• David Gilmour plays with Roger Waters!

    As most of you probably know already David performed with Roger tonight at the O2 Arena in London, UK!

    As promised about a year ago David delivered his legendary vocals and guitar playing on Comfortably Numb at tonight’s The Wall show in London! It has long been speculated whether it would be London or not and although it was assumed it was a huge surprise to the audience when he indeed did appear at the very top of the brick wall.

    I was fortunate to see the show and I must say it was an amazing experience! Roger’s new version of The Wall is stunning to say the least and to see and hear David perform his signature solo was an out of this world experience! We had seats close to the stage and realized that something was going on when they started to rig the cameras for Comfortably Numb. There was no filming up to this point. Then suddenly David appears out of the darkness. He was clearly nervous and did sing the same chorus twice but I think he did a great job on the solos. He used the Black Strat of course with the Hendrix strap. It was a bit difficult to nail the tone from where we sat but from what I could hear it sounded very similar to Live 8, leading me to think that he must have used the G2 + Tube Driver and delay combo.

    David appeared again for the “encore” Otuside the Wall playing a mandolin. To top it off Roger also invited Nick Mason who played tambourine! Leaving the stage David pretended to fall down the stairs, which caused a huge grin on Nicks face :)

    David looked very nervous but seemed to enjoy the insane cheering. I can only imagine how satisfying this performance must have been for him – on many levels.

    I hope you were there and experienced this historical event. If you were – please feel free to share your thoughts!

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  1. daniel says:

    it was the highlight of the year for me even only seeing this on youtube was so moving as for the mistake Dave made its no biggie its not going to be on the dvd anyway it was for websites only ive heard also someone mentioned in a comment on one of the youtube videos that he was on a flight with david just the other day and its very possible he is playing in Zurich too i hope its true as it would be epic

  2. Kripp9 says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    First off I’d like to commend you on your playing/videos. I’ve learned so much and want to say thanks…. You could just keep this all to yourself and I’m glad you’ve chosen to share and create this community…..Very cool!

    Just wanted to say about the appearance……I would hope to think when Im 65 years old, I could play guitar/sing like he can. Most guitarist his age are either dead or rotting away somewhere…..

    The more I listen to this “in good quality at DavidGilmour.com”, the more I like this version….I think he nailed it……..


    [I agree. We’re spoiled with some of the greatest albums in the world and David’s playing throughout the years has been sublime. A mistake or two doesn’t matter and he sings way better than he did in 1980-81. Thanks for your kind words! – Bjorn]

  3. I was there too! :-) Great to hear that you were there as well Björn! Fantastic show. Absolutely fantastic. And what a noise when people realised that it was David standing on top of the wall. Hard to hear he was singing at first ;-)

    We had bought tickets for the O2 already when Roger/David said that David would play on one of the London dates. So incredibly lucky it was the 12th! :-)
    Feels like we’ve been part of a magical and historic evening.

    I think Roger sang really well too, and the rest of the musicians did a great job. All sounded really good and that is quite an achievement with this complex material. The projections were just beautiful and Roger’s expanded context regarding the Wall’s was strong and thoughtful. Good to see Nick Mason on stage with David and Roger as well! :-)

    I really liked the O2 arena, it didn’t feel overly big at least from where we sat. We took the O2 Express ferry with included champagne to the arena which was a nice trip in the sun as well :-)

    A night to remember and a fantastic London trip for us! :-)

    Clas Peterson
    Gothenburg, Sweden

    [Glad you could be there Clas! – Bjorn]

