• David Gilmour signature stratocaster announced!

    Well, Gilmourish.Com has never been a news site but it’s typical that when I take a couple of days off enjoying wonderful Copenhagen, DavidGilmour.Com announces the long awaited signature Stratocaster from Fender! Oh well, I guess you’ve all seen the details and decided about getting it or not but here’s a round up…

    The David Gilmour “Black Strat” model will be launched on Monday 22nd September, to coincide with the Live in Gdansk album. The guitar is designed by Fender Custom Shop’s Mike Eldred and Todd Krause together with David and Phil and promises to be a faithful replica of David’s legendary guitar.

    The price isn’t announced yet. However there will be two models. The “Relic”, which replicates David’s Black Strat as it is today with all the scratches, no backplate, aged pickup covers and knobs and of course all the mods. The second will be a NOS (new old stock) model, whith all the main features and the look. This will be the budget model… if one can use such a word.

    The guitar features:
    – Maple neck after David’s 1983 57V with Gotho tuners and nitro-cellulose finish.
    – Alder body with late 60’s contours as the original.
    – Custom pickups, neck and middle custom wound by Fender Custom Shop’s Abigail Ybarra and bridge pickup by Seymour Duncan all selected by David for the best tone.
    – Mini toggle switch for neck + middle or neck + bridge pickups combo.
    – Shortened tremolo arm as on David’s guitar.

    The guitar is delivered in a custom G&G hard case with plush green interior and embroidered David Gilmour and Fender Custom Shop logos. The case also includes a copy of the 3-disc version of Live in Gdansk (see here for more details on the album release), deluxe Fender leather strap (doesn’t seem that they’re gonna offer replicates of David’s Hendrix Strap but you can get high quality ones here) and a David Gilmour plectrum. I’m also very pleased to read that the case will include a cable from Evidence Audio, the same brand David’s been using since 2005. A big congratulations to Gilmourish.Com friend Tony Farinella!

    Be sure to check out this article for the history of the Black Strat and visit David’s official site for more info.

    So, who’s in line for the guitar?

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  1. James says:

    I did sleep!

    In true rock and roll style I rolled a big one and slept like a baby!

    But I do agree Bjorn. I will send pics as soon as I have them.

    [Cheers James! – Bjorn]

  2. James says:

    Right, an update on my DG strat.

    Today is the 22nd of Sept. The due date.

    It’s not here! In fact no European strats have yet left the US, as apparently the Yanks didn’t realise Europe was actually overseas (perhaps they thought it was a small enclave of tTexas?) and therefore would need prior shipping.

    What a let down. All the noise about launching it with the Gdansk Vid and yet again Fender have royally f*cked up.

    They have no idea when it will arrive but hoping next week. And mine is one of the first 30 ordered.

    I am furious.



    [I know how frustrating it can be waiting for something you really want. Probably didn’t sleep much last night… But these things takes time and it’s almost impossible to make the scheduled dates. There’s all kinds of things, – production delays, packaging, shipping, customs etc… I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to wait another month or so before the first guitars starts to appear. Patience is the best advice I can give. – Bjorn]

  3. pinkflyodfan1 says:

    Found this on Youtube.

    do you know anything about the marshall amp in the background of roger and if david used it back in the early days


    [I need to check the details on this one but it’s from a TV show sometime between February – April 1968. Only the instruments are their’s. The Marshall is an in house amp. – Bjorn]

  4. James says:

    Bjorn, without saying too much I also ordered it through the back door as it were- via someone you might know who does a lot of stting up for Phil Taylor and has promised me to get it set up right before collection and also going to try and get it signed for me.

    [Keep us posted James! – Bjorn]

  5. James says:

    Well, I have to say I have ordered one today. And I cannot wait!

    [Congratulations James! – Bjorn]

  6. SC says:

    Originally posted by David Gilmour on his website:
    “Attention guitar obsessives: in a world where you can get a Fender Baja Tele or a Gibson SG Special, you don’t need the David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster. But if you want one, and are desperate to study the special features, click here.”

    If you pay 4000,- dollars for a guitar like this, you need to get your head checked. You can build your own guitar to the specifications of David’s black Strat with a lot more fun for under 1000,- bucks. Idiots, everywhere, all of them.

    I think it’s cool and about time David got his signature guitar from Fender, but this is more of a status thing for an artist in the recording industry than actually aiming at fans and players. Fender knows they won’t sell many guitars of THIS one, but the guitar sure will help selling their OTHER guitars.

    Seriously, if you want a guitar like David’s just get yourself a good Fender Stratocaster and a set of decent pickups, then PLAY it and take it places and let it take you places so it becomes YOUR own “signature” guitar. With the money you saved go and see David Gilmour in concert twenty times or just buy yourself another tasty Pink Floyd bootleg. Or just give it to charity. Or throw it out of the window. All is better than to spend this insane amount of money on a mass product like a FENDER STRATOCASTER which is one of the CHEAPEST guitars EVER MADE!!!

