• The Fender David Gilmour signature stratocastert

    It’s been some hectic days since the David Gilmour signature Stratocaster was announced. Based on the feedback I’ve gotten from many of you I think I can sum it up in three words: amazement, confusion and disappointment.

    To speak for my self I’m very proud that David finally has got the recognition he deserves as a guitarist. When I first heard about the guitar some years ago I though that it was about time but when I think about it now it’s perfect timing. Five or ten years ago David was a fairly anonymous musician hidden behind the name of one of the biggest bands in rock history but after the huge success with On an Island and the tour he’s finally recognized in the same league as Hendrix, SRV, Clapton and Knopfler. A signature guitar is as much a recognition from the business as it is from the fans.

    I can’t help tho to be a bit torn between whether it should be a signature of the present version of David’s guitar or the mid 70’s version. I understand David’s choice tho. It’s a relationship with an old friend he’d nearly forgotten about and the fact that it regained its position as the definitive Gilmour guitar on the last tour, both for himself and for many of the fans. Still, wonder why they didn’t decide on the version that was used on some of the world’s most selling albums of all time. The Black Strat with the rosewood neck was used on many albums including Dark Side and Wish You Were and a signature, relic or whatever they’re called is often decided on due to the fact that it was used during a certain period or on specific albums. I’m sure many fans also insists that it should have been David’s red Strat but sorry guys, I strongly disagree.

    So what’s it all about? I’m a little surprised by the selected pickups. They seem to be stock models rather than the expected custom wounds we normally see on these CS guitars (NOTE: the specs are now updated on the Fender site. See below.). I was also a bit surprised to see that the neck is a C-shaped based on David’s original 1983 ’57 reissue. I didn’t know that… The guitar also has a 5-way pickup switch, which was new to me. I’m looking forward to the updated book from Phil Taylor and to see what they’ve figured out while creating the replica.

    Here are some of the main features, all replicated after David’s guitar:

    – Alder body with late 60’s contour with black nitrocellulose lacquer finish over sunburst
    – 1-piece maple thin shouldered C shape neck with dark tint nitrocellulose lacquer finish, 1983 ’57 reissue specs
    – Maple fingerboard, 7.25″ radius with 21 vintage style frets

    – Custom hand-wound Fat ’50s single-coil pickup, neck
    – Custom-wound single-coil pickup (based on a CS69), middle
    – Seymour Duncan SSL-5 single-coil pickup, bridge

    – 5 position pickup switcher
    – Mini-toggle switch for adding neck pickup in position 1,2 and 3

    – American vintage synchronized tremolo with custom beveled tremolo block and shortened tremolo arm
    – Fender/Gotho vintage style tuning machines

    – 1-ply .120” beveled black acrylic, 11 hole pickguard

    Regarding the pickups… Phil Taylor’s book about the guitar states that the neck and middle pickups are stock Fenders, suggesting late 60’s, while the bridge pickup is a custom wound Duncan SSL-1 David installed prior to the Wall tour in 1980. However the pictures of the bottom of the neck and middle pickups reveals that they’re from 1972, which could of course still make them late 60’s-ish. The Fat 50’s is a slightly brighter CS 69 and I guess the SSL-5, which is slightly hotter than the SSL-1 would be closer to the custom wound David’s got.

    The C shaped neck is a clone of the original 1983 ’57 reissue David swapped from one of the cream coloured used in the mid 80s. As the story goes, when they were making ’57 and 62’s replicas in 1982-83 they were more concerned by playability than authenticity, which I guess makes sense, but some compromises were made. It’s a unique neck that it will be very interesting to try.

    Pre-order info is starting to appear from several dealers and suggested prices seems to be somewhere around $4000 for the NOS and $4.800 for the replica.

    So there you have it. Are you amazed, confused or disappointed? Read more about the guitar at the Fender Custom Shop site.

    A big thanks to everyone who’s contributed info and shared thoughts about the guitar!

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124 Responsesso far.

  1. kevin says:

    i would pay $4,000 for Gilmour’s fingers

  2. Koray Kurutepe says:

    Dear Björn and everyone,

    Finally I got my guitar NOS Gilmour signature. I must say MAnnys tried to help to get it to where I live. Though it costed a lot, I am truly in love with the guitar. It is awesome.

    The sound, the resononance is incredible.

    Just to let you know.

    [Congratulations! – Bjorn]

  3. i have been unable to find any reviews at all. plenty for the cd/dvd but none for the strat. can you direct us to them bjorn? i have one on order but am told mid december is when i will see it in new zealand

    [There’s a couple of reviews in this thread. – Bjorn]

  4. Koray Kurutepe says:

    Dear Everyone and Bjorn,

    I have ordered a NOS version, fully paid to Manny’s in New York. I have communicated with them and confirmed that I would be coming to NY on 22nd September to pick up the guitar and reminded them that I should not face any troubles as I was coming from overseas.

    Everything seemed OK until I arrived the shop on the 22nd September after spending 2500 USD and taking a 12 hrs flight. That was the only reason I travelled to NY for two nights and I mentioned about that before I depart and before they charge me for the guitar.

    When I arrived, they seemed unaware of my coming and told me that there is no guitar available. After spending one and a half days with communicating them about the solution. They finally comed with the answer that the guitar is not available by Fender as it needed to be rebuilt.

    Can anyone tell me if someone has received the guitar?

    In any case I blame Manny’s and will ask for my expenses if they do not get me the guitar to my door. The only reason I tried to buy the guitar from Manny’s because of its reputation and that it would be a memory for me as DAvid bought the same guitar from that shop years ago.

    I feel very dissapointed.

    They did not avoid me from coming there before spending so much time and money by a single email with a small attention.

    I will let you know if any solution is offered by Manny’s.

    [I’m sorry to hear this and I think it’s strange that they said that the guitar needed to be rebuilt. As I understand the guitar is already available in a number of stores and reviews are starting to appear. That being said, I think delays should be expected due to a number of reasons. This is not a CD or a book that rarely is late. There’s a number of things that cause the delay and probably none are Manny’s fault but they should have given you a better explanation though. Keep me posted. – Bjorn]

  5. Matthew M says:

    I just came across this wonderful site yesterday, and it is a pleasure to read the wonderful discussions here. At 35, I’m just starting to learn about Pink Floyd on a deeper, more obsessive level, although I have been a casual fan for years. It has been the introduction of the Fender Custom Shop Gilmour model and a love of his tone and playing that has perked my interest in recent days. This website is the best!

    Like many others, I am also disappointed with the pricing of the guitar. I’m sure it sounds great, as it passed the tests of the man himself, but I can’t see that the NOS model in particular is too difficult to produce. I really expected it to be in the $3000 range, or even under, and likely available at a fairly steep discount (20-30%) at dealers, as with many other Custom Shop models. $4000? Ouch. I still can’t understand why the NOS model can’t sell for the same price as the Signature models of Clapton, Beck, SRV et al. At around $1500. (BTW, I have a ’89 Clapton Strat in 7-UP Green and it is lovely. I paid $900 for it two years ago.)

    I’m a “closet player” and hobbyist, but I really hoped I could buy one and work on getting together a minor rig that could produce Gilmour tone. I’ll still be able to get there, thanks to this website, but I wanted a Black Strat to help the process along. I wish all of his fans could afford one. But enough of my griping, I’m glad that the guitars exist, but I guess I’ll just have to build my own!

    [Thanks for your kind words and welcome to my site :) – Bjorn]

  6. Ignazio says:

    When I assembled my black strat I started from a MiM black strat with a 21 frets maple neck which is a ’50 reissue but with C shape profile, now I am happy to find it similar to the Black strat replica from Fender. I spent ~400 euros comprised new pickups. May be I will change the bridge and the frets in the future. Cheers.

  7. Kit Rae says:

    Here is a link to my music page.

    Scroll down to see pix and tips on the Black Strat I put together.


  8. Kit Rae says:

    I finally finished my black strat project, total cost was about $1500. Learning soldering was a bitch, but worth it.

    I used a Fender American Standard instead of a Classic or Vintage series simply because it is similar to my Deluxe that I have been playing for years. I replaced the saddles and trem block with Callahams. I like my strings “squishy” so I always remove one of the three trem springs and jack the string height up. Had to drill out the trem cavity a bit so I could drop the trem bar all the way down without hitting wood inside. Callaham blocks are not beveled to allow this like the fender block it. Cut my trem arm short to fit in my palm and wrapped 1/2 of the threads with a pen spring so it does not seat too low in the Callaham block. Shielded inside cavity with copper foil and replaced pups with CS ’69’s and SSL5.

    Here is a youtube clip of me playing On the Turning Away with My Pink Flesh muff clone through a Fender Twin.
    …and one of the Comfortably Numb solo with the Pink Flesh.
    – …and another Comfy Numb with a Sovtek green Big Muff.

    Hard to hear the tone differences with youtube audio, but it is definitely the Gilmour tone with the SSL5 pup. I’ll try and do some audio mp3 clips, but building your own Gilmour strat is definitely less expensive and more rewarding in my opinion than buying the real replica. But if you have the cash, go for it!


    [Again, thanks for sharing the clips! You’ve hit the spot with that Strat! – Bjorn]

  9. Leandro says:

    Bjorn !!! wtf is up with the RSS feed for gilmourish.com

    [Hm… I’ll check it out. – Bjorn]

  10. Alan says:

    well Im gonna build a sound proof room to record in and it will be pretty big and also Im using my first guitar ever which sounds the best out of the ones I have and its a cheap squier strat and I dont know what type of pickups but it is H/S/S

  11. jude says:

    Greetings Bjorn

    I dont konw if you’ve ever seen the version david does of the elvis song “dont”, but its cool, and the tone he gets for the solo is awesome. There are a few videos of it on youtube, and as i can see there are no effects. I think he used a fender bassman or something, so do you thing he just drove it.

    P.S. the version im speaking of was for a tribute concert to elvis and he performed it with bill wyman from the rolling stones. Maybe you can find it.

    Awesome site. Visit it every day.

    [Yeah the performance is great! He’s using the 1999-2006 Pete Cornish board at least on some of the versions. The effect you hear is the Tube Driver. – Bjorn]

  12. Alan says:

    Well I need something to make my green russian less fuzzy if you know what I mean.

    [Again, it depends on what pickups and amp you’re using. Perhaps the problem here isn’t the Muff but the fact that it’s not the right pedal for the rest of your gear. A Big Muff often need a clean powerful tube amp to sound its best… not to say a lot of volume. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use a Muff on smaller rigs but in many cases a different distortion will give you a better tone. If you’re Muff sounds too fuzzy no matter how you tweak it or the amp then adding a compressor or overdrive won’t solve the problem. Let me know what pickups and amp you’re using and I’ll try to help. Do you mostly play at home or in a larger venue? – Bjorn]

  13. Alan says:

    Hey Bjorn Would A tube driver smooth out my green russian or just make it worse?

    [Depends very much on what kind of pickups and amp you’re using. It could go either ways. What wrong with the tone you get from your Muff? – Bjorn]

  14. Leandro says:

    Hey bjorn…..what happened to the TPFE site? it says “hacked by TQRL or something like that….


