• Mooer ElecLady review

    It’s not often that I check out pedals from China but Mooer pedals has made their way into the mainstream market with a loud bang lately. The compact size (same as typical loopers, Lovepedal minis etc) and the familiar names makes the pedals especially intriguing.

    It’s no doubt that Mooer makes clones of well known pedals. Ibanez, Electro Harmonix, Boss, Digitech etc are all represented. I’ve had the chance to try most of these tiny babies and I must admit that I’m very impressed. For well below $100 for each pedal, they make a fine budget alternative and well worth checking out even for the more demanding players.

    The most unusual model perhaps must be the ElecLady. A tiny clone of the classic Electric Mistress. The pedal feature controls for color, range and rate as well as a switch for the filter matrix. The pedal feature true bypass switching and runs on Boss-style 9V adapter.

    I’ll let the shootout clip speak for it self but a couple of remarks. All in all, the ElecLady is an impressive alternative to the Deluxe. As the clip shows, setting the pedal fairly moderate, produce a classic Animals/Wall tone. It sounds a bit brighter and perhaps even more open than the Deluxe, but this also makes overdrives and distortions sound quite brittle and harsh. The ElecLady works best for cleans and milder boost. The rate control needs to be set quite high for any response to appear and the color has a sweetspot around 10:00. Below the signal drops dramatically in volume and any higher, the pedal produce some nasty low frequency oscillation noises. I don’t care much for the range feature, so I always keep this one off.

    I’ll stick to my Deluxe for now. It sounds warmer and blends much more natural with the signal and other pedals. However, the ElecLady will be a hard to beat competitor for EHX’s own Stereo and Neo Mistress. In general, Mooer is well worth checking out over other budget brands like Behringer, Joyo, ModTone etc. Check out MooerAudio.Com for more details.

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  1. klemen says:

    Bjorn, if you ever get a chance to review the flanger Fast Lane by Harley Benton, do it. It is one of the newly released mini stomps.
    I compared it to my e-lady today and I honestly could not hear a difference for the life of me. It possibly uses the same components… I’m not a pedal expert, though:)
    I’m just putting this out there, because it’s 20€, which is next to nothing and 3 times the price of Mooer’s e-lady.

  2. Robert W Horton says:

    It’s the phase 90 I was thinking of that sometimes goes before the distortion pedals. Not the flanger. Thanks bjorn for your feedback. Rock on.

  3. Robert W Horton says:

    Hello bjorn, what do you think about running the eleclady first in the chain before the muff and colorboost? Theirs a volume drop when eleclady is engaged. What about running guitar into eleclady into clean boost into muff into colorboost into delay into amp? To cure the volume drop. Or would the flange into the muff sound not like Gilmour?
    Thanks for your help, knowledge and assistance.

    • Bjorn says:

      See my other reply. Flangers and chorus should be placed after dirt. I like having phasers and UniVibes before though.

  4. Michael Nagher says:

    Like is sound of my E Lady but it’s very noisy when turned on. Any thoughts would be appreciated

  5. Jose says:

    Hi Bjorn, I was wondering if you can share the elec lady settings for your tone on Comfortably Numb, cheers!

  6. james says:

    do you think running it at 18v would work, would it sound more like the original, have anyone tried?

  7. Walter H. says:

    Bjorn, Thanks again for your prompt and professional reply. I get that the MXR / Van Halen sound isn’t a Pink Floyd flanger sound by far now. I have learned so much so fast from your direct and your web site comments. We each have such variables in our set ups and you diagnose and guide us on an individual basis that I sincerely appreciate!
    One more…I see comments back to 2012 regarding an upcoming review of the Catlinbread Echorec pedal. I am sorry to bother but I can’t locate it. I would really like to know what you did if anything to the Gain and or the Modulation adjustment pots and your overall impression.
    BTW, I am originally from the east coast of the USA, outside Philadelphia where I saw Pink Floyd in 1972 & 1973. They appeared at the Spectrum where they would cut the arena in half from 17,777 to less than 10,000. You’ve helped stir up those great days and memories. What a show!
    King Crimson, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Moody Blues and many more too. Showing my age now lol.

    • Bjorn says:

      Wow, you are lucky to have seen them back in the 70s! I did talk about the Catalinbread but for some reason they refused to send me one for review so it never happened. Obviously I’m in no position to buy everything I review or write about. Having said that it’s a very good sounding pedal. I do like the Dawner prince Boonar more but the Catalinbread is well worth checking out.

  8. Walter H. says:

    Bjorn. I do definitely appreciate the Flanger effects and tone. The size and control layout of the Elady and the CNZ audio is identical. So I did assume they where probably the same inside just a different brand. I can live with the CNZ audio and get some good tone. I really don’t like the Mini Pedal and those tiny little knobs at all. Do you or have you tried the MXR M152 Micro Flanger? Which, in your opinion, flanger pedal in that Size do you like?
    Let me know when you can.
    Thanks again for all your help.

    • Bjorn says:

      I’m a huge fan of the Mistress but my older 70s models are retired is safe storage :) The ElecLady is the closes I’ve found and I can travel with it without being afraid of losing it. The MXR Micro has more of that Van Halen jet kind of tone. Not that suited for Gilmour.

  9. WalterH. says:

    Hello Bjorn and all you Flanger Folks
    I purchased a CNZ Audio Flanger instead of the Elady. $20.00 less and the YouTube demo sounded right on. Not to be in person. It’s brighter and a little thinner at home.
    The demo was recorded with a Baratone guitar and I was wrong to assume it wouldn’t make that much difference, it does. Another item is those darn Tiny Knobs. I’m selling it and added an EHX Small Stone phaser for now. Any experience with the TC Electronics Vortex or your best choice in that size of pedal?
    Thanks for all you do for All of Us.

