• Skreddy Pedals Top Fuel, Screw Driver and Pink Flesh review

    I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some of the most talked about pedals on the net, – Skreddy Pedals. They’ve caught the Gilmour enthusiast’s attention with nicknames like “Pinkmour”, claiming to catch the very essence of Gilmour’s tone. I just had to check this out…

    To test these pedals I’ve used my 50’s Strat with CS ’54 pickups and a Sound City 50 Plus tube amp. The pedals has been tested both alone in the chain and with my pedal board. – read more about my setup here. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to make any soundclips but please check out the Skreddy site for clips and user reviews.

    What first caught my attention was the cool graphics and the rugged construction of these pedals (similar in size to the MXRs). The pedals run on a 9v battery or a standard 9v DC adapter. One of the best features is the blue led… I’ve never understood why all pedals have yellow leds as it’s often hard to see on a stage.

    Top Fuel
    Perhaps best described as a cross between a Cornish SS-2 and a BK Tube Driver, the Top Fuel has an amazingly lush and open sound. Where most distortions tend to sound a bit to narrow and “in your face”, this one has a very balanced and soft presence cutting effortlessly through the mix. It could be a little stronger in the lower ends tho.

    The tone control is designed to act more like an EQ (much like the RAT), rather than the traditional tone filter. I like it all the way down for a fat, creamy sound. Past 12 o’clock the tone gets a little thin and loose some character.

    The Top Fuel definitely sound modern and I wouldn’t recommend it for the 70’s tone but it’s ideal for David’s Delicate and PULSE tones… those super smooth distortions. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to some of Cornish’ high gain effects then give the Top Fuel a try!

    Screw Driver
    According to Marc Ahlfs at Skreddy, the Screw Driver is their most underrated pedal and can definitely see why. It’s based on the old treble boosters (with a mosfet treble boost input stage), with the character of the Colorsound PowerBoost and the power of the BK Tube Driver. Amazing combination that makes this pedal unique in the booster family.

    The Screw Driver has three controls, – volume, gain and sharpness. The “sharpness” controls the amount of bass going into the distortion. It’s quite effective with a wide range, but I prefer a rather dark setting as it can get a little too ear pinching if it’s turned all the way up… a matter of taste I guess and depending on how dark your amp is. There’s also a trim pot on the side of the pedal, – a brilliant solution as it’s often a hassle to reach the trim pot inside a pedal (like AnalogMan). This allows you to adjust the gain from very smooth and clean to dirty and glassy. Default setting is around 66%. Another bonus is that this pedal is very quiet!

    If I were to point my finger on one thing, I would like it a little cleaner at the lower settings. There’s always a hint of crunch and even if you turn down the trim pot, there’s a slight colouring of the tone… It’s not a big issue at all but I have yet to hear a pedal that can produce the same clean powerful tone as the Colorsound PowerBoost. On the other hand, the Colorsound doesn’t sound as dynamic as the Screw Driver when you use it as an overdrive.

    The Screw Driver is a versatile pedal but foremost a 70’s effect ideal for those Animals and Wall tones and stuff like Time and Money rhythms. It’s also a nice boost for the Big Muff (or any other distortion or fuzz). I highly recommend this one as one of the most sophisticated boosters I’ve ever tried.

    Pink Flesh
    Based on its name alone I was perhaps most interested in the Pink Flesh. Sticking this label on a pedal is like begging for trouble… I have always wanted to go into a store and in frustration bang my fist on the counter and say, “give me THE Gilmour pedal!” The Pink Flesh is perhaps not Gilmour in a box but I instantly fell in love with this gem.

    The Pink Flesh is based on the 1973 “ram’s head” Muff and tweaked with Gilmour’s Animals and Wall tones in mind (Muff + Colorsound PB combo). Having enough attack is often a problem with Muff clones and they tend to get sloppy and muddy but the Pink Flesh has a smooth and creamy tone with a distinct attack and presence.

    In addition to the three main knobs there’s a tiny toggle switch with two settings, – “flat” and “juicy”. The “flat” setting provides a flat EQ curve with no scooped mids at 12:00 o’clock. This is where most Muffs tend to loose much of the mids and gets slightly more aggressive. The “juicy” setting is where it all gets magical. It adds extra mids, creating a very smooth and incredibly dynamic tone. This is especially appreciated when you turn the tone past 12 o’clock.

    The Pink Flesh is very loud and you really don’t need to have the volume control above 11 o’clock. Any higher and the pedal gets very noisy…

    I recommend this as the best sounding 70’s Muff I’ve ever tried. It’s ideal for David’s Animals and Wall tones and it easily fits into his newer setups as well (like PULSE or On an Island). It earned its place on my pedal board!

    The Skreddy Pedals are not clones as most “boutique” pedals but rather a better take on the classics like Colorsound Power Boost and the “ram’s head” Big Muff… without sounding too modern. In the jungle of clones and avarage pedals, the Skreddys sticks out as quite affordable gems with a distinct “hi-end” flavour. It is also a delight dealing with Skreddy who provides excellent customer service and support.

    Check out the Skreddy site for more info on the pedals and how to order.

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Bjorn! Great site! I buy a screw driver skreddy (arrive next week) i have a buffer and a compressor, is a problem? The impedence? Thanks a lot

  2. Craig says:

    Thanks for your explanation of the Pink Flesh vs. Lunar Module. So much to choose from! Now I am wondering whether the best Muff option is the BYOC Large Beaver, the Absolutely Analog Green Russian or possibly this Dice Works pedal that I mentioned. I am also very curious to know if anyone thinks the “Fist” that AA offers is a reasonable replacement for the very expensive PowerBoost.

    [While the Large Beaver is a clone of the original 1971 “triangle” Big Muff the green Russian is, as the name implies, a clone or rather an improved version of the green Sovtek Muff. The main differences is that the Russian has a bit more gain, the tone is slightly darker, more dirty and a bit less sustain. Both are great for David’s Muff tones. The “Fist” is an excellent choice for the Colorsound. – Bjorn]

  3. Craig says:

    Oh and one more thing, I was wondering if you’ve ever checked out the Dice Works Triangle Big Muff…it’s supposed to be a Triangle Muff clone with a Cornish-inspired mod for the Animals/Wall tone.

