• Absolutely Analog Green Russian review

    One of my all time favourite effect pedals is the green Sovtek Big Muff. I bought mine new in 1996 and it’s been on my boards ever since. It’s one of the most sought after Big Muffs but rarely cloned so when I saw the Green Russian from Absolutely Analog I just had to check it out!

    After Electro Harmonix was forced to close down in the mid 80s founder Mike Mathews moved to Russia and started reissuing some of the pedals under the name Sovtek, – notably the Small Stone phaser and the Big Muff PI. The first Big Muff reissue was the so-called “civil war” model, which David used on the Division Bell tour in 1994. It soon got replaced by the more familiar military green model and with it the most popular distortion pedal of all time exploded into the whole analog effect revival of the early 90s much thanks to the grunge movement. In the late 90s the green Muff was replaced by a slightly smaller black model, which by many is considered to not sound nearly as good as the blue/yellow and green models.

    The green Sovtek Big Muff is kind of a mix between the 70s models and the Cornish P2. It has the silky smooth sustain and fat lower ends from the classics and the typical boosted mid range known from the P2. When the classics may lack some gain and the P2 might sound a bit too boomy, the green Sovtek is a perfectly balanced beast suitable for any Gilmour era from 1977 to present.

    Absolutely Analog is a fairly new company that specialises in making clones of classic overdrives and distortions like the Fist (Colorsound Power Boost clone), Ratzo (RAT clone) and the Green Russian.

    The green Russian is exactly what it promises to be, – a faithful clone of the green Sovtek Big Muff PI with a couple of much needed improvements. It has a power supply jack, true bypass and metal film capacitors in place of ceramic caps to improve fidelity and lower the background noise (I’ve seen people debate whether this is a positive choice or not but it seems to improve the tone and make it slightly “cleaner”). The biggest improvement though is the size. The pedal is about a 1/4 of the Sovtek housed in an industrial strength aluminium box slightly smaller than a MXR pedal.

    – A humble attempt at On the Turning Away with the Absolutely Analog Green Russian.

    I’ve A/B tested the Sovtek with the Green Russian and I’m surprised how similar they sound. Now, it should be said that I have yet to hear two identical Sovtek pedals (they seem to have used whatever components they had available) so the difference might be more evident with other Sovteks. The Green Russian is very quiet but I must say that the Sovtek wins the noise challenge. They both have the same gain span ranging from near clean (I’m using Fender CS69 pickups with low output) to screaming fuzz. The tone control on the Sovtek seems to go slightly deeper/warmer when you roll it down but the Green Russian has a “cleaner” tone all in all, which may make it sound a tad brighter and not as muddy. The Green Russian also seems to respond better to the guitar volume control and cleans up pretty nicely when it’s rolled down.

    What I do like about the Absolutely Analog pedals is that they don’t try to be anything more than what they should be, – clones with the needed, yet simple improvements like better components and power supply. I don’t care for clones that have tons of added mods with switches for different EQ settings and gain structures. I want one pedal with as few controls as possible and just the purest classic tone.

    I doubt that the Green Russian will replace my old Sovtek. There’s something about the slight unpredictability and the its bizarre look that I somehow prefer but I can sleep a little better now knowing that if it should fail – God forbid – I have a great sounding clone just waiting to beat the hell out of my amp.

    The Green Russian is highly recommended and do visit their site and check out the Colorsound Power Boost clone too. Great pedals suitable for any budget and the hat off for excellent customer service.

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  1. Thomas says:

    I have one of these pedals and they’re also exceptional for getting a Dan Auerbach Black Keys pre-Dangermouse tone. Great pedal!

  2. Mark says:

    Hey Bjorn! Great site, I’ve been a LONG time fan of gilmourish. I owned a green Sovtek muff for quite some time and got rid of it…don’t know if they’re as tempermental as the 70’s muffs, but this one just never sounded “good”. I was looking at the BYOC pedals, but being in Canada, it costs quite a bit to have them shipped, and so i decided to check out General guitar gadgets. I know that David used a ram’s head muff, but do you think that the triangle version might be a bit more versatile?

    [I’ve been using a triangle for years and I think it’s a bit more musical than the ram’s head. It’s all taste but I’ve never had any problems replicating David’s tones with it. Check out Axe and You Shall Receive. They’re from Canada and authorized BYOC dealer. – Bjorn]

  3. Evel1 says:

    Not to take away from this great pedal, but I would definitely think about “Stomp Under Foot.” I just received my “Civil War” Muff (now know as FUZZ), from Matt, at Stomp Under Foot (SUF); holy-geez, what an ultra smooth sounding monster!!

    Bjorn, I don’t know how much you have got to experiment with any of the SUF pedals, but they’re pretty darn impressive. The Green Russian has been taken off of his listing, but I think, if you ask nice enough, Matt just may mod you out for you. Very good experience with the whole SUF, sound and service.

    I just finished adding my CE-2 and Carbon Copy to the ass-end of my CWM, it truly is a sharp and smooth sounding tone. Very “floaty” sounding pedal.

    Again, no disrespect to AA, but really need to think about some SUF products.

    Does this sound too much like a “love song”? :)

    [Thanks for the input! I’ve been waiting to try the SUF pedals for some time now. I see thay get a lot of praise and the Ciwil War seems like a great alternative for the early Sovteks. – Bjorn]

  4. Andy says:


    Excellent info!

    How do you compare EHX Little Big Muff Pi to AA Green Russian? Is AA a much better Muff pedal? Thanks.

    [I think the Little Muff is just a better sounding version than the US model. Quite OK but not one of the better models. The AA is a clone of the early Sovteks. Personally I like this one better. More character and just generally a better sounding tone. – Bjorn]

  5. Brendan Lau says:

    Hey Bjorn, great site!
    I’m having a little bit of trouble choosing which muff to get, here’s my setup: Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop w/ Alnico II humbuckers/ 2007 Fender Mexican Standard Strat with Klein pickups DG custom set (Black Strat specs) —> Keeley BD-2 —> MXR 6 Band EQ —> Boss DD-6 —> Peavey Valveking 100w All-Tube Head—> Marshall MC412A 200w cabinet. I’m trying to keep a simple tone (or I have limited funds haha). I really like Ds comfy numb tone and I’ve been looking at byoc large beaver and the general guitar gadgets rams head clone diy set. Any suggestions? Not just big muffs but for any kind of pedal? Thanks so Much!

    [Based on your setup, I’d go for a more modern sounding Muff with more gain and midrange than the older models, which might be a bit thin and harsh with the Peavey. The Green Russian should be a great alternative. I also recommend that you read this article for some general tips. – Bjorn]

  6. Jean M. says:

    First, thank so much for this amazing website. I spend much time on this site, translating in french to understand every rubric. I will buy a Fender Princeton Amp and your site gives me ideas to build my rig.
    So, I have some questions (sorry if I ask you questions that you have been already asked).
    I love the 2006’s tone, so which one: the Absolutely Analog or the BYOC Triangle do you recommend for this tone?
    And secondly, do you know if there is an European subsidiary (in a guitar shop, the seller told me that he can have pedal if there is a subsidiary of the firm)? Or if I have to buy directly on USA?

    Sorry for my miserable english. I hope you will understand my questions.

    I’ve heard that you came with The Pink Floyd Experience in France, I hope you will come with Airbag or Pink Floyd Experience again.

    Thank You,


    [Hi Jean! Thanks for your kind words! Glad you like my site…. and Airbag! I think the triangle suits David’s 2006 tones better. It has a very smooth character with lots of sustain. Incredible pedal. The AA Green Russian is better for David’s 80s and 90s tones. I’m not sure if BYOC has licensed their pedals but you can buy preassembled kits from their site. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  7. Ken says:

    Saw some:)

  8. Ken says:

    Some some Sovtek Green Muffs on Ebay…some with Bold leterring like the one shown above on the page…but some with script lettering? Is there a difference? You have the Bold Lettering one? You think best sounding Muff?

