Effectrode PC-2A Compressor review

Compressor pedals may not be on the top of your shopping list and if you do have one, it might be the case of it causing more harm to your tones, than good. However, a compressor is a powerful tool for enhancing your tones and squeezing that little extra out of your pickups. The Effectrode PC-2A Compressor offer high-end vintage studio compression in a single stompbox. Here’s my review.

I’ve always used compressors, including all the vintage classics like the Boss CS-2, MXR script DynaComp, Ross etc. It’s really essential for beefing up your single coils and getting that rich sustain. Cleans gets nice and squeezed and overdrives, smooth and balanced.

But too much compression can do the opposite and completely choke your tones. It should be used with care. Most stompbox compressors often sound a bit too aggressive and sterile though. They can’t really replicate the compression you get from those old tube studio units. Enter, the PC-2A Compressor.

The PC-2A feature a pure analog tube circuit producing a huge headroom and a very quiet, natural sound reproduction. The TRex-sized box feature a gain control, based on a resistive photocell, limiting the amount of distortion entering into the signal and a peak reduction control.

A mini toggle switch at the top of the pedal, allows you to switch between standard compression mode and a limiter, for even punchier squeeze. The PC-2A feature true bypass switching, and easy to see status led and it runs on 12V adapter.

The PC-2A is far from your average pedal compressor and you may even find it a bit hard to set up and incorporate into your tones, if you’re used the more familiar solid state counterpart. But, forget everything you know about pedal compressors. Once you find your settings on the PC-2A, there’s really no turning back.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe this pedal. After all, it’s not as evident as a distortion or a delay. A mild compression will tighten up your cleans, add a bit of twang and punch. Your overdrives and distortions gets more focused and sustained.

Increase the compression and your cleans sings and it feels like your fingers are dancing up and down the neck. Your overdrives and distortions are covered in smooth velvet with the sweetest sustain imaginable. Switch over to the limiter mode and squeeze the last drops of tone out of your guitar. Perhaps a bit too much for your rhythms but very nice on heavy distortions and leads.

The PC-2A Compressor is designed to operate as a studio unit. It’s versatility allows you to hook it up to any instrument or vocal mic. It’s also an invaluable companion to your digital recording interface, such as Line 6 PODs or even in front of a computer running Guitar Rig or similar. The PC-2A rolls of those harsh, digital overtones and nasty transients.

There are two things in particular I love about the PC-2A. One, it’s dead silent. Two, by maxing the gain and rolling down the peak reduction all the way, you got yourself booster pushing your amp over the edge for fat and creamy tube overdrive!

So, there you have it. Instead of buying yet another overdrive, chorus or even a solid state compressor, do your self a favour and check out the Effectrode PC-2A.

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  1. Hi Bjorn
    I am looking at the Effectrode compressor for my sitar sound to add sustain after the attack, as we play 6,10 or even 12 notes with bending after a single stroke of the string. I guess best option is the PC-2A. It says to have a Phillips tube but find it in Canada with a sticker saying Sylvania tube fitted. Are Phillips tube fitted ones still available or would you recommend the Sylvainia tube as good?
    Thanks to let me know your comments

  2. Hi Bjorn,
    Love your work. Spent hours on your site. Here my q:
    I play Thru a reeves head. Ordered a pig hoof mk2 and a banana booster. I’m going to order the Effectrode. You mention it does a great job of boosting when you crank up the gain. Does that make the banana boost redundant. Can I get away with the Effectrode covering the boosting duties in front of the pig hoof muff or do think it’s best to have a compressor and booster doing performing their own separate duties?

    Thank you so much. Canada.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jeremy! The Effectrode can boost quite a lot but I don’t think it makes the Banana redundant. The Banana is a great sounding EQ/Booster/Overdrive, while the Effecrode is a compressor and I’d be careful with using compression with a Muff and boost as you’ll often get too much gain, compression and noise.

  3. Cheers Bjorn !

    Hope your enjoying the Holiday season .

    I just recently did some shuffling around on my pedal board with some bittersweet results .

    I own a JHS pulp and peel compressor and replaced it with PC-2A about a month back in hopes that it would tame the BK Tube driver along with the green Russian (placed after the BK) going directly into a Fender 68 reissue deluxe reverb . I also have Boss DD-7 delay and CE-5 placed at the end of the chain for modulation . When I plugged in the PC-2A I immediately noticed that it responds much different than the Pulp and peel with compression . when I roll up the reduction knob past 10;00 it literally squeezes the shit out of my tone , gain knob is set at around 9:00 . I don’t experience this with the Pulp and peel , I am just wondering if this is normal ? I have a Fender strat with emg pickups cranked anywhere from 8-10 on the volume for lead tones ( Pulse , marooned , etc ) .
    The tone does sound good but a tad more aggressive than what I would like however if I lower the gain in the signal (Guitar or pedals ) to smooth out the tone ….I lose sustain .
    I had a callaham trem with fender locking tuners along with a high quality nut installed in hopes that it would solve the issue . It did eliminate string buzz on the lows but did not solve the issue with sustain .

    Should I start cleaning house with the overdrive Pedals ? Could the BK be the issue or the green Russian ? I am really just trying to get some versatility with pulse lead overdrive tones and clean tones . Hopefully you have some input on this as I fight through my most recent meltdown!!! (LOL)

    Thanks in advance and best wishes !

    1. How is the compression/limiter switch set? If it’s set to limiting, you’ll get a very hard squeeze. Can’t think of anything else really. The pedal is very subtle if set to compression. You might need to tame it to some extent as you’re using active pickups but it shouldn’ be as you describe it with those settings. The Pulp n Peel is much more noticeable.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply Bjorn ,

        I did some shuffling around last night with the settings . I guess I am just used to the Pulp and Peels presence in the tones I like . The PC seems like a different animal “not in a bad way at all ” with a nice upside .

        Think I just need to work with it a bit and get it dialed in . Thank you for your advice in regards to the limiter and pointing out the differences in the two , it certainly set my thoughts at ease .

        Best of luck with the new album , looking forward to hearing it !!

        Happy Holidays

  4. Bjorn, couldn you list porential reasons to keep both effectrode pc 2a & la 1a on board. I “play” only at home … have in addition fire bottle by effectrode, mercury by eff, buffalo m1 fuzz, tube vibe, mistress polish clone, tube drive by effectrode, providence delay, patruno tube binson, … 10w clone of hiwatt and twin reverb + rotary motion … i know you have not played all of these at the same time … just “biased” opinion to keep both and playing at home for fun (no recording whatsoever) thank you, peter

    1. Well the obvious answer would be “why shouldn’t you keep both?” ha ha! You really need to decide for yourself whether you need both or if one is redundant. If you think they serve different applications and you really do use them both then why not?

