• David Gilmour joins Al Green on UK TV

    David joined Al Green and his band, including Jools Holland, on a one off performance on the Jonathan Ross show on BBC 18 June. They did a great version of Al’s old classic Let’s Stay Together.

    Although not a very interesting performance guitarwise it’s nice to see David on stage again! He was playing the 1956 Gibson Gold Top with a Bigsby tremolo system – same guitar used on On an Island and ’06 tour – into an Alessandro Bluetic 20w head with a matching 2×12 cabinet. Seems that he used the 1999 Pete Cornish All Tubes effects board and not the current 2006 board. There’s also the familiar Conn Strobo tuner on top of the amp.

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  1. Randall says:

    Great take of a great song. But I’m sorry, if you’re going to bring someone like Gilmour up on stage, throw him a bone and let him put a few licks in there at least! Great to see him out and about though.

    [I think it was a gesture and natural choice for Jools Holland who also brought his brother. – Bjorn]

  2. TW says:

    Folks, give it up for the horns…PRO!

  3. João J. Francisco says:

    Probably it’s not new for you all but I got “The lost documentary” from Pink Floyd:

    “A new documentary is being released on DVD soon titled, “The Lost Documentary.” The 23 minute documentary based around The Wall live shows, will feature the unloading of the touring equipment as it arrives at the Earls Court venue in 1980, and goes on to show Roger at sound check, and a general walk about during the set up of the August London shows. Roger is also seen at the beginning explaining how he only sees the tour making it to 3 or 4 cities and maybe a film.

    The film editor then was Howard Lamden and he is now releasing his documentary via the web site TheLostDoc.com. Howard has edited the footage he filmed so it does not infringe copyright and although he could have added the music of the Floyd he feels it would be morally wrong to do so. The interest in this footage will likely be huge, and we have been advised the first run of 1000 copies, will be sold at a sensible price and will be shipped world wide.

    An exact release date has yet to be decided, but it will be no later than mid July. The web site will soon be updated and feature a teaser clip. The footage does not feature the 3 other members of Pink Floyd although you will spy Snowy White and Andy Bown. For fans of the album “The Wall”, this documentary will offer a great insight to the back stage antics at Earls Court.”

    Source: Roger Waters Online

    [It’s been available as bootleg for some time… with footage of everyone in the band! Great docu. – Bjorn]

  4. ruodi says:

    @Alberto: Dave enjoys his life and has been long ago detached by a nearly-as-good surrogate band, called “The Pink Floyd Experience”, and also by some usually voiceless youtube bedroom Gilmour-through-the-decades-visual-resamblance guitarists with schizoid personality disorder, who already annoyed Mr. Gilmour by shouting: “David, you are my daddy!” towards the stage. (The first eight of them successful.)

    Here (on the left) you can see one of those … freaks (hey, that´s what they are!):


    I feel very unhappy that we are all condemned to live in the future, the so-called “information age”. The present, which is the time when Pink Floyd is a unity an no-one cares too much about the single individuals of the band, is where I personally want to live again. – Anyone else? We could make an omnibus order. ;-)P

  5. MT says:


    Real guitar work? So doing rhytm guitar, is not REAL guitar work??
    Good Lord.

    Anyway, exelent playing as always. Something that strikes me from Dave, is that he’s always playing in a very melodic way, harmonizing with the voice or the other instruments. This is something Roger said in a interview, that Dave is exelent at harmonizing with the rest of the band. I think its fitting, a really great way of describing DG style.

  6. Cristian Sörensen says:

    Great Performance.. Gilmour is the Best!!
    It’s great to see David still playing live, I’m so glad!!
    “Please David we are waiting for another disc and another tour. We just need you.” PLEASE.

    Thanks for the video.

    Cristian From Brazil!
    Thank you very much indeed!

  7. Alberto says:

    Hi Ruodi,

    Next July Mark knopfler will tour Spain…again!! (With my deep respects to Mr Knopfler, one of the greatests). I am very glad to have the chance to see Waters again, but what’ s going on with David? I ask to everybody, do you believe that he has in mind to make a new record and tour? It is sad and I hope to be wrong but I don’ t think so.

  8. ruodi says:

    “Please David we are waiting for another disc and another tour. We just need you.”

    @Alberto: You wouldn´t even KNOW him without the being of this sick genius called Roger Waters!

    … But, honestly, I know what you´re talking about. ;-)

  9. Agnor says:

    Is it normal I just hear NOTHING from the guitar :p ?

    [Sadly there is very little of the guitar in the mix. – Bjorn]

  10. Alberto says:

    Next year Waters will perform “The wall” at Barcelona. This will be my second time to see him. Please David we are waiting for another disc and another tour. We just need you.

  11. João J. Francisco says:

    Well, it’s really nice to see him again!… but we can barely hear a note of his playing! But, it’s common in none guitar music… sadly!

  12. david says:

    Why would David bring his pedalboard if he wouldn’t being doing any real guitar work?

    [Habit I guess… Interesting to see that he used the old pedal board and not the 2006 touring board. – Bjorn]

  13. Michael says:

    I’m glad David decided to do this, the man still has it. Man I’m starting to get into that gold top as well, nice guitar. Good to see you back David!!

  14. Boidek says:

    Nice to see DG having some fun without beeing the frontman

  15. Nic says:


    You’re right, while not exactly a “guitar song,” this is still amazing. I mean, who’s NOT an Al Green fan!?! I think this also goes to show while we think of Mr. Gilmour as a ROCK and blues musician, always cranking the Muff and OD, he has SO many influences he pulls from making him such a diverse artist and player.

    Can anyone spot what’s next to his Tuner on top of the Alessandro head? Dare I say it looks like attenuator???

    Thanks for the video Bjorn! Us here in the US would have never seen this otherwise I’m sure!

    [Perhaps. I’m not sure what it is but it could be an attenuator. – Bjorn]

  16. Sam Lester says:

    Great to see him back on stage again, shame he didn’t give us a little solo. Would like to think this is him working his way back into the limelight…possibly another tour (ok I’m daydreaming now!) Man I want one of those strobo tuners! Cheers Bjorn.

  17. Eric Nyberg says:

    Nice to see David onstage again indeed. Al Green is great as well. By the way I bought a brand new Taylor 414CE yesterday and am in love :) Still like my Martin more but they’re a different sound. Have you ever heard of Scott McKeon? If you haven’t you should check him out, he’s great, very Hendrix like.

  18. Brandon says:

    Great Performance by both David and Al. It’s great to see David still playing live and with that great old gold top. I only wish his guitar was more prominent, but still a good performance.

  19. newswede says:

    Looks like it’s his Alessandro 2×12 cabinet. I think I also saw a decibel meter on top of the Conn tuner as well, though that could just be part of the crew’s equipment. Wish there was a tasty solo on there, but David really shows his talent at playing rhythm!

    [It’s the Conn mic on top of the tuner. – Bjorn]