    [Yeah… erm… it’s fixed now. – Bjorn]

  15. Vermont says:

    Very disappointed with the price. What happened to the comment from DG about making it affordable for not just the rich?

  16. Salvo says:

    Hi Darran

    I totally agree with you !!!

    Bjorn should get a David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster as donation from Fender.

    Always great site, Bjorn

    Geetings from Sicily (Italy)

    [Cheers Salvo! – Bjorn]

  17. Darran says:

    If there is any justice in the world, Fender would donate a DG Sig Strat to Bjorn for the benifit of his devoted website subscribers to enjoy his impartial review, even if only a loan unit, but I am sure the sales and interest generated by this site should well justify a free sample!!!

    This must be read by people within or close to Fender or DG’s camp, add your support as I would love to have Bjorn add a feature on here. Add your support below guys… (I am no way affiliated with this site BTW!!!)

    Great stuff Bjorn, this site is a great resource a hub for all Gilmourites…


    [Thanks Darran! I really appreciate your support! – Bjorn]

  18. Beli says:

    Hello there!
    I’ve been reading your site for quite some time now and it’s been really helpfull. The only thing that i think is missing is the forum section. You can really see that it is needed. In most cases there is a news posted, people write a few comments which actually are a reference to the news post. However there are also a lot responses about offtopic stuff like questions about pedals quality, which guitar should be bought etc. Sure those questions asked and your responses are usefull but it is really pain in the … to search for the certain newspost to find that certain post about Big Muff. Instead of that I could just click on search engine and find a specific topic about it.

    So here is my offtopic post :).

    I’m going to buy Fender Stratocaster American Standard, normally i would go for maple but I’m getting tired of the whole maintenance problem. The fretboard feels sticky, collects dirt and with rosewood its so simple – you just clean it with dunlop 01, than apply dunlop oil and that’s it. So I’m torn into pieces. On one hand I want maple with bright tone with conservation problem and on the other rosewood with it’s tone and easy cleaning. Any advices?

    [Well, this isn’t a forum. It’s a blog and features site. There’s an excellent DG forum here. You’re welcome to send me any questions on e-mail and I’ll try the best I can to help. I’ve used maple necks for 17-18 years and I can’t say that I understand your problem. A good maple neck needs little if any maintenance. A damp cloth now and then will do fine. You should also be careful using too much liquids on rosewoods. Lemon oil etc might keep the neck moist for some time but the acids will eventually dry it out. A good quality rosewood neck should not show sings of dryness or cracks at all. It’s more down to what kind of tone you prefer. Maples are brighter and more punchy while rosewoods are slightly warmer and softer. – Bjorn]

  19. Kit Rae says:


    Does the master volume knob on your Colorsound completely turn the volume off when it is dialed to zero? Even at zero mine still has plenty of volume. I find that when I crank the drive up over 75% it is so loud it blows my other pedals away. It sounds great but it’s hard to get a good level balance on my board. You are the only other person I know that has one.


    [Yes, there’s plenty of volume when the master is off. I might be using the pedal a bit different than you as I either have this one or the Tube Driver on at all times and add the Muff or Fuzz on top of that. This way I get a clean volume boost for all my sounds and unity gain. I like to have that warm boosted tone as a basis for everything as it brings out more character from my amp. – Bjorn]

  20. Franck Machu says:

    The world go very fast. The perfect replica of the David Strat is already available on eBay. The seller offer a strat 100% in compliance with the DG Signature strat specification (for 1375 $). Crazy world ! Of course it is not a custom shop made but it looks like a guitar made with all the best parts. I don’t know what we can think about it.

  21. Alan says:

    Hey Bjorn What should I get first , a coloursound power boost or a BK tube driver?

    [Personally I prefer the Colorsound but they’re really not that different from each other… at least with a 12AU7 tube in the TD. Ultimately I think you should decide based on what kind of amp you’re using. Neither of these sound their best on transistor amps so maybe you should consider a Tubce Screamer or something like that. Check out this article for more. – Bjorn]

  22. Kit Rae says:

    Correction, $1500. I type too fast.


  23. Kit Rae says:

    For strings, I use the 009 GHS Boomers, but that is probably just because I have always used this guage. I have tried heavier guages but always went back to these. I have not tried the Gilmour Boomers because I like what I am using now, but maybe I’ll give them a go after I get my black strat finished.

    I bought a black Fender American Standard strat because it seems close enough to my favorite strat, which is an American Deluxe with mahogany body, C neck, and Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups. I cut my trem down to 5″, as I have done on both my strats, and shielded the inside of the guitar with copper. I had heard the current American bridge setup had been improved, but after playing it a while and setting the saddles up to match my deluxe strats, I don’t think they are that good. Primarily the saddles are what is bad. I replaced them with a set of Callaham saddles. I’ll see how they compare to my American Deluxe saddles, which are perfect, with tons of sustain. I am swapping out the stock Fender pickups with CS69’s and SD SSL-5 in the neck. My soldering iron is not hot enough to break one of the big stock welds so I need to get a bigger iron tomorrow to finish it. I’ll give a report when I do, and how it compares to my SCN pickups, which have a very Gilmour sound, though not dead on. Total cost so far is about $2500.


  24. Hugo says:

    Well I just installed one SSL-5 in the bridge. I just played with it for a little while.. jmmm It sounds good with the tex-mex in the middle and neck..a little (very little) week in comparison, so I compensate a little with the height of the pickup.

    But the sound is almost in the same area, is more open and more powerfull in the tex-mex. and more compressed in the SSL-5, I think.. but I only played for a little while…

  25. Leandro says:

    Bjorn I see you got yourself an MXR Carbon Copy….how does it sound?

    I’m pretty shocked that you decided to let go your trusty Ibanez de7..the boss/mxr couple gives you a better result?


    [Definitely! I always intended to replace the Ibanez DE-7s. I will always recommend them as good sounding budget pedals but I wouldn’t want to tour with them and rely on cheap plastic. One of them found its way to my second board in addition to the Mem Man. The tone is surprisingly good but far from ideal as the echo isn’t analog but a normal digital delay through a filter for that muffled decay. Anyway, the Carbon Copy is very much like the Memory Man although a bit more acquired I’d say. But I love it! I usually hate Boss delays. I’ve tried them all and even owned most of them at some point but I can’t get friends with that bright hars tone. The DD-2 is one of the warmest digital delays I’ve ever encountered and I’m a bit surprised really. Definitely worth a try on EBay. I’ll write some detailed reviews of both soon. – Bjorn]

  26. Robert says:

    Hi Bjorn and everyone,

    Something that has not been commented on or covered in detail on this wonderful site (if it has, I can’t find it) is consideration and discussion of preferred string guages. This has relevance to the custom string guage set that will come with the new DG signature model. I would be very curious to find out:

    1) What string guages do each of you prefer on your strats and why?

    2) Have any of you tried David’s custom GHS Boomers set (10, 12, 16, 28, 38, 48), and if so, what do think of this combination?

    3) For many many years I had consistently used 9-42, but I just put on the GHS Boommers 10-48s and had it re-set. I need to play them for awhile yet to evaluate them properly. What I can say is that there will definitely be a period of adjustment to them.

    So what say all of you on string gauges, and the way in which your preference has impacted your goal of attaining that beautiful Gimour tone?

    Bjorn, I cannot praise you enough for such an informative and excellent website!!

    [You’re right. This has never been discussed on this site. Speaking for my self ever since I started playing guitar I’ve always used GHS Boomers .010. I guess it’s because the guy who helped me learn my first chords used Boomers. I’ve tried all sorts of strings and gauges but I always come back to these. Now I’m actually using David’s signature Strat strings on all my guitars. They’re not that different from the standard package but the irregular gauges makes sense really.
    My experience with 9-42 is that they don’t stay tuned that well compared to .010s. – Bjorn]

  27. Franck Machu says:

    The Albert Hall DVD was so good that I didn’t understand why David was preparing a second release of its 2006 tour, while the golden age of Pink Floyd is so poor in terms of official live albums (hopefully there are the bootlegs). After looking at Gdansk videos available on YouTube, I think I understand. I have seen David in Vienne France and I have the 3 bootlegs of his France dates, which are all very good but quite similar in terms of setlist and playing. But the videos from Gdansk are amazing. Guitar solos are much longer and contain more improvisations. Great great great guitar playing ! I am looking forward the release of the 5 CD/DVD set.

    Why David and Roger don’t make business and money by releasing official live recording from the golden years. I am sure they have in box somewhere some magic soundboard recordings from the 77 tour, 71 or 72 ? Us, the Floyd maniacs, would apologize them for making money. Don’t we !???

    [Perhaps we don’t have to wait that long for all the goodies to be released. Floyd have to squeeze the last drops out of their catalog before the CD is dead and one way to do it is to release the old albums remastered with additional live material. BBC owns a lot of great concert recordings from the 60s and 70s and Floyd has tons of stuff in their own vaults. – Bjorn]

  28. Salvo says:

    Hi Bjorn and hi all

    What should be the difference, in the bridge position, between CS 69′ and SSL-1 ?
    I mean about brightness, warmnes,s and so on…..

    Greetings from Sicily (Italy)

    [The SSL-1 should be closer to the CS54 I think. A bit brighter than the CS69 but not that different. Keep in mind though that David’s is a custom wound and perhaps closer to a SSL-5, which is a bit hotter than both the CS69 and 54/SSL-1. Anyway, all of these are on the lower scale regarding output. – Bjorn]

  29. Grish says:

    Hi there.

    I was thinkig… since for some of us its impossible to expen -at least- 4,000 bucks in a guitar, it would be nica a guide to create a black strat with cheaper pick ups, neck etc, without losing Gilmour tone.

    Keep on the great work.

  30. Andrew says:

    So what exactly is the difference between the CS69 and Fat 50? I’m contemplating over which to put in the neck of my deluxe strat.

    Also Bjorn, I have a question for you: have you ever tried a rosewood board and noticed there was a difference in tone compared to maple? I really like Gilmour’s snappy clean tone and I’m afraid that I couldn’t achieve it with a rosewood board.

    Thanks, Andrew

    [The CS69 has a slightly higher output and a bit more bass. The Fat 50s is, as the name implies, a fatter version of the CS54 with the same glassy bell tone but a bit more meat.
    Rosewoods are warmer than maple. The overall tone of a guitar depends on many factors like the wood used in both the body and neck, the quality and contour of the wood, how the guitar is assembled, the pickups etc. But as a rule, if you want that bright punchy tone you should go with maple. – Bjorn]

  31. Luciano says:

    Hi, Bjorn,

    considering that the Signature Strat is out of my possibilities, a have a few off topic things:

    1) Have you seen the Gdansk clip that is out there? David played This Heaven with the Black Strat instead of the Les Paul…

    2) On Knopfler gear, although he usually just plugs the guitar directelly to the amp, he used to have a few effects. In fact, he had a Pete Cornish pedalboard, just like David, Jimmy Page and Andy Summers, which can be seen in the Alchemy video.

