• Electronic Orange Pig Hoof review

    I’ve been reviewing several Big Muffs lately and they all offer something different – some more convincing than others. The new hype seems to be pedals loaded with new features and it may be hard to find a straight clone of the old classics. The Pig Hoof from Electronic Orange promise to be a faithful clone of the “ram’s head” Big Muff – here’s my review.

    But what is exactly is a “ram’s head”? What makes it different from the “triangle”? Not much. The fact is that the so called “triangle” and “ram’s head” circuits are more or less identical although the box designs and graphics are different – hence the triangle positioned knobs on the first Big Muffs and the straight positioned knobs with the ram face logo on the second generation pedals. That being said due to inconsistent use of parts during the first years of production some pedals might sound completely different to each other. A “triangle” may sound like any other “ram’s head” and vice versa. The schematic on the paper didn’t always fit the actual layout of the specific pedal. This and the fact that parts value change over time means that an original 1973 Big Muff won’t sound the same today as it did new. So, a clone will never fully represent the original but rather a version based on carefully selected similar sounding pedals or the “idea” of how the original sounded like. Over time clones have defined the differences and that’s why we in general can say that a “triangle” has a dark, smooth tone and the “ram’s head” has more gain and an overall more aggressive brighter tone. See Kit Rae’s excellent Big Muff site for more details on each version.

    But all of this doesn’t really matter. You should be aware but what really matters is whether you like the pedal or not. As long as the pedal feature reasonably good quality parts and the assembly is up to standards I dare to state that there’s no such thing as a bad pedal. Only different tastes.

    About a year ago I did a review of the Electronic Orange Moon Vibe, a clone of the original late 60s UniVibe. I was immensely impressed and was keen on checking out some of their other pedals as well. The Pig Hoof is housed in a T-Rex sized box with true bypass switching and controls for gain, tone and volume. It has a bright led and runs on 9V battery or Boss style adapter. The tone is unmistakably “ram’s head-ish” with saturated gain, thunderous well-balanced lows and a crisp top. The Pig Hoof is slightly darker than most “ram’s heads” I’ve tried but IMO that’s just an advantage as these models tends to be just a bit too bright and harsh. It still manages to maintain the top frequencies though and a fat attack – or the typical “click” you get from Muffs.

    I’m using a Fender CIJ ’65 reissue Stratocaster with EMG DG20 pickups into a Boss CS2 > EO Pig Hoof > ThroBak OD Boost > EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress > Boss RT20 and a Laney Cub12 15w stack. The second clip is recorded in mono and duplicated with a wide stereo spread with reverb and delay added in Logic.

    The Pig Hoof is very loud. One of the loudest Muffs I’ve had. That’s usually a problem and pedals like the Pink Flesh is just too wild and hard to tame but the Hoof is remarkably responsive and dynamic to your playing and the guitar volume and it goes very well with a booster behind it. It’s also surprisingly quiet, something I’d never would expect from a pedal this loud.

    In terms of David’s tones the Pig Hoof covers everything from Animals, DG78, Wall to PULSE and Gdansk. Its transparent mids scooped tone makes it ideal for using different sounding boosters to shape the tone. Add a Colorsound Power Boost for the late 70s tones and a Tube Driver for the more present tones or perhaps a slightly darker Tube Screamer or OCD for some really squeezed warm tones. The Hoof also stands well on its own. Add a Mistress and some delay and you’re spot on Final Cut. I also recommend using the Hoof alone if you’re mainly playing at home on smaller wattage amps. It’s not as bright and doesn’t cut as much through the mix as the Blackout Effectors Musket but you’ll have no problems getting killer tones with it – it’s perhaps a better choice compared to the Musket on bright Fenders and similar amps.

    I’m not really sure what to put my finger on. If you’re a die-hard fan of the early Sovtek models you might find the Pig Hoof to be just a bit too mild although it has much more gain than the typical “triangle”. If you’ve blown your savings on a Cornish P1 you might find the Hoof a bit too wild and dark but then again you probably wouldn’t care about another Big Muff. I urge everyone to check out the Pig Hoof and the rest of the vintage collection from Electronic Orange. They make some fine stuff!

    The Pig Hoof was tested on two different Stratocasters, one with Fender CS69+Duncan SSL5 (bridge) pickups and one with EMG DG20 pickups and two different amps, a Laney Cub12 15w stack and Reeves Custom 50w – both with Weber Thames 80w speakers.

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  1. Matthias Kloepsch says:

    Hey Bjorn, thank you so much for all your inspiration and tonal guides. It has helped my a lot in finding “my” glimourish tone!

    I have recently put up a youtube video of Comfortably Numb using the Pig Hoof and RT20 in solo 2. If you are interested, just drop me a message and I’ll send you the link.

    All the best from Germany, Matthias

  2. Dan says:

    Hey Bjorn. Thanks for all the info. Got a question about muff style pedals. I pulled out my Pig Hoof from the shelf and I’m noticing I need to crank the volume to full to get unity gain. I swapped it with my Vick Audio Rams head 73 and it’s got the same problem. I’m very confused. I’m using a Les Paul into a Reeves Custom 50. Is it because of the humbuckers or something? My two Strats were long overdue for setups so they’re with my tech. I’m using my Bradshaw custom board and no other pedals are suffering this problem and I’ve plugged them into two different power sources to no avail. Any help is wonderful.

    • Bjorn says:

      That’s the nature of the Ram’s Head. Some clones have more output but both the Vick and especially the Pig Hoof are very close to the original circuit and what you’re experiencing is the lack of mid range. Your amp has a lot of mids and probably some of your other pedals too, so when you hit the Ram’s Head and compare that, you’ll perceive it as much less output due to the lack of mid range. To compensate, you can add a booster or EQ, boosting the mid range.

      • Daniel says:

        That makes sense. I got my Strats back and plugged straight into both pedals and directly into the amp. Still suffering the same problem. its just weird though, as I don’t remember having that problem when I first bought them years ago, but then again, I just got the Reeves a month ago and I wasn’t playing through that amp when I first used those pedals.

        By the way, that Reeves amp maybe the best amp I’ve ever played and I own at least a douzen vintage Fenders from the 50’s and 60’s, Boogies and several boutique amps like Bludotone, Two-Rock & Komet. It was immediately exactly what I was looking for within 5 minutes of dialing in. Bought a new Hiwatt C50 in 2013 from England and it is garbage compared to the Reeves. No comparison. Not even close in tone.