  5. Just got my pc-2a today . I noticed at how well this pedal tames wav peaks really well without losing sustain or tone . Setting the proper amount and gain for recording is really simple and I feel like this blows the bognar/ neve Harlow pedal out of the water . I’ve been producing music as a hobbie for about almost 8 years and can hear the potential the pc-2a has to offer for those wanting to tame electric guitar signals from sounding harsh . This pedal does a great job balancing freq whilst using heavier peak reduction settings and the limiting switch works great for anyone who is a heavy strummer and plays with a lot of dynamics . A+ Effectrode !!

  6. Bjorn, Hope all is well — Thank you as always for your reviews and insights. I recently picked-up the PC-2A, adding it to my board/setup. Sounds great on clean and light overdrive but, when engaging the Iron Bell or Vick Audio 73 Ram’s Head — the amount of white-noise present (this without even playing a note) sounds like I am running a faucet of water in the background. The second I disengage the PC-2A, the white-noise (as best described) disappears. I did not experience this issue with my other compressors before switching while understanding that they all tend to amp any noise already present in the signal. As you have worked with all of these pedals and combinations thereof, I was hoping you might have some insight. I have the PC-2a –> Barber Gain Changer –> VA 73 Ram’s Head –> Iron Bell –> rest of chain.

    1. The PC-2A is very silent but a compressor will, to some extent, amplify the noise from other pedals because the total amount of gain or compression will get higher. A compressor setting that works with clean might be too much for a really high gain pedal like a fuzz or Muff. Often, you would have to adjust both the distortion and compressor or, have two different compressors with different settings.

  7. Hello Bjorn, based on your phenomenal review of the Effectrode PC-2A Compressor, I decided to put my name on their waiting list…and wait. But at last, my name came to the top of the list and I received my PC-2A a few month ago. All I can say is WOW!!! I own the Keeley C4 4-Knob Compessor, which is really a very good pedal, particularly if you like enhancing your attack.

    However, the PC-2A is in a completely different league. To start with, it is a photo-optical compressor. The Keeley C4 is not a photo-optical compressor, although it truly is an outstanding pedal that put Keeley on the map. The real game-changer with the PC-2A is the inclusion of a tube in the signal chain.

    Whatever Phil Taylor has done, he as created a masterpiece. The PC-2A is hands-down the FINEST compressor I have ever played. Nothing else out there even comes close. I have heard som Diamond Compressors, which are also photo-optical, and they sound pretty damn fine. But the PC-2A is in a lague of its own. The sound is effortless and magical.

    So thank you for your incredible reviews. I have been an avid reader of Gilmourish.com for a number of years and use your reviews to ultimately determine the BEST pedals to include on my pedal board. Keep up the great work. Your efforts are very much appreciated!!!

  8. I’ve done some digging through the comments on the site (always fun!) but I guess I’d still like to ask this. I have a PC-2A on the way (!!) and already have a Firebottle on my board.

    Seems that perhaps the best place to start would be Firebottle into PC-2A into everything else?

    I see some exceptions – Fuzz should perhaps go before both, or maybe even in between the FB and the PC-2A?

    I’m going to keep digging through the boards and comments and will certainly have fun playing around with the routing, but I’m still pretty curious how you’d suggest setting up a FB -> PC-2A as the base of a pedal board. Thanks as always!

    1. I’d go with teh FB first and then the PC2A. The FB is designed to interact with passive pickups so it will sound best first.

  9. Hi Bjorn,

    Thanks so much for your review on the PC-2A compressor! That really has motivated me to purchase the pedal.
    I confess that I had never been a big fan of compressors because they would always disturb some characteristics I consider to be important while playing. So, PC-2A was my last attempt on finding a compressor that truly improves the tone without damaging it somehow. I´ve tried in the past both CS-2 and MXR Supercomp, but was never happy, or because they were too noisy, or they would kill playing dynamics with inadequate release timing, or they would color the sound too much, etc.

    At last, I am happy with my recent purchase, but have a concern though. I´ve just tried out the pedal twice and I´ve noticed it is getting warm too fast. Besides, when I get very close to the venting holes I can feel a soft smell as if something was burning. Again, it´s really soft smelling and perhaps I am over-reacting. I assume, though, as those components were designed to operate under aggressive environmental conditions (temperature and vibration) this would not turn to be an issue in the future. Anyhow, as I´ve never tried out a tube pedal before I would assume that it should get warmer in comparison to regular pedals. Have you ever noticed a similar behavior when using PC-2A compressor? Sorry for the question from a beginner on tube pedals…


  10. Hi Bjorn,

    I’m really considering getting myself a PC-2A but I was wondering if it was really worth its price.
    Is there a huge audible difference between this and a Jam Dyna-Ssor for instance ?
    And if there is one is it worth paying more than 300€ for a compressor?


    1. Well, I think it’s worth it but that’s my opinion. As I’ve explained in the Compressor guide, a compressor is a tool for enhancing your tone and it should be used with care and consideration. It’s not a pedal you need all the time but it can really do wonders if used right. The PC-2A is an optical compressor, based on the old studio outboard units. It’s subtle and transparent. The Dynacomp, and similar clones, is based on a transistor cirquit, which provides a much more noticeable compression, which is great for some stuff but not everthing. It’s two different pedals. Again, check out the buyer’s guide to Compressors for more tips.

    2. Don’t let the price put you off. As far as build & quality standards go, yes, this and the other Effectrode pedals are worth the premium prices charged when compared to many other brands. These are all studio quality tools packed into a small footprint that can fit on today’s pedal boards. As with most things in life, the real question is whether the price is worth it to “you” and to your music.

      Compressors can easily mess up one’s sound pretty quickly when used haphazardly. Also, if you plug this pedal into a chain of mediocre quality pedals, it won’t sound any better than mediocre itself. That’s the law of the lowest common denominator. Inserted in an appropriate location of an effects chain and adjusted properly this pedal will hold its own against just about anything else you can buy.

      Only you can determine if a less expensive option would be serve your particular needs.

  11. An older but very useful article and comment thread. Full of good information.

    I’ve always used a compressor – with my acoustic stuff I consider them essential for taming transients. These have always been rack mounted gear for me; I’ve never used a compressor pedal, but was interested in trying one out. Was planning on picking up a Keeley once I got around to that.

    Recently things worked out and I picked up one of Effectrode’s PC-2A compressor pedals. What a great tool to use as a dedicated tone shaper. I still run the rack unit to control overall dynamics on the front end. This little beast sits within easy reach downstream and allows me to adjust the signal in real time without messing with the settings on my racked gear.

    It’s not an inexpensive pedal. But the quality speaks for itself, and it’s very versatile. As mentioned above, it could be used on a vocal mic in a studio if needed, it’s that good.

