• David Gilmour signature stratocaster!

    DavidGilmour.Com brings news about the new promised Fender Gilmour Strat. Initial plans were to release the guitar in early 2008 but now they have decided to issue a model in due with the upcoming DVD in medio September! Estimated price tag is $4000.


    The guitar will be a Signature model of David’s beloved black Stratocaster. This means that the guitar will not be a detailed replica with all the scratches and wounds but it will have the same specs, the 57 neck, the neck/bridge combo pickup switch (at least we hope) and the custom Seymour Duncan pickups. A Tribute model is expected next year.

    Originally the guitar had a white pickguard and a late 60’s maple neck with the big headstock. In 1974, David replaced the white pickguard with a black and the black Strat was “born”. Over the years it’s gone through countless changes and the Fender model will be based on the current version, seen on during On an Island tour. Read more about the history of this guitar.

    So, will it be worth it? Will you run your shoes off to get one? Well, you decide… Here are some tips on how to make your very own Gilmour replica Strat.

    – The body of a black Fender Classic Series 70’s Strat
    – The V-shaped ’57 reissue neck of a Fender Classic Series 50’s Strat
    – 8 hole 1-ply black pickguard
    – Vintage S Model bridge kit from Callaham Guitars (including a shortened tremolo arm)
    – A push/pull volume pot or a toggle switch for combining the bridge and neck pickups
    – A set up Fender Custom 54 pickups or contact the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop for a replica set of David’s pickups
    – A custom Jimi Hendrix replica strap from Jeri Hart Designs to top it off…

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  1. Kev Tom says:

    Don’t know if anyone else has heard this, but mutterings received from a local and trusted Fender Custom Shop dealer suggest that the release of the Fender CS David Gilmour signature Strat is stil quite a way off.

    All they were able to say was that solicitors were involved, and things were far from being resolved.

    Another disappointment was the expected RRP – at least £2000 to £3000 GBP according to the source. Not beyond my reach, but pretty much impossible to justify when you aren’t a pro musician, have a family to support and you’re looking to move home.

    From the perspective of a long-standing Gilmour / Floyd / Fender devotee, this news (if proved true) is not what I wanted to hear.

    [Thanks for the update. This is also what I’ve been hearing from Fender. – Bjorn]

  2. Vril says:

    Stolen Guitars Alert 31/01/2008
    Tim Renwick’s Fender Strats and Acoustics stolen from studio

    just thought i’d alert ya’all

    [Oh… that’s just too bad! – Bjorn]

  3. Vril says:

    Just when is the guitar being released? :)) hope by now the woods have been chopped and all ??. Fender!! dont bore us – get to the chorus! grr

  4. Derek says:

    I’d like to know what pickups are in his black stratocaster right now, and in what order from bridge to neck.

    [Neck and middle: stock late 60’s Fenders (Fender Custom Shop 69 would be the closest). Bridge: Seymour Duncan custimized SSL-1. – Bjorn]

  5. Ian Babbitt says:

    (Continuing from my last coment) I watched all the fender videos from NAMM & I still didn’t see anything(very interesting i’d say)

  6. Ian Babbitt says:

    are you sure it was released when “Remember that Night” came out? I have been looking everywhere for one since the DVD came out and I can’t find one (not even on the website:( ). Could you give me some tips on finding one?

    [This post is old and since then the guitar has been postponed several times. The hottest tip is that it will be released later this month at the NAMM convention. – Bjorn]

  7. Joel says:

    Does anyone know what the status is of the guitar? I thought it was supposed to be released in September?

    [I think NAMM later this month… – Bjorn]

  8. Ian Babbitt says:

    I would just go all the way and get a Custom Shop ’69 Relic Stratocaster, A real ’57 neck, A Duncan SSL-1 Pickup, and the switch, the bridge, @ the Strap yor said to get

  9. Michel says:

    “WHERE do you find REAL Fender parts?”

    Vintage 57”neck etc…

    [EBay is always the place. Many different sellers and shops that offers good quality stuff. – Bjorn]

  10. adel sherif says:

    hiiiiiiiiii i like david so much

    [So do weeeeeee! – Bjorn]

  11. Turbojunk says:

    Hi Bjorn and all.

    I’m a little confused. The first reports of a Gilmour Strat implied that it would be a straight-forward custom shop signature, as opposed to a “reliced” tribute model. Added to this, the last few pages of Phil Taylor’s “The Black Strat” clearly hint at it being affordable to both players and fans, as per Mr G’s instuctions.

    However, the accompanying photos show a reasonably heavily reliced prototype sig Black Strat, which seems to suggest that it will indeed be a “tribute” model, similar to the recent Clapton “Blackie” tribute. The “Blackie” tribute retailed at near enough £15,000 GBP. Hardly affordable, and not within DG’s brief.

    I’d gladly pay for a “regular” Custom Shop signature model (if there is such a thing – £1400 to £1800, maybe???), but £10g+ for a “tribute”?????? Two words beginning with “F” and “O” come to mind.

    DG has inspired me like no-one else. He was the reason I bought a guitar all those years ago, and the reason I’ve continued to play and learn for the past 25 years.

    So, Mr Gilmour, if you ever get to read this – don’t let Fender cash in on your popularity by only releasing a master-built, labour intensive “tribute” lump of aged wood and wire. I don’t think that this is what you wanted. It’s certainly not what I’d hoped for.


    Kev (sincerely hoping that I’m proved wrong!!!! :-)

    [Let’s see how this turns out before we jump to conclusions. – Bjorn]

  12. Peter says:


    Someone asked about the Jimmie Vaughn Mex Strat. It has a “V” shape neck as well. Sice I prefer the candy apple red body, I would choose that, if everything else is just fine with it. Of course, I would change the pups to the Cs54. Do you know anything about this guitar?

  13. Chris says:

    A Gilmour signature model is a fantastic tribute, but I think I’ll just get an MIJ Fender ’57 neck for the black strat body I have hanging around, and fit it with Kinmans – I already have two strats (the Callaham blocks and arms sound great, but they sound INCREDIBLE with the Callaham saddles and bridge screws) but even though I prefer Floyd’s earlier material I quite fancy a home-made Gilmour signature model ; p

  14. Diceman says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Ahh, yes, Phils guitar is also using Kinmans. Dave has a black scratch-plate, Phil has a white scratch-plate. You can easily see Phils. I’m going to go through the DVD and see if I can find the moment in question – then I’ll let you know. I think it’s worth considering that some changes may have been made to blackie lately, or during the tour, as Kinman is not a dodgy guy (I’m also from Brisbane Australia and have known Chris (Kinman) for a long time. He wouldn’t put Dave’s name and pickups purchased up on his web site if Dave hadn’t bought them / used them. His name and what his using is up on the Kinman site for all to see.

