• TC Electronic Alter Ego review

    Rarely have I been this bombarded with questions about a pedal that just hit the market. The new Alter Ego delay is a collaboration between TC Electronics and Pro Guitar Shop designed as an alternative to the already hugely popular Flashback delay with a couple of new additions that caught the attention of us Gilmour fans. Here’s my review.

    One thing that always brings out the sceptic in me is when products are so clearly branded or made for a specific audience. Using Pink Floyd throughout the ad and pictures of David with his Binson is a cheap marketing trick for sure and no doubt that TC and PGS knows this. However, I’ve always had a great respect for TC Electronics. It’s one of the few companies that makes pedals that it’s hard to find anything wrong with. Also, the guys over at PGS are serious when it comes to good tone.


    The Alter Ego is basically a Flashback with two new presets based on a Binson Echorec II and an Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man. Two classic analog delays that has put their unique stamp on countless recordings. The Alter Ego is housed in the same chassis as the Flashback with the same controls for delay (time), regen (repeats), mix and effect mode. There’s also a three-position mini toggle switch for subdivisions. The pedal has true bypass switching and runs on Boss-style 9v adapter. It’s also Toneprint enabled although I don’t think there’s any features for this yet (mine didn’t come with a manual, so I’m not sure how this works).

    Soundwise, the Alter Ego (or Flashback) is a top end delay pedal with a dead silent circuit. There are 11 modes for multiple tones ranging from pristine, studio quality digital delay to classic analog sounding tape warble. An excellent choice when you need different tones for the set and not least, it fits right into a cramped pedal board. But the interesting thing about the Alter Ego is the new Binson and Memory Man settings.

    Binson Echorec II (ER)
I have to admit that I was quite disappointed at first. Perhaps my expectations was too high but the Binson mode has too much modulation for my taste and I still find it hard to get a decent Gilmour tone on a clean signal. Those haunting, almost reverb-like tones just isn’t there. Obviously, it’s hard to do justice to such a complex effect like the Binson with just three controls. If it one day comes to design a dedicated Binson pedal, I hope they see the need for a control controlling the amount of modulation.

    Now, that being said, the Binson mode isn’t made entirely with David’s tones in mind. As the presentation says, the tone is based on PGS’ own Binson unit that has a distinct tape warble. Problem for me, is that the warble sounds a bit artificial, which isn’t surprising since these old units have an organic tone that changes from day to day. Anyway, the effect really comes alive when you add a loud tube amp and a screaming fuzz. At 300ms the warble melts into the sound of the guitar and fuzz and creates a huge ambience. You can really hear those classic Dark Side and Pompeii tones pouring out of the speakers! It’s also possible to get a pretty convincing multiple head effect for the intro on Time.

    Binson mode (300ms) clean tone
    Binson mode (300ms) fuzz tone
    Deluxe Memory Man mode (300ms) clean tone

    Soundclips recorded with a Fender Strat (Fender CS69 neck and mid and Duncan SSL-5 bridge pickups) into a Laney Cub12 with a BK Butler Tube Driver and MJM London Fuzz (red, germanium) mic’ed with a Shure SM57 slightly off center 8″ inches away from cone.

    Deluxe Memory Man (DMM)
    I’ve always been a huge fan of the Memory Man. There’s something about that dark, muddy decay that no other delay unit has managed to replicate. Again, the effect has a bit too much modulation for my taste (I’ve never used the featured chorus on the Memory Man) but it’s much more subtle than the Binson setting.

    Personally I like the Memory Man setting better than the Binson. It’s closer to what I associate with the original effect and it works better for my tones. It has warm, smooth repeats and just a hint of modulation that instantly reminds me of The Edge. While the Binson sounds great with fuzz the Memory Man handles the cleans and milder overdrives (as well as fuzz tones).

    TC 2290 Digital Delay
    The 2290, TC’s legendary delay unit, is also featured in the Flashback and by no means new but it’s worth mentioning in terms of David’s tones. The 2290 has been one of David’s main delay units since 1987.

 The studio quality repeats are hard to match and perfect for the more modern Gilmour sounds and just about anything else. It might be difficult to dial in accurate settings for songs like Another Brick (part 1) and Run Like Hell without any display but a marker pen will do the job. 

    So, is the Alter Ego worth it? For a reasonable $165.00 you’ll get an incredibly versatile delay unit loaded with all the tones you’ll need for your pedal board. This is not a David Gilmour delay pedal and it was never meant to be either but rather a very enthusiastic project between TC and PGS. You could very well just buy the Flashback but the new Binson and Memory Man features are a nice bonus. In terms of more authentic tape delay you can’t really beat a vintage Deluxe Memory Man. There are also a wide range of great sounding units with more controls and tone options like the TRex Replica, Boss RE-20 Space Echo, Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay etc.


See Pro Guitar Shop for more technical details and TC Electronic for more about the Flashback delay.

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  1. Arya Boustani says:

    Hi Bjorn I was wondering if you had a chance to compare Alter Ego with Alter Ego x4 or V2 and basically if you found you can get more convincing echorec II mode out of these newer models compared to original Alter Ego. What about tweeking the parameters in Tone Print? Have you done it to see if you can tame the modulation and tailor it to get closer to DG’s echorec tone?
    I have an alter ego X4 and your input perhaps can help me to save time in figuring things out.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Bjorn says:

      I don’t own one so I can’t really tell. The original one sounded more like a tape simulation with a single head. OK but not a Binson. The new version has better sounds overall but I’m not sure what parameters are available on the Tone Print on these. Sorry…

  2. Simon McGhee says:

    LOVE the work you’ve done with this site! I’m on here pretty much everyday, learning as I go! Question about settings for the TC Alter Ego V2! Would you be able to give me some settings for songs to give me that big soring lead sound that we’re all after? Obviously the Erec, 2290 and MM are the go to choices, but where would I set the Delay Time, Feedback and Level to and also, what subdivide would I use? Quarter Note or Dotted Eighths? AND would I place this infront of the amp or in the loop? Once again keep up the fantastic work and hope to hear from you soo!

    Cheers from Canada!


    • Bjorn says:

      Hi Simon! Thanks for the kind words! As you probably know, David used the Binson Echorec back in the early days and it had a max speed of about 300-310ms. I usually just set up a DAW (Logic, Garageband, AmpliTube or whatever) and match the time settings. You probably want about 6-7 repeats. More than that will often get messy. Don’t worry about the tap function when you set exact delay times.

  3. Pinky says:

    Mine sounded awesome till this happened:


    Not sure if its noather pedal of mine thats “casuing” it, but I have never had an issue with any other pedal, so I’m blaming the Alter Ego. Back it goes/

  4. Matjaž says:

    Bjorn… I cant find enough nice words for this page…. and your reviews are helping me soooo much…. also, the comments bellow are a great source of info for a starting enthusiastic guitar player as me :) Now the question: I got my eyes on a Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter Analog Delay and was wondering what you would say about it, so if you have any experiences with it Ill be glad to hear it.

    Thx again for all the past and future help :)
    Regards Matjaž

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks a lot for your kind words! Glad you enjoy the site :) I’ve tried it only briefly but it sounds really great. Nice analog flavour and the modulation sounds natural.

      • Matjaž says:

        Thx for your answer Bjorn… I think Im gonna try it… and hopefully it will help me get closer to DGs sound :) I have only begun getting the gear together. So far I have a Fender Strat (MiM), a Marshall JTM30 COMBO (I have read on your page that Marshalls arent the best suited for DG sound, but I also read that this model has a great clean channel (unlike most other Marshall amps), so it might work). I also own a OD Marshall BluesBreaker2 that should also cover as a booster for the Muff (that I still need to buy, I think Im gonna go with VIC AUDIO 73 Rams Head, becouse of the great review you gave it) if needed… along with this Ibanez Echo Shifter AD it should be a good starting point for me. Any other tips you have for me before I make a mess out with buyin a lot of crap that I will never use ? :D Thx for everything Bjorn, Regards Matjaž

        • Bjorn says:

          Hi! I was mainly referring to the more modern Marshalls :) The JTM, JCM and similar models works well with Gilmour’s tones. Seems like you’re building a nice setup. I would perhaps add a modulation or two but it depends on what tones you want. Check out this guide for some tips :)

  5. Fino says:

    How bout reviewing the Tc Alter Ego 2?
    It’s the 2nd generation

    [Send me one and I’ll be happy to review it :) – Bjorn]

  6. Anderson says:

    Hi Bjorn:

    You can write an article about TC Eletronic Flashback with some settings to play in Gilmour Style using this pedal?


    [I’ll put it on the to-do list… :) – Bjorn]

  7. Rick says:

    Thank you for giving us all the information to make our rigs sound good. I just bought the TC Electronic Flashback Delay, what would my settings be to get another brick in the wall prt 1 and Run like hell delay Sounds??

    [Use the 2290 mode and set the time control to around noon. To get the right time, you need to play along with the songs and dial in those accurate dotted 8s. Set the volume and feedback at noon or higher. – Bjorn]

  8. christophe says:

    Thanks for your prompt answer, Bjorn!

    So, what is by your opinion, in the TC Flashback delay, the closest setting to old EH Memory Man and to Bison Echorec? “Tape” or “ANALOG”?
    And, aside from those considerations, do you know when David Gilmour started to use the TC 2290?
    I suppose it was created around 1984 (this is the time when The Edge started to use the TC, on Unforgettable fire…) .
    Talking about The Edge, what do you think about the MOD setting on the Flashback or ALter Ego, supposed to be the Tc 2290 with modulation… (The Edge again)… Did you try it with your Lespaul?

    Thanks for you advices…

    Best regards,

    [I guess the Tape or Mod would be the closest. Not sure exactly when David started to use the 2290. It was featured in the Momentary 1987 live rig but he might have used it on the 1986-87 recording sessions as well. – Bjorn]

  9. christophe says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’ve recently bought a TC electronic Alter Ego. Don’ t you think that the “Tape” setting(echoplex EP-3 emulation) does a better job than both “analog” (BBD delays emulation) and “DMM” settings, in order to replicate the old Gilmour binson echorec type of delays?

