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  1. Densford Williams says:

    WOW Rick gone sad days ! Since PF every tour since Dark side of the Moon his voice and keyboards will be missed big time . Could go on forever talking about this band but we all know how great they were and are just glad to have their music forever thanx

  2. Amirhossein Foroodnia says:

    Richard Wright actually in My Heart SIR Rick Wright Was Soul Of God & God Of Soul…
    I Love Him Insanly …
    He Was My Emotional Pattern.. In My Music Records With His Funky Dunk & Jazzy Style..
    I Love Richard Wright Forever & Ever…
    I Always Talk To Him In My Mind & Heart And Actually In My Soul…
    That Cruisy & Black Day..Richard Wright Passed & The Pink Floyd’s Heart Came Down..
    When I Remember That Black Day…I Lose My Control & My Tears Come Down.. I Really Love Richard..
    Richard Wright & Syd Barrett are The Two Left Soul Of Pink Floyd But Always Be In Our Soul & Mind & Heart & Actually In My Music I Pray For Them..
    I Love Rich Wright I Love Pnk Floyd i Love All of Them..
    We LovePink Floyd & We Always Keep Them Alive…
    tnx to you for this website…

  3. patrick says:

    Without Richard Wright and the style he played the Hammond and Keyboards, Pink Floyd lost the mystic part of the songs. Without his style of playing “Echoes”, the song will never sound again like in the old days of “Pompeii” or the modern version from “The Albert”.
    I’m very sad to hear about his death in September this year. Now it will be like the Beatles – never playing together again.
    I would like to thank him for all the things he had done for music and my friends also like Floyd and Gilmour!

  4. Joel Nápoles says:

    I’m very sad for this new, one of the most important musicians in human history is gone, personally, I listen pink floyd for the first time when I was 7 years old, I didn’t know about this, because I was working about two months ago. I always remember Richard and my hope to see again Pink Floyd playing together it’s lost. But I’m prety sure that some day in some place I can see them play again together because he only go for a while and no forever.

    God speed Richard and keep playing on the heaven.

  5. Brick Floyd says:

    Richard, you will always remain the greatest keyboardist that this Pink Floyd fan has ever heard. Rest in peace. You are still flying high and you are an inspiration to all keyboardists everywhere, the best to you from a keyboardist to a legend. Thanks Richard.

  6. Arthur Gillies says:

    Rest In Peace Richard. You really shone and will shine forever. Your amazing contribution to Pink Floyd and the music industry now leaves a large, irreplaceable gap. You will not be forgotten. Shine On!

  7. Cyrus says:

    Continuo a pensare a lui ogni volta che vedo una sua immagine o che sento la sua musica, e gli occhi mi si riempiono di lacrime………..
    Time Machine in concerto per ricordare Richard Wright a Torino (Italy) 11 Ottobre 2008.

  8. Massimo says:

    “Stay, and help me to end the day”

    In Loving Memory

  9. Paul McNeil says:

    I grew up when keyboard wasn’t cool. Rick made it cool. His style afected my own song writting and playing deeply. Great gig and Echos have long been favorites of mine but the earlier works reflect his greatests skills and abilities to bring emotion to the music and out of each one of us. I watched live at Pompei endlessly through highschool.
    You will be missed and I feel honoured to have spent an evening in 1994 with my favorite group of artists and listen to the music until I was wraped into its mystical embrace.

    Hope you are sailing free now Rick.

  10. Sergio (Italy) says:

    Before than David’s guitar was Rick’s keyboard to rape me in a trance, like a dream, I was 14. Then PF became my musical reference.

    Now there is an empty space in me. Rick and his friends gave a lot to my life, better: I grew with them and they modified my life. Now I miss a piece of myself. I hope he was conscious that he gave a lot to our life.

    Bye Rick, I will hear you through you notes.

  11. I was on vacation when I got the bad news. This death affected me as much as Freddie Mercury’s or George Harrison’s (I was too young when Lennon died to understand it). My first contact with Pink Floyd was the censored version of The Wall movie that was projected in my country. I felt instantly identified with those feelings. Within years I learned to love Rick and his contribution as I did with George and now both are gone…I’ve been wanting to see Floyd since 1982, now I now my dream will never come true.

    Bye, Rick!

  12. JKH says:

    Thank you for the music Richard. Truly a sad day and a great loss. Shine on…

  13. Quarum says:

    I have grown up on the music of Pink Floyd. Some of the best memories of love, life and the best of times all had the music of Floyd.

    To say you will be missed is the biggest understatement I can make.

    Thank you for all the memories and God bless.

  14. Rick says:

    Goodbye Rick….and thank you for what you gave to the music.

  15. Rick says:

    Goodbye Rick….and thank you for what you

  16. Kit Rae says:

    There is a good Richard Wright podcast at Floydpodcast.Com. Check out the November 2006 show in th archives list down the right side of the page. It is a good mix of Richard’s material, within Floyd and without. He was a great musician and song writer and will be greatly missed.

  17. Kit Rae says:

    It is very sad news. Rick was the highlight of Gilmour’s 2006 tour. It is even sadder that we will never hear him play and sing again with Dave, but at least he went out on top.

    Rest in peace, and I hope Rick is enjoying that Great Gig in the Sky.

  18. Josip says:

    Shine on….

  19. oorreeoo says:

    Indescribable, touching, delicate, and timeless. Rick was the soul of Pink Floyd and we will miss him.

  20. Gabriel says:

    GOD bless His soul
    let`s just remember him as the great man he was and his


  21. chiranjeev says:

    Rick was often the “great unsung hero of the floyd”. Most of the magic that the band were able to achieve pre-dark side were primarily because of his atmospheric keyboard works and other soundscapes.
    “wish you were here” , one of the great tribute songs ever, was written for Syd. Now, this song is so apt for Rick.

    During the “On an Island” tour, he was almost always given a standing ovation, a testiment to his popularity. THe crowd would almost crave for “Echoes” by shouting…..”Give us a ping, Reeechard!!”….

    Give us a ping, Rick!!….and Rest in Peace

  22. Christopher says:

    Thanks Rick for the great music & a great band. You are sadly missed. Condolences to your family & friends.
    Rest now at the great gig in the sky.

  23. Michael says:

    Listening to The Division Bell today, these lyrics touched my heart:
    The rain fell slow, down on all the roofs of uncertainty
    I thought of you and the years and all the sadness fell away from me
    And did you know . . .
    I never thought that you’d lose that light in your eyes

    I don’t think Rick will ever know the degree in which he touched people’s hearts and minds. My condolenscences to Rick’s family and his dear friend, David.

  24. Danilo says:

    Ciao Richard,
    continua a suonare ovunque tu sia.