    • Bjorn says:

      I haven’t tried the CNZ so I can’t really tell. I assume that most of these new budget mini pedals are more or less identical. I like the ELady very much but unless you really appreciate flanger it can be a dated and annoying effect. The Vortex is really great but I haven’t managed to dial in good enough Mistress tones with it. More of a MXR type of flanger, with all kinds of options based on that.

  10. Simon says:

    Anyone have any experience with the Tomsline ATR – Twister Flanger? It has the exact same controls as the Eleclady and was wondering if they’re the same?

    Thanks and cheers from the Great White North, eh!

    • Bjorn says:

      Never tried it. Anyone?

    • Hey there Simon, a tip to you and others around looking for cheaper pedals: tomsline, aroma, donner, blaxx, if they have exactly the same knob layout then you can bet your ass that they have the same circuit, it’s the same schematic probably built in the same factory and then rebranded accordingly. Mooer is just the brand that got all the fame and hype, so now they have jumped their prices in comparison to the brands above. I would check out the other brands’ pedals, some aren’t sold by Mooer, like my tomsline digital delay that has a 3-way switch for analogue-like, modulated and digital delay. Anyway, just my 2 cents ;)

  11. StratWiz says:

    It seems like the Mooer & clones are not really True bypass, and some videos demonstrate that (in form of background swirling noise). Mooer wrote that “the input is completely re-routed directly to the output and not connected to the effect circuit in when in bypass mode. However, the output remains connected to the effect circuit out and the input when in bypass mode. This is a minor design flaw of the pedal.”

    • Bjorn says:

      I haven’t looked into it but that’s a comming design in cheaper pedals. It’s true bypass but not entirely.

  12. David Gow says:

    I have an eleclady. I wanted another one for a different board… I bought the rebranded model which is now called ‘e-lady’. I thought it sounded different. It has a more pronounced sweep and is less subtle. The difference is more noticebale when paired with any kind of distortion. I returned it and bought another one (I thought it was an eleclady but an e-lady arrived). The next one sounded exactly the same. I asked Mooer if anything about the pedal had changed – other than the name. They replied very briefly stating that the e-lady is the same as the eleclady. To me, it doesn’t sound the same. I wonder if other people have started to spot this.

    Many thanks for continuing to provide such a great site Bjorn. I will add that through trying the recommendations you have made over a number of years, my favourite combo in terms of pedals is the eleclady and the Vick Audio 73 Rams Head.

    • Bjorn says:

      Hi David! Thanks for your kind words! I have both the ElecLady and E-Lady. Haven’t done an A/B test but I haven’t noticed any difference between the two. I need to test that now but I thought I had a good ear for my mistresses :)

  13. Nathan says:

    Hi Bjorn I’ve been trying to decide on mistress type flanger for a while now and I just ordered in an ehx deluxe mistress xo since my local store no longer stocks the big box version. There are only around 4 videos on it I could find so I’m not entirely sure what to expect. From what I could get out of the reviews it had a more chorus oriented sound the the older models and the big box deluxe but I wanted to know, would I be able to get these classic gilmour or summers type sounds from it? I like the sounds it could get from the videos but i still want to get that classic mistress flange. From the videos I watched the “flanger” element of the pedal seemed to be weaker than that of previous models and the modulation was a bit more liquid sounding, but I’m not sure if its just the way the people had it set up. I wouldn’t want to void my warranty in case I want to return it by changing the trimpots (plus I heard it isn’t a good idea in general). I can always fall back on the elec lady if i need to though. On a side note is the elec lady an analog flanger? I’ve heard mixed things about mooer pedals being digital (i know a few of them are) as a whole and I still don’t even know if my triangle buff is analog either.

    Any help or recomended setting on the xo mistress is greatly appreciated.
    Greetings from Newfoundland!

    • Bjorn says:

      I have only tried the new Mistress very briefly so I can’t really comment on it. It did sound slightly different from the current big box. More chorusy and I missed some of the mojo of the late 90s Deluxe and even the Mooer. I think it got a couple of trim pots inside that you might want to look into but I’m not entirely sure about that… The big box did anyway. The thing is though that David’s settings are very specific and none of the clips available cover them, which I understand, since they’re obviously not trying to replicate his tones.
      I haven’t looked into whether or not the ElecLady is digital or not, I’m sure it’s easy to find out, but it does sound really good. Most of the Mooer pedals sound great so no need to dismiss them :)

  14. Alan says:

    I agree with Bjorn about the Donner Jet: It sounds more like an MXR M-117. Based on its sound in the YouTube demos, I think the feedback might be set positive rather than negative, and the sweep could be more sine than triangle. It’s still a cool pedal for hard rock stuff though.

  15. Chris M says:

    I’m in the midst of a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime and expect delivery of a Donner Jet Convolution before 1pm UK time tomorrow. Thought it was worth a try at £20.99! :) There’s a lot of Mooer/Donner debate online, people have even opened up Donner pedals and found circuit boards labelled Mooer. I’ll dial in your recommended settings of 9.30 colour, range off and rate at 2.30 and see how it compares. Hopefully we’ve found an even better value budget DEM clone.

  16. Alan says:

    Eric, regarding using the ElecLady with fuzz, I think it depends on a broad range of factors, such as which fuzz, what guitar, amp, etc. In my own experimentations, I found the ElecLady was astounding when combined with both of my fuzz pedals — one a silicon-version Fuzz Face type and the other a triangle-version Big Muff type.

    By the way, Bjorn, I’ve even found some neat uses for the noises made in bypass when the pedal is set to extremes. Very cool pedal! Thank you for recommending it.

  17. Eric says:

    Hey Bjorn! I’m pickin’ up this pedal in a few days; but I’m still skittish about not playing well with fuzz. I’ve read on a few forums that you can use this pedal on 12v. Have you tried this and would it help the fuzz situation?

    • Bjorn says:

      No I haven’t. It’s very sensitive to what settings you use and I had to experiment and fine tune it to make it work with high gain pedals and fuzz but once you hit the sweetspot, I think it sounds really nice.