  3. xQuiksilver78x says:

    Thanks for the tip – I am located in Prague and had just one hand built and hand delivered by the engineer himself: Jan Horinek :) Lovely piece of gear! … Tips on mixing it with a TS9, TC Electronic Spark, and possibly a ProCo RAT?

    • Bjorn says:

      The best way to boost it is with a transparent booster but one with a bit of gain. Try the Boss BD2 or Jan’s Bananaboost :) Don’t pair it with a second distortion like the RAT. You’ll only get tons of noise and feedback.

  4. Paul Van Heuklom says:

    I have a Jeff Beck signature Strat plugged into a Laney Lionheart 5w amp for a bedroom setup, and Buffalo FX Power Booster on the way. After reading all these comments, I’m thinking you’re going to recommend the Vick 73 Ram’s Head over the Orange Pig Hoof or BYOC Large Beaver. Am I right? What about the Buffalo Patriot–or anything else you can think of to help me get that Gilmour warm, sweet sustain?

    • Bjorn says:

      As I always say – depends on what tones you want :) The Pig Hoof is still my favourite Muff but the Lionheart goes perhaps better with a model with more mid range. The 73 is similar to the Pig Hoof, although smoother and with less low end and it has a mids boost. The Patriot is a very different sounding Muff, with more mids, more gain and an overall darker tone. I’d go for the 73 for David’s Animals-Final Cut tones and perhaps the present tones and the Patriot for the PULSE era.

  5. Mick says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I have a Cub stack and Power Booster as well and I’m curious what your Pig Hoof settings would be for DSotM.


  6. Brad says:


    After lusting after a Pig Hoof for YEARS, my very own arrived by post today. Jan was very nice and a pleasure too work with.

    I plugged it in with only it and my Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan in the signal chain into my 68 Custom Princeton. I set all the knobs too noon.

    I was instantly surprised at how musical, warm, and familiar the fuzzy tone seemed. I say familiar, but at the same time, I felt like I was really hearing a big muff for the first time. It seemed to respond in just the way you expected it to, and hoped it would, when you used different playing dynamics. The “crispy top” as Bjorn describes it, is so pleasing, and also necessary for clarity amid all that thunderous muffy goodness. Same thing with the attack. The high end and the pronounced attach somehow keep the sound from being muddy, at least for leads. If you brighten up the tone a bit, you can chug along on rhythm with a nice rich distortion sound.

    I tried to set the Catalinbread to match it, and although I managed to get close, I ended up giving up and just playing the pig hoof, because it just sounded so rich and effortless to get a good tone. I barely moved the knobs from noon. With the CB it takes a good amount of tweaking to find your sound. It is versatile and a good sounding pedal, but the PH is really in a different league when it comes to a really bringing to light the most musical qualities of this legandary circuit.

    A skeptic might say, “well you paid a good chunk of money and waited four months for this thing…of course you’re going to make yourself like it!” And the truth is, I half expected to plug it in, and to like it, but to also say, “well, it”s really just another decent fuzz pedal.” Not this time. it was immediately clear that any extra ducats (with the current exchange rate this pedal’s price is totally competitive with any “boutique” muff clone to buyers in the US), and being on a waiting list was completely justified.

    If you’re on the fence about this one, believe me, you won’t be disappointed.


  7. Jan Horinek says:

    At the time being, i am designing an 18V version of my Bananaboost. It will be fed from a standard 9V battery/power supply to bring some comfort to people who want to run it from a common power supply. The 9V will however double inside, giving the boosted signal the right headroom. Just fired up the prototype and it sounds more than pleasant.

  8. Max says:

    You nail that “Mother” solo. Well done, man.

  9. Randy says:

    First of all. I really appreciate your website. You have obviously spent a lot of time on this and it’s extremely helpful.

    I am getting more into electric playing having been acoustic for so long. My goals are David Gilmour solos – Comfortably Numb, Wall, Division Bell, Dark Side of the Moon
    My set up is:
    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Limited Edition Texas Red ( Celestion G12 Vintage 30) – played in bedroom at low volumes (I know it’s overkill, but I loved the clean tones when playing it in store with the Strat and it was an impulse buy)
    Fender American Standard Strat – early model ~ 5-7 yrs old – maple neck 3-tone sunburst

    Which Muff do you think would be most suitable ?
    Pig Hoof or the Musket.

    Thank you

    [Hi Randy! Thanks for your kind words! Of the two, I’d go for the Musket. You need a bit of mid range when using Muffs with Fender amps. You might also want to check out the Buffalo FX Patriot. Even better :) – Bjorn]

  10. Julien says:

    Thank you Bjorn!! I read about the Powerbooster, unfortunately it’s out of stock and it seems a bit hard to find a used one but Buffalo website says it should be available again in January… I may wait then. I’ll see if there’s an alternative, I read here you like the BD2 as well to boost the Big Muff? I don’t want something with too much mid range like you so I don’t want any TS like pedals… Thanks again

    [The BD2 is an excellent alternative. It’s very close to the old Powerboost, with just a tad mid range but not too much. – Bjorn]

  11. Julien says:

    Hello Bjorn!

    I own the Pig Hoof as well, thanks to your article, for some time but I never really searched for a booster to go with it, I never used boosters actually. I see you use now a Soul Food, is it a good booster for the Pig Hoof? Thank you so much

    [I use the Powerbooster with the Muff. The Soul Food works OK personally I think it has a bit too much mid range for boosting a Muff. – Bjorn]

  12. Huy Tran says:

    I have the Caprid and love it but it isn’t an easy pedal to work with. If you are recording or have time to set up for a specific tone then the Caprid can sound great. But it lacks mid range and gain. A lot.

    At the moment I prefer the Vick or the EHX Big Muff Pi Deluxe as it is set it and forget pedals.

    Very easy to get good sounds from them.

    [Yep. That’s the nature of the ram’s head Muff. There’s not a lot of mid range going on. The Vick, among others, has a mids boost so it will cut through better. The Sovekt Muffs also has a bit more mid range. – Bjorn]

  13. Julian says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I’d like to have your opinion about Vick 73 vs Pig hoof. What i”m looking for is that true Gilmourish 73 Violet rams’ head tone ( his no 1 Muff, the no 2 Muff (replica), the cornish P1).