  7. ruud says:

    I’ve read an article several years ago where Gilmour said that he’s able to produce his sound in every local music store. The great sound of the Charvel comfortable numb on that video from Bjorn proves that. He’d played on fender and boogie amps in his About face period and always sounded great. He’d bought a bunch of apple red stratocasters from the shelf for the Pulse tour.
    I have the most importants ingredients to sound like him (Hiwatt, Fane, butler, Mistress, Rat,Evidence cables etc.) I also pimped my USA Strat plus with custom ’54 pick ups and I must say that I’m getting closer and closer. I don’t have the illusion that the gilmour strat brings me much closer to my goal. So when I buy it, it’s an emotional investment. I don’t drink, drive in a boring leasecar and spend the most of my free time on my tributeband. So I’ll deserve it. The problem is that my wife don’t share my opinion. So I’m afraid I’ll have to dream on for a while.

  8. ruodi says:

    Would be interesting to listen to how Gilmour himself would sound playing a China Squire Affinity Strat through a Boss GT-6 modeler or anything. – I´m almost sure that he would blow us away! :)

  9. Mark Carline says:

    Instead of the jeridesigns guitar strap I have found (and just ordered) the one from this guy on ebay.

    Did you know about these ?

    [Yes. I’ve seen these – In fact I did a contest not long ago – and many others but the one from JeriDesign is the only one that really captures both the look and quality of David’s. – Bjorn]

  10. JS says:

    I work in the largest music shop in Canada, we currently have 2 of each different model on order. I will be purchasing the relic version myself. They should street price here for about 5,000 for the relic and 4,000 for the NOS. Personally I feel the prices are a bit high, but justified by the fact that two of the best builders at the custom shop had their hands on it, (Mike Eldred and Todd Krause.) Yuriy Shiskov is imo the best builder at the “CS”. I just played a 1960 Masterbuilt with custom 60’s pickups, that I just cant keep my hands off of. With the release of the Gilmour Strat, this seems to me to be the first reasonably priced Custom Shop Sig. series to become affordable for the average Joe. I have played all the custom shop Sig. models, (the Blackie Clapton, The SRV Lenny, The Andy Summers Tele, and The EVH Frankenstrat..) All were pretty cool, but waaaaaaayyyyy over priced. Shockingly we sold every one we had, and then some.. All in all I would say kudo’s to the CS for making this dream we all have all been talking about for years come true! Oh, and I dont want to make you all too jealous, but I get mine at cost less 10%…

    [Please keep us posted when the guitars arrives! – Bjorn]

  11. Sha says:

    AHHHHHH I just stopped working today….meaning I won’t have enough money to save and buy this. :(

    Oh well, I guess i’ll have to settle for modding the Squier as best as possible. Really want that signature but if I managed to get one anyways i’d be too afraid to take the thing out of the house.

  12. Jeffrey says:

    [That’s just way too much for a NOS I think and I’m having a hard time seeing who they think their main target audience is. In my opinion a NOS, Artist or whatever you want to call them should be available for the general fans. Those who are playing in tribute bands and at home. The same people who buys the t-shirts and concert tickets. They can’t afford a guitar at this price. – Bjorn]

    Exactly – :). Yeah, I think I’ll just try this pickup combination instead.

  13. Angelo says:

    I have read in another forum that there will be (rumors?) a DG Pickup Set from Fender.
    I think that would be a very interesting option, as the rest of the guitar specs (and price) might not appeal to many people, but the pickup combination looks very interesting by itself.

    [You could always buy the pickups separately on Ebay or whatever. Neck Fender CS Fat 50’s, bridge Fender CS 69 and bridge Duncan SSL-5. – Bjorn]

  14. flo says:

    Hum, i would guess it will be in the 2000 and 3000 range…Like Eric Johnson Strat or so, meaning they will sell loads of them and there will be as usual another bunch of them crafted on a second serie and then speculation on the first series or stuff like than…Anyway i’m a lefty…
    If it is very expensive, you can still buy an American vintage 57 in black used on Ebay, get the pickguard, then find your way to get the pickups…it is a good solution and a good guitar this 57 Vintage Strat, very good.
    Anyway, folks, good luck for that, hope it won’t be too expensive and you will have a lot of fun playing it ;-)

    [Preorders at $4000 for the NOS and $5000 for the replica is starting to appear. – Bjorn]

  15. Collin says:

    Naw, man, don’t sell the girlfriend! Haha.