    Ok…back to that DVD so I can prove it.



    [Please send a pic… I have also read that David is using Kinman’s but I though that they were fitted to his #0001 Strat. Not the black. – Bjorn]

  15. Diceman says:

    Hi Bjorn and all on this thread. First time here and what a great site, congrats on all the hard work Bjorn.

    I have been a Gilmour fan for many years and have built my own “copy” of his black strat but with the following modifications to make it mine too. All black hardware (screws, strap buttons, jack socket), black sperzel tuners, gold wilkinson VSVG bridge. I could have gone totally authentic, but I’ve been playing for over 20 years and I also happen to sound like me. So a bit of both wont hurt. I like to trill the trem bar from time to time and a callaham or standard fender bridge just wont let that happen.

    Re the pickups he’s using, you can see from the latest video (Live from Royal Albert Hall) that they are Kinmans on his black strat (you need to watch carefully as the lighting only makes the logo visible for a small moment now and then). Go to the Kinman pickups site, you’ll find that he’s using a set of woodstock standards.

    On the Fender Gilmour model, the last thing Fender would do is put Kinman pickups on it, because he sued them for patent infringement (and won) a few years ago – hence the Seymour Duncans? As far as I know, Fender have put Kinman pickups on the Hank Marvin custom shop artist model, but that was a condition of them getting him to do an artist model. I don’t know what conditions Dave had for his strat.



    [Hi Diceman! Welcome and thanks for your kind words! I absolutely agree that it’s important to have a guitar that “is you”. About David’s pickups… The Kindman’s you can see on the DVD is a closeup of Phil Mazanera’s Stratocaster. He’s using Kinman while David’s guitar has the old Seymour Duncans. – Bjorn]

  16. Ruud says:

    I was on the DVD lanch last Thursday and Dave answered some questions. Also one about the Gilmour Strat. He said that the blacky certainly was his favorite strat. Bought it long time ago in the USA and replaced many parts since than. Deleted some and put some back etc. He said that Fender did a great job recreating his strat and that it’s gonna be a great guitar. Is this objective or is this a sellingtalk? If it sounds really as on his new DVD it would be great. What a sound!! It’s defintely his best sound ever!!

  17. GianLuca says:

    As any Fender signature model, it’s way too expensive… I really hope it will at least be made of selected wood and special care.
    My favourite Gilmour Strat is anyway the 73-77 model, with a rosewood neck, DiMarzio FatStrat pickup on bridge pos., and vintage US Fender pickups for mid and neck. I easily assembled it together using stock original parts.
    Another great option is using DiMarzio VirtualVintage pickups, they really maintain the original tone and you can boost your signal chain all the way you like with no hum or interference.
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond sounds different in the 80’s live versions than in the WYWH album, because of the EMG’s. I’ll be honest here and I don’t like them, I stick to the vintage pickups.

    [I agree with you on the EMGs. Just a little note, – David only used the DiMarzio FS-1 bridge pickup for a brief periode between the US leg of the ’77 Animals tour to around The Wall recording sessions in 1979. – Bjorn]

  18. strat player 21 says:

    $4000? I’m sorry but u can get a gilmour strat for less. For dead on specifics, buy a black 70’s strat, put a 50’s reissue neck on it, replace the pickups with 69 CS, shorten tremolo arm replace pickguard with black (ad a toggle switch for b and n pickup combo, if ya like) and u got gilmour’s personal axe 4 about a little over 1,000 or less (depends what ya do) Or ya can have the post waters strat by buying a candy apple 57 american vintiage reissue, stick the EMGS that dave used, ivory covers. your pick…

  19. Song says:

    I think, in my contury, it’s price will be $4000 if it released at $4000. I hope that it will be priced at $2,000 or less for a mass virsion.

  20. Charles DeSpain says:

    Hi Bjorn! Thank you for this wonderful site! your effort is truly outstanding!
    As I read through the comments here it has become an issue of what is best.. to buy a David Gilmour Signature Guitar, or build your own! I’m feeling what Fender has done with all the signature models is a complete treat! Firstly it gives the Gilmour, or the Clapton, Beck, or Johnson (The Artist) the opportunity to have access to have several guitars tuned to their liking and readily available four touring! Secondly.. all of us, everyone has that same opportunity! last year Clapton ordered 6 guitars from Todd Krause 3 with flame maple necks, and three with clear maple! these were built without Claptons name on the back of the headstock, cuz if you are playing your Signature guitar you do not want your name on it right? well this is a no no at fender.. anyway Eric only picked up 4 of the 6 guitars, three clear ones and one flame! guess who bought the others.. John Mayer bought one and I bought the last one! John can clearly have anything he is a millionaire, he wanted exactly what Clapton was playing, he even has his own Signature Model Strat! So this is a great example of what I am saying.. The Signature Models gives all a solid connection to our heros that capture us and lay down history! To play what they play.. as they have built their own. I have my built Strat and I will buy the Signature model! Fender is not finally giving treatment to David or putting him last in line.. David has rejected the idea for years, remember we are talking about a Signature guitar NOT a relic! I have very different views towards an exact replicated relic! I am very thankful that David has decided to do this, for himself and for all to enjoy! enjoy!

    [I see your point Charles and of course by owning a signature you’re playing the same guitar as your hero and a lot of them play their own signatures too, as you point out. However, I’m pretty sure that Gilmour would rather choose his original guitar over a signature… as would Clapton… although they might want some in their collection or for a couple of shows. To me a guitar is very personal and I don’t care if the guitar is a crappy piece of shit or a luxury edition the point is that it’s all about what you prefer personally. I don’t understand people that buy a guitar based on looks without making sure that it’s nice to play. I’d much rather mod the hell out my own guitar… And I don’t believe a signature will bring you any closer to your hero and make you play like him/them. A signature is also only based on their guitar… it’s not an actual replica that’s got all the wear from their sweaty palms… All that being said, of course it’s cool to have a signature! I’m sure I would have played it a lot but probably framed it or hang it on my wall or something lol! I’m very excited to see what they come up with.
    You’re absolutely right that David has turned down the offer many times but nevertheless, this signature will make his name even more well known. After all he still suffers from the Floyd curse, – the anonymity they so well protected in the 70’s. – Bjorn]

  21. Matt says:

    I’ve been searching for some definitive answers about Gilmour’s black Strat so that I know what to begin shopping for in my effort to have a Gilmour-ish Strat with my own specs as well, and at first, seeing Fender finally give Gilmour some credit with a Signature guitar made me quite excited, and I was considering going for that, but a mix of my own interest and reading through some comments here really put my mind back to customizing my own Strat.

