• MJM Guitar FX Sixties Vibe review

    Over the last couple of months I’ve gone all old school and rediscovered the beauty of David’s early tones, especially from around 1970-73. I love the simplicity and raw power of just a basic fuzz and echo and of course later on David added a Colorsound Powerboost and a Univibe to his setup. The Univibe has always been one of my favourite effects and although David’s really hasn’t used it that much you can always put on some Hendrix or Trower and get blown away by the beauty of this effect.

    I’ve used a lot of different Univibes but one that I keep getting back to is the Sixties Vibe from MJM Guitar FX. It’s a 1:1 clone of the old Univox model that David still has in his rig. MJM makes incredibly cool clones of old classics and they recently rewamped all their pedals with awesome graphics. Check out the website here. I wrote a review of the Sixties Vibe a year ago that I’ve updated and thought I’d post again. Do also check out my You Tube clip of a little snippet of the 1972 version of Breathe and On the Run (Travel Sequence).

    The Uni-Vibe hasn’t been used on too many of David’s recordings but the effect is nevertheless one that he is closely associated with. I’ve been searching for a good sounding, affordable unit for some time and a friend suggested the MJM Sixties Vibe. It instantly found its place on my board.

    Undoubtly inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Gilmour started using the Uni-Vibe in 1972 when Pink Floyd premiered and toured with what later would be released as Dark Side of the Moon. The effect was also used on the recording of the album, mainly on Breathe and Brain Damage. Later the effect was used on a couple of songs on his ’78 solo album and on Breathe and Time released on PULSE and Remember That Night.

    The Uni-Vibe, introduced by UniVox in the late 60’s, was designed to capture the unique sound of a rotating speaker. Compared to a phaser that’s using phase shifting, the Uni-Vibe uses 4 photocells surrounding a pulsating light source. A good tip is to leave the effect on (power) for 10-15mins to reach its full potential.


    – The MJM Sixties Vibe. This is an older version of the pedal. Check out the MJM website for all new graphics on their pedals.

    MJM Guitar Effects is a small web based company that makes hand built guitar effects or so called boutique effects. The pedals are clones of old classics like treble boosters, germanium and silicon transistor fuzzes and some Hendrix stuff like the Roctavious.

    The Sixties Vibe promises to be an exact replica of the old UniVox (now made by Dunlop) and the pedal definitely lives up to that promise. The tone is thick, smokey and anything you could wish for. It nails all the Gilmour stuff and I also use it a lot with my other band, Airbag.

    The controls are:
    2 “chickhenhead knobs” for volume and intensity, 1 knob for speed that operates counter clock-wise, 1 toggle switch for chorus and vibrato (use chorus for the Gilmour tone), 1 bypass effect footswitch, 1 on/off power switch.
    The pedal is shown in screaming yellow on the MJM site but you can ask for a silver hammerite like mine, which definitely looks better on the pedal board.

    If I were to put my finger on one thing, then the volume switch could have been more useful. It needs to stay on 100% for a flat signal. Any lower will give you a volume drop. This has also been talked about on various forums. It’s really not a problem but I would prefer a volume control that would give you a mild boost as well.

    Soundclip: Breathe
    – This is a clip based on the version from Wembley 16.11.74 when David played a straight solo rather than the slide intro. I think he also used a phaser at that time but this gives you an idea. I’ve recorded using Fender CS 69 pickups (bridge/middle 4. position), Colorsound Powerbooster (set to clean volume boost), MJM Sixties Vibe and an Ibanez DE-7 echo into a Marshall 5210 50w transistor combo, clean channel. A hint of reverb is added in GarageBand. Settings on the Sixties Vibe: chorus mode, volume 100%, intensity 3:00 (o’clock) and the rate at 40%.

    You can also get a very nice Any Colour You Like tone by turning the intesity all the way up and the rate at about 75%.

    I’ve compared the Sixties Vibe with the Dunlop Uni-Vibe, Fulltone Deja Vibe, Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe and the Sweetsound Mojo Vibe and to my ears the Sixties Vibe definitely sound best and the price at $275.00 is quite affordable. MJM also offers one of the best customer services I’ve experienced. Extremely helpful and fast shipping. Visit their site and check out their fantastic effects!

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  1. David Bebernick says:

    Bjorn, check this out.



    P.S. Your website is a source of inspiration! You rule!

    [Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out. Glad you enjoy my site :) – Bjorn]

  2. Sebastien MONET says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    What is the adaptor you’re using to power your MJM Sixties Vibe?

    Is it the Dunlop ECB-04, european version?