    Kitrae on his Gilmour page, writes that the closest match would be “Big Muff replicas like the TopTone DG-1 (based on the Cornish P-2), Stomp Under Foot VRH, MJM Foxey Fuzz (both violet Big Muff clones), and Wren and Cuff Caprid”…

    Which one would you recommend…. It would be used on a Laney Cub head + Throbak overdriver or with Bk type pedals ( BD-2 or wampler plexidrive).

    Thank you for your help.

    best regards,

    [For your setup I’d go for the Vick ’73. It’s very close to that classic violet sound and you can also add a bit of mid range, which often is crucial on smaller amps and bedroom levels. The Pig Hoof, Foxey Fuzz and Caprid might all be a tad more authentic but I think you’re better off with a pedal that will sound better on your amp. – Bjorn]

  14. Robert says:

    I’ve had a long struggle to discover my own sound. But at the end I thought it would be better to follow Bjorn’s advices ! So….
    The Buffalo Powerbooster arrived 1 month ago, the pighoof yesterday. I use it in combination with a HK Tubemeister 18 and a Kool&Elfring 2×12 cabinet. I have an USA strat and a Music Man Luke II.
    It sounds simply massive ! Even at lower volumes.
    So for now: very happy with the pig hoof !
    best wishes

    [Happy to hear! Thanks for sharing! – Bjorn]

  15. julien says:

    Thanks for your answer!
    So, if i rely on your advice about choosing the vick 73 over the pig hoof, could you please bjorn tell me what setting on the vick i have o use to sound like david’s rams head? I guess scooped setting…and will i be able to use it with the throbak overdriver or tube driver style pedal placed just after it as a booster?
    Actually i fear that the vick is made to be used alone…

    As i can use the 15 watt channel of the laney cub, is it still better to use the vick over the pig hoof?

    Peace and love.

    [As I said, the Pig Hoof sounds pretty good on the Cub but as with all ram’s heads, and the “violet” models in particular, it can sound a tad too bright. The Vick is slightly darker and I also think that adding a bit of mids, like choosing the flat mode, makes it sound smoother. You can go either way but my experience is that the Vick works better on smaller amps :) – Bjorn]

  16. julien says:

    Hello ,

    I’d like to share your experience about using the pig hoof on your laney cub head. Does it really work well with the amp? Can i use it with a clean booster ( powerboost or tube driver) with high quality results?

    Is it better to consider the vick audio 73 for the laney cub head? Or will i be ok with the pig hoof for a living room use? 2×12” cab with weeber thames…

    If not will the vick in scooped mode be a great replacement for a rams head clone? And will it stack well with powerboost or tube driver?

    I do prefer the pig hoof tone…. over the vick. So please help me to be realistic….what works the best with laney cub head, in order to get those david rams head tones at bedroom levels…

    Thank you

    [I think the Vick fits a small bedroom setup better. It’s a tad darker and you can add a bit of mids, which you often lose on smaller amps. The Pig Hoof works nicely too but it can sound a bit too bright on smaller amps. Especially now that you got the Webers. – Bjorn]

  17. Matthew says:

    Hey there Bjørn!
    I currently have the Electro-Harmonix 2000 Big Muff PI reissue and I was thinking of buying a different distortion pedal as the one I own does not quite cut it when it comes to my tone or Gilmour’s stuff. I am very on board for ordering the Pig Hoof (Or the Mk II), however I have a policy of ‘try before you buy’. But I obviously can’t try the Pig Hoof as it appears to be order-only. Bearing in mind I appreciate the tone characteristics of the Big Muff already, is it worth ordering the Pig Hoof out of the blue without trying it?

    Very much looking forward to hearing the album, by the way :)

    [Well, I definitely think so. The Pig Hoof is by far my favourite Muff. It sounds much more open and dynamic compared to the US reissue. How it ultimately sound depends on your guitar and amp but based on the pedal alone and it’s tone compared to David’s, I highly recommend it. – Bjorn]

  18. Gareth23 says:

    It arrived today! I’ve had a quick play through a few tunes with it and I’m pleased, it’s absolutely immense!! It sounds like a monster, huge sound and bags of sustain even at bedroom levels with my Cub12. I couldn’t be happier, I’m looking forward to having a play about with the settings a bit, but to be honest it sounded amazing with the settings borrowed from your review.

    Buffalo FX Power Booster next :-) I’m currently boosting it with my Soul Vibe, but I think it would be best to boost with the Power Booster and keep the Soul Vibe for a crunchy OD. The Soul Vibe is such a lovely sounding pedal.

    Cheers again for all the reviews/advice, it’s invaluable for us tone-hunters :-)

    [Congrats! Glad you liked it :) – Bjorn]

  19. Gareth23 says:

    OMG!!! My Pig Hoof is on the way!!
    I ordered last November so I’m super-excited that the wait is over, and even more of a bonus is that I’m having the new design version. Massive thanks to Jan at Electronic Orange for keeping me up to date with progress of my pedal. Hurry up Mr Postman!

    I’ve had a P19 for company in the meantime though, so I’ve not exactly been struggling ;-)

    Your site continues to rock, long may it continue.

    Best wishes,

    [A year… that’s long… Well, I hope you like it :) Keep us posted! – Bjorn]

  20. Electronic Orange says:

    Hi guys, here is Jan from Electronic Orange. We have moved a step ahead and changed the look of our dear Pig Hoof boys. Instead of the common aluminum enclosure, we will now provide you with a custom made, sturdy metal enclosure, which is silk-printed by hand. For the same price, you get a smarter look, a steel, old-fashioned battery door on the bottom side, and removable rubber feet – so if you want to stick Velcro on the bottom, you simply unscrew the feet.
    The most important thing however is that the new enclosure will help to produce more pedals, so the waiting list won’t be so helplessly long.

    Shine on!

  21. James says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I really want to buy a pig hoof pedal but just can’t wait the 10 months for the pedal to arrive. A lot can happen in 10 months. What would be your second choice after the pig hoof?? I hope some day they can find a way to produce their pedals faster. I think the long waiting time is killing their sales. Thanks Bjorn!

    [It’s a one man operation, as far as I know, so it takes time. Their pedals are some of my favourites and I hope that they can speed up the production so that more people get to play the pedals. Anyway, my second favourite Muff… I haven’t quite found a ram’s head that sounds like the Pig Hoof. Maybe the Foxey Fuzz from MJM. The Buffalo FX Ram’s Head is another great sounding clone, although slightly darker than the Pig Hoof. Although more similar to the old Sovteks, I also love the Skreddy P19 and Buffalo Patriot. – Bjorn]

  22. e-Pablo says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    One more time, nice review and cool playning!