    See, I’m not in a band (anymore) or any such thing, and my main guitar of choice was a modded Godin Radiator, because I was a Godin purist. It had the versatility for the eclectic sound we were making at the time (sort of a blues/rock/folk/grindcore mix), but I fitted a 2-octave rock maple neck w/ maple fingerboard from an older Godin I owned, and added a Godin trem bridge using the 3-springs having the claw nearly touching the body (I had very heavy bass strings and 3rd string, the 1st and 2nd strings were of a lighter gauge).

    But now I am looking to get a Stratocaster, and I figured why not get one that is quasi-similar to that of my idol?

    My plan of action is to go for a 70’s RI Strat, and work from there. My Roland 90w Blues Cube that’s been around for upwards of 15 years does me fine for my casual playing, but I’m thinking on upgrading to perhaps a Hiwatt if my budget will ever allow.

    Either way, this seems like an excellent guitar to invest in, but seemingly only as a show piece. For $4000, if you’re playing it, you could get the same sound from following in Gilmour’s footsteps and modding your Strat.

    Bjorn, great site, it’s helped me heaps in the past couple of weeks (I’ve been trying to get this level of Gilmour-gear info for over a month now) in figuring out where I should start.

    [Thanks Matt! Glad you enjoy the site! I definitely think that modding your own guitar would be a wiser choice than buying the new DG Fender. After all, a guitar is a very personal thing and by modding your own guitar you can have it anyway you want it. The 70’s RI is a great choice. – Bjorn]

  22. Trevor says:

    Hey Bjorn, picked up a 50s Classic on your reccomendation. I’m having a problem with the tuners though, seems like it’s constantly slipping out of tune. Are you still using the original tuners or did you upgrade those too?

    [I haven’t had any problems with mine… Be sure to replace the string that came with guitar with new ones and a 0.10 set stays better in tune. Have you adjusted the bridge/tremolo system? The guitars usually comes with a floating bridge, meaning that it’s very loose and sensitive. I like to tighten the 6 screws on the plate all the way down and tighten the claw in the back until the bridge sits flat on the body. This should keep the guitar well in tune. If you hear any creeks or snaps sounds when you’re tuning or bending the strings, you might need to replace the nut on top of the neck… the strings have probably fastened. I always replace the nut right away. – Bjorn]

  23. Ryan says:

    Hey Bjorn…im going shopping for a classic 50’s tomorrow….I was wondering what diagram you used for your neck/bridge switch…I already got the all parts pot..I was going to put it on my old strat but I took the other route and installed the switch and I didn’t like all the drilling…iv already asked a couple of tech’s about it and they said this mod couldn’t be done! and they have never heard of it…so I guess I have to bring some proof ha ha…

    [I don’t remember just how the diagram looks but it should be an easy thing… Replace the volume pot with the push/pull and wire it up for a combo. I guess you can find a diagram on Google or something. – Bjorn]

  24. steve Durante says:

    THX a lot for your suggestions. I agree about p ups.
    Just another question:Choosing a body in Alder ’70 shape to assemble a BlacK David Strat,your preference goes to
    a Japan 70!? or 72?! Body, or to a Mexico Classic ’50,or to an USA made one? What do you raccomand? I read in your article that you prefer the classic mex 50,Do you? thx steve

    [Well, both my Strats are MIM/CIJ Classic Series and I like them very much. Highly recommended! – Bjorn]


    Hi Bjorn
    1-what about the black body? Someone tells that it is Ash ,instead of alder.What do you say about it?
    2-what kind of work for the neck/body 3 screws,installing a classic 50 neck in a 70 body?
    3-I m oriented to fralin blues special p’ups,what do you think about?
    4- Callaham s vint bridge for the ’70 body?!
    thx and God Bless you

    [Hi Steve!
    1. As far as I know, the body is alder. That’s what Fender used at the time (on most Strats anyway) and Phil Taylor has mentioned it a couple of times.
    2. I guess you could take it to a guitar repairsman/tech and he’ll fix it. You need to drill a couple of holes. That being said, I also recommend using just the 50’s body.
    3. I don’t have much experience with Fralins. I know many Gilmour fans use them and I’ve read great reviews. Personally I think they’re a bit bright and lack some of that vintage charm – if that makes sense – but as I said I really haven’t tried them that much. I also recommend Fender’s CS 54 for a great all-round Gilmour tone.
    4. Yep!
    – Bjorn]

  26. Ryan says:

    I would rather it have the rosewood neck like in the mid 70’s…I think it looked a lot meaner then…and you gotta love the sound it had then……oh so powerful

    [Agree! His tone during Animals is definitely his best! I’m considering an early 60’s reissue neck on mine too… – Bjorn]

  27. Ryan says:

    if you don’t mind me asking…you mentioned you replaced the nut on your guitar…which did you use…..bone? im having weird intonation problems and I think its this crappy plastic nut I have

    [I always reaplce the nut when I buy a new guitar and about every second year. This is mostly to make sure that the strings runs freely through the slots and that the plastic is of some quality. Intonation problems may be caused by the nut having too deep slots or too narrow. You’ll hear a snap or creek sound when you tune or bend the strings. It can also be that there’s deep creeks on the saddles on the bridge or some sharp edges. – Bjorn]

  28. alvaro navarro says:

    hey ive been looking around to build my own gilmour strat, and i know the Classic Series 50’s Strat has the nice maple V neck so would u recomend just using that guitar instead of buying the 70s reissue, and then the neck? are there ANY difference in the shape of the bodies?? thank you very much, your sight is a really big help.

    [Well my “blackie” is a Japanese Collectable, which is identical to the Mexican Classic 50’s. The 70’s body is slightly bigger and more contoured in the back but it doesn’t affect the tone. – Bjorn]

  29. Sylvain says:

    Bjorn, I’m setting my new Fender, so have you got any tip for my guitar to stay in tune ?
    Some people remove the white plate behind the guitar (and you can see the springs…as Gilmour’s black guitar). Do I need to do that to improve my guitar’s sound ?