  4. Brad says:

    Hello Bjorn! Well, I wasnt at THAT particular show, but I live in the U.S., Alabama. I was 17 going on 18 at the time, and when I heard Roger was touring The Wall, and was coming to Atlanta GA, I was excited beyond words. I found the date which was November 18th and my bday was November 3rd. I convinced my mom to help me pay for two tickets to go haha for me and my dad. We finally got them, at the last minute. I was a little worried because the way mom described it, we were in the nose bleeds seats, but I really didnt care, this was the closest thing to Pink Floyd, and I was going to see Roger Waters…thats like a dream come true! I was only two years old when PULSE was toured so my parents where able to see Pink Floyd but I never did :/ so seeing this show…meant the world to me. We got there and turned out, we had like the best seats! During the song, “nobody home” Roger was about 10 feet away from me and my dad! It was amazing!! He even pointed and smiled at me and my dad because of some gesture my dad made towards him. idk what it was tho. haha When I walked in for the show and saw the “black strat” I almost fainted I swear lol then I realized “why would Mr.Gilmour be in Atlanta Georgia??” it turned out to be a sig. model being played haha still cool tho. the guitarist had an awesome tone btw! Very Very close to Davids! I was impressed! But anyways, I have marked that night as the best night of my life! Sorry for this being so long, I just love telling the story! (: anyways, you are doing great on the site Bjorn, keep up the good work! God Bless!


    [Thanks for sharing Brad! – Bjorn]

  5. Kristopher Junner says:

    Ahh Bjorn i left a comment on this for you last night but it seems to have disappeared!

    [Just approved it :) – Bjorn]

  6. narvalo says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I don’t know if you have already noticed that but, on the Roger Water’s facebook page, you can find the HD video of the song.
    By the way, he’s using the NOS black strat if i’m not blind.
    In another video on this page (“snowy’s note”) you can see another black strat waiting to be played behind Snowy White. Have you saw him using is regular gold top les paul and a nos black strat during the show ?
    Thanks for this site, you’re doing a great job!
    Cheers !

    [I think that’s David’s Black Strat. Not a NOS. Snowy did play a NOS though. – Bjorn]

  7. kevin mateo says:

    bjorn, you deserve to be there, I could not believe when I saw the news, I almost cried with excitement, I love david and pink floyd forever …

  8. Kristopher Junner says:

    Hi Bjorn, long time no speak!

    You’re incredibly lucky. Couldnt afford to go to these shows unfortunately but i KNEW it would be one of the O2 shows where Dave would appear.

    You were at the first night at RAH in 2006 like me, im sure you remember Dave forgetting the words in part of On an island, id guess its just nerves, especially when you havent played regularly, or to a large audience in 5 years.

    Anyway his voice is nothing short of stunning for a 65 year old, he sounds like he always has. Playing was magnificent too. Though it seems his Low E string completely Detuned at the end?! i wonder what caused it, you could see him fix it just as he was finishing out the song.

    Thought it was great to see them all on stage again, Rogers put on a hell of a show by the looks of it. Im hoping to scrape enough money together to get over to Germany for one of the Berlin shows.

    Im just after coming off a Floyd forum where someone has accused Dave of royally f**king the song up. Im not sure what hes on about!

    Hope all is well!

    [Hi Kris! Hope all is well :) It was a magical experience to say the least. Mistakes or not. – Bjorn]

  9. Kjetil G says:

    I’m really glad you got to see it, Bjørn. You do such great work on this site. I agree that it doesn’t matter that there were a few loose bolts in the machine, he was there playing and singing. On Kilminster: I would prefer if you had that gig or the guy from Aussie PFloyd :)

    [Cheers Kjetil :) – Bjorn]

  10. Yeah… last Thursday wasn’t Dave’s best work. If it were me and if that performance was going to be on a DVD, I would redo it… but that’s me. Very rarely have I heard Gilmour make mistakes. It just doesn’t happen that often… and I’ve heard a TON of concert recordings (bootlegs) over the years… hundreds of shows. I don’t think Dave will play again with Roger on this tour. I hope I’m wrong. I really do. Of course I want him to show up for one more O2 gig b/c I haven’t seen Dave play live since 1987. I’m afraid that’s the only time I will get to hear/see him play live.

  11. Giovanni says:

    Go on David Gilmour web page and see the whole Conffortably Numb video….I saw the concert in S.Jose, CA and it was amazing….