    [Yep. It’s 18V. – Bjorn]

  3. Ron Esquerra says:

    Hey Bjorn, Thanks for the great review. This pedals is a little out of my budget, I’m close to buying a voodoo lab microvibe though, I see that you tested it as well, what was your impression? Thanks.

    As to the amp question, the champ should do ya…though for the price range you describe you could get a larger vintage amp…I just got a 70’s Silverface twin reverb for $600 usd. Not the quiet amp you are looking for…but completely usable as a primary gigging amp too. Get them while they are still out there cheap.

    [The Microvibe sounded very nice I think. Perhaps not as authentic as some of the others but well worth a try. – Bjorn]

  4. alessandro bartolini says:

    have you seen bjorn, on the EMG ‘ website there is a link to take on here ,at the red stratocaster

    [Yeah I saw that! Great promo! – Bjorn]

  5. fede says:

    hi Bjorn

    cool sound but I definetely prefer my prescription electronics vibe…a US brand very difficult to find in Europe
    it’s very rare and goes 12 V AC
    I found it used in London and couldn’t let it go…
    it sounds soooooooo warm …fantastic

  6. David says:

    Hey Bjorn I recorded a dogs solo and was wondering if its any good can you please comment thanks.

    [Thanks for sharing the track! Sounds nice but I think you’re playing in the wrong key. I’ve made the track in standard tuning so that you have to tune down. Try playing the solo in E instead of D. – Bjorn]

  7. Yoda says:

    Hey Bjorn !

    Have you ever heard about about the Skreddy Pedals – Top Fuel Fuzz ?

    Some people say that it is the best fuzz ever for Gilmour’s tone

    [Yes I have… check out my reviews. – Bjorn]

  8. Daniel Krause says:

    I haven’t got a clue what at what price the Ceriatone’s go, but why not go with a Hiwatt or a Sound city?

  9. Ray says:

    great feedback.. appreciate it.. i would have to continue to save up for those amps.. they’re still beyond my budget at current.. go for ceriatone! customer service is a priority for them, and most importantly, reasonable prices.. wish i have a lil more money myself tho

  10. David says:

    Is David using a fuzzface while playing the solo for time during the
    making of DSOTM Documentary film.

    [Yes. It’s a Fuzz Face with silicon transistors. Read more here.- Bjorn]

  11. Jason says:

    yeh, check out the BF champ, ceriatone make one of those as well if you wanna stay with them.

    i am getting very into this ceriatone business, seriously considering a purchase here! reviews on harmony central are very favourable. they do a bassman clone as well, which Bjorn obviously mentioned on his amp page. the 5F4 super also looks interesting but im unsure really how the bassman and super differ but i will check it out.

  12. Ernest Peske says:

    “Hmmm… combos aren’t really my strongest side. Anyone care to assist”.

    Of course ;-)

    How about the Fender Champion 600 reissue (5 Watt). Great for using at home. It does get excellent reviews on Harmony Central (eventuelly you’ll have to replace the cheap tubes)!
    And it’s not expensive…
    I can also recommend my Fender Hod Rod Deluxe.
    40 Watt and a lot(!) headroom. It’s cirquit is based on a 50er Fender amp like a Bassman. Good clean vintage Fender tone. Very good for Gilmour tones. My modell has a Jensson speaker, just like the vintage Fender amps.


  13. Ray says:

    hehe.. thanks for the quick reply.. been pondering for days.. will still have to think it through, im not a man of many moneys.. thumbs ups guys for all the help!

    hope the vibroverb clone would raise some curiosity, never knew ceriatone is so good! just goes to show that cloners can be a very useful alternative eh? something to take note about, bjorn?

    maybe some of us can give you some help with the amp part of the budget rig, as its not too complete yet

    [Please do! – Bjorn]

  14. Leandro says:

    Ray….you sould try an old Fender Champ or a clone if its too expensive…they´re great…perhaps a clone would be better because the original speakers of old champs are weak sounding…


  15. Ray says:

    that was me who asked bout the gilmour tone i think hehe.. glad for feedback here, gilmourish is my primary gear advice site.. would a marshall really do my tones right? im more of a fender clean guy actually.. think: twin reverb, deluxe reverb..

    oh yeah, and this is not out yet, but nik of ceriatone mentioned of a vibroverb (brown era) clone coming out soon.. my bets is that it’ll be out around new year’s.. interested in it but the prob is that its going to be 300usd more than i can spend for at least a year or two.. poor boy’s blues..

    another suggestion is the blackface champ clone.. originally 6watts, the possible mods on the tubes and transformers could yield 18 watts.. im just wondering is it a clever idea to push a tiny champ through all that..