    [I like to have the bridgeplate fairly close to the body. I’ve tightened all the 6 screws all the way down and loosened to two outer screw with 3/4 of a turn. This is very tight and you have to compensate the float by tightening the two claw-screws in the back… Screw them in until the bridge floats off the body by 1/2 inch. This is tight but it helps keeping the guitar stay in tune and I find it much easier to get smooth tremolo effects. I recommend using 3 prings… Removing the backplate doesn’y do anything for the sound. I guess it a matter of convenience when you change strings as often as David. I recommend shielding the ground cable or soldering it inside the guitar, so that your belt buckle or whatever tears it off… I also replace the stock nut (the white plastic thing at the top of the neck) with a better quality one so that the strings doesn’t tear into the cheap plastic. That’s pretty much what I do and the guitar can stand a lot of abuse. I normally tune once or twice during a 2 hour concert. Read through this article for more maintenance tips. – Bjorn]

  30. Parker says:

    I really want to try an build a custom strat like David’s I just dont know if i should start with a decent guitar or just buy everything in parts, body, neck, pickups etc. I also agree finally Fender is making a custom strat fore David but $4000 just seems like alot im sure it be worth it once you saw a played it.

    [I guess there are several way to start, but I recommend getting a MIM or CIJ Classic 50’s and go from there. You’ll get a reasonably priced, wonderful guitar! – Bjorn]

  31. Leandro says:

    The best things to assemble a Gilmour replica strat, would be in my opinion: ’68 Cij black alder body, ’57 cij one piece maple neck, 11-hole 1-ply black pickguard, ’54 CS pickups, push/pull volume pot for neck & bridge combination, and vintage S Callagham bridge kit with shortened tremolo arm….the only way to do it more accurately is to find usa made original vintage parts…but it’d be really expensive….and pointless

    Anyway I wouldn’t assemble a guitar like this….It’s nice to have a guitar that looks similar to David’s….but there’s a limit and we should have our own personality…and the guitar should fit our style and personal taste…but that’s just my opinion.


    [Definitely agree Leandro… A guitar is a very personal thing… just like any other instrument. – Bjorn]

  32. Collin says:

    Do you have any idea what settings you would use on the DE-7 for sounds other than the Binson Sim?

    [I mainly keep the repeat at 12:00 and the level at 3:00 with the time at 12:00 (300ms) for early Binson delays or 2:00 (370ms) for WYWH and Animals. – Bjorn]

  33. Frails says:

    There’s one ion ebay right now for $199 and includes the original speaker cabs. Since these heads are huge and heavy, the shipping is around $100 for this auction though. Still, $300 for is a fabulous price if the original tubes are in there.

    Another auction is at $104.49 right now but does have a reserve price attached. This head looks to be in fabulous shape with all original tubes and transformers. Do a search for PA 135 and you’ll see them. Let me know if you decide to bid. If not, I think I’ll go after the second one. Good luck.

  34. Ryan says:

    iv also heard great things about those fender pa 135 heads frails….cant seem to get one at a good price though haha

  35. Frails says:

    Pavan- Since you asked…I have stated before on this site about the best kept Fender secret. The Fender tube PA amps from the late 70’s were wired identical to the Twin Reverbs! I own two Fender PA 135 heads. Go to harmony-central and look at the reviews for the the PA 135 (135Watts RMS), PA 100 ( 100Watts RMS) and the Twin Reverb 135. No one can say a bad thing about the sound quality or reliability. Both of the 135’s (Twin and PA) have (4) GE 6L6 tubes in the power section coupled with (6) GE preamp tubes (2) 12at7’s and (4) 12ax7’s. With a 2×12 cab filled with blue-back Fender speakers, you simply cannot tell the difference between the Twin and PA heads. You just can’t! Cleaner than clean these heads take pedals as well as any tube amp I’ve heard. I just bought another one off of ebay for$350 and once it arrives, I’ll check it out. If it’s clean and working perfectly, you can have it for the same price. I simply can’t let these amps go when I see an auction for one. The tubes alone are worth the price to my ears. Why spend $600+ on a Twin when you can have the exact same tone for half the price. Only differences are that the PA 135 does not have a drive channel. Who cares if you’re playing Gilmour and need the pedals anyway. Also there are 4 channels on the PA 135 with 2 inputs per channel, offering some cool flexibility.

  36. Nate says:

    $4000 is probably likely the list price and we can be pretty sure that you wont find it in stores for that much. The link below has fender’s list prices for electric guitars and as you can see the signature models are all priced quite a bit higher than what they go for.

    Link: Fender price list.

    That said, at $4000 list, it looks like it will still be quite a bit higher than other models.

    I try to cop Gilmour’s tone as close as I can, but I don’t want to be him. I’ll stick with my guitars.

    [But it’s also a matter of import dealing and currency. A Fender here in Norway is quite more expensive than in the US and in some Eastern Eurpoean countries it’s just ridiculous… – Bjorn]

  37. Pavan says:

    Hey Bjorn you should start writing for Engadget. hehe… any ways

    I posted my setup a while back, and its slightly changed.

    Fender 2006 Candy Apple Red Stratocaster MIM
    Tube Driver-> Black Sovtek Muff -> Mistress -> DE-7-> Fender Rumble 15w Bass Amp…

    Right now I’m saving up for a Sound City, Hiwatt, or a Twin Reverb. What do you recommend?

    and how can I ring up the Seymour Duncan custom shop???

    [Obviously I recommend a Sound City, as I’m using one of these gems myself. Do a quick search on EBay. Still, they’re all quite similar… the Fender has a bit more mid tones and a slightly darker tone. Sound City and Hiwatt are almost identical as they’re basically the same amp. Just stay away from those super cheap Hiwatt transistors… Anyone feel to comment? – Bjorn]

  38. RyanG says:

    This is a little offtopic, but… I’m looking into buying a phaser/flanger/chorus pedal but I’m not sure which one to get. I’m looking for the kind of effect you ended up with on your CN recording that was done with Garageband.