    Anyways, the price of the NOS is slightly ridiculous, as you all have said. I was not considering buying the guitar in the first place, but even I am a bit disappointed. I had assumed that “budget friendly” would mean the $1500 or so range. But $3000? Wow.

    Who wants to go back to the ’50s, when Strats could be had for a couple hundred bucks? Wishful thinking, sadly… Looking forward to the SOYCD article. Cheers, buddy!

  16. Markus says:

    If the guitar really has a c shaping, then it’s definitly not worth buying for me, since i won’t get any more c-shaped necks.. ever since playing a V shaped neck the first time, i decided to change all my fender necks over time :) And changing the neck on a (apparently) $4000 guitar is somehow .. uhm .. insane ?

    and guys: look at page 115 in the book: if that’s not V, then i dunno what a V is…

    btw: 4000 for the NOS is way too much.. it would be the right price for the relic IMHO
    and the 4800 for the relic is ONLY worth it, if it has the same kahler-cutaway-filling etc.. not just worn lacque .. any informations about that ? or have i over-read it somewhere ?


    [Difficult to see from the few pictures available but it does look like the Kahler filling is included. – Bjorn]

  17. Hugo says:

    See.. it’s just too much money. Even if results cheaper than that I prefer the Sotf V necks and the CAR color in my JV.. so its just matter to taste the pickups. Does someone here want to sell one Cs69??? jejejej

  18. Pavan says:

    Bjorn, I think a better route for us would be to get a guitar built for us by Fendrman on the Gilmour Gear Forum. He can make it to any spec you want for around $1,200 U.S. His workmanship is impecabble, and he can even Relic it for real cheap (Relatively speaking). I think I might just do this and save my self the money… The NOS is way overpriced… Send him a message and he’ll price it out exactly to YOUR specs, whatever that may be…

  19. Martin says:

    Well… In Argentina $3000 is a lot of money, so I think I’ll keep my PRS SE… I’d love to have the replica but I’d have to sell my girlfriend…

    Congratulations Bjorn

    [Sell your girlfriend? Well, you’re the most devoted fan yet! Anyone higher? LOL! – Bjorn]

  20. Jeffrey says:

    In case you guys haven’t been over to the Gilmour Gear forum,
    street prices are actually:

    $3999 – NOS
    $4799 – Relic

    I got this from a large local dealer.


    [That’s just way too much for a NOS I think and I’m having a hard time seeing who they think their main target audience is. In my opinion a NOS, Artist or whatever you want to call them should be available for the general fans. Those who are playing in tribute bands and at home. The same people who buys the t-shirts and concert tickets. They can’t afford a guitar at this price. – Bjorn]

  21. Kev Tom says:

    Someone on the blog on davidgilmour.com states that Fender quote a US street price of somewhere in the region of $4000 (Fender RRP $4999!!) for the NOS.

    Don’t know how reliable this is, though.


  22. nate says:

    Speaking of youtube clips….I know you’re a busy guy Bjorn, but when can we see more?? Oh, and a suggestion for the site…maybe a box that shows the last few articles that have been updated. I like to read whatever new stuff you put in the articles, but I usually have to stumble upon it

    [Thanks for the suggestions! Cheers! – Bjorn]

  23. Frails says:

    I always played C shaped necks until I bought a hard V Clapton neck. It was like WOW! Then I had a custom neck made (because I am a lefty) to ’57 specs including a soft V. It is the holy grail of necks and I’ll never buy another shape. I strongly urge you all to try a V shape. You will NOT be disappointed.

    [I agree on this. V necks are my favourite. – Bjorn]

  24. MT says:

    Great news!
    Its funny how all the EMG DG set users, started complaining, after the news, Tryng to Justify the purchase…
    I have a MIM, with cs 54, it nails every tone from Gilmour from the 70’s. Some people forget incredible easy, the kind of setup that David used on PULSE, it was fucking huge, the PULSE sound its not only the EMG, but moustruos stereo setup (And doppolas), plus the incredible sound of Earl Court acoustics and some serius studio magic.
    What ‘m tryng to say is, his sound, its exlusive related with his way of playing, and his amps. Yeah, fingers + mind => All the Equiment.
    Just listen to Bjorn clips on the tube, his home setup its complete normal, but he manage to sound incredible great, its the hours, years and months of listening to David and the Floyd, that makes the difference.

    Keep rocking!

    [As I would have said it my self :) – Bjorn]

  25. Paul_C says:

    Hi Bjorn

    the new DG signature strat is on the fender website

    No prices yet though!

    Listened to some of your YouTube clips yesterday and I certainly agree with Mark and wish I could play like you! (Perhaps the DG Strat will help;-)



    [Seems that it will be somewhere between $3000-3500. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  26. Vincent says:

    Concerning the C neck, I have a book with an interview of a Fender guy that was responsible to make the 57 and 62 reissue in the eighties. He says that at the beginning the reissue was not completely period correct. As an example he gives the fact that the 57 neck was not made with a V profile. But more with a C profile like the 62 (in fact on both models the neck have the same profile).

