  27. Lewis says:

    I have the Pig Hoof and PH MkII and absolutely love them!

    My rare Skreddy Wallbuster is likely going to go on eBay because these two pedals win hands down – I cant wait to get one of Jans Banana Boosts to stack them with.

    Seriously people – get a Pig Hoof!

    [Hear hear! – Bjorn]

  28. Alan says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    This is completely unrelated but I figured I’d post this as it is quite the coincidence. I’m not sure if you remember from a while back on this site a guy named Adrian Emond who would always post on the website. Anyways, I recently applied to and got hired at a local guitar shop, I met my coworkers and everything is fine and dandy until I talk to one of them about this website. Turns out that by some strange coincidence, I had unknowingly applied and got a job at the exact same store as Adrian, and work with him through the majority of the week. I just found that to be hilarious and I figured I’d share this with you.


    [What a coincidence! Congrats on the job and say hi to Edmond :) – Bjorn]

  29. Deny Bisson says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I join everybody to congratulate you for this exhaustive review.

    It’s a little off topic but I cannot find where to post such a question.
    After reading many threads here, after reading the David’s gear section, I still have (and I guess many ones too) some difficulties to set my pedals to sound great. I mean not so difficult to set the fuzz or muff alone, but when combined to other effects, especially boost and overdrive, the setting combinition become more complex and I sometime get lost.

    Gilmourish is a concentrate of precious information and very well documented but I guess a raw tone bank (mp3 flies) would complete the picture. I mean how does sound the mild OD tone of a Colorsound compare to clean signal? With a sound file one could set any OD pedal to come as close as possible to the reference tone.

    This would be a wounderfull tool for tone building. Should you consider this suggestion.



    So my suggestion

    [Hi Deny. Thanks for your kind words and for your suggestion. Although such a tone back would be a nice reference it would also be a bit misleading. The reason is that no pedal sound the same on different amps and guitars. I might record a clean Tube Driver on my rig and no matter how you tweak yours you will never get the same tone because you might have a different rig than I… as an example. Still, though… with that in mind, it would certainly be a good idea. For more tone explanation, see this feature for pedals and this for some amp setup tips. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  30. Brian says:

    Hey Bjorn, I was wondering about the trim pot on the MKII. Could it get as much gain as the red label Pig Hoof with the trim pot set to maximum?


    [About the same but it has much less lower end so you won’t get the same result or a yellow turns red kind of thing. – Bjorn]

  31. Brad Roller says:

    so with that said, my set up is, black strat, rams head muff, rc clean boost, hartman flanger,, boss rt-20 and mxr carbon copy, going to a fender blues jr, would the yellow lable work for me?

    [Yep. Especially with the RC placed after it for boost. – Bjorn]

  32. Stephen Ford says:

    Awesome sounding second demo Bjorn…any chance giving us a side by side video of the two units set exactly the same to hear the nuances of the tonal differences? It is so difficult to know which way to go when the demos all sound awesome but you can’t compare them side by side…Just a thought :)


    [Thanks Stephen! I’ll try to do that. Can’t promise when… – Bjorn]

  33. Giulio Mazzotta says:

    Bjorn forgive me, but I found the sound too educated and with little character. The sound seems to me all too clear and controlled, which Gilmour, in my opinion, has never had. I still prefer by far the Caroline Olympia fuzz which I think is just a pedal that comes close to the magic sound of David.

    Thanks anyway for the review

    Cheers Giulio.

    [Yep, but the pedal wasn’t made for Gilmour or for his tone in particular. It was made for me and my setup :) – Bjorn]

  34. Mouloudo says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    dont know if you saw it but fender released a new line of classic MIM strats, the 50’s comes now in candy apple red and with new nitro finish, must be good to start a red strat clone :)

    [Yes, I’ve seen thhem. Looks great although a bit expensive for MIMs I think… Still, nitro is a lot of work so I guess it justifies the price… to some extent :) – Bjorn]

  35. Josh says:

    Dude, I just gotta say, your awsome at guitar, I hope one day I can be half as good as you. The fact that you inspire me with your playing, means alot. Thanks for the site, and all your help with my gear purchases..