  25. domi says:

    i cant find words for this :'(

  26. Peter says:

    He has influenced many artists and built vital part of – not only rock’n’roll – but whole music history. Thanks to him I felt soul in the music of Pink Floyd.

    We’ll never forget this music and you Richard.

  27. Michèle says:

    Addio Rick….mi mancherai. Sempre!

  28. john says:

    Dear Rick may your soul rest in peace with GOd!
    You now can play for all of us you GReat Gig In The Sky!!!!!!!!
    You will never be forgotten always in my mind!!!!

  29. John L. says:

    Mr. Wright’s passing has left a void, an empty feeling, sadness. He will be missed. I would like to extend my deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathies to his family.

  30. D. Krause says:

    What a year! Firstly the best friend passes away and now the idol! We will always keep timeless works of Richard in our hearts. Rest in peace.

  31. Osvaldo Fuentealba (Chile) says:

    Saben, yo conozco a Pink Floyd desde los doce años, de ahi cambio mi vida en el aspecto musical en tal forma que me dedique por completo a tocar la guitarra, su sonido es espectacular, pero no sabia de donde era la base, y estaba en los teclados, Right Writh es expectacular, ahora que tengo 33 años me da mucha pena lo que ha ocurrido con el, estoy triste por lo sucedido, espero que su familia se encuentre bien, y David y Mason tambien, disculpen no puedo escribir mas…..

  32. Marco Ruiz says:

    Thanks for your greatness and musical legacy. Your music have already trascend your life and will keep your soul alive.

    God bless you. RIP Rick.

  33. Jonathan says:

    Your steps shall never be covered in dust, your name shall echo throughout the eternity. Homage to a God! Shine on Richard and thanks for everything!

  34. Mathaeus Bech says:

    Just so sad :'( You will definitely be missed, you where what gave the floyd, colour and a wider sound picture, and most important of all, character you will definitely be missed.
    I hope you’re playing a Great Gig In the Sky, Shine On mate RIP

  35. Arnaud says:

    Now you play for the angels…

    Thanks for all Richard, R.I.P.

    It’s a great sadness for the real music.

  36. nick_athens says:

    now the world seems poorer, it s so sad. i feel like I lost a beloved family member. he was so sweet and gentle. condolences to his family and friends. thank you rick.

  37. ruodi says:

    Just listening to DSOTM. YES, he is still there! No cancelled track or anything. And his voice sounds more beautiful and present as it did ever before! Rick Wright died on Monday, the 15th, and that´s why he will never die again! – God bless David, Roger, Nick and the Queen!


  38. Mika says:

    Goodbye Sir Richard Wright, legend. What a bad feeling we all have now.

  39. FxStocker says:

    Lead guitar never can sound better than when played over beautiful synth pads. Thats what Richard Wright has been doing for David Gilmour in Pink Floyd for so many years. His Death is a shock, sudden and únexpected to so many fans and musicians. God be with his family and friends, and bandmates.
    Thank You for Pink Floyd, Richard, R.I.P.

  40. Jarrod Henry says:

    Hugely influential and much loved. Rick will be sorely missed by one and all. Truely the musical glue between David and Roger throughout the ’70’s, he created some of the most memorable moments ever committed to vinyl. Every fan should be playing ‘Dark Side’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ at maximum volume – I have.

    Rick, you were the quiet unassuming beacon shining forth through the smoke from the stage. Rest in Peace and I truly hope you are somewhere up there in The Great Gig In The Sky.

  41. Ben says:

    Here’s to the best keyboard player of all time Richard “Rick” Wright. Godspeed, R.I.P., you will be greatly missed. Thank you for the inspiration and 40 years of amazing music. Your the best. Enjoy the Great Gig In the Sky.

  42. Ariel Villegas says:

    Cuando me entere no podia creerlo… una gran perdida para la musica y la historia.
    Que descances en paz Richard, aunque ya no estes en este mundo, estaras en nuestros corazones cada vez que escuchemos tu musica…

  43. david says:

    Im lucky to have saw him back in 06 on the On In Island Tour

    His playing on wish you were here and animals my favorite very haunting sound

    Here is a tribute video for richard

  44. Kris says:

    As far back as I can remember Pink Floyd music has touched me deeply. All the same emotions I felt were right there in the music, all you had to do is listen and feel. The longer I listened to them the more I found out about myself. Richard Wright brought the beauty into the music and I will sadly miss him. He was at his best through all my favorite albums MEDDLE, DSOTM, WYWH, ANIMALS. DIVSION BELL. GOOD BYE MR. WRIGHT, you have filled my life with your own brand of BEAUTY. AND I CANNOT IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT IT. THANKS.

  45. Javier Hatte Duclos says:

    Te llevaremos por siempre en nuestros corazones Rick

  46. Renato says:

    Good bye Richard Wright.
    “And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes…I´ll see you on the dark side of the moon…”

  47. Leandro Ratamero says:

    In the last sunday i was watching Mr. Wright singing “Wearing the Inside Out” in “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” dvd. That wonderfull voice ! That great keyboard player !” I’m so sad now!

  48. jude says:


    What a bringdown to all floyd fans, which includes me. The music they made is what really got me into music. I was really looking forward to that new album. Everyone should go to the David Gilmour and Roger Waters sites. Roger’s is shut down completely.

    Syd, now Richard…

  49. Alex says:

    Just for the ones who thought Roger and Richard never found peace check out Roger’s site today.

  50. Jared Young says:

    I had no idea.
    One day a person is there, and then the next day hes gone.
    Very sad to hear.
    After Gilmour, Rick was my favorite in the band.
    The joy I got from his keyboards on “Dark Side”, to the synth on “Wish You Were Here” and “Animals”, and the funkiness of the “Wall”.
    He will be missed.
    Shine On Rick, Shine On.

  51. Alex says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, we say goodbye to the man who built the modern keyboard sound, and whose creative talent was pivotal in both the success of the early records and the now world- renowned Dark Side of the Moon, and Wish You Were here albums.

    His tone and subtle jazz influences gave the music its peaceful, sublime feel and made people fall in love with the band’s sound just as much as Gilmour’s bluesy passages.

    It is shocking to see a man of such incredible talent go away so inaudibly, and just over a year since performing side by side with David Gilmour. I feel true sorrow for the loss of this man I’ve never met, but listening to “Great Gig in the Sky” today has given me a sense of subliminal peace and has sent shivers up my spine at the reference of “I’m not frightened of dying…”

    Rest assured, the memories of him will be timeless.
    Goodbye Rick, and rest in peace.

  52. I still can’t believe this has happend.

    It looks surreal. A Hero has died.

