• David Gilmour’s guitar strap

    I just got the new strap David has been wearing on the recent tour and I must say this is an impressive piece of work! Designer/artist Jeri Hart has really done a great job and as far as I can judge from pictures of David’s strap, this is dead on. It’s very nice to wear and of course a perfect match for an all black Stratocaster!

    Jeri Hart's Gilmour strap replica

    Jeri makes every strap on order and it’s custom fitted to your needs. There’s a couple of buttons in the back allowing a slight adjustment, but you need to size the strap you already have and give her the exact measurements.

    Excellent service and fast delivery. Highly recommended! Order your strap here.

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  1. Art says:

    Can you make a dog collar that looks like Gilmours guitar strap?

  2. RG says:

    I wonder how much Jimi paid for the original one?

  3. Mark S says:

    I just received the modified version of this strap. Superb! And at 99USD it’s a more affordable option.

  4. Phil Robinson says:

    Did you have to adjust the bend on you bar?

    [No. Mine had a very long outher “joint”. – Bjorn]

  5. Phil Robinson says:

    Sorry to keep asking questions, but i am a huge Pink Floyd fan. With the shortened whammy bar, is it shortened at the top or the bottom. (going where the white tip goes or after the bent bit)

    [No worries :-) The arm is shortened at the top. Take off the white cap, cut it and adjust the bend if necessary. I used this pic for reference. – Bjorn]

  6. Phil Robinson says:

    Thanks Bjorn, i have been looking for that for nearly 6 months now-Thanks

    ( Great Website :0) with the Sound clips, are the tabs published online, or did you do it by ear?

    Thanks again-Phil

    [Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the site! No tabs sorry… it’s played by ear. There aren’t too many accurate tabs out there but check out the official books for each album. They’re OK. – Bjorn]

  7. Robinson says:

    Where did you get that 8 hole single ply pickguard?


    (Very nice strap, might get one, have been looking for one just like that for ages now)

    [I bought it at a guitar shop here in Oslo. I think it’s Allparts. – Bjorn]

  8. Jeri Hart says:

    If Ash-Zayr can make this strap in an hour, I’ll hire him right now! First, Ash, you have to figure out exactly how to make it by researching photos of Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour (it took me about 4 years to complile enough photos to know the exact layout of the strap). Make sure the strap will last a lifetime and that it is perfectly measured and cut to fit the musician who orders it. The width of the strap and the lacings must be measured down to the 16th of an inch. It must be made from the best leather available (yes, the expensive stuff) and you’ll need to hand cut the strap as well as the lacings. And you can’t do it in a factory, you have to do it in an art studio. That’s how our straps are made, and no-one in the world can do what we do in an hour.
    Jeri Designs guitar straps are hand crafted from the best possible leathers and they last a lifetime. We have never had a customer who was not completely thrilled with their strap and we have never had a custom guitar strap returned. That certainly says something about the quality and design factor of our work.
    Visit our site at http://www.jeridesigns.com, check out our “happy camper” page and see what our clients say about our straps.
    Our guitar straps are not for everyone, they are expensive, but they are not mass produced, they are hand-crafted, one by one. That’s not an inexpensive way to produce a product, but we’re about a perfect product, not a cheap one. Our guitar straps are literally functional art for your guitar.
    As a side note, the strap was purple with brown lacings when Hendrix owned it. It has faded to the brown and beige you see now on Gilmour. I created that strap BEFORE Gilmour owned it, as a Hendrix replica, but I received so many requests for it as it is now, I started creating it in brown as a Gilmour replica.
    It takes me about 5 hours to create each strap and I use the most expensive, top quality leathers that can be bought. I personally hand cut the leather and the lacings. The lacings are 1/16 of an inch wider than what you can buy, so I cut them myself so that they are PERFECT.
    I would LOVE to be able to produce this strap at a lower price point. As soon as I figure out how (short of hiring Ash to make them), without compromising the integrity of the original design, I will absolutely do so.
    Custom guitar straps are my art and my passion and are not the profit center of my business. They require hours of research and hours of painstaking work to create. They are meant to be an item you treasure for a lifetime and that’s the kind of energy I put into them. Can’t be done in an hour.
    Jeri Hart
    ps-Gavin, shoot me an e-mail when you get a chance!