    [Thanks for your kind words, Josh! – Bjorn]

  36. Brad Roller says:

    Hey Bjorn! I messaged you not too long ago about sending you some music clips on Facebook, just lettin you know which Brad your talking too.lol quick question, is your new yellow label, similar to the iron bell? You said it has less bass than a normal rams head. So does the iron bell. But the iron bell isn’t only similar to a rams head…could you tell how they compare? Thanks!

    [Hi Brad! I don’t think you can compare the two. The yellow label is pure ram’s head only a bit tamed. The Iron Bell has lots of gain and mid range and the pedal sounds more like a cross between a Sovtek and a RAT. Very different. – Bjorn]

  37. Vadim says:

    Lost for words))))! Great TONE and masterly performance!

    [Thank you Vadim! – Bjorn]

  38. Joey says:

    Hi Bjorn, I’d really like if you did a review for the Way Huge Swollen Pickle Mk II and how to get some Gilmour tones on it (Animals-Final Cut, if possible). Thanks!

    [Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep it in mind :) – Bjorn]

  39. bob says:

    hi björn!
    my setup now is: demeter compulator – demeter fuzzulator – pig hoof (red) – butler tube driver (overdrive) – phase 90 – boss tr 2 – moon vibe (chorus mode) – trex reptile – catalinbread echorec – fender blues deluxe.
    now my question: any suggestions to the order of the pedals, replacing a pedal, adding or discarding one?

    [Try this: fuzzolator > compulator > pig hoof > tube driver > moon vibe > phase 90 > tr2 > reptile > echorec > amp. You could also place the UniVibe and phaser in front of the Tube Driver. The TR2 can also be placed after the delays. Just try different combos and hear what sounds best. You might want to look into a transparent booster like the Boss BD2, TC Sparkbooster or similar. Perhaps also a flanger for the Animals and Wall tones, like the Deluxe Electric Mistress or Mooer ElecLady. – Bjorn]

  40. Peppe says:

    I like your sound for the Animals period. I think the special feature for a muff will be a tone that can add clarity to the sound without the drastic cut of mid range freq. that occours on Ram’s Head big muffs, but retaining the overall “tone” of this circuit.
    Pete Cornish accomplished to this, but not completely, with the P-2, because the tone of this pedal is a little too midrangey for the Gilmour Tone.
    I have had some new and vintage muffs, and also the Skreddy Pink Flesh (that I think have the same problem of P-2: too much mids).
    The best gilmourish sond for me is a typical Ram’s Head circuit boosted (pre) with a parametric EQ to reduce the boomyness of bass freq. and boost the mids just a little, not too much.
    I’ve tried to boost my muffs (pre or post) with Throback O.B., Tube Driver, Cornish SS-3, and some others OD pedals like Ibanez TS9 or similar, but the best for Gilmour tone for me is
    Actually I use The Cornish P-1 with a Empress Parametric EQ.

    [The problem with Muff with too much mid range is that it gets too dark. When you drive a tube amp hard with a Muff and perhaps a booster, the tubes and speakers start to compress and add a natural mid range. Too much will only cause a muddy tone. A ram’s head can often sound thin on lower amp levels but opens up nicely with just the right amount of mid range when you crank the tubes and speakers. – Bjorn]

  41. Julius says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    Now we’re talking about some serious Muff here. This sounds like a perfect match for my setup, but your opinion is more than welcome. Would it be great for this setup: Throbak ODB, Whirlwind OB phaser, EHX 90’s Deluxe Mistress, Boss RE-20, to a Peavey C30. Thank you!!!