  18. Alan says:

    Hi, Bjorn! I have a question about the Mooer ElecLady: I recently purchased one and noticed that it has noise bleedthrough in bypass. Does yours have this problem too?

    The way you can check for it is to turn up the Color control until the pedal is oscillating and then click the switch into bypass. Turn up your amp, but hold your strings silent while leaving your guitar’s volume knob fully up. This is when I can hear a shrill whine in the background, even though the pedal is switched off. However, the noise stops if the pedal is unplugged.

    I can also hear “clock noise” while doing this same test, with the Color control down and the Rate control fully up.

    • Bjorn says:

      I don’t hear it on lower settings, which I use, but yes there’s some bleedthrough. All of the Mistress pedals has this and I don’t think the Mooer got any noise filter either. The original 76 model is VERY noisy.

  19. Tanner says:

    Hey Bjorn! I’ve been shopping around for a flanger lately on a low budget. I’m really interested in the ElecLady but I came across the Donner Jet Convulsion which, from what I’ve heard, is the exact same circuit as the Mooer ElecLady with a different casing. Do you know anything about the differences between the two besides the price? Thanks!

    • Bjorn says:

      I haven’t tried the Donner but it sounds to me to be a bit closer to the MXR. I could be mistaken. The Mooer is great though.

    • Luc Huard says:

      Hello Tanner and hello Bjorn…

      I bought a Donner Jet Convulsion and officially, it’s a EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress clone. It does not sound 100% like a Mooer ElecLady but in my humble opinion it does the job. Also it is half the price of the Mooer. I don’t use the flanger a lot but for a couple of solos I do. The thing that surprised me, it sounds very good clean or with distortion / fuzz. Go on YouTube and look for MrSanSystem reviews of Donner pedals to hear the Jet flanger. Like Bjorn wrote… ” Flanger is very dominating and should be used with care.”

      Cheers from Canada… :-)

      – Luc Huard

  20. Richard McEntee says:

    Thanks Bjorn, I am looking at the exotic X Blender, but that is just as expensive as a “proper” pedal, ha ha! I’m the meantime maybe I would be better with an rt20, or even a Danelectro Vibe as is a lot cheaper but I know is more a univibe than rotary, for the swirl (both have a blend control) rather than use the flanger on everything.

    [I don’t think you should confuse neither a UniVibe nor a flanger with a rotary effect. Using a UniVibe to simulate David’s Leslie or Doppola effect doesn’t sound right. It’s better to be used as a dedicated phasing effect for stuff like Breathe and use a rotary sim, like the RT20 for the rotary tones. – Bjorn]

  21. Richard McEntee says:

    Hi Bjorn, hope you are well. I have just got a Donner Convolution Jet, which is a clone of the Mooer! Sounds OK, but I am wondering if you use your flanger direct in the wet path of your signal or if you split into the elec mistress and then mix it later. To my ears the flanger is quite strong if used direct in a single amp setup. I have the Laney L5t which has a parallel loop so I have something that can give me 50/50 but the parallel loop is sometimes difficult to set up volume wise.

    I am sure i am not the only one to ask, but it would be really useful if one day you could give is all a “tone build” video taken us through from dry guitar signal, through muff/ boost then modulation so we can appreciate how it all mixes in the end – I usually go overboard on the muff bit where it all goes wrong. I also do not have (yet) any rotary set up so am losing a lot of the slow rate liquidity which my chorus and flanger can’t quite get. Many thanks.

    [Hi Richard! The Electric Mistress, and flangers in general, has a very pronounced tone. It’s just the nature of the pedal. I haven’t tried the Donner but the Mooer is the same. I run mine after the Muff and love how that sound. You can place it in a loop or add a blender pedal to it, which will allow you to dial in the exact amount of the effect that you need. – Bjorn]

  22. Brian says:

    Hi Bjorn

    Last out of the traps as usual, just unpacking an eleclady. €35 can’t be bad. Gonna try it with a KM BlusesDriver and Cub tomorrow. Without taking up too much of your valuable time – any do’s or dont’s?

    Regards as always


    [My fav settings are: color 9:30, range off and the speed at 2:30. – Bjorn]

  23. Pedro says:

    But can the Eleclady be modded???
    I haven’t played at stage levels with the pedal yet.
    I think you’re right. The point is that the mooer smooths the dirt pedals and the sound get rounder. I have a RT 20 and I can’t dial this to smooth the fuzz like de Mooer does. I have a Dunlop Mini Fuzz Face Silicon. It’s very good for Gilmour tones!

    [Probably not… I doubt you get to anything with that small circuit. – Bjorn]

  24. Pedro says:

    how did you managed the volume drop???

    [It’s there but I don’t mind it. You can modify the pedal but part of the tone of these old Electro Harmonix pedals are all the flaws and quirkiness. I like the fact that it smooths out the sometimes harsh Big Muff and the cleans gets nice and warm. – Bjorn]

  25. Pedro says:

    I have a Eleclady and found that using the RANGE in 10h matched better the DEM sound! Color between 9-10h…
    But i found that the rate control is tooo sensitive… and seems like 3 hours is too fast for Gilmour tones i think. Were do you recomend to use the rate???

    [Between 2 and 3 :) – Bjorn]

  26. Roger Sartori says:

    Hi, Bjorn. Which one setup the flanger sounds better: before or after the overdrives and distortions? Nice review. Thanks.

    [Try it and decide for your self :) I prefer having flangers and chorus after all the gain effects. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  27. Pete says:

    Got all the pedals in, and set up. Having a blast.
    The trick with the Mooer Triangle Buff, is never set the sustain above 10:30. Stack it into an overdrive and let that push it over the top. If I turn down the gain on the overdrive I get some sweet DSOTM sounds. Turn up the gain on the overdrive and I get closer to The Wall. (Granted, it’s a very small window on the gain and it really depends on your overdrive. Some give more dirt than others.) I’m using a low gain overdrive and it works great.
    All your tips have been GREAT!! Thanks for all your work.