  12. Sam says:

    Congrats Bjorn on picking ‘THE night’ to see David atop the wall, i would have taken out a morgage to buy a ticket had i known he was going to be there. For all of you who think the E string was out of tune, it really was, you can just see him at the end of the solo reaching over and messing with his tuners (its easier to see if you watch bootleg footage on youtube rather than the pro shot). Of course it does’nt matter, david played comfotably numb with roger…End of. Greatest moment ever!!
    P.S. Keep up the good work Bjorn, love the site, use it all the time :D

    [Thank you Sam! – Bjorn]

  13. Steve says:

    I was there too and as soon as I only saw one person on top of the wall knew it must be Gilmour!! Just wondering whether they might have filmed a soundcheck or maybe redid the parts afterwards to tidy things up for a possible DVD release. For those of us that were lucky to be there I think the sense of occasion was bigger than any musical shortcomings.

    [Agree Steve. Doesn’t matter whether he messed up the lyrics or playing. He was there and that’s what we had hoped for. – Bjorn]

  14. Jorge says:

    Hi Bjorn

    Long time fan of your website. You do a great job!!! Thanks!!! congratulations!!! I know the feeling. I saw The Wall in Madrid and Pulse in London in 1994 and there is not a day go by that I don’t think about these concerts at least once. I am from Venezuela, so we don’t have much concerts here. I had to pay a lot of money but it was worth it. I cried watching the video on youtube, can only imagine how it must of felt being there. Tell David “Thank You, your music saved my life” next time you see him. Cheers!!!

    [Cheers Jorge! – Bjorn]

  15. Matt says:

    Maybe someone sabotaged his rig…*cough* Dave Kilminster *cough*…Haha.

  16. Mike Gravis says:

    Been there, 20th row. It was one of the greatest moments in my life. David Gilmour brought me to guitar playing some years ago. Ever hoped to see him live sometime. This dream came true on this very Thursday. Really great show btw!

  17. Jason Sam says:

    Watch The video Again.David sang “when I was a child I caught a fleeting gilmpse out of the corner of my eye” And then He made a mistake? It should be”I turned to look but it was gone ” Yes?

    [Yep. – Bjorn]

  18. Jason Sam says:


    I hope they will play more than this tour.And join together to make an new album!

  19. scott...oz says:

    Good on ya Bjorn…
    Thanks Sebastien for that link…
    Just awsome….
    I was there in 1981…….YAY…

  20. Matt says:

    Hey Bjorn, congrats on seeing a momentous occasion in the history of rock and roll!

    I’ve been listening to this version a lot, and is it possible that his low e string was out of tune?

    (Sounds like it was. It also sound like he’s strugling with his tone trying to squeese out any feedback. – Bjorn)

  21. I just got back from the Roger show tonight. No Davey. I flew out here from Denver, Colorado. Originally, I was only going to see the last 2 of the 6 scheduled shows, but I went down to the O2 and scored a ticket for tonight and tomorrow too. I also saw 3 shows last Novemeber…. Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

    It truly is an amazing show. I agree with Bjorn… it’s very moving and the message is very relevant and important. I wish more people “got it”.

    I found out Gilmour played with Roger only moments before leaving for the airport to fly to London. I must admit, it did take the wind out of my sails a bit, but I’m glad (and very lucky) to be here.

    I watched the video footage of David playing the other night. Yeah… it wasn’t his best performance… I’m sure he was nervous as hell. And… it must have just been hard to be up there on top of the wall, etc.

    He’s still the best.

    I like Kilminster’s playing. He’s really nailing most of David’s solos… note for note. I personally like his playing better than Snowy’s. Sure… his tone isn’t quite exactly like Dave’s and his vibrato is maybe a little too “sessiony” sounding… but it’s still very very good.

    To play like Dave, exactly, is a really difficult thing to do.

    I think the key is to NOT rush anything and to really focus on emotion and fluidity. Also… it’s imperative that the rhythm section supporting you has the right groove and tempo… not an easy thing to find… at least I haven’t really been able to find guys that can play like Floyd. I wish I could though… maybe one day I will.

    Hey Bjorn… there was a live Floyd tribute band playing tonight at the O2. Was it you? They were playing in a little club right before Roger went on. They sounded good. Loud too.