  9. Gavin Brown says:

    Hi Bjorn…
    Good to see such a great resource for all the gilmour fans out there!!! and i’m very pleased that Jeri has got the strap out now!!….i was the guy who instigated her to do it in the first place back in april some time…i contacted her and sent her pictures of gilmour and asked if she sold such a guitar strap….i soon found out they had to be custom made and were very expensive – out of my price range!!…..so i’ve opted for the common narrowing black strap that dave uses mostly elwhere in his history did it myself!!…maybe in the future jeri when i save up…..just a small note…if u were to be a hardcore dave fan surely u would not use the brown strap as its jimi hendrix’s??…just a small point :P

  10. Juarez says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    First of all, congratulations for what you do, both the tribute and the website! Great Job!
    And about the guitar and strap… Very nice strap, and beautiful guitar!!! Look great together!
    I noticed you have also the shortened tremolo arm, just like Gilomour’s… Did you hav that custom made or you bought that somewhere?
    I’ve been looking for one of those for a while (I think the standart size is too big to hold while you are picking), but I have never seen one in a guitar shop or any store…

    Keep on with the great job!

    [Thanks! The arm is a custom that I got made. I just brought the stock arm to my local guitar tech and told him to make a replica of David’s. I don’t think anyone is selling these. – Bjorn]

  11. Sylvain says:

    OK, I understand now…but there is any difference between japanese models and mexican models ?

    [Not that I know… – Bjorn]

  12. Sylvain says:

    Hi !
    Nice looking strap and strat. About your strat, you said here that it is a japanese model. I’m surprised because the classic serie is composed of mexican models exclusively, no ?

    [Yes, but in the 90’s Japan exported these guitars to Europe. Mine is a ’96. – Bjorn]

  13. Ernest Peske says:

    What’s the problem guys about this strap…?
    You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to?
    And if you don’t like this strap, well Jimi Hendrix did!
    And if it’s too expensive, simply don’t buy it :-|
    …buy a cool black leather strap :-\

    And Bjorn I will will listen carefully to your new demo tracks (from Airbag) and give you “a producers” review, if you like!
    Sounds very nice so far :-)

    Ernest Peske

    [Please let us know what you think! Good and bad…. – Bjorn]

  14. o says:

    Love the strap! I want one !…and the guitar…
    It’s not too expensive!!..If you look at any custom guitar strap stores it’s about that price++
    Exapmle: “actioncustomstraps.com” there you have $400 straps that look like shit too me..!!

  15. Connor says:

    ha, i would love that strap as i have the same guitar. mines a powerhouse special though. I dont have the $$$ for one sadly.

  16. Stephen Pearson says:

    im not saying you shouldn’t get it.
    im just saying that I wouldn’t spend that much on a strap, but if you really like it, why not
    itsjust to me, it looks like i could make it myself with a sewing machine, a strip of suede or something and a couple of white shoelaces from clarks.

    Of course, as gilmours one, if it actually belonged to hendrix, fair enough with the high price tag!

    [Well, my problem is that I’m all thumbs with almost everything that involves concentration and technical skills :-) Just ask my girlfriend, he he… I’d rather pay for things like straps and guitar modifications than making a complete fool of myself by throwing the sowingmachine out the window… – Bjorn]

  17. brett says:

    see this strap thing would go great in a forum :)


  18. Mercer says:


    Excellent guitar and in excellent shape I must say.
    You said you did a couple of paint jobs on your strat. What did you do?

    [Over the years there’s been some wounds and deep scratches from bad handling and accidents. Nothing serious but doesn’t look good when the wood is showing beneath the black paint. I took it to a guitar tech and he filled the scrathes. – Bjorn]

  19. Leandro says:

    I think that everyone it´s giving to much opinions about wether he should have bought the strap or not, and even though you may have a personal quote about it, it doesn´t mean you have to criticize his decision, he likes it, and that´s it..
    And about having influences and inspiration, anyone can´t disagree on that, because otherwise you wouldn´t be visiting this site at all….