    [Glad it worked out :) – Bjorn]

  28. Pete says:

    Great minds, thinking alike. At the moment the signal path will be:
    guitar>Dunlop mini Jimi Hendrix fuzz face>Throne Room buffer> AMT Japanese Girl Wah>Mooer Yellow Comp>Mooer Tri Buff>Mooer Black Secret>Mooer Blues Crab>Mooer Pure Boost>Mooer Ensemble King>LovePedal Pickle Vibe>Mooer ElecLady>Mooer Echolizer>Mooer Acoustikar>Strymon Lex>Bugera V5.
    (They don’t have the Ninety Phase yet, but the Picklevibe can do the job for right now in slower settings.)
    The only large pedal will be the Lex. (I really dig the Lex.)
    Think I should get a mini-strat to complete the package? LOL :)

    [Ha ha, yeah that would be fitting! – Bjorn]

  29. Pete says:

    Another great review. After reading this I went and tried one. Very impressed. I then decided to try some of the other Mooer products. All of them impressed me. So now I’ve decided to make a pedalboard using the Mooer products. (The only exception being that since they don’t have a vibe pedal, I opted for the PickleVibe since it’s around the same size. I know it’s really a phaser, but it sounds really cool.)
    Some of the pedals that I wanted for a Gilmour sound, they didn’t have yet, so soon I will have my mini-pedal pedalboard.
    Thanks for all the hard work and effort. :)

    [Thank you, Pete! Mooer makes some really nice things considering the price. The ElecLady is, IMO, the best sounding substitute for the real thing. I also like the Ensemble King, Ninety Phase, Hustle Drive and the Black Secret. The fuzz and delays aren’t that great but quite OK. – Bjorn]

  30. Bernie Heerey says:

    Just been checking out things further and I note that the liquid tone I am referring to is apparent on your Mojo Iron bell review (and on Marooned, Coming back to life etc, etc.) I am am guessing it’s more to do with the amp/pedal settings and that wonderful quacky strat sound evident in producing the tone i am trying to achieve. I know this is a bit vague but any comments on my present set up, settings especially, to help me find that tone would be appreciated. Does a flanger – eleclady / elec mistress enhance this lead tone? Or should I be fine with what I have got? Thanks once again for your time.

    [Ok, I think what you may be referring to is the attack and softness (in lack of a better word) of David’s tones. A chorus or flanger certainly has a watery or liquidy character but they’re colouring and not really what makes a tone. I recommend that you check out some set up tips first and let me know if you need more help after reading through those. See the Tone – Amps feature for amp set up tips and the Tone – Pedals for pedal setup and tone shaping. – Bjorn]

  31. bernie heerey says:

    Love your site man, awesome info. I am just getting back into playing after too many years away and I am trying real hard to nail as many of Dave Gilmour’s tones as possible – I love that open watery lead tone he, and you get. My set up consists of a Classic players 50s Strat with a SSL-5 bridge pick up, Into BossCE3 compressor, Blackout Effectors musket, Boss BD2, Mxr analog Chorus and an Mxr Carbon copy Delay. This is fed into my Laney 12 cub combo I am a bit lost about whether I may need a phaser, Fanger or Vibe to complete the liquid lead tones as the Elec Mistress seems to feature constantly. If so, will just adding an Mooer eclady to my pedal board suffice? Any and all advice,settings etc, would be much appreciated – thanks for your time man.

    [Could you be a bit more specific on what you mean by liquid lead tones? Any songs in particular? – Bjorn]

  32. Rodrigo Galafuz says:

    Hi guys! After this review just sold my Neo Mistress and got an ElecLady, since I play lots of Chili Peppers songs and John Frusciante uses a Deluxe Electric Mistress in some of them. Thanks for this AMAZING review! Greetings from Brazil!

    [Thanks Rodrigo! The ElecLady is really great :) – Bjorn]

  33. Paul Honeycutt says:

    Has anyone tried two of the little Mooer flangers in series? Zero Sum Flanging anyone?

    [Haven’t tried that no… – Bjorn]

  34. Toni says:

    Hi Bjorn, just one doubt: between currently made EH Deluxe EM models sold nowadays on line or Mooer Eleclady, which one would you choose? My main use would be to add some spice to solos with od and muff (Tube Driver + Red Muck). Thanks!

    [The current Deluxe is a bit dark sounding for my taste so I think I’d go for the ElecLady. – Bjorn]

  35. Luis says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Great demo. I’m about to buy a flanger but have no experience with them. Is there another good alternative that you would recomend checking out?? Like MXR Micro Flanger or Ibanez FL9.

    [Both of them sound great but nothing like the Electric Mistress. More Van Halen than Gilmour :) There aren’t than many Mistress clones but check out the Hartman Analog Flanger as well. Stay far away from the Stereo and Neo Mistress from EHX. – Bjorn]

  36. Martin says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    as you don’t seem to like the current Deluxe Mistress: Do you still prefer this one to the Eleclady? As I don’t use heavy distortions in my own music, the Eleclady’s trouble with these pedals might not be an issue for me. I like using modulations for my clean backgrounds sometimes, and so far, the vintage Phase 90 is my all time favorite, but there are some Mistress sounds on Davids albums that sound very good to me.


    [Actually, I think the Eleclady sounds better than the current Deluxe. You could also try pairing the Mistress with a blender, like the One Control Mosquite Blender. – Bjorn]

  37. james says:

    just got the eleclady, I’m finding that for lead tone its impossible to tame it to a level that sounds like gilmour wall tones. What I’m wondering is if gilmour used it in one cab only, whats use opinion?