    What do you use those settings for: “Tape”, then “Analog”, then “DMM” ?


    [I don’t think they did a very good job trying to emulate the Mem Man nor the Binson. You can hear some similarities but it’s more a gimmick I think to be able to slap a new label on the Flashback and make it, initially, an exclusive for PGS. Anyway, I’m mostly using the 2290 DD my self and the tape also works fairly well. – Bjorn]

  10. Gabriele says:

    Hi Björn

    I love your website and trusted your advice several times.
    I’m tempted to upgrade to the EH Deluxe MM but having a Big Muff already I’m quite disappointed with the foot switch which I find very clunky and noisy. We are all striving to get the best sound and then when you turn it on, it makes a horrible clicking sound. TC Electronics switches are a bit better. I haven’t tried the others (T-Rex, El Capstain, …)
    Best, in my opinion are the Boss pedals in this respect but then again they don’t have that nice, warm analog delay sound I’m looking for now…

    Does this not bother you?

    Thanks again for your this site and all the info you share.

    [Thanks for your kind words! The DEM has hardwire bypass, which will pop a bit when you engage. I guess you can mod this and also replace the switch for a better one. I’m no expert on this but do a search for DEM mods and check out some DIY sites for switch options :) – Bjorn]

  11. Mathias says:

    Hi Björn

    I’vd just read all the comments including you review, but I really don’t learned anything. Not because any comments are bad but because is is a subjective thing, – i guess..

    Which delay pedal would you recommend for a 5watt (Lionheart) in house/bedroom?

    Thanks for all you great work

    [Check out the TC Flashback. – Bjorn]

  12. Alex says:

    Hello friend, do you think these pedals, Maxon AD999 Analog Delay and MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay? I’ll get the sounds of Guilmour? I want to ask you to show more delay pedals on your site.
    Thank you very much.

    [I haven’t tried the AD999 so I can’t comment on that but the Carbon is a great pedal and covers David’s 1968-77 tones nicely. For the newer stuff I’d go for a digital unit like the FLashback. I’m working on a delays buyer’s gear guide that’ll be published soon. – Bjorn]

  13. Pete says:

    Dig the review. I wish you had more delay reviews or a more in depth article(s) on delays. They have played an important part of David’s sound over the years, but they seem to just get mentioned.

    [Absolutely. Delay and echo are perhaps the most important effect in David’s arsenal. All of his pedals and rack units are listed in the David Gilmour Gear guide and I’m working on a Buyer’s Gear Guide for delays as well. Hope to have this up in a month or two. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  14. Bo says:

    Poor Bjorn…only guy worthy of playing the Echoric and he can’t even get his hands on one. I’ve almost the notion to send you mine. Though i’m pretty sure it would get “stuck” at customs check-point. What’s the deal Bjorn? Is Catlinbread worried that you’ll torch it in your review? :) Speaking of reviews…the entire world wide web is waiting at baited breath for your Delay Buyers Guide. I for one can’t wait. Peace.

    [Ha ha, well, thank you for the offer :) For some reason Catalinbread has decided not to send me one – even though they’ve promised to do so over and over. Obviously, I won’t pay for the pedal and shipping do to them a favour. That being said, the delay Gear Guide is on it’s way. I haven’t had much time to do as many tests this summer as I planned, since I’ve had to focus on my band, Airbag, but the guide will be up very soon. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  15. I Am The Sea says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    What are your thoughts about the Catalinbread Echorec? what do you think (if you tried that) would be the most common settings for David’s tones? (generally speaking)

    Awesome site, extremely useful as usual

    [I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet. – Bjorn]

  16. Sebastien says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    Have you watched the nex Shnobel comparison between the Memory man deluxe (best binson echorec simulation as you seemed to say), and the malekko Analog 616 Delay?

    They seem very close.

    have you tried it ?



    [Haven’t tried the Malekko my self but it sounds very nice. Need to check it out! – Bjorn]

  17. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, just curious if you’ve had any experience with the fairly new TC Flashback X-4? The day they showed up at my local Sam Ash superstore, they flew off the shelves, and seem to be selling quite well. It’s a huge chunk of board space, but it seems that TC decided to put all of their delay knowledge into one pedal, and it has tap, dotted eighths, toneprint, and all the bells and whistles. I’d try it myself, but hate testing complicated pedals in music shops, as you really need more time, and less Vanmetaldeath in your ear to really evaluate something with that many modes / knobs. Anyone elss checked it out? I’ve made up my mind to go for the Echorec/ DD-20 combo so far, but have to say I’m curious because it’s TC, and has so much.

    [Hi Keith! Sorry for my late reply. I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet but it gets some rave reviews. I’ve been using a single Flashback in my home studio for quite some time and I’m really happy about it. Has that unmistakable TC quality and tone. I’m sure the X4 is awesome. – Bjorn]

  18. Noel says:

    I also have the Alter Ego delay. First of all I assume that those complaining that it is not like the Binson Echorec actually own/actually played one or are they basing it on what DG rtecorded and you are quite sure that was the only signal in the DG recording. I do not have one but so far I do not feel it is too much. I am not also going for the DG sound per se.

    My main gripe about the Echorec Setting is that the modulation is more pronounced next to the DMM which is subtle and they are a click apart. But I also play live and my experience is that what sounds too much playing alone just sounds right when in the mix. Also because the pedal has stereo in and out, it is really meant for effects loop rather then in front of the amp and if if I am not mistaken TC pedals auto range and can take -10Db and +4db . My Ampeg VL-503 has that choice in the back but ti is not Stereo.

    Otherwise it is a great pedal and easier to carry than 2-3 delays and every preset including the toneprints are usable.

    [The Alter Ego is really just a Flashback with a few extra features. The Flashback is a great delay pedal with all the classic TC sounds. I don’t think they succeeded in replicating neither a Binson nor a Mem Man but then again, I don’t they they set out to make the ultimate clone of these either. For certain applications the sounds works OK. – Bjorn]

  19. Ai says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    been haunted by delay dilemma lately hahaha

    Currently got Catalinbread Echorec and RE-20 but a friend selling me a DD-2 for a good price.

    Which one will you choose as a keeper between echorec and Space Echo? (hopefully you’ve tried both) because If I take the DD2 I think I have to get rid one of them because two delays would be more than enough in my board hehe

    Cheers, cant wait for your delay buyer’s gear guide soon :)

    [Well, I’d keep all three but the RE20 is more versatile than the Echorec I think. – Bjorn]

  20. sebastien says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    What would be your advice as an alternative to the very expensive Trex replica ?

    Goudie Fx delay (about to get one used)? Wampler FAux Analog delay (or faux tape delay)? Mojohand recoil?
    Mxr carbon copy?

    Or Boss DM-2 type of delays: Retrosonic Analog delay / BYOC Analog Delay…

    Thanks for your help , I’m stuck into that jungle of Analod type of delays….

    Looking for something capable of giving me great vintage delays (Pink floyd echorec type, and also Echoplex 3 type of delays …. )

    Best regards,


    [I haven’t tried all of the these but check out the Catalinbread Echorec, MXR Carbon Copy or MojoHand Recoil for start. The TRex Reptile is very similar too. Not as smooth and warm but well worth it. If you want to go all budget, check out the EHX Mem Boy. – Bjorn]

  21. David D says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I was looking at the TC Electronic Nova Delay Pedal. It seems very good with alot of cool settings. I was wondering, is the tape delay feature on it good to replicate the older binson delays? Or should I buy an EH deluxe memory man with it too?

    Thanks alot.

    [I think it works nicely. – Bjorn]

  22. uwe says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    What would be your choice among Catalinbread echorec, T rex replica, or EH mamory man, in order to replicate the WYWH, meddle, DSOTM, BINSON ECHOREC DELAYS?

    Will you make a review about the catalinbread, and have you watche the PGS video on Youtube?



    [The Catalinbread is perhaps the most Echorec-ish of the three but I don’t think it quite nails the smooth reverb-like echo David’s using. The TRex is superb but you should also consider the old Deluxe Memory Man. The new reissues doesn’t sound as warm and analog. – Bjorn]

  23. Manuel says:

    who has the ALTER EGO manual? please

  24. Yoel says:

    Hey Bjorn!

    I picked up the Flashback as per your request, and it’s pretty good! The 2290 delay I use almost exclusively, it’s perfect for more modern Gilmour stuff, like a jack of all trades for just about every album from The Wall-present. However, I’m having some real trouble getting those older Binson sounds out of it. Ive gone through a few TonePrints; the EP-3 one, the Tape Echo one, and I’m soon gonna try the Space Echo. But each one just doesn’t work. I know the Binson has a repeat mode, and I’m not really sure how to dial that in to the Flashback, plus, when I play, it just sounds like a decaying digital delay, it doesn’t have that deep reverb like sound. Do I turn the delay up? The feedback? The mix? I think I’m just using it wrong, your help is highly appreciated! Thank you sir! Cheers!

    [I think the closest you’ll be able to get is by using the Tape mode. The settings depends on how your guitar, amp and other pedals sound. The Binson is very hard to replicate. Especially with digital sims and general tones. If the tape mode isn’t enough, then check out the Catalinbread Echorec or go for one of the better sounding analog echo units like the MXR Carbon Copy, TRex Replica or MojoHand Recoil. – Bjorn]

  25. sebastien says:

    Hello and Thanks for the explanations.

    Digging further,I ‘ve noticed that you mentioned the MXR digital delay as the main delay unit in the Division Bell section.

    Is it something closer to the TC 2290? And do we know what was the main delay for the album recording, between MXR / DD2 / Tc electronics ? (Pulse tones seem to all have the TC 2290 as a common ground).