    This pedal is awesome, I really considering place an order, but I also like Wren and Cuff the Crapid, if you had the chance of try both pedals, whats is the principal diferences in between of these pedals.

    Which, do you think it could be better for small amps in bedroom settings and in Stage?
    On the other hand The are a waiting list of 9 moths to have PIG HOOF, do you think does it worth?

    Regards from Sapain and thanks for your site

    [Depends on your amp and pickups. Ram’s head Big Muffs can sound harsh on tyne “wrong” amp. The Pig Hoof is by far by favourite Big Muff. It’s not that different from the Caprid but it has a bit more low end and a generally more aggressive tone. It’s a matter of taste. – Bjorn]

  23. Mel Doidge says:

    Saw this review and ordered a pig hoof. Had to wait a while, but worth every minute, this is a fabulous pedal, iron fist in a velvet glove, screaming sustain and controllable sweetness. Good for so much more than just Gilmour tones, was playing Crosstown traffic on it and fits the role perfectly, so warm, but can be brutal too if you want. Lovely, just what I was looking for, thanks for the fabulous review, would never have found one otherwise.

    [Thanks, Mel! Fantastic pedal indeed! – Bjorn]

  24. John says:

    I own a Peavey Vypyr 15 as I ran out of money after i’ve bought my guitar…sadly. I forgot to mention that I’m mostly looking for a Big Muff that can get me as close as I can to Dave’s sound from the DSOTM- Final Cut era, and after hearing the Pig Hoof’s sound I was pretty sure that was what I was looking for.
    As for the Musket, I’m not really sure where could I get it from since I live in Europe. Shipping from the States is not an option because of the custom fees and frankly the customs in general :) It would have been easier for me to buy the Pig Hoof as there are no customs to care about but I’d like you to tell me if there’s any way my value amp and this beast of a pedal can work together well.
    I might just get the RAT anyway, it seems to be the go-to distorsion pedal and I really need some of that for my non-Gilmour endeavours :)

    [Well, you can’t go wrong with the RAT. The Pig Hoof should cover the DSOTM-FC era perfectly though… – Bjorn]

  25. John says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I want to buy some guitar pedals for Christmas to finally start my pedalboard. I’d like to buy a Big Muff, and I’ve noticed that you’re a big fan of the Pig Hoof. Would you recommend buying a Pig Hoof if I am using a digital 15 watt amplifier ? If so, should i get the red version or the yellow version? I’m probably going to buy a RAT II pedal for my other distorsion needs, maybe a BOSS BD-2 for a booster too. If you think it’s a bit too much for a bedroom setup, could you give me some alternatives?

    Thanks. :)

    [What amp are you using? Muffs can be a bit demanding and might not work that well on smaller solid state or modelling amps. The Pig Hoof is a great Muff but you might want to look into something more versatile like the Musket or even the current EHX Bass Big Muff, which is very close to the one Gilmour used on PULSE. You could also just get the RAT and see how that sits with your amp. It’s probably the most versatile distortion on the market. – Bjorn]

  26. Keith Clarke says:

    Hey Bjorn, no broken vertebrae. Four mildly herniated discs, and one of the screws from the previous surgery tried to come out of my back, from the inside, but most of that has healed already, and I should have no lasting issues from the fall. The pedal purchases shall resume very soon!!! I figured you’d see this first, but email me if you get a chance.
    Peace Bro’ I’m so relieved!!!! Got Stuart Castledine building a Super Fuzz for my Townsend tones, and he’s got a couple limited run things on the way, but it’s not my place to talk about them, but if you haven’t heard yet, you will! Take care, Keith, THE POSTECUTIONER!

    [Glad to hear you’re doing better, Keith! – Bjorn]

  27. Ben says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    How does the Pig Hoofs circuit compare to the dead silent circuit of the BYOC Large Beaver? I’m looking for a Rams Head style muff that doesn’t raise the noise floor of my setup. Awesome review by the way!


    [Thanks! Both the yellow and red are very quiet and I haven’t noticed any higher noise level than the BYOC. Keep in mind though that the red label especially, has much more gain and lower end than the BYOC, so there will be potentially a lot more noise when you engage the pedal. The circuit it self is silent. – Bjorn]

  28. Ian says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I have been using the Pig Hoof live now for a couple of months, it is a great pedal and covers 90% of gilmour related muff tones.
    The low end is controlable but it maybe has a little too much gain when used in anger.

    Jan is very helpful and the gain issue will be ‘under control’ soon after having a few email
    Converstaions with him!

    I urge anybody who wants authentic Gilmour muff tone to get a Hoof!

  29. Julius says:

    Hey Bjorn!
    I’m thinking of buying this pedal, but I need your opinion first :) How well it would go with my rig: Fender 62’reissue stratocaster (CS 69 pups)->Throbak Overdrive boost->Whirlwind Orange Box-> EHX 90’s Deluxe Mistress-> Boss RE-20->Peavey Classic 30.
    Thank you :)

    [It’ll work nicely! – Bjorn]

  30. Tony says:

    I have yet to try the Pig Hoof. But I highly recommend the Basic Audio Tri/Ram if you have not already. Everyone who has tried it raves about it and I’ve never read one complaint. I’ve tried many muffs and it tops them all.

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  31. Amund Blix Aaeng says:

    You were right, got the Pig Hoof just 20 minutes ago and I am blown away! :)
    And double right on the Klon, the PH into the Klon REALLY brought the midrange forward to fat and vocal, just a fantastic combo.
    Now this is the first Muff of any kind I’ve tried, but I feel it sets a pretty damn high standard…

    [Congrats! Glad it worked out :) The Pig Hoof does indeed set a high standard. By far my favourite Muff :) – Bjorn]

  32. Amund Blix Aaeng says:

    Just found one here in Norway, I’ll blame you if it sucks, Bjørn! :D
    What do you think of a Timmy or Klon after a Muff?

