• The Wall O2 Arena with David Gilmour

    I had no expectations whatsoever in regards to Roger’s new Wall show. Of course I know the songs and the original live show but based on the last couple of times I’ve seen Roger I thought it was best not to get my hopes up. I must admit the main reason for going to London was a small hope that David might appear here.

    A couple of friends and I got to see three shows and I’m really glad I did. Apart from the fact that we got to be there when David made his promised appearance, the whole experience was mind blowing to say the least. Perhaps it helped that I didn’t have any expectations but I really got to hand it to Roger and his band for doing justice to The Wall.

    The show starts off with a powerful In the Flesh and although I missed the Surrogate Band with the masks the new opening hits you right in the face and sets the standard for the rest of the show. From there it’s pretty much a nice balance between the original 1980-81 performances and new up-to-date animation and graphics. The classic theatrics is there from the teacher puppet to the hotel room and fascist display. Roger has managed to keep the original story line fresh and timeless by tweaking it slightly towards a more political approach. The Wall has never been one of my favourite Floyd albums but this new show has made me see it in a different light and given me a better understanding of its powerful message. It’s more political now, yes, but I’m a bit surprised to see that many in the audience just don’t get it and scream their loudest when Roger points out the “weakest” in the audience. I have also seen comments and reviews stating that the show is too political. Perhaps it is but then again these people probably don’t know who Roger is and what he stands for. After seeing the show in early May a Norwegian reporter said that Wall was a lame compilation of songs that had no meaning in the Floyd history. I don’t even want to start on that one…

    The show aside I’m very impressed by the overall sound and the band’s interpretations of the songs. I was expecting a tight performance but also feared that it would sounds too perfect. When you know the stuff as much as we do it’s hard not to focus on the details but I caught my self thinking I was back in 1980 several times. Roger and the band hasn’t only learned the songs but studied in detail “Is there anybody out there” album. It’s amazing to hear every drum fill and guitar lick right off that album. At times Dave Kilminister sounds just as wild as David did and Snowy… well, Snowy is Snowy and he played on the original shows. Roger even had chorus and phaser on his bass!

    I had told my self not to be too critical of Kilminister’s playing and tone. He has his own style and tone and it would only ruin the show if I sat there and compared everything he did with Gilmour. Well, principles aside I spent the whole first show dissecting Dave’s playing LOL! After all, I’m in this for the guitar. But if you read this Dave I have to say I’m really impressed! The heavy Thin Ice, the airy echoing Another Brick in the Wall (part 1) and the rich sustain on Empty Spaces was all present. I also think he did a great job with Comfortably Numb playing very close to the album version. If I had to point my finger on something I think his distortions are a bit too saturated and boomy and songs like Young Lust was just a complete mess. A nice little surprise was Jon Carin on Run Like Hell. His tone was huge! The definitive low point of the show was Snowy and GE Smiths half assed attempt at the Mother solos. One of the high points for me was Last Few Bricks, which really stirred up the crowd.

    We had set our minds on Saturday. For some reason it seemed more likely that David would appear this day. We were looking for signs all the time though and while I was allowed to bring my Canon into the show on Wednesday I was forced to deposit it on Thursday. No professional cameras they said. David will appear today we though! Getting into the arena we were desperately looking for new clues. Was the sound engineer wearing white sneakers today and black yesterday? David will play today! But we did however notice two cameras at the mixing desk and rails for a camera rig in front of the stage. This wasn’t used in the first set though but they rigged the camera during the intermission we were sure something was about happen. When they didn’t start filming until Comfortably Numb we were positive that this was the night and focused on the top of the wall and surely there he was for the chorus. It took a couple of seconds before I realized it but then I saw the Hendrix strap and heard my self scream my ass off like a mad man. It was wild and unbelievable and the crowd just went completely crazy! This was Super Bowl and Shea Stadium times ten and it was hard to hear what David was singing. He must have felt it too and from where we sat we could see that he was totally perplexed.