    Anyway… it’s been a great week for Pink Floyd fans. I’m very grateful to be alive and to have heard this music. I’m grateful that I can appreciate it too… I know it sounds silly, but not everyone loves the Floyd like we do… which completely boggles my mind.

    Oh well… good night and good luck.


    [You can’t really compare Gilmour and Kilminister although it’s hard not to when you sit and watch the show. I agree that he’s a bit too sessiony and flashy. He has worked a lot since last time I saw them figuring out all the little details from the live recordings etc and most of his tones are very close but he’s not Gilmour. Then again, Kilminister isn’t playing in a cover band but rather the lead guitarist in Roger’s band. He comes from a different background than David and has his own style based on that. Too bad you didn’t get to see David but the show alone is amazing :) – Bjorn]

  22. Dave A says:

    Hi mate so pleased for you :) Lets be honest there is no debate either on the words or note for note,out of tune E string etc.Is irrelevant.The man was on top of the wall.Fantastic event.Lets hope theres more to come from all these guys in future so we can continue to marvel and stay within a common interest,This was undoubtfully another chapter for us to appreciate for God knows how long.Oh yeah,sorry for the feet coment on the DGGF,purley in jest you understand,if youve read it that is :)
    All the best mate,made up for ya !!Must have been a wonderfull experience.

    [It was a wonderful experience indeed! Doesn’t matter whether he messed it up or not. Of course, being the nuts we are, we notice these things, but that doesn’t overshadow the fact that he stood ontop of the Wall playing his signature solo. It was pure magic! – Bjorn]

  23. sebastien says:

    There’s a pro-shot available on YouTube:

  24. frenklopes says:

    I think this was his worst C Numb solo ever.. both were terrible. Maybe he was nervous.

    (Well, it wasn’t perfect but then again who cares? He stood on top of the wall and played guitar. That’s enough for me. I’m sure he was quite nervous. – Bjorn)

  25. Richard Stone says:

    48 hours later and I’m still on a high from the whole thing. I’ve been trying to explain to people why seeing these two play together could be so special but a lot of them don’t get it!

    What do you make of Dave Kilminster’s playing and tones, Bjorn?

    (I’ll write a review but I must say that I’m quite impressed by how he’s handled David’s parts. His playing is very close to the album version with lots of details from the Is There Anybody Out There live album. Most of his tones are quite OK. – Bjorn)

  26. Joe says:

    Sorry for the Double Comment, but I wanted to post the Youtube link.

    Thanks, :)

  27. Joe says:

    WOW! What a show!

    Just to let everyone know, the PRO SHOT footage of “C. Numb” is available on Roger’s facebook page, and I also uploaded it on youtube!


  28. josh says:

    I’m glad you got to see it! Too bad Gilmour faffed the chorus though – like people say it’s pretty hard to believe that would happen after all these years, but he really did look nervous.

    The new Wall show is truly spectacular though, isn’t it? I honestly couldn’t believe, when I saw it how incredibly well done it was.

    (It’s a jaw breaking show both in terms of the impressive show and the message. – Bjorn)

  29. RG says:

    Yes, we were there too, knowing there was a promised special night but only hoping it would be this one. We were up high (hence the angle on the video here) so didn’t see cameras being set up, we only had our fingers crossed! And to be honest the show, and its visuals, had been so good we’d nearly forgotten that David might show, perhaps C-Numb perhaps Run Like Hell.

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget the night, or even the crowds reaction when they realised – after a slight delay, upon recognising Dave – that is was Gilmour on top of The Wall. We caught the whole event here, just listen to the audience: Roger Waters and David Gilmour reunited for Comfortably Numb. Yes Dave as nervous, hence the lyrical slip, but Roger was “happy”, smiling and pleased. What a show!