    [I think it would be perfect! I’ve tested the MkII 2 on the PC30 clean channel and it sounds amazing. The warmth and mid range of the amp really adds to the smoothness of this pedal. – Bjorn]

  42. Sergio Rodrigues says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I’m really considering buying the Pig Hoof. Currently for home recording/practicing I’m playing 62 MIJ Telecaster with Nocaster pickups and a Laney Cub 12 combo. For Overdrive I’m using a TS9 and for distortion a RATII , both boosted by a BD2. I’m not quite satisfied with the RAT though and so I want the Pig Hoof. What do you think? And what version would be better?
    Congrats for another great review and awesome playing! With such great tones it’s difficult not to want all the pedals you play :-)

    [Sounds very much like my home setup so the Hoof MkII is an excellent choice :) – Bjorn]

  43. Matthew says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    Another Quick Question, Why does David Actually use Wem Cabinets instead of Hiwatt cabinets?
    When I finally get the old ’72/’73 Hiwatt head Im going to have to build a Cabinet for it.

    I’m not sure yet whether to make it a 2×12 or a 4×12… I’m sure a 2×12 will be easier to handle and loud enough, but I also think if I’m getting a genuine 70’s Hiwatt I should get it over with and make it a 4×12.

    Anyway, I’ll definitely check out the Weber Thames speakers.
    Thanks – Matthew

    [Pink Floyd was one of the bands that Watkins/WEM used for showcasing his PA system and speaker cabinets back in 1969-70. The first Hiwatt amps appeared in early 1969 and by July or August, David got his first Hiwatt+WEM setup. I’m not sure what the deal was but perhaps they got some sort of endorsement from Watkins. Also, the WEM cabs were slightly bigger than both Hiwatt and Marshall, which has a lot to say for the tone. Both WEM and Hiwatt used Fane speakers. David bought several new WEM cabs in June 1974, which are still in his rig. – Bjorn]

  44. Al says:

    Bjorn, I think this might be the best sounding demo I’ve ever heard here or anywhere. Wow, I can’t play quite as good as you just yet but you sure do make this gear sound nice and give me a goal to set for myself. I’m playing through a reissue Fender Twin Reverb and I can hear the difference in the Reeves. That is the next amp on my list then I can blend the two. The Analogman bc109 and throbak overdrive boost you recommended has been getting me some real nice compliments on my tone on time. I’m using a Stomp Under Foot violet ram’s head but this pedal makes me think I need to try it out.

    [Thank you Al! I was going for two completely different sounds here. The Dogs clip is very clean and I wanted it to sound like an overdrive, almost non-Muffish if you know what I mean. The Raise My Rent stuff is closer to the tones David has on the 78 solo album promo clips I think. A bit brighter and more of the Mistress, than on the album. – Bjorn]

  45. Brad says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    A little off topic, but I wasn’t sure where to put this…but since you played the “Dogs” solo above…

    I think the rhythm tone in Dogs played behind the line “And it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around” is simply one of the coolest guitar sounds ever recorded. For some reason I call it the “clam” tone. If I had to guess, it sounds like a CPB through the yamaha rotatating speakers. However you don’t mention a CPB being used in Dogs in your settings section. What do you think David is using here? What do you like to use in that section of the song?

    Many thanks!

    [Hi Brad! Agree! That tone is awesome and I remember I had great fun playing it when we did the Floyd tribute. He might have used a CPB for the recording but then again, it might be amp gain or just a lot of compression. I’m pretty certain he used a Tele and the Yamaha though, as he did on the rest of the song. I always used the middle position on the pickup selector but he might have used the bridge too. – Bjorn]

  46. Luciana says:

    Would you like to see your comments and feedback on the Plan-9 Analog Effects


    [I haven’t had the chance to try these yet. Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  47. Bibz says:

    Hey Bjorn!
    Which unit would cover most closely Black Keys sound?

    [I guess you could use any of them but the Colossus and Hoof Fuzz has that nasty growl you might be looking for :) – Bjorn]

  48. sebastien says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    In a recent review, you gave all your amp settings, from your beloved reeves to your Peavey classic 30, including the Laney Cub.