    [An old Marshall or a clone of the old ones will definitely give you Gilmourish tone. The old plexis or an old combo (1960-80’s) are quite similar to the Hiwatts. See some of the other posts here for more suggestions. – Bjorn]

  16. Jason says:

    i just read Ray’s post. i’ve never heard of ceriatone so i looked them up and they look very interesting!! if your not familiar with the 5E3 are there any other ceriatone models you know a bit about or would recomend possibly Bjorn?

    also, Ray, i went to the ceriatone forum and there is some talk on the 5E3 and apparently it has little clean headroom which wont give you much room to move until it starts breaking up. from what i gather its an amp well suited to an overdriven blues sound, not really for those pristine cleans (if you see the post even one guy asked about a Gilmourish tone).

    thanks – Jason

    [I haven’t tried the 5E3 myself but our rhythm guitarist ordered a 1987 Marshall 50w clone early this year and it’s amazing! Wonderful tone… but insanely loud. – Bjorn]

  17. Ray says:

    hey bjorn.. glad to hear feedback from you.. been holding myself back from making that deal for the ceriatone until i get some of your advice.. the tweed doesnt seem to be the best choice as the users mentioned about the lack of headroom.. is there any other amps you would recommend with low wattage (20w or less, tube) and price (600 usd or so, preferrably less) in mind?

    [Hmmm… combos aren’t really my strongest side. Anyone care to assist? – Bjorn]

  18. Nate says:

    Gee Bjorn you really have an ear for excellent sounding solos. I wish I had the patience to learn all that stuff by ear like you do. You also are really good at making those pedals sound their best. I have to start saving my pennies now :)

    [Thanks Nate! – Bjorn]

  19. Luciano says:

    [So I’m responsible for your budget? Ha ha! – Bjorn]

    Ha ha ha.

    No. But you’ve been responsable for my bankrupt for quite a while now… lol :)



    [LOL! I’ll take that as a compliment! – Bjorn]

  20. Ray says:

    hey bjorn.. i left you a mail regarding tube amp advice..pondering on which tube amp to go for, since it’s my first, and i don’t want anything too loud.. considering the following

    1. fender blues jr.
    2. laney lc15r
    3. vox ac15
    4. ceriatone 5e3 tweed deluxe

    im looking for a clean yet bluesy fender-ish sound, hopefully close to gilmour’s clean and pristine tone.. i just need an amp to replace my nameless practice amp, and will be using it mostly for playing alone in my apartment and possibly for jamming in the future

    [I’m not too familiar with the 5e3 Tweed but Ceriatone is definitely somthing I reconmmend! – Bjorn]

  21. Leandro says:

    Bjorn ! lovely review ! one thing that kills me is why the newer ones suck … AND are so expernsive

    [Thanks Leandro! Yeah, the Dunlop is way too expensive. – Bjorn]

  22. Collin says:

    Quick question, what settings would you reccomend on the DE7 for the On An Island and Remember That Night Delay times? I’ve got it set at around 3:00 for the time, 12:00 for the repeats, and 8:00 for the level. Is that anywhere close?

    [That should be fine I guess… 3:00 should be about 500ms. – Bjorn]

  23. Luciano says:

    Thanks for the new review, Bjorn.

    As always, some questions pop up about the correct use of Small Stone, Univibe/StereoChorus, Univibe clones etc…

    I have a suggestion for you – which means a lot of work (for you, of course): record the same song with all three (Small Stone, Stereo Chorus and 60’sVibe), so we could, finally, tell the diference between them.

    What do you think about?

    I’m suggesting this because I already have the Small Stone (and the Electric Mistress) and I’m trying to decide about buying an Univibe handmade clone (or perhaps a Dunlop Stereo Chorus) or not – and I don’t want to waste my hard earned money… ;-)



    [So I’m responsible for your budget? Ha ha! I did record Breathe with the Small Stone too… But I’ll see what I can do my friend. Just give me a some days. – Bjorn]

  24. brett says:

    You Sir should be a salesman!


    Thanks for the review, keep up the good work on the site!


    [Well… I am a salesman! Not with instruments tho…. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  25. Maxime says:

    Well I thought of it again and I think my repairman was right. The tremolo plate wasn’t all the way down like on your picture, so because of its inclination I think it may damage the wood. Hope it’s not too important :'(

    [It’s hard to advice anything at all without having seen the guitar but like I suggested earlier, you might need to get the guitar checked properly. It shouldn’t have any problems with the adjustments you’ve done. – Bjorn]

  26. max9ime says:

    ok thank you. the repairman told me i could put a 10-46 set myself and that’s just what i did to the guitar, beside tightening the tremolo screws. i brought the guitar to him because it was freezing with the new strings and he told me i shouldn’t have done this, etc. hope there’ll be no problem ! he said he would also set the tremolo all the way down.