    You’ve seen the clips already and mistakes or not this was a night to remember and a huge experience for everyone there. Not least Roger. He just couldn’t stop smiling and he seemed very emotional. David on the other hand looked shaky and a bit shy but no doubt happy as you can see on the Outside the Wall clip. No wonder he was nervous though considering he hasn’t really played to a crowd like this since Gdansk 2006. It was also great fun to see Nick up there. Rick was there in spirit.

    It’s hard to point out what gear he might have used. It’s The Black Strat obviously with the Hendrix strap. When we were there it sounded very much like the G2+Tube Driver but judging by the clips I would assume that he’s using either the 1999 or 2006 Cornish board with a Muff+Tube Driver combo and perhaps some delay. I’ve also seen unconfirmed reports on him using Alessandro and Hiwatt amps.

    After the show we waited outside the backstage tent and surely Roger turned up and agreed to some signing and pictures. We were no more than ten fans so it was a nice chance to see him up close. A nice bonus for me personally was to meet Phil Manzanera. A guy whom I’ve admired for years. This will be something I’ll remember for the rest of my life and I’m glad I got to experience it with great friends (thank you Asle and JT!) and 20.000 other maniacs!

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  1. Chris says:

    I’m a novice guitar player and a big fan of this site so far so please keep up the good work! Sometimes your attention to detail scares me but maybe someday I’ll be advanced enough of a player to worry about the minutia and this will all still be here for reference.

    Seeing The Wall Live in Detroit, I only had one criticism– David’s replacement singers were good but it seemed they were trying too hard to sound like David! All it did was remind us that they weren’t David. If they had done their own thing (like Van Morrison in Berlin on “Comfortably Numb”) it would have been cooler and less sterile. Too bad you didn’t get to meet Roger, but I would probably be terrified if I had the opportunity.

    [Thank you Chris! Don’t let the details scare you… that’s only a sign of me being too much a nerd :) – Bjorn]

  2. Antonio says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    you are always lucky and prepared to see the best ! It pleases me that you got to see this sort of reunion.
    You’ve probably heard that David was sitting in the audience on the night before he played !


    I missed the airplane and I’ve seen 2 hours ago the clip of “In the Flesh?” of yesterday and I saw it was on the other side of where I was sitting, so I was looking at the firework and didn’t notice it. So during the whole show I was thinking “when does this airplane appear?” :) .

    It has been something that I won’t forget and right now Roger is playing the second show here in Hamburg !!!!

    I can’t find the right words to describe that !! Anyway, I wish you a nice sunday !


    [Glad you got to see the show :) – BJorn]

  3. Henrique says:

    Very nice to hear all these news. Unfortunately I could not go to the show in London, but I have my ticket for Berlin and I hope they prepare something special for the show.

  4. Drew says:

    isn’t this where bjorn came in… i’m going to start selecting my floyd shows based on where you’re going, well spotted!

    [Ha ha! Cheers! – Bjorn]

  5. Tom Buckley says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I was lucky enough to see the show on Friday (20th May) and I must say I was mesmerized! Roger was absolutely fantastic and I never expected him to be able to deliver some of the vocals.

    In terms of the guitar playing (something that has drawn me to this music during my 22 years of life) I was fairly impressed, but as you made clear in your review some of the tones were lacking in areas and I think the extension of the ‘Mother’ solo was a poor choice as the second solo for me was a bit disappointing. Young Lust was also an example of too saturated distortions. However, I think in places, particularly in the solos, the guitarists were let down somewhat by the engineers and they simply just weren’t loud enough.

    Unfortunately I didn’t see David, I know, but the band seemed to have a lot in them, and particularly the vocals, drums and keyboards were very very sharp. The guitars at the beginning were very full, and the rhythm guitars seemed spot on throughout the show. Jon Carin was also at the show and like you say I think his tone was brilliant (though I would have expected that from him).