    [There are many different versions of the green Muff but the cirquit is the same. In the early days Sovtek had little continuety with their pedals and used different graphics and knobs. Some are rarer than others but the tone is the same. I’ve always loved the green. I’ve never heard that particular tone in any of the clones out there… not even the ones claiming to be straight clones. My personal favourite though is the triangle Muff. – Bjorn]

  9. Dave says:

    Thanks for the review!! JAM Pedals – Red Muck, EFX Custom Effects – Soviet Muff, Fuzzrocious Pedals – Mail Order Muff, and Morrison Audio – Big Fluff are all clones of the Green Sovtek Big Muff (proclaimed by the builders).
    I was wondering how these pedals compare to the AA Green Russian and the Sovtek Green Muff sound. Idk how to use HTML so here are the links.
    Keep up the great work!!

    [I’ve never tried any of these so I really can’t tell how they compare to the AA or Sovteks. Of all the Sovtek clones I’ve tried none of them seem to capture the magic of the early “civil war” or green models. Hard to describe what that magic is but the clones, although sound very close, are cleaner and less outrageous… in lack of a better description. They all try to improve the design rather than trying to capture that certain crudeness and unpredictability of the originals. – Bjorn]

  10. Ken Abate says:

    Hi Bjorn:

    Any thoughts on the Little Big Muff from the 70’s. Saw a listing in Craigslist…. Yellow lettering? Not even sure if it is geniune. SOS


    [I haven’t tried the original Little Big Muff. It’s quite different to the current model, which only refers to the small box. The original had, as you say, yellow logo and only one control for volume and a tone switch – not sure what it did. – Bjorn]

  11. charaf says:

    Hello guys, can any one help me out ? I can’t for some reasons find any vintage muff ( triangle, ram’s, sovtek…) and there is this new model EHx Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker. Is that better than BM NYreissue , little big muff etc…

    Appreciate your help.
    Cheers- Charaf

    [The vintage models pop up regularly on Ebay and with some patience you can do a great deal but they’re usually very expensive. I haven’t tried the Tonewicker yet so I really can’t tell. The US reissue is crap but the Little BM sounds pretty decent although not as good as the older models. I do recommend the Large Beaver from BYOC. You can buy a kit and solder it your self or a pre-assembled pedal with either triangle or ram’s head specs. Dead on the originals tonewise… Highly recommended! – Bjorn]

  12. Alexander says:

    Hi, I was looking for an article including the Powerboost as well as the A.A. Fist, but as I couldn’t find one rapidly :) I choose this article to ask you anther question :-)
    So here it is: ” which pedal should I choose: the reissue of the Powerboost or the A.A. Fist?”
    Thanks again

    [Personally I prefer the Colorsound Powerboost/Overdrive reissue. It’s the closest match to the old 70-models of all the different pedals that are available on the market today. It also got a master volume control that allows a much more versatile clean boost. – Bjorn]

  13. Alexander says:

    Hi again,
    I recently saw a Sovtek Green Big Muff at eBay and I might bid on that item but before I want to know: do you think that I should buy that Sovtek or an AA Green Russian or a BYOC Large Beaver or a Ram’s Head?

    Thanks for the advice and this amazing site, which I use as a Bible for my guitartones (since I’m not baptised anyway).

    [Thanks for your kind words Alexander! All in all they’re very similar… just different flavours of the same pedal. Either one can cover any of David’s Muff tones but it depends on how picky you want to be. As a guideline I recommend the triangle and ram’s head for the Animals/Wall/Island stuff and the Sovtek and AA for the Delicate/PULSE stuff. My favourite is the triangle but between the green Sovtek and the AA, I’d go for the Sovtek. – Bjorn]

  14. Alexander says:

    Thanks for the answer!
    I think I’ll buy one, but just to be clear, you think that Large Beaver is better then the Green Russian.

    [Yes, but it’s really two different pedals. The triangle has a scooped mids tobe while the green has more mids and a bit more bass. Both covers all of David’s Muff tones but for authenticity I’d get the beaver for the 70’s and present tones and the green for the 80s and 90’s tones. – Bjorn]

  15. Mike says:


    I looked at the BYOC website and it appears to me that the Large Beaver can be built to triangle or rams head specs. I don’t see any kit offering the ability to switch. Is there another website where you found that?

    [No, I was referring to the EQ knob. My bad. You can’t switch between the two models. – Bjorn]

  16. Alexander says:

    Hi, Bjorn,
    I have the BK Butler Tubedriver and a BC108 a phase 90 (vintage) and MemoryMan Deluxe Delay, what kind of pedal should I get next to get even closer to the real 73-77 sound?
    A Power Boost clone, of this type of muff/fuzz.

    [The Tube Driver is very close to the Colorsound Powerboost, so it’s not a “must” to get a booster. Your setup is more 1973-75 I think and to cover David’s ’77 tones I definitely recommend a Big Muff and an Electric Mistress. My favorite Muff at the moment is the BYOC Large Beaver, which allows you to switch between the early “triangle” model and the “ram’s head” which David used on Animals. – Bjorn]

  17. Mike S. says:

    Hi, Bjorn
    Just wondered if you have any thoughts about the new EHx Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker that just came out. (Namm 09?). Looks like they upgraded and re-released a triangle muff with a white powder coated box, power plug & true bypass. I understand the tone bypass… but what’s with this wicker thing? Why wouldn’t they just call it “boost”, “harmonics enhancer” or something? You know they just gotta be changing the caps somewhere for the treble bleeds. I wonder if being SMT (surface mount technology = no mods) the new boards will have less hiss on the higher gain settings. I haven’t tried one of these out yet, but the demos on YouTube are intriguing.

    [Havn’t had the chance to try it yet but it both look and sound interesting. – Bjorn]

  18. Pablo says:

    Hi, Bjorn,
    While searching mainly for a second hand AA Green Muff Clone, I run into this.
    Nice price, really, but as you can see in the demo, the output volume is really, really low.
    I’m not sure it’s going to suit my needs, I think not, really:(
    Anyway, just wanted to report “another muff clone in the wall” :)

    [Thanks for the tip! Doesn’t sound much like a green Sovtek though… – Bjorn]

  19. Justin says:

    Just got my AA green russian in the mail today. I also have a keeley rat 2 that I love but wated a different type of distortion. I mainly am writing this to people that read this site for not only gilmour tones, but an idea of what different types of effects will sound like. Compared to the keeley rat, the russian is much boomier, as if the filter knob was rolled off. Also I am playing a hollowbody with13’s and humbuckers so there is no weak output there. I like the green russian, I have a bk butler TD and they sound decent together, but with my setup its really hard to beat the EQ, rc booster, rat combo. Im waiting on an analogman ds-1…Basically bought the russian to find a different type of distortion for heavier stuff (because I like my rat settings as is). And i wanted to try the ds-1 for shits and giggles, but you never now what you end up liking. I like being able to go from eric johnson, to gilmour, scofield, carlton, benson and all points nearby, although I do not cover any floyd or johnson in my band ZOOGMA. It is more fusion Electroniz rock stuff. However, another point is that if any of you are looking for these type distortions I will probably be putting either a keeley rat, AA green russian, Analogman ds-1, analogman ts-9 (with bypass, silver mod), or even a bk butler tube driver…So be checking on ebay. I will post again with info if anyone replies or has any use to this…thanks for the site, there is some great info on here

    [The green Russian is a great pedal but based on your setup I think that, as you say, a RAT is more suiting. Muffs can be a bit too boomy on humbuckers.Anyway, let me know if you’re selling the Analogman DS1! – Bjorn]

  20. Chris says:

    Is the AA Green Russian different from B.Y.O.C. Large Beaver – Ram’s Head spec. Sound wise are they two different pedals and if I have the green russian would it be kind of pointless to get the ram heads spec? Thanks

    [They’re more similar than a triangle and AA. The AA, cloned on the green Sovtek, has much more gain, bass and mid range compared to all the other Muffs. Although all models can be used for all of David’s Muff tones I would recommend the triangle and ram’s head for the 70’s and present tones and the AA/Sovtek for the 80’s and 90’s tones. I have both and they serve different purposes in my rig. – Bjorn]

  21. Hank says:

    Thanks!! I ordered one yesterday!! I can’t wait.

