The Binson Echorec

August 29th 2007 | Posted in David's Gear | 49 Comments

If there is one effect that truly defined the Pink Floyd sound in the 70’s it was the Binson Echorec. This delay unit has a unique sound and both Gilmour and Wright used it to create sounds that were quite innovative at the time. In this article I’ll examine this wonderful effect and how David used it. Read on…

Callaham Vintage S bridge review

August 15th 2007 | Posted in Reviews | 68 Comments

I recently replaced the stock bridge system on my black Strat with a Callaham Vintage S Model kit. The old saddles had deep creeks in them from the strings and I’ve always had problems with keeping the intonation.

Callaham bridge

Callaham offers a wide range of replacement parts for most Stratocaster models. The Vintage S Model is a faithful replica of the classic pre- CBS Fender bridge with needed upgrades. It also comes with a shortened tremolo arm… a welcomed feature for us Gilmour maniacs. Visit Callaham Guitars (see “S Bridge details”, left menu) for more technical info.

One of the improved features is the tremolo block. I’d never though it would improve my tone as much as it has. The guitar sings with rich sustain, fatter bottom and a distinctly punchier attack. It’s amazing how good it sounds even when I’m just strumming acoustically. The slot for the tremolo arm is also improved making the arm very sensitive and extremely smooth. (see “block details”, left menu)

I also love how the string slots on the saddles are slightly lengthened so that the strings flow more easily. The guitar stays in perfect tune even when I’m abusing the tremolo arm.

The Callaham set was a great surprise and one of the best investments I’ve done in a long time. A big thanks to Ernest for recommending it! It really brought new life to my bellowed black Strat! Highly recommended!

David Gilmour Signature Strat!

June 30th 2007 | Posted in David's Gear | 73 Comments

DavidGilmour.Com brings news about the new promised Fender Gilmour Strat. Initial plans were to release the guitar in early 2008 but now they have decided to issue a model in due with the upcoming DVD in medio September! Estimated price tag is $4000.

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Skreddy Pedals review

May 31st 2007 | Posted in Reviews | 68 Comments

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some of the most talked about pedals on the net, – Skreddy Pedals. They’ve caught the Gilmour enthusiast’s attention with nicknames like “Pinkmour”, claiming to catch the very essence of Gilmour’s tone. I just had to check this out…

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Interview with Tim Renwick!

May 20th 2007 | Posted in Miscellaneous | 33 Comments

You might only know him from playing with Pink Floyd, but Tim Renwick has played with them all. His résumé is a long list of top selling bands and artists and his reputation among fellow musicians is right up there with Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and David Gilmour. I’m very proud to share this interview I recently did with Tim Renwick.

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Reverb – good or bad?

April 24th 2007 | Posted in Feature Guides | 44 Comments

Article updated August 9 2009

Reverb can make a dry toneless guitar sound like something an angel played in a huge cathedral. It’s the tool of every producer making the music sound alive on record. Yet, reverb can also kill your tone and make every effort of producing the greatest tone on earth seem like a complete waste. In this article I’ll try to share some views on a topic that often cause a lot of debate.

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The Telecasters

April 13th 2007 | Posted in David's Gear | 44 Comments

Although David is mostly associated with the Stratocaster, he has always been a big fan of Telecasters. His very first “Floyd” guitar was a Telecaster and over the years, David has recorded and performed numerous songs with this classic guitar.

The article takes a look at all of David’s Telecasters, from the blonde he used when joining Floyd to the Custom Shop model seen on his latest tour. You will also learn more about David’s more famous Telecasters, like the 1959 Custom used on Dogs and the legendary 1955 Esquire, seen on the About Face album cover. Crank Run Like Hell on your iPod and enjoy!