    3) Someone asked you about your guitars. Well, I have a suggestion for the site: a list of all your pedals (present and past). Better yet: reviewed. Some kind of a “Bjorn Harmony Central”. It would be interesting, even though not totally gilmour-related.



    [1) Yes I saw that. Very cool and the tone isn’t that different to the Goldtop/P90 either.
    2) I’ll check it out. I see that he’s mentioned on Pete’s site.
    3) Hmm… Thanks for the suggestion :)
    – Bjorn]

  32. Eivind says:

    [There are many variations of both the Civil War and Green Muff. Some more bizarre than others but there’s no difference in the tone.]

    I’ve always heard that there is a subtle difference between the Civil War and the Green Muff. Not big, but it’s there! This link seems to prove that, since there are small differences in the design between the two models.

    Keep on rockin’!:)

    [Yeah, there are subtle differences but also within the same model You can find green Muffs that are very different from each other and Civil War models that sounds more like a Green than anything else. Just like with the old EH models Sovtek was very inconsistent with the components in the early days and a lot of strange pedals emerged. All in all though I’d say that there is a small difference but it’s more in the specs than the actual tone. – Bjorn]

  33. Sam says:

    Bjorn, noticed you have a green Big Muff with bubble letters : is there a difference between it and the thin font green muff vs the Civil war muff ? how do you like those Muffs vs the byoc muffs

    [There are many variations of both the Civil War and Green Muff. Some more bizarre than others but there’s no difference in the tone. The Sovtek Muffs are more aggressive than the Large Beaver. More gain and more bass. I love both but the Beaver might be better for David’s 70’s tones and the Sovteks are better for the typical PULSE tone. – Bjorn]

  34. steve says:

    Hi, Hey Bjorn. It’s funny to see the discussions and confusions about the FenderDGsignature. The real thing is ,that the cost is excessive.But Fender is free to replicate it and celebrate David between the customshopsignature Fenderguitars like SVR,Knopfler and so on…,build it and sell it.
    But ,all we agree the cost is expensive. I think that for most of us,it is more the curiosity, than desire to have a Fendercustom shopDGreplica ;because most of us already own a selfFenderDGstratassembly.David teaches in his interwiev, that his guitar, is an ordinary Fender strat.Put down your feet a Compressor cs9,an IbanezTs9 for cleanbasicdistortedsound,a good BigMuff(I’ve a green sovtek), and a ReplicaTrex: fly on!
    I m not properly agree with Fender politic to sell it at that cost, and I think that David the same is not agree: but business is business! Bjorn ,I followed your experience and suggestions about mexican made and usa made strats and electronics
    , and I ve mixed all with the Gilmour taste (black and red strats). The result is a phenomenal guitar that costs much much less than $4000.
    BLACK USAMADE ’57alder body (bougthused)
    Maple MEXICANclassic50,neck-changed tuners (bougthused)
    Callaham bridgevint.styleshortarm
    Callaham specialwoundFralin pups
    Warmoth 1plyblackguard(good!)
    I usually use it for Gilmour sound with the effects listed below.As soon as possible I ll send you a pic about my blackstrat-amp&efx.
    Have a good day. and thx steve

    [Sounds great! Love to see a picture :) – Bjorn]

  35. Sam says:

    Bjorn, have you tried the BJF Honey Bee ? the creator is also a dude called Bjorn ! and they are starting to come out as the best OD’s on the market !

    the TGP is starting to explode with good reviews about this baby

    [No I haven’t. Heard lots of great things about it though so I guess it’s about time I check it out :) – Bjorn]

  36. jude says:


    Can anyone explain how a/b switchs work. Ive researched, but cant get a straight answer.

    [It’s basically a divider. The main signal goes into the box and two separate line goes out to say two amps. A switcher knob lets you switch between the two outputs. – Bjorn]

  37. Alan says:

    Hey Bjorn do you think that a classic black 50s strat would work as a black strat replica with a black 1 ply plate, C69 pickups, a new callaham bridge with the short vibrato bar and obviously the bridge to neck pickup selection switch.

    [You’re describing my guitar so that’s a big YES! – Bjorn]

  38. Koray Kurutepe says:

    Hey guys,

    I have already bought one and Is there noone out there who wouldnt say that I made a stupid thing?

    The gilmourish tone and the efforts for it, I think I paid some of the money for it, for its memory to leave to my son. But anyway I will tell you from here what is really like after the 22nd September..

    Thank you for the site Björn.. I have been following it for almost 4 years.


    [I always appreciate your support Koray! Let us know when the giutar arrives :) – Bjorn]

  39. Daniel Krause says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Long time no see…or atleast. Haven’t over here for while…*shame on me*

    I’ve ordered the NOS model two weeks ago. I think it will be a great guitar, no doubt.

    I’m not feeling ripped off with the price, like a lot of people. I know, it’s high, but I didn’t give a sh*t actually(though it’s higher than in the US). I just had to buy it…ghehehe



    [Congratulations Daniel! The important thing is that you thing it’s worth the price :) – Bjorn]

  40. jude says:

    To Lucas:

    Thanks for the help. I’ll probably get one. And about Knopfler, i was pretty sure he used some kind of comp. He seems to have had some kind of pedal board in the 80’s cause at early concert footage there’s what looks to be maybe a Pete Cornish board, but i can’t tell, and his tone is really so clean it sounds like a straight signal from guitar to amp. Who knows, but the comp is there for sure.

    Thanks bro.

  41. Lucas says:

    At Jude:

    The DOD alone hasn’t got Malmsteen’s tone. It’s a very transparent pedal, it will barely modify your tone, only adds drive. Very great.

    And about Knopfler, as far as I know, he didn’t use anything in his classic albums but an Orange Squeezer compressor into a Fender amp.

  42. jude says:

    Sup Bjorn

    Do you know anything about the DOD 250 overdrive. Im a little into Yngwie Malmsteen and he used it, but i also need a secondary drive for a little more drive after the TS9 or along with it so i can keep my clapton/ stevie ray vaughan/ gilmour tone that ive spent years trying to get.

    Should i get it or just get another Tubescreamer.

    Also, do you know anything about the pedals knopfler uses

    Thanks for the best site ever, your the only one who probably knows this stuff.

    [I’m sorry but I’ve never tried the DOD 250 nor explored Knopfler’s gear. I think he mostly relies on his Les Pauls straight into a tube amp. The Tube Screamer is an extremely versatile pedal that goes well with most of David’s overdrive tones, although it sounds best for his 80’s and 90’s tones. Read more in this article. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  43. Randall Yeager says:

    Hey Bjorn, why not start a Guitars of Gilmour thread like the page you have for everyone’s gear? Everyone can send in photos, specs, and stories of their various era Gilmour replicas. It’d be nice to see all those Black Strats, Red Strats, odd Strats, a few Teles, and a Lewis or two. It would also be cool to hear why they chose that particular guitar, and how they made it unique to them.

    I mean, you can only look at so many Black Strats, but seems everyone enjoys making them a little personal as well. There’s also quite a debate going here on what is the perfect version. Not to mention, somewhere out there, some crazy fan thinks the “Dogs” Tele is the definitive Gilmour guitar, well maybe not, but it seems there are a lot of fanatical Black Strat lovers, present company included!

    [Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep it in mind. – Bjorn]

  44. bernhard says:

    darran, fender themselver also mention it on their custom shop site in the spec sheet respective to the replica and the NOS.

    a question that remains for me is, they put and ssl-5 into the replicas/NOS models, but david’s guitar is believd to have a ssl-1. is david in fact using the ssl-1 and/or did they change to the ssl-5 for the customshop fenders?

    in case I am confusing things, please forgive..

    cheerio, b.

    [David got a couple of custom wound SSL-1 from Duncan in 1979 and the SSL-5 is probably closer to these than the stock SSL-1. – Bjorn]

  45. Collin says:

    Hey Bjorn. I found a Maeshall 5120 for $250 in a music store. Should I go for it?

    [Definitely! – Bjorn]

  46. Randall Yeager says:

    Okay Bjorn, I’ve gone a built what I call my “Pink Floyd Black Strat”… but my own way. Here it is, and I did it all for $1,435, but I did get lucky on a few eBay auctions. Everyone should check out The-STRATosphere

    Here’s my/Gilmour Black Strat:

    Fender ’57 Hot Rod Soft “V” 9.5 Maple Neck
    Fender ’57 Hot Rod Black Body
    3-Ply Fender Black Pickguard
    Fender Vintage Gotoh Tuners
    Fender S-1 Switching (rewired for the neck/bridge mod.) Easier to use and looks better too!!!
    Seymour Duncan SVR-1 Vintage Rails (neck position)
    Seymour Duncan SVR-1 Vintage Rails (bridge calibrated, but in middle position)
    Seymour Duncan STK-S2 Hot Stack (bridge position)
    An etched Syd Barrett neck plate (have to pay homage)

    I will send you some picture soon Bjorn. I decided to go with Duncan Rails, because like David, I like to bend a lot and I don’t want to lose signal strength like you often do with pole-magnet pickups. I also went with single-coil-sized humbuckers, because I wanted vintage tones without the hum. I really like the converted S-1 switch. It is easier to use than a toggle, and your guitar looks normal, even up close. I will say, converting the S-1 switch for this mod was not easy! I would not recommend it to anyone without three extra hours and plenty of electrical knowhow.

    The Syd neck plate is just to pay tribute to Syd. I love and miss Syd greatly. He turned me onto Floyd and took my playing to new levels, maybe David’s too. I’d like to think that David would love my little tip-of-the-hat to his lifelong friend, considering circumstances. Without Syd, the world may never have gotten to know David. And until my dying day, I will advocate for a Syd Barrett Signature Tele (probably a ’66 with the mirrors on it, you know the one). Hell, Joe Strummer got one, why not Syd.

    I also like that my Strat is unique to me. The tone is not exactly David’s, but it was influenced heavily by him, and still sounds close, but is mine at the end of the day. I always loved the look of his Black Strat, and now I have that, except for the pickups, but rails in all three positions looks pretty damn cool! I will grow old with this guitar. And, I’m sure over the years it will go through phases just like David’s did. Perhaps, if everything goes great, this will become the Randall Yeager Signature Strat and people will have forums 30 years later talking about it. Oh, I’d like that! Thanks again Bjorn!!!

    [Thanks for sharing! Great stuff! Please send me a picture :) – Bjorn]

  47. Darran says:

    Interesting to read on DG official site that they claim the middle and neck fender 69 & Fat 50 pickups are not stock but in fact custom wound…

  48. Hugo says:

    About the guitar to use as base to made “your own Gilmour guitar project”, I must say that the only american guitar that I will buy will be the American Deluxe V neck. In any other case I will buy MIJ or maybe some MIM strats.