  22. Hank says:

    Thanks. I love your site.

    I’m one of the few who loves his Black Russian Muff more than the NYC Pi and the Ram/Triangle clones I’ve owned. Yet I know it could be better and have considered buying a modded one.
    Seems like the Green Russian may be the perfect Muff for me.

    The schematic of the Black and Green Muff is almost identical, yet the Greens are coveted….so it must be the different components….which makes me think the Green Muff is the way to go?

    [The black and green Sovteks are very similar. I prefer the green – in my ears the black can be slightly more muddy – and I warmly recommend the Green Russian. Great clone! – Bjorn]

  23. Phil says:

    Hi Bjorn – First of All, Merry Christmas!!!

    Just want to say thank you for this review, as I result, I treated myself to one of these Green Russian’s and all I can say it wow!, its really amazing and its got me closer to ‘the tone’, so once again, thanks for the review, I look forward to the next :)


    [Glad you liked the pedal. Enjoy the rest of the holidays! – Bjorn]

  24. Aaron Reece says:

    Hey, Bjorn. I love this review. Would you recomend gettig a A.A. Fist, in place of a real colorsound power boost?

    [The Fist is a great alternative but I think the Colorsound sounds better. – Bjorn]

  25. Ivan Sandev says:

    Hi Bjorn, Gilmourish became my home page for 2 months now:)
    I bought recently DG-20 and I wonder which BYOC clone will suit me better for most Gilmour tones – triangle or ram’s head version? I also use TS808, so I don’t want too much mids..Your opinion?

    [Neither has much mids. The triangle is perhaps the “cleanest” of the two. – Bjorn]

  26. Anmol says:

    Hey bjorn,]
    How r u ?Well i wanted to tell you tht i m thinking of buying ther Marshall Guv’nor GV-2 as a distortion and bluesbreaker – 2 as an overdrive..
    Just wanted to know wats your take on both these pedals???

    [To be honest I’ve never tried any of them. Check out some user reviews on Harmony Central. – Bjorn]

  27. Andrew says:

    Hey Bjorn, between the triangle, ram’s head, and the Sovtek, which is capable of a more fuzzy tone? I’m tempted to go for a sovtek or this clone, but I keep hearing about how great the BYOC triangle/ram’s head is. I’m looking for a versatile muff that can go from Gilmour leads to overblown fuzz tones.

    [I don’t think neither of the Muffs are overly fuzzy but the triangle is perhaps closer to a Fuzz Face. – Bjorn]

  28. cavalettas89 says:

    well first thanks for answering one
    of my previous questions!
    I have to make a decision on a better Muff
    I own the american Big Muff Pi and i am not that
    it’s very boomy,muddy and hard for me
    to get a good sound of it
    since i have heard about the russian Muffs i knew that
    i have to get a green one.you also rated it as one of the best Muffs next to your Large Beaver.
    I found one in an add on the I.net. (150$)
    The only thing is that the letters on it look
    like a civil war one but it’s green.
    I don’t know if it’s actually a civil war or the green one
    which was made later and that you’ve got.
    Any Idea?

    [There were many strange transition models between the Civil War and green Muff… mainly exterior differences. The pedal works nicely for most of David’s Muff sounds allthough perhaps best suited for the Delicate and PULSE tones. – Bjorn]

  29. Anmol says:

    So you mean a tube screamer like a TS808 and TS9.Keeley blues driver is not a good option with a fist?I will buy the pedal which you will suggest…..now wat do u suggest…a keeley blues driver or an ibanez TS808 or TS9????

    [I’m not saying that the Fist won’t work with a BD-2 but if you want two pedals with different tones, you should perhaps consider replacing one of them with a Tube Screamer or a pedal with a tone similar to a Tube Screamer. I prefer the TS808. – Bjorn]

  30. Anmol says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    First of all thanks for replying to my post.You r far too kind.
    Secondly i downloaded as much stuff for Airbag as much i could and i tell you,your inspiration from Sir David Gimour shows in you work.

    Ok thirdly i wanna ask if you have used the AA fist pedal.Its the colorsound booster clone.Is it good.
    And i have decided to buy a keeley blues driver,AA green russian and a booster…….so shall i buy the fist.Coz i live in india and we seriously can’t and good stuff here.
    Plz help.

    [Thanks! Appreciate you supporting Airbag! The Fist or Colorsound Power Boost has a tone similar to the BD-2. The Colorsound has a vintage flavour though and the BD-2 can sound a bit harsh at times, although the Keeley is very nice. If you want two different sounding pedals you should check out a Tube Screamer for the slightly warmer, mid boosted sounds. – Bjorn]

  31. Anmol says:

    Hey bjorn,

    Thanks for the information you have provided here i guess on everything.
    The thing i wanna ask is i should have a rat and ts808 or a big muff and ts808 combo for the all around gilmour sound.
    Also can rat and muff be combined,if yes then what will be the effect?

    [Depends on whether you’re mostly playing on a smaller amp at home or with a band on stage. You could go either way but I recommend the RAT for smaller rigs and a Big Muff for bigger rigs. Read more about that here. I wouldn’t combine two distortions like a Muff and the RAT. Too much noise. – Bjorn]

  32. Jack B. says:

    I see a few guys talking about the BYOC Triangle Muff. I have one of the newer models, and I have to say it’s really good! I have mine custom painted ala “The Wall,” check it out here.

    If you guys haven’t checked out the newer model, it’s well worth trying. The newer BYOC has the 4 mode switch. It has the standard mode, with scooped mids like the old Muff’s and original BYOC’s. However, it has 3 additional modes. There’s a “Flat mids” mode, similar to boutiques like the Skreddy Mayo, a boosted mids mode akin to what’s found on the Skreddy Pink Flesh, and then an interesting final mode that completely bypasses the passive tone stack/control. This gives you a HUGE volume jump, and a very raw type of sound that works great. Just some more good words for the BYOC. Great stuff!

    [Thanks for the info! I have the older 3-knob triangle but I have to check out this one as well. – Bjorn]

  33. Phil says:

    As always Bjorn, fantastic article, you articles are always a really interesting and inspiring read. I think im going to buy one of these, just wondered what u thought of it compared to the B.Y.O.C Large Beaver for that P.U.L.S.E tone


    [Thanks! I think both pedals will do fine for the PULSE tones but the Green Russian has a slightly more aggressive sound – fuller with more mids, which makes it perfect for David’s 80’s and 90’s tones. – Bjorn]

  34. Millar says:

    Hey folks. Just recieved this pedal the other day.
    What a sound!
    Check my youtube page for a demonstraion.
    Absolutely love it.
    Thanks for your dedication Bjorn. Its inspiring. And helped greatly towards me achieving a sound i am truly delighted with!
    Peace and love in all things!

    [Thanks for your kind words and for sharing the clip! Great playing! – Bjorn]

  35. Tom da bomb says:

    I can’t get the Big muff triangle or the Big muff Ram’s head, should i use the new Big muff Pi or the little Big muff?