    I was told that Heroes never die. But they do.

    Rest In Peace, Richard Wright.

  53. Adam Duarte says:

    R.I.P. Rick Wright… one of the most transcendent musicians of our time. Pink Floyd will never be the same now that he’s gone to the great gig in the sky…

    Here’s to you, Mr. Richard Wright, you will be sorely missed. Shine on.

  54. Mick Reno says:

    Ever since I heard those opening notes and chords to “Sheep” and “Shine On…,” I’ve enjoyed Rick’s style of playing. Another great has left us too soon. RIP Rick.

  55. Guido Pelati says:

    Now we can say:

    The Great Rick In The Sky…


  56. Liz says:

    Good bye Mr. Wright. We’ll miss you dearly.

  57. Will Williams says:

    This is really sad news, Rick Wright was very key to Pink Floyd’s sound. It was always special to me to listen to Pink Floyd and know it was a “living” band.

    His style of Keyboard has influcned mine so much.

    All I can say is RIP Rick Wright, I’ll see you on the Darkside of the Moon.

  58. Lefty says:

    The crow brings bad news…
    What can you say, when tou loose a “friend of yours” for 35 years?
    With his fellows, he gave me so much, that I just can’t imagine what I could say.
    So, during tonight session with my band, I played tunes that we don’t usually play, Pink Floyd tunes of course, and something astounding happened: people outside, in the gardens applaused us, it’s the first time in my life that I see that, can you imagine, we were in a house, playing our music, and the people outside gathered to listen and applaused!
    So, I thinked to myself “This is a tribute to you, Rick”.

    Lefty (South of France)

  59. Hola mi nombre es Roberto, realmente siento una gran tristeza,escuché la noticia ayer 15/09/2008 …(escucho Pink Floyd desde hace muchos años, casi desde los 11) … y realmente me produjo mucha tristeza , pero todos sabemos que nacemos… tambien, para morir …. los sonidos Wright, impactaron al igual que la guitarra de David Gilmour profundamente en mi forma de ver lo creativo ….

    Saludos –
    Roberto Scazziota

  60. Grega says:

    He is the legend now.

  61. Gilles says:

    I had the pleasure to see them back in 2006 in Frankfurt an, I don’t why, but I still remember the end of the show that night. Rick was behind his keyboard and just smiled! For me, this describes everything about him. Shine one Rick

  62. Renniê says:

    Nós fãs do Brasil, amantes da perfeita música, compartilhamos a dor da perda de um grande músico.
    Assim, ficamos cada vez mais pobres musicalmente… Principalmente quando perdemos nossos ídolos.

  63. Rodrigo says:

    Adios Rick……Adios…..desde Argentina te lloramos…fuiste un grande.

    Wearing the inside out !!!

  64. Maxime says:

    Shorter of breath… and one day closer to death

  65. yvan says:

    je pleure de tristesse sa me fend le coeur qui sois parti si vite ….je l’ai vue 9 fois dans ma vie en concert…. je suis tellement toucher et je pense a david qui doit etre dans tous ces etat …… merci rick et repose toi bien je ne t’oublirais jamais

  66. Tig Boots says:

    so so sad RIP rick from us all

  67. Sergio says:

    Thank God for giving us such a person as Rick Wright , my favourite keyboard player, and his music .
    Bye Rick

  68. Salvo says:

    Goodbye Richard

  69. Max from Italy says:

    I had the chance to see him, David and Nick here in Rome, 20 years ago… Now the Floyd will never be reunited…. I’m very very sad… Rick was so quiet, so… shy, in some way… so important for the music, not only the Floyd music, but ALL the music… An underrated genius, just like all the REAL geniuses are… A piece of my personal history, of my youth is gone…. Another brick is fallen….

    Hope to see you, one day…. maybe on the dark side of the moon, or in the shining of a crazy diamond, who knows…

    We’ll miss you, I will miss you and your way of playing the best music

    “Overhead the albatros hangs motionless upon the air”

    My tears are for you and your family, my friend…

    Rest in peace…

  70. Paulo says:

    Richard, I were always sorry when I saw Gilmour playing without you on the stage. You cannot believe it but your playing the piano and keyboards are as unique as Gilmour’s guitar playing.

    Music has a different touch when you’re in it.

    This world already misses you. It’s my honor to belong to this generation and have known your music. My only regret is not seeing you live as I live in Brazil, far away from your home land. Rest in piece, maybe I’ll see you playing THE GREAT GIG ON HEAVEN someday.

    Gilmour, please come to play to us here in Brazil. We need you.

  71. Kyle Greenleaf says:

    I can’t believe this. Im only 18, I was brought up on Pink Floyd. They were my escape when I was a kid. They changed my life in so many ways. My jaw was literally stuck open when I read this. I didn’t know what to say or think. I imediatley put on some Pink Floyd. Espcially “SOYCD”. RIP Richard Wright

  72. Joseph Kerrigan says:

    Im absolutely devasted…I have always enjoyed Rick’s contribution to the Pink Floyd sound. Its now twice as moving when I listen to songs such as Us and Them, The Great Gig In The Sky and those beautiful synth parts during the Shine On You Crazy Diamond. It seems unreal that he’s now died. However, through his music, he can now ‘bask in the shadow of yesterday’s triumph’ and live on forever. SHINE ON, RICK, SHINE ON!

  73. Miguel says:

    Thanks Mr. Wright for your sound… goodbye my friend.. GRACIAS

  74. Mark says:

    A truly shocking and tragic loss for the world.

    Goodbye Richard :'(

    Your keyboard will echo in our hearts for eternity.

  75. ChrisZ says:

    There are no words, just sadness :(

  76. Franck Machu says:

    Difficult to find anything that has not been written yet above. I must post this by deference and by tribute to Rick Wright. It is a kind of Pink Floyd dead. This will never been the same any more. This guy is a part of my life, a part of me. I am 40 and Pink Floyd is like the air I breathe. I never spend some time in a world were Pink Floyd doesn’t exist. I have to find a way now… Roger, David and Nick are still there, the Floyd doesn’t exist anymore in the same world than ours, but their music is eternal, and Rick Wright is still alive in our ears, in our brains.

  77. Stefano says:

    Shine on you Mr Wright! thank you

  78. jaime says:

    Oh great! You BLEW IT DAVID!, Floyd could have played again if you would have conceded. Never again Pink Floyd in concert!!!! thanks gilmour.
    now richard is playing a great gig in heaven. God bless him.

  79. Teo says:

    You will shine on too Rick, fuckin’ genius! Yesterday I cried when I had the bad news. You’ll be truely missed by us all, but your music will keep you alive forever. Such a sad moment…

  80. lollo says:

    rest in peace rick…you and the floyd have changed my life… i will never forget you and your fantastic intros… sheep… the great gig in the sky…thank you for all you did.