    I’m very pleased with my MIM Jimmie Vaughan Strat. Great price, very good neck, american vintage (not two point) bridge, gotoh tuners, american electronics…

    Just my two cents…


  49. Josh says:

    Good to see I wasn’t the only one disturbed by the price! Even though I’m a poor student, I decided to order one… I was willing to put up with any price up to about $3000, even if I had to sell my car But when the true price was announced, I had my order canceled. At this point in my life, I just can’t afford such an expensive guitar.

    For my tribute act (www.canadianpinkfloyd.com ), I put together my own parts-o-caster from bits I had laying around. I combined an ’89 strat body and pickups with an ’89 Clapton strat neck (gotta love that V neck!), put in a neck-pickup on-switch, and took an angle grinder to that trem bar! It works fine and looks good (unless anyone notices Clapton’s signature on the headstock, haha), but I will need to be updating the pickups soon.

    Anyway, fellows – keep your chins up. Perhaps there will be a production line version eventually!

  50. Gary Halloran says:

    I had an email conversation with Planet Rock yesterday as they said that they had David Gilmour and Phil Taylor in for an interview re the new cd/dvd Live In Gdansk, anyway it turns out that David had brought along his black strat into the studio and Phil Taylor had the new Custom Shop Relic guitar with him, get this, and this is true ok, apparently David cannot tell them apart! He has to be shown by Phil how to see the difference! I’m so excited to be on the waiting list for one of these!
    Lots of money well spent. Oh, speaking of money surely you can play that on a 21 fret strat!?

    Comfortably Dumb / black cat guitars.

    [That’s called marketing. David couldn’t have said “well of course I see the difference between the two. The original guitar is much better.” I’m pretty sure that he knows his old guitar like his own son. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it! – Bjorn]

  51. Bjorn I finally emailed you the PULSE CN backing track!!



    [Great thanks! I’ll check it out! – Bjorn]

  52. Kit Rae says:


    I finally got a BYOC triangle muff clone this week (after losing several bids trying to get a real ’71 and ’73 Big Muff on ebay), and your recommendation was dead on. It is one of the best Muffs for most Gilmour tones from The Wall until now. I’ll probably be using it as my primary distortion from now on. Sounds equally good with my Colorsound, TS-808, or BK Tube Driver, unlike my other Muffs. Best with the Colorsound. I highly recommend it, but I’m keeping my Absolutely Analog Green Russian and Pink Flesh on my board as well. Can never have enough Muffs!

    Now I just have to get my perfect strat made.

    [Congrats! The Large Beaver is my favourite Muff and I agree that it sounds best with the Colorsound. – Bjorn]

  53. Jack B. says:

    Would you recommend getting the BYOC over an Absolutely Analog Green Russian for the Animals/Wall tones? If so, which do you think would work better – the “Triangle” clone or the “Ram’s Head” clone? I have a Colorsound Powerboost I can pair either of them with.

    I’ve never used either, so looking for some insight from someone with experience with one or more of those pedals. Thanks!

    [It’s a matter of taste I guess and we’re talking subtle nuances that differs the two. In general the Large Beaver, both triangle and ram’s head, are better for vintage tones and the Green Russian is better PULSE kind of tones. It also depends on your gear. In my case, the Large Beaver triangle sounds heavenly on my Sound City tube amp but the Green Russian sounds better at home on my little 50w Marshall transistor. David used ram’s head Muffs in the 70’s. – Bjorn]

  54. sha says:

    Thanks for the recommendations Bjorn.

    I’ve actually just ordered a BC108 fuzz face clone from Moneterpiece. Your early years article got me hooked to that raw fuzz tone. I suppose a BYOC Large Beaver or Powerboost would be nice to have as well.

    [Glad you find the site useful :) The Colorsound Power Boost and Large Beaver are both some of my favourite pedals. Highly recommended for that classic Animals/DG78/Wall tone. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  55. Martin V says:

    I’m wondering why David is still using 7.25 radius necks with vintage frets? These are usually not the easiest for bends! Maybe Phil Taylor have some secret settings for David’s Strats. ;-)

    [All the sources indicates that that’s the specs. – Bjorn]

  56. Jack B. says:

    So does anyone know what size frets this model will have? Maybe 6105’s I assume?

    For that matter, what size frets are you guys using on your DG style Strat’s?

  57. Franck Machu says:

    I read some disapointments in some posts above about DG signature strat pickups selection and price. There is an addition comment on David site that is interesting to know :

    ” … in terms of attention to detail and personal construction, the ‘Black Strat’ has more in common with Fender Custom Shop special editions, even though it is not limited in numbers and is highly-customised, with many unique features. One of these is the pickup choice, of which the neck and middle are both custom-wound by Fender to David’s specifications (they are based respectively on the Fat 50’s and the ’69 but are different from both and will not be available elsewhere – Fender have promised to update their sales data accordingly) “.

    That feeds the mistery…

  58. Sha says:

    English Muff’n huh? Is that capable of any Gilmourish tones?

    [Personally I think the Little Big Muff would be a better choice if you’re considering one of the new models. Ideally I’d go for a clone like the BYOC Large Beaver or AA Green Russian. – Bjorn]

  59. Rick says:

    So are you doing a review of the DG Strat once it will be on sale?

    [Well, if everyone chips in and give me a guitar I’ll certainly write a review LOL! Seriously, I have no immediate plans but if I do come across one I’ll write one. – Bjorn]

  60. Kit Rae says:

    I agree with Adrian, the Fender American Standard strat should be in your buyers guide. They are a bit high, but very consistent in quality. I have one, and an American Deluxe with the S-1 switching system and SC pickups. I get that Pulse Tone pretty easily with it, plus many other decent Gilmour tones. Another thing to note is that the Classics only have 21 frets. You need that 22nd fret for the Money solo!

    I decided to put together my own Gilmour strat with pickups as suggested in the buyers guide. I played through all the made in Mexico strats my local Guitar Center this past weekend. Most had terrible, unfinished frets. The few that had better frets did not have anywhere near the good neck finish on the American standards. I think the American’s are being made much better now that they have been in recent years. Anyway, I also played a few American Vintage strats and in the end I decided the American Standard is the best. I’m going to swap the pickups for the CS69s and SD SSL-5. I cut and bend my own trem arms down so they fit in my palm. The whole trem assembly in the current Americans is quite good I think. No need to swap for a Callahan.

    Bjorn, another idea for your great site – you should make a page where we can submit our own videos or youtube links playing Gilmour solos, or gimour gear tone examples. You could have the most comprehensive Gilmour lessons on the web that way. Of course, you would have to weed out the bad ones. Yours are among the best, but there are several other good players out there on youtube that I have used for reference when I could not figure out a tricky part. Hopefully I will have a few vids of my own up soon!

    [My reason for not including the Am Standard is because I wanted to keep the guide simple and suggest a model that instantly will give you that Gilmourish feel. Especially with the CIJ Classic. I’m not a big fan of the two point bridge and I think the pickups are a bit too boomy for the ideal Gilmourish tone. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions! It’s much appreciated! Please let me know when your clips are posted. – Bjorn]

  61. Pete Tatooles says:

    Remember the secondary market!!!! EVH Frankensteins that were offered at $25,000 new are trading for $16,000. I even saw a used relic Clapton “Blackie” trade for $8,000 under list. Most gear depreciates 25-40% out the door, original buyers have to wait years to get that price again. I used to be a “new” equipment guy but there is so much value out there if you shop smart. I bought a used EVH Art series (not the Frankenstein) at 40% off list and since they were limited it was a good buy. My point is, the impulse buyers will jump in a frenzy out of the gate and the savvy and patient traders/collectors will wait in the weeds to scoop those guitars on Ebay and in the secondary market at a nice discount. So I will keep enjoying my own precious “blackie” with CS69,CS69,SSL1 and the most beautiful 57 reisuue neck, quietly waiting to jump on a DG relic when the impulse buyer has to dump his axe on Ebay…..

  62. Brad says:

    Well, I waited all this time hoping to purchase the DG strat and replace my MIM strat, but it’s a little too far out of my reach regarding the price. SO, here is what I did. I went to Guitar Center and played through a bunch of different vintage strats so I could judge for myself which neck style I liked. For me, hands down, the soft “V” neck on the Eric Clapton Strat was my favorite. So I bought it and I hope on converting it into a Gilmourish strat over time.
    Have you had any experience with this signature model? All opinions welcome.

    Once again, GREAT SITE BJORN! It’s a daily stop for me.


    [Great example! Trying a bunch of different guitars and deciding on the one that suits your preferences is the way to go! I’ve never tried the EC… – Bjorn]

  63. david says:

    Hey bjorn do you know if the Electro Harmonix English Muff’n is suppose to sound like a Overdrivin Marshall

    [I don’t know. It’s certainly didn’t sound like no Marshall when I tried one. – Bjorn]

  64. bjorn just a suggestion.

    I think u should add the new American standard strat to your list of guitars in the buyers guide. I’ve had mine since January and have been pleased at the gilmourish style tone I can get out of it!! :-)

    When and what will be the next article??


    [Thanks for the suggestion. I wanted to concentrate on a couple of models and the Classic Series seems to be the ones fitting most budgets and preferences. The Standard models are definitely an option, although I’d change the pickups with someone less boomy but that’s just my opinion. I’m currently updating the entire BGG section so that will take some time. I’m also working on a couple of reviews and the Shine On article/tutorial and a couple of surprises as well :) Stay tuned! – Bjorn]

  65. david says:

    Hey Bjorn Speaking of guitars how many do you own in total?

    [Not that many actually. It’s the CIJ 50’s Collectable Stratocaster, CIJ ’62 Telecaster, MIM 70’s Classic Series Stratocaster, Epiphone SG, Ibanez 1976 Artist “Les Paul”, Washburn Acoustic Steel String. That’s about it. I’ve had many guitars over the years and sold most of them. I haven’t really been a huge collector. – Bjorn]

  66. Sha says:

    Thanks Deck and Bjorn for the advice, i’ll wait for an MIA…my dream guitar ATM. =D

    I might still do some inexpensive mods to the Squier for personal reasons as it was my first guitar and all. It is made of alder and has a maple neck so i’m sure it’ll hold me up for a year till I can buy a Fender.

  67. bernhard says:

    well, rather sooner than what I expected I ordered a NOS model. at my local guitar dealer here in vienna it will be 2950.- euros, which in regard to the dollar/euro conversion plus taxes and customs is quite a fair deal.

    I have to confess I can’t wait to hold this guitar in my hands. in the end it was a no brainer for me also. I am very excited. according to fender germany it will be a 2-3 month wait from now, which again I think is rather cool.

    it’s a bit mad really, it will be my fourth strat, and apart it being DG’s guitar, and it being a custom shop model and therefore a top quality instrument, I am just really curious how it will fit into my own playing. but I will not lie about the intentions of getting that guitar, it’s ofcourse because it’s david’s guitar, and because I def. want one of them.