    [There are very few confirmed sources for the sessions but I think he mostly used a DD2 and alternated between the MXR and TC. He probably used some digital studio delay as well. The MXR is digital but has a warm analog tone, much like the DD2. The 2290 is much cleaner and pristine. You could use either tough to get the same result. – Bjorn]

  26. sebastien says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    i’m the owner of a GoudieFx delay, which is much similar to the CMATMODS one; they are Technically speaking digital delays, but they sound like warm and analog, vintage delays.

    i’m looking for a type of delay that would be used for Division Bell type of tones. I’ve seen that the delay used for that album was BOSS DD-2, which is supposed to be a digital delay . that said, every guitar forum says, it is as warm as a vintage delay.

    So, what would be your advice for the ideal division Bell delay, knowing that I don’t like delays with ten knobs (eventide, Nova delay, etc…)…. Is the DD-2 the ideal compagnion or are there any True bypass clones (are the Mooer pedals repeater or Reecho, appropriate delays. Knowing that mooere stuff is modelisation I think…).

    thanks for your help,



    [I think the ideal delay for that era would be a programable unit like the Nova, DD20, Eventide etc. Depends on how much you want to cover but David used quite a lot of different time settings during the 1980-90s, which would be hard to replicate and setup on a unit without a display and storing. Still, if you don’t want to go down that alley I’d consider the DD2. I swear by it for most of my tones. It’s a pristine digital delay with a warm, smooth tone. You should be able to track one down on EBay. Check out the TC Flashback as well. It has a 2290 mode, which was David’s main unit during the era. The Mooer delays are too noisy IMO. – Bjorn]

  27. Martin says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    just an addition to the tape delay topic: The El Capistan has got an “analog dry through” feature, so the original signal is not processed digitally like in many other digital delay units. Only the repeats are digital. I read the TC Flashback had this feature, when the famous Nova Delay didn’t. This is also something I’d like to know about the Catalinbread Echorec.


    [Thanks for the input! – Bjorn]

  28. Keith says:

    What kills me is the two echo units I’m interested in, are not available anywhere but the web. I like to play pedals, or at least have someone I trust review them first. That’s why I haven’t ordered the Echorec yet. I’m waiting for Bjorn to review it, and if it’s not exactly what they say, it’s the El Capistan. Bjorn, are there other Tape echo style pedals that are as good as the strymon? Is the Supa Puss any good? What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow?

    [You tell me… :) The Capistan is awesome and although I haven’t tried the Echorec yet I have very strong doubts that it will beat the Capistan tonally… I might be wrong. The Empress Superdelay is also worth checking out. I don’t own neither of these but have played them enough to say that they’re probably the best sounding tape delays I’ve tried. – Bjorn]

  29. Norm says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Would I be better of with a Catalinbread ECHOREC or a TC Flashback – is there much difference between them. Also would you recommend the memory man over these .. Thanks

    [They’re two completely different pedals. The Echorec does analog echo and nothing more. You can use it to replicate digital delays as well but it doesn’t sound quite right. The Flashback has several tones and modes and allow you to dial in both analog echo, although not as good sounding as the Echorec, and a variety of pristine, digital delays. The Flashback is definitely more versatile. The Mem Man is a great sounding analog echo. – Bjorn]

  30. Keith says:

    Hey Buddy, I was thinking about my chain, I think you have a good idea ehat I have, and where I have it from the recent email about setting up the board I sent a picture of. You told me that the chain should be Cymbaline, Fuzzface, wah, dynacomp, etc… I don’t have it right in front of me, but I’m pretty sure that is the way you said to set up the first 3, with dustortion, booster, mods, volume, delays, rotary, amp. Is that correct? If so, the script Dynacomp is buffered, and my question is: Is that too close to the JH-F1 for a buffered compressor? Do I have that wrong? Was the compressor first? I think you said dynacomp after wah. Anyway, will having a true bypass wah between the FF, and comp keep me from having issues of a buffer too close to a fuzz? If there is a better place for the comp, where? And lastly, where would you suggest putting a UniVibe, we never covered that. My guess is eithet between volume, and delays, or between delays, and rotary? I’ll let you be the judge of that, as until I get my board wired, I really won’t have the time, or energy to keep hooking up 15 pedals on my Bedroom floor!

    Thanks for everything you do! Each time I think the site couldn’t get any better, it does. Except the power supply contest could go,hahaha!
    Thanks again Obi-Wan, Keith

    [Hi Keith! Sorry for my late reply. As far as I know, the ’76 Dyna has hardwire bypass. No buffers. You can place it safely near any fuzz pedals. The only way to be sure how it and other pedals affects the fuzz circuit is to try different combinations. I prefer having modulations after the gains. That ensures the true tone. However, you should experiment with placing them first as well and maybe that’ll suit your ears and rig better. Although Hendrix got some really cool tones with fuzz and UniVibe, it really sounds best with either cleans or just a very mild breakup. – Bjorn]

  31. Deny Bisson says:

    Hi Bjorn, I followed your advice and get the Nova Delay. This is exactly what I needed and I’m very happy with this choice. I also get the Deluxe Electric Mistress and love it too.

    The new signal chain is :
    MXR Dynacomp, EHX Bass Big Muff, Boss BD-2, MXR ’74 Vintage Phase 90, Deluxe Electric Mistress, Mooer Trelicopter, MXR Carbon Copy, Noval Delay, L output is into Hiwatt DR-103 (4×12) and R output in Line6 AX2-212 (rotary speaker).

    On KitRae’s website, in Run Like Hell delay’s setting section, it is explained that 2 delays can be set in parallel. One set for tripplet (380 ms) one for quarter note (507 ms). If I set the Nova Delay rate at 507 ms, dual delay mode (subdivision) quarter note + eight note triplets, will it acheive the same results?

    Thanks for comments,

    [Sounds about right. Set it up and try it. PULSE is a great example. You can hear the two different delay settings clearly. You can also just setup one with 380ms. It’s not as huge sounding but it works fine. – Bjorn]

  32. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, since I got the battery thing started, I have one more question. Do you notice any difference between Carbon, and Alkaline in the ’76 Dynacomp? It too is battery only.
    Thanks, KC

    [I haven’t noticed any difference really. Perhaps a tad warmer… try and hear for your self. I guess it also depends on what other pedals you use with the Dyna. – Bjorn]

  33. Keith Clarke says:

    Bjorn, since my Deluxe Mistress is 24 volts, I need a dedicated outlet for it on my board. I’ve decided, for lack of knowledge of anything better, or anything with all the features of the VooDoo that’s less expensive, to go with the VooDoo power pro plus 2, it has 8 outs to cover all of my 9 volt stuff, and a 110 receptacle for the Mistress, and sounds as though it’s pretty well isolated, and protected. But it is kind of expensive. Is there a viable alternative you could suggest, or am I on the right track? Also, I checked, and that Version 6 Muff is likely from around 1980, and $349.00US according to what I could find, is a little high for that particular version. However, there are so many variables with the v6, I need to look inside the pedal before I try to talk them down, or walk away.
    Peace my friend, and Jedi Master, Ebb

    [The Voodoos are great. How about the Carl Martin Pro Power? – Bjorn]

  34. Martin says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    another question on batteries: How about the Phase 90 (74 reissue) – is there a difference between adaptor, alkaline batteries and carbons?


    [The 74 script reissue doesn’t have adapter input so you’d have to use battery. Carbons makes it sounds warmer. – Bjorn]

  35. Bryce says:

    While we’re on the subject of batteries, do you think wah’s sound better with batteries? Or does it not matter for them so much?

    [I haven’t noticed a difference on mine. – Bjorn]

  36. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, went to John’s house,( the guy who doesn’t charge nearly enough for his boards.), and laid everything out, and got an email that it’s already being built! Anyway, it will be ready, paid for, and set up in a couple of weeks. I may have a question or two about my chain, but looks as though the Gear Gallery will finally get a look at Cymbaline in the very near future!
    Peace, love, and Gimourish, Keith

    [Great! Looking forward to it! – Bjorn]

  37. Stephen Ford says:

    Could never be sold on the footprint. The design is just an insane space hog. At the time it was designed it was not known that floor space would become an issue for guitarist but it would be great for them to offer the original enclosure or a MXR sized enclosure now.
    With that said I have issues with them saying “True to the Original” because unless they are getting all NOS parts even parts with the same values will effect the tone. There are many amazing boutique fuzzes out there that my guess hold even more true to the original, as they hunt for some of those NOS stock parts which Dallas Arbiter isn’t willing to spend the extra overhead on since they already have the name to sell their product. Many of the new Fuzz Faces are great sounding but not the only option for great Fuzz Tone in my book.

    Man, the cats meow for Hendrix fans IMHO is the Captian Coconut…but it comes with the price tag for it:) The issue with Hendrix, like Gilmour is that he used many fuzzes both Germanium and Silicone. I like my 3 knob MJM London Fuzz but I have to say I have yet to try other instant classics such as the Analogman Sun fuzz with the NOS British Germanium transistors. One thing I have come to realize often after you get the Marshall Plexi and the perfect Germanium Fuzz Face you often are still missing the tone and that is due to two other pedals you are missing. The Octavio (or clone there of) and the Vibe pedal. Even in some tunes where you are not conscious of the vibes presence, it is in there. Once I got my first vibe hooked up with a Fuzz I realized that the sound I had been missing had finally appeared.

    My thinking is get a 2 MXR sized fuzzes (1 germanium one silicon) and you will still have more room left over on your board with the same if not better Hendrix fuzz tones.