  12. i have been using the Effectrode PC 2A compressor for 6 months and it is the best pedal-format compressor i’ve ever encountered – it replaced the T-Rex CompNova on my main board which is nearly as quiet as the PC-2A. Ive always used Ross or Dunlap based pedal compressors which are always on at the top of my signal chain and the PC 2A is hands down the best pedal format compressor available… it also doubles as a high quality recording compressor; is it especially good for recording direct bass… Considering the design and build quality the price is quite relative…

  13. Hi Bjorn! I am wondering whether you might have tried the Keeley 4-knob compressor, and if so, how it compares with the PC2-A? I have a Keeley (not cheap, and I bought it bought before I really knew what tones I wanted to aim for), and would be very interested to know whether the Effectrode compressor would significantly improve my quest for Gilmour tones in comparison to the Keeley. Thanks so much!

    1. The Keeley is, as far as I know, loosely based on the old Ross Compressor, which is very similar to the Dynacomp. Keeley has done a lot to that circuit and it’s really a different pedal but the tone is very transparent, with a smooth yet fairly deep compression, with a nice twang. The PC-2A has a more studio quality to it. Hard to describe but if you’ve ever experienced a tube studio compressor, then you know what I mean. They’re very similar but the difference is more in the way they behave.

      1. Ok, thanks Bjorn! So it sounds like while it would be super-nice to have a PC-2A, it may not do huge magic to getting my tones closer to Gilmour tones.

        I’m doing some really hard thinking about my next pedal purchase, and am really wondering where I can get the biggest bang for the buck to add to/enhance/increase my Gilmour tone palette given what I already have on my pedalboard.

        I am currently running the Vick Audio Overdriver and ’73 Ram’s Head pedals (on your recommendation) which I’m very happy with as my main Gilmour tone choices! I also have the MojoHandFX Iron Bell, and an Effectrode Tube-Vibe. All those pedals were from your reviews and recommendations, and I’m very happy with all of them.

        Do you think adding a BK Butler Tube Driver pedal to my board would be the next logical pedal choice?

        Or, as an alternative, I am also very tempted by the Echosex II pedal or the CatalinBread Echorec. Right now I am using a TC Electronics Nova delay and a TC Electronics Alter Ego delay pedal, the latter of which does have an Echorec setting on it, which I really like. Sure would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you might have!!! Thank you again!

        1. The PC-2A is subtle so I often just use it to enhance the tone, giving it a bit of body and boost. The more typical guitar compressors, like the Dynacomp or Keeley, has a much noticeable compression or effect. I thik I’d go for an overdrive, based on what you already have. The Tube Driver is more suited for David’s recent tones, compared to the Overdriver. You might also want to look into the Buffalo FX TD-X, which is very similar, with a smoother break up and an overall smoother tone.

          1. Thanks again, Bjorn – so very helpful! I had somehow missed your review of the TD-X, so was super-impressed with its tones in your review, and as always, with your beautiful playing. I think the TD-X has my vote, and with the Canadian exchange rate right now, it should come in just a bit cheaper than the Butler pedal. Thanks again, as always.

              1. Hey Bjorn, I’ve been taking your advice on equipment & have too say you’ve never let me down in the last several years doing so. I’ve been playing acoustic since 1967-68 but have off & on when needed played a early 70’s Les Paul. The last 7 years I’ve been completely absorbed in electric but had not been keeping up with the latest & greatest except for what I read on your site. Your experience & knowledge has been a blessing, I thank you. My wife thinks differently though each time I come home with another piece of gear I tell her you recommended. I just want you to know the respect I have for you & thank you for ALL you do.. Peace my Brother, JR

  14. Hi Bjorn

    This is the first time i post on your site but i’m checking here for a while now.
    So, first, Thanks for your great job. I’ve had a lot of stuff but i was never really happy with my sound until i find your site.
    I’ve reworked all my board and now, i’m very happy, I love the sound i got. (but still trying to get better and better)
    Because of you, i’ve spend many, many money but i’ve save much more by avoiding bad purchase.
    So, thanks a lot. It’s a great bank of information and a great tool for me (us).

    I’ve a CS2 that i don’t like so much. I find it to much.
    I’ve a dynacomp and a like it much more. I like his color but it’s quite noisy when i use it with distortions.

    Do you think i could be happier with the PC2-A? I think i could sell my CS2 and dynacomp to buy this one…

    Thanks, Cédric

    [Thanks for your kind words, C̩dric! The PC2A is a much much subtle compressor compared to the CS2 and Dyna. It also behaves slightly differently, being more responsive to your playing and the pedals you use with it. I can only speak for myself but I think the PC2A is superior to the other two, although I think they all serve different purposes. Regardless of what you choose you should be aware that a compressor is essentially a gain pedal so you might want to be careful stacking it on top of a heavy gain pedal, which is already quite compressed. Too much gain will cause noise and feedback. РBjorn]

  15. I gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up! I got it yesterday, and tried a bunch of different settings but I actually prefer it with a bit of volume boost and the compression about 9:00. It’s crazy how it just makes every pedal sound better! God bless man!

    [Yep, it does :) – Bjorn]

  16. Hey Bjorn hope all is well! I just bought this compressor. I talked a guy down to $275 and I figured that was a good deal. I usually use the demeter compulator but it’s kind of noisy so I went for this one. I understand that it was designed for studio use but what about live? I dont see why it wouldn’t sound good. If you have already answered this question I’m sorry. I also bought a toptone lightdrive. You and others have said it is a promising overdrive! Anyhow, thanks for your help dude!

    [Hi Brad! No reason you can’t use the PC2A live. The tube is well protected and tested against heavy abuse. I think the comment refers to it being based on the old Teletronix studio compressor and you can use the PC2A for the same applications. – Bjorn]

  17. Bjorn,

    I recently bought a analog man bi – comprossor prior to seeing your review of the PC-2A. Now Im thinking of selling it. Of the compressors you have tried, which is your favorite? Thanks!


    [You can’t really beat the PC-2A. Between the more conventional compressors, I’ve always been a huge fan of the old MXR DynaComp. The Whirlwind Red Box is a great alternative. – Bjorn]

  18. Hey Bjorn, I’m picking one of these up tonight. You say that the PC2A can be used as a studio unit, what do I need to hook up my condenser mic to it? By the way, I love Lullabies in a Car Crash, it’s a beautiful record, congratulations.

    [Thank you! I’ve never tried it for vocals and I’m not sure how it works, or if it works, with mic’s needing phantom power. It should work nicely with a condenser though. You would need a sound card or sound interface anyway so you it like any stomp box. – Bjorn]

  19. I just received this pedal in the mail yesterday. The guys at Effectrobe were super to work with! They threw in a set of guitar pics, a coffee cup and even had their designer sign it for me. Can’t wait to start using it.!

    [Congrats! – Bjorn]

  20. Hello,
    it is a great compressor, but it is impossible to use in chain after any flanger based on Mistress’s schematic. I have done thousands of test, but the only way to solve is put the flanger before compressor. But then it is not a good solution using it together with drive and delays.