    You have a brilliant site and I’ve learnt such a great deal from it. I don’t wish to plug my music too much here but feel free to listen to some of my EP (I emailed you about it) on Soundcloud.com


    [Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out :) – Bjorn]

  6. ruodi says:

    Waters did that playback thing already back in 1990! I remember that I was, kindly said, a little displeased when I realised that “The Trial”, Roger´s part anyway, came from tape. And that wasn´t the only time, as far as I remember. Even worse: Cindy Lauper (very cool on her own – misplaced in a Wall show) did the vocals on “Another Brick p. II” – a sacrilege (!), and, last & least, those genuine male background vocalists were recognisable plastered! All in all one of those live experiences which have got the capability to destroy some warm pictures & memories in your head.

    And so was my perception of “my” 1988 Pink Floyd 3.0 live show – with its employed hord of brutal hells angel marshals – and those inevitable bleating 5-l-can-of-redwine americans, the so-called “audience”. I had an idea at this point about the feelings that made Roger Waters writing “The Wall” and finally leaving Pink Floyd.

    I´m still wondering though how much David Gilmour is being adorated these days – with a minimum effort, to some extent. When I saw him first time back in 1984 (he still looked somewhat “pink-floydy” in ´84, and he was younger than that I am today, which is a little depressing for me), nobody cared too much about: “Wow, Dave Gilmour comes to town!”. Though the Wall shows were just a couple of years ago, it was more like sort of a “Dave Who?” experience – and maybe the kick-start for Dave´s decision at that time to reanimate Pink Floyd.

    Very familiar atmosphere indeed, just me and a friend and a handful of other people watching the show. I liked it. David noticeable didn´t – and he also wasn´t very amused that we, above all, took his local “About Face” show for a musical request programme. … But who cares about the feelings of a british rock star?

    Well, at least I liked this amateurish handling of a rock star much more than this exaggerated personality cult of today. Percussionist Sue Adams seemed to wonder that I knew the words from “There´s no way out of here” (hey, I´m talking about the year 1984!), and saxophonist Raphael Ravenscoft even offered me a cigarette, which I declined – of course: He should have known that smoking is SO noisome! … I still needed some more years to feel very embarrassed about myself. My resume after all these years: Teenaged arsehole encountered kindly rock musicians. ;-)

    …. What was the subject? Roger Waters needs playback. Ah, yes, he does! … Recapitulating old personal experience essays, don´t know why. I´m sorry. Must be beginning dementia. … Please feel free to mark this article as a spam mail. ;-)

  7. Lee says:

    Hi Bjorn..

    I was there man – and it was AWESOME. I was the same as you, when I got there I saw the camera rigs and it just felt like something special was going on…. The show was spectacular. Very well done, i may be wrong but I thought Roger’s singing was spot on – much better than the DSOTM tour.

    When CNumb started the atmosphere was electric, like you say when David started the first chourus, it was like there was a micro second pause from the audience as the realisation kicked in. Then it was just nuts. The most genuine response from an audience that I have ever witnessed. A truly magical experience that will stay with me forever! I only went to the one show, it just so happened to be the night, ‘that night’. Still cant believe what a lucky bastard I am!!

    Love the site Bjorn, has been bookmarked for some years now. Keep up the good work.

    Cheers Lee.

    [Glad you got to be there Lee. It was magic for sure! I think Roger did a great job with vocals and I know he’s been taking lessons before the tour. However, much of it is playback though, either parts of the lyrics or the hole song. It’s getting hard for him to reach those notes and he has to “cheat”. No wonder though. The man is reaching 70. – Bjorn]

  8. ray says:

    almost forgot, i think Rog should’ve gotten another singer for david’s parts…. didn’t like this guy too much, a lil toppy tone wise.

  9. ray says:

    congrats on making it to this incredible show. aside from mother, i also found GE’s interpretation of is there anybody out there flat and the phrasing to be out of character with the brooding haunting mood of the peice. but all in all in it’s entirety sounds great. Rog should’ve given you an audition Bjorn.

    [LOL! Thank you Ray! – Bjorn]

  10. Curtis says:

    When Waters played in St Paul MN last October there was a stir in the local media that someone had allegedly spotted Gilmour with Waters at a local restaurant.. so we were all very hopeful but alas did not see Gilmour.