    For the Cub head, do you still use your “standard Gilmour settings” in all your new pedals reviews, or do you adjust them every time ? (if yes do you have some big differences in those settings from one pedal to the other – I mean, do you set the head the same way when you’re playing through a a Silicon fuzz , ala DSOTM or Meddle, and when you’re doing Big Muffs reviews for 80’s tones?)

    Thanks for your help/


    [Regardless which amp I’m using, all my reviews are setup with a neutral EQ. The treble, bass, mids and presence is set to about noon so that the amp doesn’t colour the pedal too much. – Bjorn]

  49. David McDade says:

    Hey there Mr. Riis! I love my Musket, but im soon to be switching amps from my vox to a dr103 clone im almost done building, and I was looking at getting a colorsound clone like the banannaboost for the pre muff Gilmour stuff. But I think boosting the Musket is perhaps slightly redundant because of the pre knob, and it sounds amazing alone. So I was considering getting something like this new toy you have or a large beaver to use with the colorsound clone and set it for a more mild setting, and set the Musket for the balls out wall of gainy goodness. Do you think this is a good idea, or should I just get the bananaboost or bd2 and forgo the second muff? Also what are your personal thoughts about the bananaboost? Is it a worthwhile investment for a colorsound clone, or would the keely bd2 do the job,(ive played the regular bd2 and liked it but I havent tested the banana), and I trust your opinion fully on these matters as you have got me to spend date night/bar $ on gear instead of my ex’s by posting great reviews and giving me great advice lol. Thanks a ton!

    [Cheers Dave! The Musket doesn’t need a booster so you’re covered on that one. The Pig Hoof MkII or Large Beaver needs a booster I think. The Bananaboost is a great sounding CPB clone. I do prefer the ThroBak for my rig but the Bananaboost is perhaps even closer to the original with lots of headroom and a nice, smooth breakup towards near fuzz. The BD2 will do the job but I don’t think it has the same headroom or mojo as these CPB clones :) – Bjorn]

  50. Richard says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    really nice demo and paying!
    quick question: Which patch cables do you rather recommend to hook up pedals? lava, evidence or george l’s? Do they differ much? Sorry if it’s been asked somewhere before..
    Have a nice one!


    [Thanks! I’m using Evidence Audio Melody myself but all of the ones you’re mentioning does the job. Some cables are cleaner and more transparent than others and some have more mid range or top than others. It’s all down to taste I guess. – Bjorn]

  51. Daniele says:

    This is the first time that i don’t like a sound on this site :) Not in love for this, i love Airbag sound on your last album , I hope that will not change in the future!

    [Fair enough. – Bjorn]

  52. Keith says:

    Okay, you’ve done it again! I’ve scoured the net, and watched every clip I could find,( as if yours wasn’t enough!), and realized that the Throbak is everything the Colorsound is, and more, and I guess the Echorec, or the Univibe will have to wait. Those pedals are like icing, but being part of your essential tone, a boost is like the cake. The icing is sweet, but without the cake, there is no substance,( quite a good metaphor if I say so myself!). So, here’s to another $309.00 you’ve convinced me that I need to spend! Thanks alot! I think I have another new nickname for you, The Norwegian public utilities company, because you provide all the GAS! I know I’m a little hard headed, but I always come around, and I see your point very clearly. I wish I’d come to this conclusion six months ago, as I have a feeling it’s going to make a world of difference in the overall tone of the REEVES.
    Thank you GAS MAN! Busted flat in Richmond, Keith :-)

    [LOL! I can live with that :) I think the ThroBak will be an excellent companion for your Reeves :) – Bjorn]

  53. Oriol says:

    Great demo Bjorn!!
    I would like to ask you a question about the similarity between
    Pig Hoof mkII and the original Rams Head Gilmour.
    If for example, in Rams Head the sustain is in the 2 o’clock
    position, the tone is at 10 o’clock and volume is at 12 o’clock, will it be the same
    settings in the Pig Hoof mkII or it has a different settings?