  21. Hi Bjorn
    After reading your reviews on the Effectrode pedals I purchased the PC 2 A compressor and the Blackbird Sr71 pre amp. The quality of workmanship and the way they seem to bring my tone too life is incredible. On the strength of these I have just put myself on the waiting list for the next Helios.
    Just wanted to thank you as without seeing your review I didn’t know these existed

    [Awesome pedals indeed, Steve! Congrats on your new purchases! – Bjorn]

  22. Hello Guys
    I bought a few months ago Effectrode PC2A, I have a problem with Hartman Flanger. In practice, if PC2A is connected in the effects chain, Hartman gets loud, if I remove PC2A all is well.

    [Hi! Sorry for my late reply. I have no clue really. I saw that you’ve already got contact with Phil so I’m sure he’ll figure it out. Keep me posted :) – Bjorn]

  23. Do you think it would be worth the money to buy this and use it with a pod x3 live? Would it improve the tone? Thanks, Josh

    [Well, since tone is a subjective thing I would say that I’m not responsible for any promised improvement :) I do think though that the PC 2A will make your tones a bit smoother and warmer. A digital processor, no matter how good, will always leave a slight digital flavour and the pedal will take care of that. You’ll also notice that your tones gets a bit more dynamic. Still, this is a very subtle pedal and it takes some time getting used to. – Bjorn]

  24. Bjorn
    You need to review an Effectrode Helios Fuzz! Dig this man! :)

    “I think the Helios is really good – I had Andy Jackson down for tests in the studio yesterday and he thought the same. Can I please get another one asap – this week if poss or beginning of next week. I want to replace the ***** pedal in the control room set up with it before David starts recording. Good job Phil”

    Gilmour Music – England – September 2013



    “David Gilmour Music have purchased a Blackbird!”


    [Yeah, I know. I’ll be having a review up of the Fire Bottle, which David’s also using and I hope to able to review the Helios sometimes soon :) – Bjorn]

  25. Bjorn. Have you tried the T-Rex squeezer. It sounds pretty decent from some of the reviews. It’s price seems reasonable and it has a tube.

    [Never tried it. – Bjorn]

  26. Hi Bjorn,

    have you ever tried the empress compressor? How would it compare against this?



    [Never tried it. – Bjorn]

  27. jonnystecchino

    Hi Bjorn,
    A questions for you.
    With this compressor and em dg20, you can get a sound quite similar of another brick part 1
    on the LP The wall?
    Delay TES and Hiwatt dr504
    best whishes

    [All of the guitars on that one was recorded straight into the mixing board probably using some tube compressor as a sound processor. You can pretty much use any compressor for this but I think a transparent one like the Dynacomp fits the bill. I also strongly recommend the Effectrode Compressor, if your budget allows it. – Bjorn]

  28. Thanks Bjorn.

    Went with the Dynacomp Script RI, might have it modded for true bypass and LED. Looking forward to it. Cant afford the Ellectrode compressor with a BK TD on the horizon. Thanks again for your timely reply!
    Just a side note. Have you seen any “Take a Breath” solo lessons from the Albert Hall DVD preformance? Man that solo is intense! Can you play that one? One of my favs! Really like the direction he took some of those solos during that performance. Thanks again Bjorn.

    [Actually, I didn’t like the solo when I first heard it… Sounded too unGilmour… :) But it has grown on me and I think he managed to do something new and unexpected, which I admire. The whole solo section of the song is very intense indeed! – Bjorn]

  29. Hey Bjorn,

    Great jop as usual and thanks for such great info! I am Looking for a new compressor and OD pedal. Currently using a Dynacomp block logo. I am kind of straying away from the Boss Cs-2 becuase I would like to purchase a BK Butler tube driver in the future, also have a Boss Bd-2 (keely mod). I am playing thru a 59 Bassman LTD, strat with CS 69’s.
    I am worried that the Boss pedals wont mix well with the the Tube driver. Can you recommend a “budget” commpressor for this set up. Would the Scipt logo Dynacomp be much of an upgrade? Thanks again.

    [The CS2 works nicely with a Tube Driver but personally, I’m more of a Dynacomp guy :) The 76 script reissue is great although the hardwire bypass, takes some of your upper highs. Check out the Whirlwind Red Compressor or the BMF Little Red. Both are excellent clones. I also recommend the Jam Pedals DynaSsor. – Bjorn]

  30. Hi Bjorn!

    Quick question have you tried the Origin Cali 76? I heard some demos and loved it but I’m split between it and the Effectrode. I’d buy both but I want to have one only for this summer, the other one would be next year! Here’s the links:


    Would it be something you’d like to demo one day?

    Thanks :P

    [First of all… love Pete Thorn! I haven’t tried the Cali 76. Sounds very nice indeed. Hard to compare this with the PC2A, since I’ve only tried the latter but I love the PC2A. Incredibly dynamic, transparent and warm sounding and I love the simplicity of the pedal. – Bjorn]

      1. Depends … on how you use it, Andre. The Cali 76 and the Slide Rig are both great compressor pedals, but each has its own use. With my rig I’m running a preamp, a graphic EQ, and a Grace Design m-102 optical compressor on the front end for my acoustics. That’s what’s setting my basic tone and feeding my pedal board. The Grace compressor is used almost exclusively to control transients and that’s about it.

        After I get the Grace compressor dialed in how I want it, I don’t want to go changing those settings in the middle of a set to create a different compressor-based effect. But there are some places where I want a compressor to really squish things down and/or add plenty of sustain. I’ve placed a PC-2A at the front of my board to do just that and it works amazingly well.

        One thing I really appreciate about the PC-2A is the fact that it only has 2 knobs I have to worry about when I’m playing and want to add that extra compression to my playing. Based on that and looking at the Cali 76, it’s easy to see why I chose the Effectrode compressor.

        For someone who has no other compressor, something like the Cali 76 or the Kelly Compressor Pro, or one of the other solid performing compressors that are available with a full complement of compression controls might be a better choice. Then again, the PC-2A might serve them just as well as mine does me. As I said, it all depends on what one needs to accomplish.

  31. Hi Bjorn, did you ever try to open the PC2A? Mine has a loose connection or some other error that comes and goes, and I noticed that these new age pedals are not built to open and tweak on them … Greetings !

    [Had the same problem with mine, so I’ve returned it for fixing… – Bjorn]

  32. Great review Bjorn
    I purchased one based on your review and this is staying on the board.
    This comp really adds clarity and smoothness, im more than happy with it.
    Looks like my compulator and Allums Dynacomp may be retiring, but where do we stop ?
    Whats gonna come out next for that quest for the ultimate tone ?
    Works well with the cornish P2/G2/SS3 too.
    Any ideas on a univibe ? So much out there to choose from !