    [I think the Little Big Muff is better. Check out this site for pre-assembled BYOC kits. – Bjorn]

  36. Jack B. says:

    Though not about the Green Russian, I wanted to give some input regarding the Absolutely Analog Fist. I just received it in the mail a few days ago, and it definitely hits the spot. I ordered the pedal and it shipped less than a week later, arrived in short order.

    I previously owned both a BK Butler Tube Driver and a Colorsound Overdriver (Power Bost) Reissue. I can say that the AA Fist is my favorite of the three and the one that will end up on my pedalboard. For my own personal taste, the Tube Driver was always a little “tubby” on the low end. Despite the tube used, it had a massive bass response, but the sub-lows (think around 80 hz to 100 hz and lower) were either too prominent when set moderately high, or too thin and lacking when backed off. It could be corrected with an EQ, but I prefer to not “have” to use an EQ to achieve the optimum sound I’m seeking. For that reason, I opted to not use the Tube Driver.

    The Colorsound Overdriver (Power Boost) Reissue is a nice pedal. It works exceptionally well as a boost – clean boost at that – and can get gritty when cranked up. However, my issue with it lies in the fact that sounded a little “thinner” than I liked. The bass response and thump was there, but it lacked the girth of the Tube Driver. Having a master volume control is nice, but I’m suspect that it may be the culprit in terms of the thinning when set “too” low. The lack of an LED isn’t as stage friendly to know when it’s on and off (esecially when it’s used as a cleaner boost and you’re relying on picking dynamics to differentiate clean vs. grit), and the battery compartment is not easily accessible. For those reasons, I opted against the PB Reissue.

    The AA Fist was a happy medium of everything I was looking for. It’s a more direct clone of the older PB as used by guys like Gilmour (featuring it’s 3 knobs, no master volume), changed in actual circuit only by updated components for a lower noise threshold. In that respect, I would say it is exceptionally quiet (including when using a 9V adapter), slightly more so than my old Overdriver when the gain/volumes are set high. The bass does thump but doesn’t feature the lows issue of the Tube Driver, and it has the thicker girth of the Tube Driver while not facing the thinning issue of the PB Reissue.

    The LED is a welcome addition, as well as the fact that it’s true bypass. Add in it’s compact size to free up pedalboard room, a 9V adapter capability that doesn’t add noise, and a more budget friendly price tag of $190 new (versus the more expensive TD and PB Reissue), and you have a sure fire winner. again, this reflects only m opinion and what’s working for me personally. I thought I would offer my insight since I haven’t seen many owners of one, though there have been some questions regarding them. As always, YMMV.

    [Thanks for the excellent review! Although I prefer the Colorsound with the master knob addition since I’m mostly using it as a booster I agree on your description on the three. The Fist is probably closer to the original Colorsound. I also agree on your thoughts regarding the Tube Driver being a bit too sloppy in the lower frequencies. I didn’t really get the tone I wanted until I added a buffered pedal after it adding a bit more… erm… boost and brightness to the signal. It really made the difference. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  37. Jared Young says:

    Hey Bjorn

    Today, I got in the mail a “Big Muff” I ordered on Ebay. It is the “GGG(GeneralGuitarGadgets) ’75 Violet Rams Head”, and I recommend it, for it’s full and big sound, with sustain for days. And with a flanger I can great “Animals” and “Wall” tones. I remember you saying that your “Electric Mistress” really warmed up your distortions, you are right. Though I do not have a “EM” the flanger I do have is very similar, you know that liquidy, chorusy sound. What I like to use it with a flanger, is that it adds highs making it easier to stand out of the mix. Also I found out messing with the settings I saw on the website, is that at full bore it will sound so dirty and huge. But if you roll down the sustain to 75%, like on the website settings, it is still dirty but notes are more pronounced. I have no soldering skills, so that’s why I bought it already built.
    You can buy the kits for like $65, and build them yourself.
    Anyway, I just wanted to give some more suggestions for “Big Muff”

    And oh ya I forgot to tell you, that I bought a ’68 Fender Bassman head on Ebay for $450. There are a few problems with the tubes, so I took it to amp repair man to see whats wrong. I have not any answers yet, but they were already two weeks behind, once I get it fixed, I tell you what it sounds like. The website really helped on finding the right amp for me. So Thanks Bjorn!!!

    [Congrats on all your new gear and I’m glad you found my site useful in the process! I do think it’s important to adjust the Muff settings according to your own gear and preferred tone… just as you mention. – Bjorn]

  38. Sam says:

    Bjorn, loved your review and decided to get the AAGR, my pedals stand at, BC108 Sunface, Colorsound Pboost and Empress Superdelay, I have a Keeley BD-2, VoodooLab Vibe and MXR Phase 90 on the way, how do you suggest I organize my pedals ? anything you think I should add ?

    Thanks for the pure awesomeness of your site

    [How about this: Sun Face > AAGR > Colorsound > BD-2 > Phase 90 > Vibe > delay. This classic setup calls for an Electric Mistress! Cheers! – Bjorn]

  39. Alan says:

    About the AA fist it would be better because the original powerboost didnt have a master volume and thats the one David used.

    [No problem getting David’s tones with the Colorsound reissue it’s just that with the master volume you also get to utilize it as a clean boost as well. Just crank the volume/gain knob or roll down the master and you’ll have David’s tones. – Bjorn]

  40. I have been investigating the schematics of both the EH Russian Big Muff “Black” and Big Muff “Green”. I found that the only difference is in ONE cap. Then how can the sound difference as stated by many folks online be so extreme? I have the “Black” Russian version now and it’s boomy and does sound like a hive of bees without an Ibanez CP-9 before it. I went over the deep end recently and paid boutique money+ for a real “Green” Russian via EBay. I have not received it yet. I cannot wait to give it a test. I am playing with 62′ vintage reissue pick ups in a Strat Deluxe into a Fender Twin Reverb “Reissue”.
    I have had alot of success with the Black Big Muff into a Boss RV-3 and then into my amp.
    Black Big Muff > RV-3 > Fender Twin Reverb

    [The Muff can be the most wonderful distortion pedal but with the “wrong” equipment it can sound horrible. I’m no technical expert but all I know is that the black Sovtek doesn’t sound as good as the green or yellow. It’s also a matter of which amp and pickups you’re using with a Muff. If that’s the Fender CS 57-62 pickups you’re using then they can be a bit too boomy for the Muff and the green wouldn’t make a huge difference. A Muff also sound best when it can work with a tube amp with high volume and nice natural compression. Check out this article for more. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  41. Anatoly says:

    Thanks Mr Bjorn ,Nice Video ,Nice review.
    Sir ,I Play in Pink Floyd music Tendecy and in current time
    I record in studio My New Double Album
    about events in the World.
    I’m form Europa/Ukraine.
    Sir ,Can I Email You directly ?
    I interested in your sound ,I want to creat own .
    I have any equipment.
    Sir ,let me know please.

    Your sound is Very good ,Thank You for this.

    [Please feel free to send me an e-mail. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  42. William Cheng says:

    Great Review, Bjorn! I am curious what your settings were for the On the Turning Away clip and whether you used other effects too. I have a sovtek Green Big Muff, and was wondering how I can dial in that tone.

    [Thanks! I think I tweaked it like this: sustain 3:00, tone 11:00 and volume 2:00 (o’clock). The setup was Fender CS69 pickups, Absolutely Analog Green Russian (Big Muff), Boss BD-2 (mod.), Boss CE-2, EH Deluxe Memory Man, Marshall 5210. – Bjorn]

  43. Alan says:

    I just got my green russian today and im really impressed on how it sounds but … it doesnt sound that great with some of my other effects but in all its a great effect… thanks for the reccomendation, I don’t regret this one bit.