    [No he used it in the main signal path but keep in mind that it wasn’t used on that many songs. It was used on live performances of Dogs and Sheep in particular on the 1977 Animals tour, on a couple of songs on David’s 78 solo album and a very few on The Wall album. He did use it on most of the lead tones on the Wall tour, as heard on the Is there anybody out there live album, but with the Yamaha RA200 rotating cabs. If you don’t like the Mistress tone you’re probably better off with a chorus or the Boss RT20 to replicate some of the mild rotary tones. – Bjorn]

  38. Andrew says:

    1998 its V4 or V5, but looks exactly like the current V5 modification. Do you agree Bjorn? You had chance to compare your with later?
    thx again
    http://www.metzgerralf.de/elekt/stomp/mistress/index.shtml all version specs

    [Mine has the vintage rounded/beveled knobs and a slightly shinier/brighter brushed chassis. Otherwise, it’s identical to the current V5. Mine has a slight volume drop when engaged but it’s very silent and the tone is liquidy, warm and smooth. The current V5 has a slightly darker tone, with more lower end and mid range. Not quite as dynamic and lush sounding as the 98. Apparently there aren’t any specific alterations to the circuit between the two but the tone is noticeably different. So much that I’ve never come to terms with the V5. – Bjorn]

  39. Andrew says:

    Bjorn please tell me what year the production of your EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress?
    He has builtin power supply and transformer or adapter like modern stock dlx EM?
    I like the sound of your DLX version I’d like to get as much information on it (if not hard)
    Thank you

    [I bought it new in 1998. It has an adapter, which is rare for the old models but it might be for European voltage reasons. – Bjorn]

  40. Julius says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    Just got a 90’s reissue Deluxe Mistress from Ebay. It’s in very good condition, plus it has received three custom mods by Howard. He added true bypass, LED and even wider flanger range. Paid 200 dollars for it, but it waß worth it. I can’t wait for the rest of the buyer gear guides, I’m stuck with overdrives and delays.

    [Congrats! Working on the next guides. Will have them up in a few weeks… – Bjorn]

  41. jin says:

    hi bjorn,

    if you put the eleclady before dirt pedals, especially before the muff, does it still sound harsh? been considering to get an eleclady of my own to replace my boss hf2 which i loosely consider as a cheap alternative to an electric mistress. thanks!

    [Placing modulations before the gains will sound very different. The Mistress will loose much of its character… Just tweak your Muff and amp until you get the tone you want from the Elec Lady. – Bjorn]

  42. Julius says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    I went and bought a Deluxe Mistress (the current US model), but since you said the 90’s reissue is more dynamic and a little bit more brighter I decided to go for one, and sell my current US Deluxe. So can you point a few places where I could get one of those?
    Thank you!!!!


    [EBay. – Bjorn]

  43. sean says:

    great review

    i was thinking about this as an alternative to the DEM but then i found one posted to me in great condition for £60 which is same price as a new mooer so im over the moooern :)
    cant wait to try it out

    just as an aside im gonna get either a byoc large beaver or big bass fuzz to go with my peavey classic 30 ,. im looking to nail gilmour but also have some variety as im in a cover band so i also want a low gain booster type pedal and a medium gain pedal , what would you recommend that could do this and not break the bank, im currently thinking some kind of ts808 clone and something else??

    [For overdrive, the TS808 is great. Warm and creamy :) For boosting, I’d go for a more transparent overdrive, like the Boss BD2 or the TC Spark Booster. As an alternative, you could go for the OCD as well, which is kind of a mix between a Tube Screamer and the more transparent sounding ones. – Bjorn]

  44. Brad says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Any plans to review the new Strymon Mobius pedal? I am more of an analog pedal guy, but I have to say, the idea of having one box for flanger, chorus, rotary, univibe, phaser, and trem (and others) with the quality of Strymon is VERY tempting! It even has a pre/post feature which allows you to place the different modulation effects in two different places in your chain.


    [I haven’t had the chance to check that one out yet but the clips on the Strymon site sounds very impressive! – Bjorn]

  45. Daniele says:

    Hi Bjorn, thank you for let us know the new pedals around the world. This sound very good for me, and i have a dubt , how do you think it sound in comparaison with an Hartmann Flanger?

    [The Hartman is a clone of the first Mistress version, which had a more liquidy swirling tone. The ElecLady is perhaps closer to the Deluxe. I think you’ll find that both the Hartman and Deluxe sound better but the ElecLady makes an excellent budget alternative. – Bjorn]

  46. Matthias says:

    Hallo Bjorn, I’m thinking about buying an EHX Electric Mistress. Is the sound quality of the vintage models higher as of the new, available models ? Similar as the difference between the first / second Big Muff and the new Muffs ? Thank you !!

    [Well, the first series has a lot of issues, so unless you are collecting, I wouldn’t spend time on EBay for that. The current EHX model does sound a bit darker than the mid 90s. – Bjorn]

  47. John Hargnett says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    Great review, as always!

    And, thanks for the tip of turning off the Range control. Much better with it off.


    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  48. Steve Schibuola says:

    While we wait for Bjorn’s review of the Catalinbread Echorec, here are a few Gilmourish sound samples:


    There’s a few more on my channel, including a sample of Program #4 which I think was used on a few songs . . .

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  49. Keith says:

    Bjorn, check out LS’s last album(The real band) Street Survivors. It was their only studio album with a guitarist naned Steve Gaines, who was theur best guitarist,but unfortunately died in the crash. His Chet Atkins style shines on “I know a little” and he played very clean, and was a monster. Well worth a close listen.
    Peace, KC

    [One of the 2 or 3 albums I got of LS. Great stuff! – Bjorn]

  50. Brad says:

    Hey Bjorn. this thing sounds pretty good. I dont think it would replace my Hartman, not after how much I paid for it anyways ha. But Im sure youve heard about the new big muff called the Iron Bell right? I read about it and heard clips with it. Sounds pretty nice, I may actually get it, Im not really satisfied with my North Effects Violet Ramshead…YOU can make it sound awesome…I just cant get enough “attack” out of it. but anyhow this is a “Gilmour” site only I know, but Ive seen you talk about Hendrix and a few other guitarist so I thought Id ask, and I hope your cool with it haha But whats your opinion on Lynyrd Skynyrds guitarists, solos and tone? Or have you ever really listened to any of em? Im from Alabama so of course I was influenced by them musically. Gilmour more so, but these guys in my opinion where ahead of their time like Gilmour and I think they had a great sound also! Anyways, hope you didnt mind me being off topic! God Bless!