    All the best

    [Well, first you gotta learn that you never retire pedals. You just build more pedal boards :) UniVibe-wise, I prefer the MoonVibe or Vibe Machine. You’ll find reviews of both here on the site. At the moment I’m very much into the Vibe Machine. – Bjorn]

  33. I have a dynacomp, cs2, Analogue man Comprossor and now I need a PC2A. I’m on a division bell kick right now so I am spending alot of time with the cleaner compressed tones. Have you heard about effectrodes echo unit, meant to be similar to the echorec? Slightly off topic. Struggling to dial in delay for ‘take it back’ 410ms 3rd 16th note for repeat. Can’t quite nail that. Any tips?

    Thanks. As always. Love the site. Probably on it most days

    Bye for now

    [Haven’t tried their echo unit. Would love to though… The setting seems to be OK. – Bjorn]

  34. Hello Bjorn . I have all kind of compressor pedals., And for sure this one is awesome. When you turn it on you see the difference with the others. If someone wants to increase the fatness of his tone,This is it . it’s worth every penny.
    Thank you Pierre

    [Agree :) – Bjorn]

  35. Hi Bjorn,
    Is your deluxe mistress go well with this compressor cause my vintage non-deluxe make lots of clock noise…. Maybe i need to change for a deluxe reissue!
    Thanks and happy NEW YEARS!!!

    Pat from Montreal

    [Happy new year, Patrick! The old 70s model doesn’t have a noise filter, so there will be a lot of strange things going on. The Deluxe doesn’t cause hiss or oscillation issues. They do sound different though. An alternative could be the Hartman Analog Flanger, which is a clone of the original Mistress with most of the issues solved. – Bjorn]

  36. Hey Ori…Best to put it into a put it in a true bypass loop and leave it on that way there is no volume drop…Good luck!

  37. Hey Bjorn whenever i turn the pc2a on and press on the knob, there is a volume drop of about half of a second and the signal disapearing even when the pedal is corralated with the amp. i would like to know if it supose to be like that or its a problem with the pedal?

    [That’s normal. You’re basically switching on/off a pre-amp stage, so there will be a slight drop. Better to leave the pedal on all the time and set it up with a mild compression. – Bjorn]

  38. Sorry for all the typos lately. I have taken to posting on the porch, with a small phone keyboard, and my hands are completely frozen. Please try to figure out what I meant, as there’s no way to edit on the phone.
    :-) October

  39. Hey Bjorn, I was messing around with the new amp, and Cymbaline, and copied your REEVES stage set up verbatim, and was surprised that while it was too loud for any real at home playing, I didn’t think it was loud enough for gigging,( I’ve always been rather loud, in the spirit of say, uh, JEFF BECK LOUD!!!) So I started to wonder about whether I’d gotten my impedance right, and looked through to see what your Sound City was. I went with 2 Thames, 16 ohms in parallel, for an 8 ohm load, so I could eventually run 2 8 ohm cabs for maximum output. I finally found a piece where you talked briefly about your cabinet, and I realized regardless of what ohms setting you’re running, I assume 4, or 16, but that you have twice as much speaker area, thus push more air. This is a very controversial subject, and every tech seems to have a different opinion, but I’m of the opinion, due to trial, and error, that 4×12 is louder at the same wattage, as is a 2×12. While doubling eattage only increases volume by about 3db, and I don’t know the specifics, but would chance to reason, that moving twice as much air, – the loss of cone movement due to the wattage being spread between 4 speakers as opposed to two, you still get more sound from 50 watts through four 12’s, than you would through a 2×12. Does this make sense? As I said, with no pedals, and your settings, it seemed slightly low for a loud gig, but it takes but a small turn from 3 to about 4-4 1/2 to go from moderately loud, to screaming loud, and this is of course without using the PS. If anyone has a definitive answer to whether I’m correct or not, please chime in!
    Thank, and Happy New Year to you Bjorn, and the entire Gilmourish Community, and their lived ones, Keith

    [Sorry for my late reply on this one, Keith. I’m not the right person to comment on the technical stuff but I don’t think a 4×12″ is that much louder than a 2×12″ with the same head. It may sound louder though, since you get more sound coming from the cab. Ohm impedance doesn’t really affect the output. Again, I’m sure someone else can explain this better than I, but I think it’s got more to do with the size of the cab, where you place the amp etc. I always keep my cab about 50-70cm off the ground, which means I get the speakers pointing right in the back of my head. This also allow me to play at a decent volume and still be able to hear the amp… even if it’s several feet away. If the cab is standing dead on the floor, a lot of the sub frequencies will go right into the ground and the volume will be pushed between your legs, rather than to your ears. – Bjorn]

  40. Oh Bjorn, how I wish everyone could see Cymbaline by herself! Any articles coming up that she could be a extra in, maybe a small walk on part? It doesn’t have to be a speaking part, maybe just a cameo! HEHEHE!
    I’m having a pro photographer friend take my vear gallery photos, but I don’t want to hurt her feelings putting her in a photo with all those pedals and such!
    Please Obi-Wan, you know women, I don’t treat her right, she’ll start breaking strings at every gig! :)KC

    [I’d love to have your pic up on the site but don’t you think the girl will flaunt her stuff and get noticed in the gallery? I don’t have any plans for a DIY as of now… :) – Bjorn]

  41. CYMBALINE went through her surgery at Lindy’s shop, and it was an accidental reversal of the leads from the PU. It seems that this has only happend a handful of times, but the Vintage Hots have RWRP middle PUs, and the leads are backwards on those, but when they set the lines of pups up for leads, and labeling, my RWRP got stuck in with the normal polarity pups, and the leads were backwards. As soon as Lindy plughed it in, he knew what was wrong, and it was fixed in 10 minutes, and he didn’t even waste a new set of srings. Those pickups sound fantastic now, and everyone who walked into the shop stood dropjawed at the beauty, sound, and playability of Cymbaline. You cannot buy a better guitar, I’d bet my life on it!!
    Thanks for the information that you gave me, which allowed me to guide my luthier, and Lindy to make the sound in my head a reality!
    Peace, KC

    [Glad to hear it worked out! Again, congrats on the new guitar! – Bjorn]

  42. Hey Bjorn, I think Lindy will have my PU issue resloveled today, so this is just about something I noticed about our amp choice. In Alan Day’s post about the Peavey Classic 30, he mentioned trading out a transformer for less single coil hum, and that got me thinking, because even with the wiring issue, (Turned out to be a miscommunication between Lindy, Tom, and myself, because Lindy thought I wanted one thing, and Tom thought another, and somewhere in the mix, someone labeled the PU wrong, or a pair of leads was reversed.), But as I was saying, even with that issue, I notice that even at a very loud volume, I get almost no 60Htz hum out of the new Strat, through the REEVES! And, the only shielding Tom did, ( and always does on his Strats.), is a steel back plate behind the pickguard, and basically only about 1/16″ smaller than the 11 hole pickguard. He swears it does just as well as copper lining everything, and I was skeptical, but I am amazed at just how little hum I get, even on the bridge, with the amp, and guitar volume cranked! Must have something to do with those Partridge replica’s Bill had reverse egineered, as I’ve never heard such quiet Vintage singles, and Lindy’s Vintage Hots are as close to a ’50s, or ’60s Fender PU as you can get, in every respect, same wire, hand beveled staggered poles, alnico V, III in his 54’s, so it has to have something to do with the amp, and Tom must have been right about that fairly thick steel plate. Any techies please chime in, I play the thingsm, and like Bjorn, I can read a schematic, but I suck with an iron!
    Hope ALL HAD A GREAT CHRISTMAS, CHANUKAH, OR OTHER HOLIDAY, AND WILL HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR! Peace on earth, goodwill to all humankind, Keith