    [Congrats! None of my Big Muffs goes well with Boss or any other buffered pedals. – Bjorn]

  44. Alan says:

    The Ibanez/Maxon sonic distortion sounds good it sounds really warm and I hear it can get really nasty.

  45. William says:

    if anyones Fender logo has worn off or if you want to put it on a replacement neck you can get Fender decals at decaljoe.com

  46. Bjorland says:

    I just got this pedal myself, and it`s everything that I hoped for.
    Even though your recommendations have cost me a lot of money,
    in the long term it`s im prolly gonna save that back many times
    by not buying all the crap pedals that are out there.

    Keep upp the good work Bjørn, even though I now feel my pedal board
    is somewhat complete I cant wait for your next post!

    [Thanks Bjorland! Sorry about costing you money… LOL! – Bjorn]

  47. Ernest Peske says:

    Here’s another clip of the BYOC Rams Head Muff.
    Its a very “Gilmourish” Muff and it does sound like the real / original Rams Head. Its a bit tricky to find the sweet spot: TONE and SUSTAIN react interactive.



    [Thanks for sharing the clip Ernest! – Bjorn]

  48. Alan says:

    Hey Bjorn

    If you have tried it what is the absolutely analog Fist like?

    [I haven’t tried it but it’s a clone of the original Colorsound Power Boost without the master volume so expect it to distort a bit more than the new Macari’s reissue. – Bjorn]

  49. Holger says:

    Hey Bjorn, nice review. And your videos on YouTube are just great!

    To pull another Big Muff variant out of the hat: have you (or anyone else here) had the chance to try the Maxon D&S Distortion & Sustainer? According to their website, it is “a classic three-transistor distortion pedal, very similar in sound to a vintage EH Big Muff”. What do you think about it?


    [Thanks! No, I haven’t had the chance to try it out… – Bjorn]

  50. Evan says:

    Bjorn, this may be of interest to you. It’s a video showing the inner workings of a Binson Echorec of some sort. Likely not the same model Gilmour used, but it probably operates on the same principle.

    [Cool! Thanks! – Bjorn]

  51. Ernest Peske says:

    [Thanks for the hype on another overprized fuzz pedal!] – ruodi

    The only thing that really counts is TONE not MONEY.
    Its a free market, you don’t have to buy “expensive/ overprized” pedals.


  52. Luciano says:

    [Just ordered my self a POD X3! New post coming up in a day or two… Stay tuned :) – Bjorn]

    Can we expect a “Gilmourish Extreme Makeover: all vintage pedals put down for a MFX!!!” ??

    I can see the headlines: “Gilmourish goes POD!”; “Gilmourish PODs in!”; “AnalogMan x PodMan: The Rematch”…

    ha ha ha

    I hope NOT.



    P.S.: To Ruodi, the original G.A.S. article: steelydan.com/gas or “How many Big Muffs do I need???” hehe ;-)

    [Ha ha! Well, I’m tired of those old shitty pedals that causes nothing but hum and feedback! No, I plan to use the POD at home for recording guitars on demos etc for Airbag. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  53. Rafal says:

    [Hey Bjorn, I opened up my MXR Script Reissue Phase 90 to take a look at the circuit board and I noticed that in small lettering it wrote EVH script. I was like WHAT?!!!!!!! So the people at MXR just dumped a EVH script into the phase reissue script enclosure?]

    You should take a look at MXR ’74 Vintage Phase 90 reissue. They advertise it as a direct copy of good old Phase 90. Here’s a pic which shows that PCB is just like in a vintage pedal.

  54. David says:

    Hey Bjorn, I opened up my MXR Script Reissue Phase 90 to take a look at the circuit board and I noticed that in small lettering it wrote EVH script. I was like WHAT?!!!!!!! So the people at MXR just dumped a EVH script into the phase reissue script enclosure?

    [Yeah… I’ve read that the reissue is the same as the EVH. I don’t know whether they’ve done any mods or whatever but I would imagine that it’s the exact one. – Bjorn]

  55. Alan says:

    Does anybody know how good the Hiwatt Custom Tape echo sounds? Because I can’t find any examples of what it sounds like online.

  56. Haven’t commented in a while. Love the review. Though I must say my favorite OD is the screamer on the PODxt Live. It sounds amazing!!! What is the next post gonna be Bjorn???

    [Just ordered my self a POD X3! New post coming up in a day or two… Stay tuned :) – Bjorn]

  57. Collin says:

    Wow. I am very, very pleased. I ordered my Callaham stuff on Teusday, and it is here on Friday! I’ve got everything all set up and the guitar feels more alive (for lack of a better description). It’s louder, sustains longer, and the shorter tremolo arm is much more comfortable. I haven’t been able to really let loose through all my stuff yet, but I am really impressed just playing acoustically. Great investment! Anybody who is thinking about it, go for it!

    [Good to hear! Congrats! – Bjorn]

  58. Alan says:

    If I buy the Colorsound power boost from the macaris website, will they give me an overdriver or power boost (even though I know they are the same).

    [I guess so. I visited the shop just two weeks ago and they were all out of orange powerboost but send them an e-mail and maybe they can help you out. But if it makes you happier, David is seen with an Overdriver for the La Carrera sessions in 1991 :) – Bjorn]

  59. Kit Rae says:

    Bjorn, this is not about the Green Russian, but have you tried the Skreddy Lunar Module? Its supposed to be similar to a Fuzz/Sunface, but tuned to get the DOSm tone exactly.

    [I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet. Sounds very interesting though. – Bjorn]

  60. Collin says:

    I finally broke down and ordered a Callaham kit. Should be here within the week, so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m pretty excited.

    Also getting a pretty good approximation of David’s Final Cut tone. It’s always more fun to play when you like the way you sound! Thanks Bjorn!

    [I think you’ll be very pleased with the Callaham set. It did wonders to my tone. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  61. William says:

    Anyone know what Callaham guitars trem block would replace the on my squier bullet strat. I only bought the bullet because the low cost and I can mod it like crazy and not spend but like 250.00 american for upgrades.

    [I’m not sure but send them an e-mail and ask. They’re very helpful. – Bjorn]

  62. Franck Machu says:

    May I also answer to Ruodi ?
    I understand your point of view. I agree that the price of a good guitar gears put it more or less far from a lot of guitarist budget. A pedal is very often just a set of very cheap electronic items. But the difference between the good and the bad sound is much more a matter of alchemy and the wizard who elaborate the good one deserves his salary.
    Whatever justified is your opinion, I think your query against Gilmourish review is unfair. Bjorn is the opposite of a snob. He plays on Fender Japan guitars instead of custom shop ones, Sound City amps instead of Hiwatt, use a BYOC large beaver as main muff, and Ibanez DE7 as delay pedal. And every can admit that he can reproduce Gilmour tone better than many of us which have high price gear.
    Anyway, I can partially share your point of view on the price of some pedals but I can’t share your feeling about Gilmourish.

  63. Alan says:

    I wonder when your next “head line” is going to be?

    [Working on it… – Bjorn]

  64. david says:

    Hi Bjorn, I am looking for a low priced overdrive pedal and I was wondering If I can get a tube driver sound with the Boss Sd-1 super overdrive.

    [Personally I don’t like Boss overdrives (except for the BD-2 but that’s a different pedal compared to the Tube Screamer). They’re too thin and fuzzy for my taste. The best budget Tube Screamer clone out there IMO is the BBE Green Screamer. Sounds really cool and a new pedal ranges from $60 and up on EBay. – Bjorn]

  65. Kit Rae says:

    Hey Bjorn, after reading your review of the Green Russian I ordered one. Just arrived today and I have been playing it for three hours straight. It was a bit pricey, but it sounds great, much better and less noisy than my NY crap Muff. With either my Tube Driver or my Ibanez Tube screamer on after it I get some killer Gilmour tones, but it also sounds great by itself, combined with the Colorsound going straight into my Fender Twin. My next will be the BYOC large Beaver!