    (Thanks for sharing the clip! – Bjorn)

  30. Marco says:


    Glad you had a chance to go. I show the show in Hartford and it was great

  31. Marco says:


    Glad you had a chance to go. I show the show in Hartford and it was great

  32. Rick says:

    Hi Bjorn!!! What the hell happened two nights ago…I still cannot realize how powerful was..even if I just watch the performance on Youtube :D
    When they did Outside the Wall, while the entire band was quitting the stage, it seemed that Kilminster, passing in front of David, was thinking something like “aaargh you bastard took all the cheers and the scene!!!” :)
    BTW Kilminster is a f***** amazing guitarist

    (It’s hard to believe what happened. I’m sure though that Kilminister thought it was huge to have David up there. Kilminister is a great guitarist no doubt. – Bjorn)

  33. someone over the rainbow says:

    you lucky bastard!

  34. Audi Vide says:

    This was a magic moment!

  35. Ernest says:

    Great to hear you were there Bjorn!
    Could you see some gear used by Gilmour?
    At leat now we know why Phil Taylor did order so many (long) Evidence cables last year… Playing on top of that wall ;-)

    (No I didn’t see any gear… The Wall was too high… As you can see. No matter how I tried :) – Bjorn)

  36. Steve says:

    A moment to cherish!

  37. Luciano says:

    Going off -topic, I can’t wait for de Immersion reissues.

    I felt they are a bit redundant, with several audio formats for the same content, and less rare stuff than you would expect from a 5 or 7 discs pack, but I’ll have to buy it anyway…

    Is it too much of a dream to hope por an Animals Immersion reissue, with sound+vision from the 77 tour? Unfortunatelly, I guess it is.



  38. thefatcyclist says:

    Can’t think of anyone else apart from myself of course that I would rather have witnessed this. Congratulations.

  39. Jay says:

    heard a rumor that David is thinking abut a europeon tour comeing up maybe hes working on a new album??

    (Time will tell :) – Bjorn)

  40. A. Petersen says:

    Hi Bjørn

    You really deserve it! I really like to go to this website, and I’m very impressed by what you do. Thanks a lot.

    By the way it would be very interesting to hear more of your thoughts on Roger Waters’ new tour. I am aware that in some sence this is off topic, since Gilmour usually is not there, but anyway what those guitarists play is Gilmours stuff. I’ve been to one of the concerts, and I think they did a great job all three of them. Parhaps maybe even a bit better than they did on the last tour.

    Anyone getting the chance to see Waters’ show should go. It’s so amazing.

    (The show is indeed amazing and way beyond my expectations. I’ll have a review up soon. – Bjorn)

  41. lukas says:

    Listening to David s solo i have to say it was absolutly amazing, and Bjorn you the one, who really diserved it. How i wish to beeing there… congrat

    (Thank you Lukas :) – Bjorn)

  42. Steve says:

    That’s adorable that he ‘screwed up’. Playing to screaming Pink Floyd fans who are freaking the hell out cause he’s there with ROger is a little different then the atmosphere he probably has had in recent years playing Comfortably Numb, possibly even more intense than the Live 8 gig where you’re just up on a regular stage. I don’t blame him one bit for being overwhelmed.

    Being up there again on top of the Wall after 30 years was probably a little emotional too, especially with Roger down on the stage, Nick nearby and Rick painfully absent.

    I can’t believe he’d do it on purpose, if he had any vindictiveness left regarding the Roger thing, he would not of used this as leverage to get Roger to the wishing foundation.

    Honestly I think he was a little unprepared for the emotional response of playing in The Wall again the way it was meant to be played.

    (Of course he didn’t do that on purpose. You could see it in his face both during Numb and Outside the Wall that he was totally perplexed and moved by the incredible response. The cheering was so loud that he probably had a hard time hearing his own vocals and guitar. It must have been incredibly emotional for him. – Bjorn)

  43. Giorgio says:

    Remarkable, I am really envious. Could not help to check youtube the audience has literally exploded!
    Did you get any leaks that grandpa Dave was there same night you had a ticket, or is it just lucky coincidence you happened to be there?

    (It was pure luck. We, like many had a feeling but he could have played anywhere. For me this was just a trip with my friends to see Roger and as a bonus David played :) – Bjorn)

  44. Fernando says:

    Congratulations Bjorn. You are so lucky. Must be a dream come true!. Hope you can give us also a review of the whole show.

    (I’ll post a review in a day or two. – Bjorn)

  45. David Contesini says:

    Well, what else can be said?

