• Airbag performing Pink Floyd’s Embryo

    I thought you’d might like to see this – Airbag performing Embryo at the Ino-Rock prog festival in Inowroclaw, Poland saturday September 11. Not the best quality but enough to get an idea of how it sounded.

    As you all know, Airbag is also known as The Pink Floyd Experience (or were) but we rarely do Floyd shows anymore and thought it would be great fun to do a Floyd cover. Embryo has always been one of our favourites and the fact that it’s never released, at least not the live version Floyd used to play in the early 70s, makes it much more special (and not everyone recognises the song either).

    I’m using the Fender CIJ ’65 reissue now with the pickguard assembly from the maple Strat (Fender CS 69 neck and mid and Duncan SSL5 bridge pickups) into a Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 100w head with a Marshall 4×12″ speaker cab. Not the ideal combo but we didn’t bring our own backline. The Mesa always performes well anyway. Effectwise for Embryo I’m using a BK Tube Driver and a T-Rex Replica (310ms) adding a reversed wah wah for the seagull screams. David actually did this effect on some early performances of the song.

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  1. Dave A says:

    Really enjoyed watching this clip.Thanks for putting this up.It was great to see you using the reversed wah for the seagull screeches ! Great show all round from the band.Brilliant !! Thanks again.

    [Thanks Dave! As you might know, Gilmour actually did this effect on early versions of the song… before he used it in Echoes :) – Bjorn]

  2. Kit Rae says:


    Great version of Embryo! Though it is nice to see you guys doing any Pink Floyd song on youtube. Nice to have the wah in there too. For the few of us that remember it from the bootlegs that is a real treat.

    [Thanks! Yeah, I really love those early boots with the seagull etc… Surprisingly many that recognize the song when we play it too :) – Bjorn]

  3. Robert Farrer says:

    I think i am so used to seeing the black strat in its current form with the Maple neck that when you see it combined with Rosewood it takes some getting used to. I still think it looks very good, in terms of playing the guitar i am partial to rosewood necks and i suppose this must be the overriding factor over the ‘look’ of it :D

    [Well, the look was David’s preference between 1974-1979 :) As for me though it comes down to the fact that I prefer rosewood necks at the time and I wanted to try to pickups from the maple Strat that I have so I didn’t bother replacing the pick guard… just swapped everything :) – Bjorn]

  4. Evel1 says:


    What does your main pedalboard consist of now? Still in shock over the removal of the CPB, but totally understood.

    [I’m working on a new My Gear update. Coming soon :) – Bjorn]

  5. Robert Farrer says:

    Very cool, got to agree with the lad above alway’s good to see the video’s to get some live content, you really must come to scotland and do a gig, im liking what you have done with the guitar looks a little weird but in a good way, got the rosewood neck on my Strat and i really do like them alot cant say i get any ‘thinness’ in tone from the CS69’s installed.

    [Weird? How can a black body with a rosewood neck look weird???? LOL! – Bjorn]

  6. Mick says:

    Great job indeed!
    Oh, and I really like the way you handle the hamony vocals Bjorn. As gilmourish as it gets. Not to mention the ever superb execution of guitar parts ;)

    Btw, that BK Tube Driver is one magical piece of gear, isn´t it? Mine shines after I swapped the tubes (Valvo ECC82 now). A bit tricky to set right, but once you got it, it can´t be beat.

    [Thanks! Yeah, the BK is a magical monster :) – Bjorn]

  7. Toni says:

    Hi! It looks like a great gig!
    Just one question: don’t you use the amp distorsion at all? 100 % clean channel as usual? I mean, that’s not one of my favourite amps, but anyway and undoubtedly that’s an excellent amp, specially for distortions!
    Congratulations once again for such a great web!
    Toni from Barcelona

    [Thanks! The amp was set for a 100% clean tone. It’s slightly darker and has a bit more mid range compared to Hiwatt/Reeves but it works very well. – Bjorn]

  8. Seb says:

    You gave Embryo a Nice Name. Awesome as usual.