    [Glad you liked the pedal! I think you’ll find that the Green Russian and Large Beaver are two different beasts for different tones and Gilmour eras. Both are definitely worth having. – Bjorn]

  66. ruodi says:

    # ruodi said on June 17, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    Thanks for the hype on another overprized fuzz pedal!

    [I wouldn’t say it’s overpriced. You get what you pay for and the Green Russian is certainly in the lower price range compared to a vintage Muff or one of the Cornish pedals. Alternatively you could get a Behringer Vintage Distortion but I think you’ll realize that it’s really just a noisy piece of plastic. Anyway… – Bjorn]

    “You get what you pay for” – you get a small aluminium-boxed distortion pedal with a few caps, transistors, resistors and with four diodes and a footswitch inside. So, 190,- (?) dollars seems to be a lot of money for that, handbuilt or not! Look, there are lots of (very) young guitar players out there who compare your site with the bible! They might have bought the “Pink Flesh” (which at least isn´t a more or less 1:1 clone of a classic fuzz pedal and who “definately has earned a place” on your pedal board – in the past). Now that the Pink Flesh is going to get “demounted”, another ultimative Muff clone is already there waiting to be purchased by the same young guitarist. – That adds up to 380,- Dollars – for the ultimative Big Muff clone and for the ultimative Big Muff clone of the past waiting in its cardboard box for better times.

    I know these “hypes & downs” for years, and the phrases are always the same: “Ultimative xxx pedal”, “Simply nails the sound”, “built like a tank”, “you get what you´ve paid for …” etc. Guitarists seem tending to express themselves in indefensible superlatives! Few times later another ultimative pedal comes across, and yesterday´s so-very-delighted guitarist is now delivering statements like: [Yesterdays pedal´s] “always been … too noisy … too sterile … too much colouring the sound … too less transparent” etc. Guitarists in general must be kind of brain amputated, really! – It´s always the same cycle with the birth and downfall of guitarist´s additional gear! And a few people make a lot of money with that.

    Cornish pedals are much more expensive – of course! A Rolls-Royce is much more expensive than a Ford, but a Rolls-Royce/a Cornish pedal is something you really don´t need, and it is something made for the very rich people respectively professionals with higher incomes who really don´t need to care about if the price for a pedal is about 80 pounds or 10-100 times 80 pounds! … Cornish knows that, of course.

    I agree that there are a lot of crappy pedals out there. But this fact not less than a scandal! Guitarists in general (these very-brain-amputated people, you remember?) seem to be attuned to “something mid-priced that isn´t doing that for what they´ve paid for”. If they want something that works fine, they at least have to spend the, by now, standard boutique pedal price of $190, which isn´t a Rolls-Royce, but already a small Porsche!

    So, if you still think, 190 Dollars for a fuzz box is a “get what you´ve paid for” price, than, please, try to think about how long you have to go working for earning the equivalent of $190 in your own currency. – After that, remove the four screws of the green-painted aluminium box, look inside and think about if it was really worth the 190 dollars, or if it might have been provided a littler cheaper?

    See how responsible the likeable (not arrogant) guitarist Robben Ford manages to advertise his own gear.

    Gilmourish – very, very good site, anyway! ;-)

    [Thanks for your comment. Sounds like you pretty much had your share of reviews eh? Well, I don’t know how to answer this one without sounding like a prick but I think you’ve misunderstood what Gilmourish.Com is all about. This is my site and the reviews and tutorials I write are based on my experience, my preference and my opinion. I’m not hired by a guitar magazine or what ever, having unlimited access to all kinds of stuff. I play in a band and I buy the pedals I need for my sound and then I write a review that might be useful to some. My reviews aren’t worth more than the user reviews over at Harmony Central. I guess one can argue that I have many readers and therefore many people will take my word a as gospel but I don’t think that makes me more responsible for what I recommend. All I’m saying is that I like the pedal and that I think it suits the Gilmour sound.
    I think that anyone who has asked me for an opinion or help with their gear and setup will agree that I always based my recommendations on the individual case and certainly don’t try to push an expensive hi-end pedal to someone with a tight budget. There’s also a Buyer’s Gear Guide on the site with recommendations within all price ranges and I do stand by everything.
    I don’t have the time to search the web for a stripped down boutique pedal or DIY parts and I don’t think $190 is too much for a boutique and I know a lot of people feels the same. What’s insane is the price of a Cornish because it’s like buying a pair of Levi’s. 50% of the price lies in the logo and a fair amount of hype and fashion. Whether I praise this or that pedal should be irrelevant for the individual taste and preference. At best it’s a guide or a helpful tool in your own search or decision.
    The Robben Ford clip is great but it’s not a review. It’s the sort of response you’ll get from me if you ask me personally what I think you should buy for your style, taste and budget. – Bjorn]

  67. Jerry says:

    Hi, i’ve just built the general guitar gadgets sovtek green muff and i’m quite disappointed – the sustain seems to act more like a volume control – and it doesn’t sound anything like the one in the video – despite the use of other effects. I’ve triple-checked the wiring, circuit and components… so why isn’t my muff screaming with sustain??? Mikal – you posted earlier that you built a GGG green russian – could you (or anybody) pass on suggestions please?! Thanks.

  68. Mike says:

    Hey Bjorn, glad to see you got a Carbon Copy!! I’m excited to hear what you think about it. Mine isn’t leaving my rig unless someone blows it up.

    [I’m very much looking forward to it! – Bjorn]

  69. Ron Esquerra says:

    Hey Bjorn, nice to see you review this muff. I think I was the first person in our Gilmour community between here and the gear forum to buy one, bought it on Ebay for $140 USD. I’ve been pretty happy with it although it doesn’t get much use, financial woes forced me to halt my gear purchases and shelve the advancement of my rig, great to hear the pedal in action with your gear and skilled hands. Great job and tone for OTTA. Keep up the good work friend.

    [Thanks Ron! The pedal is very nice indeed! – Bjorn]

  70. gerald says:

    Bjorn, it would be cool to read a nice, which delay? article . (line 6 dl4, eventide time factor and boss giga delay) have you tried them yet?
    cheers :)

    [Thanks for the suggestion! I have just ordered a MXR Carbon Copy. Looking forward to hearing it! – Bjorn]

  71. Collin says:

    Your Breathe/On The Run 1972 clip on YouTube is awesome. I’ve always liked the stuff on the jam version of On The Run. Nice to see an expert play it!

    [Thanks Collin! – Bjorn]

  72. Pavan says:

    Re the Broadcaster.

    You’re right Bjorn. I really doubt that he would ever play with it Live, or at all because its so old, and has a very early serial number. It’s among the first ever made and because of that, is probably priceless. I saw it in book at my library…. I’ll grab and scan it maybe….


  73. Daniel Krause says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    Again a good review of a nice pedal. It certainly sounds very good in your clip ;-)

    I agree with you that Fuzz’s and Muff’s aren’t that versatile, though I seem to use them much more than distortions, like the RAT. Even when playing blues or similar stuff. I kind of like the different twist the Muff gives to a blues track. I attend a lot of jam-sessions and most of the time I only take my 70’s Fuzz with me…for overdrive like sounds and the full on fuzz and most people like how it sounds. For Gary Moore stuff for example I use the Muff a lot.