    [I don’t think the ElecLady is good enough to replace neither a Deluxe nor the Hartman but it’s a great alternative if you don’t want to spend too much.
    I hope to have a review on the Iron Bell up soon! Looks very promising!
    I haven’t really explored LS that much. Of course, being a huge Zakk Wylde fan my self, I’ve listened to stuff like LS, Allman etc and I appreciate the work of Rossington especially but other than listening to it, I can’t say that I know too much about the technical side of their playing… – Bjorn]

  51. Martin says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’m really looking forward to your review of the Catalinbread, but I’d also like to know what you say about the Echo-Delay by Effectrode which is another Binson sim. I agree that David must have looked after his Binsons quite a lot. Even on the Wembley recording that has tons of echo, I can’t hear any heavy modulation on the repeats.


    [Never tried the Echo-Delay, so I can’t really comment on that. – Bjorn]

  52. HP says:

    You are guilty ;-)) The Eleclady Review activates a heavy GAS attack in me.
    I don’t know much about the Original EHX Mistress but this little box is so cool and nails the Gilmour Sound. It’s as if Christmas had come early!

    [Don’t shoot the messenger :) – Bjorn]

  53. Keith says:

    I forgot something I’ve been meaning to ask you for a couple of weeks. When I was checking out the Webers, many of the models asked if you wanted them doped or not, but the Thames, while they do offer doping, they don’t ask on the order form, so was I correct in ordering them undoped? CJ said that he didn’t dope his Thames, but really didn’t offer an opinion. I just wanted your opinion on the subject, as I quit using dope 10 years ago today! LOL Funny thing is that I am celebrating 10 years of sobriety this week! Been sober since 11/26/02! And I feel great!!! I am serious about the speaker question though.
    Thanks buddy, KC

    [Well, congrats! I haven’t really thought about the speakers… I guess mine aren’t but I don’t really have an opinion. – Bjorn]

  54. Keith says:

    Got the shipping notices on the cab, and the Reeves yesterday, hope to get the one from Weber today, and should be up and running by next Tuesday!
    Peace my Gilmourish friends, Keith

    [Great! Keep us posted! – Bjorn]

  55. Keith says:

    Good Zen time to you Bjorn, I see that I wasn’t alone in the too much modulation on the Echorec demo. I saw a post that they’ve already sold out of the first batch. You don’t think this is going to be a limited run do you? I’d hate to miss out on getting one if your review confirms that the pedal pulls of the Binson sounds really well. YouTube videos from the builder rarely convince me. When you demo a pedal, I usually know what other processing is involved. They obviously were using other effects in their mix, but only showed their pedal settings. Still, I have a feeling it’s gonna be as close as a stompbox can get to the Binson, but I’ll wait for your review :)
    Peace my friend, Keith

    [I hope to have one in the mail very soon. Catalinbread makes some very fine pedals so I have high hopes (!) for this one… – Bjorn]

  56. Steve says:

    Thanks Bjorn for another great review. I must say I’ve held-off getting a flanger . . . although I love David’s use of it – fits the context of e.g. Dogs perfectly – I just somehow find that particular effect very “dated” . . .maybe it’s because I lived through the 70’s and remember bands like E.L.O. (over) using it on everything from drums to vocals . . . but at a price/quality point like the Mooer, I may just have to check it out.

    On the subject of the Catalinbread Echorec . . .just ordered it, sight unseen! I don’t usually do that . . .but it was a combo of the great demos (dangerous), Catalinbread’s reputation (less dangerous) and the fact that they also seem to be Echorec-crazy over there. Also really like the fact that the modulation can be adjusted, as I also felt the amount of mod on the demo was not to my liking . . . but I could DEFINITELY hear the “echoes-in-space” sound missing from other tape-emulator pedals.

    [Well, the flanger is dated. Just like the chorus is very 80s, the flanger is very 70s. Still though, I think the Mistress particularly holds up. It doesn’t really sound like anything else and personally I think it’s a very versatile pedal. Like all modulation effects, it should be used with moderation. – Bjorn]

  57. Mike says:

    Hey Bjorn I just got my Eleclady yesterday, I’m pretty happy with it except that it can’t get along with my Musket. I might be missing something, a specific setting, for example I’ve tried these Gilmour settings listed here http://www.metzgerralf.de/elekt/stomp/mistress/settings.shtml#mildFlanging but the effect is still too strong when the Musket is engaged.

    I liked the setting on the the video you posted, but it only worked well with an overdrive, with the tone a bit rolled off. I’m guessing that I should’ve just got a CE-2 because I was looking to get that Mistress modulation throughout The Wall.

    Also on the Catalinbread Echorec, there are two trimpots for gain and modulation depth. I’ve also heard you can turn off the modulation off if you turn the trimpot fully counter-clockwise. Can’t wait to try it out!

    [Works for me with the range off and the colour at about 9:00. You may also need to lower the tone on the Musket a bit. – Bjorn]

  58. Nihar Wahal says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    What do you think of the DOD flangers? There’s one (fx75c) for a ridiculously cheap price of $25 (with haggling i can probably get it for 15.) Are they any good for gilmourish applications?