  38. Keith says:

    Hey there, this one’s for everyone: Has anyone tried the new 70th Anniversary Hendrix Fuzzface? MXR says it’s 100% true to the original Dallas -Arbiter Fuzzface Hendrix used. I would love to not gave the footprint of my JH-F1 on the board I’m having built. Or, if I’m better iff sticiking with the F1, can’t I just reverse the in, and out, it’s absurd, and inconvenient being backwards!
    Thanks, please answer if you’ve tried it, Keith

  39. Stephen Ford says:

    I have found that the Skreddy Lunar Module Deluxe does well on dc power as well as the Top Tone DG-2 and the MJM London Fuzz (germanium). I guess there may be a slight improvement on the London Fuzz but with the 3 knob bias version it seems to do fairly well on supplied power. I also find that the Royal Beaver does pretty well on DC…any thoughts on that Bjorn, did you run yours on batteries?…I know you had one on your board for some time.

    [I prefer the London Fuzz on battery. The Royal Beaver is a modern circuit and runs fine on adapter. Most Muffs do anyway. I haven’t tried the Lunar Module but I don’t think that’s a pure vintage circuit is it? I’m no expert on this and I can’t really tell why some pedals sound better with non-alkaline batteries but my Powerboost, Sun Face 108/109, Fuzz Phrase, London Fuzz, original ram’s head… think that’s about it… all sound considerably smoother and warmer with battery. Mind though, these pedals really need to be placed far away from buffers and digital stuff. Preferably without any of them in the line. A simple chain of 2-3 pedals, short cables, carbon batteries and vintage pickups will allow this pedals to really blossom :) – Bjorn]

  40. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, one more question! I believe I mentioned I found a local guy who makes the most beautiful, and innovative pedal boards, and I remember you mentioning which pedals are best used with carbon batteries instead of power supplies. Which pedals sound better with batteries? Is it just vintage fuzz pedals like the bc-108 fuzzface, or are there other pedals I should be using batteries in?
    Thanks buddy, Keith of the poor memory :)

    [I prefer non-alkaline or Heavy Duty carbon batteries in all vintage circuit fuzz, boosters, overdrives and some Big Muffs. They just sound smoother and warmer. Vintage circuits would be vintage pedals you buy used/NOS or clones like the SUn Face, Powerbooster etc. – Bjorn]

  41. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, and Stephen, After talking to Stephen, and checking out the El Capistan, I know what my next pedal will be should the Echorec not be all it’s cracked up to be! The reviews make it look very enticing, and the price is right, but I will definitely wail for your review Bjorn. Either way, glad there’s a great alternative to the Caitlinbread should you not give it the big thumbs up!
    Thanx guys, KC

  42. Keith says:

    As usual, I am off the topic of this comment section, but yesterday I saw an early ’90s? Version 6 muff for $349 US, can you tell me a little about the V6, and if that price is reasonable?
    Thanks Obi-Wan, you’re my hero! hehe:) Uncle Ebb

    [Hi Keith. Check out Kit Rae’s Big Muff site. There you’ll find all you need to know about each model, including the V6 :) – Bjorn]

  43. Stephen Ford says:

    Over the Empress, check out the Strymon El Capistan. I have both and I definitely get better tape echo sim from the El Capistan.

  44. John Stone says:

    Thanks for getting back to me. The EHX.com | Deluxe Memory Man – Analog Delay/Chorus/Vibrato … seems to me to be the Cadillac of pedals for this application.
    My grandson and protégé found a couple but the echo-rec style device was separate from the harmonix model in the one he looked at. I was concerned about the “get something that does the one thing well, not two or more things half assed.” if the Memory Man gets it then I’ll go with it. Maybe buy it at Sam Ash where i got my SG back when so i can return it if I have to. if you have any further suggestions I would love to hear from you. Thanks again.

    [Well, nothing can really sound exactly like those old machines. They were unique and it would take about the same, complicated circuit to get that tone but the Mem Man has long been considered the best alternative. You might also want to check out the Empress Superdelay. – Bjorn]

  45. John Stone says:

    Great review. I used the original Echo-Rec in the 60s and am looking to get one now and was wondering: Which pedal would you get first, the Binson, the TEC or the DD20. I’ve been wanting an Echo-Rec for as long as I can remember but if there is a better pedal out there and considering that they all only mimic the analog signal in their operation, I have to bow to someone who has used them all. Anything you could suggest will be helpful. Thanks.

    [As I’m sure you are aware, the old Echorecs are both quite rare and extremely expensive. Not many knows how to service them anymore either. For stand alone pedals, I think the old Deluxe Memory Man is perhaps the pedal that captures the vibe of the Binsons the best. Few pedals can beat that warm, analog tone. The TC Nova also has a wide range of different tones and storing options and you can easily tweak it for some nice, vintage tones. You should also check out the new Echorec pedal from Catalinbred. Seems like they’ve managed to crack the code of those Binsons :) – Bjorn]

  46. Deny Bisson says:

    Thanks Bjorn for prompt reply, I’ll get one shortly. This was also my first thought. From A/B testing clips I have heard on Youtube, I prefer Nova’s tone. However the DD-20 has some cool feature too.

    Form all the reading on this site, I guess I should reserve the Carbon Copy for Binson’s era tones and the Nova for Digital Delay’s era.

    Can you tell how you would set the Caborn Copy?

    [That seems like a good way to go. It’s been a few years since I last owned a Carbon Copy so I can’t really provide any settings. In general, delays and echoes should be set up to match your rig and playing. Time settings are fixed, but feedback and level often varies depending on how loud you play, in what environment and acoustics you play in and what other pedals you use with the delay. That being said, David mostly had his Binson setup for 300ms and 7-8 repeats. – Bjorn]

  47. Deny Bisson says:

    Hi Bjorn, this is my first post at Gilmourish!

    I am reading your articles for years now and must admit I have not read everything yet. Thank you for the massive information on David gearing and settings.

    I’m actually building my first pedal board and I need your opinion on digital delay selection. I am considering the Boss DD-20 or the TC ND-1 Nova Delay. Which one should I choose considering my following rig:

    EHX Bass Big Muff, Boss BD-2 (coming), MXR Dynacomp, MXR ’74 Vintage Phase 90, Mooer Trelicopter, MXR Carbon Copy, (DD Delay), split wet signal into Hiwatt DR-103 (4×12) and Line6 AX2-212 (dedicated as rotary speaker only). I am also considering the addition of EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress. I may use my actual Line6 POD HD500 multi effect with the pedal board too.

    Any comments are welcome!

    [Thanks for your comment! I would go for the Nova. Great pedal with lots of different tones and options. I may too… Try placing the compressor first in your chain. That’ll produce a more natural compression if your use it with the gain pedals :) – Bjorn]

  48. Bryce says:

    Hi Bjorn, I was wondering what you think of the Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay? I have one but have not fully explored it yet. It does sound good, but the one thing I really wish it could do was self oscillate. I know that sounds minor but I use that effect quite a bit in my band’s freakout moments and I have yet to find it in me to take my trusty memory man off my board because of this.

    [I’ve only tried it briefly so I can’t really help… sorry. Anyone? – Bjorn]

  49. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, you skipped over my only post that had anything of any importance in it. Don’t make me go all “You know who” on you! Hehe! It’s about speakers, impedence, and volume in 4×12 versus 2×12 cabinets. Perhaps you missed it, or saved it for something you were going to write about. I just wanted to make sure you saw it. :)
    Thanks for all you do, talk to you in 2013!!! Keith

    [Sorry about that Keith. I’ve answered it now… :) Happy new year BTW! Hope you had a nice celebration :) – Bjorn]

  50. Keith says:

    Any idea when the new Echorec pedal review will hit Gilmourish? Terribly interested!
    Peace,K~ :)

    [Still on the waiting list… – Bjorn]

  51. Oscar says:

    Nice review! (Once again)
    Bjorn, im looking for some delay pedals atm. And i know that the TC Nova Delay ND1 is very good, but they made an modified Nova called TC Electronic Nova Delay iB Modified, Haven’t tried it yet and i wonder if u know if its better then the ND1 or worse. //Best regards Oscar

    [Hi haven’t tried the iB, so I can’t really tell. I don’t think it’s less of a delay pedal though.. – Bjorn]

  52. Chris V. says:

    Greetings fellow gilmour fans and guitar lovers! I am currently at point zero with my pedals and since christmas is coming im thinking about building up my pedalboard. The delay has always been a favorite guitar effect of mine (as is the reverb) so I heard about this pedal and was considering of buying it. I will have to admit that your review has discouraged me at some point. Therefore I would like to ask wether you have any sudgestions for a good delay pedal as it is my first buy. Note that i play mostly blues and jazz when jamming and covers of Floyd of course and many other bands and a little bit of metal (rarely).My budget is 250 $ max unless you have something to offer that is cheaper and is worth its price. Thanks!

    [Hi Chris! Depends on what tones you want. The Alter Ego, and the similar Flashback, has lots of different tones on board, making it a versatile delay/echo pedal. I also recommend that you check out the TC Repeater or Nova, or the Boss DD20 for even more tones and storing options. – Bjorn]

  53. Tony says:

    It will be interesting to see what your take of the Catalinbread Echorec is. Personally, I’m pretty blown away.

    [Hope to have one soon :) – Bjorn]

  54. João says:


    I’m curious about this one!


    [Looking forward to check it out! – Bjorn]

  55. james says:

    they release it a few days prior to your comment Pietro, its was on the proguitarshop.com. Alas, its sold out now though I got one ordered beforehand. Bjorn email me if you wanna use it for a review.

    [Thanks James but I have one on the way :) – Bjorn]

  56. Pietro Navetta says:

    It appears that catalinbread are about to release an Echorec inspired pedal


    Apologies if this has been posted before

    [Looking forward to this and hope to have a review up soon. – Bjorn]

  57. Matthias says:

    Hi Bjorn, I noticed that the repeats of my T-REX Replica are low in volume. I compared to the BOSS DD2, which has a volume knob for the feedback level. The REPLICAs level knob doesn’t set the repeats louder, but the whole setup. I know the REPLICA is a first class delay, but why is it not possible to set the repeats higher in volume? Best regards, Matthias

    [The Level sets the master output while the Echo sets the level of teh repeats. – Bjorn]

  58. jon says:

    Been burning through delays here… First a TRex, then Timeline, DMM Vintage, dd2 and dd3’s. Finally got the Nova Delay, and it BLOWS AWAY all of them. Only thing that wins is a Ibanez AD-230. That is the Holy Grail.
    18 MN3004 panasonic chips!! Cheers

    [Great sounding delay indeed! – Bjorn]

  59. Karl says:

    I wish I had read your review before I purchased two of these ‘Alter Ego’ pedals. As always your articles are superb.
    The ‘Alter Ego’ does sound great, but does not have the qualities I had hoped for. I guess I will just have to keep listening to ‘Airbag’, ‘Porcupine Tree’ and my old ‘Pink Floyd’ collection and dream on.