  81. luca says:

    I heard that horrible news when I was at school… I nearly burst out crying… Is when u miss a person that u reckon how much u care about him… Richard, we all miss you, but you will not die… you are still living in all your fantastic songs… thank u for everething… I’m sure that up there u are giving a great gig… in the sky…

  82. hugo says:

    Pour moi le 2eme instruments principal de pink floyd etait le clavier de rick et sa voix

    adieu rick et merci

  83. Rick Cash says:

    RIP old friend.

  84. Ben Hills says:

    Rest in Peace Mr. Wright, you will be greatly, greatly missed.

  85. ORION says:

    R.I.P Richard Wright your music will be in the hearth of everyone

  86. Shane says:

    RIP Richard. Your music and style will NEVER be forgotten. It is truly a sad day indeed. We should all treasure the time we had listening to such an integral part of what made Pink Floyd the greatest band of all time.

    We will all miss you very much.


    S. Comstock

  87. Amirhossein Foroodnia says:

    Richard is Still Alive..
    In Our Heart
    In Our Mind
    In Our Life
    In Our Hand
    In Our Love..
    & In Our Brain..
    Richard Was Biggest Man In My Life..
    We Love You Rick..
    We + Pink Floyd Keep Them( Richard & Syd ) Alive..
    Rest In Peace Them Both
    We Love You.

  88. Travis Holmes says:

    One of the greatest keyboardists in rock history has left us and he will be missed greatly, but we will forever have the music he left behind to remind us just how great he was.

    Shine On Richard Wright and may you Rest in Peace.

  89. Stevie says:

    I’ve just heard this terribly sad news, and have been in tears. Richard was such a gentle soul, a fantastic musician, and he will be missed.

    I must admit i was a late bloomer, I didn’t really discover Floyd until I was at college, I was around 17 then, now I’m pushing 30, Gilmour is probably my biggest influence now, and like him i always try and see the big picture when doing something musical, and i know without Richard, the Floyd picture would have been less than complete.

    Shine on Rick…

  90. Ali syd says:

    Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!We all missed him…..What a sad day….i can’t imagin…after all this years of listining pink floyd…after syd….oh my god……..whyyyyyyyyyyy……Freinds we lost him…..i’m from iran..many of my friends here love richard…

    we will always remember u richard
    thank u richard

  91. Ali syd says:

    Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!We all missed him…..What a sad day….i can’t imagin…after all this years of listining pink floyd…after syd….oh my god……..whyyyyyyyyyyy……Freinds we lost him…..i’m from iran..many of my friends here love richard…

    we will always remember u richard

  92. Ferruccio says:

    And I am not frightned of dying, anytime will do, I don’t mind. Why should I frightned of dying? There’s no reason for it, you’ve got to go sometime!
    Mr. R. Wright, today is your “great gig in the sky”; but I am much sorry!
    Goodbye Mr. Wright, now you can breathe in the air, and I can hear the softly spoken magic spells.

  93. charles says:

    Now, it can be said that pink floyd is truly dead, it’s over now.. walk on by… The other three guys don’t have to worry any more about any kind of reunion or anything of the like. Take off their uniforms and leave the show. My heart is broken for this loss. I’m soo glad that they all got together for one last gig and before syd died too. I teared when they embraced at the end. The GREATEST rock and roll band EVER. Bar None, No Contest. No other act can ever compare to them. The Pink Floyd canon will live forever, a testament to Richard Wrights greatness as well as his bandmates’. I listen to Pink Floyd every day. Won’t taste the same anymore but I’ll cherish it even more now.

  94. salvatore says:

    unbelivable… non one can only suspect those sad news… hey you rick… wait for all us to join the great gig in the sky.. see you soon mr. rick we miss u so much

  95. Alex says:

    Non ci sono parole, le sue tastiere resteranno per sempre un marchio indelebile, ha contribuito a creare il mito Pink Floyd, sarai sempre con noi Rick, ciao!

  96. Viggo Bloch Møller says:

    Farewell Mr Richard Wright…. You were one of the most important factors in Pink Floyd’s sound and you always played with taste and feel… I really hope that you are playing “That Great Gig In The Sky”!!!

    Respect, Viggo Bloch Møller

  97. luca says:

    dear Richard,
    i can’t believe….just yesterday i was playing some of your songs, some of our floyd songs…i’m thinking about the Great gig in the sky….”……i’m not afraid for dying….”. I’m very confused…this man was one of the greater musician in our century and gave us such great emotions with his compositions….your memory will remain in every song, everywhere in the world, while your face will remain in the heart of every floyd fan….Thank you Richard, for all you did and you’ll do for me every time in my life, i won’t forget never about you.
    Luca from Italy

  98. Max says:

    Don’t know what the hell to say…
    I’m very sad…
    Goodbye Richard and thank you…from the very deep of our hearts…

  99. Bassté says:

    Sad day for music.
    You were one of the four guys which helped me to grow. I feel orphan from one of my four fathers in music..
    RIP Mister Wright, your sound is endless in my heart..
    Have a great gig in the sky..

  100. LeoStorm85 says:

    RIP Rick Wright…sweet Hammond chord from paradise

  101. Niccolò Santoro (Italy) says:

    Goodbye Mr.Richard. You will be forever one of the most important brick in the “wall” of Music… Shine, Shine and Shine agian !!!

  102. Kristoffer says:

    It’s both sad and shocking news for me, and I hope he’s happy somewhere jamming with Syd. Pink Floyds music has meant so much to me through my life, and Rick was a huge part of it. He will be deeply missed!

  103. Thomas S. Haugan says:

    NO NO NO!! I can`t believe this is true. Even rockheroes are mortal. What a loss :(Gilmours new DVD will get a extra dimension after this sad news. I will probably cry many times watching trough Gilmours new DVD when I get my hands on it.
    R.I.P Richard

  104. ray says:

    for defining “atmosphere” in music

    R.I.P Rick Wright

  105. Kenny Ng says:

    I don’t know how to express my sadness, I was hoping to see Pink Floyd reunion again but now it’s impossible. No one can replace him for the sound of Pink Floyd. RIP Rick, your touched of music always in my mind.

  106. El Gordo says:

    RIP Rick.

    The Floyd story is always told in terms of Barrett, Waters and Gilmour, but Rick Wright was the absolute key to the Pink Floyd sound.

    As he became marginalised in the 70s the band lost it’s soul, and one of the most “Floydy” sounding songs the band wrote after Wish You Were Here was Wright’s beautiful Tearing The Inside Out from The Division Bell.