    [Phaser, flanger and chorus is three different effects. David used a phaser on WYWH, flanger on Animals, 78 solo album, Wall and Final Cut and chorus from About Face to PULSE. Keeping it short… phaser: EH Small Stone or MXR Phase 90, flanger: EH Electric Mistress and chorus: Boss CE-2 (any Boss will do), EH Small Clone or Ibanez CS-9. Check out the Buyer’s Gear Guide as well for more tips. – Bjorn]

  39. o says:

    so, my computer just died..and i’m thinking i’ll buy a mac.
    Does garageband work just as well on the cheapest macbooks as the most expensive ones ? and do you think i should wait until the new mac system is out in october…?

    [What can I say… Get a Mac and your life will be changed forever! …. and a gazillion Windows users just laughed. Garageband comes with all Macs and it works just as well on any of the models, – given that you get a fairly new Mac or even better, a brand new. I have a an iMac flatscreen and it works perfectly. It’s not as powerful as the pro stuff like Logic or QBase. If you’re considering a Mac right now, I’d definitely wait until September/October. You can always get the new OS separately – Mac upgrades are quite cheap at about 1300-1500 NOK – but they’re also talking about a brand new line of Mac Books and new iMacs, which will probably be released in time with the new OS. But as for power, you can safely buy a Mac Mini or whatever and run Garageband. Please feel free to send me an e-mail if there’s anything about Macs you need to know. I’d be happy to help! – Bjorn]

  40. Don Lacey says:

    I think people are making a little too much noise about the $4000 price mentioned. It is the suggested retail price — no shops are going to sell it for that much. You’ll probably be able to get it for a lot less than that.

  41. Mike says:

    I have a Made in Mexico Classic 70’s, and, while it isn’t Gilmourish, I love the pale neck (though I prefer the V-neck of the 50’s to the U-neck of the 70’s–and the headstock of the 50’s, as well.).

    If I stuck CS 54’s in there–would the Ash body make it sound different than the Alder body of the Classic 50’s?

    [I got one of those too ! It’s a great guitar and an excellent choice for the pre-Wish You Were Here sounds. I fitted mine with a set of CS 69’s. Ash and Alder have a slightly different “colour” but as with everything it’s a matter of taste. I’d try a Strat with an alder body and compare… – Bjorn]

  42. Sylvain says:

    Sorry, but my question was for you Bjorn :
    Did you notice a sound difference about your guitar when you bought it and now ?
    Bye !

    [Hard to tell… When I bought it 12 years ago, I didn’t pay much attention to details. I just wanted a guitar :-) And I’ve also done too many changes over the years to compare. I think it sounds great even acoustically and the neck seems to wear very little. The frets are near mint. – Bjorn]

  43. Sylvain says:

    I think it’ll be a nice guitar, for sure, but, like some people, I wanted “my blackie”. So, I’ve bought a Fender vintage ’57 and I’m going to replace my white pickguard with a black (not easy to find for a vintage guitar).
    An other question :
    Do you really think that a guitar age well with time ?

  44. Yaniv says:

    Good news I guess. I always though signature models are great guitars, not because of the artist, but simply because they sound good… A friend of mine have a Eric Johnson and Malmesteen signatures (even though he hate malmesteen, he just fell in love with the guitar) and they’re really good! I would love to try that one… too bad it’s so expensive.

  45. Alex Mircica says:

    I have ordered just a MIM Classic 50’s in Black, played a sunburst in the shop the other day and it has a wonderful neck.
    Im getting Bare Knuckle Apache pickups installed which are basically Alnico III vintage 50’s and have been raved about everywhere I have seen them tested.
    Stick the switch on to combine Neck and Bridge and hey presto-sorted, for a hell of a lot less than the Sig-series. Plus I can add further upgrades as I see fit. Should complement my red highway with EMGs very well.

    [Congrats Alex! – Bjorn]

  46. Hugo says:

    Another good strat to “gilmourize” is the Jimmy Vaughan: Gotoh tuners, american vintage bridge (not the MIM standard bridge), american electronics, the same “soft V” neck that the classic 50’s… It has 9.5″ radious and medium jumbo frets instead of the vintage frets and 7.5″ radious but for some people, this is better (for others dont.. I know). You could change the tex-mex pickups (anyway.. its one of the first things to replace) and you are set.

    The body is alder and I think its the “cheaper” part of this MIM guitar.. but I think that in general, its a great guitar for the price. (By the way I just played a classic’s 70s MIM guitar and it was a 3 pieces body, the bodys in the “classic” series are betters than in the others MIM strast as far as I know..)

    oh and it comes in black or candy apple red… you can choose wich era of the “gilmour’s colors” you like best jejeje..

    Just my 2 cents.. hope it helps…


    [Thanks Hugo. I’m very pleased with the MIM Classic Series. You’ll get a very nice affordable guitar. IMO it’s one of Fender’s better series and they’ve received a lot of priase. As I mentioned earlier, it can be wise to check the guitar thoroughly before you buy it at the quality tend to differ between each guitar. – Bjorn]

  47. Collin says:

    I think my last comment made it sound like I was thinking about buying an American Strat. I’ve already got one, I just kinda want to change the neck. I’m curious to know how the modern Standard p-ups sound in comparison to the CS ’54’s. Anyone? O.k. Bjorn, I’m done bothering you. Next time I’ll probably be posting pictures of all my new pedals! :) Whee!!!

    [Please do Collin! – Bjorn]

  48. Nik Inta says:

    Hi, the 57 necks to get are the Japanese ones in my opinion. They are cheaper and just look fantastic. I have one on my Strat, it’s such a deep colour it’s almost gold. From a 2002 Jap 57 RI I think.

    [Couldn’t agree more. They’re really spot on the original 57’s. – Bjorn]

  49. Barney says:

    Bjorn, do you know if the pickups will also be available for sale in 2007?

    Do you think this will be a guitar that Fender will build for many years to come (ex: EJ model), or will it be a limited edition Signature?