    [Sorry. I haven’t tried it. I recently got one of these though… It’s a green Sovtek Big Muff clone. Very nice! – Bjorn]

  4. Craig says:

    Hi Bjorn, great site! Have you played through or heard anything about Skreddy’s Lunar Module? I’d like to know if there is are any objective comparisons to the Pink Flesh .



    [I haven’t tried the Lunar but from what I understand it’s a silicon fuzz very close to the AnalogMan Sun Face. Fuzz pedals should not be confused with Big Muffs, which have a different gains structure all together. The Pink Flesh sounds very much like the “triangle” Big Muff, although it’s based on a “ram’s head”. The tone is smooth, lots of sustain and balls. The Sun Face (or the Lunar Module) has a typical Fuzz Face tone. It’s bright, dirty, lots of sustain and that saw-like fuzz. I think the fuzz units needs a good boost to sound their best. At least for David’s tones. – Bjorn]

  5. Giovanni says:

    Hi Bjorn,two days ago i redeived a Mayo pedal……I love it…it’s fantastic…i play on an island outro solo with Mayo.

    [Very nice indeed! – Bjorn]

  6. Giovanni says:

    hi Bjorn!thank you very much for your help…next month i submit a picture….i wait : skreddy top fuel,used mayo and a PC G2″…
    best regards

    [I’m looking forward to the picture :) Cheers! – Bjorn]

  7. Giovanni says:

    Hi Bjorn. thank you for your site.
    this is my skreddy pink flesh demo video.

    [Thanks for sharing the clip! Nice board you got there! How about a picture for the gallery? Cheers! – Bjorn]

  8. Anton Chovit says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I really like your site, thanks for taking the time. I have a BYOC larger beaver and a screwdriver and have found that I like the effect order you suggest. I also use an Xotic RC booster between the LB and SD and can see how the boost really helps the muff sound. I was just wondering if you have had a chance to compare the Colorsound power boost with the RC booster? Are they at all the same/similar?

    [Hi Anton. Sorry for my late reply. It’s always difficult to describe to subtle nuances between certain pedals but the Colorsound sounds vintage, warm, boomy, with a distinct scooped mids tone. The RC booster is very similar but has more mids and an overall more modern tone. Still, the differences isn’t all that big. The Screwdriver is perhaps even more similar to the Colorsound PB with a bit more gain. – Bjorn]

  9. Trevor says:

    Bought a Screw Driver and love it, dut damn if that guy isn’t take every penny I have. Now He’s released this.

  10. David Cittadini says:

    Actually, the Pink Flesh has now totally been discontinued so enjoy them if you have them :-)

    [I enjoy mine very much! – Bjorn]

  11. David Cittadini says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    You may want to revisit this review of the Pink Fresh. Marc has run out of old transistors so he is now using modern transistors, along with a lower-gain 2N5133 and a BC109C for some warmth. This means that he can probably continue making the pedal indefinitely, rather than retire it as he has with a lot of other pedals. However, this “new” pedal will probably sound a lot different to the one you reviewed. Therefore, I would love to hear what you think of the new one :-)

    Regards, David

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  12. Jared says:

    Hi, great review Bjorn.

    Hey this dude on ebay makes exact copies of big muff “Ram’s Head” for about 80 bucks. I bought one and it is amazing, deffinetley try them out and they with a 1 year warranty. Check out he makes by hand and uses the “3003” circut. He only makes a few pedals every month he makes exact copies other famous pedals. It is defenitly worth a try.
    the link is up above.
    I love the website, keep up the good job.

    [Thanks for the compliments and tip! – Bjorn]

  13. Frank says:

    Thanks very much Bjorn.

    [Happy to help :) – Bjorn]

  14. Frank says:

    Thanks Bjorn.

    Therefore to verify, when you say:

    “For the best Delicate/PULSE tone I would use a Muff+BK/Tube Screamer combo. – Bjorn] ” ,

    can I confirm that for the ‘Delicate’ tone, you would recommend a ‘Muff + BK + Tube Screamer over the combination of the ‘Pink Flesh + BK’. Please confirm.

    I am sorry to keep going on about this, but I value and respect your judgement and the ‘Delicate’ tone is very important to me.

    Finally, does the TC Booster/Distortion used on ‘Delicate’ cover the BK + Tube Screamer combo?

    Kind regards,


    [No worries :-) I meant either the BK or a Tube Screamer. David used a Screamer a lot on the Momentary/Delicate tour but the BK will do the job. The Screamer is slightly milder… So: Muff + BK or Muff + Screamer. – Bjorn]

  15. Frank says:

    Thanks Byorn.

    Therefore, in the specific case of the pink flesh (which sounds a little like an old muff plus coloursound already), would placing the BK after the pink flesh be equal to your muff + coloursound (switched on) + your BK switched on, all at the same time? Or do you only switch the BK on when your coloursound is off? I guess I am trying to understand how best to use the various booster/overdrives with the pink flesh specifically, to reach a ‘Delicate’ tone, as opposed to boosting/overdriving a normal rams head muff to reach the same ‘Delicate’ tone.

    Kind regards again,


    [Hmmm… The Pink Flesh isn’t actually a Muff and Colorsound in one pedal but the Flesh is tweaked to sound more like that combo. I would only use either the Colorsound or BK after it. Not both at once. For the best Delicate/PULSE tone I would use a Muff+BK/Tube Screamer combo. – Bjorn]

  16. Frank says:


    Will placing a Butler Tube Driver in front or after the Pink Flesh provide me with a ‘Delicate’ more modern aggressive tone?



    [Try and listen… I like to have all my boosters/overdrives after the Muff as I think it gives a better tone. Often when you place it in front, there is a slight volume drop or a muffled tone. I’m having both a Colorsound Powerboost and a BK Tube Driver after the Muff for variety. The Colorsound adds a brighter, punchier tone for Animals/Wall and the BK adds a darker, creamier PULSE type of tone. – Bjorn]

  17. Ruud Verwijk says:

    Bjorn, I’ve ordered the Pink Flesh directly bij Marc Skreddy. It’s possible now to produce this pedal within one month.
    I’m very curious. Hope I’ll have the right sound cause the Big Muff reissue sounds terrible.
    I’ll keep you informed.