    You will be sadly missed.

  107. Daniele C says:

    It’s….God, I can’t find words anyway….
    His suond, his spirit will always live in each single song of Pink Floyd, so…
    everyone, don’t stop to listen, don’t stop to play and don’t stop to live the PInk Floyd’s soul…
    thank you Rick, another Crazy Diamond now Shine over the Sky…

    Ci mancherai Rick…

  108. emiliano says:

    bad day, very bad day.

  109. Sascha says:

    A sad day indeed. My expression of sympathy with your own words Rick:

    “Quiet, smiling friend of mine
    Thrown into our lives
    You gave everything you could
    Saw through our disguise

    I had to stay I could not leave
    Give me time so I can breathe
    Give me time to be at ease

    Patiently, you watched us play
    Parts you’d seen before
    Even then, we sometimes asked
    What you keep us for

    Caught between the tangled web
    You helped set us free
    Sadly, then, you lost yourself
    So you had to leave

    And I must go, be on my way
    Let me go, I can not stay”

    May he rest in peace.

  110. Gary Halloran says:

    David has put a lovely tribute to Rick on the home page of his site.
    Very very sad for us all. I feel your pain, although I never had the chance to meet Rick I feel I have lost a friend, someone who has shared my life for over 30 years.
    I will dedicate my next gig to your memory.

    Comfortably Dumb Pink Floyd Duo.

  111. Luca says:

    I’m really sad, Richard with the Floyds is with me every day, I costantly breathe his music!

    I’ll never forget you, goodbye Richard.

    Sono veramente triste, Richard con i Floyd è con me ogni giorno, io respiro la sua musica costantemente!

    Non ti dimenticherò mai, addio Richard.

  112. Don says:

    The music of Pink Floyd has often struck an emotional chord in me causing my eyes to well up with tears of sublime joy. Today my eyes well up with tears of extreme sadness. I’m thankful that I was able to share the same air with Richard and the other Floyd members during the Animals tour in Atlanta in ’77. Thank you so very much for sharing your wondrous talents and creativity for all these 40+ years. Your passing leaves an enormous void. You will be missed.

  113. Fabrice says:

    Why always the good people?

    R.I.P Rick

    I gonna miss u

  114. Eric says:

    Be at peace friend, another hero traded for a ghost…:(

  115. rick was the real star of dark side of the moon. kia kaha rick

  116. Michael (Cleveland, Ohio) says:

    You’ll always Shine.

    Richard Wright / Online Memorial

  117. just like when syd past-on a piece of my heart went with them i im verry sad inside and im certain that they are sommewere together rick and syd playing and composing songs for the angels to sing love gus!

  118. Jacobo says:

    Now there’s a missing piece in Pink Floyd, very sad, rest in peace Mr. Richard Wright.

  119. David says:

    Goodbye Rick. You were a great man, and you didn’t deserve to die this soon. I first found out that Rick was dead about 2 hours ago. When I heard, i was completely in denial. “He couldn’t be dead”. Even now, it’s hard to believe. The man with no ego, as humble as can be. We’ve lost an incredible musician tonight. Even as a guitarist, Rick was my favorite member of Pink Floyd. He was so kind and he cared about other people, which was shown on the Syd Barrett documentary. There is a part where he is talking about Syd and is nearly reduced to tears. All I can say is that I’m glad he and Syd were reunited, but I’m sad we’ve lost Rick, the best keyboardist to grace the earth. RIP.

  120. Jorge Yoo - Brazil says:

    RICK, I miss you, forever……Thank you for give us a wonderfull music!!!!!!!

  121. Steve Lukas says:

    I just found out, I am totally shocked, and saddened
    Goodbye to a quiet genius. He gave Pink Floyd their soft side, and IMHO was very under rated.
    I am happy that I was able to see him perform. His memory will live on through his music. Goodbye Richard, thank you for the gift of your life and what you left in your music for decades to come.

  122. Rob says:

    Im so dissapointesd to hear the news, I know he lived a great life which in he created the best music that i heard through my ears. Without him Floyd would never create the magnificent masterpieces they did, his amazing organ and piano work and his gentle soothing voice will shine on forever.

  123. Jason says:

    wow. what a shock.

    i read an interview with david where he was asked about contributions to the music and mentioned rick as being a real driving force behind the construction of the songs.


  124. Jason H says:

    His music and the music of Pink Floyd changed my world forever. He was an integral part of one the greatest bands of all time and he will be missed. Goodbye Richard, I will always remember :(

  125. Paul says:

    I posted earlier today, but. . damn, I’m pretty depressed! I’ve never been so upset over basically a complete stranger passing.

    Again, may he rest in peace. Rick Wright and his music will be missed.


  126. A true genius of music and of mood. Rick Wright will truly be missed by us all. Our prayers are with his family and, of course, his friends and colleagues in Pink Floyd. May he rest in peace.

  127. manu says:

    it’s a sad day in music, will be listening to dark side all week

  128. david says:

    Fom DavidGilmour.Com

    No one can replace Richard Wright. He was my musical partner and my friend.

    In the welter of arguments about who or what was Pink Floyd, Rick’s enormous input was frequently forgotten.

    He was gentle, unassuming and private but his soulful voice and playing were vital, magical components of our most recognised Pink Floyd sound.

    I have never played with anyone quite like him. The blend of his and my voices and our musical telepathy reached their first major flowering in 1971 on ‘Echoes’. In my view all the greatest PF moments are the ones where he is in full flow. After all, without ‘Us and Them’ and ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’, both of which he wrote, what would ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ have been? Without his quiet touch the Album ‘Wish You Were Here’ would not quite have worked.

    In our middle years, for many reasons he lost his way for a while, but in the early Nineties, with ‘The Division Bell’, his vitality, spark and humour returned to him and then the audience reaction to his appearances on my tour in 2006 was hugely uplifting and it’s a mark of his modesty that those standing ovations came as a huge surprise to him, (though not to the rest of us).

    Like Rick, I don’t find it easy to express my feelings in words, but I loved him and will miss him enormously.

    David Gilmour
    Monday 15th September 2008

  129. Syarief says:

    RIP.. Mr. Wright

    Thank you for the wonderful music

  130. Wagner says:

    Today is a very sad day!!

    Stay Rick! And help me end the day!!

    Shine together with Syd on the Skies…

    My little tribute to him: http://www.bandaechoes.com.br

    RIP Rick.

  131. Gianni says:

    As I heard the new today my heart&soul were terribly sad. I’d like to give my compassion to the family and band members (even if I never them met in my life).
    Thanks for all the emotions you gave us! Rest in peace and keep on playing for all the angels of Heaven!