    It was VERY neat to watch the video of Comfortably Numb and also Outside the Wall… I got chills watching it because I know how significant that moment is!!

    Glad to see that you were able to be there in person! I’m jealous :-)


    [Cheers Curtis! – Bjorn]

  11. Shane says:

    Thats awesome that you were there man. Thanks for the review. I found the comment “the show was MORE political” funny. I can’t imagine the wall even more political. I hope when Roger puts out the bluray he can use Davids clip in it. Thanks again for all the great work on the site.

    [It’s more political in the sense that he new graphics and illustrations has a more outspoken message compared to the originals. – Bjorn]

  12. Richard Stone says:

    Interesting review as always. I agree with most of it. I think Dave Kilminster has proven his worth on this tour and I’m glad we don’t have Snowy interrupting the Comfortably Numb solos like he did on the Dark Side tour.

    Nobody seems to have mentioned Nick Mason’s tambourine playing yet. Any idea what kind of gear he was using, Bjorn!?

    [You mean what tambourine he used? No idea… – Bjorn]

  13. josh says:

    for all the videos i watched of this gig i reckon or is a N.O.S guitar or the old one got a new neck!!! you know this one looked more “new” and the black strat from say the Gdansk dvd look more vintage for me, more amberish…by the way I ´m really psyched about the new site i can´t wait to see it…cheers

    [You may be right although I think it’s hard to tell from the clips. Might be the light but it does look new I agree. I need all the support I can get with the new site LOL! It’s a much bigger project than I anticipated and right now I’m a bit lost… Once its ready it’ll be much easier to update and keep organized. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  14. John says:

    Saw Roger when he came through Chicago and it was one of the best show’s I’ve ever seen live. I must admit that being a bigger fan of David’s I did not have too high of expectations, but the sound was great, thought they did justice to the album, and loved the updated presentation and videos. Glad you were able to catch David, he’s on top of my list of acts to catch live.

  15. Gunslinger says:

    I was there Bjorn! Only night I got to go and I had a feeling from the start that the 12th would be the day! Guess we all got very lucky.

    Amazing experience, one I will always cherish, especially as I was sat with my Buddy Big Dave who had made is back from tour in Afghanistan the night before!

    I’m afraid I couldn’t hear you yelling over my own voice, hugging complete steangers is not something one normally does!

    Let’s hope for more in the future!

    [Let’s do! – Bjorn]

  16. Mark says:

    So now that Roger, Dave and Nick are all best of pals again, perhaps there is a new Pink Floyd album lined up ;-)

  17. Kristopher Junner says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Just a side note, i notice someone said something about Dave using Kilminsters gear.

    He didnt, theres an audio clip on the net somwhere where one of Rogers guys is talking about the experience, in it he mentions how cool it was seeing ‘Gilmours amps all set up below” so he definitely used his own gear, anyway you can plainly hear it. For me it was most similar to the tone we heard at Live 8. Especially noticeable during the first solo.

    The guy also said that you cant hear it on youtube very well, but the applause when Gilmour started singing was deafening!

    Im still not sure what happened with his bass string at the end, but the whole thing was just too cool. I cant stop watching it.

    I also love that grin on Waters face as hes signing that last few words of the first verse, he was so excited he couldnt hold his smile until he’d finished singing!


    [Yeah, I heard the clip and he sure mentions that David used his own stuff. The audience went completely mad and at the same time I watched David I though “OMG this is crazy!” I’ve never heard a crowd that loud :) – Bjorn]

  18. Vergil says:

    Wish I could have seen Gilmour… My buddy in the UK missed him by one night… and he’s been to about 10 Wall shows…

    He and I saw this new “Waters -Wall” show last fall, here in the US… and maybe I’m one of the only people here who did this, (or at least only one willing to admit it), but I ate some chocolates with a special “magic” ingredient, just for the event…

    And if you think that the show blew YOUR mind… Let me tell you, those visuals Roger came up seemed like they were specifically designed for hallucinogens… In Comfortably Numb, When Roger hits the wall and the colored bricks going flying.. Oh my god!… and the flowers, the bombers, EVERYTHING… completely surreal experience… My mouth was either hanging open, or grinning like an idiot for the entire show.