    I also would like to know if Pig Hoof MKII is the right pedal to replicate the Big Muff sound in the The Wall live 1980-81. What would be the right settings for the Pig Hoof MKII in that case?

    [It’s always hard to suggest settings because a pedal will behave different on different amps, guitars and with other pedals. The settings I or David’s using might not waork at all on your rig. Although David’s main Big Muff is a mid 70s model, I’m sure it sounds different than the MkII and require different settings. The MkII is designed to be used with a booster, so you need to include that in the setup. I’ve had great success in replicating Wall tones. – Bjorn]

  54. Matthew says:

    Hi Bjorn

    Congratulations on the 10 year milestone and please keep up the good work!!
    As always i loved the review, really a great sounding pedal.

    Sorry to kind of ‘hijack’ the convocation, but i need your help on yet another life altering decision :)

    I know of someone selling a ’71 or ’72 Hiwatt DR103 head in fine working condition, for about 450 pounds, but without a speaker cab, or speakers.
    What kind of speakers do you think i could get, that are as close to the original Fane Crescendos that came out in Hiwatt Cabs?

    Thanks a lot – Matthew

    [Thanks for your kind words, Matthew! Sorry for my late reply… In case you haven’t decided yet, I’m using Weber Thames 80w ceramic speakers my self. These are more or less identical sounding to my old Fanes. – Bjorn]

  55. Keith says:

    Hey again, sorry to continue about this, but you said the Spark is basically just a clean boost, but even if I leave the switch on clean,( I always do!), I can turn the gain knob up, and get alot of drive without boosting the mids too much. Did you forget the gain circuit? I feel like Vinnie Barbarino,” Mr. Kotter, I’m so confused!”. he he. In the review comments for the Throbak, you recommend the Spark a few dozen times, and refer to it as “Great”, and “extremely versatile”. If I had my choice, I’d likely go with the Colorsound, just because so many of my favorite guitarists used it constantly, especially Jeff Beck, and David, but a new one here in the US costs close to $500.00 w/shipping, and while the Throbak is only $300, that’s still a lot of clammage, when I still don’t have a Univibe, or the pedal I covet most, the Echorec.
    Peace my brother, just trying to figure it all out without going broke! KEITH

    [It all depends on the amp. The clean position is all clean. There’s no clipping there. However, your amp will distort if it doesn’t have a lot of headrom, if it’s set very loud or if you’re using an attenuator. This also depends on the pickups and what other pedals you use with the TC. I stand by my previous recommendations. It’s a great clean booster and versatile in the sense that you can add a lot of colouring. Still, if you ask me personally, I much rather prefer the ol’ Colorsound and ThroBak :) – Bjorn]

  56. Keith says:

    So you don’t like the TC Spark? Up until recently you’ve been recommending it as “a great alternative”. I realize that you’ve probably had more time to acess it, but it seems like you’ve done a complete 180 on it. I have never played through a CPB, or Throbak, but understand the principle behind what they do, and the TC definitely smoothes out my fuzzes, and unless I choose to eq it differently, it doesn’t color my tone, but boosts my signal intact. I’m just trying to glean the difference I’d notice by spending another $300-$500.00 on the Throbak, or Colorsound?
    Thanks, Keith

    [No. I didn’t say that I don’t like it. I said that it doesn’t sound as good as the Colorsound and Throbak… since you asked for a comparison :) I like boosters with a bit more dirt but as a clean booster it’s great and depending on how you’re using it, it’s probably not worth to upgrade. – Bjorn]

  57. Giulio says:

    Bjorn, I’m sorry, but it seems to me that the sound on the song “Dogs” is too polite. Gilmour in this case should have used the Fuzz Face or the Powerboost with the gain to the maximum. Am I wrong?