  68. Ron says:

    This is off topic, however I need to thank you for the article on the Evidence Audio cables! I must admit I was very skeptical that a cable could really make that much difference on my tone. I ordered the Lyric HG and received it today, all I can say is wow, I am blown away!!!!! The bad news is now I need to spend some more cash for another cable. I plugged my guitar into my Boss GT-8 with the new cable and I can’t even believe it is the same effects processor, before I got this cable I thought the tone sucked from the GT-8 now with the cable it just came to life incredible is all I can say. I can’t wait to get another cable and run out of the GT-8 with it to my tube amp! Amazing, worth every penny, can’t wait to try it out with the pedals! Thanks A Lot Man!
    Rock On!
    Ron Floyd

    [Well, I think it’s Tony that deserves the thanks. I’m just happy support gear that’s had an impact, and still has, on my tone. Glad you enjoy the cables! – Bjorn]

  69. I’m curious bjorn if u would by the the dg strat if it were a non CS guitar??

    [On the contrary. If I were to buy a guitar like this it had to be because it’s a CS. I wouldn’t want spend money on a Signature guitar that looks like the one I already have and probably wouldn’t be any better. A CS guitar is a far better guitar than what I have so that would be reason why. Still, what I’ve been meaning is that I don’t care much for Signature models. I think that if I were to buy a “hi end” guitar it would have been a replica of a classic ’62 or just an ordinary kick ass guitar or whatever. It’s just that the concept of Signatures has never fascinated me other than that I’ve tried to make one my own because it’s a part of this crazy hobby of mine :) – Bjorn]

  70. Alex A. says:

    Hey folks,

    I’m glad to hear the sig strat will finally be released but as with most of you won’t be able to fork over the $4Gs required to own one. In reading between the lines on the man’s site it seems like even he may not be too excited about the sticker price!

    On another note, if I was to get a signature Gilmour model it would be based on the white tele he used on the OAI tour for FOS and Arnold Layne. Bjorn, do you have any more details on this guitar? Is it possible that it may have been a Baja Tele or am i just imagining (wishing) that DG would use a mexi tele?!

    Anyone have any experience with the Baja Tele? If I could find a decent “budget” white tele and a “budget” G2, i’d be very happy indeed!

    [Phil Taylor shared some details on DG.Com recently:
    “- We were in Oakland and, during sound check, David decided he wanted to play ‘Astronomy Domine’. I was not carrying a Tele on the road. A quick call to Billy Siegel at Fender, who responded magnificently and instantly (he made the FedEx man wait until he had found a suitable guitar, it was late Friday afternoon). It arrived the next day and it required a little work to be at its best. David then used it during the rest of the tour. He later gave it to Charlie, his son, for Christmas.”
    – Bjorn]

  71. Gary Halloran says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’ve ordered the relic version of the DG Custom Shop guitar, it was a no brainer for me as I recently purchased a Custom Shop heavy relic ’58 Telecaster.
    The playablility and feel of this guitar is out of this world! I have never played anything anywhere near as good as this so had no doubt about ordering the DG Black Strat Relic.
    I already have a Black Strat that I built last year, SL-1’s in all three positions and the Callaham bridge and shortened arm, CTS pots, toggle switch, ’57 soft V USA neck on a USA body – it’s great but it’s not Custom Shop quality. I placed my order without knowing the price too!
    According to my dealer all of the first UK bound batch has sold out, so the demand is certainly there! Sure it could have been cheaper but I wouldn’t want any compromises on the quality.
    Fender must certainly know their market!
    All the best,
    Gary, Comfortably Dumb Duo.

    [Congratulations Gary! I think you’ll be very pleased :) – Bjorn]

  72. Rob Phillips says:

    It makes sense for this guitar to be a copy of the most recent incarnation of David’s strat.
    David supervised its development, so why would he release a version of the guitar the way he used 30 years ago. He’s updated it a lot since then, so it would make sense that in his mind, the mid-70’s version of the guitar is “inferior” to the way it is today – otherwise, he’d have his own guitar set up the way it was back then.
    I don’t agree that the Custom Shop recreates famous guitars in their heyday – they usually work from the original guitar itself and create the replica with the way the guitar is now – like Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein guitar or Eric Clapton’s “Blackie”.

    [Quote: I don’t agree that the Custom Shop recreates famous guitars in their heyday – they usually work from the original guitar itself and create the replica with the way the guitar is now – like Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein guitar or Eric Clapton’s “Blackie”.
    – If you’re referring to my comment, I was talking generally about Fender/Gibson etc… Both artist Signature models and replicas of classic models. – Bjorn]

  73. michael athens greece says:

    i agree for a 50% with the guys
    1 the price is very high i havent seen so high for cshop guitars

    2 i thin k the sound will be different than the original for a such high rate instrument i agree that have used custom seimour duncan pickups

    3 there are a lot of ideas with all that money
    i have a replica with a 57 reissue nitro body

    custom V nitro maple eck

    ssl-1 pickup set

    wilkinson tremolo vintage clusson tuners

    and sounds excellent for just 1000 euros
    lets make a comparisson with the signature one i think couldnt sound very different :)

  74. Paul_C says:

    More info on DG.com regarding the guitar on their latest news section.

    Interesting fact regarding pickups…[neck and middle are both custom-wound by Fender to David’s specifications (they are based respectively on the Fat 50’s and the ’69 but are different from both and will not be available elsewhere – Fender have promised to update their sales data accordingly).

    Looks like people are listening to the adverse comments regarding price across the various forums.


  75. Deck says:

    To Sha,
    I have a 92 Squier made in Japan, with an agathis body (i think).
    I customed it and replace most of the parts and have now a decent guitar. But just like Bjorn said, this won’t give you a great guitar and if I were you, I’ll save a bit more and go for a Mexican or a mij Fender Strat with alder body.
    I customed mine because it was my first electric guitar and was a gift from my family at that time, I didn’t want it to stay in the attic. But it isn’t as good as my american ones.That’s why my advice would be to forget the custom Squier and go for something better ;)

  76. Sha says:

    I’m glad he got a signature, but yeah like others have said I can’t buy it. I want it but at such a high price it’s just not worth spending that much.

    I’d like to get a good MIA strat and mod it but until then i’ll whatever possible to make this old Squier sing.

    Also thanks to this wonderful site Bjorn has set up, I think I can find a way to get close without the guitar.

    Out of curiosity what is your view in Squier guitars? Modified ones of course.
    I’m spending most of my money on pedals and such so a Fender isn’t in the budget for another year.

    [I don’t have much experience with Squier guitars but I don’t think one should expect too much from these guitars. They’re not meant to be top notch quality wise. With some searching and patience you could stumble upon a great piece but I’d rather save up a little extra for a Fender Mexican. Still, the Squiers offers even the tightest budget a decent Stratocater and although the wood isn’t all that you can replace the bridge, pickups etc and get a very nice guitar. – Bjorn]

  77. Martin V says:

    I am also a bit surprised about the “C” neck. I am wondering if his candy apple red 57 RI have this same C shaped neck ? I always thought that the 57 RIs came with a soft V… From the pics of the red Strat on this site (2004 Interstellar Exhibition), it looks like a V neck…
    They say that the neck of the Black Strat comes from a Cream 57 RI that was bought the same year and the same model as the Red Strat, but not the same neck? A little bit confusing…

    Thank you for this marvelous site Bjorn!

    [I must admit that I always thought that all the 57 reissues he bought in 1984 has V necks but it turns out that Fender made these with C necks to enhance the playability. Authenticity wasn’t the biggest issue… The current neck on David’s Black Strat is from one of the two blonde 1983 Strats. I don’t think he’s changed the necks on any of the reds so I guess that makes them C necks. – Bjorn]

  78. hey bjorn

    Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile!!!

    I’m very excited for the dg Strat but I do prefer my “blackie”

    It is based more on the wall version. I just have to get a fs-1!!
    I will say that I think most people that can afford 4000 can probably afford 4800!! So fender better change the price on the NOS!!

    Anyways that’s my two cents!!

    Awesome job Bjorn on the site!!!


    [Thanks for your comment Adrian :) – Bjorn]

  79. GDKZen says:

    Not surprised.

    Fender chose to release this guitar as a custom shop model instead of a production line model, so the price is typically ridiculous. I remember that when I heard that the Eric Johnson model was going to be a production line model, I breathed a sigh of relief.

    The company probably doesn’t believe that there is a huge demand for this guitar, so they are making it rare and expensive. They’ve done this before and will do it again.

    What is disappointing is that most accounts had indicated that the NOS version would be around 1800. This would probably be pretty close to the price if it was a production model. I bet a bean counter somewhere realized they could net more if they made it a custom shop model given their expected sales.

  80. Gabriel says:

    I’ve read over these posts and it does seem like a lot of people are discouraged by the price of this guitar, but think about this…

    The Fender Custom Shop has done about a half a dozen runs called a “Tribute Series” where they take a famous artist’s guitar and replicate it to exacting detail – dents and all.

    For their first run, they built Steve Ray Vaughan’s number one strat. I believe that guitar sold for about $15,000 USD. But they only built 100 of them – so Fender built a “low supply high demand” equation into the product which sort of justified the high price. After all, they we’re only going to build 100 of them.

    [ Aside: I got to play one once and it was truly amazing. It seemed liked Stevie’s real guitar – a real road warrior that had been played by a master for many years. It was really cool and played and sounded great. ]

    The custom shop also built about 150 of Clapton’s “Blackie” for about the same price and I see people trying to sell them for about $25,000 USD on eBay. I played one once and it was cool, but for most people, that price is just way out of their budget.

    Are these guitars really worth that much? If someone will pay that price, then yes, I think they’re worth it. If you want to play, you have to pay.

    So, it is interesting (and cool) that you can get Dave’s guitar for a considerable amount less than these “Tribute Series” guitars and still get all of the relic’d features. This is new for the Custom Shop or so it would seem that they are trying a different tactic.

    It is also very cool to note that Dave’s guitar will not be limited in terms of how many they build – not like the Tribute series guitars where they only build 100 or 150 or guitars. This fact should drive the price down after some time. So, yes, $5000 USD is a LOT of money for a guitar, but there are so many Pink Floyd and guitar enthusiasts out there that I’m sure Fender is betting that they will sell a lot of these guitars to these folks.

    If they don’t sell that many (or as many as they hope to) then I bet Fender will probably produce a non-custom shop version of this guitar or drop the custom shop price down a bit – we’ll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, we all need to start saving a whole lot of shekels.


    PS – The Fender Custom shop builds a lot of expensive guitars. It’s what they do. It is true you can buy a really nice guitar from them for about $2,500 – $3,000 USD.

    One can also spend up to $7,500 USD on their really high-end stuff too. So, Dave’s Custom shop guitar is sort of priced in the middle… not the most expensive and certainly not the cheapest the custom shop offers.

    Anyway… I love this thread. I think it’s cool that we all share this same interest. Thanks Bjorn for hosting such a cool site.

  81. Paul_C says:

    Some very lively discussions on the black strat but I have an even more interesting purchase.

    I’ve just bought a Marshall 5210 combo which is to be my Bjorn Riis signature recording amp! I bought an american Deluxe (Montego Black) Strat and fitted the CS54 pups along with an allparts black pickguard and also added the neck switch.