    [I’m not sure I understand you completely here but the neck shouldn’t have any problems with either the strings you’re using or tightening the bridge/tremolo. Sounds to me that the neck might be bad from the manufacturer. What kind of guitar is this? Fender? – Bjorn]

  27. max9ime says:

    hey bjorn ! i received my olympic white fender strat 70’s and it’s such a wonderful guitar, thank you for advice, i just love it :) ! i just wanted to know one thing. i tightned the screws on the vibrato as you said we could do in your guitars page, but my repairman said it could break the guitar. why did he say that ? is he right ? i’ve noticed nothing special but it’s frightnening me…

    [Eh… No, that won’t break the guitar. But, I strongly recommend that you get the neck adjusted when you’ve fitted the guitar with new strings and done some work on the bridge. Keep in mind that the guitar has been stored for months and when you do all these adjustments, maybe putting on some higher gauge strings etc, you add several kilos to the neck and it can get slightly bent, which isn’t all that serious but the guitar will sound like shit all out of tune. Maybe you need to replace the tremolo springs too with someone that’s a bit more elastic. – Bjorn]

  28. Collin says:

    My audio player decided not to work… finicky computer. I’m sure it sounds great.

  29. Frails says:

    Hey Bjorn, part two to my last question….I just won an ebay auction for the Dunlop Stereo Chorus/Uni-Vibe so that’s why I ask about any differences. I also own the Small Stone Nano based off of your recommendation and I must say I love it and use it constantly. Which do YOU love more?

    [Difficult to say. They’re different yet kind of in the same “family”. To be honest with you, right now I have all three in my board, – the Sixties Vibe, Small Stone Nano and the Stereo Chorus/Uni-Vibe. Mostly because I use them with Airbag but they all got a unique character. Still, the Small Stone has always had a special place… – Bjorn]

  30. saint seiya says:

    hey man im not that much into pedals and not feeling this pedal as well but your playing is so good this sounds like it could be a bootleg from the 70s i swear man keep doing what youre doing!

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  31. very cool review, you def. make me want to check out the univibe sim on my mm4 after all again, I never found a satisfying setting with it so far, I never managed to tweak it the way so I hadn’t the impression it would eat my sound –> great clip, nice solo work, too!!! despite you play gilmour, it sounds like yourself, very important!!


    [Thanks Bernhard! – Bjorn]

  32. David says:

    Sounds really nice!!!!!
    Oh by the way is it possible that Gilmour used the PAF pickup
    for recording the first solo on dogs

    [Thanks! I think he used the bridge pickup on that one… Muff and Leslie. The PAF was used for rhythms on Dogs in 1974-75. – Bjorn]

  33. Frails says:

    Hey Bjorn, just wondering what differences you found between this pedal and your Uni-Vibe? Thanks!

    [The Dunlop Stereo Chorus/Uni-Vibe that I also have is quite different to a normal Uni-Vibe. Kind of like a very deep chorus… even similar to a phaser. Where the Uni-Vibe is smokey, dirty and “wobbly” the Stereo Chorus/Uni-Vibe is sharp, deep and crunchy. It’s hard to describe but they’re quite different from each other. I like it very much and I often swap the Small Stone for it and place the Stereo Chorus ontop of the Mistress. – Bjorn]

  34. matt says:

    The wembley is a great track.
    The clip you recorded sounds great. Something I really need for my rig.

    [Thanks Matt! The pedal is really amazing. – Bjorn]

  35. Tom says:

    Just for those interested in Gilmour’s original, I believe I have found it here: Track 7.
    Can you confirm Bjorn? Your tone is great, you really captured the atmosphere of the original. Do you know if Gilmour is using the colorsound here?

    [Thanks Tom! Yep, that’s the one. I thin he’s setup for that clip is the Black Strat, Colorsound PB, Phase 90 and Binson. – Bjorn]

  36. Frails says:

    Great job as always Bjorn. It’s funny cuz I love to play Breathe but I hate scrambling for the slide. Now I don’t have to cuz you’ve given me another piece to learn and play. Thanks!

    [Thanks Frails! It’s always cool to listen to bootlegs because you discover these little details. David didn’t play slide on that song until Live 8 actually. -Bjorn]

  37. Ruud Verwijk says:

    Sounds great Bjorn. I ‘m a great fan of the sound David produced on the tour 72 and the British winter tour bootleg. This is mainly that sound.

  38. Whalen says:

    Bastard, always producing great music clips which make me want to go out and by more gear!