    Great news for me as I don’t like the V profile with my small hands!

    [Thanks for the info! – Bjorn]

  27. Ignazio says:

    oops… just published the announcement: http://www.fender.com/news/

  28. Ignazio says:

    What is strange to me is that at Fender.com site one cannot find any advice of this incoming new model for 2008. Ciao.

  29. ChrisZ says:

    Wow, 250$ for the strap…. Amazing… I am looking forward to see the new Live DVD. I guess it will be superb to watch it again, this time at my home. Cheers!

  30. Deck says:

    [Thanks Deck! I couldn’t access the page tho… Well, this doesn’t really sound like a true replica does it? Fat 50’s and C neck? Hmmm…. – Bjorn]
    Well, I don’t know if you have been able to hear David playing Atom Heart Mother at the Ron Geesin concert, recently. He had what can now be considered as a NOS Strat, and the neck pickup (Fat 50’s) sounded excellent. Totally gilmourish…
    Honnestly, from this show, plugged in a Cornish pedalboard with Alessandro amps and played by DG himself, I couldn’t have said this was a replica if I hadn’t read it or watch it on Youtube. It sounded just as if he had been playing his old Strat.
    Of course, we may find a difference by playing ourselves, but we can not compare between the replica and the original as we will never be able to play the original…
    Concerning the C neck, it seems that the first 57 necks were closer to C than V for a comfortable playing.

    Well, I don’t think I’ll buy it. It seems a lovely guitar, but I already have mines which aren’t that good, but with which I am comfortable enough.

  31. Brad says:

    Hey Bjorn, I dont mean to bother you but at fender.com they said that the bridge pickup is an ssl-5 instead of an ssl-1, I thought Phil said it was and ssl-1. Do you think Fender has gotten mixed up or something?

    [No. David has a SSL-1 that’s custom wired by Duncan. It’s hotter than a stock SSL-1, which I guess makes it closer to a SSL-5. – Bjorn]

  32. Lucas says:

    Frank, what are you saying? red strat for 25 years? he used it for less than ten years…

    (Well, counting all the guest appearances throughout the 90’s and 00’s and the fact that he did use it on the 2006 tour, the red Strat has been used for 21 years. – Bjorn]

  33. david says:

    hey bjorn,
    my electric mistress always had a volume drop…
    But recently when I turn on the effect the volume actually gets a tiny bit louder
    Do you know why this happens?

    [I have no idea… sounds strange. – Bjorn]

  34. Hugo says:

    Jmmm SSL-5 for the bridge and Fat 50’s for the neck…jmmm well I’ve always think that the Fat50’s would be a great pickup for the neck..so…no surprise there.. but change my CS54 in the brdge for the SSL5..jmmm what do you think guys?

    [The SSL-5 would be a bit warmer than the CS54 with a bit more output as well. – Bjorn]

  35. Deck says:

    Hey Bjorn, here are some news.
    SD ssl-5 bridge pickup (the one I have in my guitar…)
    CS 69 in middle
    CS Fat 50’s in neck
    C shape neck. Yes, C.
    And a 5 way switch + the magic switch.

    [Thanks Deck! I couldn’t access the page tho… Well, this doesn’t really sound like a true replica does it? Fat 50’s and C neck? Hmmm…. – Bjorn]

    [Update… It’s on the news pages now. – Bjorn]

  36. mark says:

    This is the reason I’ve been holding out buying an American.

    This guitar is the culmination of my guitar playing career…I just need to learn how to play like Riis :-)

    [LOL! Cheers! – Bjorn]

  37. jude says:

    Bro, your website is awesome, and I have a question I think only you can answer.
    The version of Castellorizon on the Remember That Night DVD is amazing. I was wondering if you can get that same guitar sound out of a TS9 tubescreamer.I do use an all tube amp and a strat, it’s just the effects that are the question. I know i wont get the entire atmosephere Gilmour gets, but I want to see how far i can get without any purchases. If I should spend some cash, what do you use or what do you suggest.
    Thanks for the killer site,


    [Thanks for your kind words! Glad you enjoy my site :) The TS9 may be a bit too weak compared to a Tube Driver, which is what David’s using on the track. Depends on what pickups you’re using and how loud you can play but I think that if you crank the amp and set the gain all the way up on the TS9 and boost the volume to about 3:00 o’clock you should be able to get close. You can compensate with a compressor in front and perhaps an additional booster or overdrive after the TS9 just boosting the volume. I’ve experimented with having a Boss BD-2 set for a mild boost after the TS-9 and gotten very close to the Tube Driver. It’s all about creating sustain so you need to either play loud to get that saturated tube tone from your amp or add a lot of compression with a pedal. – Bjorn]

  38. Guido says:

    I’m from Argentina too, and I’d love to buy one (probably the most affordable).
    “With this guitar I’ll sound like Gilmour” I don’t think so… but if you like Gilmour’s taste, you’ll find this like an easy way to get near Gilmour’s sound. This guitar was expected by all the fans, and it’s no mystery why it took so long to finish the Gilmour Signature: Gilmour didn’t wanted it to be a very expensive guitar… or at last, he convinced Fender to make a more affordable version of his signature guitar.

