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Gilmourish.Com will be covering David Gilmour's new solo album to the fullest! In-depth gear guides for the album and tour, album and show reviews, how-to features and lots more!

Gilmour Gear Guide

The most comprehensive guide to David Gilmour's guitars, amps and effects! Select an album or tour for a complete run-down, including detailed gear descriptions, song setups and effect settings.

Buyer's Gear Guide

What guitars, pickups, amps and pedals should you choose for your bedroom or stage setup? This comprehensive guide is packed with recommendations and tips based on hours of testing and experience.

Tone Guides

We're digging deep into the biggest topic of them all - tone. Learn how to reach the full potential of your gear and how to approach a rig setup for rehearsals, studio, stage and bedrooms.

From The Blog

  • Buyer's Gear Guide 2016 The Buyer’s Gear Guide 2016! Posted on June 26, 2016

    At last! Here’s the Buyer’s Gear Guide for 2016! As always, the guides are packed with guitars, pickups, amps and pedals tried and tested by me, with David Gilmour’s tones in mind.
    New this year, is the Buyer’s Guide for compressor […]

  • Knowing what pedals to get for your amp Knowing which pedals to choose for your amp Posted on April 21, 2016

    Most of us, when we try to describe our favourite guitar tone, use words like smooth, warm, creamy and sustain, but it’s not always that easy to achieve that tone and we even have a tendency to dismiss great sounding […]

  • CostaLab Bad Angel CostaLab Bad Angel review Posted on April 11, 2016

    We all want that super smooth tone, with singing sustain, that makes our guitar sound huge and impressive. Not all pedals, nor amps, can do that and it’s certainly a challenge to achieve something like that on a typical bedroom […]

  • Dawner Prince Boonar review Dawner Prince Boonar review Posted on March 28, 2016

    Vintage echo is as popular as ever and one of the latest models on the market is the Dawner Prince Electronics Boonar. Promising to replicate both the features and sound of the legendary Binson Echorec, I just had to check […]

  • Thorpy FX Muffroom Cloud Thorpy FX Muffroom Cloud review Posted on March 12, 2016

    I have rarely, if ever, received so many requests for a review. The pedal is already legendary, it seems, blowing one competitor off the field after another. I’m talking about the Muffroom Cloud from Thorpy FX. So, here it is, […]

  • Gurus Amps Optivalve compressor review Gurus Amps Optivalve compressor review Posted on February 22, 2016

    A compressor pedal might not be on the top of your list but, when used right, they can seriously improve your tone and be the secret weapon you need to really shine. I recently got my hands on the Optivalve […]