    [Thanks Seb! – Bjorn]

  9. J.François says:

    Sounds great !
    And finally, the “real” black strat version ! ;-)

    [Ha ha! Yeah! – Bjorn]

  10. piotrzarek says:

    Wow! You were in Poland? I must subscribe the airbag newsletter. Can’t miss such oportunity anymore.

    Best wishes from Warsaw!

    [Check out our Facebook page for the latest news etc. – Bjorn]

  11. Eric Nyberg says:

    Bjorn great performance per usual. I was wondering where do you have the volume set on the guitar itself when you’re doing high gain stuff like from The Wall/Animals etc. Do you go all the way up to 10?

    [Usually somewhere between 8.5-10. I often use the volume to smoothen the distortions or to round off the cleans a bit. – Bjorn]

  12. Hugo says:

    Hi Bjorn. Is actually really satisfactory to see you guys growing and getting to notice. Is funny but I think is really encouraging to see that you are dedicating more to your own music instead of floyd shows.

    I can’t help but notice that it seems that you can’t have in this events your own amps. I imagine that is like here. When the event is a festival they put a couple of amps and everyone have to connect to that amp. Is that a problem for you? the settings for the pedals should be different if you are going trough a Mesa than trough your reeves, doesn’t it?

    For me is surely a problem since I use a lot the gain channel of my Mesa F50 and here they only put crappy Marshall JCM900…


    [I rarely use my own amp when were traveling abroad because it costs a lot to bring the gear on planes etc so we have to keep it at a minimum. It’s not ideal but although not everyone can produce a Hiwatt I usually get an amp that’s quite similar like a Mesa or Bassman. You just have to give the arranger a notice and they’ll fix it. The Mesa is slightly darker and has more mid than a Hiwatt or Reeves so I have to set the treble on the amp just a tad higher than normal and roll off the gain on most of my pedals. – Bjorn]

  13. Eric says:

    What were the settings on the mesa if you remember? Also, what all was used on colours effect-wise? These videos make it seem like really a lot of the sound you get doesnt really come from the amp/gear. Its more-so just how you play. Pretty cool!

    [I think I used more or less the same settings as on the Reeves – bass 40%, mids 40%, treble 60%, presence 60% and the master at about 1/3 of the channel volume. The setup for Colours is basically a BK Tube Driver throughout with a Dunlop Rotovibe and Boss DD2. For the solo I add a BYOC triangle Big Muff and a wah wah. – Bjorn]

  14. John says:

    Great job, love the live clips. Keep ’em coming.

  15. ruodi says:

    The Romans nailed Jesus – the Northmen nailed Pink Floyd!

    (… 40 years today since Jimi Hendrix died.)

    [LOL! – Bjorn]

  16. Evel1 says:

    Great job Bjorn, everything sounds incredible. Nice tip of the hat to the frontman. The whole song has a nice “Top Gear/BBC Archieves” sound and vibe to it. Very humbling for the rest of us to listen to.

    Really digging the Airbag video clips as well; nice to actually see the Kings of Modern Prog Rock in action. ;)

    [Thanks! Glad you enjoy the clips :) – Bjorn]

  17. Darkside says:

    Don’t blame you…..I had CS’69’s on my 1996 Mexican Standard strat with a maple neck and fretboard……they sounded a bit thin, so I tried CS ’54’s….and wow….what a difference!

    Never been a fan of EMG’s…….ever considered Lace Sensors?

    [I’m not sure I think they’re any better. – Bjorn]

  18. Darkside says:

    Actually never mind…..I only just read the description….that’s what you get when you watch the video on YouTube before commenting on here!

    What made you switch the pickguard assembly?

    [Just trying different stuff. The ’65 is a great guitar but I was never 100% comfortable with the EMGs so I swapped the pickups between the two guitars. Haven’t decided yet… – Bjorn]

  19. Darkside says:

    What guitar is that Bjorn? Either you’ve put a black pickguard on the ’65 reissue, or you’ve put the neck from the ’65 reissue on your usual ‘Gilmourised’ black Strat!

    Or maybe it was a guitar you just borrowed……hmmm…

    [Hmmm… It’s a mystery :) It’s the ’65 with the pickguard assembly from the maple Strat :) – Bjorn]

  20. Excelent version!! A great job, as usual!

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]