    [There’s very little info available at the moment and I guess that both Fender and Gilmour.Com will reveal more news withing the next weeks. You can always contact the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop for the pickups I guess. – Bjorn]

  50. Justin says:

    Hi Bjorn, in answer to your question about the blender pot, it replaces the lower tone knob (farthest from the volume), so maybe it wouldn’t work if you still want the seagull sound…but I’m sure you’ll find something that works. And Ron Esquerra asked you about the vintage noiseless p-ups, I use the “hot” noiseless and I love them. I doesn’t really loose alot of single coil sound (in my opinion anyway) and I actually like the hot noiseless better for songs like “Run like Hell” and “Comf..Numb”, it just sounds better to me compared with my Lindy Fralin 54 strat p-ups…and I’m real picky about my sound…

    [Thanks for the info Justin. How about getting authentic early 70’s Popmpeii-ish tones with the noiseless? Do you feel that they manages it? – Bjorn]

  51. Rick says:

    4000 € or not, the problem doesn’t exist for me…since I’m left-handed, I guess I would save many more time (and money I suppose) creating my own replica step by step, instead of waiting Fender to produce a left-handed model of this guitar :)

  52. Ernest Peske says:

    How about a little test folks:

    My USA Series Stratocaster (Alder body/ maple neck, born in 2003, including a new Callaham bridge) has a weight of: 3.4 – 3.5 Kg. (7.5 lb -7.7 lb)

    This is, actually, quite average for a good (vintage or modern) stratocaster with Alder body.

    Anyone else…(pehaps, MIM or MIJ)?


  53. Laurent says:

    They must be crazy!

    I have recently built my own Fender Deluxe US Strat with 2006 Fender unplayed parts I bought on the web.
    The total cost was around ‘only’ $1,100!!! Considering that the EMG kit I have installed on this guitar is quite expensive, I am really convinced that $4.000 is far too much money.
    I could have build a very close replica if I had wanted to, for around the same price range.

    Customization of current models is a good alternative too.
    Having a good Strat is important, but don’t forget that Gilmour’ sound also requires a good amp, a good effect rig and fine playing…

    Buildind or customizing a good Strat, I’m sure that it’s possible to have a very good and complete set (guitar + amp + effects) for less than $4,000.


    [If you’re willing to search and have a great portion of patience, you can get very far with $4000. – Bjorn]

  54. Stéphane says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Considering the price, i think it will be a Custom Shop Signature. Perhaps, Fender will produce a “standard” signature next year.

    On my Am Vintage ’62 Strat, I use the kinman wiringto mix the neck pickup (http://www.kinman.com). There’s no pot to change, you just have to modify the wiring of your guitar. Do you know it ?


    [No I haven’t tried it… But you’ll need to modify the tone circuit and if you did that on the lower tone pot you wouldn’t be able to do the reversed wah thing, right? – Bjorn]

  55. fabien says:

    4000 bucks !!!! Fender are sometime swindlers !!!
    With your Fender Classic strat, Bjorn, you have the same sound as Gilmour !!!
    This signature strat is for a rich lazy strat player

    Gilmourish.com rules !!!
    (do you know http://www.aussiefloyd.com ?? )

    [Thanks Fabien! Yep, I’ve heard Aussie Floyd :) – Bjorn]

  56. EME says:

    I just have to share my views on this one. First of all, I think this Signature-model will be a very, very good guitar indeed. Great pickups, quality electronics, a smooth neck and a 2- or maybe 3-piece alder-body made of quality wood (thinking of weight, density and tonal character). The most significant problem with Mexico-made Fender guitars is the weight of 80% of the bodies cut and made in the Baja-factory. They’re just way too heavy, causing a painful back and killing the airy and resonant tone myself amongst many, if not most other players are searching for (I have a Classic Player 50 myself, so I know this firsthand. It’s a good guitar, by all means, but it’s just to heavy!). Further on, the bodies made in Baja are made of 5 pieces glued together which is NOT good for how the body resonates soundwise.

    But having said that, I think the price is just way to high. I just can’t understand why this signature guitar will cost $4000 when Eric Johnson-Strats cost $1700. Ok, maybe the pu’s is a bit more expensive, and hopefully the electronics will be a bit more complex on DG-Strats. But that’s ain’t close of explaining the price… I just have to say I’m slightly dissapointed at the moment. I sweared I was going to buy this guitar, but now it just don’t seem like it’s near worth it. Fender should sell this guitar for $2000! Would have buyed it in a heartbeat. Maybe I’ve missed some big points along the way, but this is my view anyway at this time.

    Have a nice sunday people! Keep on rockin’.

    [I have no doubt that this will be a killer guitar (although that doesn’t mean everyone will like it). And of course it’ll beat the crap out of any MIM or even CIJ guitar I guess, but I haven’t really experienced that my guitars are too heavy. As we’ve discussed before, I think the biggest problem with at least MIM guitars is that you never know what you get before you try it. They differ too much in quality. Anyway, I think a CIJ guitar is generally way ahead of a MIM… At least that’s the case with my guitars.
    – kanskje jeg skal be jobben gjøre en konkurranse i forb DVDn og la meg vinne? He he! – Bjorn]

  57. ChrisZ says:

    To my previous comment:

    Link: YouTube


  58. ChrisZ says:

    Hi Bjorn
    Personally, I wouldn’t go for the even original Fender used and owned by any famous person. First of all, non of us will be second David Gilmour or Clapton, whoever. We need to produce our own tone, close of far away from what we hear while David Gilmour takes us to the heaven of beautiful melodies :). Obviously, replica might be a good thing to play in a tribute band I think, but nothing more. And it is “a bit” expensive… Look, I own Fender Strat Standard with Tex-Mex pick ups released on 60th anniversary and I am happy with it. I would just go to modernize it in future. I cant produce exact sound of superb Gilmour’s tone but nevertheless I am proud to play Pink Floyd notes. Just look on utube; there are so many people who use humbackers to produce Pink Floyd sound and they do it very good. If I had lots of money, I would do it like you do, Bjorn. In my opinion it is nothing special to even touch replica. What about having “a trip” on David’s “swimming house”…? Imagine…


    [I agree Chris. However, in this case I don’t think you need to buy a Gilmour replica if you’re in a Floyd tribute band. I mean, you just have to slap on a black pickguard and you’ll have the look. It’s a different story if you’re in a Queen or Ozzy tribute. – Bjorn]

  59. Ruud says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I really agree with you about the remake hype. On the fendersite I see several Clapton/Mayer/Vaughan/ Malmsteen/Beck/Knopfler etc. etc. remakes. Looks like you’re not counting if you don’t have your own strat. I don’t think Dave needs that. It’s really nice to have your own Gilmour Strat but at the end it’s the sounds that makes the difference.
    Combination with amp, cables, effects etc.
    I have a black USA strat plus and I’m happy with it. OK I have replaced the white pickguard for a black one to have the Gilmour looks. The only thing I’m not satisfied with are the Lace Sensor pick ups. They are very quiet but that kills character. So I follow your advice and think I order the custom 54 pick ups (€ 210). When the Gilmour Strat comes out I surely will test it. Then I can always hear and feel if it’s really better than my strat. And if it’s worth € 4000.