    I think some of you guys are missing the point in trying to copy David’s tone as he keeps changing it all the time!

    I’m focusing on the Bjorn Riis tone which is far more consistent and totally manufactured by the player himself!!!

    Best wishes to all you Gilmour fans out there. keep on rockin’


    [Wow! Well I hope I don’t disappoint you then… LOL! Anyway, where did you buy the 5210? How much did you pay for it? I’ve had mine since I was about 15, which is… my god… 16 years ago. The guy I bought from had bought it new in 1982. I’ve never used it live but I really love that classic tone. The clean channel reminds me very much of my Sound City and the gain channel is like stomping a RAT or an old Marshall Shredmaster. Great little amp from the days when Marshall was making decent combos. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  82. ray says:

    i agree with you eivind.. no one has the right to say that what you do with your own hard-earned money is a waste or foolish or idiotic.. your own effort, your own spending, not anybody else’s business

    but then again, i always believe that the principle of a guitar luthier with integrity is to produce the best quality product for a deserving price, one that is matched only by the craft & workmanship put into the guitar.. i tend to think that some of the bigger brands nowadays forget this philosophy, and tend to be a lil too opportunistic..

    on the bright side, this makes this gilmour strat an even illusive and hard to obtain replica piece of history.. sorry for the rambling

  83. Eivind says:

    Congratulations John McLoughlin (and to others that have ordered the guitar)! I think you have made a very good investment indeed, both for yourself and for your family that will inherit it. I’m sure the guitar is a killer instrument, and I would have bought the guitar myself in a second, if I actually could afford it.

    And I must say that I get sad and even more annoyed when I read some of the posts here. Some of us are idiots and need to get our heads checked? Come on you guys… That’s not mature or intelligent at all. Lets keep Gilmourish a nice society to be a part of even if we disagree strongly sometimes, and discussing these things on a more intellectual level should be essential in that manner. That is the least we can do to honor the work that Bjørn does for us!


  84. Evan says:

    Well, I generally have no opinion on this, as it’s far out of my price range, and would’ve been even if it was just $1000. Fact besides, if I were to make myself a “Gilmour-ish” guitar, it’d be modeled after his #0001 Strat.

    Nonetheless, I’d love to try playing one.

  85. Chase says:

    I must admit, I’m a bit confused why it’s black over sunburst…

    [All Strats were painted sunburst in the 60’s and the repainted before shipped to stores. David’s is black over sunburst. I think this feature is only on the replica model. – Bjorn]

  86. John McLoughlin says:

    I am getting the $4800 relic Gilmour strat. Its already pre-ordered and awaiting arrival come late September. I do agree with some of the past entry’s about how you can get the same tone by building one yourself or having one custom built. I think they are missing the point. Many people (me included) have been waiting 20+ years for this guitar to come out. The fender custom shop went through a lot of trouble to make this strat as close as David’s as possible. You have to remember… Fender was very loose on the quality control of pickups and paint (and a lot of other things) back in the early post-cbs years. The guys at Fender custom shop measured the output off of each pickup and diligently matched those specs to existing pickups. Sure Gilmour’s black strat had original late 60’s pickups but the neck had the output of a current fat 50’s pickup the middle had the output of a current custom shop ’69 and the bridge pickup is probably closer tho the ssl-5 that the ssl-1 for a number of reasons… maybe the ssl-1 he got was over wound. Who knows. But what we do know is this strat is the most intensely detailed signature guitar fender has ever made and sure the price tag is high but you have to remember… this isnt some crappy production line SRV signature guitar… this is hand made by fender custom shop. These are the same people who build the fender masterworks guitars. Any custom shop guitar is expensive.

    Im glad I am getting it and it gives me something to pass down from generation to generation in my family. Ill be anxious to see how well it plays.

    [Congratulations on the order! I can only speak for my self and I don’t argue that this is a great guitar with superior quality. One can’t really compare a Custom Shop with a standard model and say that you’ll get the same guitar for 1/3 the price. The quality of the wood on these CS models can’t be found in a MIM or Squire or any other model for that matter and one should keep in mind that it’s not only the pickups that makes the sound of a guitar. – Bjorn]

  87. DucatiChris says:

    I’m getting one! The relic version – I thought about building my own, but to have the “weathered” black strat is just too big a temptation! $4 800 is silly money, but for me it will be worth every penny! Shine on guys and keep up the excellent work, Bjørn!

  88. Stevie says:

    Hi guys

    it seems there is a lot of disappointment, most of which sppears to be aimed more at the price of the guitar than the guitar it’s self.
    we all know the history of the original, it was a standard, off the shelf amican strat. the various modifications over the years are what make it unique, and while we all appreciate Fender’a attention to detail, as well as the effort in making it an instrument that David himself is happy with, I think the asking price is a little too high. I’m also don’t like the idea of a relic’d guitar, every bump, bash, and dent tells a story, so i’d prefer all the stories were my own, not a copy of domeone else’s.

    Perhaps if there is a production version of the DG strat i’d be more interested, but i know form personal experience that the custom shop make great guitars at a fraction of this asking price, my own black strat, a custm classic, which i have gilmourised slightly (black plate, EMG’s), although not a perfect replica does what i need it to do and still shows my influences, and it cost a lot less then $4,800.

    on a different subject, i want to say a quick thank to Bjorn for putting me(and several others i’m sure) onto BYOC pedals, i now have a Large Beaver and an opticomp on my pedal board, and they sound great, i can see me building more of these little gems over the next few months.

    [Cheers Stevie! The BYOCs are great pedals and as I’ve said many times before the Large Beaver is my favourite Big Muff. – Bjorn]

  89. AlexL. NY says:

    All I can really say is that I will definately be visiting the local music store to try it out…..buying it is another ballgame…personally i wouldnt buy it because i like to think you can make a drum set from a couple of garbage cans and some sticks…if you can play you can play…point being you dont need much to sound good, and you certainly dont need 4 grand to do it….id invest the money into this site before that guitar haha… this remake of the Black Strat doesnt really do much for me because the playing is in Mr. Gilmour himself, not his guitar..we are all aware of David’s choice for a Les Paul here and there and how lovely he makes it sound…his tone on a Gibson could very well be argued with some of those from the Strat… all im saying is consider your options before even thinking of purchasing this guitar and remember that Gilmour could make a $200 guitar sound good…site gets better and better Bjorn, thanks!

    [Thanks Alex! – Bjorn]

  90. Lucas says:

    This has nothing to do with the subject here, but I wanted to share. Don’t know if you had seen this video before, but this is Gilmour playing “Love, Reign O’er Me” with The Who in 1996. It’s not Daltrey’s best, but this song is very hard and also very emotional, it easily brings tears to my eyes, and also, Gilmour’s solo is very great in here.

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  91. jude says:

    And alot of times, you go and spend the money on a really expensive strat because eric clapton or david gilmour use one, like i did, and then you listen to cream and the john mayall album, like many have, and you really want that les paul with the 50’s kneck and the marshall stack.

    There’s always that point where you love that tone so much, and then you explore and find another that’s just as amazing.

    Its good to sometimes miss out on the new, most hyped guitar or amp or pedal so you can explore other things. For example, im thinking about getting a charvel or jackson because jeff beck actually used one in the 80’s and gilmour used a charvel i do believe at one point. Im also thinking about boxing all the pedals away for a month and driving the amp full all the time and learning the entire Beano album, and ill kind of have to do this because im going into a jazz group soon and there seems to be a no effects rule.

    Enough talk, I just think im going to sit this guitar out, and it seems alot of others are too.

    Oh yeah, Bjorn, your site is still my most visited computer site ever

  92. Wind says:

    Originally posted by David Gilmour on his website:
    “Attention guitar obsessives: in a world where you can get a Fender Baja Tele or a Gibson SG Special, you don’t need the David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster. But if you want one, and are desperate to study the special features, click here.”

    It’ s interesting that Gilmour’s own site uses these two guitars as examples of some of the decent and varied choices available to players. One cost $700 and the other $800. Which reminds me of the really nice signature Slash Les Paul that Epiphone just released with Duncan pickups for $700. You can still get a Gibson Slash guitar for thousands, but at least there’s an affordable option for people who aren’t stock brokers. If Fender really wanted to serve the majority of players and fans, they would have put out a Mex Gilmour also.

  93. SC says:

    Originally posted by David Gilmour on his website:
    “Attention guitar obsessives: in a world where you can get a Fender Baja Tele or a Gibson SG Special, you don’t need the David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster. But if you want one, and are desperate to study the special features, click here.”

    If you pay 4000,- dollars for a guitar like this, you need to get your head checked. You can build your own guitar to the specifications of David’s black Strat with a lot more fun for under 1000,- bucks. Idiots, everywhere, all of them.

    I think it’s cool and about time David got his signature guitar from Fender, but this is more of a status thing for an artist in the recording industry than actually aiming at fans and players. Fender knows they won’t sell many guitars of THIS one, but the guitar sure will help selling their OTHER guitars.

    Seriously, if you want a guitar like David’s just get yourself a good Fender Stratocaster and a set of decent pickups, then PLAY it and take it places and let it take you places so it becomes YOUR own “signature” guitar. With the money you saved go and see David Gilmour in concert twenty times or just buy yourself another tasty Pink Floyd bootleg. Or just give it to charity. Or throw it out of the window. All is better than to spend this insane amount of money on a mass product like a FENDER STRATOCASTER which is one of the CHEAPEST guitars EVER MADE!!!

  94. Guido says:

    I gotta admit that I’m a little bit confused (Like Dogs lyrics say)

    I’m not going to pay US$4000 for a replica… I would make my own one, combining my personal sound with Gilmour’s. Although I know the prices are lower when the guitar was being sold for a while. I think it will cost something between $3000 an $3500 (NOS one).

    Still I think that is cheaper and more effective to buy a Fender Standard and customize it. The Fender Mexican 70’s reissue costs US$1450 in my country, so I guess that in the end, with all the custom accesories, it will cost me less than US$ 2000 to make my own Black Strat.

    However, it’s a project. Now i’m happy with my Vox amp and my Les Paul… they’re a good combination.

    Thanks for all the research Bjorn.

  95. ray says:

    [I don’t think you need to have an exact duplicate of David’s rig to be able to sound like him. Although it certainly would help there are many ways to get very close. Ebay, used equipment, boutiques and clones, building your own stuff… only patience and imagination. – Bjorn]

    i think that sums up the theory and philosophy of this site.. we all gather here with whatever piece of gear and equipment we have, share and express our profound love for gilmour and his amazing playing and tone, but end of the day, its what we extract out of what we already have that matters.. the search for the holy gilmour grail tone is what helped many of us stumble and discover our true voicing on the guitar..

    4000usd is a whole lotta money.. fender sounds like they’re stabbing themselves here.. the idea of being the ideal player’s guitar has totally died, what is left now is just a pretty shameful attempt at drawing out money from high-end enthusiast..

    doesnt anyone else notice that the quality of the more ‘affordable’ models like the mim standards which are targeted at meeting a basic player’s requirement seem to suffer from a total lack of quality nowadays? i do not think the lower end models sound much like strats at all nowadays..

