• David Gilmour and Roger Waters perform together!

    Right out of the blue David and Roger did a performance together yesterday (Saturday 10 July) at the Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening in Kidlington in Oxfordshire, England!

    Together with Guy Pratt (bass and acoustic guitar), Harry Waters (keyboards, Roger’s son), Andy Newmark (drums, Roxy Music), Chester Kamen (guitar, Bryan Ferry) and Jonjo Grisdale (keyboards) they performed Wish You Were Here, To Know Him Is To Love Him (Phil Spector), Comfortably Numb and Another Brick In the Wall (part 2).

    David used his Gibson 1959 acoustic and the Black Strat. Polly’s pictures (posted on her site) reveals some details about David’s setup – the Alessandro Bluetic 20w head with a matching 2×12 cabinet, Hiwatt SA212 combo, MXR Digital Delay II and a Conn Strobo tuner. It’s not know what pedal board David used but it’s fair to assume that he either used the 2006 Cornish board or the 1999 board (as seen with Al Green last week).

    The charity event (“Hoping” stands for Hope and Optimism for Palestinians in the Next Generation) raised £350,000. The fact that they played together and the two Wall numbers surely adds fuel to the rumours (or rather wish) that David will join Roger at some point on the upcoming Wall tour.

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  1. Pasha Saleh says:

    Bjorn. is that Hiwatt 212 Combo a vintage amp or one of the new (Musicground?) Hiwatts? I know the new reissue Hiwatts have a somewhat mixed reputation and it would be very helpful to know if David is indeed using one of these. Thanks for the best site on the net! Pasha in Singapore

    [Thanks for your kind words Pasha! Glad you enjoy my site :) David’s Hiwatt is a mid 70s model. – Bjorn]

  2. Henrique says:

    It is always great to see these 2 playing together.
    It just gives me more energy to move on and keep hoping one day to see them on stage!

  3. Phil says:

    The long awaited full-ish show is now up Bjorn.



  4. Alex says:

    I don’t know if you saw this Bjorn, but there’s been a video clip put up on Rogers facebook wall. You should check it out


    [Thanks Alex. Just posted it here on the site :) – Bjorn]

  5. I am a huge fan of Roger Waters so i really enjoyed reading your article on Roger Waters. I am glad i got concert tickets for the Wall Tour for Staples Center.

  6. Marco says:

    All I can say is I hope he plays in Hartford, CT because that is the show I am going to……………………

  7. jason sam says:

    Well…I was living in china…David never came to China.What a pity!There is no comfortably numb without David’s solo

  8. Randall says:

    Thanks Evel1. I like Piper too, but I often find myself only listening to “Astronomy Domine”, “Lucifer Sam”, “Matilda Mother”, “Take Up Thy Stethoscope” (bad ass jam in the middle of that), “The Gnome”, “Scarecrow”, and “Bike”. A great album in most respects.

    But yeah, his solo stuff is just so different. I love Syd’s approach to lyrics. How the nonsense makes sense. As David has often said, “He had a way with words. He could always just grab the right lyric.”

  9. Andre Eduardo says:

    Oh man, I’m “comfortably numb” with this notice!

  10. Evel1 says:

    Well said Ranall. Syd has a solo artist, IMHO, is way cooler. Syd’s solo albums are very unique, and equally awesome. Outside of Vegetable Man or Scream Thy Last Scream, or even more of the obscure earlier stuff, I really don’t care much for Piper. Too stifling, again IMO. Once Syd went solo he became the artist I know and love. Same for the Floyd. Saucerful and Ummagumma are among my personal favs, more so the latter. Regarding Two of a Kind, it’s okay. My personal fave is Wet Dream, great piece of mood work.

    The one I have nit heard is “You’re The Reason”

  11. Fernando says:

    Roger Waters has confirmed that David Gilmour will perform C. Numb in one of his shows!!!

    [Just saw that. Wow! – Bjorn]

  12. John says:

    My first post here, I couldn’t resist due to the nature of this multifaceted debate.

    Firstly on the charity gig, good on ’em, they probably did enjoy themselves, but I think that the reality is that this is a one off like Live8 and we may see similar collaborations in the future.

    Secondly will Pink Floyd tour? I think we need to accept that this will not happen and move on, Gilmour, Waters and Mason have.

    Thirdly the Syd Barrett thing. At the tender age of 15, one Saturday in March, I went to the Empire Pool, Wembly and and saw Pink Floyd play Animals and WYWH, fantastic. That line up, as far as I’m concerned, is Pink Floyd, irrespective of “Syd’s influence” he may have been a founder member of the band but he hadn’t been involved in the band or the direction it was taking for many years. He was subject matter for many of the songs because thats what songwriters do, and Roger is good at his job. I was vey young in the late sixties but I remember we had Radio 1 on all the time and I do not remember See Emily Play or any Pink Floyd being played and from what I know now they were an underground band playing psycadelic gigs to partying Londoners et al. Not much structure and direction needed there ! I’ve got all the early stuff because I’m a fan, but Pink Floyd didn’t get it together properly until Meddle that’s quite evident.

    One thing you do need to consider is that everyone has their own perspectives and all the literature available now is slanted towards the authors point of view, after all, they need to sell their books, so don’t take it as gospel. Even the main players of the time have differing views and memories so we will never know the “truth” only a collection of often contradictory accounts.

    Anyway I think that Bjorn has got a good handle on it and provides a balanced view, probably because he has no “axe to grind” (eugene)

    Excellent site, thanks

    [Thanks for posting John! – Bjorn]

  13. Rozq says:

    This is great news. I love it. Where is a video of it? It had to be amazing indeed.