    I wonder which is going to be the price here… because everything it’s expensive in this country. The taxes to imported products are high, as well there’s an habit of making “price agreements” that the importing companies do to fix guitar’s high prices.

    I hope to reach the price of the affordable one, so at last I can have my always-wanted Gilmour Black Strat.

    As a strange way to end this comment, I must say, Bjorn:
    I always read the web and usually watch for updates. I think that this page is like a Gilmour’s Sound Encyclopedia, with a lot of helpful and useful information.
    I praise your work, it’s just great.

    Sorry for my english.


    [Thanks a lot for your support Guido! It’s much appreciated! – Bjorn]

  39. Darran says:

    Quote from davidgilmour.com with regards to David’s involvement in Ron Geesin’s presentation of the Atom Heart Mother Suite:

    “David, playing one of the prototype versions of the forthcoming Fender ‘Black Strat’ model, reminded the audience yet again what musical guitar playing is – emotional, exciting, moving and thrilling.”

    Good enough for David onstage… Mmmm???

    Keep up the great work Bjorn…


  40. jay says:

    I agree with frank i got my 1995 red strat plus with DG EMG set. Man!!!!! that´s the sound I´been looking for all my life. Marooned, cluster one Terminal frost, the final cut, even astonomy is all there!!! no need fancy DG copy ´cause unles you are DG you are not going to pay like him, he is UNIQUE…

  41. frank says:

    I desagre, the gilmour strat should be the red one, that´s the gilmour sound for more than 25 years , like it or not..just lisent to the pulse album, the sound is far better than the remeber that nite. the black strat is just becose of the live 8 stuff. so if fender want to give fans the real deal or is the red one or the black one with rosewood neck that he used to record dark side, wywh and animals. I know you like the black one better thant the red one but youá not the only gilmour fan bro.piriod.

  42. Eivind says:

    I’m pretty sure our opinions aren’t that different at all Bjørn, at the end of the day..:) As usual that may be. I totally agree with what you’re saying about concentrating on indidvidual needs and preference instead of mindlessly copying everything DG has or does. And as you say, that’s some of the essence of your fantastic work. My guess is that most of us have bad experiences with gear that DG use. I don’t like GHS Boomers (Elixir all the way for me please), and the gauge DG favours didn’t do it for me at all. Just an example! Maybe I’ll hate the neck on the Signature Strat as well. Who knows? But in the end I think the guitar may actually be worth it’s price. If you like the specs of course.. And I certainly don’t think that buying this Strat will make me a better guitar player! In my humble opinion, I also think that I got my arguments (pro-guitar) through in the last comment. So I rest my case. Well, that’s enough BS for me this day!:) How boring would life be without good discussions? Enjoy your day. PS: Since 2002, I’ve had serious plans of getting rid of my pearl white pickguard that my EMG’s came with. It still hasn’t happened! How many years do you think I would use building a replica of ‘The Black Strat’?:)

    [A good discussion is always welcomed :) I too think that the DG Strat will be a great guitar for the price. No doubt. It’s just my cup of tea I guess. But Fender’s Custom Shop never fails to deliver the goods. Can anyone answer who EMG has decided on a pearl pickguard for the DG-20 set????? Cheers my friend :) – Bjorn]

  43. João Francisco says:

    The price will be US$ 4.000 (until this day).

    It’s guitar for fans or collectors! The price is a robbery!!!
    The only thing this guitar really have (different) are the pikups.

    Gilmour is Gilmour with any good pickups… ;-)

  44. ruud says:

    I’m interested but want a try out first to compare it with my own strat. After years of experimenting with pick ups cables, strings, stompboxes, speakers and amps I realize that my sound is very Gilmourish right now. The Gilmour strat must be quite an improvement for that expected € 3000
    It’s very clever to add the evidence cable. I’m using this cables and it’s amazing how that improves your tone.

  45. liam says:

    random post but i founbd a bootleg of your band on yeeshkul

    [That’s not us I’m afraid :) – Bjorn]

  46. Rick says:

    No left-handed version in program…not so important as news for me :P

  47. Eivind says:

    Here’s some of my arguments (not all of them) for buying the Signature Strat (not to say that I will).