  96. Paul says:

    I’m sure Fender will eventually come out with a non Custom Shop DG Strat for around $1500, just like with most other signature models.


  97. TQuay says:

    Glad to see David Gilmour get some recogntion as one of the Stratocasters greatest masters but such silliness and arrogance on Fender’s part. Anyone who feels they have to have this signature guitar is a fool who just wants to show off they can spend $4,000. The joke is on them just like people who drive Hummers SUV’s in the United States that cost $70,000 but are as much fun to drive as a school bus.

    I am new to the guitar world but one truth has struck me-these electronic parts don’t cost that much on the whole. A custom shop set of ’69 pick ups is only about $160 USD now and you can rig the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan SSL-1 (or 3 or 5) and switch it out every once in a while if you rig it with connectors like male/female clamps and tape/insulate it well to make sure they don’t short out. That way you have pickups to suit all of David’s era’s in one guitar.

    FOr the guitar itself have Warmoth, or someone else good, custom make you one. It just isn’t that complicated-just get a nice alder body and add any option you want plus whatever neck that actually fits you hands. Tuners, a Callaham bridge like Bjorn has and make it any way you want. I can’t see it even going over $1,500 even in these trying times.

    Think for yourself and don’t be a victim of advertising or pointless Rock ‘n’ Roll excess. In David’s words: “All this fuss about an ordinary guitar I bought at Manny’s”

    [I think I did a comment on this when Phil Taylor’s book came out… That line from David that you refer to tells me just the opposite of what it looks like. The fact that he remembers where it was bought and not least just saying it proves to me that the guitar means more to him than he wants us to believe. I think he shrugs his head over all the fuzz but at the same time thinks it’s very nice indeed to experience our excitement. Nothing wrong in that by all means but don’t tell me that he thinks it’s just an ordinary guitar. Why bother getting it back from Hard Rock Cafe, getting it back into shape, using it on the reunion of Pink Floyd and making it again his first choice on both the latest album and tour. David knows it’s not an ordinary guitar both for him and for us the fans and that’s why he agreed to let Fender make the replica. – Bjorn]

  98. Jack Shelton says:

    I couldn’t help but come to realise that to fully replicate David Gilmour’s sound using all the same equipment just guitar, amp, cables, and the tube driver and cornish pedals, etc. would cost someone upwards of $20,000 at least. Fender really isn’t helping by charging $4000 for a guitar that I’m guessing cost less than $200 labour and parts.

    [I don’t think you need to have an exact duplicate of David’s rig to be able to sound like him. Although it certainly would help there are many ways to get very close. Ebay, used equipment, boutiques and clones, building your own stuff… only patience and imagination. – Bjorn]

  99. max says:

    I´m going to buy me the american deluxe strat, change the pickups for the 50s fat, CS ’69s and the Duncan SSL-3 plus the switch (a la gilmour) and vouala!!! my own DG strat, for 1350 bucks, except of course for the 7.5 radious C neck instead of the 9.5 , is the C neck anyway not the V.

  100. Wind says:

    Bjorn, I also would like to just thank you on this occasion for sharing so much expertise. I have learned much and enjoyed my time reading gilmourish several times a week for a while now. If anyone deserveds a free Blackie replica for generating interest in David and his famous guitar, it’s you.

    What I find most interesting is the approach to the pickups. I figured they would put Blackie on the bench and test the resistance of each actual pickup, play each string through a spectrum analyzer and design a custom Gilmour set based on the numbers.

    Instead, it sounds like they sent David a bunch of models already in production and asked him to use his ears to subjectively compare them to each one in his own guitar.

    For four grand, which is a better strategy? I don’t know, but music is so subjective, I like the idea that the man’s own ears and impressions were favored over data gathered by engineers and machines,

    [Thanks for your kind words! Glad you enjoy my site :) – Bjorn]

  101. Wray Ellis says:

    I knew it was going to be pricey but that estimate even shocks me. I built my DG replica back in the late 90’s for about $500. I should stress, mine is a reflection of MY preferences. I have kept the FS-1 in the bridge as I wanted the same pick-up he used for so much of the Animals album. Mine also had a rosewood neck until around 2000 when I discovered, quite by accident, that I actually prefer maple – especially on a soft V neck. So, mine looks pretty close but it’s not an exact replica.

    Looking on the bright side, it may encourage guitarists to try building their own version and discovering that while it can seem daunting at first, building a guitar from parts isn’t that difficult. If you can use a soldering gun you can wire a guitar.

  102. JC says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    As many of you I can not understand why there was not a Gilmour´s signature strat before. Considering the relevance of DG in rock and in fender history, he deserves a signature guitar like the one announced. I personally would preferred a rosewood black strat because of its relevance in Pink Floyd history but the actual DG signature tends to the present and not to the past. DG always considered his black strat just as a work tool, no more than that. Industry, fans and history made that guitar an icon but I strongly believe that DG never pretend that. So, I was wondering why fender does not sell a DG strat custom with the essential characteristics that cost approximately $1,500 USD for those players with a reduced budget but with the Gilmour spirit.
    Many of us will continue trying to build our own DG model, this is a passionate process and give the personal touch every guitar needs to be valued.
    By the way, I would like to buy a MIM strat classic series 60´s and replace the pick ups for the custom 69 fender pick ups. Is there anybody out there that has this combination???

    [I’ve never tried a Classic 60’s with CS69s but both the guitar and pickups are great tho and by slapping on a black pickguard you’ll have a guitar very close to David’s around 1972-78. Check out this updated article for more tips on buying a guitar. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  103. Jimmy G says:

    So lets see …

    For the price of a : Reeves Combo + Big Muff Civil War vers. + T-Rex Replica + 70s Mexican Strat

    I can get the NOS Gilmour Strat ?

    The problem is that Gilmour’s sound isn’t guitar-centric, he sounds like Gilmour with a Gretsch, a Les Paul, even a San Dimas, actually there is a concensus among Gilmour fans that his best Comfortably Numb tone ever was with a San Dimas !

    imho there will be a price revision

  104. Jack Shelton says:

    Thanks for all the updates, Bjorn. Your website has played a tremendous role in how I’ve been working on my board and what products I choose. Sadly, the Gilmour Signature will not be one of them… I’ve been excited for a Gilmour signature strat for a while now and I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the price. $4000USD??? Really? I’d rather buy a 22 fret black strat and a short tremolo arm replacement part for it. I know the pickups won’t be right on this one, and the switch could be installed a lot cheader than this. It’s beyond me that they think they can just rip people off like this. It should be $1800 or cheaper for the NOS because I sure as hell know it didn’t cost $4000 to make it!

    [Glad you find the site useful Jack! Personally I agree that building one’s own replica is the way to go. – Bjorn]

  105. jude says:

    I guess it just depends on if you’re into replicas, relics, or signatures. I would not mind having it, but because i’m so young i’d probably never get it until i get a job in a year, and even then, it’d take forever to save up. It’s just that, are you willing to buy or are you into breaking down and building back up your guitars.

  106. angelo says:

    ……..some bad surpises with the new signature……i’ll sum them up in the following……

    “regular” pickups instead of something more “special”…..+ slight mods to the length of the tremolo or the switching (every one can install a neck on switch) for that price?????No thanks…..and please consider i’m a huge gilmour fan…

    And yes i think fender instead of the relic should make a non CS CAR strat with the emgs, at a normal price (around the price of an EJ signature). This way fender would have covered both incarnations of gilmour’s strats, the “modern” and the “vintage” one…a regular one and a more expensive one for those willing to spend more

    I also don’t like the 7.25 neck and vintage frets even though i recognise that’s what the man himself plays.

  107. bernhard says:

    If I’d be living in the US I’d be nonplussed about the price of the NOS version.

    Living in euro land makes things a little more relaxed, if the going to translate the USD to euros of course. € 3200.- for the relic is quite cool me thinks, 2700.- for the NOS would be what I expected too.

    cheers, b.

  108. João Francisco says:

    Just on question, Bjorn… You’ll buy it? If yes, is to achieve “that” sound or to hang it on the wall?

    Finally Gilmour is side by side with “my other heroes”. I very happy with it!…
    I love Gilmour’s work much as any of you but will not buy his guitar! :-(

    Even two identical guitars sound different. Of course the “new” always seems to sound better… I wonder if that difference worth $4000…
    … especially for those who live in a country that the minimum salary is $400. :-(

    [No. I won’t buy it. As I’ve said in many of my replies I have no doubt that this is a fantastic guitar. It’s a Custom Shop and we can expect superior wood quality etc. However, I don’t think one should expect that getting this guitar will alone give you THAT Gilmour tone. One will get closer but unless you also have a Hiwatt-ish tube amp and David’s stompboxes you’ll still be missing the key ingredients. I hope that people who do decide to buy the guitar realize this. I must also say that guitars are a very personal thing to me and although none of my guitars are of extreme high quality I cherish them all and wouldn’t replace them. I’d much rather mod that guitars that has always been with me than to buy a replica simply because it’s a replica. I think one should buy the DG Strat as one should buy any guitar. With patience and a sceptic mind. If you don’t like any of the features or the tone then don’t buy it. Build your own replica. I know some sees this as me being very negative towards the DG Strat but I’m really not. I just want people to get a fair idea what it’s all about. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  109. Kev Tom says:

    Hi Bjorn and all.

    As a Floyd and Gilmour fan of near enough 25 years, after buying books and cd’s and dvd’s aplenty (no illegal downloads), I’ve come to the sad realisation over the past few days that I can’t afford to buy this guitar, and probably never will.

    If I’m honest, after all the talk of this being an affordable instrument, I feel more than a little cheated.

    Like I said davidgilmour.com blog thread, “… the price has grown, the dream is gone…”. I’m completely disappointed by how this has turned out.

    Kev (hoping for a lottery win, soon!!)

  110. david says:

    $4000 is asking way to much to much for the NOS!!!!! He said it was gonna be sold at an affordable price. It should be at least somewhere in the $2700

    I say if you really want it because it was gilmour approved and has his name on it I say go for it. But in truth you should buy a guitar that you want and modify it or do whatever as long as it is original to yourself because in the end you should be playing YOUR guitar not Gilmours guitar.

  111. I was surprised to discover that Dave is playing on vintage sized frets. Personally, I have a really hard time getting around on them I prefer 6105’s (tall and skinny frets) or jumbo 6100 fretwire – they just make the guitar so much more responsive than the short skinny frets.

    I guess I wasn’t too surprised so much about the fingerboard radius being a 7.25″ as I knew Dave was playing a ’57 reissued version from the early 80’s. Personally, I’ve found that a 9.5″ or a 10″ fingerboard radius suites me better. A bit flatter than the vintage board so it makes bending a bit easier and I can play with slightly lower action which is nice.

    Finally, I was also surprised that Dave likes to play a pretty thin neck back profile. I figured he’d play something a bit beefier, but a ’57 neck profile is not that chucky I guess. And usually, aren’t the “V” shaped? Interesting that it would be a “C” shape.