    [There was no video apparently. Only 200 specially invited and no video… – Bjorn]

  14. Luciano says:

    Well, just to make it clear, what I meant by “post-Syd Floyd” was everything that was made after his departure.

    I mean: Pink Floyd is a better band without Syd than with him, IMO.

    As I said, those are completely different bands, it makes no sense in comparing them and I like them both. But I just happen to like the “without-Syd Floyd” the best.



    P.S.: And I just LOVE Syd’s “See Emily Play” and Rick’s “Remember A Day” and “Paintbox”.

  15. evel1 says:

    Yes, quite aware of the Rick solo works, have his three releases, Wet Dream, Zee, and Broken China.

    We are referring to the tracks that he had (or was) worked on prior to his early depature.

    The additional pictures on Ms. Polly’s website are FAB! Regardless of what anyone could say, I must say it looked as if they actually enjoyed their time doing this. So that being said, if this is the final show starring the two of them, what a way to leave it. Remarkable “how time heals all wounds, or softens the ire between them.” First Live 8, and now this, and to see the both of them laughing together! Incredible.

  16. Randall says:


    It’s no consolation really, but there is a Rick song out there you might not know about. It’s a song called “Two of Kind”, only released on Wouldn’t You Miss Me: The Best Of Syd Barrett, also on a few Radio 1 bootlegs and whatnot, but it’s the same version. It’s Syd singing, but it’s, by all accounts, a song that Rick wrote. Sadly, all recordings I’ve heard have no keyboard parts.


    What you said about Syd, “He had the idea for the band, the name, most of their songs, their sound, their stage show… everything.” That’s all I really meant about Syd being the embodiment of Pink Floyd. I would say that if you listen to “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” and “Division Bell”, there is an evolution there. Like Bob Klose has said about his own involvement with the Floyd, “It needed me to leave to become what it became.” The same can be said about Syd, it needed him to leave to become what it became.

    We can agree though, that between “Piper” and “Meddle” all we really see is a band with no real direction. They made some soundtracks, even after “Meddle”, because they weren’t sure they had careers as ‘pop’ musicians. If you listen to the singles, they are horrible. “Point Me at the Sky” and “It Would Be So Nice” are just terrible. Those songs sound like a band trying to write like Syd did. Eventually, they abandoned this approach and went on to make “Meddle”, “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Animals”, and “The Wall”. Even “Saucerful” was a flop in my opinion, and I understand all the turmoil going on then, so I can accept it. But “Saucerful” sounds like a group of guys trying to recreate what “Piper” had, but with little success. I love “Let There Be More Light”, “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”, “Remember a Day” and “Jugband Blues” (not just because Syd is on three of those four either LOL). The rest of that album blows, in my opinion. “Ummagumma” probably has about 5 minutes of audio I find enjoyable. For me, their first good effort post-Syd was “Atom Heart Mother”, which was also somewhat successful in the mainstream at the time. The “More” soundtrack also had a few good songs on it.

    I think it’s funny that Roger has repeatedly said, “Syd has this crazy idea about us hiring female singers and saxophone players.” He just laughs it off like this is some crazy notion. I would have loved to have been one of these people interviewing him when he’s said this, and he’s said it numerous times. I would say, “Well, Roger, didn’t those elements become important staples on Dark Side of the Moon? Female singers and saxophones pretty much underlined that album.”

    This is why I don’t care for Roger. I’ve seen him five times in concert, and I have my Wall tickets in hand already, but he’s been a real douche over the years. I will say now, as I always have, about a Floyd reunion, I could see it happening. By reunion I mean a handful of shows, or one maybe two new songs. Of course, David would only do this if it was for charity, which Roger is really into charity too. So we’re good there. Secondly, if you look at Roger’s entire career, he’s nothing if not overly sentimental. I always figured that once members started dying, he’d get sentimental to go out and do it one more time. I don’t think David shares this same sense, but I’m sure he’s thought about it. I really thought when Syd died, and Rick was still alive, I thought that just might ignite a reunion of sorts.

    Ultimately, I agree with you. David won’t be inspired to do it without Rick, however, if there was a charity cause big enough, I could see something more substantial than G8 happening, but it would take a REALLY worthy cause, like a massive terrorist attack, natural disaster, etc. Unfortunately, to get what we’d all like to see happen, it would take something really awful to make it happen.

    Like most fans, I’m just happy if they tour every now and then and still make albums (separately) when they feel like it. They know, as we all do, they can never escape that 68-83 period, though we can pretty much forget about the “Final Cut” as a significant part of that PF’s legacy. I mean, I like it, but it’s not Floyd really.

    Well, thanks for all the back and forth on this subject. You made some really good points in defense. Haha! As always, keep up the good work Bjorn!

  17. Giles says:

    “Anyone interested in seeing a bit more of David and Roger’s weekend show might
    take a look at PF lyricist and writer Polly Samson’s new
    She’s got a Photography
    section – go to http://www.pollysamson/photography

    [Thanks! – Bjorn]

  18. MT says:

    They need to work together again. Not as Pink Floyd, but as something else, something new. That will be really great. Maybe a collaboration on Rick’s incomplete album.

  19. Giles says:

    “wonder if there are any Rick Wright solo tracks anywhere”

    yes, Rick put out a few albums. “Broken China” is one.

  20. Peter says:

    For me it’s great and a big pleasure to see David and Roger together.
    It made my day perfect.