    [LOL! I promise you’ll be blown away :) I think both works really well for boosting. In regards to the Pig Hoof, I think the Klon is especially suited. – Bjorn]

  33. Lou says:

    I have Texas Specials in my Fender USA Strat, the LP has 57 Classic & Classic Plus, My Music Man has well, you know. LOL Dimarzio pups. The shipping on the Large Beaver is $15 from Canada to the US what would the Pig Hoof shipping cost? Dothan, Alabama 36301 USA??

    Thank You,

    [Personally I prefer the Pig Hoof. It will work nicely on your setup. I have no idea what the shipping might be. Send them an e-amil and ask. – Bjorn]

  34. Lou says:

    The Pig Hoof sounds good, so does the BYOC Large Muff and the Big Musket. So hard to choose from. I want to get the Gilmour tones as well as the older Black Sabbath tone as well. Which of those Three would give me what I want?

    [Depends on what amp and guitar/pickups you have. They all sound and behave different on different setups. All three would cover both Floyd and Sabbath. – Bjorn]

  35. Brad W says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Have you tried the EO Banana Boost? Thoughts on it?


    [I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet. As far as I know, it’s a dead on clone of the old Colorsound. – Bjorn]

  36. bailey says:

    Hi I hope all is well

    I love the cover ,and I thought that sense my last post I’ve saved up abit for sovtek muff but i dicidid i mit get this instead and its cheaper to , Its also past u with flying colors , it also sounds good with the cub stake my new amp:].so that bring me to my next question sense my boss bd-2 craped out on me a copel of weeks ago .I’m in the market for a booster and I heard about the Electronic Orange Banana boost .A clone of the color sound power boost, it also refers on their site to David and the eclipse days[72]. So I’m not shear if its jest a stunt to move product or is it the real thing and is it a good buy.

    Hopefully a new airbag album and a us tore [California specifically] :}

    Thank from the states bailey

    [The Bananaboost is a true replica of the original Colorsound. A safe choice. Check out the Throbak Overdriveboost and the slightly cheaper TC Sparkle Boost as well. Both clones of the Colorsound. – Bjorn]

  37. James Kerr says:

    Hi, Bjorn, have you had a chance to try out the SUF civil war pedal yet. The clips I have seen of this pedal have been awsome. The SUF civil war pedal sounds great. If you had to choose one original and one clone pedal which ones would you choose? Maybe the sovtek green triangle and the pigs hoof. Have you tried any other pedals recently that would cause you to change your top three clone list?

    [I’ve tried the Civil War very briefly but enough to say that it sounds great. Buying original 70s Electro Harmonix and early 90s Sovtek Muffs is a gamble. You never really know what you’ll get since the pedals had very little consistency in terms of parts and time has also taken its toll on these pedals due to poor quality parts. You could be very lucky and you could be very disapointed. A clone will in most cases be the best solution. The SUF Ciwil War, Wren and Cuff Box of War, Mojo Hand Colossus and the Blackout Effectors Musket are all very close to the original early Sovteks. I guess I still stand by my top 3 list but there are many ways to go depending on what tone you want. – Bjorn]

  38. Jon says:

    Finally got my Pig Hoof and tried for 1st time today… WOW!! I could play this thing all day. Sound is amazing.

    [Glad to hear! – Bjorn]

  39. Oscar says:

    Hi Bjorn, the pedal sounds great and u play great! I want that pedal so bad but it seems that the only way to buy is with paypal but i dont want to give out my credit number. And trying to find a Big muff Rams head is just to hard. Do u know another big muff (or a clone) that sounds like that Pig Hoof or a Rams head? Ty

    [Try contacting Electronic Orange and ask if there’s an option for payment. Paypal is safe though… I haven’t really found one that sounds as good as the Pig Hoof… that’s why it’s been my main Muff for the past year or so :) Check out the Ram’s Head clones from BYOC and Stomp Under Foot. Another option would be the Musket, which can produce similar tones. Check out the MJM Foxey Fuzz too. – Bjorn]

  40. Nico says:

    Almost one year ago, I said this was the best Big Muff clone I’ve ever heard. I now own one, and it’s mindblowing. The first time I plugged it in, I really got shivers down my spine. I recorded a soundclip, I hope it’s useful:


    [Thanks for sharing, Nico! Great playing and tone! – Bjorn]

  41. Tom says:

    Thanks Bjorn!
    Yes, I do agree with you on the fact that the overall sound is determined mainly also depending on the rig one’s using. I have a custom strat with ssl5 bridge & lace sensor gold p’ups / ebony board. It’s a very decent sounding axe & I’ve spent quite a bit of time & effort to make it suit my taste. Currently playing through a Vox hybrid modelling amp which is fairly good sound wise, but looking to invest into a decent tube amp at some stage.
    Is it true that people are saying that apparently the PH sounds very close to a violet Ram, possibly the best sounding & coveted Ram of all? Too bad that the waiting time for the PH is around 6 months now, though as you’ve pointed out its worth the wait :-).
    Is it a good pedal for home/practice use as well & combines well not only with pure tube amps?

    Right now, i’m probably thinking to get myself a Tri spec Large Beaver & see how I go in the meantime while I decide to order the PH.
    Btw, I’m waiting to receive a truly superb pedal IMHO – the Lunar Module Deluxe from Skreddy :-). It absolutely nails the earlier Gilmour sounds especially DSOTM! Have you ever had the chance to try it? Highly recommended & a very versatile pedal!

    Will be keeping on track with my PH & muff quest in the meantime.
    Thanks a bunch once again for your kind help & advice Bjorn!


    [The Pig Hoof is closer to a violet with more gain and lower end. I think you need a tube amp and some volume to make it really open up. It tends to get thin and harsh on solid states and low volume. I haven’t had the chance to try the Lunar yet. Seems like a great pedal indeed! – Bjorn]

  42. Tom says:

    Hi there Bjorn! Great review & sound clips to match! :-)

    I am in need of some helpful advice as I’m a bit stuck in the crossroads in choosing between a few pedals, one obviously being the PH.
    I was just about ready to fork out funds for a Royal Beaver, since I’ve read & heard so many good things about it & also for the mere fact that it promises to be an awesome Muff modelling pedal :-).
    But upon thinking on whether I’d need so many tweakers & variations as opposed to an already great set-up tuned circuit as in the PH, my choices have come to question this. I know that the RB can be tweaked to model up to 3 different muffs & you yourself have rated it very well against the top desired muff variants…
    So how well does the PH compare to the RB? Do you personally prefer it against the other, especially for certain songs? Do you have it full-time on your pedalboard? I’m only asking this because it seems to me that there’s this never ending dilemma/mystery debating what is the one ultimate muff version that Gilmour’s sounds were originating from. I know that it could mainly be narrowed down to either the Tri/Ram/Sovtek CW , but all in all I’m sure you’d agree that there’s a fine line between all of these… I of course am going only by what I read & heard so far but if this pedal is really that good in terms of nailing pretty much all of David’s tones post ’76, then it would make sense to get this instead. Btw, the RB costs almost $150 more than the PH, so there’s that to consider as well.