    Keep on doing the good work, I really love this site and I’m using it to upgrade my sound.

    [Hi Ruud! Well, I think it’s about time that David got some kind of recognition from the industry. However, I’m uncertain whether this guitar will be a success or not. I can understand that people want a unique looking designer guitar, like Zakk Wylde’s Bullseye but David’s guitar is fairly basic. A lovely guitar, but all in all nothing special. I’m also uncertain who Fender is trying to reach with this guitar. IMO a signature should be available for the avarage fan who fans to sit in his room bashing out riffs. 4000$ is way off any teenage/student budget and I think that Gibson/Epiphone has solved this much better. They have Signature models for around 1000$ and Tribute models priced for the lunatics with too much money on their hands. A signature will always be appealing to the fans, not the avarage guitarist and in this case it seems that Fender is thinking this could be a guitar for anyone. I don’t think it will. I think they’re doing a big mistake. – Bjorn]

  60. jcmark says:

    I don’t want to start trouble but, I have a couple of nitpicks with the list of parts for the custom guitar you listed. 1st is that the Fender 70’s classic body is made of Ash, when most people say Gilmour’s strat was alder. Plus the Classic 70’s has a 3 hole pocket for the neck, while the ’50s neck has four holes, so someone would have to majorly modify the neck. Also, you listed an 8-hole pickguard but, the 70’s Classic would need an 11-Hole.

    [Yeah, I know… I was basically trying to put down a list of easy accessable and affordable stuff. If you know your way around the tool, then it’s a small job. But if you need to get it assembled by a tech, then I suggest getting the Classic 50’s guitar and go from there. The body isn’t that far off the 70’s. But by all means, feel free to suggest a better list! In fact I urge everyone to do that! – Bjorn]

  61. Ron Esquerra says:

    I’m excited to see this guitar as well. As with the other signature series guitars while the retail price may be $4,000 you will almost certainly be able to get one from americanmusicalsupply or musiciansfriend for around $1,500. A few questions about making your own (Which I am doing.) on a budget.

    #1-David’s guitar is an Alder body guitar, So can you use the body of a classic style alder body strat knockoff since you are pretty much gutting it anyway?

    #2-I bought a custom made ebony pickguard to replace the stock white pickguard, assuming that all wood continuity will help the sound…plus it’s a cool custom touch, still black just with wood grain. Alright?

    #3-Pickups, I know you reccomend the classic 54′ pickups. What about Fender vintage noiseless pickups? How do these differ from the 54’s? and would the absence of the humming negatively affect the sound?

    #4-Strings, do you need a specific string. First off I use medium light strings, Gibson reissues actualy (11′-42′), will this have a negative effect? (I keep busting the 10′ string with my bends)

    That’s about it. Thanks again Bjorn.

    [#1 – Depends on how detailed you want to be. Do you want to make your own replica or a guitar that just looks like his… with the same features. I think most of us go somewhere between and mod a guitar we already have to be as close as his…
    #2 – I have no idea how this looks… David’s black Strat has one of those vintage 1-plys.
    #3 – Well, I think the CS 54’s are the closest match and you could get away with the 69’s, although they’re a bit bright. Generally I think that most noiseless or active pickups tend to miss some of that Strat single coil character. There are many other way to take care of noise besides, David’s guitar is far from being dead silent. It hums like hell…
    #4 – David is currently using GHS Boomers 0.10, so I guess those would be fitting… Great strings anyway.
    … anyone care to comment? – Bjorn]

  62. brett says:

    ****, $4000 nooooooo why fender why!

    o well im just glad hes finally getting some treatment from fender. all these noobs are getting custom strats before david gilmour, hell he was busy writing dark side while these guys were diapers, good for you david,

    in the mean time im with you bjorn and everyone else on customizing our own guitars, hey thats what david did after all isnt it?


  63. Lucas says:

    Hey Bjorn, have you ever tried the Lace Sensors Gold? Do you think I can achieve a tone near David’s tone? Althought I think they’re a little bit more compressed than normal, I think they would be great for a PULSE style tone, what’s your opinion?

    [I’ve only tried them very briefly and I think they’re closer to the EMGs than any vintage pickups. Personally I’d go for either CS 54 or 69. – Bjorn]

  64. Ernest Peske says:

    Justin Rule,
    regarding the Callaham Blender Pot:
    I do own a USA Strat (2004) with “Delta” tone:
    the lowest (no load) tone pot is for the bridge pup.
    I don’t really need this feature, perhaps I could use this pot for blending the Neck pup? Isn’t this what Callaham is doing?
    Perhaps you could E-mail me about this issue: ernest.peske@gmail.com
    P.S. I also did install Callaham block. bridge, springs and saddles! I even did order a set of replacement saddles for the future (spare). This stuff is amazing, very very good!
    Cheers, Ernest

  65. Ernest Peske says:

    I really like to share my feelings about this fantastic issue: The new Fender David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster!

    First of all, this is quite an extraordinary, historical guitar moment: the release of a Gilmour signature strat.
    It certainly feels good…
    Must be cool to own one of these!

    I am glad this is a signature version. Tributes are nice, but not really a big issue to me sound wise. I guess, am not a relic man also. I believe the actual player should play the instrument, time will do the rest, it’s all very individual to me.
    (PS- But I really love this video on YouTube when custom shop people start exploring “Blacky” of Eric Clapton: feels like they discovered a mummy from Egypt!).
    …how about a burned custom shop tribute Hendrix Strat ($15000), …just kidding folks!

    Anyway, I really love my own stratocaster baby, which is capable of producing some very good “Gilmour” (=vintage) tones. Maybe not 100% identic, but it has the same “spirit” and goal, I believe. That’s what playing guitar is all about, isn’t it?
    Don’t forget, after all, David himself did buy an “ordinary” good USA standard strat, back in the 70’s and did change things over the years. I do share the same philosophy:
    I did buy my own good strat a couple of years ago and changed / modified things to get that high class vintage tone out of my strat.
    Another “Gilmour-philosophy”: David himself never did try to duplicate exact his own gear (like his pedal setup from the 70’s) every time he’s touring again. So I guess, it must be good to let things develope, still reaching the very same goal!
    But of course for us Gilmourish-Purist-People it is really cool to duplicate that vintage gear of the 70’s (or whatever)…! It’s all about finding a balance between being a David Gilmour fan and being yourself. I like to be in between, something of both…

    So what about this signature Stratocaster?
    Yeah, I do love it! Great axe!
    And, yes, OK, I really would love to buy this signature strat, but to be very honest: I simply can’t afford spending $4000 …
    I would have to sell my own Strat-baby, and maybe someday I will, and buy this Gilmour Strat. But I really would love to keep my own strat AND buy this Gilmour strat. Why(?): well you know why…

    Let’s hope they don’t make a replica of Polly, I would have to explain things to my wife. Well I would like to have both, you know :-)

    He he, Bjorn: regarding making a replica: are you 100% sure about the ’69 CS Pick Ups, not the ’54…? I love your good advise about the Callaham bridge ;-)) …did you order one?