    Greetings Ruud

    P.S. we were invited to play at the DVD launch in the Tuschinski theatre in Amsterdam on sept 6th. But unfortunatly it was banned by Gilmour’s management.

    [That’s too bad… I think you’ll be very pleased with the Skreddy! – Bjorn]

  18. Ruud Verwijk says:

    I am very interested in the Pink Flesh and want to buy one. Problem is that it’s solded out by every Skreddy dealer. I don’t wanna wait for two months cause we have some interesting gigs in September. It would be nice to have one then.
    Do you have an option?

    [I’m not soo sure who’s selling them. I think I saw someone at Vintage Guitars in Denmark Street, London UK. Maybe they have a website. – Bjorn]

  19. Jason says:

    Thanks again Bjorn – i cant imagine how many pedals you have, you seem to have played everything!

    I think i might grab a colourdrive instead of the coloursound, save myself 200 Aussie dollars and buy another BYOC! – the screamer clone should hopefully suit some of the latter era stuff, i read in the instructions that you can do a mod, which doesnt look hard, which wil result in a more tube-like tone from the screamer (no delusions as to it sounding like a butler though!).

    i’ll definately let you know how the mod on the beaver goes.

    thanks again.

    [Thanks! Keep me posted! I think the Screamer clone will be a nice Tube Driver substitute. – Bjorn]

  20. Jason says:

    cool thanks bjorn, i’m in the process of constructing my beaver now, doesnt look to hard at all – im adding a mod that will allow me to flick between scooped/flat/boosted mids as well (hopefully i dont screw it up). very cool stuff!!

    also have you (or anyone else here for that matter) heard of the colourdrive by vintagefx? it s a clone of the coloursound boost for about half the price – a pedal i was looking to pick up after your many compliments (aaah decisions!)

    [Sound great! Keep me posted on how the mod works on the Beaver! The Colourdrive is a straight clone of the Colorsound Powerboost/Overdriver (which are identical pedals). The sound clips on the VintageFX site is aweful and don’t pay them eny attention. The pedal is really very warm and clean and it it overdrives when you turn it up. Definitely recommended for those 70’s rhythms and as a booster for the Muff. – Bjorn]

  21. Jason says:

    i have spent the last week trawling this site and im still amazed at how informative it is (and i’m only focusing on dist atm!) – so, awesome work Bjorn!!! (ps the set up looks VERY professional/sleak)..but to the question:

    i have the EMG DG-20 set, because of the SPC (midboost) control will that kinda remove an advantage of the pinkflesh over the BYOC? ie giving the BYOC that nice smooth PULSE dist sound? – thoughts?

    also i have no idea how to solder/do anything hands on so im worried about stuffing up if putting it together.

    [Thanks a lot Jason! I think the SPC will add a nice mid boost to the Large Beaver. I haven’t tried it myself – as I doesn’t have the EMGs – but that’s pretty much how David uses them. Still, I don’t think that having both the EMGs and the Pink Flesh will be overkill, as you can adjust the mids on both… But as I’ve said before, I think the Large Beaver is a much more versatile pedal. Most BYOC retailers offers a ready assembled pedal for a little more. – Bjorn]

  22. Frails says:

    Gawd! THE TONE!!!!!!!

  23. Ernest Peske says:

    Here, some good old English humor, including Mr. Gilmour(!) himself:

    Link: YouTube – French and Saunders

    …hope this kind of posting is oke Bjorn ;-)

    Cheers, Ernest

    [Of course it is :-) I’ve seen this one before… great clip! I love how Gilmour just won’t stop playing, he he! – Bjorn]

  24. Ernest Peske says:

    …just have been enjoying myself looking at your “archives”.
    Reall, really(!) great articles you’ve been publishing!
    I was actually looking for your “Money” clip, couldn’t find it. (I am fooling around with the solo myself: “G2 – live 8 sound”, … G2 sounds great within the mix, has some interesing EQ).
    Maybe one day you could include some sort of “search – find” option for all these wonderfull articles?
    Saw you again on te Bonus DVD ;-)
    I was only in Dortmund, let’s hope there’ll be some great Gilmour concerts somewhere in the future!
    Cheers, Ernest

    [Hi Ernest! Glad you like the articles. It’s been quiet for some weeks now but I’m working on new stuff and done some upgrading of the designs. You can find the Money clip here (top of the page). The tone could be better but I was trying to nail the album version using only Garageband. I’ll definitely add a search feature… just need to find one that lets you search through the whole site and not just the blog. – Bjorn]

  25. Frails says:

    [Thanks for the info! Sounds very much like how I use the Colorsound and I too use it to boost the TD! I like keeping both fairly clean but the combo makes a really warm overdrive. Lovely! How much for the LPB-2? – Bjorn]

    Ha! You can have it. When you get in another shipment of t-shirts, throw a XXL my way. How’s that?

    FYI- I just received my vintage clone compressor today from Pharaoh. http://www.pharaohamps.com/monument.htm

    I screwed up my Dyna comp trying to mod it (damn boards are tiny!) Anyway, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This thing is wonderful! I set it to the same settings as the Dyna comp (your settings), and combined with the Colordrive, Electric Mistress and DE7, rolled back the midrange expander to 5 and an absolutely beautiful rendition of Shine On came out of my Fender half stack. Their site lists this pedal for $169. I paid $65 and found a wonderful compressor.

