• David Gilmour and The Orb

    A lot of action in the Gilmour camp these days! Apart from the total surprise with Roger a week ago (as covered below) there’s some goodies coming in October as well!

    David is collaborating on the new Bryan Ferry album Olympia that’s set for October 25th. Not too many details yet but check out Bryan’s site and listen to the new single – amazing! Don’t think David’s on it but a great song in true Ferry style!

    As just announced on BrainDamage.co.uk The Orb’s next album is due in medio October as well with David collaborating on several tracks. David did a session with Orb last year and what initially was planned as a guest appearance ended up being much more and Metallic Spheres is now being released as The Orb featuring David Gilmour!

    The EPK from the sessions shows a very relaxed atmosphere with David playing his own NOS signature and what appears to be a Supro double neck lap steel guitar. I can’t make out any pedal board or anything though… sounds to me that it’s all digital but perhaps some details will emerge for us to feast in later!

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  1. Yes, the clips in the video sound very promising. Cool sound, seems to be a good match between Dave and The Orb.

  2. Brian says:

    The Orb Sessions really sound interesting! Can’t wait to hear the finished product.

  3. Lee says:

    Here’s a new link hope it works…


  4. Blair says:

    The video is back up now on David’s site….


    Sounds great, I’m looking forward to this album!

  5. Cristóvao says:

    Is there anyway do see the video from the session.

    “Had to laugh…
    Even David had to shake out and untangle his cables…” – Sorry but I don´t understand from what videos he was taking about.

    [The video was taken down but check out David’s site… it’s up again. – Bjorn]

  6. Reginator says:

    Just missed David’s video since it was pulled but the Bryan Ferry single is great.

    I like seeing artist I admire at work in the studio.. it gives me a greater appreciation for their work when it’s released. Kinda like, “I remember seeing him working out that guitar part – he really nailed it!”

  7. Tom says:

    The video has been taken down before I could view it…


  8. João J. Francisco says:

    These small videos can be very important! I love to see David untangle his cables. I guess Gilmour may be a nice guy to meet and to work with! I also think that DG contributions need to be more! That MAN bring life to the songs!!

    And I can’t wait to buy an album with his contributions and the Syd Barret song’s he is producing!


  9. Anonymous says:

    In the clean + delay parts, what position is his Strat selector switch on ? great sound !

    [Seems like it’s the neck. – Bjorn]

  10. Jova says:

    Wow, David was really active lately. I hope he will start creating new material for his own (new) album, and a tour later on :-) Anyway I’m looking forward to hearing anything new about him and his music.

    P.S. Isn’t it funny that he plays replica of his own guitar?

    [There’s been a lot of activity lately and we can only cross our fingers for more to come. He’s not getting any younger that’s for sure… – Bjorn]

  11. Had to laugh…
    Even David had to shake out and untangle his cables…

    [So he is really just a human after all… :) – Bjorn]