    [We don’t really know how he recorded the solo but most sources indicates that he used a Big Muff ram’s head and a Telecaster. On the live shows, he used a Tele > Big Muff > Mistress > Yahama rotating speakers/Hiwatts. The tone on my clip is very clean and mild but that was kind of the point too. I wanted to show you how clean and pristine the MkII sounds. I also rolled down the volume on the guitar to show how well the pedal cleans up and maintains its character. You can definitely get more power and balls from the Pig Hoof for those wild 1977-81 live tones :) – Bjorn]

  58. Luciana says:

    Hello Bjorn
    I want to ask directions. Settings for bedroom level you always recommends a RAT and BD2. The BD2 Keeley pleases me, the RAT not.
    You did great reviews of the TOPTONE DG2 and LIGHT DRIVE, seemed very good. These have high values​​, but as I’m in Brazil importing a Keeley BD2 equates values​​. The BYOC Large Beaver gave you score 10 bedroom level and this pleases me. I play with a modified Princeton 65 to 10 watts.
    I really enjoy your reviews and tips, but with so many options I’m lost. Taking into account these and their expertise, which recommends for a good tone Muff / Gilmour?
    Forgive my English and difficult to bother with it.

    [Sorry for my late reply. The RAT has a lot of mid range so if you want something with a bit more presence yet that same versatility then I warmly recommend the TopTone DG2. It’s very similar to the RAT but with lots more lower end and presence. Great pedal! You might also want to check out the MojoHand Iron Bell. It’s based on the early 90s Sovtek but with a bit of that RAT flavour. – Bjorn]

  59. chritophe says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    As you’ve used the Laney Cub on the 1 W output, what were you settings on the amp?

    And again, did you have your Tc electronics Sparkle drive in the effects loop ?



    [No booster in the loop on these clips. The settings: tone 10:00, treble 11:00, bass 12:00, mids 12:00, gain 9:00, volume 2:00 (o’clock). – Bjorn]

  60. Keith says:

    Not having access to a coulorsound pb, I’m curious, since you’ve played all three, what the major differences, and like characteristics of the CPB, the Throwback, and my TC Spark. Is the spark capable of the same basic tones produced by the colorsound when using it as a clean boost for muffs, and fuzzes, and because of the microswitch, and four knob configuration, is it a bit more versatile. And lastly, knowing my rig fairly well I would think, what settings would you recommend for boosting my AVS London fuzz, and should I set it for a clean biost, with the gain up just to the point of overdriving my amp, dial it back a hair, anx leave it on most of the time? I know that’s a lot of questions, and I have found a lot of great tones on my own, but I’m curious how Sweet Fingers uses his boost pedals. I’ve noticed you’ve gone to the throback instead of the colorsound, which I always thought was DG’s special sauce!
    Thanks Sweet Fingers , if Clapton is slow hand, I’m No hand! Keith :)

    [The ThroBak is a bit cleaner than the Colorsound. It has a tad brighter tone and more of that twangy punch. You can dial in some great overdrive tones too but I think it works best as a clean booster. The Colosound is a tad darker with slightly more gain and considerably more lower end. Although a great clean booster, I think this one works better as an overdrive. The Spark Booster is basically an all clean booster. You can flip the toggle for more a bit of gain but that will also give you a considerable mids hump. I prefer boosters with a bit of gain and always set them at the very edge of break up. This gives the fuzz or Muff a bit more character and balls. To be very honest with you I think the TC sounds a bit dull and lack the mojo of the CPB, ThroBack, BD2 etc. – Bjorn]

  61. Giulio says:

    HEY !!! It sound like my Colorsound Poerboost at full gain …

  62. Euan Smith says:

    What are your Reeves amp settings when you are rehearsing? I assume you have a slightly quieter set up

    [I more or less use the same settings as when we’re playing live. Check out this feature for details. – Bjorn]

  63. Alan Day says:

    Lovely demo Bjorn. I like the idea of internal trimmers for tweaking – Muffs being so “variable” and all. The RB is way too big IMO. I would (and sometimes do) rather have the choice of 2 Muff clones on my board. It’s surprising no one has thought of “customized Gilmour era” Muffs before … I mean other than private pedal builder / Floydians like myself.

