• Full video of Roger Waters and David Gilmour’s performance!

    Wow! Talk about bringing the roof down! If you haven’t already be sure to check out David and Roger’s complete performance together at the Hoping Foundation homepage. It’s also possible to donate for the cause if you want to.

    Although the filming is of rather poor quality it’s great to see them together again – great… what an understatement! Hard to believe that it’s almost five years to the day since last time. Then David wasn’t really up for it and now he was the one to suggest them playing together! One can only speculate why he seems to have changed his mind about certain things (he’s getting older, friends dies, time heals, Polly has told him wise word or two… etc) but it’s good to know that the two are enjoying each other’s company again.

    Roger seems to be having an out-of-body experience and forgets to play his bass, plays too loud and waves his arms a bit too hysterically… just like we like to see him and it brings back great memories from that day in Hyde Park in 2005. I’m sure David had the time of his life as well but a true british gentleman doesn’t ramble around the stage but rather nods and smile as polite as he can :)

    I always love hearing David play Floyd in settings like this. He seems to be more relaxed and doesn’t have to think about signature licks and album versions etc. He just plays whatever he feels like and that’s when he really shines as a musician. Wonderful blues work on Phil Spector’s old classic To Know Him is to Love Him and amazing tone one Comfortably Numb. I can see him on top of that wall already with the Black Strat, the Hendrix strap and… oh, man it’s gonna be the show of the decade! Hands in the air everybody who wants to see those Yamaha cabs on stage again!

    And of course nice to hear Another Brick again! They haven’t performed that one together since The Wall tour in 1981 and David hasn’t played it since the PULSE tour. The song was “bought” by one of the attendees and was done without any rehearsals but David seemed to remember most of it. I’m glad this is charity though… The bidding sounded awfully close to a TV preaching show ha ha! Empty your pockets and touch the screen!

    As listed in a post below David’s rig featured the Black Strat, Alessandro Bluetic 20w head with a matching 2×12 cabinet, Hiwatt SA212 combo, MXR Digital Delay II and a Conn Strobo tuner. I can’t make out which pedal board he used but it’s for sure either the 2006 Cornish or the 1999 board (as seen with Al Green earlier this summer). Effectswise it sounds like he mostly used a Tube Driver for To Know Him with the middle/bridge pickup combo (4th position), Tube Driver and delay for Another Brick and Muff (+ possibly a mild Tube Driver) and delay for Comfortably Numb. Wish You Were Here was performed with a Gibson Western ’59 fitted with a LR Baggs M1 pickup (as seen on the 2006 On An Island tour).

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  1. Josue Tamayo says:

    What’s the matter with that drummer?

    It could’t be worst!

    I had never disappointed Mr Gilmour that way!

  2. Bryan Hudson says:

    I would gladly pay a higher donation if they would put this on a DVD and send it out as a bonus.

  3. Wim says:

    Wow.. So glad footage of this turned up! The sound quality is actually quite decent and David plays amazing.. So good to see them together again :-)

    The only thing is… the drummer. Apparantly Stevie wasn’t available but this gig sure deserved a better one.. Hell, I have played C. Numb better!

    Ah well, still amazing :)

  4. Pasha Saleh says:

    Bjorn, is that Hiwatt 212 Combo he is using these days a new production Hiwatt or something vintage? Reason I ask is that the new Hiwatt’s have been flamed for being poor quality, crappy transformers, not as good as Reeves, etc, but if they are good enough for Gilmour to be using these days it would put all those arguments to rest. Thanks!

    [That’s a vintage 70s model. I think he first used in for the Divison Bell sessions. I guess the new Hiwatts are more than good enough but I think you’ll get much more for your buck with a Reeves… both in terms of tone and quality. – Bjorn]

  5. Kelton Gomes says:

    The drummer seemed a bit lost at the end of Cnumb… lol

  6. Michael says:

    Wow!!!! This was just amazing to witness, I knew they had to have a video of this somewere. I have to tell you the whole time I was watching I had a smile on my face. They looked like they had a lot of fun and would have never guessed that they had been so stale with each other years before. Amazing!!!

    P.S. I love what Roger did at the end,that was priceless!!! :-)

  7. Luciano says:

    Am I the only one shouting “SIT DOWN, MOTHERF***ER!!!” to the guy in front of the camera???

    Well, I would, probably, be as thrilled as he was in such an ocasion… so I guess all is forgiven.

    What a great night!

    It’s just so good to see these two guys getting together again.

    Hope there’s more to come (more than just one song in one show). I do not believe it, but HOPING is the word that started it all, isn’t it?

    [This time it was David who started it so at least he’s softened a bit. Who knows? – Bjorn]

  8. Evel1 says:

    Probably my least favorite song, in the Floyd catalog, ended up being one of the more powerful performances, Another Brick In The Wall pt. II. Seriously, I haven’t really liked this song since the late 80’s; however, something about the sound of their voices together. You can not under estimate the power of David and Roger, more so when playing together.

    The true measure of great music is timelessness. Listen to their voices, and their playing, still sounds as if you are listening to an old Wall bootlegg!!

    I must also admit that the old eyes did moisten up a tad during this song. Again, and the amazing thing, this is my least favorite. Power beyond words. David has grown-up to be a fairly good guitarist, hasn’t he??

    Also makes me REALLY appreciate this website, and all of your efforts for the Floyd community. Thanks again Bjorn, for all that YOU do.

    [A truly powerful performance indeed! Thanks for your kind words Evel1! – Bjorn]

  9. GDKZen says:

    I think that Waters put it best back in 2005 when he stated that in retrospect, if Pink Floyd had not carried on under Gilmour’s leadership, then both he and Gilmour would not be able to do the charitable work they do today.

  10. Alex says:

    This is truly amazing to watch…. what i would give to have been there. Even though its pretty unlikely i hope he comes to LA to preform with Roger

  11. James Cameron says:

    All I can say is WOW! great sound and playing. I love hearing Roger and David playing together again. Cnumb now sounds right and ABITW was great as well. I would love to see Davids and Rogers bands unite. I imagine a “the wall” show with a line up like David Gilmour, Roger Waters,Nick Mason,Snowy White,Guy Pratt and Jon Carin , with maybe special guest Dick Parry.
    If they could do at least one full show with that line up and film a DVD live version of it I’d be in Pink Floyd heaven.
    as an encore they could perform a Syd Barret and a Rick Wright song as a tribute. “Rember a day” and “Astronomie” would be cool. p.s. as John Lennon once said, “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one”.

  12. Fernando says:

    What can I say, FANTASTIC!!!. Gilmour and Waters can say what they want about their careers, but I am sure that both of them think that together they are better.

  13. ruodi says:

    “To know him is to love him!” – Haha! :))

    Where´s Nick?

  14. Darkside says:

    Definitely nice to see these two playing together again. Must’ve been strange for Roger to be sharing the stage with Guy Pratt – the guy who effectively replaced him after he left ;-)

    Who knows what the future may hold…hopefully more Gilmour goodness! :-D