    [Sounds like a really cool compressor! Thanks for the tip!. I’ll contact you regarding the LPB-2 :) – Bjorn]

  26. Rick says:

    Hi Bjorn, just for curiosity, what kind of distortion you think Gilmour used in “Money” during Live 8? I always thought it was a Muff, but listening to it again it seemed to be it could be also a Fuzz Face or something similar…

    [It’s the Pete Cornish G-2, which essentially is a modified Muff but with a much wider dynamic range. You can get tones similar to a Fuzz Face with both this one and a Muff, but the Face would have sounded even more “fuzzy” and thinner… – Bjorn]

  27. Michael says:

    Glad the Colordrive has worked out for you Frail! I also think I might have just scored a good one. With all this talk about the Pink Flesh having the Colorsound built in with a muff and what is also available for the “color sound” , I just scored a Throbak Overdrive Boost off ebay for just under $130.00 which compared to the NEW $220.00 seems like a steal if it works. Just seemed to be sitting there waiting on me to buy it, like it knew I been asking about clones for the colorsound. Now to wait a week while it arrives. My thanks to Bjorn for pointing me to the Throbak Overdrive Boost as an alternative to the Colorsound Power Boost. Im still thinking about the Pink Flesh in the future though..;)

    [Please note that the Pink Flesh doesn’t have a Colorsound Power Boost circuit in it but the sound it produces is very similar to a Muff + Colorsound combo, – giving it a very fat, warm tone. The pedal was designed to capture David’s lead sounds during Animals and Wall with the characteristics of both pedals. I think you’ll be very pleased with the ThroBak. It’s a great Colorsound PB clone with that classic transparent poweful clean boost. – Bjorn]

  28. Frails says:

    Update…..received the Colordrive yesterday. WOW! Does not color the tone in the slightest. Really wakes up the Muff and believe it or not, I like it best when used as a boost to the Tube Driver! Can get that choked tone. Sorry, that’s the only way to describe it. Not crazy about the overdrive tones though…just too muddy for me. But you can get crystal clear boost until about 4 o’clock on the dial. I messed around with the EH LPB-2 Booster and TD in place of the Colordrive and it became apparent very quickly how much better the Colordrive is at boosting cleanly. The LPB-2 will now go up for sale and while I always thought the TD was not versatile enough for me…now it stays with this new combination. Since I’ve not tried a Colorsound, I cannot say how exactly it compares to the Colordrive. But I can say that this is the best (by far) non-coloring booster I’ve tried. I paid $66 on ebay. Here’s the website….www.vintagefx.com…the pedal is $99 on their site, which is a lot less than a Colorsound. In the meantime, I’ll keep watching ebay auctions..

    [Thanks for the info! Sounds very much like how I use the Colorsound and I too use it to boost the TD! I like keeping both fairly clean but the combo makes a really warm overdrive. Lovely! How much for the LPB-2? – Bjorn]

  29. Sylvain says:

    Thanks for the article ! It’s worth(s ?) the cost to be read when it’s doing by a professional like you, much more than in a guitar mag !
    I’ve bought a Fender strat vintage 57’s US (black-mapple), I’ll collected it tomorrow. I haven’t tried it yet, I hope it sounds good. I want it to be my “blackie” ! lol! We’ll see…
    I’ll keep you informed.
    Bye !

    [Congratulations Sylvain! Let me know what you think when you’ve tried it! – Bjorn]

  30. Greg says:

    Great, sorry to keep boring everyone else but how would that relate to numbers in the GT-3? That’s what I really need to know! I really want to see if besides chorus and delay I can get the GT-3 to boost my Large Beaver the way you can!
    Thanks everso,
    Oz in winter.

    [I mostly used this setting for a clean boost… 0 20 30 75. I never really used the GT-3 that much, as it was mostly assigned to the stompboxes with only EQ and delay settings. However, I have written down some settings that I’ve used as backups to the pedals. – Bjorn]

  31. Greg says:

    Thanks heaps for that Bjorn, that’s what I was fearing.
    Can you tell me if the BD-2 without a mod is very similiar to the GT 3 version of the Blues driver for boosting purposes? I know at one stage you were using both.
    Do you have a remembered setting of the Blues driver on the GT3 that would do an excellent boosting job, or sound the same as what your BD-2 sounds like.
    Thanks again for sharing your vast experience.

    [The stock BD-2 pedal is the same as the one in the GT-3, only it has just the tone knob and not the bass/treble controls. I usually set the gain at 8:30, tone between 11:00 and 1:00 and volume at 1:00 or 2:00 for a clean boost with a slight crunch. – Bjorn]

  32. Greg Roberts says:

    Hi Bjorn and all,
    Talking of boosters, I have read on many sites that a good way to boost is to get a Boss DS-1, (plethora of them every where), turn down the tone way down, turn off the distortion and turn the volume to full.
    This is what I have to use at present.
    It does a similar job (not as loud, too loud) as some of your GT-3 Blues driver settings that I have installed in mine.
    Can you do lots of commenting on this for me Bjorn? Is the effect similar as a ‘proper’ booster would do?
    I just so LOVE all this pedal talk!!!
    Sydney, Oz

    [Hi Greg! The DS-1 will get you a volume boost if you turn both the tone and gain down and the volume up. However, the pedal is actually a distortion with a much stronger gain character than overdrives and linear boosters so I wouldn’t usually recommend it for boosting your tone, – you may experience more noise when you combine it with a distortion. The DS-1 also have a pronounced mid tone, which isn’t ideal for a booster… you want a transparent tone as possible. All this being said, – if the setup sounds good to you then you should stick to it… I do recommend checking out a BD-2 tho for a cleaner boost. – Bjorn]

  33. Michael says:

    Thanks for the comments on the colorsound… The ThroBak Overdrive Boost is around $220.00 here in the USA, with many other features besides the exact colorsound power boost circuit. I contacted Macari who told me of a vendor in the USA Musictoyz.com, but their selling the Colorsound Overdrive at near $300.00 usd.. that sure is alot for a pedal. I might just hang onto the BD-2 for awhile longer as the only clean/mild/ boost/overdrive..

    sorry to sway off topic.. the Pink Flesh is what I really meant to comment on. The Youtube demo someone placed of the Pink Flesh really sounds good… hopefully, Bjorn will also do a song clip with the Pink Flesh compared to the Large Beaver for us.. ;)

    [I’ll try to make a clip or post something from our next show. 300$ is a lot for a pedal, especially for something as basic as a booster but the Colorsounds has had a huge revival the past few years and it seems that they’re more popular than ever! I bought mine new at the Macari’s shop in March 2004 for 89 pounds! The guy behind the counter even asked the manager if it was the right price because he tought it was less! 3 years later it’s almost twice the price! I was in London a couple of weeks ago and told them this story and asked why the price had increased that much and he just replied that the pedals was overwhelmingly popular. I’m glad I got a great price but I’m 110% certain that I would buy a replacement if mine got lost! – Bjorn]

  34. Frails says:

    For Michael-

    I just pulled the trigger on a Vintage FX ColorDrive Overdrive ($66-ebay.) The ColorDrive pedal is a very close representation of the 1971 version of Colorsound’s Overdrive pedal which is said to be the same circuit as the Powerboost. I’ve never played through a Colorsound, but for the price it was worth buying blind. I’ll let you know how she sounds. All I can compare it against is the BK Butler TD and EH LPB-2 as those are my current boosts.