    According to Phil Taylor, when DG bought his famous 57RI-guitars in 83, the criteria was that they were comfortable to play and that they sounded good acoustically. Not a surprise of course, but worth mentioning it seems…! I’m sure that’s the most important thing for DG when he’s shopping guitars. Related to this, I think it’s pretty naive to think that you can buy some Fender MIM-parts and build a guitar as good as DG’s (or just a good one for that matter). A frightening large degree of the guitars built in Mexico consists of bad-quality wood glued together like several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict, and that’s the reason why most of them doesn’t sound good at all. 90% of the MIM’s I’ve tried sounded lifeless and uninspiring. Of course you can find a good one, but my guess is that it won’t be the first one you try. Fender Custom Shop isn’t just a image you know. In addition of having some of the best guitar-builders in the world working there, the custom shop-department picks out the very best wood that comes into the Fender factory. We’re talking about density, weight, grains and so on. The quality of the wood and the sum of the parts determines how good the actual guitar is sounding, and I would gladly spend some money just to know that this (in most cases anyway) is given the best attention in Fender’s Custom Shop. And I know that I’d hear it when I play one.

    And I certainly don’t agree with you Bjørn when you say that “signatures is best hanging on the wall”. Look at the Fender Eric Johnson-model for example. That’s the best non-custom shop guitars that Fender built for decades, and every single guitar-magazine agree on this one. Those guitars are players for sure, and to say that they’re not worth the money would be ridiculous.

    I’m also under the impression that most of us Gilmour-fans like our own guitars to look like DG’s guitars. For the impatient of us that hate changing pickguards, pickup’s and so on, this is a great option indeed.

    Last but not least, I’d say (as I always do when I’m gasing) that spending $2000 on smoke or booze is crazy. Spending $2000 on this beautiful guitar just isn’t. I’m sure the resale-value will be great, and within 20 years, a DG Signature will be a collectors item (at least with a low serial number).

    Damn, I think I’ve convinced myself to buy one!!:)

    [What I meant by “best hanging on a wall” was that I don’t think anyone should look at these signature guitars as a way to get your hero’s tone in a box. It’s pretty obvious I know but it can be misleading too and having a replica of, in this case David’s guitar doesn’t mean that it will sound like his guitar. You have to have he’s pedals, customized by Cornish. His Hiwatts and WEMs and not least his fingers and mind. Again it’s pretty obvious but it should be mentioned too just as I often explain why a Big Muff can sound awful with the wrong equipment. Here we’re touching the very essence of Gilmourish.Com. Trying to explain how to get David’s tone based on individual needs and preferences.

    I think what you do here Eivind is not to tell us why we, or you should buy the new DG guitar but why a good quality guitar is worth the money all together. I certainly don’t think that my CIJ or MIM Strats are better than a Custom Shop but that’s not really my point. I think people should be aware that no matter how customized this guitar is or how much it may rise in value it can never be more than an ordinary (high quality) guitar that, in this case, happens to be made with the same specs as David’s. This makes it special to us and probably a couple of non-Gilmour fans too but these signatures are by large fan items just like a t-shirt or a poster only that a guitar is a bigger investment and you’ll get a great instrument, which at least for some is a bit more useful than a poster :)

    It’s hard to discuss this without sounding like I’m boycotting the DG Strat, which I’m by all means are not! I haven’t decided yet whether I’m buying one or not but that comes more down to my financials rather than preference. Of course I would like to have a DG Signature! Still, that’s really not my point. My point is that people, and perhaps most importantly newbies on guitar, shouldn’t buy this guitar thinking that it’s will make them sound like David and I also think that it’s wise to think twice and maybe consider “is this really what I need or want”. Will you be comfortable with a glossy neck that requires big hands and a firm grip or will a thinner neck with less finish be more suitable for your technique? Will you be comfortable with a shortened tremolo arm or do you need a longer arm because it requires some skill to use the shorter? Will you be comfortable with the low output vintage pickups or should you consider something slightly hotter since you’re not only playing Floyd and classic rock?

    I’m not saying that you Eivind or anyone else who’s already decided that this isn’t the guitar to choose. Who am I to decide??? I’m just trying to point out some issues that I think should be addressed. If one still decide to buy it then I couldn’t be happier for you.

    I have no problems understanding that one doesn’t care for or have the time to build a replica on one’s own. It takes time and patience and a Signature is an easier way and in most cases you’ll get closer to the original. But I must say that at least for me, spending time searching for those little bits and pieces that can make my guitar that much better is a huge part of my Gilmour hobby (or should I say life) and there’s nothing like the excitement and joy when I’ve upgraded a part and realize that I’ve gotten a “new” instrument, be it a new bridge, pickups or even an instrument cable.