    Peace for all.

  21. Luciano says:

    Well, Bjorn, since the moment I read the e-mail from the “Fleeting Glimpse” website, with these hot news, I’m living in hope.

    No, I don’t think David will join the tour, but, as you said, he might seat in, as a guest, for a few songs (probably CNumb – but I would hope for Hey You too. Young Lust – one of my favorites – would be too much of a dream) in even fewer gigs. Probably London or Berlin, as you’ve said.

    No, it won’t happen in the (not yet confirmed) Brazil shows, unfortunatelly… :-(

    No, they will never be Pink Floyd again, after Rick’s passing – even though PF has existed without Rick, for a short period. Times have changed. They have changed. They don’t need it. They won’t do it. It would be disrespectful.

    But it would be GREAT to see David soloing on the top of that big wall again, even for just one song, after almost 30 years, wouldn’t it?

    For the time being, all we can do is wait… and hope.



    P.S.: PF with Syd is a completely different band from PF without Syd, and I see no point in comparing them. Much more diferent, imho, than the pre and post-Waters Floyd. And (again imo) post-Syd Floyd is far better. Just a personal opinion.

    [That’s what’s great about Floyd I think. Everyone has their favourite period and album. Syd, post-Syd, Waters Floyd, Gilmour Floyd… All so different but I think we can agree that all periods have its magic moments. – Bjorn]

  22. Cris Sörensen says:

    What??? “nice black strat REPLICA”????
    I really don’t understand….

    Sörensen From Brazil

    [I’ve no idea… That’s certainly not the replica… :) – Bjorn]

  23. evel1 says:

    I think he simply did because he wanted to. He almost didn’t do Live 8, for several differing reasons, but even that almost didn’t happen…because he didn’t want to. I simply just appreciate it for what it is, and think that it AWESOME, that it happened, and the image of the 2 and their wives, speaks volumes. No Floyd reuniting or anything as such, just what it was. For the record, and I think it IS more than obvious, the Floyd will not work together. Rick played a huge part of their sound, even if he was just a sounding board or a chord struck on the keyboard. His solo works are full of the wonderful, woeful, melancholy sound. Rick brought a LOT to the classic Floyd sound, even if unaccredited. The only thing that I personally hope for, is another sessions such as this, or even better, maybe a song or guest guitar bit. Just glad they can share a common space, and smile while they’re doing it. They have come a long way from their Live 8 appearance. Let sleeping dogs lay, and just enjoy the moment. I would cheerfully “settle” for another “On An Island” or “Amused To Death”, over any Floyd project without Rick.

    Now, all of that being said, wonder if there are any Rick Wright solo tracks anywhere, that will ever see the light of day? I really…really…miss Rick.

    [Agree. We should be very grateful that they’re able to stand on the same stage and enjoy themselves. Like you say, it’s important to acknowledge that David did this because he wanted to and charity has always been close to his heart. Live 8 would never ever have happened if David didn’t believe in the whole project.
    According to both David and Guy, Rick did work on a new solo album between Island and his death. We can only hope that this will emerge one day. – Bjorn]

  24. Randall says:

    Haha, I agree Bjorn, Animals is my favorite album too. Surprisingly, I love Syd’s music collectively better than I like Pink Floyd, however, when it comes to Floyd, I like the Gilmour/Waters Floyd better than I like the Barrett Floyd. I agree totally, this in your definition, is “authentic” Pink Floyd. And by that definition, the Floyd that has toured since ’83 is not “authentic” either. The 68-83 Floyd is want everyone considers Pink Floyd, i.e. the team of Waters/Gilmour. Haha, and don’t kill me for this, but “Momentary Lapse of Reason” is more a Waters album, than Waters ever wrote post-Floyd. That is a very ideal late 80s Pink Floyd album, and I would be surprised if Waters didn’t secretly love it!

    What I meant about the name, wasn’t that the band should have died with Syd’s departure. Syd may have been forced out, at least in some way, but he deserved it. His behavior was jeopardizing their success, and you or I would probably have done the same thing. But for me, knowing the history of Syd, “PINK FLOYD” is totally Syd. It’s a nonsense name. It’s whimsical. It reflects the avant-garde embodiment that, for me, the first Floyd incarnation was all about. The next era Waters/Gilmour was a logical evolution, and I’m glad it evolved, but had it been left to Roger, Rick, Nick, and David, I’m sure the name would have been something like “Radio K.A.O.S”, some definitely more dry and stale than “Pink Floyd”. Haha. I just feel the soul of the name Pink Floyd rests with Syd and his unique style. That’s just my opinion.

    I agree too that Roger has the name to tour like he does. Roger Waters and David Gilmour are well-known household names, at least in the United States. However, Roger is not bigger than the name Pink Floyd, neither is David, but Roger’s name as a solo act probably draws a bigger crowd than David does. But like Roger once said, “Back in those days I’d be playing a 2,000-seat amphitheater, while they were across town playing to 50,000… and MY songs!” A bit arrogant, but there’s a bit of truth in that statement about the brand Pink Floyd. The name Pink Floyd will always sell more than any of their names combined.

    Yeah, I also agree that the Floyd is most likely done due to Rick’s death. I mean, “On an Island” would have made a perfect finale to Pink Floyd’s evolution. And that’s what all this conversation is about. It’s the evolution of Pink Floyd, from Syd to Roger, from Roger to David.