    I do know that tone is a very personal thing to each of us, that’s why it can be confusing when making these decisions :-/.
    I do appreciate your help & your advice would be most helpful!
    Thanks Bjorn & keep up the great work on this awesome site! :-)

    I was even gonna hunt for a good used Civil War or Sovtek Green muff, or even just a Tri/Ram BYOC pedal.

    [As I’m sure you are aware, how a Big Muff sounds and behave depends on your guitar, amp and the other pedals. See this tutorial for some tips. Both the RB and PH are on my favourites list. I tend to use the PH on stage since it seems to cut through slightly better and the RB at home and in the studio (it’s featured on the last Airbag album) because it’s slightly easier to tame. But as you mention, there is not one Big Muff that will cover everything and I use what ever model or a different distortion when that’s called for. The RB has a lot of options and it’s easy to tweak. I mainly use the ram’s head setting with a few adjustments. The PH has a bit more top and lower end and appears perhaps a bit more aggressive compared to the RB. It’s all apples and oranges really. An alternative to the RB is of course the Large Beaver, which has some additional tone options as well. – Bjorn]

  43. Bart Logtens says:

    That’s strange… I thought the previous comment did’nt went trough…Delete that last message! Any how, Desperately waiting for my Pig Hoof!

    By the way, How is your Baby Daughter?

    [She’s fine, thank you! We’re having a great time feeding, changing daipers and going through all of David’s guitars when she’s awake… She’s got a lot to learn :) Cheers! – Bjorn]

  44. Bart Logtens says:

    Just ordered my PIG HOOF!! 6 months of waiting ahead of me…

    [It’s worth it! – Bjorn]

  45. Jon says:

    Musket on way & PIg Hoof ordered. It’s all good now :)

    [Great! – Bjorn]

  46. Jon says:

    This is a question for anyone. How long to get your order confirmed once you submit it? The date for new pedals keeps getting pushed back so it looks like they’re getting swamped.

  47. Lee says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Just got my PH from electric orange. WOW… This pedal is awesome. I had to wait 3 months for this baby and all I can say to any one who is on the fence – it’s well worth it.

    As you say, its very loud but to my ear sounds totally authentic. I was looking for a 70’s muff that was Rams head like, and this is it or me.

    it gets its official airing next weekend.

    Jan is very helpful and answered all my questions. The pedal was ready early than Jan predicted so defo recommended.

    thanks again for the tip.

    excellent article for the big muff’s by the way..

    cheers Lee.

    [Congrats! Awesome pedal! – Bjorn]

  48. Jon says:

    So if you had to pick one between Musket and Pig Hoof as you were going to be dropped on an island.. which would you say. I can’t try either of these locally although I’m sure either would do. Whaddaya think?

    [Depends on your setup of course but I think the Pig Hoof would be the closest match. – Bjorn]

  49. Julien says:

    Hi Bjorn! Beautiful sound! Maybe the best sounding Muff clone sample I heard on video actually. Too bad there’s a 5 months waiting list to get one :/ Do you think a BYOC Large Beaver Ram’s Head would get close to the Pig Hoof? Or would you recommend me another model maybe? Many thanks!

    [Thanks! The Pig Hoof is warmer and has a bit more bass than the BYOC. Still, the BYOC is a great model! I haven’t found any ram’s head or Muff that sounds quite like the PH. – Bjorn]

  50. Matteo says:

    Hi Bjorn, I was wondering how the pig hoof would sound on this amp


    It’s a Fender Frontman 212R, transistor, 2-12″ 8 Ohm 50 Watt Speakers. The amp is loud as hell.
    I’ve got a Mexican Stratocaster with standard pickups, I’m still thinking about which overdrive should I get, as for the rest I’m gonna get the regular E.Mistress, Dynacomp, Moonvibe and Phase 90, and the Nova Delay by T.C. Electronics.

    Thank you very much for your work, and congrats for the site: it’s simply amazing the research job you’ve done to get every information possible about which effects/guitars/amps David has been using troughout the years.

    Ciao from Italy,


    [Thank you! The amp should be up for the job. You might find the amp a tad too bright for Muffs but with some tweaking you should be able to get some great tones. The Pig Hoof is loud but also quite warm compared to most other ram’s head models. I think the biggest challenge would be the Standard pickups. These have a high output with lots of mid range, which isn’t a good combo for a Muff. It gets muddy and you’ll loose some of that crisp attack. You might want to consider replacing the pickups with something a bit more vintage sounding. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  51. David says:

    I have just received mine 3 days ago and i’m so glad !!!
    It sound really floydish with an incredible sustain, i use it with compressor and chorus and it’s just wonderful … A big big thank to Jan who respect the delay of delivery (the pedal was ready to ship the exact day that he predicted) and also for the disposability for answering all my questions. Definitely a good place to spend money for great vintage material !!!
    Thank also to Bjorn for this splendid review !
    Just one question, i’m actually using a boss BD2 as boost for the pig hoof and i would like to know the right setting (pig hoof and BD2) in order to boost the muff without removing the characteristic warm and smooth sound of this wonderful pedal. (i’m using a les paul with burstbucker pro, i know, it’s not the perfect guitar for gilmour sound, i’m saving money in order to buy my first strat !!!).
    Thank in advance.


    [Settings depends very much on the guitar/pickups and amp. You need to set the amp first as a basis for all your tones then add the pedals ontop of that. David doesn’t really use that much gain. He’s playing loud, which makes the tubes interact with the pedals creating the sustain and compression you need and combining two gain pedals also require that you know how to tame the gain to avoid feedback and noise. I recommend having the BD2 after the Muff. Set both to about unity volume with the amp – the BD2 slightly higher for boost. Set the Muff gain to about 50% and the BD2 gain to around break up. The tone needs to be set according to the overall tone of your rig. – Bjorn]

  52. Nathan says:

    That sounded great! Mother might be my favorite solo. I know how to play the original, but is there a chance you could tab the extended live solo? Also, have you ever heard John Wetton and Adrian Belew’s version of Mother from the Back Against The Wall tribute album? Adrian plays an extended solo with some awesome King Crimson type delay/volume swells.