    Oh well, enough BS from me. Cheers and thanks for sharing your opinion Eivind! Always appreciated! – Bjorn]

  48. Randall Yeager says:

    I am torn at the moment. Last year, when a Thanksgiving date was all but assured, I told myself I’d buy one. I waited… waited… and bought a Custom Classic Les Paul instead. Now, I am thinking of selling the Les Paul once a firm price is released.

    Here’s my story in regards to Fender and this DG Strat in general. In 1999, I bought an Eric Clapton Signature Strat. Loved the pickups, but moreover, I loved the neck. Fit me perfectly. After about six years or so, the “skunk-strip” started peeling out of the neck. I wrote Fender and was told bluntly, “Tough Luck”. Being an experienced woodworker, I refinished the neck, and it felt better than when it was new. But I really hated Fender for a while. Years later, I parted it out and sold it for more than I paid for it.

    I then built my own “Gilmour” Strat. Got a ’57 reissue neck, CS ’69 pickups, did the toggle switch mod. It sounded great. But again, I sold it piece by piece. I played my other guitars waiting for the Black Strat. Got tired of waiting, and bought a Les Paul.

    Now I am torn. I play two very different styles. I love Gilmour’s tone. His tone inspires me just a little more than his excellent playing does, but it’s a close race. I am also influenced by Adam Jones of Tool. My Les Paul has been converted with Duncan pickups to really nail that heavy, meaty, tone.

    Here’s the thing. I’m on a tight budget and the American economy is in the shitter. I need to choose between my Les Paul and the Black Strat.

    Sure, I could build one much cheaper. I also really hope that the Black Strat DOES NOT have David’s signature on the headstock; I never liked that on my Clapton. But, we all must consider the following:

    1.) David had these pickups specially wound to his specs. These are not the Custom Shop ’69 that we all love and use to nail that Gilmour tone. Not to mention the Seymour Duncan is a special pickup as well.

    2.) These are also Custom Shop Artist Series guitars. The Signature models are “production” class, whereas these are handmade. These will definitely be quality instruments above and beyond production class models.

    3.) Let’s face it, guitars only go up in value… though most of us find it hard to part with them. I have always found it easy to part ways with something to move up to the next step. Like most of you, I like to grow with my instruments. But I have played for nearly 20 years (I’m only 29). I started with a piece of shit Peavy Predator (actually, I had a VMI first, but I don’t count that haha). What I am saying is this, spend the money!!! In ten years, having a first run series Gilmour Strat will only skyrocket in value. Imagine 20 or 30 years from now… you could probably buy a house for the value of that sucker.

    4.) You know you want it! Simple, but true.

    5.) It’s just a nice instrument. Whether you like David Gilmour or not, you can’t get an instrument that is much better than a handbuilt Custom Shop guitar. There is a reason David has used one of these for 30 years plus!

    I think I’ll end up buying one. I just hope I can still get some really heavy tones out of it. I’m also looking at it as an investment, and not so much a purchase. Two years… ten years… forty years… this baby will only get more and more valuable. Imagine what a completely stock ’75 Strat would be worth now. Imagine what a really quality instrument will be worth, even if you play the hell out of it. I’m going to order one. There’s no point in denying it.

  49. Kev Tom says:

    As an aside to the chatter about the DG Strat, I’d just like to tell Bjorn how much I love this site. It’s a dream to navigate and a mine of good, thoroughly researched and accurate information.

    I’ll be petitioning both Fender and DG to send you a DG Strat of your choice (I’d go for the NOS myself) upon release. I doubt that it’ll work, but God knows you deserve it. I don’t think anyone else on this planet has gone to such lengths to examine and disect all that is Gilmour, and then share the knowledge gained FOR FREE.

    Hats off, Bjorn. You’re a star.


    [Thanks a lot for your kind words and support Kev. It’s much appreciated! – Bjorn]

  50. Paul says:


    I need to make it look like its her fault that i bought it.

  51. david says:

    If I would win the lotto I would get the david gilmour signature fender for sure!!!
    But then again You can easily build your own david gilmour strat for much cheaper
    unless you want the david gilmour approved strat

  52. Leandro says:

    I dont think I would buy it at all….I’m sure it will be a great playing expensive guitar…but I prefer getting a guitar that fits me instead of buying it just because it has david’s signature on it….
    After all, David has always played his own stuff…..I have never seen him play nobody elese’s signature guitar…have you? IHMO the best way to aproach Davids style is to be unique….maybe I’m wrong.