    [Please let us know how it sounds Frails! The Colorsound Power Boost and Overdrive is identical with different boxes. – Bjorn]

  35. Collin says:

    Have you checked out the DVD teaser on davidgilmour.com? Looks like it’ll be pretty cool. Better be in HD…

    [Yeah, I saw it! I can’t wait! I think they”re mixing it for 5.1 HD. – Bjorn]

  36. Michael says:

    Hey Bjorn.. Glad you looked into the B.Y.O.C. Large Beaver.. I was one of probably many that mentioned it to you long ago.. I like mine!! in any case.. I only helped cost you about $100.00 usd.. and now you give me the gas for this pink flesh at $200!!! son of a gun… sigh..

    Question: Colorsound Power Boost / overdriver is like non-exsistent here.. and probably everywhere.. so.. name a few close clones.. the closer the better. I use a Boss BD-2 at the present, but feel it lacks something.

    thanks for your site.. its always a pleasure to stop in and read the news..

    [I like the BYOC more and more… it has a very dynamic tone and I like the fact that it’s slightly cleaner than most Muffs as it’s based on the “triangle”. I think it sounds best alone with the volume quite high at 75%.
    The Colorsounds are only sold at Macari’s in London. The Boss BD-2 is probably the cheapest alternative and an AnalogMan or Keeley mod will get you very close. There are many clones out there… The Screw Driver (as mentioned) and ThroBak Overdrive Boost are very close… the Trhobak is a straight clone. But, I definitely recommend checking out the Macari’s site and consider a real Colorsound. The tone is quite unique. – Bjorn]

  37. PinksWall says:

    I cant wait till they start to sell the Pink Flesh at guitar center. I was saving up for a Big Muff but now i think im going to get this. Keep up the good work man!!!!!!!

    [Thanks! I think you’ll be pleased with the Pink Flesh. You can also order it directly from Skreddy. – Bjorn]

  38. MikeR says:

    I dunno ifI’m off topic, but for for good cleans from a regular amp. if you can’t afford the HiWatts or the Sound Citys, you can always fal back on the Fender tube amps. They do really good cleans. Even DG falls back on the Fender combos.

    Keep yourself clean!

    [Agree… Fender is a safe and often cheaper alternative. David has used Fender a lot over the years, both on stage and for recording sessions. Twins (both combo and head) and Bassman combos seems to be his favourites. – Bjorn]

  39. Collin says:

    This is interesting… EBay link. I’m still looking at the amps, and I’m about to order my BYOC Large Beaver.

  40. Emiel says:

    To Ruud,
    I hope you read this. I’ve seen your band back here in Sittard (very nice show) and your guitartone was nice… but sorry I think you lacked the real Muff tone. Get one of those first!

    I have a Blues Driver myself and it works great for Gilmourish stuff and to boost the Muff. Together with the Muff – and of course a clean amp – you’ll cover most grounds… and if you want to cover more periods, you need or modulation (chorus/flanger) or for earlier songs a Fuzzface. I don’t think you really would need more than a Muff, overdrive/boost, delay and some modulation. But since you’re in a famous coverband you would need a bit more pedals like some modulation (Electric Mistress, CE-2).

    As I’m Dutch too, I can help you by mail (emieljanssen[at]hotmail.com) if you want to!

    P.S. did I saw you using a Soundcity amp?

    @ Bjorn,
    Don’t forget to try a good Ram’s head Big Muff, for instance the D*A*M… it’s much more agressive and rawer than the Triangle or I think the Skreddy ones. Really THE pedal for Animals/The Wall…

    Damn your pedalboard is growing fast. Don’t you think it would be wiser to make it a bit smaller? For less tonesucking etc…

    But anyway, have fun with your new pedal ;)

    [Thanks for helping out Emiel!

    Ruud, I’m also interested to know whether you use a Sound City :)

    Emiel, I have tried a couple of “ram’s head” Muffs, including a vintage EH, which unfortunately at the time was too expensive for me. I really like the tone, at although it’s a bit more agressive with more gain, I don’t think the difference to a “triangle” is that big. Although David used a “ram’s head” on both the Animals and Wall tours, his sound is quite different on the Wall tour compared to the Animals tour, which of course comes down to his rig and the fact that he among other things used a Mesa/Boogie amp for overdrives on Wall… anyway, I prefer the BYOC “triangle” for Animals and the Pink Flesh “ram’s head” for Wall. I have to say that the DAM didn’t do it for me at all… I don’t know what it was but I didn’t like it.

    The board is getting big and there isn’t too much tonesucking but I have scaled it down a bit and based it more around the Animals setup. I realized that some of the pedals were in just for affection and that’s no good… I’ll post some updates later. – Bjorn]

  41. ART says:

    hey bjorn how the pink flesh compares v.s the BYOC Large Beaver ”triangle” Big Muff clone? thank you

    [I think it’s already mentioned, but the “triangle” Muff is brighter, has slightly more sustain and a little less gain than the “ram’s head” (Pink Flesh) Muff. They’re not all that different… The thing about the Pink Flesh is that it has an extra EQ stage boosting the mids, which gives a nice smooth tone even if you turn it up really good. – Bjorn]

  42. Luciano says:

    Hey, Bjorn.

    Me again. :-)

    I’ve just found a Boss MZ-2 Metalizer.
    I know it was on Gilmour’s 94 rig, but I can’t tell on which songs it was used (or if it was used at all…).
    What do you think about the MZ? Is it good?
    Do you know on which songs it was used?