    I wasn’t trying to diminish any of their contributions. I know full well David and Rick’s contributions. And I don’t even mean to leave Nick out. I’ve been in several bands, as have you, and we understand that it takes five fingers to make a hand. None of them, Syd included, would have been anything without each other. David is more than the “voice and guitar of Pink Floyd” (though that is the heading of his website), but he’s not the ONLY voice and guitar of Pink Floyd.

    You may be underestimating the success and opportunity Syd afforded them. Without “See Emily Play” and “Arnold Layne”, there would have been no Pink Floyd after early 1968. That stuff made them popular, not Piper. That’s how they wound up recording next to the Beatles in Abbey Road. Because of Syd there was a second album in the works, which gave Gilmour a chance to make it. In fact, their mangers went with Syd when they booted him out, because they felt that was where all the talent was. I disagree, because Syd would have sounded like shit without Rick’s keys; probably why Syd’s solo stuff is so different from his Pink Floyd material. Not to mention the influence learning Syd’s approach to things had on Gilmour. By all accounts they learned from each other as they grew up, but when Syd and the Floyd got big, Syd developed some techniques Gilmour later employed.

    Basically, I think the Floyd is all of them, in some way, in every form. I mean, even Gilmour’s childhood influences on Syd as a guitarist are responsible for the rise of Syd’s songwriting. They all needed each other. If only they’d all pull together as a team… again. Haha.

    [Well as I said, you know more about Syd than I :) I must admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of neither Piper nor his solo stuff but one can’t be a Floyd fan (or as hard core as we are LOL) without recognizing his huge impact during the early days. He had the idea for the band, the name, most of their songs, their sound, their stage show… everything. He had a vision that Floyd adapted when he left. I’m not sure they did that because they were desperate and didn’t have any other ideas or if they believed in the same vision but there is a strong Syd legacy in almost everything they’ve done since he left. Don’t forget either that Storm Thorgerson grew up with the guys and carried the vision throughout the years with the band.
    I think you’re right that See Emily Play and Arnold Layne did more for the band than Piper, which was not as mainstream. I think the album shows how little they actually wanted the fame and how much they believed in their own art and way of thinking. Pink Floyd has never been a singles band and that’s because, I think, they grew up as artists… From day one they wanted something different and they succeeded. My Kiss analogy was perhaps a bit misplaced but although Gene is talking about how the band can live on without him and Paul I really can’t see that happening. Kiss is Paul and Gene and they can believe all they want that the fans just want to hear the songs and doesn’t really care who play them as long as there’s enough bombs but it won’t be the same. Paul and Gene had the vision and although they really wanted to be famous it’s the same vision as Floyd and Barrett had. They all want to produce something different. Something that gives the listener a complete experience.
    I think David is more true to that original vision than Roger. David doesn’t want to tour without be up for it or without Rick as he was an important part of the band. Roger has ben doing his own thing since 1984 so it’s a slightly different case but I don’t see Floyd happen again. – Bjorn]

  25. rafael says:

    Gracias por la informaciooooooooooooooooooooon.

  26. Randall says:

    For anyone interested, please follow the link and sign up to show your support, this book needs a little more help in getting published. Thanks!


  27. mens says:

    wow!!! nice black strat replica!!!!

    [What? – Bjorn]

  28. Mike McPherson says:

    That’s something I left outta my last post. It’s very possible David may have done this only because it was for charity. He’s proven many times over that he’s all about charity, and playing with Roger is deffinatley something that would draw attention and open up the pocket books of donors. But this gives us all something to talk about and hope that a dream or wish may come true. Let’s face it, none of them can live forever, but they will always be the image of the late 60’s and 70’s when I think of them. I passed up the chance to see Floyd in 95 when they came to SC, and I’ve kicked myself in the ass many, many times for that. But, to me, there will never be another band that can do what they have done and continue to do.

  29. Giles says:

    “It’s been confirmed by the Hoping Foundation that NO official recording of this event took place. Sadly, with an invited audience of only 200 it’s unlikely that any unofficial recordings were made. Sorry! “

  30. Giles says:

    Ok, so lets hear about the equipment! :)

  31. Berni16986 says:

    As someone who was born after the Pink Floyd heyday, and whos godfather skipped her christening for one of their concerts, I have inherited my love for Pink Floyd. I would die extremely happy if a Wall reunion happened. However I doubt Dublin would be the location of choice, but a girl can whish!

  32. Randall says:

    I think Rick’s role was always the same, but equally important. Rick, more than any member, bound the Floyd together musically. He kept those 8 minute long songs interesting. He will be missed with or without the Floyd.

  33. Randall says:


    I have to agree with you a bit. If they simply did not reunite because Rick is dead, like a press release saying “No more Pink Floyd, Rick’s still dead,” than yes, it is an excuse, that is the definition of an excuse. Can we blame them (David), no, like Bjorn said, they were close, really close.

    Okay, that said, if David wanted to keep Pink Floyd authentic, well… authentic Pink Floyd has no David Gilmour, his style, his lyrical approach, nothing, he wasn’t in the authentic Pink Floyd, actually, he often refers to that Floyd as “psychedelic noodling”. Now, we have to wonder, once again, who owns the name? I mean, and I would despise this, but what if Nick and Roger wanted to tour as the Floyd? Does Nick have any claim to the name? The last one should be David Gilmour (only because he’s not an original member), though he was the last “leader” of the band, he hardly wrote any lyrics that made it on “Momentary” and “Division Bell”.