  53. J.W. Bergmann says:

    Just received my Pig Hoof from the Czech Republic! I couldn’t wait to get home and plug it in. WOW! Ridiculously amazing sound. I also have the Throbak Overdrive Boost. These two pedals are a match made in heaven!

    BTW… Thanks for all the great reviews and for the amazing videos, Bjorn. I really enjoy checking in at Gilmourish.com and visiting your Facebook page too. Great stuff!!!

    [Thanks! Glad you liked the pedal :) – Bjorn]

  54. Ed Hodgett says:

    Love the site Bjorn,really interesting,Just got a Pig Hoof also,it is fantastic,just awesome when backed up with a second pedal(booster) cheers to Jan!

    [Thanks Ed! Glad you enjoy the pedal too :) – Bjorn]

  55. Ricardo says:

    My PIG HOOF arrived last week and i really love how it sounds. I can’t describe it better than Bjorn did in his excelent review (as usual) but i can say than Jan from Electronic Orange is a very nice and honest guy. The pedal was finished at the time he predicted (actually a couple days before), it is very well build, very well finished and it sounds awsome.

    [Glad you liked the pedal! Electronic Orange produce some very fine pedals and effects and they understand great customer service. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  56. Sergio says:

    Another great review.
    Great tone as always.
    Have been lerarning a lot from you. Thanks for your great work on this amazing website.

    I noticed that there’s a les paul hanging on the wall… what model do you use?


    [Thank you Sergio! It’s actually an Epiphone Standard that I’ve modified the hell out of. Changed all the hardware and electronics including loading it with Classic 57 pickups. Sounds and plays wonderfully. – Bjorn]

  57. josh says:

    Mate!!! you are missing the gear review of dave´s final album of the 90´s…RUN DEVIL RUN..i know is Paul project but is david´s guitar what made that album so special!!!!


    [Well, yeah… technically not a Gilmour album but I agree that he has definitely put his stamp on it. It’s largely the same rig he used on the Meltdown shows – the Bassman amps , the Cornish MKI board and mainly the ’55 Tele/Esquire. – Bjorn]

  58. The fat cyclist says:

    My immediate response was really creamy, I liked it a lot. I listened again and again Cheers.

  59. Ruudpp says:

    THX Bjorn It sounds nice but a bit to smooth I think. Maybe it is the combi with the DG 20 pick ups. The mistress sounds awesome! I’m jealous.

    [The EMGs adds more mids which makes the overall tone smoother. Sounds a bit nastier with the SSL5 but it’s indeed a smoother Muff compared to other models. – Bjorn]

  60. Ricardo says:

    Hello Bjorn!
    Great review as usual. I’ve been waiting for it for about a year.
    I’ve been looking at this muff since you’ve done the review of the Electronic Orange Moon Vibe (about a year ago). The only problem was that there wasn’t any review, youtube video or sound clip of the pedal to have an idea of how it sounds. Then a couple of weeks ago i could finally hear one of your sound clips on which you’ve used this pedal (you´ve posted it in another gilmour related forum). Then i email you and ask your opinion about the pedal and you kindly reply me as usual and said that this was a very good pedal and highly recomendable and that you will soon make a review of it. Now, after i saw your review i finally placed an order for a Pig Hoof and i’m sure it was worth waiting.
    Best Regards

    [Glad to hear Ricardo! I think you’ll be very pleased with the pedal. Electronic Orange is making some really cool stuff and they seem to have nailed the whole vintage vibe. – Bjorn]

  61. Eric Nyberg says:

    I have a SUF Violet Ram’s Head and I really love it. I’d say it’s inbetween the Triangle BYOC and the 73. If you want to give that one a try I recommend it highly.

    [I haven’t tried it yet but I rocogn it’s very similar to the Hoof. I’m no expert on the specs but it sounds very much like a violet to me. – Bjorn]

  62. Ondra says:

    Wow, I agree with one of the previous posters, the best muff I´ve ever heard. Well, at least to MY ears. Very very smooth as heard in the dry version, I need one!!! Thanks Bjorn for the review!!!

    PS: nice playing and sound, as usual, you nailed it!

    Ondra Skoumal
    Czech Republic

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  63. Alex says:


    the Thames are still listed on their site, but I just found that I cannot access the web store with Firefox. Safari works good.

    Just go
    – Weber Speakers
    – High Power Series
    – 12″ Models (Ceramic Models)

    I put one into my CUB 12R combo. And indeed… the tone has become even more gilmourish. But be aware that the Thames speaker is a good bit larger than the built-in Celestion Rocket. In fact, the Thames’ speaker magnet almost touches some of the tubes. That’s why I decided to shield the tubes with a MU metal plate. Jay from Eurotubes told me later, that he wouldn’t think that step was necessary… However, I feel better with the MU inside :)

  64. scott...oz says:

    hi again..
    Looking at Kit Raes Web site i have a latter version 3 Big Muff with the AC marking on top with the on/off switch(how advanced we were back then).
    I paid about 23 pounds for it about 76/77 which seems correct. It was a lot of money as i earnt 14 pounds p/w as an apprentice.
    When i bought it i had no idea about muff’s as i guess no one else did but it did annoy the neighbours….Yay…
    I also had a Coloursound fuzz/wah pedal that was crap but i now wish i had kept it.
    In fact if only i knew what we all know now…
    2 gigs this week…

  65. Jae says:

    The clip sounds great Bjorn! I’m glad to read about your opinions about the ’73 SUF Muff, sad too. I was thinking about the Stomped Under Foot’s Ram’s Head until I hear it’s wild and boomy. So now I’m thinking it’s going to be either the Tri-Muff or the Civil War. Do you have any experience with either of those models. Thanks for any advise and for having my favorite website.

    [Well what I said about the 73 is my oppinion so you really have to decide for your self. Some prefer the Muff to be as saturated and wild as possible. I prefer it mild and smooth. I haven’t tried any of the other SUFs but the Civil War seems to be a great choice. OF all the Muffs I’ve tried over the years I want to mention the Musket, Large Beaver and the Pig Hoof as my favourites. – Bjorn]

  66. Joe says:

    Wow, that was a great sounding muff! Your Live “Mother” solo was great also, the second clip (the one with the processing) definitely nailed the sound!