    If anyone is going to any future Wall shows, I’m not saying you HAVE TO do or take anything extra or have a “groovy”, “shroomy” experience to enjoy it… but it sure would take it to a whole new AMAZING level… if you are inclined toward such things.

    In the words of Hunter S. Thompson… “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”

    Apologies for a non-gilmour/guitar/gear comment.

    [Well, I strongly advice against drugs but whatever works for you. I’m sure you had a great experience and I couldn’t help but notice a familiar smell at O2 :) Cheers! – Bjorn]

  19. I don’t want to say “I told you so,” but I told you so. ;o) Roger really did a great job putting this show together. I was beyond impressed when I got to see it in Tacoma, WA in December. I had no hopes of seeing David play that night, but the show still blew my mind. I’m really glad you got to be there, Bjorn, and I’m glad you enjoyed the other performances as well! Cheers!

    [I’m glad too Brandon! – Bjorn]

  20. Ernest says:

    Nice review Bjorn.
    Thanks for publishing.
    Why didn’t you ask Roger about David’s gear ;-)

    [Do you think he would have known? LOL! – Bjorn]

  21. Thefatcyclist says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Hope this inspires you to even greater things. Great review.

    [Very inspiring indeed! – Bjorn]

  22. Petersen says:

    Thank you for this interesting review. On Roger Waters’ facebook page there is an HD version of Davids appearance on Comfortably Numb: http://www.facebook.com/rogerwaters

    The sound quality – though not perfect – is better than other recordings I’ve heard from the show.

    [Thanks! It’s not possible to embed the clip so we’ll have to do with a link :) – Bjorn]

  23. ruodi says:

    Would exchange my own 1990´s “The Wall – Live in Berlin” experience for this! :-/

    I find that Nick Mason today is by far the prettiest of those three. Nick, you virtuoso! ;-))

    But, again, what I did not understand: WHAT was the political message? – “Never argue with David Gilmour!”?!

    [Ha ha! Yeah, perhaps… :) – Bjorn]

  24. Tom R says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I was there on that brilliant night as well. From your picture it looks like we were in the same block. If i’d known we were so close i’d have brought you a beer! Maybe next time…

    During Vera i saw someone running up to the front of the crowd, and even though it was dark i recognised it was Polly. From that moment i realised that it was THE night we’d been hoping for.

    I’d been to the wednesday performance as well, so i’d already got to see the excellent performance (much improved from the DSOTM tour i saw where the band played the right notes but the feeling behind them just wasn’t there).

    David’s playing, despite what the online critics are saying, was brilliant. Sure, he missed a few notes, but the feeling and experience in the crowd meant that it didn’t matter. And then the extra special outside the wall topped it off.

    The first show i saw was very good, but the second blew it away. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it was better than i could’ve imagined. And like you, i now listen to the album in a slightly different light. The show highlights the ideas and points behind it, which can sometimes get a bit lost when you’re just listening to odd tracks at home.

    All the best


    [Glad you were there Tom! We saw production designer Mark Fisher sitting at the mixing desk and Storm Thorgerson on his way into the Arena and it only gave us more fult to the hope that this would be the night. It’s not David’s best performance but he did a decent job with the solo and sang like a God. I also agree that the thursday show was way better than wednesday. We had about the same seats each night but the sound was way better on thursday. I’m sure they did a lot of adjustments but the band also seemed more relaxed and energized – possibly because there was special guests present. Even after Comf Numb the crowd was still on their feet for the rest of the show. It was pure magic! – Bjorn]

  25. Gabriel says:

    Wow, what a mindblowing experience. I really like the way you tell stories.
    About the show… I still drop a couple of tears every time I watch those vids. What I really like the most is the fact that they really look happy, they are happy with each other (something that was missing in the Live 8, I believe, David seemed quite skeptic about being up there with Roger) , and enjoy playing together. I always think of these two like Walther Mathau and Jack Lemmon´s characters on Grumpy Old Men.. they can fight each other, but still they are happy together.