    [I think it was only used on a couple of songs and perhaps as a backup distortion… Seems like he used it on the bridge on On the Turning Away. I wouldn’t say that it’s an essential Gilmour pedal… It’s versatile but more suited for metal stuff with a bright tone and tons of mids. However if you ever stumble upon a HM-2, then don’t hesitate! Gilmour used that one on About Face and Momentary/Delicate… A really cool distortion and one of Boss’ most loved. – Bjorn]

  43. ryan says:

    oh I see…that’s where I got confused…..I have my power boost before the muff and the tone was a bit under powered with no growl haha…ill give it a try

    thanks man!

    [I always keep the Colorsound after the Muff… That way you’ll have the thunderous power from the Muff and the extra boost from the Colorsound :) It really gives you that Animals tone! – Bjorn]

  44. Hugo says:

    Hi Bjorn.

    I have a US Big Muff, I guess that I will try to do the mod to it and try it with one Skreddy screwdriver, since buy one COlorsound overdriver is out of my budget (with shipmment to my country).

    Altough that Top Fuel pedals seems very interesting too, particulary to obtain the Gilmour sounds of Delicate Sound of Thunder and Pulse..

    ohh enough of GAS !!! jajajja

    thnks, great info as always!!!

    [I think the Screw Driver is an excellent option to the Colorsound… it’s not entirely the same, but it will give you some great sounds and a great boost for your Muff. – Bjorn]

  45. Frails says:

    Nate…Try their site.

    I know it says SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION but his site has been up before so it’s probably just mods. Try the email link on their too. Sorry for stealing your blog Bjorn.

    [Not at all Frails :) Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  46. Luciano says:

    Hi, Bjorn,

    Since we’re talking about different options for the vintage sounds, here I come with another question for you.
    Have you ever tried the Seymor Duncan Tweak Fuzz?

    Would it sound better than the Dunlop Fuzz Face Reissue or come close to Sun Face, or is it completelly different from both?



    [No, I haven’t… sorry. Any one tried it? – Bjorn]

  47. ryan says:

    question….is the key to getting the “animals” sound playing loud as hell? particularly with the muff and the power boost? I don’t know if its tone loss or what but im having a tough time getting that mean sound outta my muff…what im after is the tone he has on the “animal instincts” bootleg

    [Depends on many things I guess…. Fairly low output pickups for a clean, bright tone. A clean tube amp that doesn’t distort but you have to play as loud as you can to make the tubes work really hard and react with the Colorsound booster. I don’t think a reissue Muff will give you the tone. It’s too muddy. Even tho Gilmour used a “ram’s head” Muff on the tour, I personally prefer the BYOC Large Beaver, which gives you those bright, sustained tones. The Colorsound needs to be set clean and after the Muff. Volume is definitely the essence here… The louder you play, the smoother the Muff gets. Ontop of all this, you’ll need the Mistress for the Dogs solos. I hope this helped… – Bjorn]

  48. Ruud says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Thanks for your review. I have a USA Big Muff now and it sounds terrible. Right now I use the GT 6 in combination with BD2, Dynacomp but I’m looking for a alternative to get that special vacuum cleaner like Gilmour Sound. I’m thinking about ordering the Pink Flesh or The Ram’s head. Which pedal has the best typical Gilmour Sound.

    Greetings Ruud

    [The Pink Flesh is based on a “ram’s head” Muff, so by ordering the Pink Flesh you’ll get the tone you’re after. For a slightly cleaner and brighter tone I recommend the Large Beaver, which is based on the “triangle” Muff. Both are way better than the US reissue. – Bjorn]

  49. Nate says:

    Frails, where does one find a Ariel FX Silly Phuzz Phace?

  50. Skreddy says:

    Thank you so much, Bjorn!

    It’s very cool to see such a detailed review–with pictures even–on such a cool website as yours.

    [Thank you for making great pedals! – Bjorn]

  51. Hugo says:

    HI Bjorn.. what a GAS attack these pedals started on my mind!! jajjaj.
    It seems to me that if you don’t have a Coloursound the best Muff pedal would be the Pink FLesh (so, it seems ideal for my pedalboard since I don’t have a Colorsound, just a boss SD-1) . Since I cant spend to much money in my pedalboard right now, the options are: One, mod my actual EH Big Muff, change the transistors to those used in the Large Beaver and the diodes… or.. sell it and buy the Pink Flesh.

    What do you think? (the mod of the Muff is not a problem for me)

    Thanks for your help…

    [Which Muff model do you have? If it’s a vintage EH or Sovtek, then you should keep it and perhaps mod it if that’s necessary. The Pink Flesh sounds very much like the Muff + Colorsound combo but I definitely recommend a Colorsound PB for overdrives and clean boosts (you’re not surprised that I would say that I guess…) – Bjorn]

  52. Frails says:

    For Collin..I purchased a Ariel FX Silly Phuzz Phace over the Sun Face because they sounded identical but the Phuzz Phace was less than half the price of a Sun Face. Just a suggestion…you won’t be disappointed.

  53. Brendan says:

    Haha, don’t we all wish we could have the “Gilmour pedal”. Who knows with these new digitech Hendrix and Brian May pedals Gilmour could be on the drawing board, though I doubt he would approve. I wanted to build a Cornish type board a while back but never got around to it. Do you have any more room on your pedal board anymore? Very good review btw.

    [There’s never enough room for new pedals :) – Bjorn]

  54. Ernest Peske says:

    Hi Bjorn! Regarding Callaham:
    I think, it looks like your MIJ Collectable 50’s Strat bridge has a string space very close to the USA ’57 reissue: they are slightly bigger then the MIM version!

    Also, if you want Callaham can bend the trem arm exact the way you want it, but I like it the way he bends it (actually quite Gilmourish).

    …can’t wait to hear your opninion :-D
    Cheers, Ernest

    [Thanks for the tip Ernest! I’ll meaure the bridge and send it over to Callaham. I got my arm custom made a couple of years ago, so I think I’ll stay with it… I’ll be ordering in a couple of weeks, Right now I have a set of new Weber speakers that I need to get installed in my Sound City cab…. can’t wait to try that out! – Bjorn]

  55. Collin says:

    Ok, buddy, it’s crunch time. I’m starting to get serious about my prospective pedalboard and I think I’m getting it figured out (I hope…). I decided on covering the bases, as recommended to Ash-Zayr, by basing it off of the Animals board (more or less). Does this sound about right for the start of a basic setup? In no particular order, by the way…

    BYOC Large Beaver (For $70, how can you go wrong?)
    Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress
    Ibanez DE-7
    Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Nano (the one you reviewed)
    Boss BD-2 (I already own it)

    This is the first group I plan on getting. I trust you can tell me if this makes sense or if I was way off. I’m not worried about a fuzz because the BD-2 already does that pretty well. It also does the Tube Driver sound well, too. I hope this was a good start and you don’t have to pick it apart too much ;). Thanks for your help. I keep thinking I’m forgetting something, though.