    Again, thank you so much Bjorn, for sharing this unique experience. So fast and… WOW! Amazing! Thank you, man.

    Now, we (fans from Brazil) wait for the chance of seeing Roger again in our country, and (who knows?) maybe… David also.
    David never did Brazil before, but hope never dies, and while it doesn’t happen, we dream about this heavenly gig.

    PS: Bjorn, I recently bought an amazing 1990 MIJ Strat. After 20 years looking for THE Strat, I found her (or she found me).
    You are right about MIJ ones – they’re fantastic in sound, look and feel.

    Best Regards from Brazil,
    David Guilherme Contesini

    (Thank you David and congrats on your new guitar! – Bjorn)

  46. Richard Stone says:

    I was there too! What an amazing night, I still can’t believe my luck. To be fair to David it’s easy to get those choruses mixed up. A cynic might think he did it just to wind up Roger – “It’s all about the music, Roger. The lyrics don’t matter!” You could detect his nerves but he was on top of a wall in front of a massive crowd – not easy! Despite this, his voice sounded fantastic as well as his playing.

    Nick joining them for Outside The Wall was a really nice touch, as well. It’s quite possible that we’ll never see these three on the same stage again so it was a truly historic occasion.

    Anyway, an incredbile show I thought. I’m seeing it again next week and I’ll be able to sit back and enjoy it properly without being preoccupied by guest appearences.

  47. Kit Rae says:

    The best parts was hearing what Roger said at the end of the show. They all seemed to be having a good time. Roger even took a mock “spit” at the audience as he walked out on stage after the wall came down.

    Did you get to go back stage Bjorn?

    [We stood outide the enterance to the backstage/after party room and go to say hi to Roger and Phil Manzanera. I think we were 10-12 people there so it was a nice chance to get some cool pictures and an autograph. – Bjorn]

  48. Martin says:

    Lucky you Björn … but …

    I think “The Wall” is so boring. So many songs are just “trivial words with a little bit music”. but roger did it quite alright, because he made people pay for his own psychotherapy ;-)
    Of course some good songs (what a surprise, all the good ones are co-written by gilmour or “made” by gilmour), but (in my mind) it is one of the really bad records pf did.

    (I must admit that Wall is far from being my favourite Floyd album but I strongly disagree that Roger’s words are trivial. There’s a strong message that’s as important today as 30 years ago. Too bad you don’t see it that way. David did co-write a couple of songs and did much to arrange the music but let’s be honest and give Roger cred for most of the work. – Bjorn)

  49. Gabriel says:

    Lucky you Bjorn!!!

    Can´t believe he made a mistake on the chorus!!! ha ha, he sang that song almost… million times???? well, he IS human (thou most of us suspect some kind of celestial touch on him)
    Can´t wait to see that video. And is really a surprise to me the Outside the Wall reunion!!! wow I´m really happy to see that this guys can do things like this, have fun with each other and enjoy a couple of songs togheter, I´m sure that Rick´s death changed their minds about lots of things.
    About the filming, I´m sure it is going to be on the DVD, most likely not in the main concert film, but as a bonus.

    PS: Who knows.. maybe Nick did play on CN too! he he
    PS 2: I really really envy you
    PS 3: Now I envy you more than on PS 2!!! ha ha ha

    You rock Bjorn! and you sure are a lucky guy! :-)

    (Thank you Gabriel! Yes, I’m incredibly lucky! – Bjorn)

  50. PAUL says:

    The You Tube clip looks amazing. I hope Dave’s retina’s aren’t still blinded from the light show, which in itself, was an amazing spectacle. Here’s a link for those interested

  51. Jova says:

    Well Bjorn, you surely are a lucky man ;-)

    I went to Roger’s show in Croatia (it was great), and I was thinking of going to Greece ’cause I’d been hoping David would appear, but I guess that’s not going to happen now :-(
    Nevertheless, the mere fact that David played after 29 years and 329 days, (since they last performed The Wall in London together) with Roger, is a treat for all of us :-)

    Congratulations once again :-D


    (Thank you Jova! The show was amazing and I’m hugely impressed over how Roger has been able to make the piece contemporary with todays reality. The display and message is incredibly moving. – Bjorn)

  52. Tom says:

    Congratulations on getting to see that. I’m from the States and was betting on Nasau Collosium or Madison Square Garden but no luck. Anyway glad to hear that it was enjoyable.