    [Couldn’t agree more Leandro. Perhaps it’s a stupid thing to say but I think that replicas, signatures, artist models whatever you want to call them is best hanging on a wall. In my opinion a guitar is very personal and cocky as I am I can’t see why David’s should be a better guitar than mine simply because it’s my guitar, one that has grown with me and been “shaped” by my playing and preferences. – Bjorn]

  53. Brad says:

    Hey Bjorn, Im preety excited about the signature model, I could never afford one. I dont know about you but I just wanna see it on the fender website. Im happy with my black strat Ive had it for nearly four years and I love it, no signature model even the Gilmour one could replace it, but I’ll be ohnest, I would love to play it!! Maybe my Guitar Center will get one. Well any ways keep up hte good work on the site and God bless.

    Cheers, Brad

    [Well, I agree with you Brad. A guitar is very personal often with mods done according to your playing and technique. I don’t think a replica should be mistaken for the ultimate guitar or one that will make you sound like Gilmour or whatever. – Bjorn]

  54. While this guitar will be awesome I am absolutely sure… I think there is another Fender Custom Shop I’d rather have :)

    The 1966 NOS! Think of it… This would be the guitar used on the WYWH, Animals, and The Wall recordings! The Black Strat with the 1966 rosewood fretboard neck and the larger headstock. Yum!

    As it is I have an Eric Johnson that I have Gilmourized. CS69 pickups, Callaham Trem, etc. And I am currently trying to get an SSL-1C from the Seymour Duncan custom shop. Woot.

    Carry on. :D

  55. hello, I write from Argentina. He visited the site every day and I think expectacular, and as a fanatic admirer of David Gilmour I love the idea that Fender announced the sale David Gilmour The “Black Start”. They say they do not cost $ 24,000 (he price of the recent Eric Clapton limited ‘Blackie’ model) and that will have a price more accessible … That I hope. Well, greetings to all and thank you very much be done Bjorn RIIS Gilmoruish.com.
    (Sorry for my English, thanks)

    [Thanks for your kind words! As there are two models I think we will see one expensive and one quite affordable for most budgets. – Bjorn]

  56. Mark says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

    I’ve been saving for aaaaaaaages and I think I have just about enough for the NOS model now.. ;)

  57. Homam says:

    Paul, I think the order will most likely be:
    Strat, then argument with wife, then divorce :)

    Count me in for the NOS version
    (by the way, this is my first post on Gilmourish! Yaaay for me!)

    [Thanks for posting! – Bjorn]

  58. Paul says:

    Yes….arguement with wife, divorce and then strat…in that order

  59. James Cameron says:

    You can count me in. I will still keep my current one but I MUST have the NOS DG strat. I will be really happy to finally own a Fender DG version strat…and the fact that I’ve always liked the Black strat since “the Wall” era I’m thrilled to death.
    I like the red strat w/ EMG’s but not like the Black strat.
    The Black strat is the Pink Floyd strat!

  60. Josh says:

    Along with many other tribute band members, I’ll be in line for it. Already have the boys at L&M looking into ordering it =)

    I’m sure many people have built their own replicas (I have), but I just feel like I should have the real thing…

  61. Pavan says:

    If the NOS is $2000 or less, I am totally jumping on that. First I need to optimize my rig, and get rid of the black russian Muff. I’m really starting to hate it…

  62. Eivind says:

    My guess is $2500-3000 street price. Maybe a little lower. I’m invited over to USA from september 27 to october 3. That is 5 days after the launch.. Is that faith? What should I say to my better half to convince her that this is money well spent?:) No seriously, I’ll be waiting for some reviews I think. Did you enjoy København Bjørn? Dænske pølse æ gooooeeee….:) Rock on.

    [LOL! I’ve had some really great days in Copenhagen eating too much rød pølse and drinking too much Tuborg! I’m almost certain that if you do come across a DG Strat while you’re over you can’t let it go. Wanna bet???? Hope all is well with the little ones. Cheers!- Bjorn]

  63. basically I don’t need that guitar. although a significant part inside of me really wants it ;) hahaha. that would be the NOS version ofcourse, as both for the looks and the likely very high price, the replica would seem out of the question. as features are completely the same, why not get your own cuts and bruises into it, right? I don’t know it really is a bit of an ambivalent thing, especially because I’ve sworn myself not to care about the guitar once the release is announced, and honstely for the longest time it wasn’t even sure if it would be released anyway. so for this I got myself a candy apple red eric johnson signature strat a while ago and changed the pu’s to 69 fender customs. purrrfect. and my blackstrat, it’s ash, and pu’s are different, and everything, but I just love that guitar to bits, even if I play and adore all my other axes too, I always fall back on that guitar. so the only reason for getting the gilmour strat would be pure filthy want. hahaha. but there you have it, it’s a powerful dark feeling. mwwuaahaha.

    enough madness…


  64. Kev Tom says:

    Depends very much on the price, but arguments with the wife are on the cards, I think :-).