    [Hi Collin! This seems to be a very good start… You ‘ll be covering much of the basics. I definitely think you should consider a real fuzz unit tho… with time. The BD-2 will get you close but it’s really not the same thing. Boss Boss and Dunlop has released new affordable silicon fuzz pedals and of course I recommend the Analogman SunFace. I also recommend a volume pedal. It’s perhaps not a cool way to spend you money but I think you’ll soon realize that it’s a great tool. – Bjorn]

  56. Daniel Krause says:

    Oh I see…Well…guess I’ll have to buy one before I can try it ;-)




  57. Ernest Peske says:

    Nice review again, Bjorn!
    Please help me, I am running out of money…
    Next time, review some plectrums, or so ;-)

    OK serious, I don’t know what to think about these pedals, hope they aren’t too much modified, if you know what I mean.
    It almost looks like they are based on clones like B.Y.O.C. pedals but more expensive. But I am sure you’ve got the right ‘Gilmour’-ears to judge the tone!
    By the way, The Large Beaver is on my Pedal board now! Very good value for money. I like it, good vintage Muff sound with lots of sustain. Good for “Sorrow” as well…?

    Bjorn, please don’t forget to check out the Callaham replacement bridge… I still can’t believe how good my guitar sounds. Now I really get ultimate Gilmour sounds. This mod is almost as important as buying good replacement pick-ups, like Custom Shop ’54 pups… (or ’69).
    This steel is even (slightly) better then Fender is using for there expensive reissue Stratocasters… the hype is true :-))
    …would love to hear your opinion!

    Cheers, Ernest

    [Thanks Ernest! Nah… plectrums are boring :) I don’t think the Skreddys are heavily modified BYOC or whatever… To my ears they sound modern, but made from scratch with a distinct effort of making something more than just another Muff or Colorsound PB clone. If you compare with AnalogMan who makes pedals as close to the originals as possible, the Skreddys are based on the same tonal range of a Muff (for example) and tweaked in a slightly different direction. The Pink Flesh doesn’t only sound like a better sounding Muff but more like the combo of both a Muff and a clean set Colorsound PB. The Screw Driver sounds like a Colorsound PB set to max for a warm, transparent overdrive with a GE-7 to boost the mids. Get it?

    Actually I’m about to order a new bridge set from Callaham but it seems that my MIJ Collectable 50’s Strat has an unusual bridge so I have to figure that one out. It’s slightly bigger than the MIM Classic bridge. But I’ll get one and I’ll let you know. – Bjorn]

  58. Daniel Krause says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Those Skreddy pedals have cought my eye too a while ago, but forgot all about it. Now you mention them…and with a good review. Maybe I’ll try them too. I just hope there’s a store here in Holland that sells them. And I really don’t think 195,- is a lot of money when it’s a good pedal ;-)

    Thanks for the review!



    [Doesn’t seem to be anyone in Holland. Check out this page for licenced dalers. You can of course get from Skreddy too. – Bjorn]

  59. Frails says:

    Hey Bjorn! Thanks for the reviews. I myself have on of Skreddy’s A/B pedals so I’m in line with your thinking…quality! I’ve been so close to pulling the trigger on a Large Beaver. Now I’m confused….DOH! Perhaps you can help me decide? On the Montreal bootleg (Animals 77 tour), the tones on Shine, Pigs and Dogs are what I’m going for. NOW, which pedal would you pick? And to that question, would the Screw Driver get me there? I just can’t get enough of the Shine On part where kicks the Colorsound on!! LOVE THAT TONE!


    [Ah yes! The Montreal show… I’ve been searching for that tone for years! I have to say BYOC Large Beaver and Colorsound Power Boost… and of course the Mistress. Although the Pink Flesh is a better allround Gilmour Muff tones pedal the Large Beaver will give you that bright scooped mids tone typicla for Animals. The Screw Driver is based on the Colorsound Power Boost but as I’ve written in the review, nothing really sounds quite as the Colorsound… Here’s my setup for the heavy solo from Shine On (were Dave’s pedals start working properly, he he):

    – 50’s Strat with Custom ’54 pickups, bridge position
    – BYOC Large Beaver (sustain 100%, tone 40%, volume 50%)
    – Colorsound PB (all knobs at 10 o’clock and the master volume at 60%)
    – Electric Mistress (colour 10:00, range “off”, rate 9:00 o’clock)
    – Delay (very mild with 370ms)

    Hope this helps you decide :) – Bjorn]

  60. Vincent says:

    Thanks for the review.

    How are the Pink Flesh compare to the BYOC Large Beaver?


    [The Large Beaver is a clone of the first Muff, the ’71 “triangle” model and the Pink Flesh is based on the ’73 “ram’s head” Muff. The “triangle” has slightly more sustain and a brighter tone, while the “ram’s head” is slightly darker, more gain and overall more creamy. I like the Large Beaver for it’s clear tones, ideal for Animals/Wall and even some fuzz stuff like Echoes. The Pink Flesh is ideal for the smoother Delicate and PULSE stuff… Difficult to say which ones better… Decide which kind of Gilmour tone you’re after and get the one closest. – Bjorn]

  61. Alex Mircica says:

    You seem to be working very hard at the moment Bjorn! All much appreciated, I shall check these bad-boys out!

    [Thanks Alex! Do check them out. – Bjorn]

  62. Ash-Zayr says:

    By now I am confused about all those distortions, Muffs, Fuzzes, Screamers and Tube Drivers…;)
    As I am going to build up a simple but effective set-up for my own PF tribute here in Germany, I wonder how many pedals seem to be necessary for an authentic sound.
    For each PF period (about 4-5 periods of sound throughout the last 30 years) nearly 3-4 different units for differents sounds or even single songs?