    On the Snowy and G.E affair.. well.. Snowy has his own style, miles away from David´s so it wasn´t the best desition to have him playing Mother´s solo (I haven´t heard it, but I can imagine…), in fact his playnig on CN on The Wall Live in Berlin was kind of sucky… but still, he is a great guitar player.

    …and about you… I´m really happy for you, I can only imagine the look on your face when you realized that the guy on top of the wall was David.

    And once again, great work and… THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED! :-)

    [Cheers Gabriel! – Bjorn]

  26. Alex says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    Glad to hear that you enjoyed the shows. I also found it hard not to dissect Dave K’s tone, phrasing and stage presence when I went! What I find interesting is how he seems to take a “Gilmourish” approach to replicating those sounds that we all expect when we go to see The Wall. His board is full of off the rack gear, and he’s running 50W amps at half power and he still pulls it off. Gives hope to those of us who can’t afford a Binson or a Yamaha cabinet! Any thoughts of reviewing some of Kilminster’s gear (like the Timefactor, EVH flanger, or the Suhr Riot?)

    [I’ll look into it but I don’t think it’s that interesting to review his gear. – Bjorn]

  27. Allan says:

    AWESOME Bjorn, I’m seeing the show tomorrow and that review has just made me 10 times more excited haha.

    Did you meet Roger?

    I’d look to hang about after as well…

    [We saw him backstage and he was kind enough to allow pictures and he signed some autographs but I wouldn’t say that we met as in getting to talk to him. It lasted only a couple of minutes. – Bjorn]

  28. Jaco says:

    Lucky git you! :D

    So, any pics of you and old Roger?

    Loved the remark about Nick: “another old remnant of our old band…”.

    [There was no posing I’m afraid. He was polite but quick. – Bjorn]

  29. Frails says:

    Good stuff, Bjorn! Congrats on getting to experience that special night….you’ve earned it.

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  30. Kelton says:

    That was amazing, Bjorn!
    See you on the next Floyd tour! ;-)

  31. Eric Nyberg says:

    Bjorn, did you get a chance to talk with Roger at all?

    [No. Just a polite “hello” :) He signed some autographs and didn’t mind us taking pictures but the whole thing was over in a couple of minutes. – Bjorn]

  32. Jeff (aka evel1) says:

    Bjorn, I am so glad you got to see the show. I had my concerns, due to the ticket price, but I can say that I am so glad that I went. I truly is a once-in-a-lifetime show!! Roger’s band is top-notch and the show is incredible! Thanks for sharing your influential thoughts. It is my personal hope that others can go see the show. “Mind blowing” is a good summary term!!

    [Everyone should go and see it. The show is no less than awesome. – Bjorn]

  33. Markus J. Auinger says:

    Heldiggris – nuff said ;)

  34. Ryan says:

    Your review makes it easy for us who couldn’t attend to imagine the experience…wonderful read.

    It makes me proud to be a Floydian lol


    [Thank you Ryan! – Bjorn]

  35. Fernando says:

    Thank you Bjorn for sharing your thoughts and feelings. David Gilmour aside, these Wall shows are awesome and you are confirming it.

    Obviously the visuals don’t need any comment, but I would like to know if you have any additional comments regarding the band (Vocals, bass, keyboards). Also, and altough I am not his fan, I think that you are finally being fair with D. Kilminster, since he is a terrific guitarist. Regarding him, in your opinion, did he reach “the tone”, in spite that he does not use “gilmourish” gear? (except I think for one of the distorions)

    Best regards,


    [I think I’ve already shared my thoughs on this but overall I’m very impressed with the band. The last Waters tours sounded like an average tribute with Roger on vocals but this time they’ve done a great job. That being said, Wall isn’t a typical Gilmour/Wright album either so it’s more evident on the Dark Side and WYWH stuff. Roger played most of the bass stuff and quite good too. Sounds like he’s singing most of his parts live although there’s extensive dubbing or playback as well. No wonder though considering the man is reaching 70. The keyboards are spot on. Harry and Carin does a great job replicating the original sounds but I wouldn’t have expected less from these perfectionists. As I said in the review Kilminister does a great job and sounds incredibly close to David at times. His cleans, echoes and overdrives sounds great but of course as he’s not using David’s gear it doesn’t sound quite like him. He was less flashy as well, something that has irritated me on the previous tours. – Bjorn]