    [Noise is always a combination of several factors, whether you have it or not. Some of the reason you have less noise, is definitely due to the high quality of the Reeves amp and its parts. As with the speakers. The Lindy pickups (handwired will always be less noisy), Tom’s shielding and clean wiring, is also an important factor. It’s probably also a factor that you don’t have too many sources causing noise in your playing environment. It’s impossible to eliminate it all but a high quality, tidy setup will take most of it :) – Bjorn]

  43. I have hardly set the new guitar down since I got it home, it’s perfect, although there was a bit of confusion about how I wanted it wired, and that will have to wait until after Christmas,( I didn’t want the major volume, and low end drop, which is very pronounced through such a ckean amp.), but otherwise, it is a thing of utter perfection. Now, it has always been my opinion that Leo was thinking of a womans body when the Strat was designed, but I’ve only ever given one guitar a name. My 25th Anniversary Strat was Sally, but this one is getting a very special name…..CYMBALINE! I cannot think of a more beautiful name, or song, so from about five minutes ago, until the end of my time, the “Not Quite Black DG Strat” will be known as Cymbaline! Now, a Q: are your Strats wired for the vol, and tone loss in 2 and 4, known as Quack?
    Merry Christmas Bjorn, and all of you, Keith, and my new gal, Cymbaline!

    [Love the name, Keith! One of my favourite early Floyd tunes. About the Quack… I really don’t know. I think all mine are wired as standard Fender… I have a guy doing all the wiring, as I’m no good with the soldering iron :) – Bjorn]

  44. Hey Bjorn, just wanted to know if you’ve been getting my emails, and if the pictures of the Rodriguez,David Gilmour, “Not Quite Black” Strat came through, and of course what you think based on the detailed description, and photos?
    Merry Christmas, plugging it all in this morning, my gear fuide photo should be ready in a week or two, Peace my friends! Keith Clarke

    [Hi Keith! Got everything. The guitar looks awesome! Congrats! I’m swamped with christmas preperations… it’s a new life with a baby in the house :) I’ll have a good look at the emails in a few days and reply to you :) Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends… and your new rig! – Bjorn]

  45. Hi Bjorn,
    Just a quick note to tell you that my wife will not be happy because I had to buy this compressor and she will have a less expensive gift ….
    After playing with it, i just want to say… wowwww.
    I’ve played with the BYOC optical and I was not impressed ..
    Now i think my CS-2 will leaving..
    Thanks again for your review and Happy Holidays.

    Pat from Montreal!

    PS.. Did you know that David was soo impressed, and bought two other!

    [Congrats! Yes, it’s an awesome pedal :) – Bjorn]

  46. Morning here, midday there, great day everywhere! Hi Bjorn, I still have only played through my REEVES for a little over an hour, and that was with a scratchy pot that cut the volume in half! I was supposed to get the Rodriguez yesterday, but didn’t hear anything all day. About 5:30 EST yesterday I was in the shower, and when I got out there was a message on the phone,”Keith,Tom, Callaham delivery didn’t get here until 4 pm today, but I’m going to install the bridge tonight. Right now, I’m doing a final buffing, and check for taking pictures in the morning, and you can pick the guitar up after 10 am.” I am going to be a little busy for THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS,TALK TO YOU NEXT YEAR, that is if I’m not in jail for disturbing the peace! Haha. I want to thank you for my first wonderful year on Gilmourish, and want to add that the quality of posts have been so nice, and interesting lately, and to all in the Gilmourish community, I really enjoy reading your posts, and sharing this forum with you.
    May God bless you all this Holiday Season, and every day, let us make the world a more peaceful place through our joyful Gilmourish noises, Thank you Bjorn, and the whole Gilmorish community for a wonderful year. Now bugger off, I’ve got a new handmade DG Strat to play! Hehe :)

    [Thank you Keith and enjoy the holidays! Talk later… have fun with your new gear! – Bjorn]

  47. Hey Bjorn, I posted above that I auctioned a PC 2A compressor from Ebay. I use it for a week now. With this pedal it seems that I can nail the SOYCD P.U.L.S.E. sound, but the sound of the studio version, too. And much more. Matter of setting, I mean. The pedal is so powerful. I compared it with the CS-2/DynaComp, because David reached a great sound with these pedals at that time, THE P.U.L.S.E. sound !! (of course, in a big hall with a “jawbreaking rig”, to quote you). I used these pedals at home, but I first imagined that I get this sound in my modest room with the PC 2A in combination with my DR504, Musket, TD and and and… Thank you for the review.

    [It’s a great pedal, indeed! – Bjorn]

  48. AMEN to that Keith! Not sure what Nico was trying to post, or perhaps he just had a fluke instance of a post not showing up, which happened to me once and I rewrote the post and eureka! it was there…Nico I hope you are still here among us and will get past your anger. Personally, I think Bjorn deserves an apology for what you wrote in the second post, though I am sure Bjorn will be considerate to you either way…and notice even with your less than kind remark, Bjorn still gave you the respect of posting it:) Well, I apologize that you had to get that kind of post Bjorn.

    Keith! GAS on brother…can’t wait to hear how it all turns out!!

    [Thanks! No worries :) – Bjorn]

  49. Just a quick two cents after seeing Nico’s post. Hello friend, I can say from experience that Bjorn will post anything you write,( except maybe porno, or posts about disco inferno!), as is displayed by his having never told me to shut up yet. I am more than likely one of the mist prolific posters, and often get off topic, and many times the posts are about me, yet Bjorn always puts them up. I have had even a donation get kicked out as spam, and it has happend to a serious, and very on subject post also. So, I would relax, understand that it was not Bjorn not wanting to display your post, and continue to enjoy a totally free community of like minded players, instead of denying yourself, and those who want to read your posts of an experience that can’t be found anywhere else on the web, without registration, followed by constant spam emails. Bjorn recieves very little for his efforts, and he shows no favoritism, or malice to anyone. Here we are all equals. Stick around, lighten up, and Happy Holidays, Keith, ” serial poster” Clarke

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  50. I’ve woke up with some serious GAS this morning at 3 am. My phone beeped, and I looked to see why. It was a tracking # from Fedex telling me my Weber’s were on the way, and will be here no later than Tuesday. I think that will likely be within a day of picking up my DG “Not quite black” Strat! I’m in heaven, heaven. OH YEAH!