    So, are you planing to do any guest appearances with Roger this year!? HAHA!


    Shine On,


    [LOL! I will do a surprise appearance on one of the shows during Comf Numb. It’s something we agreed on last year when we did a charity gig together… – Bjorn]

  67. Nico says:

    To my ears, this is the best muff pedal. I want one.
    Great review Bjorn, the soundclip is incredible. Keep it up! Your work is superb.

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  68. Jay says:

    actually to be honest after reading some peoples reviews on the diffrence between the tri and rams head im a little mixed up. Seems alot of people say vice versa on their tones. ive read that the tri has more gain while the ram has less and that the tri is brighter then the ram and then i read another page and someone is saying the complete opposite. but i think ill go with BYOC’s tri beaver.

    [Yeah and that’s kind of the point I’m trying to make in the review. BYOC is a good reference and their triangle is considerably darker and smoother with less gain and more sustain than their ram’s head. Depends on what tones you’re looking for but both will cover most of David’s Muff tones nicely. – Bjorn]

  69. Jay says:

    lol I got ya. not trying to aruge i swear, but the byoc was the one you described at being the brighter more sustaining muff and rams head being more dark and agressive, on the muff guide page lol. dont matter of course, eaither one produces perfect Gilmour tones so its dosent even matter. Shine On!

    [Depends on which pedals one is referring to I guess. Some triangles are indeed brighter and overall they do have a bit more sustain than the ram’s head. Generally though I’d say that the typical triangle clone is darker while the ram’s heads are brighter. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  70. Ernest says:

    Nice review and cool playning!
    Nice hearing your EMG ;-)
    I have a question about your Weber C12GB (Thames) 80W speaker.
    I can’t find it at the official Weber site.
    Where did you buy it? Do they still make them?
    Would the Weber Blue Dog sound the same?

    [I’m using the Weber Thames High Power Series ceramic 12″ 80w. You’ll find them on their site. I haven’t tried any of their other models but send them an e-mail and ask. They’re very helpful. – Bjorn]

  71. richard says:

    hey bjorn,
    again, sounds really good. but what really blew my mind was the second part of the clip.
    nice job!
    how’d you set the throbak and the mistress to achieve that sound?
    or in other words, how do i have to set my throbak and my hartman analog flanger for this? :)
    thanks a lot man!
    all the best

    [Thanks! The Throbak is set with all the controls at 12:00 with a slight boost on the treble just to get a fuller tone not an actual volume boost. I’ve never tried the Hartman so I can’t tell about how to set it but the Deluxe is set with the color and rate at 10:00 and the range off. The Hartman I’m sure needs a different setup since it’s a clone of the early Mistress. – Bjorn]

  72. Lee says:

    Love the wet clip……..which has left me with a bit of a problem. I don’t yet have a mistress (electric that is ;-) ) and have been looking at getting an original vintage job yet this cllip sounds pretty bloody good to me….i need some advice my man.. please PM if you have the time.

    [Send me an e-mail and I’ll try to help post@gilmourish.com – Bjorn]

  73. Allan says:

    Yeah, wild and boomy describe the 73 quite well. It’s very untame, I haven’t had a chance to crank it up yet so I’m guessing it will smooth out a litte in that situation.

    Kit’s clips of his one sound great, and I know he plays very loud through a Fender Twin.

    On a side note, have you tried out the Coloursound Powerboost clone that EO make?

    Still searching for that new overdrive… it could be an option.. Very reasonably priced.

    [Haven’t had the chance to try the Banana Boost yet. – Bjorn]

  74. Alex says:

    Don’t worry, it was a funny experience… and something I really did not expect down in Spain :))

    [Cool :) – Bjorn]

  75. Alex says:

    Yup, sounds cool!

    Finally received my Moon Vibe last week but haven’t had the time to check it, as I just returned from my Gran Canaria vacation (it’s me who wrote that comment on fb after I had come to witness that Norwegian parade :)

    Just wanted to say that Jan from Electric Orange is a very nice guy to deal with! Specially if you are from Europe, check out his stuff, cuz it really is a good alternative to some U.S. gear and you don’t have the hassle with the customs.

    And Björn… with every new muff review, you make me want to own that specific box – even though I already own the Royal Beaver and one should think I’m already well covered with different muff sounds :)

    Nice playing btw… as always!


    [Thanks Alex! Hope you survived the crazy Norwegains :) – Bjorn]

  76. Jay says:

    correct me if im wrong bjorn, but ive seen you say numerous times on here that the triangle is the bright version and the ram’s head is the dark sounding version???

    [Perhaps I’ve said that when describing a specific model but if you compare say the BYOCs the triangle is considerably warmer and darker than the ram’s head. But as I explain the review it could easily be vice versa. – Bjorn]

  77. scott...oz says:

    Hi Bjorn…
    The pedal sounds real nice and wonderfully played.
    I have been playing the 80/81 live wall cd in my car lately so real nice to hear you play the solo from ‘Mother’.
    I bought my muff in 76 and it still gets an airing.It loves the OCD as a boost and sounds awesome though it needs to be pushed
    to get the best sound…
    I modded it to run off the 9v adaptor but think it sounded better with batteries which it ate at an alarming rate…ha ha..
    You could have done snowy’s job with Roger and been far more convincing.obviously i would be doing DK’s part..lol..
    All the best..

    [LOL! You’re lucky to have an original Muff that you bought yourself. These old pedals sounds best on batteries and I’m sure you are aware but be sure to use non-alkaline for the best result. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  78. Allan says:

    Sounds really good Bjorn.

    I was considering the Pig Hoof when in search for a Rams Head style muff. I ended up with a SUF 73. I think the 73 has to be played loud to get “the tone”.

    The Pig Hoof seems to handle lower volumes much better. Similar to my Byoc Triangle but not quite, from what I hear.

    Absolutely loved the “wet” clip at the end. It just reeks “the Wall Live” :D

    I take it you were inspired by Roger’s show and have been listening to the original recently? hehe.

    [Actually I recorded the clip weeks ago but I thought it was fitting to post it now considering recent events :) I must admit that the SUF 73 didn’t do much for me. I thought it was just too wild and boomy. – Bjorn]

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