  132. Gary Swift says:

    Echoes is the only song that I can name in ONE NOTE! As a former submariner, I’ve always felt a special closeness to that SONAR-like ping.

    “And everything is green and submarine…”

    If I were God, I’d get Syd & Rick together for a rousing rendition of Astronomy Domine!

  133. Joan says:

    Richard will be missed, he was a very musical and calmed artist. His work with the Floyd was fascinating and his overdub along with David’s voice was ethereal. I love their voices together in Echoes.

    Rick, we loved you and hopefully we will see you (or better, listen to you) soon. My brother.

    Joan from Mexico.

  134. Hi Bjorn..

    Really sad… i was in disbeliefe for like an hour… a true day of sorrow for the music…. Rock On Rick!!!!!!!

  135. venilson Caldeira says:

    Divinópolis MG – Brazil
    E com muito pesar nos despedimos de uma peça tão importante no cenário musical mundial, Muito obrigdo Richard…

  136. charaf says:

    I am sad. I loved this guy, he has always been a part of my musical influence . His appearing fragility gave him that human touch that still give me comfort and confidence to make music.

    I pay a deep respect to a great man.

    To those playing on the “clash of civilisations”, here’s a lesson and I say : I’m from another country, another culture and I found Rick’s speaking to me through his musical contribution. I love you my brother.

    Rest in peace.

  137. Sad, Sad day for music. Rick, you are not forgotten. Your music lives on.

    See you on the dark side of the moon.

  138. Alex says:

    Thank you Rick, you’re playing has influenced me in too many ways. RIP

  139. Fede says:

    Thank you, Rick. Thank you for The Great Gig in the Sky, Echoes, and so many other songs.

    I will never have the chance to see them together anymore, I’m too young to have seen them before, and besides, I’m argentinian.. That’s what I regret the most.


    I’m sorry for my english

  140. Rafael says:

    so long…..

  141. Whalen says:

    Too sad to post anything but my thoughts of utter dismay.

  142. Theo Verbruggen says:

    What a musical genius he was
    How much did he influenced our lives
    He shaped my musical devlopement
    He brought intense enjoyment
    So close, so far away
    You will always be in my mind

  143. Danny S. says:

    I was devastated when I heard the news. I will never forget his amazing skills. He will be remembered in my heart and my family’s heart.

    Wish You Were Here
    Rest in Peace

  144. Kona Drinker says:

    Very Sad news! He will be missed.

  145. Vincent Hanna says:

    Utterly sad to learn of Rick Wright’s passing. He wrote perhaps the quintessential Pink Floyd piece that mixed a somber and joyous feel with the Zebriskie Point’s “The Violent Sequence,” the primer for the grand “Us and Them.” I think David Gilmour coins his contributions perfectly – always overlooked, but so essential to Pink Floyd. Such a loss. They just don’t make them like Rick Wright anymore.

    Maybe they just never did.

    But thank you for everything, Rick Wright. I’ll be listening to his music all week in honor and remembrance.

  146. Toggi says:

    Rest in peace, Rick.

  147. Piero says:

    Godbye Rick,
    I’ll never forget!
    Thank you Rick, thank you, thank you
    Ciao Rick,
    non ti dimenticherò mai…
    grazie per avermi dato tanto e fatto sognare tanto con la tua musica!

  148. Daniel Romão says:

    Very sad.. Now, i will never see a Pink Floyd show in my life.
    R.I.P. Richard Wright.

  149. Randall Yeager says:

    Syd was a great loss, and this is likewise deeply devastating. No offense to David, but I think the real anchor to Pink Floyd was Rick’s keyboard work, which I believe is widely underrated by the masses! From Piper at the Gates of Dawn all the way through to The Division Bell, Rick was the true driving force to the music, and provided the canvas upon which David and Syd painted.

    I’m going to put on “Great Gig in the Sky” and have myself a little smoky treat in remembrance of a truly great musician. Thank you Rick for all that you gave us!

    Hopefully, a sane Syd and Rick are somewhere planning a 5-piece Floyd reunion. RIP

    In a bit of coincidence, I just bought Rick’s album “Broken China” last week and it is sitting here right next to the computer. Not a particularly strong album, but it has another context now. A sad day for all!

  150. Collin says:

    Really, really sad news. I had just come home for lunch when my dad told me. I didn’t even know he had cancer. It’s just so sad.

  151. Emil Botev says:

    I just feel like yesterday died one of my best friends. Rest in peace Duck!!! ;(

  152. Anderson Amancio says:

    Vou ouvir Pink Floyd com outro sentimento agora. Vá em paz Rick!

  153. ruodi says:

    David asked us [the audience] to sing him “our birthday boy” a little birthday serenade in the course of the Munich concert back in 2006. After that, Rick took a hint of a bow towards the audience, smiled his typical Rick Wright smile an said a barely noticeable Thank You. Today, on this sad day, this little personal remembrance is like a bit of a little comfort for me.

    From the human side, Rick Wright has always been “my favourite Floyd”. Always liked his unintrusive character. “Wet Dream”, in my opinion, is one of the best, anyhow underestimated Pink Floyd records, the “fusion jazz version of Wish You Were Here” if you like. I felt it never as clear as today that the split of Pink Floyd in the mid-80ies was a wrong decision!

    But today can also be a happy day: Rick Wright isn´t the old and tired Ex-Pink-Floyd member anymore, now this period in his life is over! Finished. You can imagine him as this beardy, sympathic “Pompeii organist”, and he will blossom out in this memory, which is equally true as the picture of the grey old man that was hard reality just until today. Now Rick Wright IS Echoes. Rick Wright is the TAO. Just like Jimi Hendrix, just like Syd Barrett. Nothing´s doomed. It was, it is, it will always be. I wish I had a very big joint tonight …


    so sad … sorry.

  154. Alan says:

    This is one of the worst things to have happened to pink floyd and also Syd’s death…..R.I.P

  155. Ben Lubin says:

    I am so so sad to hear this news. Just so sad.

  156. Marco says:

    Yeah, ok, as you said once “no-one flies around the sun” but what about all the people waiting for a great gig in the sky? How I wish you were here. R.I.P. Rick

  157. Peter Endes says:

    Wish you were here!!! One of four man, who have been with me for about 20 years has left . I feel emptiness. See you on the dark side of the moon……..THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Bert says:

    Farewell Richard! Shine on you…

  159. Scott Wilson says:

    Tragic news didnt find out till 10 o clock at night and immediatly burst into tears…. His skill as a musicain will live on forever in the classic tracks of Pink Floyd. I am personaly heart broken and im sure many other fans will feel the same…

  160. Daniel Krause says:

    I have no words…..RIP Richard……

  161. angelo says:

    shine on for a great gig in the sky

  162. Gary Halloran says:

    You will live forever in our hearts and in your timeless music.