    Enough BS of me,
    Cheers, Ernest

    [Great comment Ernest! I can only speak for myself… I’d much rather mod the hell out of my own guitar (that I love) than to get a signature just because it’s Gilmour’s. Now, I’m not for one minute denying that this must be a great guitar but I just don’t see the point. It would be fun to own but I think I’d rather hang it on my wall… if my wife would let me :)
    Regarding the pickups… I have changed it to CS 54. I totally agree and that’s what I’ve been preaching before. As I mentioned in an earlier comment on this post, I think David’s tone is somewhere in between the 54’s and 69’s… A bit more punchy than the 54’s and a bit warmer than the 69’s. I’d get the 54’s for a nice allround Gilmour tone and the 69’s for a specific 1968-75 tone.
    I did order the Callaham set… Hopefully I’ll get in a week or two. – Bjorn]

  66. Daniel Krause says:

    I’ll most certainly try it at the shop…if they get it on stock that is.
    I don’t know, but I kind of share your feeling about customizing your own guitar, Bjorn. But than again…having a Gilmour signature strat is kind ‘o cool too.
    I’d first have to try it and see for myself…



    [Well of course I’m excited about this and I certainly hope that my local dealer will get one that I can try, but I’ve had my main guitar for over 10 years now and done all sorts of things with it and I’m still doing minor mods all the time. It’s become a part of me and I would never trade it or give it up for a signature model. There’s nothing special about this guitar apart from the pickups and you can them them for about 1/10 of the price. But as already mention in earlier comments, it’s about time David got the recognition! It makes up for the OBE he got from the Queen… He should have been knighted! – Bjorn]

  67. Hugo says:

    4000 USD is too much for a guitar, even if David himself was near of it once!! or watch it for 10 seconds… The pickups, its all about the pickups!!! Its funny, I would think that the Cs 54 or the SSL-1 or 2 would be more apropiatte for that guitar that the CS’69s but I couldn’t say for true, haven’t tried any but the 69’s.

    [I wonder if David gets a cut of the price… :) I have CS 54 on my blackie and I must say I prefer them over the 69, which I have on my “Pompeii” guitar. From what I can hear of David’s clean tones, I’d say his pickups are re-wired late 60’s Fenders with a slightly warmer tone – like a blend of the CS 54 and 69. – Bjorn]

  68. Matt says:

    I think I’m still going to build my own

    [I agree… I’d much rather mod the hell out my own guitar than to buy some replica just because it’s David’s. I have never really understood the whole signature thing with Clapton, Zakk Wylde etc… – Bjorn]

  69. Leandro says:

    I think it was about time that Fender finally decided to give David the credit he deserves, being a Fender user all his life… BUT I wouldn’t spend 4000 dollars on a Sig Strat…..no way….with that kind of money I would buy a really great guitar and modify it to my personal taste….


    [Agree! – Bjorn]

  70. Justin Rule says:

    Just some thoughts for all us Gilmour fans. First, I have a ’57 neck on one of my strats, and I don’t like the fact that it kills a lot of notes while bending them. In other words, the string frets out because of the fretboard radius (7 1/2, i believe). I have a neck with a 9 1/4 raduis and it works much better. And second, I ordered a bunch of stuff from Callaham guitars including a trem block, and shortened trem arm, which is great, I would recommend Callaham to anyone. I also ordered a “blender” pot. It replaces a tone pot (which I never use) and allows the neck and bridge p-ups to be combines, alone with all of the p-ups if you want. Callaham describes the blender pot as “Blender Pot allows you to blend the neck and bridge pickups together. With the blender the guitar will have a volume, a master tone, then the blender. With the blender turned on 10, the guitar is normal strat switch set-up. With the blender on 0, the neck and bridge pickups are connected in switch positions 5 and 1. All three pickups are together in positions 2 and 4. Position 3 is still just the middle pickup. So you get 2 extra sounds. This is a true no load pot.” Just some thoughts…later

    [Thanks for the info. I have just ordered a Vintage S kit my self for my blackie. Will the blender pot replace the upper (close to volume knob) tone control or the lower? If it replaces the lower tone control, I don’t think you’ll be able to achieve the seagull sounds with the reversed wah and all… – Bjorn]

  71. MeLoMaN says:

    May be you right…
    I have two Fender’s guitars – Fender AmVintage ’57 witn stock pickups, wich going to replace by SD and Fender AmDeluxe with panel EMG DG-20, and i decided to bougth realy vintage strat from 70′ era. It’s price may be even lower than DG strat from Fender. And it seems that real price of this guitar from dealer will be more than 5000$…
    Anyway, i have a year for thinking…

    [Yeah, I assume that the retail price will be higher than the price from suggested price. – Bjorn]

  72. Collin says:

    Besides eBay, do you know of anywhere you can get one of those ’57 re-issue necks? The ones on the American Strats are too pale. A glossy one would look so much better.

    [Hm… no, I don’t really know. The neck on the Classic Series 50’s Strat is beautiful and I really recommend the whole guitar. You can replace the pickups with either CS 54 or 69 or some other by choice. – Bjorn]

  73. MeLoMaN says:

    It’s a great news… Thanks Bjorn..
    I think that price 4000$ is not too high for this relic cutomize strat, and thanks to fender’s management for his decide to release the guitar not in CS masterbuilt series…

    [It’s perhaps an attempt to reach the fans and not only the pro guitarist. Still, 4000$ is a high price for the avarage Gilmour enthusiast. It’s very cool that David has agreed to work with Fender and I think it will further place him among the legendary guitar heroes. Still, I’d much rather customize my own guitar – which I have – than buying a replica. I don’t know…. it just doesn’t appeal to me. – Bjorn]