The Buyer’s Gear Guide (part 2)

June 11th 2013 | Posted in Feature Guides | Comments Closed

The Buyer's Gear Guide 2

Here it is! The second part of the all new Buyer’s Gear Guide! Lots of new pedals reviewed, with a versatile David Gilmour setup in mind. Whether you’re an experienced musician or just playing in your bedroom, you’ll find all you need for creating your tones and expanding your rig right here! The guides are also packed with tone tips, troubleshooting and setup recommendations!

New this time are the UNI-VIBE, MODULATION and OVERDRIVE AND DISTORTION guides. The BIG MUFF guide has also been updated with three new models and all the pedals has been categorized by tone. The guides for delays and budget rig will be presented early autumn. Stay tuned!

Each guide has a comments field at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to post your comments about the guides – good or bad – and share your experience, tips and gear recommendations with us!

Head on over to the Buyer’s Gear Guides now!

Electronic Orange Pig Hoof MkII review (UPDATE!)

May 26th 2013 | Posted in Big Muff Reviews | 61 Comments

Pig Hoof Mkll

I’m sure all of you know that the Pig Hoof is my favourite Big Muff pedal. In fact, I like the pedal so much that I asked Electronic Orange for a unit tweaked and customized especially for my setup. I’m without doubt too impartial for a review, so consider this more of a presentation of the new “yellow label” Pig Hoof MkII.

The original “red label” Pig Hoof is based on a mid 70s EHX violet ram’s head Big Muff (see my review of the standard Pig Hoof here). These pedals had a bit more gain, lower end and volume, than their predecessors. Quite nasty beasts.

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Effectrode Tube-Vibe review

May 15th 2013 | Posted in Reviews | 45 Comments

Blog Tube-Vibe review

I’ve been reviewing quite a few Uni-Vibes lately and it seems that the classic effect is more popular than ever, with several new models emerging each year. While most clones are based on the original Shin-ei, Effectrode has tackled the design with a different approach by adding a tube preamp to the circuit. Here’s my review of the Tube-Vibe.

The original late 60s Uni-Vibe was huge. It was a beast and by no means a perfect design being very noisy and not really sounding like the intended Leslie. But, there’s something about that large box that, at least to me, adds to the whole legend and experience of the Uni-Vibe. The Tube-Vibe is housed in a rugged and lovely powder coated chassis, with chrome hardware and thick bars protecting the tubes. The pedal feature high quality true bypass switching and jacks and it runs on 12V adapter (no batteries or crappy non-brand adapters allowed!).

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Gilmourish.Com 10th anniversary give-away celebration!

April 14th 2013 | Posted in Miscellaneous | 54 Comments


Winners are drawn!
A big congratulations to Jake Anderson, Johan Åkerstrøm, Chrissy and Stephen Ford! You won the 10th anniversary give-away! A surprise is on its way!


This April marks the 10th anniversary for Gilmourish.Com! The site started out as an obscure David Gilmour gear database but over the years it’s grown into a large meeting place for guitarists and Gilmour enthusiasts alike. It’s been a long and rewarding journey worthy of a small celebration!

Ten years ago I portrayed David Gilmour in a Norwegian Pink Floyd tribute act. Our goal was to get as close to the real Floyd vibe as possible. We wanted to capture the live sound from the 70s and the sound of a band that was very different from what most people knew from listening to the studio albums. This meant a lot of research and figuring out what equipment they used.

Back then it was very hard to find anything related to Gilmour’s setup so I decided to start building a database. This eventually turned into a web site and Gilmourish.Com was born. Of course I haven’t done this alone. During the first years of heavy research I met a lot of likeminded guitarists and Floyd fans, who helped me build the site. These friendships means a lot to me and the overwhelming contribution from each and everyone of you shows how powerful the internet is.

I am very proud that Gilmourish.Com has become a guitar site for everyone and not just Gilmour fans. I still learn a lot and get new friends every day. Thank you for making these first ten years such a great experience!

I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the anniversary with a little give-away! Some of my favourite builders and makers have contributed pedals and cables for you to win! All you need to do is to submit your entry and hope for the best. The winners will be drawn and announced May 1st. Continue to the give-away page and learn more about the items!

Dark Side of the Moon 40th anniversary tone tutorial

April 2nd 2013 | Posted in Classic tone | 64 Comments

Dark Side of the Moon 40th anniversary

This March marks the 40th anniversary for Dark Side of the Moon. The album took Pink Floyd into super stardom over night and they soon had to learn how to cope with the very issues they were dealing with in the album’s lyrics. More importantly, Dark Side of the Moon also sees David Gilmour growing tremendously as a guitarist, finding his place within the band and establishing himself as a vital creative force. In this feature we’ll look at some of the history of the album and how you can recreate David’s album and live tones.

Dark Side of the Moon was released on March 24th 1973. The album ranks as the third best selling of all time with over 50 million copies sold and nearly 800 weeks on the UK charts (including reissues). By the early mid 70s, Pink Floyd had already established themselves as a super group in Europe and UK but although they’d toured the States many times, they never really breaked there. That changed when Money was released and the single exploded on American radio. The album skyrocketed and Floyd toured all the large halls and stadiums with a tour that never seemed to end.

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Caroline Olympia fuzz review

March 5th 2013 | Posted in Reviews | 70 Comments

Caroline Olympia fuzz review

Many guitarists has a love/hate relationship with fuzz pedals. On the right setup, it’s magic. On the wrong it can be very frustrating. The problem is often that fuzz pedals simply sounds too fuzzy. Caroline Guitar Company decided to create a different kind of fuzz. Here’s my review of the Olympia.

I’ve always been a huge fuzz fan. Never really been a collector but I’ve employed many great sounding clones over the years. Sometimes for recreating familiar tones but also for something very different, strange and unusual sounding. Although a simple circuit, the fuzz pedal is capable of producing a wide range of tones. Sometimes even some quite unexpected ones!

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AnalogMan SunFace BC109 review

February 4th 2013 | Posted in Reviews | 68 Comments

AnalogMan SunFace BC109

The SunFace has long been my favourite fuzz pedal. The BC108 nails all those classic silicon tones and more. Recently, AnalogMan released the BC109 version – a tribute to David Gilmour’s Dark Side of the Moon tones. Here’s my review.

At the time when David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd, in early 1968, guitarists had only a very few pedals to choose from. The Fuzz Face was a staple in many setups and Gilmour, being inspired by Jimi Hendrix and continuing Syd’s legacy, employed the germanium model alongside a wah and the Binson Echorec. By 1971, he’d swapped the germanium for the silicon transistor Fuzz Face.

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