    God bless.

  163. oxusman says:

    One of the sadest days of my life…
    i’ll wish you a great gig in the sky with the other guys…
    rest in peace rick…

  164. Edo says:

    Ciao Rick
    ci lasci…
    nella consapevolezza che è davvero finita..
    sapendo che non sarà più possibile sperare in un nuovo album..
    o in un grande concerto.
    Spero che il peso della tua malattia non te lo sia dovuto portare tutto da solo!
    beato chi si trova con te..
    sicuramente organizzerai un grande concerto nel cielo!!ti vogliamo bene!! e ci mancherai tantissimo!!
    ti v

  165. charles says:

    Such sad news to here the passing of richard wright , his personality came through his keyboard playing in pink floyd .
    what a great man . rest in peace richard….

  166. Luca Parlanti says:

    ciao Amico, ciao grande uomo, ciao artista unico
    mi mancherai molto

  167. Joe S says:

    Damn it how the days go by!

    RIP my friend.

  168. Matteo says:

    Goodbye Richard. Thanks for all you gave us…

  169. Matt Bollen says:

    i can now truely apreciate the great gig in the sky

    the second i put it on after i heard the news, i was litterally in tears.

    you will be missed, by many, many people.
    it just goes to show u dont true recognise or apreciate something/someone, until it/they is gone.

    i wish you farewell rick.
    i love every bit of your keyboard playing in 2006

    hope you enjoy that great gig in the sky!


  170. Darran says:

    I read a beautiful but simple post on another site I would like to quote from:

    “Say hi to Syd for me…”

  171. Darran says:

    The greatest gig is indeed now in the sky…

    He will live on through his music for generations to come…

    with devoted fans championing his talents his flame will never go out…

    a very sad day, I will try and celebrate his life with an extended headphone session tonight.

  172. Kevin O. says:

    This is indeed a sad day.

    A facebook group was made in honor of Mr. Richard Wright.

    If you have a facebook, I urge you to join the group!

    It’s “R.I.P. Richard Wright”

    Please join and participate in the blogs and discussions that take place.

    Reminisce how Mr. Wright has blown us all away.

    God Bless him!

  173. panajotis panajotatos says:

    Terrible news!!!
    Richard Wright touched also my soul and changed my life with his singing and playing.
    Now PF can never be complete again…
    He will live forever through his music.
    The Great Gig went to the sky.

    Richard Wright I will never forget you.

  174. Jason V says:

    I can’t fucking believe it. I started up my web browser to see a headline that says Rick Wright died! I’ll be discussing this with my history of rock music professor today.

    This is very sad indeed. I have the same birthday as him, July 28th and I’ve always been proud of this connection. To me, Rick’s creation of atmosphere is what allowed the essence of Pink Floyd to shine.

    I think we should all listen to Broken China in honor or Rick. Indeed, he is the unsung hero of Pink Floyd. Shine on.

  175. Lorenzo says:

    Ciao Richard…..ci mancherai tantissimo….

  176. Alex Hernandez says:

    And no-one sings me lullabies
    And no-one makes me close my eyes
    And so I throw the windows wide
    And call to you across the sky

    Rest in Peace Richard, thank you for all the great music.

  177. john and cailean says:

    I’m stunned

    Under stated and underrated, the glue behind so much great music. A part of the soundtrack of my life since i discovered the Floyd when i was 14, i’m 50 now. My son Cailean is the same age as me when I discovered them. he has just phoned me from playing a gig in tears.

  178. bernhard says:

    I am still in utter shock, there’s nothing more for me to write at the moment. these news sound utterly absurd somehow.

  179. Robin Wheeler says:

    Thank you for all the joy you have brought us over many years.

    A quiet man who was a great influence.

    You will be greatly missed. I hope you perform upon high.


  180. Phil says:

    Mr Richard Wright, you will be greatly missed

    Richard Wright, 28/7/43 – 15/8/08

    Rest in Peace

  181. D-041 says:

    Terrible news… I still can’t believe…

    Rick will remain immortal, and I hope he’s just playing his Great gig in the sky….

    R.I.P, legend…

  182. Panajotis Panajotatos says:

    This is very sad indeed.
    Richard Wright touched also my soul with his playing and singing and changed my life for ever.
    Now Pink Floyd can never be complete again.

    He will live forever through his music.
    The great Gig went to the sky.
    Wish you were here Richard Wright.
    I will never forget you.

  183. Stanley says:

    A melancholic day for music everywhere, Goodbye Rick.

  184. Pete Tatooles says:

    We will miss him – I am glad they got to play together at Live 8 for us all to remember. His melodies and voice will always be in our hearts – he contributed much and deserves great recognition for his work.

  185. alessandro says:

    dear richard your music will stay always with us

  186. Joan and Renald from Quiebec says:

    It’s a very sad day indeed, our thoughts go to his family, to David, Nick, Roger to all the friends and fans.
    Rest in peace.

  187. I am so very deeply saddned by this news. I grew up listening to Pink Floys from age 11, they have always been part of my life and Rick was and is one of my all time musical here’s….this is a huge loss to the musical world.
    Farewell Rick…….Shine On !!

  188. DAVID SIEBRA says:

    Eu…David Siebra… grande fâ brasileiro de pink floyd… compartilho com todos a dor da ausência deste grande músico!! Mais um gênio da música que se despede…. uma pena!!!

  189. John says:

    The feelings that we all have can’t be spoken in words. But rest in peace Richard

  190. A very bad news,this is a sad day.

  191. Martin says:

    Endless sadness… Rick and Floyd died today…

    Rest in Peace…

  192. John says:

    Remember a day before today
    A day when you were young
    Free to play along with time
    Evening never comes

    Time is gone song is over thought he had something more to say

    Say hello to Syd above

  193. Leandro says:

    A really sad good-bye to one of the most incredible musicians of his generation. He’ll always be remembered and cherished by all of us.

    Rest in peace and thank you Rick. You’ll live on through your music.

  194. Ernest Peske says:

    Sad news…
    Shine on Richard.

  195. Darkside says:

    I am absolutely gutted. A somewhat unsung musical hero who, in Mr Gilmours words “Came up with works of genius without actually realising how good it was.”

    A sad day indeed :-(

  196. Danilo says:

    ….with my brother Fabio…our first musical experiences…our first deep emotions…our tears…our dreams….thanks to Your beautiful Music….the Pink Floyd Music…..I think that if it’s real that music is the mirror of our soul….well…I’m sure that Rick will remain immortal………

    …always thankful..in our hearts….Shine on Rick…..