    [Never tried them so I can’t really tell. – Bjorn]

  59. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, after seeing the post, and checking out the link, I’ve got that GAS again already for the Caitlinbread Echorec! It looks amazing, and although I think the demos had the modulation up a little too high for my taste, it looks like a reasonable alternative to finding, and maintaining a real Echorec. I hope they’ll send you one to review, it would be the least expensive advertisement to hit their target audience for the pedal.
    Peace, Love, and Gilmourish, KC

    [The pedal looks very promising. A pristine echo unit wouldn’t have any modulation, so it’s a matter of how much you want to replicate the sound of a worn tape. From what I can hear, David’s Echorec was pretty clean and I’ve also read that he was pretty hands on with keeping it as mint as possible. Hopefully, I’ll have a review up very soon :) – Bjorn]

  60. Nihar Wahal says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    I was listening to youtube demos of both the production RAT and the Black Secret and they both seem to have an extremely scooped mid no matter where the filter knob is set. Is there any way around this? I use a stratocaster with two Fender Texas Specials in the neck and middle and a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the bridge.

    [I think it’s rather quite the opposite. The RAT and similar pedals has boosted mids. If you want something with less mid range, then I recommend a Muff or perhaps the Boss DS1. – Bjorn]

  61. Keith says:

    Thanks for explaining the GAS acronym for me, yes, I have the worst case of Gas of my life, and it’s your fault! hehe
    Thanks Bjorn, KC

    [Cheers! – Bjorn]

  62. Nihar says:

    Also, if I will be playing at pretty close to bedroom levels (I have a 5 watt tube amp and a 40 watt modeling amp), will it be a better choice for me to get a Mooer Black Secret (their RAT clone), a Mooer Triangle Buff (a triangle muff), a current production rat, or any form of a muff clone? Keep in mind that I can not spend over $100 on any pedal, and I would prefer to buy new pedals rather than used.

    [Depending on your setup I think I’d go for the Black Secret or a RAT. They’re very similar so I guess it doesn’t matter which you get. – Bjorn]

  63. martin says:

    Off topic – but a new very gilmourish pedal is avaliable – the catalinbread echorec!


    [Looking forward to give this one a try! – Bjorn]

  64. Nihar says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    Is the elec lady better than the neomistress if I want to get an Animals tone? I’m not allowed to spend over $100 on any pedal because of my parents, so my choices in pedals is extremely limited. For Animals lead tones, would I want this flanger, the neomistress, or some other one that I do not know about?

    [The ElecLady is VERY close to the Deluxe. The Neo isn’t. – Bjorn]

  65. Euan Smith says:

    I revisited PS after my previous post. I plugged straight in and dimed the drive ( master volume) on your non power scaled reeves and the normal volume while bringing back the power scaling to 8 o’clock and yes you do get some nice crunch at low ish volumes. I’m not sure if i would piss the neighbors off but I would piss my wife off.

    Like you said, you need the interplay between the speaker as well! I actually enjoyed playing rumble by link wray with that nice crunch. The problem with PS is that as soon as you move past 9oclock it’s far too loud. I think for those interested in a PS amp. Yes it works but get it on a 20w amp. Not a high headroom 50w! I believe Kit Rae uses his around 3 o’clock. Probably helps him get the clean punch slightly sooner. I’m moving from a flat to a detached house in 2 weeks so can’t wait to get that clean punch at home.

    Has anyone tried the Lazy j20 amp? Gets awesome reviews! Its a fender deluxe copy modified

    Keep up the great site. Have you got your Wall 2013 tickets yet?

    [Yep! Wembley! – Bjorn]

  66. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, and Stephen, also Mike, (Who steered me to Avatar cabinets!), I thought, this is great, I’ll have my amp in a month or so, but as soon as each place opened this morning, I called in my order, and check this out! Bill is almost finished making two C50 PSs, so he said about a week. CJ, at Weber said a week tops for my speakers, and I Can’t believe it, but Avatar says I’ll have my custom made, huge 30″x 24 1/2, x 12 Bluesbreaker style 2×12, with the Grille cloth turned to the different angle the way HIWATT covers theirs, and the baffle is tilted up towards the player to keep it from blasting the audience, and for the player to get a better angle! I thought it would be Christmas, but it looks like Christmas will be here in 7-10 days! I really want to thank Bjorn for just about everything, Stephen for guiding me to the PS, and Mike for leading me to Eric @Avatar. I rezearched every piece of this gear on every website I could find, and everyone raves about each of the three components that will comprise my rig. And man, that 2×12 is a tank, almost the size of a 412!
    Thanks again y’all, pictures to come very soon, with the Rodriguez handcrafted DG Strat!
    peace, love, and I love Gilmourish!!!

    [Glad to hear Keith! Let me know how the Avatar cab turns out. I might get one of those my self… – Bjorn]

  67. Keith says:

    Yeah, my understanding going in on th PS issue was that the power scaling wouldn’t make it a bedroom amp at all, but because the DR504 was designed to stay dead clean to almost full volume, the PS only makes it possible to get the base Townsend grit at a reasonable gig, or perhaps rehearsal volume. I had no delusions of getting the amp to perform at bedroom levels. Unless you want the PS for the reason I stated, which basically was that I wanted a DR, that CAN sound like a CP, without the soundman screaming to turn it down, and for Gilmour tones, you simply turn the PS off. Lots if tbought, and several assurances from Bill that the amp would do both the DR, and CP, made the final $300 decision. I hope that I have understood my research properly. My TSA15 is perfect for bedroom Gilmour, or Metallica, (if I cared to play Metallica,hehe). What say you Bjorn, have I gotten it right about the use of the PS?
    Peace, Love, and did I mention I was ordering my Reeves today? Hahaha!