    [Check out the TRex Replica or Strymon El Capistan for classic tape sounds :) Cheers! – Bjorn]

  60. AudioExMachina says:

    A quick info for those of you interested into the original Echorec project: I’ve recently published a web page called “the Echorec Bible” containing tech specs for 38 different Binson Echorec models. More data will be added as time permits. Bjorn, if URLs are allowed here, the Echorec Bible is at http://audioexmachina.wordpress.com/the-audioexmachinas-echorec-bible/

    Thank you.

    [Thanks for sharing! I’ve added a link on the Links page. – Bjorn]

  61. Evan says:

    I honestly think if you can’t get the tape delay sound you want from Strymon’s El Capistan, you’re either not trying hard enough or you’re never gonna find it. Very thorough modeling with an absurd amount of control over the fine details of the sound.

    I own or have owned most of the delays mentioned on this page and the Cap is my favorite to date. That said, certain pedals, like a vintage Memory Man, are completely singular and haven’t been replicated digitally. But if you need more versatility, better bypass and tap tempo, the Cap is a stellar choice for analog-style sounds.

    [Thanks for the tip! I will check it out! – Bjorn]

  62. Stephen Ford says:

    Don’t forget to mention the Strymon ElCapistan! Also a great choice…I prefer it over the Empress, though they are both awesome!


  63. Dominic says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    I’m just thinking about getting one of those RE-20 Echoes by Boss/Roland to nail David’s Pompeii Tones. But I’m wondering if it’s a good idea especially in combination with a Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz. I know David used Fuzz Faces during that period, but I’m using the Musket to stay more flexible. Your opinion to the RE-20?

    [A great pedal no doubt. Very warm and organic sounding. Other, similar models would be the TRex Replica, the vintage EHX Deluxe Memory Man (probably as close as you’ll get to the old Binson tones), Empress Superdelay and it’s also worth checking out the MXR Carbon Copy… But, as I said, the RE20 is an excellent choice! – Bjorn]

  64. Toni says:

    Under the risk of being eternally banned from Gilmourish for ever more… I ask: what about line 6 M13 delays? I think that some of those delays into the Line 6 M13 are good choices. Please, don’t judge me too hard… ; )

    Jokes apart, just to give you more info about my preferences and tastes, my current pedalboard consists of:

    Wah: Dunlop Dime Cry Baby from hell
    Phaser: MXR EVH Phase 90
    Overdrive 1: BK Butler Tube Driver
    Big Muff: Jam Pedal’s Red Muck
    Distortion: Blackstar HT Dual
    Overdrive 2: Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808
    Overdrive 3: Colorsound Power Boost
    Rotary speaker simulator: Boss RT-20
    Delays, Reverbs, Noise Gate, Tuner: Line 6 M13

    Plus currently out of the pedalboard:
    Flanger: Boss BF3
    Chorus: MXR ZW38 Black Label Chorus
    Delay: Boss DD3

    My doubt is about those delays from the Line 6 M13.
    I like them but I’m considering to replace the Line 6 M13 mainly because of the terrible space it demands compared to the boss DD3, and also because it needs a single suitcase just for the line 6 M13. If I kick out the Line 6 M13 I should buy a polytune mini tuner but that’s ok (and extremely necessary!).

    Cutting short: I’d like to know your opinion about those line 6 M13 delays.

    Thanks and sorry for being so long!


    [Actually, Tony, I think the Line 6 delays are quite good. Apart from the digital and tape sims, there are some really cool sounds to experiment with. To get the same patch and storing possibilities as well as the tones, you could check out the TC Nova and Eventide Timefactor. Still, apart from its big size, I think you’re set tonewise. – Bjorn]

  65. Hunter says:

    Hi bjorn,
    Great article, by the way. I was wondering if you could answer a question about the delay. I have a flashback and there is a tape mode, analog mode, and a modulated mode. I’m confused as to which modes apply to which gilmour eras and essentially which ones to use for which albums etc.
    Thank you very much!

    [You could use either for all eras but a good rule of thumb is analog or tape 1968-75 and digital 1977 to present. – Bjorn]

  66. Steve says:

    Does it bear repeating that with an old reel-to-reel tape deck ($100-$150 for a mid-to-high-grade consumer version in great condition) and a mixer . . . you can have real tape echo and not a digital copy? That’s my setup. Useless for gigging of course, and for that price you won’t get one with a tube pre-amp (though I feed mine with a tube DI anyway), and limited delay choices (two speeds, though you can jimmy something to get longer delays – although on mine one of the speeds is very natural-sounding and Gilmourish) . . . and the sound is divine!

    [Nice! – Bjorn]

  67. jon says:

    “To answer to JON T-REX Replica problem.
    I had the same problem and i realized that this was happended because i din’t feeded correctly the pedal with my pp2 plus (Voodoo labs). It runs at 12 V but requires more Amperes that a normal pedal.

    [I didn’t think of that… I had the same problem with mine once and realized the 9V/12V selection switch on the TRex Fuel Tank was set for 9V. Sounded way too dirty. It needs 12V for the right voltage and headroom. – Bjorn]”
    Thanks for the input guys. I did use the supplied T-REX power supply that came with the pedal. I did not take the bottom off the pedal, as I assumed that if it ships with its own power supply, then it should not have to be “configured” to work properly. Nonetheless there were some other weird poltergeist phenomenons. Such as a loud burst of white noise when tapping the tap tempo. The pedal is nice, but overpriced and laden w/ too many bugs in my opinion. If they “upgrade” the pedal to address these issues or put a toggle to be able to switch between that dirty sound on the long repeats, then I may revisit. I did get a DD-2, and it is very nice. There is a modulation and a hi cut mod that turns the DD-2 pedal into a near clone of the Cornish TES.

    [Hmmm… I would suspect that you got a fault item… – Bjorn]

  68. Rory says:

    Just got the Strymon El Capistan, and can say it is very musical. They have suggested settings for a bright drum echo, and I thought it quite good. I’m going to run it side-by-side with the Alter Ego and see if I can duplicate the sound, then dial out some of the warble. I like the EchoRec Alter Ego sound for certain things, but clearly the ProGuitarShop unit needed service. The El Capistan has the nice pillowy sound I was looking for in a tape delay. The TC Toneprint pedals are really great, but the Strymon El Cap and Lex are just amazing.

    [+1! – Bjorn]

  69. Andrea says:

    I’d like to buy this pedal and compare it to my Binson Echorec II.
    Anyway I study computer science and one of my dreams is to reproduce the sound of an Echorec in a real digital way

  70. Ricardo Almeida says:

    To answer to JON T-REX Replica problem.
    I had the same problem and i realized that this was happended because i din’t feeded correctly the pedal with my pp2 plus (Voodoo labs). It runs at 12 V but requires more Amperes that a normal pedal.

    [I didn’t think of that… I had the same problem with mine once and realized the 9V/12V selection switch on the TRex Fuel Tank was set for 9V. Sounded way too dirty. It needs 12V for the right voltage and headroom. – Bjorn]

  71. jon says:

    I just spent a whopping $10 US on a PB&J pedal today, and recommend this Danelectro PB&J delay pedal for those looking for a DMM or a delay that modulates in a non-chorusing manner (like a filtered fading phasor). You MUST mod the pedal by taking out a resistor, but the time spent yields a great result. I am a delay snob, and as you can see returned the top shelf delay T-Rex back. I enjoy the sound of the PB&J more than the T-R. The T-Rex has a GREAT buffer and converters, but the delay engine to me is nothing exceptional. I have Roland RE 501, Ibanez AD220, Korg AD8000, Korg SDD2000, Eventide H8000, and many others high quality delays, but for 10-20 dollars US, you can have a fantastic little delay That sounds better than the Alter Ego’s warble. Look up the mod on Youtube. Cheers.

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  72. Tomas says:

    I luckily bought a Boss unit from 80s (made in Japan) for a few bucks, it is the micro-rack series Boss RPD-10 Panning digital delay. It has a fabulous clean and very organic sound, acts more like a studio grade unit. If it breaks down I will buy another one :)

  73. jon says:

    I have a Roland RE-501 tape echo, and the repeat trails on that are the most beautiful I have ever heard. I was really hoping the T-Rex was going to have the same type of clean warm smooth decaying trails, but they are much dirtier, and get very gritty on the long way out. I do a lot of ambient music, and was really looking for a floor pedal that could take the place of a 25 pound tape echo, and provide clean non sterile warm decaying repeats. I am really back to square one. Several choices to me are the Empress VMSD, Cornish TES, and the TC nova. In fact the reason I retired my Ibanez AD 220 was due to size / weight, and the bucket brigade sound on long drawn out repeats. I have an Eventide H8000 that is great, but a beast to transport. Any ideas for this?

  74. jon says:

    My NEW T-Rex is acting up very bad.. the repeats do not stay clean after the 3 repeat, and it grows in a very gritty element to the tone on each repeat, like a bucket brigade chip, but almost distorted. If I kick the time up past 1 oclock the thing go really weird and samples the sound in a ver very odd manner like a hiccup and not at all musical. I may have to send it back. I expected STUDIO quality repeats like a old dd2 but richer. Now I am thinking I should just buy a Pete Cornish TES.