  197. Cody Watson says:

    Rest In Peace, Rick.

    Thanks for everything.

    Today we’re all wearing the inside out.

  198. raphael belhache says:

    we lost a friend today..

  199. Chris says:

    Very, very sad news.
    Richard Wright we will never forget you.
    Rest in peace.

  200. Eivind says:

    This is terrible. I’m in shock! This is such a big loss for all of us.
    How can I listen to ‘Wearing the inside out’ after this? It’s one of my favourite Floyd-songs, and I always felt that the soul you can feel in that particular song is a part of Wrights. For me, that tune is special, and it always will be.

    Rest In Peace Richard Wright.
    You have really made a difference in my life.

  201. Martijn says:

    Richard, you will be missed. Forever we will hear your ‘Echoes’..

    Rest in peace.

  202. Peter Baldwin says:

    Today the music world looses one of its most underated tallents.
    Im sure that everyones thoughts and condolences go out to his friends and family.

    Shine on Ric

  203. Kristian says:

    It is very sad. I cannot believe that all the floyds a dying. He will live forever in the music!


  204. Luca says:

    Very sad day for the whole music world.

  205. Anders says:

    R.I.P. Richard Wright. You are a true legend. It is very sad news, indeed.

    Thanks for all the music you have made, and played. It wouldn’t been any Pink Floyd without you.

  206. MT says:

    This is so sad, i’m feeling completely empty right now, like having lost a friend…
    He was so good in Remember that night, what a lost.
    Damn 2008
    Time to compose something

  207. Woolyback02 says:

    A sad day indeed. Rest in peace Richard Wright. A Floyd fan for many years now. Only ever managed to see him once at earls court 1981, The Wall concerts.
    His memory will live on.

  208. Chuckster says:

    “and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”

    How sad. Rick and his family are in my prayers.

  209. Paul says:

    Very said indeed. I had the pleasure to see him with Gilmour a couple years back. Shocking news to see this as I pulled up this site.

    Rest in peace.

  210. Alican Gercek says:

    When I heard the news, I could not believe it. This is very big loss for the world. Richard Wright is the best keyboard player in the world, and I always remember him, and miss him a lot.

    I know he will always be with me, by his pure and soft notes…

  211. Sven tore says:

    Farwell to the greatest

  212. Spe says:

    I’m so sad … RIP rick …

  213. Curtis says:

    My thoughts are of David Gilmour and Nick Mason as I imagine this will be a difficult time for them. Richard Wright’s contribution to Pink Floyd and to music as a whole has been one of a kind and helped to shape music during that time.

    This is very sad news indeed and I will always enjoy the music that was created by this great and wonderful musician. Richard Wright will be missed, and a big thank you to what he created.

  214. Tim says:

    God bless you Rick, and thank you for all the wonderful, beautiful music. You will never, ever be forgotten.

  215. Maxime LACOTE says:

    I discover that he had been touched by cancer. So sad, it’s terrible event for pink floyd’s fan but also for musicians or lovers of great music. So much things he left in our memories, what he did for pink floyd was in my opinion not enough known. He was a great person, an amausing musician.
    rest in peace, he’ll never leave our memories

  216. Hugo says:

    Sad day.. R.I.P Richard Wright.

  217. Vega says:

    Rick Wright, gone off to the Great Gig in the Sky. Godspeed, mate.

    I wish the family peace during this time, and I wish friends the same.

  218. KDC113 says:

    Sad news, we miss his playing, great muscician. RIP

  219. Andres Riobo says:

    very sad……

    now, pink floyd it’s over

  220. Deck says:

    Shocking news…
    Live at Gdansk will have a very different taste next week…

  221. Pink says:

    Richard Wright is a great person with a small ego.
    He brought a very nice touch to the song’ and had a very soft voice. a very sad day to all of us
    Rest in Peace Richard! goodbye friend..

  222. JT says:

    What can I say…. It’s a really sad day for us all. Our thoughts goes of course to his family, but he will be greatly missed by millions of fans as well!

    His impact on the Floyd sound was enormous and the reception he received on the Gilmour tour in 2006 was of course well deserved.

    I had the great pleasure of meeting him for a couple of minutes in Paris on the Gilmour tour and must say it was one of the highlights of my life as a long time Floydian. He was a true Gentleman!

    Miss him already!


  223. Peter Benard says:

    The world will miss one of the greatest musicians off one of the greatest bands. Pink Floyd is not complete anymore. All the Tribute bands in the world will try to keep your music alive. Richard: Rest in peace. I wish your family, friends and all the other Pink Floyd members a lot of strength for the future. We will not forget you. Thanks for everything you did for the world of music.

  224. Jason says:

    I know he had wonderful experiences & opportunities & his life should be celebrated. But this is very sad news indeed. A great & influential musician that has touched many lives, including mine, has passed on far too soon…

  225. Kjetil says:

    That was very unexpected news. I didn’t know he was ill. Very sad news

  226. kingofnima says:

    Richard Wright we will never forget you. You changed many peoples life with your music. Farewell and thank you for what you did for the music and thank you for enrichening our lives with your magic playing.

  227. Luciano says:

    Oh, my God!
    I can’t believe it.
    What a sad day.
    He’ll be really missed. Such a great, great (and underrated) talent.
    And I guess that, with him, any hope of a PF reunion goes away too, considering that he was David closest friend within the band.
    I was really looking forward the solo album he had suggested months ago.
    Guess it’s time to hear the “Wet Dream” album, “Wearing The Inside Out”, “Us And Them”, “SOYCD”, “Paintbox”, “Stay”, “Summer ’68” and, specially, “The Great Gig In The Sky”…
    Peace be with you, Mr. Wright.
    Again: what a sad day!

  228. Yoda says:

    May the Crazy Diamond shine on you Rick… Rest in peace Psychedelic Angel.

    Very Sad Day …

  229. Luka Morgan says:

    What a loss!
    He was a great man and musician!

    We will remember you through your beautiful and timeless songs!

  230. Dan says:

    This is very sad news, indeed. RIP Richard Wright! You gave the world beauty with your keyboards and your singing. God Speed old chap!

  231. Benoit says:

    Founder member of the group called to epoch Sigma 6, he was an essential compositor in the writing of several successes of the group. Among the most famous ” The Great Gig in the Sky ” and “Us and Them”, of the album Dark Side of the Moon.i’m really sad,I hope everybody is aware that a big man left us.Thanks to you,and see you on Dark Side of the Moon

  232. Greg Suarez says:

    Farewell, Richard Wright, and Godspeed. This is a devastating day for the world of music.

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