    [Sounds great Keith! Exciting news :) – Bjorn]

  51. Love this site! The layout is great and the articles are top notch. Thanks for all the info on a great guitar player.

    [Thanks Bill! – Bjorn]

  52. Love your reviews and insight but I wish you could include a couple of non-boutique pedals every once in a while too. Economy is tough and not all of your readers are rich or live in their mom’s basement, you know?

    I think tone does not depend on high end equipment, neither does fancy gear make one a better player or come across more professional. It’s just the icing on the cake.

    If I spend 450,- on a compressor pedal I’m afraid my wife and kids are going to kill me and who could blame them? We can hardly get through the month with what I make from my job. I’m a passionate musician regardless, trying to make the best and get a good tone with what I can actually afford.

    Anyhow, this is not to rub anyone the wrong way, just a heads up to keep it real while keeping up the good work.

    Best wishes,


    [Hi Mark! Thanks for your post! Appreciate your honesty and point. Although there are some really cool stuff being released in the upper price ranges, there’s also a lot happening in the budget segment as well. The relocation of production to low cost countries and a general acknowledgement from most companies that they need to afford good quality gear for a reasonable price, makes it really exciting to be playing guitar and have a low budget. You can get a lot, for very little. I’m currently doing research for budget setups and will spend quite a lot of time next year focusing on budget range guitars, amps and pedals and provide tutorials on how you can set up the gear in your bedroom, rehearsal studio or gigs. Stay tuned! Enjoy the holidays with your family :) – Bjorn]

  53. Hey Bjorn, I left a post here a couple of days ago and it’s not here, I don’t understand, I took the time to send a message that was in my opinion very interesting compared to some crap that poeple are saying above; and I talked about the pedal that I own PC-2A. I must say that i’m a bit disappointed when I read what you “allow” vs what you “flush” since I know what I’m talking about!

    Anyhow, it’s your site and maybe you felt it was not gilmourish enough, this said I will never again post anything on this site!


    [I’m sorry but the amount of spam I get is unbelievable so the filter is pretty strict. I never delete any comments. Please feel free to post again. I’m also sorry that this caused such a temper… perhaps you should ask for the reason next time and not assume that everyone’s an asshole. Take care :) – Bjorn]

  54. Hey there, I am as usual off topic, but got a lot of great news today. Weber’s production dept. Emailed me just to tell me that my speakers are done, and after a day on the break in machine, they should ship Friday. However, the biggie! I’ve purposely stayed away from Tom’s shop, as he easily gets side tracked, but decided I needed to find out where in the build we were,( it’s been almost 7 months, which is his average build for something special), and I saw the most beautiful neck, on it’s way to the paint booth, my pickguard was beautifully wired, Fralins in place, and barring any last minute issues, he said I can pick it up next week, about the same time my speakers will get here. That is going to be very special, as it will be the completion of a year long process of building my dream rig! I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT TO SEND A PHOTO!
    Peace, love, and it’s about damn time!

    [Looking forward to see everything lined up! – Bjorn]

  55. Hey Bjorn your article has made me do a little digging on compressors and I have decided to build either a Ross clone compressor, they call it the classic compressor, from BYOC or their optical compressor also from BYOC. I’m still a little unsure the main difference between the two. They explain that the optical compressor is a little more transparent which I think is what I want. Something I can keep on most of the time. Any thoughts to add to help me decide? Thanks!

    [I haven’t tried the BYOC opto but in general, they’re a bit more dynamic and transparent. The Ross is basically an early clone of the MXR Dynacomp. It’s a bit smoother sounding than the Dyna. Depends on what tones you want I guess. The Ross is a great for cleans and overdrives especially but also with distortions like the Muff, when you want to tighten the signal a bit. – Bjorn]

  56. I owned an Effectrode PC-2A less than a year ago, but sold it to a very eager bass player. Been kicking myself since. Got to needing money, typical excuse. Plus, I was going through a phase where I wanted everything to be powered by a battery.

    Yup, still miss that compressor.

  57. I have it! Try to use it like a boost in ffront of a big muff without the TD and you’ll obtain the sound of confortably numb second solo

    [Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it out :) – Bjorn]

  58. Hey Bjorn, I’d love to have a nice old rack mounted tube compressor, but most of the studios I’ve worked with have gone back to a lot of analog gear, and my next recording may even be recorded on 2″ tape. However, don’t you think a script dynacomp is more than adequate for a stage board?
    Peace, and Happy Holidays to all, Keith

    [Well, using tape will give the recording a very natural, warm compression. The drums especially. One usually use compression in the mix in addition to tape though, just to tighten and define certain frequencies. The Dyna is a great compressor and works great with all kinds of pedals. – Bjorn]

  59. It reminds me of the Demeter Compulator (used by Gilmour, as you know).
    Both pedals features optical compresion.
    Great review and clip with some nice EMG tones b.t.w. ;-)

    [Thanks! Yes, it’s similar to the Demeter although the tube really makes a difference. – Bjorn]

  60. I can not agree more. I have had my PC-2A since it was released. It is a fundamental part of my board. Beat out the Demeter, Boss CS-2 (second favorite) and AM modded Dyna Comp. It is so clean, silent, beautiful light compression, to heavy, and a nice boost. Nearly always on. PERFECT for Gilmour IMO. i had heard through the Effectrode site that Phil Taylor had got two for DG to try. Great review Bjorn. I hope it replaces the Gollmer Composus! Never played the Gollmer, but the PC-2A is the best I have tried.

    [Well, for now, I’m using the PC-2A for recording guitars for the next Airbag album. It really makes a difference to the tones. The Gollmer is something else, so I don’t think you even can compare the two. The Gollmer goes really well with my stage tones but perhaps I’ll feature both on the board. – Bjorn]

  61. hey there,

    I know a quick Google search will answer my first question but I’d rather ask you guys. Where in the pedal chain is a compressor best suited. Also, you say this is best for thestudio. I gig regularly and would be using this live weekly. Is there any specific reason its not suited for live situations? Thanks and keep the articles coming!

    [You’d normally keep a pedal compressor first in the chain, or after wah and fuzz, since these sounds better before everything. I didn’t say that the PC-2A can only be used in the studio. It is designed or based on those old studio units, notably the old Teletronix. It’s works just as well as a pedal board unit as a studio unit. At the moment, I use mine as a tube interface for recording my guitars for the next Airbag album. It thrives in front of overdrives and Big Muffs as well :) – Bjorn]

  62. The Barber Tone Press is another very good compressor. I don’t know how it stands up to the effectrode though. Thoughts?

    [Yes, it is! Like I’ve said in almost all my replies, I don’t think you can compare an opto tube compressor with a solid state. It’s two different things and they will have a very different effect on your tones. The Tone Press is very transparent and dynamic and definitely one of the better sounding budget models. – Bjorn]

  63. Hi Bjorn!
    Once again, I need you and your knowledge to help me. Since you wrote your article of the Effectrode Compressor, I’ve been searching a good compressor, but I can’t find one. Could you name a few good and affordable compressor to cover David’s Shine on live tones.
    Thank you!!!