    [Thanks! There are a couple of Gilmour related MUffs on the market, like the Iron Bell and Pig Mine. However, these are designed to produce the combo of a Muff and booster, which is quite oposite of what we’ve tried to do with the MkII. – Bjorn]

  64. Brad says:

    PS – I have custom shop 69 pickups.
    thanks! Brad

  65. Brad says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    So what do you think should be the determining factors as to whether one gets the red or yellow? I have an Ampeg VT40 amp which is a 60watt 4×10 combo. It has a very flexible eq and I usually pair it with a vibratone type leslie (one 10 inch speaker firing into a rotating baffle). My tone is usually on the darker end. I have a colorsound powerboost.

    I think you’re playing is fantastic, but I do think your recording of Dogs with the MkII sounds a little thin somehow.

    Didn’t Gilmour do a lot of the solos with a muff alone, and not with the colorsound? I’m leaning toward the red pig hoof, thinking I can always brighten things up with the cpb or amp settings. Also, I should add, the VT40 is excellent at cutting through a mix.

    Many thanks for your feedback!


    [It’s apples and oranges I guess. Which one to choose depends very much on the character of your amp and how you intend to use the pedal. I would say that the MkII fits a darker amp and a booster. The red label is perhaps more of a stand alone pedal for brighter Hiwatt-ish amps. – Bjorn]

  66. ruodi says:

    The best way “not to G.A.S.” in my opinion is listening to those older gilmourish Muff reviews again.

    @Oliver: I know exactly what you mean when you´re talking about this special “boxy tone” which has nothing to do with the well-known “boxiness” of an old Marshall combo, for example. I´ve been searching for this special “raise-my-rentish” tone for years – and became mad thereby. *Haha.* Others had girl-friends and family, a good job, good reputation – I´ve had knobs to fiddle with. – First comes the tone!

    Listen to Bjorn´s review of the EarthQuaker Hoof Fuzz. Sounds also pretty “boxy” for me on some positions. The “boxiness” has a lot to do with the modulation. Of course also with the tone control of the pedal.

    Finding a new pedal that “nails the tone of …” has a long-standing “Groundhog Day” quality to me. Read the old reviews of the Skreddy pedals, Pig Mine, just for example. Oh, it´s so -a w e s o m e-. Somebody must have spread some magical powder over pedal XY and weaved one of Gilmour´s strains into pedal YZ. Bla. The same procedure since years, and the main reason why I necessarily had to buy two of those outstanding Top Tone pedals and of course the inevitable Skreddy pedals, “Pink Flesh” and “Pig Mine” and one more. It would have never come to an end.

    Everything sounds great when Gilmour or Riis plays over it! I can understand that no-one wants to hear it anymore: But it seems to be true, that those guys have the magic it in their fingers, and not so much in their pedals!

    However, I´ve attended another “Aussie Pink Floyd” show a few days ago, and, well, it was nice. Well playing (not perfectly gilmourish playing like Bjorn, though). Nice show. But the guitars (yet another phrase) soundwise didn´t came close to Bjorn´s Gilmour tones! I felt a bit disappointed therefore. The band sounded more like an “and-now-we-also-want-to-play-some-Pink-Floyd-stuff” league coverband to me. Very “GT-10ish” to my ears. At least on some parts. I´ve paid more than for an original Pink Floyd 1988 show for this, and a lot more than for Gilmour solo 1984!

    (Of course they didn´t use a profane GT-10! No, not at all: They´ve used an inflatable mammoth kangaroo!)

    And that´s why I´m going to withdraw everything I said at the beginning. Bjorn, please delete this – I NEED the Pig Hoof MkII! ;)

    [Ha ha! Well, the whole point of me requesting some changes to the red label Pig Hoof was that I was 99% satisfied with the tone and felt that I’ve almost reach my goal. The MkII has finally taen me over the finish line. Mind though, that this is my very personal opinion and the tones I get are mine. I’m sure someone will find the MkII dull and not that interesting but that’s quite beside the point… at least for me :) In terms of the boxyness. Muffs have a boxy tone and to really nail that classic tone you also need a bit of the same rig. At least something in the same ballpark. Anyway, thanks for your kind words :) – Bjorn]

  67. Luis says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    what’s your overall impression on the Electronic Orange Bananaboost? Would it go well with this pedal like the original Colorsound and the Throbak?