    [Hmm… That’s strange. To my knowledge, the circuit is the same. I don’t know what you’re experience with the Replica is but it’s really nothing like the DD2. It’s much darker with a slightly dirty decay. I don’t think you can compare the two. Keep in mind that if you’re using the internal gain stage of your amp you need to place the delays in the effects loop. Otherwise, the repeats will be all distorted. Also, the TRex will distort slightly if you increase the level beyond unity with bypass. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the pedal but perhaps you were looking for something else? – Bjorn]

  75. jon says:

    Hello Bjorn, just got my new T-Rex, and it sounds very nice for a pedal. Thanks for the recomendation.

    It is the new version with a Level on the side, and metal mini toggles instead of black plastic. Only one complaint, it says MADE IN TAIWAN! A little shocked I am about this. I have to say that my Ibanzez AD220 is still insanely rich when compared to this delay. Nonetheless it is nice to have a high quality noise free pedal.

    [Tear off the sticker and listen to its tone :) – Bjorn]

  76. Davide says:

    having an echorec I would say that this pedal does not sound like the original…
    is not even remotely comparable IMHO
    there’s too much warble… in a good echorec there’s no warble repeats…
    regards D.

    [That’s the whole problem. They designed the tone based on a fucked up unit… – Bjorn]

  77. Steve says:

    My wife bought me one of those Boss FB2 Feedbacker/Boosters for Christmas. Haven’t used the Feedback feature much as sadly due to nearby sleeping children I’m currently reduced to a “headphone only” studio, and this thing needs to “hear” a speaker to do proper feedback (must have an on-board mic or something).

    But it has replaced my BD-2 as the “Muff-smoother” part of my signal chain – it’s a very clean transparent boost and you can dial in (or out) the amount of mid-scoop – in my case i set it flat and it just seems to open up the Muff (ahem!) better than my old BD-2 did.

    [A pedal that opens up a Muff? I need to get my hands on that one LOL! Cheers! – Bjorn]

  78. Mouloudo says:

    Hey Bjorn, nice review as usual.

    I discovered a new Boss pedal the FB2 wich works as a booster but also as a natural feedbacker, it might be interesting for people trying to get feedback on room amps at any volume, especially for that gilmour tone on tracks like Sorrow or empty spaces ^^

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  79. Rory says:

    One suggestion I have regarding input buffers for delays is to try an Xotic EP-Boost in front of whatever delay you are using. As it is the preamp stage of an Echoplex, you get a nice warm buffered sound to work with. Just like Bjorn suggests with the Boss BD-2 or Colordrive. I use either the BD-2 or the EP-Boost all the time as they seem to add a special warmth and presence. The EP_Boost is very clean (no added overdrive), while the BD-2 can get really overdriven to fuzzy.

  80. jon says:

    Sorry to go balistic (last question) here Bjorn, but what would be your choice between the T-Rex Replica and the TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay – iB Modified (not the normal TC Nova)?
    Cheers and thanks for all the fish!

    [Depends on what you’re looking for. The Replica is a single tone unit based on the warm, analog Memory Man. The ND has multiple tones, banking and a display. I don’t think the ND quite manages to capture the same warmth and analog flavour as the Replica but it does have some of the best tones on the market. Replica might be a bit limiting if you’re looking for one unit to cover everything. I use several delay units but if you’re just looking for one then the ND is probably the best way to go. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  81. jon says:

    Hello all, Just a thought here, as I know this is about the TC Alter Ego, but would’nt it be better to just purchase their TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay – iB Modified. It seems as thought the input buffer makes the pedal sound much better, and the delay has a lot of functionalities that the Alter Ego does not offer. Seems like a great possiblity to get the warmth of the T-Rex, and the many sounds of other delays like the Roland SE. Unless of course it is sterile sounding, and that I do not know.

    [Definitely. It’s a bit more expensive so it might not suit all budgets but in addition to the great tones you get to bank presets and there’s a handy display for those accurate time settings. – Bjorn]

  82. jon says:

    Hello, is there any room for discussion as to how the Eventide Timefactor compares to the T Rex, Roland RE20, Deluxe MM, and others? Cold , etc.
    BTW: Thanks for keeping it real.

    [The TRex and MemMan are both single units and very similar sounding. The original MemMan is perhaps even a bit more organic sounding. I don’t have that much experience with the Eventide but it’s a great unit with lots of tone options. The RE20 has some wonderful analog tones with lots of options. A really nice unit. I must say that of all these I prefer the TRex. I’ve always been a huge fan of the MemMan and the TRex seems to capture it and it features true bypass and a more silent circuit. – Bjorn]

  83. Rory says:

    I hope you do review the Strymon El Capistan soon. The Alter Ego did point the way for me to more tape-like echo units. I’ve looked at a lot of YouTube videos on the Boss RE-20, and the El Capistan, and am torn. It seems that you can drive the input on the RE-20, and it has a nice messy delay sound. Very organic. Supposedly the Strymon can do this, and can also cover the rotating drum sounds like the Echorec. Their White Paper on tape delay addressed this specifically. I might be able to find a used RE-20 for a nice price, but it seems that the Strymon is versatile enough to get the Binson sound too. Thanks for the honest reviews, especially with respect to replicating the tones that David gets.

    [I’ve only tried the RE20 of the two and I can warmly recommend it! – Bjorn]

  84. Daniel says:

    Hi Bjorn
    Thanks for your review and demos of this pedal.
    I was wondering if you had the chance to try the “Mr Blug’s toneprint”
    that models a DD-2 (I think).
    If so, (and given that you own a real Boss DD-2), would you mind sharing your impression? how does it compare to the real thing?

    [Hard to tell since the amp isn’t mic’ed properly. Sounds a bit darker than the DD2 but I’m not sure. The 2290 preset on the Flashback is very similar to the DD2. Perhaps a tad smoother but very close. – Bjorn]

  85. Malatesta says:

    I purchased a Flashback delay a few weeks ago and it’s been a great unit. The tape mode sounds fantastic to me, and I’ve found a few toneprints that sounds pretty good too.

    Pains me that they released this because both the lo-fi and dynamic delay modes are ones that I will never really use, and even though heavily modulated, this Echorec preset as well as the DMM seem nice to be able to switch right to without having to go through the trouble of loading up a Toneprint. I may end up selling off my practically brand new Flashback and picking this up just for the extra flexibility. It’s a shame I didn’t wait a few weeks before I made the plunge, but what can you do.

    That said, I’m getting some decent Gilmour style tones with just the regular tape preset, the Flashback is a pretty great sounding delay as is.

  86. JAIME says:

    Man i’m thinkng to make my own “GILMORUISH-ISH PAGE” in your honor, jajajajajaja.

    Well, one question and comment,
    Did you try the boost DLA from Tech 21??
    I think it’s a really nice delay, great buffer, a level to dial with the amp’s loop, 100% wet signal, 1 sec, tone control just for the repeats…

    BUT, How can it compare this with the Replica??

    In any case, i really recommend it not a BINSON but neither the replica, and WE REALLY WANT THE CONS OF IT LIKE NOISE??
    Maybe we’re asking for the imposible, those machine were made with some “mojo” : LOVE

    I think this is about one word COMPROMISING

    [Perhaps… I think what makes pedals like the Memory Man so special is the fact that it’s not perfect. It’s noisy and it has a noticeable volume drop but it has tons of mojo :) As goes with the old Mistress and Big Muff pedals. Clones are often just too perfect… – Bjorn]

  87. Pete Tatooles says:

    Bjorn (For Jon above):

    I use the Axe-Fx Standard. The Ultra and the New Axe-Fx 2 are out, but for me, plenty of use for the standard. You can sit with your analog pedal and A/B back and forth until you get a great replica of your own stompbox. This needs to be done for the Muff and Fuzz especially. An Electric Mistress sim is still in progress for me but it makes for a reliable and efficient gigging platform. I run it into a Hiwatt DR-504 and disable the amp and cabinet sims. The best midi foot controller I have found for this is a Liquid Foot Jr.

    The nice thing is portability and multitude of functional patches for my Floyd Tribute. Not alot of tap dancing. I still say analog is better but the Axe-Fx is darn close. It is eons above Line 6 and Eleven products IMHO.

    Shine On:)

    Pete Tatooles

  88. Alex says:

    Hi Bjorn and everyone :)

    Thanks for the review. I think the dirty marketing trick just worked out and all the Gilmourish tone hunters were excited about that pieve of gear :)

    I watched the video of Andy creating the EP-3 toneprint.
    Btw Ernest’s link didn’t work but it’s easy to be found anyway ;) Try this one:

    Well, what I don’t like about the process of the toneprint making is that there is no actual AB’ing with a real deal unit. All they seem to do is just take a digital delay as a starting point and proceed from there with only what is in the memory of the guy with whose name the toneprint will be labelled (in this case Andy)… and with what the editing software has to offer, which seem to be some basic parameters only. According to the vid I would assume that my Eventide Eclipse has much more parameters to tweak, even for simple digital delays. I thought that the toneprint editing software would have even more possibillities (like Soundtoys EchoBoy for example).

    On the other hand I happen to like some of your and Ernest’s samples. And I like the overall design of the Flashback/AE and the fact that the dry signal is not ADDA converted :) It’s definitely a good sounding unit and a hell of handy one, too… but I’m not that excited about the toneprint thing anymore and that the modulation can’t be controlled…

    Btw, I’m wondering if you or Tony happened to get your hands on the Empress VMSD and what your thoughts are :)


    [I’ve only had the chance to try the Empress very briefly so I can’t make a qualified review but it sounded really nice with lots of different tone options and ways to tweak the tone. I’ll definitely try check it out more. – Bjorn]

  89. Dave A says:

    Thanks Bjorn,great review as always.