    What does it really need if you have to, or want to come along with only one or two units for distortions? So far I have a BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone….surely not suitable for a PF tribute….but maybe for some sounds pretty good. The “Pink Flesh” seems to “fit them all” in one box; at least more than other units do. If it is said to be the sound of Animals perdiod and Wall period it must be the one I am looking for.

    But what about all these Small Stone and the Sun Face pedestals you tested some months ago? Are they replaced now by these Skreddy units in your mind and opinion?

    By the way: please, give us a forum!!!

    Micha from Kiel, Germany

    [If you want to start building a board from scratch that covers all eras I think you’ll get far by looking at David’s Animals board. It pretty much covers it all…

    – Wah Wah (Vox or Dunlop)
    – Fuzz (preferably one with silicon transistors like AnalogMan’s SunFace)
    – Compressor (Dynacomp or Boss)
    – Distortion (Big Muff type, I recommend either the Large Beaver or the Pink Flesh)
    – Booster/Overdrive (essencial for boosting the cleans, boosting the Muff/distortion and of course for overdrives)
    – Phaser/Uni-Vibe (preferably both, but you can get far by starting with one of them)
    – Flanger/Chorus (again, preferably both but the Mistress is definitely essential to David’s Animals and Wall tones)
    – Volume pedal
    – Delay

    Now, this is a very basic board consisting of minimum 9 units. If you have to choose between a phaser or Uni-Vibe I’d go for a phaser as it covers more tones. The MXR Phase 90 and the EH Small Stone is very similar. The Mistress is my favourite but Gilmour pretty much only used it for Animals and Wall (+ ’78 solo album and Final Cut) so if you’re after an 80’s or 90’s tone, you should consider a chorus, which is much more subtle… preferably a Boss CE-2.
    I definitely recommend getting both a fuzz and a distortion. If you’re after authentic sounds, you don’t want to use a fuzz for stuff like Comf Numb or a Muff for Echoes. I recommend the AnalogMan SunFace (Fuzz Face silicon clone) for the typical Pompeii and Dark Side tones and a Big Muff for the Animals, Wall and 80’s and 90’s tones. Personally I’d go for the Large Beaver for a really authentic 70’s tone, but the Pink Flesh is probably more versatile covering all Gilmour Muff tones.
    Regarding overdrive or booster. For the authentic 70’s tones, both clean boost and overdrives for rhythms, I’d go for the Colorsound Power Boost. Awesome pedal! The Tube Driver sounds distinctly modern and imo it won’t give you a good 70’s tone. If you’re looking for an overall verstaile budget pedal, then the Boss BD-2 is excellent coverning all Gilmour overdrive tones.

    Please read more about setups in this article. Feel free to e-mail me with further questions. – Bjorn]

  63. EME says:

    Very nice review indeed Bjørn. As usual!:) I’ve just tried the Top Fuel myself of the arsenal Skreddy has put out, and I agree with what you’re saying. It’s dynamic and sounds very good, but I wish it was a little stronger in the low end. Anyway, it’s a great pedal I can recommend myself. Have to check out Pink Flesh next though.. It just seems like a killer pedal! It just never stops you know…:/ I can’t decide whether gas (gear aquisition syndrom) is a blessing or a curse. What do you think?

    [Thanks Eivind! Well I look at it this way, – at least we get some fun using the stuff we buy. Look at those who collects stamps. That’s some thousands of dollars just stored away in a book never to be looked at more than once a year. That’s sick to me…. :) Sreddy skal skifte en støyende transistor pÃ¥ min Pink Flesh. NÃ¥r jeg fÃ¥r den tilbake kan jeg sende den opp for en liten test :) – Bjorn]

  64. Jeremy says:

    Man, its because of you that we can even come close to sounding like Dave.

    Thanks a lot, i wouldnt be where i was without you

    [Thanks Jeremy! Glad you find my site to be an inspiration :) – Bjorn]

  65. Luciano says:

    Another great review, Bjorn.

    Unfortunately, every time I think I’m achieving a nice rig, then you come and introduce new “objects of desire”, like the Skreddy’s (specially the Pink Flesh).
    Anyway, it’s great to know about all of this stuff, so keep on torturing us!! :-)



    [It’s nice to torture :) I really do like the Pink Flesh but the Screw Driver is amazing too. Definitely recommended for those early overdrives. – Bjorn]

  66. Ryan says:

    great review!

    are you dropping the sovtek muff?

    [Thanks! Now I have teh Sovtek, the Large Beaver and the Pink Flesh… they all sound a little different and I swap things around depending on which tone I prefer at the moment. Right now the Sovtek is off my board and I use both the Pink Flesh and Large Beaver… and the SunFace. – Bjorn]

  67. Collin says:

    Haha! Another great surprise! Once again, greatly appreciated.

    BTW – eBay is in the pits right now as far as Sound City amps go. There is practically nothing, and the stuff that is there is a little on the steep side. And another thing, are the Sound City Cabinets the best to use with the 50+ or will something else do?

    [If you’re considering a Sound City 50w I think that any smaller cabinet will do… a 2 x 12″ perhaps. But keep in mind tho that these are extremely loud amps and if you’re looking for that super clean tone you should stay away from newer Marshalls, Peavey etc… they will distort. Seems like Sound City has become more popular over the years and the prices are steep. – Bjorn]

  68. Mike says:

    I’m interested in trying these out now, I’d never heard of them until now. I wish I had the $200 to shell out for a pedal!

  69. brett says:

    hahah i saw that pink flesh pedal and i was thinking the same, asking for trouble with a name like that! Thanks for the pedal heads up bjorn, the pink flesh pedal sounds great if you check out the you tube video of it. too bad $195 :( :( :(, I cant wait till you have a contest and give away a pedal bjorn! lol, keep up the good work, i look forward to some stuff from airbag too.


    [Thanks Brett! I don’t think $195 is all that if you consider some of the other Muff clones out there… or boutique pedals in general. The Pink Flesh is worth it. We have some exciting Airbag stuff coming up this summer…. stay tuned :) – Bjorn]

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