    So Bjorn, to use your KISS comparison, what right does David have to be Pink Floyd? (I’m mean that politely) He wrote some good riffs and played some cool solos. Could Bruce Kulick, Peter Criss, and Paul Stanley go out on the road as KISS without Gene? I mean, David is, as his site so proudly claims, the “voice and guitar of Pink Floyd”, but not hardly the most important member the band’s had. Syd was the man, we’ve established that. Roger wrote all the important lyrics (although “Momentary” and “Division Bell” have great lyrics, they weren’t written by Rick or David, certainly not Nick. Roger wrote a lot of the music, though I give Dave more credit in this department, they were Roger’s offspring. David has really just played some cool blues solos over other people’s lyrics for the bulk of his tenure with the Floyd, even as “leader”.

    I love David, don’t get me wrong, but to say Floyd is over because of Rick not being there is just as asinine as Roger saying it was done when he quit, or just as comparable to Syd leaving. I mean, Syd was still alive… there was no closure really there, and they made millions from it. He loomed over that band, still does. But the Floyd understand the finality of death. Rick is dead, it’s sad, let’s move forward. I have hope for one more album, even if it’s just David and Nick, which is the most likeliest of scenarios should there be another album. But I agree, no Rick, probably going to be the end of it as far as David is concerned, though I hope that’s not the sole reason.

    [Well, I guess “authentic Floyd” is how anyone sees it. I understand you’re a devoted Barrett fan but you can’t honestly say that Floyd died with Syd’s departure. It turned out to something different yes, but Floyd lived on and I think “authentic” must be considered as how the generic fan sees it. Mention Floyd and 99% will think of Dark Side, WYWY and Wall. The average Floyd fan is as familiar with Syd as they are with Animals… even if that’s my all time favourite album. Roger Waters has brilliantly marketed his recent tours as the main driving force of Floyd (and rightly so) and thus had the chance to build his name and be able to effortlessly tour the world. He’s got a bigger name than David and I can’t imagine David ever being able to tour like Roger… nor do I think he wish to.
    David and Nick owns the rights to the Pink Floyd name as they won the settlement with Roger in 1987. Nick could never tour with Roger alone without David’s approval. This was also an issue when Nick decided to write what he thought was the official Pink Floyd account. David refused to let him call it a Pink Floyd biography because he’d never been invited to collaborate.
    I strongly disagree that David was just the guitar and voice of Floyd. That’s pretty ignorant to say and i’m a bit surprised that you apparently know so little about his role as you know so much about Syd. Roger wrote most of their material between 1971-1983. He wrote most of the lyrics and had the conceptual ideas and he wrote most of the initial musical ideas. However, it’s a well known fact (and Roger has never denied this actually) that both David and Rick had A LOT to do with arranging the music. I doubt Dark Side, WYWH and Animals would have sounded even remotely close to what they do if it hadn’t been for Rick and David’s contributions. I mean, you can pin point exactly who did what just by listening to the music. Don’t forget that Roger also used many of Rick and David’s older ideas for new songs like Great Gig, Us and Them and Comf Numb.
    You should never say never but I can’t see why David would ever want to tour as Floyd again. It’s not him anymore and frankly I don’t mind them being over either. I’m no Waters fan but I will be seeing his new show. David is better off doing his own thing I think…
    Anyway… Nice talk :) – Bjorn]

  34. Chris says:

    Don’t get carried away this was a charity event may be that’s why david agreed to play i’ve got mixed feeling’s about any reunion after all roger’s ego would eventually show it’s self don’t forget it was roger that split the band up in the first place

  35. Randall says:

    I agree, David and Rick really built up their relationship on that last tour, and it would probably be hard for him to go back out without his right hand man in the band. Roger and Nick have played a few times over the years together, and I always hoped that would spill over into a reunion (this was pre-G8). Then David and Rick, things were looking promising. But as I said, this is a band that has overcome such hardships before. Let’s keep hope alive!

    I look forward to something about the Gilmour/Barrett sessions, but yeah little is known. I’m probably as big a Syd fan as you are a David fan. David Parker’s book ‘Random Precision’ sheds a lot of light on these sessions. I think a hardcore David fan, such as yourself, would really appreciate reading about the “Saucerful” sessions, the 5-man shows, and working on Syd’s solo stuff. Lots and lots of details. Quite a bit about David in the book, at least during that era with Syd. Also, Rob Chapman’s book ‘A Very Irregular Head’ has a lot about the relationship between David and Syd; everything from growing up together, through the Floyd and post-Floyd years. By far the most in depth account published on their relationship yet. A very odd relationship that must have been, eh? Being replaced by your old friend. During that time Rick and Syd lived together, and Rick would sneak off to gigs. Syd still had a tour schedule, even though he wasn’t taken to the gigs. David says that Syd would just show up and stare at him from the front row. Luckily, that sorta thing stopped after early/mid ’68. But then a year later, David was playing guitar on Syd’s solo songs, because he couldn’t lay a solid track. Very odd indeed.

    You can look at Syd’s departure three ways. One, he just didn’t want fame. Two, drugs and a deep-seated depression caused a social withdrawal. Three, he was surgically forced out by three guys riding his talent to pop fortune, when Syd no longer wanted this, they brought in someone who would “play the game”. I really think Syd rejected the Floyd, rather than the other way around. I think he felt that the repetition of pop life wasn’t for him. Playing the same damn songs, the same way, every night. He was a fella who enjoyed the moments of creation, the feel of the jam, making something from nothing, even if it risked sounding bad and getting booed. Rick, Nick, and Roger feared nothing more than being resigned back to their old, stale, architect lives, especially after a taste of success. Syd shunned, what they craved.