    [Cheers, Dave! Hope all is well :) – Bjorn]

  90. Tony says:

    One other point I neglected to make that may be of benefit to any one else who may be interested in this pedal is to pay careful attention to how on Pro Guitar Shop’s video how Andy uses a lot of vibrato when soloing and also during his slide parts which are done in time with the modulation which cleverly disguises the modulation, which as some one earlier here posted sound like a “spinning disc”, and not a very organic one at that. This modulation is ALWAYS there no matter what and is the Alter Ego huge downfall. Not mention they fade in an out of the ‘Time’ solo and the Echorec sounds from Pompeii which is very misleading leaving you thinking those sounds are always there.

    I would also like to say that the best units I found (after much trial, error and money) are the Ibanez EchoMachine, T. Rex Replica, and Strymon El Capistan. The only issue with the El Capistan, is I found it requires a lot of time to dial in what you need. And this may not be very convenient when onstage and when needing different treatments for different songs on the fly. Not to mention it is very spendy. The Replica is far more user friendly for an easy quick compromise for most any delay needs unless a song requires very specific milliseconds like “Run Like Hell” or U2 stuff. The Ibanez EchoMachine (EM-5) is highly underrated and sounds glorious to my ears and was specifically designed for that old tape machine sound, and for such a small, simple easy to dial in pedal, they really nailed it IMO and in no way sounds digital Their DL-5 is amazing as well. Extremely warm for a digital delay. Had one for 20 years. You can’t go wrong with either really.

    Another thing of potential interest may be, is a company that specialized in Binson Echorec repair and old tape machines called Effectrode that plans to release a pedal in a year or so called the ‘Magento-Tron’. Maybe if there is enough public interest they may release even sooner, who knows. Can’t wait for that one.

    Hope this helps some folks in their quest for the perfect Gilmour-esque delay (no easy feat) especially for those of us who can’t afford a Binson like myself!

    By the way Bjorn (or anyone for that matter), if you ever know of a bridge PU that falls perfectly between the Seymour Duncan SL-5 and Dimarzio FS-1, please let me know. I find the the FS-1 to be a bit more focused and woody and SL-5 more and suited to modern Gilmour tones. A compromise would be heaven IMO.

    [Thanks for the input Tony. It would be great to have a decent clone of the Binson but on the other hand there’s the Mem Man, Replica etc that works really well. One thing is to make a great sounding replica. A completely different thing is to make a replica or clone that fulfills everyone’s expectations. Obviously, apart from sounding a bit cheap, the Alter Ego Binson mode was designed with a specific tone and unit in mind but it is a whole different task designing something that will cover all the nuances of the unit and all its unique quirkyness… Anyway, check out the Dave Allen Voodoo Blues or TTS Crazy Diamond set. Both are based on the CS69 neck and mid and SSL5 bridge combo with a bit more presence and more open tone. – Bjorn]

  91. Ernest says:

    Ah, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWh7gPs2q2I&feature=youtu.be

    [Cool! Thanks! Need to find my old Shadows LPs :) – Bjorn]

  92. Ernest says:

    … And, finally:
    Here’s my little demo I just recorded of the Echoplex 3 TonePrint from PGS & TC Electronics:

    [Hmmm… The link doesn’t seem to work. Please post again :) – Bjorn]

  93. Ernest says:

    Here’s an older clip showing Andy from PGS creating a TP at TC Electronic.
    A recreation of the classic Maestro EchoPlex EP-3:

    This TonePrint is available here:

    Just installed this TP myself, works fine and sounds different (better, to my ears!) than the ER setting of the Alter Ego (less modulation).

    Also, look at this:
    At 30 sec. Hank explains his echo sound.
    Now, select the EP-3 toneprint and set the little switch of the Flashback (or Alter Ego) down and adjust the delay time and repeats and voilá, there’s a nice echosound for Apache!

    @Ruud: I did sent you a PM (DG Gear Forum).

    [Great! Thanks! – Bjorn]

  94. John says:

    A very good, honest review, Bjorn. After listening to your clips I agree with you completely about the amount of modulation. You can tell what they were going for, but just kind of missed the mark. I have the iB modified Nova Delay and love it. The display makes it easy to get accurate delay times and all the other options give you whatever tone you need. Edge, Gilmour, Page are all there for you. I’ve heard clips of the flashback and you can get some good delays from that so the rest of it is nice, but these new options were put in to sell a few more

  95. ruodi says:

    I can´t help myself, but I like the demos. Not the PGS demo, which seems to be fairly useless, if you want to form an opinion about the actual sound of the pedal. There are much more exciting “Pretty young Dave porn videos” out there on youtube for those who need to watch them every day. ;-)

    But I like both, the soundclips of Bjorn and Ernest. Very reverbish and lush-sounding delay with a bright-sounding decay. “Echorecish”! – Not as “echorecish” compared to the Echorec as “Gilmourish” is to Gilmour perhaps, but: Come on, we´re talking about a heavily tuned cheap digital delay pedal, not about the “real thing”! Not at all! Maybe a bit comparable to the “Big Muff mode” of the Digitech DF-7 Distortion Factory, but in another section. I´m sure young David would have bought this (at Manny´s) as a backup, maybe for rehearsal at his home studio.

    I am not talking about the handling of the pedal, this is just my arguable opinion about the soundclips I´ve listened to.

    @Rory “As an aside, I saw that at least one Gilmourish fan liked the Line6 M3 for the Binson model. Any others like the pedal?”:

    Yes, I have the “bigger one”, named the “Line6 Echo Pro” with “Echo Platter” mode. I would say, its “built-in Echorec” is more metallic-, maybe more authentic sounding, with a more distinct texture, compared to the Alter Ego (soundclips). But it´s hard to tell, if you can´t listen to them side-by-side.

    The software-based wet-dry mix button makes the “Echo Pro” pretty unusable, though: The more you “wet” your guitar signal, the more the “Echo Pro” thins out your overall guitar sound. I mean, thins it out dramatically – as if you´d connect a signal cable between amp and cabinet (which won´t be a good idea – but, on the other hand, which is nothing I´ve never tried out myself)! ;-)

    [Agree with you on that Roudi. This is by no means a Gilmour delay pedal. Nor a Binson cramped into a small stomp box. The PGS ad is a bit ambiguous though, which why I call it a cheap marketing trick. They clearly state that this was designed with their own Binson in mind, which apparently was so worn out that the tape produced a deep modulation, but they still use David’s playing in the ad. It doesn’t really matter though. It’s a nice pedal all together but they did a half assed job on the two new feaures… – Bjorn]

  96. Adam says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    Another great article. Have you ever tried MXR Carbon Copy, IMHO it also has a great sound and it’s for half the price :)

    What about your David Allen pups, did you switched back to Fender CS69 in neck and mid?



    [Although the CC is a bit too dark for my taste I think it sounds much more authentic than the Binson mode on the Alter Ego. I have many Strats with different pickups… Still using the Fenders, Dave Allen, EMGs etc… :) – Bjorn]

  97. Jon says:

    One of my favourite things about this website are the honest and unbiased reviews. Thanks :) (Retro-sonic sounds killer)

    Hey Pete which AxeFx?

    [Thank you! – Bjorn]

  98. Brian says:

    Thanks for this review. It also caught my eye but I had a hard telling how the Binson mode really sounded from the PGS demos. Thanks for posting a more straightforward demo. I think I’ll keep trying to fine-tune my Carbon Copy to get a bit more Binson-y :)

    Interestingly enough, on occasion (when I can remember the settings) I’m able to get a really nice approximation of the intro to time with my old Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay pedal. It doesn’t have any modulation available, but the reverb+delay does add a bit of a “rotating disc” vibe to the tone. They don’t make them anymore, but I think they’re relatively easy to find.

  99. Alan says:

    I remember seeing the video on youtube and I was so excited to see it (knowing that the guys at PGS are suckers for good sound but then again, aren’t we all?) and immediately was disappointed by the modulation that everybody else keeps talking about. I’m happy that I went with the strymon timeline (great pedal, if you have the money then buy one highly recommended). Thanks for the honest review of this Bjorn!

  100. martin says:

    does anybody have experience with the boss re-20 space echo? it seems to me as if everybody prefers the dd-20 delay.

    [There’s lots of clips on YouTube. Great unit with some classic tape tones. The DD20 has more tone options, different kinds of delay and banking but the RE20 has a far better analog tone. – Bjorn]

  101. Lim says:

    I have the Flashback and I use the “tape” mode almost exclusively. I like the warm repeats. It’s more subtle and gives a nice ambience effect and adds depth.

  102. Rory says:

    The Toneprint feature is pretty awesome and a big part of the value of this series of pedal, in my opinion. You can use the included USB cable to upload the Toneprints on the TC Electronic website, or use your smart phone. The have an app for either an iPhone or Android phones. It couldn’t be easier with that. Have you guitar plugged up to the Alter Ego with no effects on but the Alther Ego. Start the app on your phone, turn on the pedal, set it to the Toneprint (on the Alter Ego it is the setting most clockwise as they have two TP settings), select a Flashback Toneprint (there are a lot) on the phone app, and follow the instructions. The Toneprint is transmitted through your guitar pickup to the pedal. My favorites are the EP-3 variants (oddly enough by PGS and not the same as the other TP for Tape setting) and Steve Morse’s Lexicon. But there are a lot of great ones. I’m actually surprised that they just didn’t make the Binson a Toneprint. I suspect they did this because the PGS EP-3 Toneprint was so popular and there might be some thank you involved. PGS does have several signature versions of pedals, so this isn’t unusual. TC made a second version of the EP-3 Toneprint with less saturation, so I hope that they come out with a Toneprint of the Binson with less modulation or with the modulation mapped to the delay time (like more modulation with longer times). I also found that I like the DMM sound, but I have to crank up the delay level a lot more than on other models. Is this what others observed? I do agree that I am disappointed with the Binson preset, but love the Flasgback pedal in general (had a Flashback and ordered the Alter Ego hoping the Binson model would great). I’m keeping is since having a second Flashback Toneprint is nice, but wish TC would fix the Binson Toneprint. They can probably do this as the firmware in the pedal can be reprogrammed. Maybe an optional firmware update for the Alter Ego? That way they could keep PGS’s exclusivity of the Binson Preset but fix it for us looking for a more authentic Gilmour sound. I’ll write TC and suggest this, but maybe we should all do so.
    As an aside, I saw that at least one Gilmourish fan liked the Line6 M3 for the Binson model. Any others like the pedal?
    I love this website, and appreciate all the work put into it. Thank you!