    [I don’t view this as criticizm, by all means… It’s good to hear everyone’s oppinion. But you’re right Leandro, taste and personal influence can’t be judged, only debated. – Bjorn]

  20. Stephen Pearson says:

    good points Ash-Zayr

  21. Joel says:

    I don’t know. What’s the point of buying that strap? If you want to look exactly like Gilmour then get it, but at the same time it gets to a point where you have to find your OWN style and OWN sound. That’s the point I’m at anyways. I’m done copying artists exactly.

    [Well, I must say that I disagree. I know I wouldn’t have bought this strap if it wasn’t for David, but I don’t think it’s a matter of finding a personal style. I get inspired when I see things that I like and seeing David with the Black Strat and this strap during the tour has inspired me a lot. Yes, I play in a Floyd tribute band and getting this strap is like wearing make-up in a Kiss band, but I also have a band on my own and I don’t see why I can’t be inspired by Gilmour Floyd when writing new songs or playing guitar? I think if you read through gilmourish.com you’ll discover that it’s all about getting inspired and going your own way. Who isn’t influenced musically? Who doesn’t buy gear because they are inspired by reviews? – Bjorn]

  22. whackystrings says:

    First of all, it looks great. All the power to you. Whether I would buy a modelled-on-the-original strap for that price is not an issue of debate nor should anyone be insulted for buying something that they clearly see some value in. Value is a funny thing. One person may happily pay a million dollars for something while the next man on the street would turn their nose up at it if it the price tag was more than $20.
    Ah, vive la difference!

  23. brett says:

    yea Ash-Zayr has some good points,

    i think you mine aswell have 1 orgional peice of equipment that you didnt get to replicate david gilmour, it mine aswell be a guitar strap

  24. Ash-Zayr says:


    Sorry, but this lady is just making money with people like you and me, who are trying to come as close to Gilmour’s sound and playing as possible…and if this should not be enough, looking out for some other things to copy….in this regard no leather strap is worth USD250,-..handcrafted or not…and of course “handcrafted” in this job is also done with modern sewing machines these days. A good sempstress only needs your personal requested length; then cutting it from the master leather piece right away…not more than 1 hour working time from my point of view.

    This is pure simple merchandising…like I’d buy out 10000 pieces of that seen (foto of David here) grey T-Shirt from a factory – then re-sell it as “Original Davild Gilmour authentic Master-Tone Shirt replica”…;) you know, what I mean….;)

    This strap is ugly to me, ok….but far from that the price is not justified at all…and your argument of “lasting a lifetime”….well; my first standard Fender strap is still in excellent condition….


  25. Stephen Pearson says:

    now that guitar is gilmours!!!
    but i personally wouldnt spend $250 on a guitar strap. I have to think twice if the strap is above £15 or £20!!!

    [$250 is a lot of money, but think of as an investment. This is something that will last for a lifetime. – Bjorn]

  26. Leandro says:

    Hey nice strap man, and nice strat too… hehe. The short arm tremolo it´s cool, but anyone here seems to be able to get the job done…it looks like you have a decent repairman!

    What can I say…even though the accesories are nice, what makes you like Gilmour it´s your playing and that´s the awesome thing about your music and site.

    Keep rocking Bjorn


    [Thanks Leandro! I appreciate your support! – Bjorn]

  27. Kurt says:

    Nice looking strat and strap indeed! I would love to order one of those straps in a second but I’m scrounging around for every scrap dollar to buy parts for my next strat. That is a gloss black pickguard you have there yes? Just curious. Fantastic site and playing as always.


    [The pickguard is glossy, yes. I think I got it from allparts.com. – Bjorn]

  28. brett says:

    looks good there david i mean Bjorn! I also got to say your strat looks in amazing condition!!! First guitar I have ever seen without 1 scratch!!

    keep up the good work on the site, i still have my finger crossed about a community forum for the site, so incase your new to forums heres a start, http://www.phpbb.com/


    [Thanks! I’ve had the Strat for 10 years now and it’s in great condition but there are some scratches here and there and I’ve done a couple of paint jobs. – Bjorn]

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