    [To get a Shine On tone, all you need is a good Strat with single coils, a decent amp, a transparent overdrive and perhaps some delay. The compressor isn’t really an effect and a tube amp would give you some of the same result, if you’re searching for that warm, punchy tone with a fat attack and sustain. A compressor will enhance that but it won’t give you the tone alone. For great sounding, affordable compressors, check out the Barber Tone Press or the MXR DynaComp (preferably the ’76 reissue). – Bjorn]

  64. Hey there Bjorn, and all in the Gilmourish community, I just wanted to clarify that while I am a little disappointed that my speakers haven’t shipped after18 days, when the site states 7-10 days, it is not meant as a bad reflection on Ted Weber Speakers. Every call, email, and concern has been answered promptly, and courteously by everyone from the production manager, account and orders manager, to sales and tech manager CJ. They recently moved to a larger facility, and with Christmas rapidly approaching, they admittedly fell behind in production, but assured me that I would have my speakers by the end of the coming week, if not before. From EVERYTHING I’ve researched, they are a small, but top notch opetation, that makes every speaker to order, and have great quality control. Bjorn can surely speak for the quality of their products, as I too will be able to soon do.
    Peace to all, and Happy Holidays, Keith

    [Sorry to hear Keith. I have nothing but good to say about Weber. I think they’re, like most other companies, are swamped with christmas orders and whatnot… Hang in there :) – Bjorn]

  65. A little off topic but does anyone here have any experience with Morgan Amps?

    Specifically the 30/800 or the RV35. The 30/800 is supposed to be a mix of an AC30 and a JCM800, which I would think may put you into Hiwatt range. The RV35 is a Class A amp with KT-66’s.

    I’ll likely end up just going with the Reeves Custom 30, just wondering if anyone has a little info!


    [Never tried them… Anyone? – Bjorn]

  66. Sounds (& looks!) great. Have a love/hate relationship with compressors. Don’t like how they limit dynamic range, especially with classic AC/DC type tones. Have the Boss CS-2, Dynacomp and have recently bought the Barber Tone Press which offers parallel compression. The Barber lets you blend in the compressed and uncompressed signal and is my favorite of the three. Maybe if I sell all three I’ll be able to notch up part of the cash required for the Effectrode! :)

    [Well, compressors should be used with care and not all tones suits heavy compression or limiting. You take away some of the raw edge of rock and metal riffs but leads and cleans will often need some to sound right. It’s always a balance. – Bjorn]

  67. Hi Bjorn,
    Great review! Do you think the PC-2A is the best choice for bedroom levels? I usually play thru a laney cub12 on the 1 watt channel with the volume set at 8 against backing tracks. or do you think that maybe a Dynacomp or CS2 at bedroom levels would be a better choice? I know my next question is off topic, but I play a Musicman Silhouette with three stock damarzio pu’s that sound a little thin to me. Do you still highly recommend the Dave Allen’s? I was thinking about replacing the pu’s with a set of Voodoo blues.
    Great site Bjorn!!! I can’t tell you how much your insight and reviews have helped shape my tone.

    [Thanks Jeff! First of all I don’t think you can compare the PC-2A with solid state conventional compressors. I mean, it’s a compressor, but it does so much more for your tone with the tube and the studio quality and setup. All compressors works nicely at home, so you could go either way but the clip I did for the review was recorded in my home studio with the 1w on my Laney :)
    In regards to pickups… Depends on what you mean by thin. The Voodoo Blues are basically CS69s with a slightly hotter bridge, and they’re at the lower end of the output scale. Some might find these thin due to the low output but they’re a great choice if you want a true vintage tone. If you want something slightly hotter, you could go for the Texas Specials, or the D Allen Austin Blues. – Bjorn]

  68. Thanks for the review!

    How would something like this compare to a Diamond Compressor?

    Up to this point I was thinking of going Diamond, but these reviews always make me want
    the next thing that gets reviewed. The sheer plethora of Compression pedals make it so
    hard these days to know if you’re getting something “good enough”. And by good enough,
    of course I mean good enough for Gilmour.. ;) I guess I could settle for trying to get that boring old boss cs-2, but boutique pedals seem so much more interesting and fun.

    G.A.S too great, budget too small.. *cry*

    [I haven’t tried the Diamond so I can’t really tell. All I know is that the tube in this Effectrode makes all the difference compared to most other compressors. The DynaComp, CS2 etc will do a great job but I don’t think you can even compare these with the Effecrode, Diamond and similar studio model compressors. They’re something else. – Bjorn]

  69. This is a top flight stomp box comp. Hear that sweetness it gives? If you guys love studio tones that sound sweet and compressed this kind of unit gets you there. I find it perplexing that so many people do not appreciate what a GOOD comp can do for your tone.

    Take Steven Wilson’s clean/semi clean tones, dripping with sweet compression, it can be an effect as much as any other pedal. Thanks for this review Bjorn, this one is really on my radar now!

    [Great example! Steven’s cleans are amazing! – Bjorn]

  70. Hi Bjron,

    great review! the power supply is in the package? (sorry if you said in the review, but google translation is not perfect.) This pedal seems to be really great, but a bit expensive … maybe santa …??


    [Power supply comes with the pedal. – Bjorn]

  71. Hi Bjorn, so you are saying that besides being a compressor it is also an overdrive? 2 pedals in one then?! Would it be an alternative maybe to the BK Butler tube driver for overdrive?
    How would it compare to the Wampler Plexdrive?..or the Love Pedal Les Lius?

    [No, it’s not an overdrive but it’s capable of driving your tube amp into overdrive. The combination of its 15dB volume boost and the tube produce a very dynamic boost. I wouldn’t really compare it to a conventional overdrive but the Coming Back to Life tone in the clip was setup with a very mild tube overdrive from the amp and the compressor took it over the edge. – Bjorn]

  72. There you go again, another pedal I don’t want to live without! How much, $42,000.00? LOL! I actually loved the clip, and the comp/limiter, but I also wanted to vent about my Webers. They’re website says speakers ship 7-10 days from the order date, and I ordered them November 20. When I hadn’t received confirmation after 15 days, I emailed them, and they said they’d ship sometime early next week. I’ve waited 50 years, so what’s a few more days, except that the closer we get to Christmas, the worse Fedex gets, and they’re already quite incompetent at times. Oh well, looks like I might as well break out that 1×12 after all!
    Great Review as usual, and another few hundred to find, hehehe!
    Peace my Gilmourish friends, Keith

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  73. Hi Bjorn!
    This compressor sounds like a real deal, but it’s way too expensive for. What do you think of the Maxon CP101?

    [Never tried it, so I can’t really tell… – Bjorn]

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