  36. scott...oz says:

    Hi Bjorn,i have been checking daily for your write up of the show.Good stuff mate.
    You say’they just dont get it’.How true.I have been agonising since 1980 on this.To most folk the the world is a soft and fuzzy place.You could include’The Clash,Dead Kennedys even The sex Pistols in trying to get the point over to no avail.
    I was not impressed with roger’s DSOTM tour in OZ but at least he made the effort and came down.Strange realy a stage full of world class players but without that one majic ingredient it was like a cover band(perhaps a bit tuff).
    So glad you was there on the night that you needed to be.Sorry about the camera but may be just as well or you would have had a melted down cannon…ha ha…
    All the best…..

    [I can’t help but see the paradox of us not being allowed to bring cameras and Roger singing about Big Brother and the fascist tendecies in our society. Oh well… – Bjorn]

  37. josh says:

    Nice concert!!! I realy enjoyed all the songs and of course c numb!!!! david used a copy of his famous black strat and as far I could heard the second solo was with the toggle switch on (tele sound) very wise from Mr. Gilmour to just hooked up to dave Kilminister’s equipment and play without the concern of technical stuff..

    [Are you sure that’s the NOS? Hard to tell but I would imagine that he’d use the original with the Hendrix strap as he’s done uptil now. I also doubt that he’s using Kilminister’s gear. Sounds very much like teh Gdansk tones although a bit milder. – Bjorn]

  38. Bjorn… yeah… I agree with you… Snowy’s and G.E. Smith’s guitar solos aren’t that very inspiring on ‘Mother’. It seemed Snowy would mess up the beginning of that solo almost every time I’ve heard him play it (7 times now) – he was quite pitchy on that first bend. What’s up with that? Now… I’m not bashing these guys… but… you’d think they’d be able to whip up something a bit more inspiring and a bit more in tune. I think Roger should of had Kilminster play that one and do it like it’s performed on the ‘Wall Live’… now that’s a sweet guitar solo and I love how the Floyd (Gilmour) extended his solo.

    I still think Kilminster is the best Gilmour impersonator Roger’s played with since ’99.

    Highlights for me… “Empty Spaces” and “Comfortbly Numb”… especially when Roger slams into the wall and it burst open with a rainbow of colours. It’s so trippy.

    Anyway… that’s so cool you got to see Davey G. play… in the flesh. Looks like you had great seats too!

    [We did. I was glad we sat on the side as we were very close for Outside the Wall. On saturday we sat right in front of the stage on row 20 and I fear we’d only seen David’s forehead if we sat there on thursday :) – Bjorn]

  39. Jake says:

    Apparently was a great experience,

    great definition about Rogers´s Band , I agree with everything you said.

    “Mother” and Snowy = bad thing

    I can imagine the action and reaction when David appeared.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible experience

    [Cheers Jake! – Bjorn]

  40. Arnaud Jolois says:

    You are so lucky….


  41. Jordan says:

    So cool that you got to go! Glad you had a good time Bjorn. Sounds like a fucking blast! When I saw Roger here in DC for The Wall, I thought the Comfortably Numb was really good up until the last part, where it lost a small bit of the Gilmour feel. Then again, it wasn’t David playing it. I have to agree regarding his distortions. Young Lust wasn’t that good when I saw him, but all in all it was great, especially since I can’t time travel back to the original.

  42. Gareth says:

    I’ve watched the Comfortably Numb clip a few times now. Love the big grin on Roger’s face as he turns around just before Gilmour appears…

  43. Tom says:

    That’s awesome Bjorn – if there’s anybody who should have been there on Saturday (besides David of course) it’s you! :^)

    [Thank you Tom! – Bjorn]