    [Yep. Although I must say that I prefer the ThroBak, the Bananaboost is perhaps closer to the Colorsound. It’s a tad darker and it has a smoother breakup compared to the ThroBak. It’s hard to compare all three but they really have differences and a character of their own. – Bjorn]

  68. Alex says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    As usual Amazing tone, now i’m can’t see how to do with my red label Hoof after reading this review. :(, i will command to electronic orange a banana boost to add in my set up with the red Hoof ^^

    Thanks for this review


    [The Bananaboost is an excellent companion :) – Bjorn]

  69. Fernando says:

    I would like to know your opinion, Bjorn:

    Comparing this pedal to a Musket, what do you consider the more important differences between them?

    [The Pig Hoof is based on the mid 70s violet ram’s head, which has a lot of gain, a bright mids scooped tone and an overall aggressive character. The Musket is based on the early 90s Sovtek Big Muffs, with lots more mid range and saturation. Two very different pedals although both are Muffs. – Bjorn]

  70. Keith says:

    Anytime you play something pre-Wall in your clips, my ears perk up a bit, especially anything off Animals, and you nailed it again. Nice having a pedal to truly call your own, and it obviously suits your rig, and your playing. Because of the Musket, I had put the Muff on the want list, instead of the must have list, but this clip has put it back on the must have list!
    Thank you for another great review, and clip, Keith – I think I’m going to start calling you Sweet Fingers Riis! :)

    [LOL! Thanks Keith! – Bjorn]

  71. Andrew says:

    Amazing, Bjorn signature muff! )
    Bjorn , what best for use with my Butler TD and 15 watt valve combo with home volume level , red or yellow ? I want wall -of-sound as much as I can ))) Thx

    [Depends on your amp but if you want a huge sounding beast, then the red is the way to go. The yellow might be better if you have a more aggressive sounding amp and like a bit of bite from the Tube Driver. – Bjorn]

  72. Dylan B says:

    Playing dogs makes me bias, but it sounds awesome! Nice playing Bjorn

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  73. Oliver says:

    Hi Björn,

    first one :)
    Honestly, i was impressed by this pedal from the Czech guys as never before from another Muff. The “Raise My Rent” tone is a killer. Apart from you brilliant playing this pedal nails a special kind of tone that I was missing from all the other clones. This tone is what makes David’s tone so special IMHO. I am trying to describe it as a “boxy” tone. As if the speaker and the mike are closed in an old dusty cardboard box that you have found in the attic of your grandma.
    Do you know what I mean?
    I am not sure if only the Pig Hoof is responsible or if the recording has an impact. But I never heard that boxy tone from other Muff clones on Youtube or other sources.
    Looks like the endless search has come to end.
    Keep on shining


    [Thanks Oliver! The Pig Hoof, both red and yellow, doesn’t sound like any other clone I’ve tried. Even with that amount of gain the pedal sound very focused and responds incredibly well to your playing. The yellow is tweaked especially for my set up but I’ve tried it on several others and it works nicely. – Bjorn]

  74. Fernando says:

    Thank you Bjorn for let us know the things we never realized to need!
    I want it, and I want it now!

  75. Toni says:

    Nice tone and much better playing! Congratulations! I’ll have to promise to myself not to G.A.S. again and stick to my beloved Red Muck (+ colorsound power boost + tube driver)! You are such a bad influence (as my wife says: “oh no, that norwegian “gilmourish” again! ; )
    By the way, I miss your pedalboard info, where has it gone into your web?
    And congratulations for these FIRST ten years! Well done!

    [Ha ha! Thanks Toni and my best regards to your wife :) – Bjorn]

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