    I sure would like to try one but I don’t think I’m going to buy one. I sure do like the look of the guitar though. I know that Steve Mesple of Wildwood guitars is going to get the first 200 made. 100 NOS and 100 Relic’d. You can preorder them by going to their website at: Wildwood Guitars

    Also check out his Wildwood Tens. These are super high quality Fender custom shop guitars with 6105 fretwire and 10″ fingerboard radii. He’s got relic’d and NOS ones. He’s going to be getting a big batch of guitars… around 900 or so over the next few months. So, it should be interesting.

    For instance, he’s selling a guitar (a Tele) with a John English ’59 “C” shape neck which is just perfect. (I have one. Purchased a couple of years ago before John died.) Anyway… Wildwood guitars, in Colorado, is the place to get a Fender custom shop guitar. I believe they are the biggest dealer in the states. I’m really lucky to live only 20 minutes away.

    Anyway, I’m glad Dave finally has a signature series strat. I’m also pleased that there won’t be a limited number made, but that it will become a standard addition to the signature artist models made by Fender.



    [Thanks for all the info. Nice site you’ve got there! – Bjorn]

  112. Mark says:

    I’m amazed and disappointed :S

    I’m glad that Fender are finally releasing the much anticipated signature Black Strat but I’m disappointed because I don’t think I can afford one :'(

    But I’m still saving frantically..

  113. Tim says:

    Man, I was ready to drop $2,000 or so but $4k-ish is going to be tough.. What do you guys think, $3,499 street price for the NOS?

  114. Jared says:

    Um… Is $4000 USD something that David considers “affordable”?

    When it was first announced, I thought I’d be first in line to buy one; and although it looks amazing and I’d sure like to get my fingers on one to try, I think I’d feel weird owning “someone else’s guitar”… I now believe your guitar should be extension of you. And there’s nothing wrong with having a “Gilmour inspired” like mine…

    But, all opinions are subject to change, I guess, once I actually see it.

  115. Paul-Mark says:

    Hey Bjorn
    I have never been a fan of replica or signature guitars to begin with. A guitar is a personal thing. A guitar should be molded and fitted to your specs and outfitted however you want. You should put your own dings and scratched in it. I am happy that David is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Its long overdue. I wanted to see custom wound pickups in it though. That would at least interest me enough to want to check one out. I agree with you I am confused and disapointed, but still very excited for the new DVD and CD


    [If I were to get one of them it would be the NOS. I’m very much looking forward to trying one and I don’t doubt that it will be a great guitar. I’ve never been a fan of replicas tho. Why buy a guitar with the history of another player? – Bjorn]

  116. Brad says:

    Hey man thanks for explaining some of this stuff, I was preety confused about the pickups and all. I just always thought that the neck and middle would have been CS 69’s. Diddnt you? Well if David thinks the different pickups needed to be put in the guitar then they should be.

    P.S. Good job on the site!! Keep it up.

    [The think you could equally go with CS69 for both neck and bridge. It’s really not that big difference between the CS69 and Fat 50’s. We’re talking nuances. I’m a bit surprised that they decided that stock pickups was close enough to the ones on David’s guitar tho. – Bjorn]

  117. Pavan says:

    Personally, I think the price is way too high. I can have the exact same guitar (more or less) custom built for a third of that price NOS or Relic. I think a better investment would be in some cornish gear or some other rig stuff.

    At some point I plan on getting two Gilmourish Strats, one based on this one, and another based on the Animals period. His tone on the In The Flesh tour is amazing!!! That FS-1 is one nasty little bugger. Theres a part on the Oakland bootleg during Sheep where you hear Gilmour almost burst into Feedback. It’s Amazing. Can’t forget his tone on his first solo album either. It’s so great!

    Anyways thats my two cents,
    ~Pavan Rajam

    [The black FS-1 looks cooler than tree whites too :) – Bjorn]

  118. mark says:

    A lot of people may feel that we take our obsession a bit far when it comes to David and his tone…Some may even accuse us of being creatively challenged ourselves.

    I think we all have a lot more in common then we think. This strat isn’t completely about trying to replicate a tone, or even matching bolt for bolt. It’s about being that much closer to a feeling…A feeling that we all share. You don’t become Gilmour enthusiasts like us by chance. We all have preconditioned dispositions that make us who we are. I would be willing to bet money that everyone that contributes to this wonderful site that Bjorn has set up has similar tastes. For instance: I would describe myself as a perfectionist, neat, clean, modest, a scholar, meticulous and thoughtful; however some times I like to let that all go…just to see how the “other side” feels…how many others feel this in themselves?? Think about how you play. Does your playing reflect these words? Think about Gilmour’s guitar compositions…Perfect…organized…neat…clean but they can also get nasty too :-)

    Sorry to ramble on…Perhaps I needed to clear this up for myself. The bottom line is that The Black Strat is more then just a guitar…its something that transcends what I am trying to put into words…it’s a microcosm of WHO we are and the love we feel. If Gilmour only knew…who knows maybe he does :-)

    Whew…hows that for a first post lol

    [Thanks for a great post! First of all, if David only had a vague clue of how crazy we are he’d get bodyguards LOL! I think you’re right in your observations and I think you’re describing the very essence of the Signature guitars, no matter who they portray. A Signature is built to honour a guitarist for his work and contribution but also to offer something special to the fans. As I said, I think this is as much a recognition from the whole industry as it is from all the fans who buys the albums and concert tickets. The Signature must both be a faithful replica of the original instrument – with or without the scratches – and capture the very soul and feeling of that guitarist. It’s not an easy task and by reading all these comments it’s by no means easy to satisfy everyone. So in the end I guess it’s a matter of whether you like the guitar or not and are willing to pay the price. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  119. Collin says:

    I fully agree. It is great to see David get the honor and respect he deserves. The Black Strat is one of the most heard instruments of all time. And it is about time that Fender gives us a signature model. To all of you who get one, make sure to tell us all about it!

  120. Randall Yeager says:

    I am most certainly disappointed, if these price rumors are true. I wouldn’t pay more than $2,700 when I thought it had the “V” neck and TRULY custom pickups. For $4,000 I’d expect Fender to work out some deal with Seymour Duncan for a custom line of pickups; I mean Duncan could just sell those as custom pickups of their own. It really seems like they are selling the name “David Gilmour”, rather than the tone, quality, and heritage we should be expecting, especially with a $4,000 price tag.

    It sounds to me like that took bits and pieces of David’s career and threw it all together in a so-called signature Strat. But I guess we should all bare in mind that David not only approved this version, he rejected several others. David knows his own tone and requirements better than anyone else ever could, sorry Bjorn. ;)

    I would buy a production line version for about $1,500 like the Clapton and SRV models go for, but for $4,000, Fender can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine… sideways.

    After careful consideration, I have decided to build my own Strat again. I love the CS ’69 pickups! I am really surprised David chose the ’50s Fat for his neck position, because in my opinion, if you flip on a CS ’69 in neck position, you can nail about every classic Gilmour tone.

    Considering what they’ve done, maybe the Red Strat would have been a better choice. Because this really sounds sacrilegious to the Black Strat’s history. ALTHOUGH, I agree, the Red Strat should never have been in the running for the Gilmour signature version. David, to the best of my knowledge, only used that on the About Face era of his playing. You think Gilmour, you think Dark Side & Wish You Were Here; those albums really defined his playing. I won’t include The Wall, because the playing might be classic Gilmour, but the tone was slightly heading off into a thinner, less full, bit more “tinny” direction that last up until On An Island.

    So yeah, I’m going to pass on the Gilmour Black Strat. I think I’ll buy some CS ’69s and a Duncan SSL-3 and go about my business. I do hope though that years from now Fender will issue a production series version, because I do like a lot of the features. And, can anyone tell me why Fender doesn’t make short tremolo arms available to the masses? This seems like a no-brainer!

    By the way, THANKS Bjorn for turning me onto the the BYOC Large Beaver, I absolutely love the tone!!! A great recommendation! I just wish the damn thing was heavier weight-wise.

    [I love the CS 69s and the tone is VERY close to David’s sounds on Remember That Night. I have played many guitars with Fat 50’s and it’s a matter of nuances between the two.
    The red Strat was bought prior to the About Face tour but actually wasn’t used until Live Aid in 1985. It was David’s main axe between 1987-2005.
    Glad you enjoy the Large Beaver. It’s definitely my favourite Muff! – Bjorn]

  121. Funny Bones says:

    Hello Bjorn, well first and foremost, I read your site 10 times a day, love it, I have it saved for offline viewing !

    I guess at first excitement ( seeing it finally ), then of course … shock at the specs, HUGE dissapointment at the price …

    I mean if I knew some of the profits were going towards Gilmour’s urban planning charity, there is no doubt I would have gone for it …

    Are Floyd fans that rich ?

    [Thanks for your support! – Bjorn]

  122. jude says:

    It’s really cool that they’ve finally decided to get it out there, but i can’t help to feel a little let down by the price. I mean, the price is alot better than the Eric Clapton strat, but that’s still a little much. But really, i geuss its an okay price, and i’ll probably have it some day, but I want to continue my ambitions for my own guitar.

    But believe me, i nearly fell out of my chair when i heard it was coming out.

  123. I am not completely surprised, but there are a few things that I had no idea about. The C neck, for instance, is a surprise. But it makes absolute sense to me.

    His Charvel necks were most likely C’s or soft V’s. And the 1966 rosewood larger headstock neck he had on there in the mid to late 70’s was also a C.

    The Fat 50’s neck pickup isn’t all that much of a surprise. It’s basically a hotter CS54 with slightly more mids and bass. A nice pickup, and probably just one that David liked a lot.

    I thought he had a 5-way toggle in his guitar… I could have sworn seeing him use a bridge and middle position 4 on Breathe…

    Also the SSL-5 is indeed an overwound SSL-1. Which is what David’s bridge pickup is :) It basically mellows out the tone a bit. Little more power, more mids, less treble.

    All in all, I think it is a good guitar. It seems to be the guitar that David wanted more than the one he already has. Which is absolutely understandable. If you get a new guitar after all these years you’d want to improve on things. The price tag is staggering though, and I will not pay Gibson prices for a Fender guitar. :)

    In my mind, there is already a model out there that speaks to me more. It is the Fender Custom Shop NOS 1966 rosewood guitar, and it is half as much as the David Gilmour model. Not that I can afford that one at this time either ;)


  124. Daniel Payares says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    Well i agree with you that it should have been the black strat and not the red one… And also about how exited and proud i am that David finally got his strat now, cause even J. Mayer has one and i dont think his donde enough to deserve it (maybe cause i dont like his music but w/e).

    I am curius about those fat pickups tho.. and do you think the electronics are going to be enhanced as david’s blackie?…. anyway if i had the money i’d defenetly buy this guitar….. Good for Gilmour!

    Bye! thank you for deleviring the news!!

    [I haven’t seen any info what kind of pots there are or if the guitar is shielded but I assume they’ve used only the best parts. – Bjorn]