    [Thanks for your kind words and the tip! I’ll check it out. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  103. snaredrum says:

    good review, Bjorn – i ordered one without even thinking when i heard about the echorec option, as i needed a second delay pedal and was thinking of a flashback anyway. it’s certainly an interesting modulation, isn’t it? Mine arrives tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes i guess!

    [Well, wether you like the Binson sim or not it’s a great pedal. You can’t really beat the 2290 for digital sounds. – Bjorn]

  104. Ernest says:

    Here are some soundclips I did record using the Echorec mode of the Alter Ego.

    [Thanks for sharing Ernest! Nice clip :) – Bjorn]

  105. Pete Tatooles says:


    Thanks for the review, as I saw the video I got really excited but when I really listened to your demos I was way less impressed (not with your playing of course, but with the delay :)). I think a good TRex analog wise or a Eventide Time Factor (digital) are way more flexible. Your honest comments are always appreciated so thanks again.

    Lately I am using an AxeFx with all my analog pedals reproduced myself through hours of work. It is really excellent and I can A/B it with my own aresenal of stompboxes and tweak and balance for levels and combination sounds for all my Floyd Tribute gigs. I use a Liquid Foot JR midi controller for the AxeFx into a Hiwatt DR-504 and different cabs depending on the gig. On the midi controller I set up 8 patches per album and that is really efficient. So I can use 4 different presets for Time (example) Intro-Verse-Chorus-Lead.

    The real interesting doubt I had about the AxeFx was the Muff and Fuzz etc but the processor is so good I cannot “barely” tell the difference between my Skreddys, Tube Driver and the model. It allows alot of parameter tweaking including bias and slew.

    This was a digression but my own opinion of the AxeFx delays and Mods is “breathtaking” – and easy and reliable to gig with. The Alter Ego was less impressive than I had hope based on what I heard.

    Shine On.

    Pete Tatooles

    [Hi Pete! Thanks for your input. I haven’t had the chance to try the AxeFx yet but from what I’ve read and heard it must be a great unit. I’ll need to check that one out :) Cheers! – Bjorn]

  106. Ruudpp says:

    Great review Bjorn. Looks like a very interesting pedal!
    Especially for special authentic delaysounds next to my TC Nova.
    @ Ernest, where did you ordered this pedal?

    [Thanks! It’s a PGS exclusive so you can only order it from them. – Bjorn]

  107. Martin says:

    Hi Björn,

    thanks for another great review. If you’re looking for a modeled Binson, you might want to check out the Line 6 M5, M9 and M13. These give you the opportunity to controll the amount of modulation of the Binson. I own the M5 and like its Binson modeling a lot. But to be honest: The T-Rex Replica (thanks for this tip) is still my main delay.


    [You can’t beat the Replica! Wonderful delay! – Bjorn]

  108. guitatronik says:

    Thank you for another great review, Bjorn! They’re making a harm to themselves with this video ad. Listener can clearly hear awesomeness being ripped off every time the Alter Ego takes his turn.

  109. Ablaze says:

    Nice review. How did you get a hold on one? I quickly checked PGS’ site, and it seemed as if they couldn’t ship TC Electronic products “worldwide”.

    [This is a PGS exclusive so I guess they can ship where ever they want. – Bjorn]

  110. Tony says:

    Very articulate review Bjorn. Although you are a bit more polite than I would have been. After having just received one myself, I echo your sentiments almost identically. Of course as soon as I plugged it in the first thing I did (naturally) was turn it to the Echorec setting (which is the feature so heavily marketed by Pro Guitar Shop’s YouTube). Immediately I was disappointed by the the modulation being far too extreme and even more frustrating was the fact that it is not adjustable. In fact, I find the modulation annoying and plastic sounding. Nothing like I expected. I agree the tone is good (although a bit bright) and it sounds decent with a good fuzz, but even with the fuzz it’s still too heavy between phrases. And with clean sounds, forget it. Almost like another effect on top of the delay. As a huge fan of Gilmour’s Binson haunting, organic, lush sounds that sound like echoes in deep space, the Alter Ego falls very short IMO. Ironically, the other settings make the Alter Ego worth it’s price tag if you are looking for a simple, versatile delay. But as far as the Binson Echorec sound, I have come to the conclusion it just has not been (an may never be) replicated in a pedal. I have been through TONS of delays looking for that sound and always come back to my trusty old Ibanez Echomachine. It’s stunningly organic and adds a warmth and depth that I’ve never heard in another pedal, but without the warble. To me it lies between the T Rex Replica standard sound and it’s ‘Brown’ sound mode. Not to mention it’s beautiful simplicity. Although I too have no idea how the Toneprint works, it remains the only hope for the Echorec setting on the Alter Ego. If this can be done (and PLEASE contact me if ANYONE knows how this is possible), then this pedal could be quite astounding. But at the moment I feel very mislead by the sly marketing you see on Pro Guitar Shop’s video and how it totally leads you to believe this is THE David Gilmour/Echorec/Darkside/Pompeii sound in a pedal. Until they give you a way to adjust the modulation, I recommend saving your hard earned cash. I hope I’m not being to harsh here. Just my honest take on this unit. I too had high hopes.

    [I agree completely. You’ll get a great sounding and versatile delay pedal for the price tag but the Binson mode is pretty useless and half assed. It’s kind of strange that they chose to design it this way because if you did have a Binson that had this much modulation you’d take it to a doctor for maintenance… – Bjorn]

  111. Sam says:

    Thanks for that review. Its a shame that these couldn’t be put into toneprint, for all those flashback owners like myself will be quite disappointed that theyre able to weasel out another 100 odd bucks from us..

  112. Marcelo says:

    Hi Bjorn, I always enjoy your articles. I was actually very interested on this pedal. It seems a little above my budget though. Have you ever tried a Visual Sound H2O Chorus & Echo Effects Pedal? What are your thoughts about this one?

    Thank you so much for taking your time and sharing your knowledge with us, I really apriciate it.
    I have your website as my home page.


    [Thanks for your kind words Marcelo! I’ve never tried the H2O so I can’t really tell… Sorry. – Bjorn]

  113. Ernest says:

    Just received my Alter Ego.
    It sounds awesome and I really love the Echorec delay with the 300 ms settings and some OD or Fuzz.
    It sounds very lush and vintage: perfect for Pompei and early Floyd sounds, etc.
    Clean I prefer the TAPE, ANALOGE or 2290 settings.
    Although songs like Blue Hotel from Chris Isaac sounds cool with the Echorec setting.
    Aolso I like the fact that the guitar signal isn’t processed by the pedal, only the repeats are processed.
    So, right now I have two delay pedals on my board: the Alter Ego + Replica.

    [Glad you liked the pedal :) – Bjorn]

  114. Michel says:

    Nice review Bjorn! ;-) Very interesting product vs. Price $$
    Among those choices you mentionned, including the Alter Ego, where do you put the MXR Carbon Copy? Witch I love, by the way! ;-)
    To complete my Delay sounds, I have a vintage AD-9 (analog delay) 1982, from Ibanez, and a Boss DM-2 (delay machine) 1981. All set differently for different Floyd settings.

    Keep up the good work!! For me, your site is the reference for Gilmour/Floyd sounds! ;-)


    [I have to admit that I’ve never been too excited about the Carbon Copy. A bit too dark for my taste. However, it does sound more authentic than the Binson mode. Perhaps I need to give it a second chance… :) – Bjorn]

  115. Aron says:

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks for the review. I was just about to buy one of these for the Binson setting alone, but I think I will hold off.

    Any experience with Strymon’s El Capistan? Expensive, but it seems to be versatile and specific to tape echo sounds. If it can produce a good Binson sound, I think it’s worth the extra money.

    [Only tried the El Capistan very briefly but it’s an impressive unit with lots of options and great tones. I need to explore it more to give an opinion but it definitely caught my attention :) – Bjorn]

  116. Edgar says:

    If you compare a Boss DD-20 Giga delay vs. TC Electronic Alter Ego; Who would win between these 2 pedals? Also taking into consideration other songs as Another Brick (part1) and Run Like Hell.

    [I’d go for the DD20. It allows you to store presents and it has a handy display for those accurate settings. Check out the TC Nova or Repeater as well. – Bjorn]

  117. James says:

    Great review Bjorn! I’ve only got two effects pedals at the moment and I’m looking to build my arsenal, this looks like just the job. Many thanks.

  118. Custom-Relics.com says:

    I got this pedal the second I heard it. I agree fully with Bjorn about the modulation. I was disappointed with the huge amount of it and the inability to control the amount of it. I played a show with it and did some experimenting and found it most useful in combination with my other delay. I have a tc nova delay with several gilmour presets (310ms DSOTM, 370ms the wall, 440ms ABITW, 380ms run like hell) and I found that setting the repeats to 5-6 and setting the delay amount and feedback at 10:00 or so going into my main delays really added a nice effect to them. For example, the comfortably numb solo with a straight 370ms on my nova sounds great but if you add the alter ego before it and have both delays going at the same time you really get a nice effect that has a lot of modulation but its not overpowering at all. Its the right amount of modulation that seems to be professionally mixed in like David’s yamaha RA-200 cabinet or his other rotating speaker setups. It might not be dead on to gilmour’s delay but its a really cool pedal and sounds great doing just about anything. for $165 you cant go wrong. If you subscribe to PGS’s newsletter via email you get coupons all the time so its even cheaper. -JM

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