Delicate Sound of Thunder 25th anniversary

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This November marks the 25th anniversary for Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder. Loved by some and hated by others the live album is a great testimonial of a strong comeback and David’s late 80s tones. Let’s dig into the history and sound of this album!

Delicate Sound of Thunder was recorded over five nights in August 1988 at Nassau Coliseum (NY, USA). The album was released on CD, LP and cassette (remember those?) November 22 1988. As live albums mostly go it was no huge success but rather a nice souvenir for the fans. The release also saw Pink Floyd’s first filmed (not counting Live at Pompeii) concert being released on VHS.

Abandoned live album

The initial plans were to release the live album and film a year earlier. In early November 1987, a show in Atlanta, USA was recorded and filmed but after seeing the result the band decided they needed more time to find their old form. It was a vice decision as the bootleg version of the show reveals a band that was clearly out of shape and sounded rather bad. Some of the songs however, ended up as official B-sides and single versions, including On the Turning Away and One Slip. Watch the concert here.

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Effectrode Fire Bottle tube booster review

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Effectrode Fire Bottle

If you had to choose only one pedal, what would it be and why? I guess we all asked ourselves that question and it’s for sure not an easy one. I think mine would have to be one that’s as versatile, yet basic, as possible. I might have found it in the Fire Bottle from Effectrode. Here’s my review.

OK, this is a bold statement, I know. What is the perfect pedal? Well, it’s a very subjective opinion and what might work for me, might be very wrong for you. It’s also about finding the pedal, or pedals, that will do the job then and there and that also makes a perfect match for your guitar and amp. My desert island pedal would have to be one that could make my guitar and amp sound better – like I was using several amazing sounding pedals. In my opinion, only a booster or overdrive would do just that. It’s down to the basics and the pure tone.

I must admit, I did have a hard time figuring out the Fire Bottle. It took me some time to realize that this is not just another booster. It’s much more than that and it really forces you to rethink the whole concept of tone and what it is that makes up a good tone. Once I got to know it though, I fell in love.

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What guitars, amps and pedals will David Gilmour use for his new album?

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OK, first of all, please accept my apologies. I don’t know if there will be a new album, nor what gear he will use – if he decides to do one. But, I thought it would be fun to speculate on what might be! Please join me!

It’s pretty pointless, I know. There’s been no official statement on David’s working on a new album. Still, there are numerous hints and indications that he might be doing so – including recent comments and tweets from Manzanera and Polly. It’s also interesting to note the number of makers claiming that David has ordered this and that for his “new studio”.

Say what you will about claims like these, the marketing value is considerable, but the fact is that there’s some truth in them. Evidence Audio has delivered I don’t know how many hundreds of feet of new cables for David’s new home studio and Effectrode has also shipped a couple of their outstanding pedals to Gilmour, requested by Phil Taylor. David is spotted using the PC-2A compressor and there’s even a quote on the Effectrode site from Taylor, praising the Helios Fuzz and also saying he wants to order a second pedal “before David starts recording”.

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D Allen Pickups Echoes review

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D Allen Pickups Echoes review

Changing pickups on your guitar can do wonders to your tone. It’s an often overlooked aspect of the whole tone quest but it’s just as important for your tone as any pedal. D Allen recently released the Echoes single coil set. Promising to capture over four decades of David Gilmour’s Black Strat tones I had to check them out. Here’s my review.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge D Allen fan and perhaps I’m a bit too biased to write this review. Anyway, the man knows how to make some sweet vintage tones and after a head count I realized that a have quite a few guitars with his pickups. Se my review of the TruVintage54, 69 Voodoo’s and Voodoo Blues SSS here.

The Echoes set feature three single coils based on the late 60s Fender specifications. The neck and middle pickups are “stock” taken from Allen’s 69 Voodoo’s set, with a 5.8k output for classic glassy top, fat bottom and a deep mids scoop. The secret of the Echoes lies in the bridge pickup. Utilizing a push/push mechanism (the set feature a custom tone pot that you need to swap with your old) you can switch between two “modes” – a slighly overwound 69 at 7.6k (same as featured in the Voodoo Blues set) and the even hotter SSL5-ish at 12.5k. How cool is that?!

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Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz V2, CVIII Silicon Fuzz and 18v Power Booster review

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Buffalo FX reviews

I recently did a review of Buffalo FX’s Ram’s Head – a take on the mid 70s Big Muff with a few very successful tweaks. Since then, Buffalo FX has released the Germanium Fuzz, CVIII Silicon Fuzz and the Power Booster. Here’s my review of all three.

With the Ram’s Head (see the review here) Buffalo tackled a common problem with the early 70s Big Muff circuit. The classic mids scoop sounds great but it has a nasty tendency to drown in a dense band mix. This is also an issue concerning the old fuzz pedals and once again, Buffalo’s approach is to maintain the true nature of the pedal, with a few minor tweaks for making them more versatile.

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Mach Analog Tone Morph review

September 6th 2013 | Posted in Big Muff Reviews | 13 Comments

Mach Morph review

Big Muffs comes in all shapes and forms and while some stick to cloning the original circuits others offer something new to the legendary design. Mach Analog Tone recently released the Morph – a dual effect based on the ram’s head and triangle Big Muffs. Here’s my review.

A couple of years back I did a review of the Mach Seagull/Clean Buffer. In addition to featuring a reversed wah circuit for those Echoes seagull screams, the pedal is a versatile buffer with a 0-30dB boost and EQ controls. Check out my review of the Mach Seagull/Clean Buffer here. Actually, the pedal has been a valuable companion in my home studio while recording guitars and that same studio quality mentality is the essence of the Morph.

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Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe MkII review

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Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe MkII

The Uni-Vibe seems to finally have gotten its well earned renaissance. Its haunting, throbbing phase tones captures the essence of the late 60s and early 70s and of course, if you’re a Hendrix, Trower or Gilmour fan, owning one is a must. A few years back I did a review of the Moon-Vibe from Electronic Orange. Now, the MkII has arrived and I know many of you have been waiting eagerly. Here’s my review.

The original Moon-Vibe, or the MkI, was one of the first Uni-Vibes I played that actually sounded like the old legend – the Shin-ei Uni-Vibe. It’s a funny story because the Uni-Vibe was actually designed to emulate a rotating speaker cabinet but it doesn’t sound anything like it. The original circuit was also very noisy and unreliable. It had a magical tone though, and the Moon-Vibe captured that lo-fi, swhoosh and throb.

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