    “Dark Side” and “The Wall” are definitely linked to Syd. But, and most of all, so is “Wish You Were Here”; rounding out their best-selling albums list. Personally, I think every song on “Wish You Were Here” was directly, unflinchingly, about Syd Barrett. These three albums were about, linked to, inspired by… Syd; although “Dark Side”, even most aspects of “The Wall” less so. Syd’s neighbors say he used to shout at the top of his lungs all night about how he wanted to kill Roger Waters; Syd’s house was a connected semi, as many houses in Cambridge are. Supposedly, these episodes settled down in the late-80s, after the Floyd lawsuit was over.

    But yeah, Syd wanted obscurity. Yet, here was this very successful band immortalizing him with every hit album for the better part of a decade. How could he escape fame, when the Floyd were themselves inflating the myth of Syd to unimaginable proportions. The myth of Syd has, unfortunately, always out-shined the man. Certainly, his fame came later has theirs grew, but it didn’t grow that fast. I mean, “Sauceful”, “Ummagumma”, “More”, “Atom Heart Mother”, none had the success that even the ‘See Emily Play’ and ‘Arnold Layne’ singles received. Most likely, the Floyd’s success and fame dwindled until “Meddle” and then “Dark Side”. As their fame grew, so did, as consequence, intrigue and intrusion into Syd’s life. It’s easy to imagine Syd hating Roger for that, even if Roger’s intentions were honest.

    The myth is probably what made Syd famous, obviously. But the myth wasn’t started with the Floyd, only perpetuated by them through song. In fact, there are several articles from magazines at the time about “mad” Syd Barrett, and Syd’s own interviews do him no favors either. Just after his departure in early ’68 until ’74, there are tons and tons of things written about Syd (primarily 69-72), most hypothesizing his sanity, or lack there of. If you think about it, the madness themes of the Floyd’s later music, are playing on what the media was creating right after Syd’s departure from the band. I’m sure Roger drew some inspiration from this.

    But yeah, I look forward to an article from you. Maybe you have some nugget of info I’ve never heard about their working relationship, but who knows. I’ve pretty much absorbed all there is about Syd out there. Haha. There’s more fiction than fact, so it gets hard sometimes. I just think many fans would like to know more. I’m often surprised how little most Floyd fans know about Syd, or that David even produced/engineered most of his solo work, and played on lots of tracks as well. “Barrett” is practically a Rick, David, Syd solo album. If you’d like my input on anything, just ask, I can probably point you in the right direction about finding out what David did or did not do on Syd’s solo albums.

    David Parker’s book has accounted every session done by the Floyd with Syd, as well as all his solo stuff (date, time, what was done, etc.), and Syd actually was, at least, in the studio for most of the songs on “Saucerful”, and they probably play on more tracks together than just “Set the Controls”, which has been what most, even David, have maintained for years. Certainly, that nasty slide guitar on ‘Corporal Clegg’ reeks of Syd’s post-breakdown, one-note, approach to doing things over and over again. “See-Saw” was a song that is very Syd-like lyrically, though probably wrote by Rick, but that was a song previously called “The Most Boring Song Ever”, or something to that effect, which they wrote with Syd; probably has Syd on it. There are other hints that, if you know Syd’s tone and style, that he appears on several tracks. They probably just wanted to distance themselves from all those claims that Syd was still the genius behind the curtain. Likewise, David plays a lot of guitar on Syd’s “Barrett” album.

    [Thanks for the book recommendations. I’ll check them out. – Bjorn]

  36. Sean G says:

    Ha, when i saw the picture pop up on the site I thought it had been photoshopped. This is great news!

    Bjorn, I’ve been working on an effects pedal you might be interested in. Basically it is a fixed wah pedal with a switch that allows you to reverse the signal path so you can create that seagull effect without having to plug a wah pedal in backwards and it takes up very little space on the pedal board. Plus you can use it to get that half-cocked wah tone for solos. I’ll get a demo up and send you a link when I get done.

    [Cool! Let me know :) – Bjorn]

  37. Randall says:

    Yeah, I agree Bjorn, David would mostly likely do one show, probably in London, or Berlin with the whole wall theme and all. I wasn’t really comparing the two tours (DSotM and The Wall) I just meant that if David felt like playing out with Roger, it would have been for a tour like that, instead of The Wall. I guess we may have to wait until Roger goes out on the Wish You Were Here tour in 2012.

    As for the Floyd without Rick, that was my point about it being Syd’s baby. The band is bigger than any of them, not to diminish any of their talents. The band went on without the heart and founder, Syd, it went on without the genius of Waters’ lyrics, and it will, I hope, go on without Rick. I know Syd “left” under questionable conditions, I know Roger left due to arrogance, but Rick simply died, yet, I think he’d like to know his memory and music live on. Really, Rick is the one I credit the most with the success of the Floyd… musically. He not only laid down some really awesome tracks over the years, he was the glue that held Syd’s version of the Floyd together. He gave the Waters and Gilmour eras of the Floyd their foundational textures. His playing is incredibly underestimated amongst Floyd fans, especially in the early Syd days.

    I can’t wait to read your articles on the Gilmour/Barrett collaborations. Especially with the album “Barrett”, we have David to thank for getting Syd’s music out. Gilmour brought a tightness to “Barrett” that was perfect for that project. I do, however, hold a little resentment towards David’s mixing of “The Madcap Laughs”, which did little to protect Syd’s image. I have heard that David wants to go back and remix Syd’s sessions, and I hope he does. I’m glad David regularly pays homage to Syd, by playing some of his songs at shows, but he did Syd no favors by leaving in all the drugged-out studio chatter and false starts on “Madcap”. If you listen to the outtakes from that album, released some twenty years later in 1993, Syd is much more “together” than you get from the way “Madcap” was mixed by Gilmour.