  53. I wish someday Sir David join Greece again after 1989 Delicate sound of thunder tour Concert in Olympic stadium Athens … Dont forget that Dave has a vacation house in Lindos Rodos Island and many summers was here, some years ago. 2011 summer is a great opportunity … :)

  54. Len says:

    I was there – I had a tip-off DG would be appearing that night but didn’t want to get hopes up – it was electric when the spotlight came on and he was there – I’ve been to loads of gigs, but never had been in an atmosphere like that

    The show itself was fantastic, what a superb piece of theatre. And Roger’s voice! Never heard him sing so well (Don’t Leave Me Now, Nobody Home)

    what a night.

    (Glad you could be there Len! Roger’s singing has indeed improved but there’s alot of playback too although not nearly as much as on the previous tour. I think he’s worked hard to be able to sing his old lyrics again. – Bjorn)

  55. Peter says:

    Great – i´ve got goose pimples.

    You can see Photos here:


    Best regards


  56. Toni says:

    Great, you nailed the day and time!
    I’m green with envy!
    Honest congratulations for being there, sure you enjoyed it both for you and for all of us who were not lucky enough to join that historical event… ; (
    Hope there is sort of filming, youtube, dvd or whatever.
    My regards to Rick Wright’s memory, sure it wasn’t the same without him.

    (It was a special evening for sure and very moving when Roger also mentioned Rick. He was there and part of the family. – Bjorn)

  57. Nick Veekens says:

    WOW. Very cool that you were there.

    For those of us who weren;t there are some cool video’s on YT.

    I really hope Roger will release a good dvd / BluRay of this tour. No doubt this performance will find itself on it as well.

    Best regards from the Netherlands,


    (They filmed David’s appearance so let’s hope it’s included. – Bjorn)

  58. Panagis Antipas says:

    What an historic show i’m glad you enjoyed it!. I was hoping that David will appear in the concert in Greece where they will be filming the whole show in the 7th and 8th of July. Panagis from Greece

    (Just have to keep our fingers crossed :) – Bjorn)

  59. Tom says:

    Congratulations on getting to see David’s appearance!

    I am a bit jealous, but I don’t begrudge you your luck, I just wish I could have been there too!

    Given it was filmed, hopefully we can all get to see the performance sometime in the near future.

    (It was an incredible experience Tom and I wish you all could have been there to see it. – Bjorn)

  60. Luciano says:

    Well, I must add, on David’s behalf, that he never used a teleprompter, as fas as I know…

  61. Luciano says:

    Congratulations, Bjorn!
    You, more than anyone, deserved to be on this show!
    Were you just lucky, or did you have inside information? ;)
    Just saw the the small clips that have popped on youtube.
    Great guitar playing, as expected.
    But it was hard to believe that David, after singing CNumb about 2354798934365 times, could miss the lyrics.
    Roger is now probably thinking that David did it on purpose, to spoil the DVD… hehehe
    The good thing is: maybe, because of the mistake, David will join in again, in another evening.
    Anyway, it was great to see them together again, and David on the top of The Wall.
    Can’t wait to see the complete song, with good quality.
    And can’t wait to atend The Wall show, here in Brazil, in 2012 (unfortunatelly without David, who, by the way, never played here).

    (Thank you. No, I was just incredibly lucky although we have tickets for 3 nights here in London :) I’m sure Roger mentioned it to David after the show ha ha! “You did that on purpose!” – Bjorn)

  62. Alan says:

    Hi Bjorn, Seeing this on youtube has made me smile; both in joy and in laughter (to the repeated chorus). This is without doubt; the highlight of the music world in 2011, you are extremely privlidged to have gone to this concert. Lets hope that this is released soon in the wonders of HD and re-editing the correct chorus back into the song. XD.