    Well…that was a rant…ghehehe…sorry about that ;-)



    PS.: How are things coming along for a new CD of Airbag? ;-)

    [Well, Safetree was released only 6 months ago :) We’re working on new songs etc but I doubt there will be anything released this side of Christmas. Check out our new shop with a couple of new items! Cheers! – Bjorn]

  74. Hugo says:

    I also have a book which has the same data about that Broadcaster. I assumed that is the guitar that David used to play Run LIke Hell..

    [Nope. That’s not the Run Like Hell guitar. He’s using a 1955 Fender Esquire. I have never seen David using this Broadcaster but it might very well be a part of his vast collection. – Bjorn]

  75. Rick says:

    Yes; my father gave to me a particolar book, titled “50 years of Fender” (Tony Bacon), and in the very first page I saw this huge picture of the yellow Broadcaster which will change its name in Telecaster some time after. I checked out in the end of the book who was the owner of the guitar, and as I red “DG (David Gilmour)” I just jumped off my chair…there’s also a big picture of the 0001 Strat, and it is also well-reconnected to Dave, so the informations here are presumebly reliable…I will send you the picture of the guitar via e-mail, ok?

  76. Mark Carline says:

    I just wondered if you had ever thought about reviewing the generalguitargadgets.com big muff pi (BMP) clone of the Green Russian ?

    I certanly like the sound and I would be keen to hear your thoughts as to how these compare with the original


    [I haven’t tried it yet but send me one and I’ll write a review :) – Bjorn]

  77. David says:

    Great review!!!

    I just got the new MXR Classic 108 fuzz and I actually like it more then the large beaver
    Do you feel the same about the sunface being more versitile then the beaver

    [No not really. I think neither are that versatile but it depends on what tone you’re after etc. A fuzz, like the SunFace, Fuzz Face, MXR Classic… sounds nice for the late 60’s, early 70’s stuff, whether it’s Gilmour, Hendrix or whatever, but I don’t think the fuzz effect is suitable for modern rock like Metallica, Satriani, Van Halen, blues or even newer Gilmour. The Muff is also kind of limited and I wouldn’t use it for anything else than the typical Gilmour or Santana tone or if you’re in a Black Sabbath/Kyuss kind of band. The most versatile distorions, at least in my mind, would be the ones that are as neutral as possible yet sounding good, like the RAT, MXR Distortion +… Basically the typical Marshall Plexi/JCM 800 tone. I know know everyone agrees with me on that but I don’t think you want to use neither a fuzz nor a Muff for mallow blues or just the avarage rock sound. That being said… I love the fuzz tone and especially the silicon 108. I prefer to use my Sun Face on the early pre-WYWH stuff but it works nicely for the Animals stuff too and I would have had no problem using it for Comf Numb with the Mistress and all. Still, I do think the Large Beaver is a bit more versatile :) – Bjorn]

  78. Rick says:

    Bjorn, have you ever noticed that David owns, in its incredibile guitar collection, a very very rare Fender Broadcaster dated 1950? I just discover that few days ago, and I wondered if you have some information about it, or not….Thank you ;)

    [Not that I have noticed no… I need to check it out. Do you have any pictures? – Bjorn]

  79. Ørjan says:

    So it seems like Davids performance of Atom Heart Mother Suite went well!!
    but one thing that interests mee is what i read in David Gilmours blog he was playing a prototype stratocaster from the signature series they are releasing!!
    and you can clearly see that the guitar is an Custom Shop model in this vid!

    [Great news! Perhaps just in time for Christmas? – Bjorn]

  80. Kelton Gomes (Brazil) says:

    Well, Absolutely Analog prices have raised a bit, huh? If I had $190 to spend on a dist, I’d go for a Skreddy Top Fuel… almost the same price!

    [Depends on what you’re looking for. The Top Fuel is not a Big Muff and I must say that the Abs.Analog pedals are much more quiet than the Skreddys. – Bjorn]

  81. ruodi says:

    Thanks for the hype on another overprized fuzz pedal!

    [I wouldn’t say it’s overpriced. You get what you pay for and the Green Russian is certainly in the lower price range compared to a vintage Muff or one of the Cornish pedals. Alternatively you could get a Behringer Vintage Distortion but I think you’ll realize that it’s really just a noisy piece of plastic. Anyway… – Bjorn]

  82. Evan says:

    My most sincere apologies for double-posting, but I thought you all might like to know that The Doctor, DJ of the “Brain Damage” Pink Floyd radio show and podcast, has the recording of Atom Heart Mother w/ David on guitars from yesterday, the 15th. I’m downloading now, and I encourage all interested to check it out as well.

    The recording is here.

    My apologies to Bjorn if this is against policy, posting a link to another site and all. I thought simply that I would pass along the information.

    [Not at all! Thanks for sharing the link! – Bjorn]

  83. Alan says:

    speaking of your pedal board(s) is it a pain in the ass to hook it up everywhere you go?

    [Not really. I use my main board on stage and everything is already hooked up. I connect the Vox and volume pedal and voila! – Bjorn]

  84. Ruud says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Another great review. I have the Pink Flesh but the problem is that it’s very noisy. So I preffer the Rat in combination with the BK Butler for that typical Gilmour gain sound. I’m very interested in a review with comparable pedals like the flesh, this absolutely analog and other Big muff or big muff clones.
    The problem with most of these pedals is that you can’t try them at your local store so you always independent of the reviews. That’s specially what I like about your reviews.
    Keep on doing this great job Bjorn!

    [Thanks Ruud! I have written an article about the most common Muff models but perhaps I need to update it with the latest models like the Green Russian etc. – Bjorn]

  85. Guido says:

    Bjorn…another question. How is the Green Russian noise compared to the Beaver? I’ve got the new version of the BYOC Triangle Muff.
    Thanks again

    [The Russian is a bit more noisy… just a hair but it is a difference. – Bjorn]

  86. Sylvain says:

    I was told that David’s perfomance yesterday was great !
    Look carefully at this little video.

    Deck ( ;) ) says that we can read the custom shop logo on the neck of this black strat.
    About the Big Muff, there’s something strange with mine. The sound is far away better when the BD-2 is placed in front of the green sovtek Big Muff…?

    [Great! Thanks for the clip! I’ve listened to the mp3 that’s circulating around too and my first impression is that David’s playing is really nice but his tone is kind of dull… especially the slide solo. It’s doesn’t have any balls like in 1970-71. Hopefully the Fender will see the light of day after all!

    It might be that the BD-2 is messing up the signal with the buffers, which should be placed first in line. The green Muff is especially sensitive. – Bjorn]

  87. Dean says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Thanks for the review.

    I also recently bought a muff clone that is apparently based on the russian muff. It’s got the same upgrades – true bypass, power supply input and top notch components.
    It’s called the Big Fluff and it’s available morrisonaudioequipment.com.

    It only cost $80 AUD and it’s amazingly close to my green russian muff.

    I think they only ship in aus at the moment but are looking to ship overseas soon.


    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  88. Evan says:

    Not exactly related to the subject at hand, Bjorn, but I’ve started to really fall in love with the sound of the Univibe. I’m a bit lost as to what to get, though, with the multiple copies and clones and such. Is there any particular model (at a reasonable price) you would recommend? perhaps there’s a kit version I could build myself somewhere?

    Help is appreciated on this.

    Also, did you ever get around to listening to that Hendrix track?

    [Haven’t had the chance to check out the Hendrix track yet. Sorry. I warmly recommend the MJM Sixties Vibe. It’s wonderful and quite affordable too. Please check out my review here. – Bjorn]

  89. Collin says:

    I really want to see this video here, but I’ll have to wait until I get home. All my grandparents have is a horrible dial-up connection. Ugh.

    Anyway, I know it’ll be good. Just like your Final Cut solo. I really enjoyed seeing someone play that solo, and would like to see some more off of that album.

    Gracias, Senor Bjorn!