    [I think both Nick and Roger could tour without Rick but I doubt David would. Especially after how they bonded on David’s last tour. I don’t know but I can’t imagine it ever being a reality. Floyd was Syd… I agree about that. He started the band and he was the main driving force the first couple of years. Dark Side and Wall would never have happened without him. But his fame never really took off until much later. It’s the same story with so many unsung heroes that died before they got discovered. Although Floyd had some minor success with Piper and See Emely Play few really knew Syd and recognized his talent before long after he’d “left” the band. Floyd extensively with David while they recorded Saucerful to promote the new guy and make sure people didn’t forget them but it turned out that few really understood what happened. It’s not to say that Syd didn’t matter but legend was created some years later… Anyway… I’ll try to write something about David’s collaborations although very little is known from the sessions. – Bjorn]

  38. Cris Sörensen says:

    I Can’t Believe… TOGETHER again….
    I hope David decides to go on tour with Roger.
    By the way Bjorn, in your opinion do you think David will join the Roger’s tour? in all countries?? cities?
    I need to see both together in my Life!!!

    thanks for the post Bjorn!!
    Thank you very much indeed, Thank you!

    Cristian Sörensen From Brazil

    [I don’t think David will be a part of the tour. Roger has already announced his band and it’s his tour. I can’t see why David would join the Roger Waters Band. But this performance surely clears the way for perhaps one or two guest appearances and I think London would be the place… if it happens. – Bjorn]

  39. Thomas M. says:

    Man, we need some videos!!! Im sure there had to be some youtubers there recording :)

    Thanks for the great news Bjorn!

  40. jason sam says:

    Wow!!!Does this mean he gonna join Roger in touring The Wall?

    [No. David joining the Roger Waters band? Doubt that… – Bjorn]

  41. 356 says:

    Richard is just an excuse to not do Floyd again.

    They did fine without Syd and without Roger, they could certainly do great with Roger but without Richard.

    It’s just does David want it or not. Probably not.

    [Ah… I wouldn’t say that. Richard’s death is so much more than just an excuse. Although he didn’t contribute as much as David and Roger he certainly was a driving force musically and not least a close friend of David. I guess Roger wouldn’t mind but I think David is much more into keeping the legacy authentic and he would never tour without Rick’s organs and voice. It’s not Kiss we’re talking about… – Bjorn]

  42. Mike McPherson says:

    Guys, I think what you will see (MAYBE) is David doing a show or two, perhaps at the Albert Hall. That’s it. At the least, David would join Roger as a guest, performing the most popular fan fav’s from the album. I’m sure there will be no Floyd reunion, not without Richard. David has said it before, there are certain songs he will never be able to perform again without him. But let’s all hope that David and Roger can put something together for at least a night or two.

  43. Jay says:

    ya i highly doubt he’d be intrested in showing up in Dallas TX, still a part of me still feels guilty that i didnt attend the DSoTM Waters tour 2 years ago and not going to this one now…yet ide almost rather go see Austrailian Pink Floyd again more then see Waters, ive heard his band and no offense to any one..but they’re awful in my opinion.

  44. Suzanne Abuldahab says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. Blessesssssssssss ,,, regardsssssssssssssssssssssss I love u Pink Floyd Peopleeeeeeeeeeeee <3 <3 <3

  45. Martin says:

    Just imagine this- David Gilmour and Roger Waters performing together again songs like Run Like Hell, Brick… ,Young Lust (their best song for me by the way). And if he spits somebody one more time it will be just great :). Bjorn brother you are the best but i said that already and you know it

    [It would be great to get Roger to do a Montreal again! Cheers Martin! – Bjorn]

  46. William says:

    Its great they have patched things up. I hope David joins Roger for a show on his Wall tour. Hopefully they can get Nick to join them also, and ultimately tour as Pink Floyd.

  47. Dennis Wever says:

    I so hope that they’ll do the new tour of the wall together! It’s my one and only chance to see them perform together. Fingers crossed!

  48. Povl says:

    Well, if this is not maybe the news of the year! It even looks if they both enjoy the performance. 3/4 of the old Floyd on tour. I dear not even hope on it. This would be too fantastic. Please keep us posted with updates on this performance.

    [I’ve added the setlist and band members. – Bjorn]

  49. Beth says:

    If you could see my face just looking at those pictures……especially that first one. Gods be praised. LOL

  50. tim says:

    I had wondered if we would see David on stage with Roger one more time after Live 8 five yrs ago. If David does the Wall tour this autumn I’m Definitely going. Bjorn, you’ve done it again. Great job on the article.

    Tim in TN.

    [Cheers Tim! Let’s keep our fingers crossed! – Bjorn]

  51. ruodi says:

    It´s the same thing as it was with “The Dark Crystal” (by Jim Henson, Frank Oz): They need each other. ;-)

  52. Michael says:

    Right when the sight page popped up and I saw Roger and David standing close together with guitars in hand, I almost jumped out of my seat in surprise. I’m so glad that they decided to at least play together again. Oh I hope David decides to go on tour with Roger. Seeing him play the Comfortably Numb solo on the huge wall built on stage, oh I don’t know what I’d do! :-)

    [Time will tell :) – Bjorn]

  53. Randall says:

    Glad to see this. However, I would say there is a 99.9% chance David will not play with Roger during his Wall tour. I can’t see David getting up there and playing in the “Roger Waters’ Band”, even for one show. He MIGHT play one show with him, as a gesture to the fans, perhaps London or Berlin, but as we all know, The Wall is not a fond album for Gilmour to reminisce about. If Nick Mason starts talking about playing with Roger, there might be a chance. If David didn’t tour/play with Roger during the Dark Side of the Moon tour a few years ago, I just don’t see The Wall being the opportunity for a reunion.