    Nice review. As was said above, I really dug your take on the live intro to breathe. I’ve never heard anything from that recording before, but i’ll definitely be seeking it out now!

    [Ha ha! Thanks! David never performed the slide solo live in the 70’s. He always played this “plain” solo. – Bjorn]

  39. Leandro says:

    Great clip and review! I have that same bootleg but I didn’t know it was played on Wembley…it’s named “getting better all the time 11-17-74″…. Im getting a univibe clone my self in a few weeks (sabbadius funky vibe)….i’ll send you a soundclip!


    [Please do! The show was originally taped by BBC so that’s why there are tons of different versions of it. Head over to Yeeshkul.Com and tro to find the new “pre-master” version. Outstanding sound quality and you can hear so many details in David’s tone… even the Leslies. – Bjorn]

  40. Adrian says:

    Hey nice solo. Love that tone i use my PODxt live to get that tone. You should consider one of those??!!

    [Yeah, our rhythm guitarist has the POD. Sounds great. – Bjorn]

  41. James Cameron says:

    Good choice! I have never heard of this brand but the pedals all sound great. I like the sound of your new pedal and think you made a good choice. I love the fact they have so many fuzz units! Do you think any of there fuzz boxes sound like either a big muff or a fuzz face? I know you already have the Sunface fuzz but what do you think of this companys fuzz?

    [I haven’t tried any of the fuzz units but the London Fuzz is a germanium based fuzz, the London II has silicon transistors and should be the equivalent to the Sun Face BC 108 and the old mid 70’s Fuzz Faces. I don’t think they have a Big Muff clone but the Foxey Fuzz should be very close. – Bjorn]

  42. Calvin says:

    Wow! Great sounding clip. I love the solo too! I’m surprised how good that sounds with that Marshall combo. For a while I’ve been looking for a good UniVibe clone and just hearing this has definitely played a part in making up my mind..

    [Thanks! The Marshall is an old transistor 50w combo I have at home. I think it’s from 1982. The tone is very much like the old Plexis, – the clean is transparent and punchy and the distortion channel is like a RAT. Great practice amp. – Bjorn]

  43. Ernest Peske says:

    Nice review and awesome pedal! Very warm and “organic”.
    I compared it to the BBC Dark side of the moon documentary clip.
    …it almost sounds like David is using a phaser here?
    Most likely, I am wrong and it is his Univibe…
    Anyway, I still (have to) use my EH Small Stone (Phaser) for Breathe…


    [Thanks! David’s using the old UniVox Uni-Vibe on that clip… as he did on the album. You can see the unit lying on the floor. The Small Stone sounds great too. – Bjorn]

  44. Matteo Bossetti says:

    Great review Bjorn, thanks a lot.
    By the way, your clip is awesome. It would be interesting to listen to the original version. I’d be curious to check the solo out… not “slided”… ;-)

    [Thanks Matteo! The complete Wembley concert can be downloaded over at Yeeshkul.Com. David never performed the slide solo live in the 70’s… – Bjorn]

  45. Oscar says:

    Btw Bjorn, why don’t you record your soundclips with your Sound City amp? ;)

    [Too much hassle as the Sound City is at our rehearsal studio. I have the Marshall at home and it’s very easy to just mic it and record. – Bjorn]

  46. domi says:

    your soundclip is very nice, i like it :-)

    i just wanted to thank you for your boss-gt settings. i was never happy with my settings (i cannot afford better stuff), but now i got a much better sound.

    have a nice evening.

    [No problem! Thanks! – Bjorn]

  47. Ben says:

    Nice review. I agree, the Sixties-Vibe is great. I have had mine for over a year now and it is fantastic. Also, the speed knob is nice and big so I can control it with my foot if I need to. Plus, it can sound good with a fuzz face before or after it. MJM’s service is second to none. Here is a picture of mine in blue hammerite.

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  48. MrBanjo says:

    I’m glad you compared it to the Fulltone and Sweetsound- Not too many people get a chance to compare these things side-by-side. I am not surprised at the outcome, because I own one of MJM’s Germanium fuzz faces that sounds excellent. Thanks!

  49. Tom says:

    Thanks for the review Bjorn, that recording sounds great, really like your solo. May I ask how did you record that? what mike/pre-amp and so on? Was it done straight into Garageband?

    [Thanks Tom! I’ve mic’ed (SM 58) an old Marshall 5210 combo that I have at home and fed the signal into GarageBand where I only added some reverb… nothing else. – Bjorn]

  50. Oscar says:

    Good to know that you’ve find your Uni-Vibe. =)
    Oh, and thanks for the review!

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

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