    [Thanks Collin! – Bjorn]

  90. Guido says:

    Ok, I’ve just ordered my Green Russian…with the BC 108 Sunface and the BYOC Beaver now I’m quite safe…Thank you Bjorn…your site is like a sort of Bible

    [Congrats! I think you’ll enjoy the pedal very much! – Bjorn]

  91. Alan says:

    Hmmm I wonder are you going to put this into one of your pedal boards? It sounds pretty …well incredible.

    [It does! I haven’t found a place for it yet but I’m always changing things around so we’ll see. – Bjorn]

  92. Hugo says:

    Great review Bjorn. I also have a Green Russian, and (finally) could boost a muff with a BluesDriver and sound good (I use to have a NY reissue BIg MUFF, it was very very difficult to make it sound good). One of the few issues with my Green Russian is the fact that the battery didn’t last much..or almost nothing.. and with a power supply it makes a little more noise, but pretty much that’s it.

    I’m very happy with it (specially since the price has increased a lot since I first discover this pedal jejje)


    [Yeah, I’ve noticed a bit more noise with the power supply but it’s really not a huge problem. – Bjorn]

  93. Ernest Peske says:

    Great review!
    Would love to hear an A/B test.
    For example with the settings you’ve used for your clip…
    I still do like my Triangle (the same version as yours) very much. It does sound very classic, authentic to my ears.
    Thanks for the clip and review!

    [Thanks Ernest! I think they’re very similar and at some settings I had problems hearing which pedal was on. The Green Russian is a hair brighter I think. For this clip I used this setting: sustain 75%, volume 60% and tone 9:00. I normally set the tone at 11:00 but the Marshall amp is brighter than the Sound City… – Bjorn]

  94. Eivind says:

    Great review Bjørn! As always..:)

    Have you heard or read anything about the Powerboost clone? Interesting pedals indeed.

    Here is another Big Muff clone that get great reviews everywhere.

    I think he makes two versions of this pedal. This one, with a lot of different options, and one simple clone of the triangle-fuzz.

    Cheers, and keep on rockin’.

    [Thanks Eivind! The Power Boost clone is based on the original Colorsound without the master volume. I really love the small size of these pedals with the Boss silver knobs. Thanks for the link! Looks very interesting. – Bjorn]

  95. Alessandro says:

    Fantastic tone Bjorn ! Can you send me some website, in Europe, where I can buy it ? In the original website, http://absolutelyanalog.com/ , you can see also the orange “FIST… “: about you can I put it in my as a “Colorsound Boost” or not ? Do you know it ?

    After all….great site: thanks for your job !!

    Alex from Italy

    [Thanks Alex! The Fist is an excellent Colorsound Power Boost clone based on the original ’68 version without the master volume. It will probably act more like an overdrive unit than a clean booster but it’s nevertheless an great affordable alternative to the Colorsound. You can find Absolutely Analog on EBay too. – Bjorn]

  96. Greg (fxstocker) says:

    Sorry Bjorn, I just visited your channel on Youtube, and for others benefit as well, there is a list of the pedals used there in the top description, clicking on more info.

    I will ask tho; – it goes guitar, muff, blues driver as a boost, to amp in that order doesn’t it, not the driver first, right? My GT3 setting of that pedal or my EH nano boost don’t seem to improve the tone as heard here, again it must be all in your fingers!!

    [Yeah, I always place the booster after the distortions. That way, the booster will be able to boost the volume and add a bit more attack and the gain from the distortion will cut through. If you place the booster in front of the distortion, it will be the distortion that dominates the signal and determines the volume. The booster will then only add a mild overdrive. – Bjorn]

  97. Greg (fxstocker) says:

    Hi again Bjorn.
    I’m loving these Youtube videos. You know you are inspiring, don’t you?
    I’ll be the first to ask this time, what are the other pedals in your chain with the ‘green russian’ and the Marshall solid state to create such an identical tone?
    Greg in wintery Sydney.

    [Thanks Greg! You’ll find the setups in the info/description field of each clip. On this one I’m using Fender CS69 pickups, Absolutely Analog Green Russian (Big Muff), Boss BD-2 (mod.), Boss CE-2, EH Deluxe Memory Man, Marshall 5210. Of course I’d rather use my Sound City for this but I fear I’d blow out the wall in my home. The Marshall 5210 is a lovely little 50w solidstate from 1982 with a very typical JCM 800 tone. – Bjorn]

  98. You don’t stop! ;-)
    At least the price is more fair! I love the layout of the pedals! Very cool!

    “Absolutely Analog” is from a guy who builds is own pedals. The man want some $$$ for it and he’s selling them. The muff costs him almost nothing, except the box, potentiometers, etc…
    I made a “super fuzz”: germanium and silicon (in one box). I can show you how good it sounds… but I’m don’t sell! Too much work on it!!

    There’s many good clones out there… but these are at a reasonably price, sound good and have a fantastic layout! Great!

    [As you say, I think the price is fair and I love the design and the rugged construction. The pedal is also very quiet, which is a problem among too many clones. – Bjorn]

  99. Mike says:

    Nice review, as always! I’ve heard good things about this pedal, but despite the size I’m in no hurry to replace my green Big Muff either. I might check out their Colorsound clone though.

  100. Ryan G says:

    How do you feel the Green Russian compares to other muff clones like the BYOC or Skreddy Pink Flesh? Are they more or less interchangeable?

    [Both the BYOC and Pink Flesh sounds a bit more 70’s than the Green Russian but that’s kind of the whole idea too since it’s a clone of the 90’s green Muff. It has more mid range and a bit more gain. As you probably know, my favourite Gilmour era is the 1977-1983 period so I do prefer my BYOC Large Beaver triangle clone but all in all these pedals are very similar. – Bjorn]

  101. Evan says:

    Hmmm….I’ve been thinking of getting something a little more versatile than my Fuzz Face clone…Bjorn,how do you think something like this Green Russian would work with a solid state amp, since its’ looking like my main amp will soon be that Fender SS I mentioned before? Or do you think I’d be
    better off going with a RAT or something?

    [Well, I do think that the RAT is a bit more versatile pedal but the Green Russian sounds, at least in my opinion, very nice on the solid state Marshall 5210 that I have at home. That’s the setup for the On the Turning Away clip. – Bjorn]

  102. Mikal says:

    i too am a fanatic about my old Green Muff, and found another DIY site like BYOC and they offer a kit to build any era Muff you want (along with their own tuned version) for $60 US. I’ve built the triangle, green russian and the tuned one and i must say that the russian one is DAMN close to my green sovtek. just a little fyi.
    also, do you know of any real differences between the BK Tube Driver and the Tone Works/Genz Benz model? figured youd be someone to ask.

    Keep up the GREAT work, love the site!

    [The ToneWorks 911 is more or less identical to the BK Tube Driver with the same cirquit board. – Bjorn]

  103. William says:

    would this pedal work for early Pink Floyd during the “Barrett” era, and where can i get one?

    [Yes it would. I’d rather get a germanium fuzz but the Green Russian will work. You can buy it from the Absolutely Analog site or search EBay for his store. – Bjorn]

  104. Ørjan says:

    well i spend way too much time at Gilmourish

    and thanks for the tips ill look in to them

    where did you buy the Sun Face108 and what did it cost?

    [The SunFace is from AnanlogMan. Check out his site. – Bjorn]

  105. Ørjan says:

    Nice review Bjørn!!

    So what Fuzz/Muff would do you is the best to cover the whole Gilmour spectrum?

    [Wow! That was fast :) Well, since I have both on my main board I have to say the BYOC Large Beaver “triangle clone” and the Sun Face BC108. The green Russian/Sovtek is also capable of producing great fuzz tones for the early songs. – Bjorn]