    And no reunion will be billed as Roger Waters (which all printed tickets now say), it most certainly will have to be called Pink Floyd. Most would say that without Rick, there can be no Pink Floyd reunion. And I know there is bound to be a negative reaction from what I’m about to say, but it’s true, and remember, I love every incarnation of Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd was Syd’s band. He named it. He gave it the creativity it needed to get off the ground. Without Syd, you wouldn’t know a single member of Pink Floyd today. I don’t blame them for forcing him out, I mean, they were going to be popular, and why risk going back to being architects? However, Syd was the biggest part of that band. Aside from starting it, they spent the majority of the rest of their careers (as the Floyd), writing songs about him. Syd is Pink Floyd, and Pink Floyd is Syd. People too quickly forget the Syd Barrett legacy. They think “Shine On” and “Wish You Were Here”, but Syd’s presence over the band is much larger than anyone gives him credit for.

    If nothing else, there is no doubt that Syd influenced David’s playing in those early years. I mean, the Echorec, the Echorec with slide guitar, dissonant chords, all of these were influences David picked up from Syd. David, although technically miles ahead of Syd, is a very reserved player. David is great, but a very typical guitarist in most senses of the word, he’s just got soul, something Syd never really put into his playing. Syd was innovative, far more than David every has been. I mean no disrespect, and I love Gilmour’s playing, but it’s true. I’m not saying Syd was better, just more creative and unique.

    And Bjorn, when are you gonna post some articles about David’s involvement with Syd’s solo albums and gigs? I’ve seen you mention everyone he’s worked with from Kate Bush to Paul McCartney, but never a word about all the work/playing he (and Rick) did on Syd’s solo albums, and at the rare Syd gig. I mean, David played drums, keyboards, bass, and guitar on those albums. I think a lot of your readers would be delighted to learn more about Rick and David’s work with Syd post-Pink Floyd. I told someone just the other day about David playing on those albums, he’s a huge Gilmour fan, and he had no idea there was ‘another side’ of the Floyd out there.

    [First of all – I agree that there’s no chance in hell there will be a Floyd reunion. Floyd is over and David would never do it without Rick. Second: I don’t think you can compare Roger’s Dark Side tour with the upcoming Wall shows. I mean, David would never join Roger as a part of his band… and his band is already announced… but I can see David joining Waters on stage for one perhaps several shows as a guest on one or two songs. I don’t think he’d had a problem with that and London is the perfect place to do it. It would never be Roger Waters band with David Gilmour but David as a guest just like Nick and Bowie (among others) joined David in Albert Hall 2006. Third: The Syd+Gilmour collaborations are on my “to do” list but I can’t blow all the articles at once :) Cheers! – Bjorn]

  54. evel1 says:

    Now this is awesome, and what I have been personally hoping for! Not a reunion of Pink Floyd, but an occasional chance meeting between the two, and sort of periodic guest meeting of, and between, the two. Awesome news Bjorn, thanks for sharing!!

  55. -Paul says:

    This is great! Two artists who (imho) need each other and who have created such amazing music together are once again onstage together. My heart leaps for joy!

  56. James Cameron says:

    I am so happy to see this. It makes me feel good to know that they look happy and are having fun playing together. I will not go to much into the Wall tour stuff but only add that if they did it I would be happy. They arleady share Jon Carin and the bands would fit together very well IMO. I can’t express how thrilled I am to see this and I hope we see more of it in the future.

  57. Gary Halloran says:

    Superb stuff! Really good news. Another hatchet buried hopefully!

    Hope David can join Roger on The Wall, got tickets for May! :)

  58. Jay says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO, as amazeing as this news is…I blew off going to Roger when he comes to the states, and now i hear my idol may be perfoming with him…i could just kick myself.

    [Roger has already announced his band for the tour. I think you can be quite relaxed. If David would do an appearance it’s more likely that he’ll show up in London next year. – Bjorn]

  59. Nina says:

    Desde Argentina …Saludos y Gracias !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. david says:

    dude if i was there i would have probably let something loose and faint right after. i hate not livin in the uk you guys get all the best shows festivals. nothing like ever comes around in the nyc area.

  61. Layla says:


  62. Boidek says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! COOOL,

    we need a video of this event!!!

  63. Eric Nyberg says:


  64. Chris says:

    Aww man, they look like they’re having so much fun. Fingers crossed they put aside old grievances, eh?

  65. Darkside says:

    Well, what can I say to this but……”Wow!”

    It’s always good when things like this happen. Mind you, events such as the deaths of both Syd and Rick have probably illustrated just how trivial and stupid all the internal-Floyd arguments really were.

    Here’s hoping for either a new Gilmour or Waters album soon then!

  66. Nuno Simões says:

    Very welcome to Portugal if he joins Roger on his tour. I’d surely like to hear him play Comfotably Numb, Another Brick in the Wall or Mother. =)

  67. Markku says:

    Wish come true if that happens!

  68. Salvo says:

    This news changed my mood, this morning …. :-)