    [Sounds about right. Back in the late 60s, when the large stacks began to appear, you’d crank the hell out of everything and the audience and sound technicians got their ears blown off. There’s a story from when Floyd played in Earl’s Court in ’73. The arena holds 10k or so and David’s amps wasn’t even in the PA. His four cabs handled the job nicely. Now, we know more about tinnitus and lessened hearing. Sound technicians have decibel restrictions but the gear has also become more sophisticated. A power scaling or separate attenuator is a handy tool when you want your amp to perform just a good on medium levels as on full mayhem. As we’ve discussed, the whole idea of the attenuator is to get full tube distortion at reasonable volume levels. It’s redundant when you want a clean tone and it’s useless if you want a punchy, powerful clean tone like David’s because less volume means that the speakers won’t peak. That’s the whole point. It’s a real pain because a sound guy doesn’t care if you get your tone this or that way. He just don’t want your speakers right in his face. However, if you depend on that tube/speaker clipping combo, then there’s nothing else than volume that’ll get you there. The solution for smaller clubs etc is simply a smaller amp and a decent front monitor. – Bjorn]

  68. Ricfloyd says:

    Sounds great at low prices ;-)

    It would be interesting if you could do an article on how to record guitar in our PC, as a way to improve our technique or to share.

    Thank you very much
    Greetings from Argentina

    [Check out this feature. – Bjorn]

  69. Euan Smith says:

    I’ve had a reeves 50ps combo for several years now and I’m deeply disappointed with the PS. You can turn the PS down and yes you can put the drive up full but you really
    have to back off the normal volume. I certainly dont believe you can get live at Leeds tone at bedroom level.

    I wish I got the regular one. I really like the amp otherwise. Great clean sounds and perfect blank canvas to add your pedals too

    [A PS only works for certain tones. If you want a fully cranked tube distortion then it’s perfect. However, for David’s punchy cleans or the Leeds tones, you need to get the speakers clipping as well but that’s impossible on low volume. For David’s tones at least I would say that a PS is wasted. – Bjorn]

  70. Keith says:

    Just weighed the situation, and pulled the trigger on the Reeves Custom 50 PS, waiting to confirm with Bill. Also going to call CJ Monday morning, and order one of Webers 2×12 Cabs, loaded with Thames 80’s, I don’t know much about their cabs, but they are supposed to be 1/2″ finger jointed Birch, so for $235+ the speakers, it’s worth a shot, don’t you think?
    Talk about excited!
    Peace, Love, and a very big credit card bill! hehe :)
    PS-If you know any reason I shouldn’t get the Weber cab, please let me know!
    Thanks Bjorn, KC

    [Sounds like the right decision! I’ve only tried the cab very briefly so I didn’t get the chance to examine the details and construction but it sounded great and I’m sure Reeves has designed it as good as possible. – Bjorn]

  71. Keith says:

    Well Bjorn, I stopped by Sam Ash today, mainly to kill time, but when I got there my manager friend Sara said my third TSA30 was there, and we were going to make sure it was okay before I left the store. I took it out of it’s box, which was in much better shape than the last one, hooked it all up, waiting with sweaty anticipation to turn the mains on to see if the master volume was going to be silent, and much to my surpise, with the master at full, and all controls set as normal, not a hint of hiss. I was thrilled, so I grabbed a cord, and a nice strat with CS69s, plugged in, and hit a big E chord. It sounded as though someone forgot to put screws in about half the chassis! I switched cords, and for a moment, I thought, wow it was just a cord, but alas the rattling sound had come back. after a half an hour with my salesman, Joe and I taking turns playing, and listening to various places inside, and out of the amp, we determined the sound to be electronic, and emanating intermittantly from the speaker. They couldn’t believe it, and had really thought I was doing something to make it happen by the second one, but today they realized it wasn’t anything I had done, and gave me every penny back! Looks like I have $600 more than I thought I had saved for that Reeves. Sad, the little amp has such a perfect sound for getting great Gilmour tones, and takes pedals very well, but at a price point of $599, they just couldn’t build the quality into the 30 that they did in the 15, which is plugging along, still sounding great. I suppose I should be very thankful that this particular stores staff and I have a great relationship, as most stores wouldn’t think of giving you your money back 7 months after the original purchase! Talk to y’all soon, have a great weekend!
    Peace, Love, and Gilmourish, KC

    [Hmmm… sorry to hear this but now that you’ve decided on the Reeves, I guess it was for the better. I’m finishing the buyer’s guide on amps and I’ll check with my local store if they’ve had similar experiences. If so, I’ll ditch it from the guide. Thanks again for the updates. – Bjorn]

  72. ruodi says:

    Honey, I shrunk the Mistress! ;-)

  73. Keith says:

    I couldn’t imagine a better comparison! As usual, your ear is perfect. It is a little brighter, which at it’s size, and price wouldn’t bother me at all. However, when you added the OD/ distortion, it mudded up the break up a bit, and sounded a bit harsh. Missed seeing your fingers on the neck though! Thanks for another interesting piece of info, you are my Jedi master!
    Peace, Love, Gilmourish, and God Bless you Mr.Riis! KC

    [Thanks! It is a bit brighter. Sounds great on cleans but I couldn’t get it to work properly on Muffs… Should have recorded that as well… :) – Bjorn]

  74. Bill says:

    I would love to see your review on the triangle buff. I bought the EHX Big Muff Pi 2000 reissue before I learned about your website and have regretted it ever since, but too broke to buy a better clone/vintage muff. This mooer seems alot more obtainble so I would really like to hear your thoughts and hear a demo from you bjorn.

    [I’ll try to do a comparison. Most of the Mooer pedals are very good. – Bjorn]

  75. Mike says:

    Great review and comparison, mine should be coming in the next week or so. Should keep me busy enough until I save up for a Hartman :P

  76. james says:

    Would you go for this over the nano, or for that matter is there another budget version that top this pedal?

    [It’s way better than the Neo. Much closer to the Deluxe. Actually, I haven’t seen that many Mistress clones so this is a safe choice. – Bjorn]

  77. Mikal69 says:

    great quick demo, got one myself about a month back and now lives on my live board (my DEM lives on my giant studio board), I agree that it’s brighter (more like a Hartman or non-deluxe EM) and the sweet spot is around 10:00 and rate 2:00-4:00, but overall, can’t get closer to those Animals/Wall tones without spending alot more. Even the Mooer Triangle Buff does a damn good Muff tone. not as great as some of pricier clones out there, but good enough to have one around. (especially for the $44US i bought each for.)

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